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Juniata Sentinel
Short Comments on the Chicago Plat
- f 1 a r !C,.i:i..i: ...
. 1 '. J-t -vi -CI- I VWIlMillllHMI. OCC.
The following extract, printed in large
type, are taken from the Pisiform adopted by
the Ftate Democrats at Chicago, We append
a few comments : u
vThat in ilia future? ni fa the
we (tjie Democratic ttSrty)
will adhere with unswerving ri-
lelity. to the Union under? the
ij I Tien t are tajudge , of
SWjWWrji future by wh"aTw know of
J' i
j vm offak, mid t wik'ou of lands,
them in the
them, in the
past. Let us look at their past.
1. Democrat Calhoun's Nullification,...
5 2. DcuiocratViercc's Leconipton swindle
in Kansas.' -. ',' 5
3. Demo .
u jcree a scIIafe?7T7r
' 4. Secession of seven Democratic States,
Justice, humanity liberty,
and the public Welfare, denitad
that immediate efforts
This is the firs time-in fckty C-t.
compromise with traitor i art 3uost
the Government wm declared jtmaUer of
"Justice:" All nations of all lima, have
pronounced and punished treason M,t1t
highest crime, but niodefn Democracy
teachea that instead of subduing thorn and
forcing them to obey the Constitution and
LW8, ' Justkq ; demands an imlneiaU
eessation ofostiliticj'.ia . order WQffei
terms to the "hi.
Strang lMiBf''ifc4ttjyH---- -
1 jCesat.ti CJtiostilities" and a
" iaie" mean die
Yi say to the Sooth, as the Demo-
of e party iail at Ckieago" You have
JB-wj force, and we have
Mf "'.peace' we are simply gu-'
in c.UA swum can uicutie
tflJEV-r" Southern leaders havJ
Oflo.rj; themselves
i V.-P IT" their only
their hands. They are determined that
the blood and treasure which have been
spent shall not hive been spent in vain.
They hare had enough of war. They
hav leirilpil that rnliollinnr .to Waf
s failed. - -.uli .fci. i! iiiW K,,
IU ptJa4 ; wj n l'f "iJF rr aaav -
f irowbled witKanotbcr..They want peare L- Maryland has adopted the Free Cmisti
so liiucti, thiy aroeiermincu u uuvc a
pcaC5 which will lat tlirogh their time
an that of th?ir cliildrtn A -r";7
ADlr '-jOV TlIK irjUON'STiTfc
.4 cm'o.i n Knott- shall seccr: uudar the very nose of a Democrat io Ad-
A Milan, tif ftftirf ntttl im. mi itut jit h;i tirf AH ' : .i" !;!
. . , J ) : U11U13U dUUUi
And tue Aiiici'u'Uti Lntnij, jorcccr!
M I r F L I Jf i' U W N: - ri ;
Wednesday .tlorumg, October 2C, 584
A. L. Cfi3 i W.H!1A VIS, Editor.
'-5. ' Seizure of ' the arms, ordinanco,
mint, moneyVfora tyjha.Rcbels, and in
bbottof all tba tnilitary and financial
strength of the Unltod 'States all under
Buchsuan. ' 1 ' ' v "' .
G. A Confederate ' febivc Government
- jforracd, the Uaion disolved as much islforcal thrmiyhna its tcholc extent, ice
Ltv. ll J 2o. j was pObiibla, war levied against the Lnit- vpMql our. hearty and nnivntftdiiippTt
TbwulliMt j-la'd ! ed Stac, the nation bankrupt and dis-! l? the FtJeral .Uovtrtment the cnerjet-
ALL tile. JT-Jt : r'd mi! tliiK vhiu tfio I fiirernmnnf. t V. ..
Header can yotr voe for Ibis f latfortuf
T be-continued. J
Inhsbitsutj Thcrcuf. -its.
fcjr rr ;dv.i r.i sextisei.
I was in Democratic hands.
j 7. All this apologized for and justified
.. .
In July 1G2, the Democr'atiji, party of
Pennsylvania m State Convention adopted
the following resolution in regard io the
war: " v ' ' '
Tint to the end tfult Mi ! Unlmi he re
ttor&f, und the Vouetitution and laws ca
In Jane 1S63, they met at llarri&bur-
j while the lUhels were jut aorws the riv-
has the Largest CrrJatian cf ?.:;y p cr p.i!j- ; b t a,t anj cncour.J;:i;d tv Buchan- I cr auJ their Banners could be seen from
ore ite ' . - . . ,u c . c,,,. n-
Pr, truly I an, EiYing, "1 nav e uo power given tue in lul- vj'ii v mi ..... .vnw
li;hed in this Couuty. It is therefore the
loyal, uwy eonduc.td. a. tr4t cUis Lucaust, t tjjft Constitution to cuereo a State which ! 'oows in regard to tue war :
and weU worthy of the patronage of every' , ' ' ITumHoiJimghumnothm.jhlmnothing-
Vyal cr.uen in tlie County. , lias seeeae 1. .
o mi l- i n . and Ituit thru ere in faror of thixthinn,
rhTTr j.' j.' 8. Ihe disrofcitiou of the Democratic ...... ' . .v 1 ' . 1 1 .1."
. . t 1 tfmt thing, and the other by trhirlt thy
UUR NOtVllrlEES. I is "pressed in these words sJopted to ui't rtot thv arc o,,i,rd to the
j by Jbolr State Convention, Tcb. 22,
I ilTh-Ztce itUl, hy all proper and leg-
other thing, this thing, and that !
In August 1864, they met in Chicago
rillV 1 l.'k' 1 IM II I I 1 I Jll ! I .... tjruvj..' tlMtVMntrn,TiHp ft llii
V'jZr.W otmpt'lu the prtofthc resolved as follows in regard to the
ft iLUXoia. i KtyMlavM i ftrrr to wnik. any arm-1 war :
. t , j ed agjrcisioii njxi (he &juthern States," j That tills Convention doe fjjih'citly de-
U,.v 'JvnPIMr'imiXViiV i With this nefarious record and history j Me f
i . I w ; xrrir the I ninn fi
I n 10 11 State iilcetontl Tick t
i iac paM. .jay uou .u"a"y .ut.- (.(( ilmeaiate effurtsbe made fur a crs
' cy ou our Government it' it jallt into tho ' cation of Inutilities.
in the re- f
Morton M'Michuel, Philadelphia.
X Cuuuingiiam, lkavcr county.
1 TInbcrt P ltinr, 1;; Klias W Hale,
i 4.orpe .M i.'oates, 1 l uar.es !I Mirier, rv
William H Kern, 1'! Uarid M Conauby
6 Cirl.m 11. Jcnks, 17 Parid W Woodi,
6 Charles M. KuuV, 1H lsaao
7 Robert Parke, John Patton,
S William Tnylor, CO 8ainiitl It. Iick,
,r x, "-en-nrnl. at rrrd Picrcr,
10 Kichard ii. tVrycll '-'L' Jobn r. Vmay,
1 1 K.lward Naliday, 2:1 Kbcuez'r M'Junkin,
12 Charles F Keel, 24 John W Elanchard
! haudd of these men who giory
. cords of their shame. Their pasC is Trea
i son and disunion they jtrutniec notti.ng
' better for tbc future. Voters shall these
J men have power again to ruin the coun-
That this Convention does ex
plicitly declare as the sense of
theAiuerican people, d'c.
" Had they not better waited until after
the election when u,ft American people
wouM have explicitly declared that they
did not bUiece the war a' failure, nor go
in for a compromise with traitors. knows thcahpvc to be false. Ajjain a
Thai after Ibur years of failold Jake Kngty, , Chairman of tai
lire to restore the Union bv the Davis bounty CommitJpc, Bays' tbc Ui
! experiment of war,
I'nion Standing County Committee t
Milllintown, Jeremiah Lyons. W W Davis,
Fermanagh, C B Uorniuj;, B F Schweier,
Fayette,-John Ilnffuinn, James Davis,
Monroe, A. G. Shellenberger, 11 S lioycr.
;n'urvV ate efforts be made for a ccssa
Delaware. W Suippen Thompson, Jon rrey, ( lion OI llOSUlltlCS, 4C
Kristy's Address.
For cool, down-right swindling we refer
our readers to the ' Jeff. Davis organ, in
Lvvrn this week. - Is it not shameful to
see an gray-headed cider in a church
come before 'he public with un assertion
like this :
We have carried litC Sl.l on the home vote
by a handsome majority, and in all probabili
ty will carry it ou the fait' vote of tho so
diers. . -.
How pcrsistantly thry do liO m orc
to swindle the ignorant and keep up their
coura"cV Every honest, intelligent, hjan
Walker, Col John X Moore. John Mother,
Patterson. S K Walters, II M fironioger.
JlillorU, K A r.oliiiison, Arnold iirne..
Every iotellifent reader knows that the
war for tbc restoration of the Union has
1 urVtt, m M Robinmn, D W Flickinjer, i v r ' e .
PerrySville,JWI.aghlin. TMWagenselleHn0t ,bee? a f'l- Ct Its 8UCCSS
Spruce Hill, J K Patterson. Jame S I'm ton troubles the Democrats more than its fuil
lieale, W m. Young, Jonathan P Doyle, Ul'C. ,
Tnscarora. II H Behtel, Thomas Morrow, j In lgC2 tte T)cmocracy 0f tb;g g tete
Lack, Jotin Patterson. I.phrnim onn.
Black Log, Kobert Mclntyrc, William Kops, 1 lodged themselves to a "hearty and un-
JEREMIAII LYONS, Chairman. Mjualificd support of the Federal Govcrn
" 1 in in. 1 ruCUt in the energetic prosecution of the
TTnrTdfTSJ" j existing war," but now they ask fur the
ljiinij;i,vi Bajiug. v j uur master jcu,
? Bfc I we havft aftpmntnil fj-i wlilr. .,!
I 1 " ' J uv wua ua I u
! failed. We are now willinc to bett for
l'lease let
immedi-J mca want t0 make "white "cn slaves 10
free negroes," and that they a0 tnc
friends of cegro equality'," he assert iT"hat
he knows to be a willful, malicious, dirty,
cowardly, traitorous, wicked, scandelous,
silly, infamous, infernal LIE, and we rub
it under his nose, and that he is a low po
litical calumniator. '
ica on its knew9Jin and, begs
-f,-o-......'.-.v...V. v. ::;
'K'ft'' ''j . '"t- 'r ' ' 1 , - i! - ,
KICKS, men cj the rural regions :
warjt peace, You dislike taxation.
0 oat admire the draft. , How much
pca will yoOJluve whin Virginia is a
forn country. I ' V hca a Bucctssfal rc
belltj has made the two nations irrooon
ikt enemies, each ' eager to' wipe out
the collections of .its lueses and suffer
ingstn the other's blood ?' " AVhcn at uoy
moiiit Gep(ml Lee may lead h;s armiett
ijtour fertile valleys and eoiwrt your
liarvit and bains into smoking desola
tion lj When you will nover know hi
long dliollow truce may last or how noon
tho uraudcts resy come to reap tho
crops! Wiat will yonr taJtos lie when
,. , . . ....
uiviacacnutitrv nos to Lear the Imi.ico
which iould be borne by the whole?
When sanding armies to protect you must
be fed nid paid aud clothed Tor ever ?
WAt the country's credit is destroyed,
c'ryl is expenses w vv pniu vy ibact :
Vhat will b draft be to keop- up those
aniiia in tho waste of pcrpctnal war ?
Evry mau who can -eariy a musket will
be wiled upon, and every irihu Rint srrve
not for one year or three years, but for
fiv3 years or ten years, as often and ni
lot" as ho may be wanted. .
Men or Labor! you dislike high
prwe and - conscription. A Democratic
peice must' be 'followed1 j' constant war
Tk peace may bring low prices, but it
wiD destroy industry and you wilf ge( bo
employment. . With wages at fifty cents a
dar, it will matter little to you what may
bethe prices of coal or bet, for you will
beablc to procure neither the one or the
otlcr. ,Tho waf which will follow that
pai0. ill iniia conscription constant.
Th T'pQhrnf chance to fill quotas by
$ Jsjr quotas, will never be full,
a vvott M.irsbhl'a wheels will ba
k' there ia i name
rrTHezPiiicuwstlJlKT vi-
Indiana givei Morton, Union, 21,000
f r Qoyetiicr, with several counties to hoar
froraf whjth will increase it probably 1,000
' Ojie Kcs over 30.000 on the home
tVte fr "the Union ticket, and will givo
tully wO(Cift) ad litional from tho urmy
tution by over 5iW idnwriiy, and nomina
liOris.iiavo bfeu' niauts fvr..tpe;Sr.tte Klec
tlimanuder tho Xi.-.T Constifiition.
?ebr i!;.i has, rlcctel a L?otilt Md'-itte
U-Congrvt Hy wor on lpmdrc4 nfij.tri-
7;---i;'"if 'l:.;'-?
. Irf I enuHvl.'ii tl'rir is (T-tmnll Luioif
il iLrJttaj'frlfjt1 tlM ine vols wliirh-lhe ar
my vo-e vin -rM8e i" at leaaP 11,11110.
Wc bavs paia!-'J tit l-:itfire l.'nioii Coit-'
jTrsnnion r-hve nv,e tuajori'y in the Sta'e
Sctlatt -;i'i1..2,l t.ij'joitiy 'in ibe House,
uch U ibp-vcflivt ol our State on 'V
l-3!lf..t -if bostjlitiv. li;iibT, staii'
j aside ai!-1 t-t tho iiiniiriHTi 'r!s:.
I i L
litK a t 7.1 r: ui 1 E.TiiiiMos. vincni-
By authority of the Chairman of the ! f ace and kis.s fuet
have a cessation, a convention of States
and a dissolution of tho Union or any
other peace."
Every fool in history or. statesmanship
County Committee, Te arc enabled to an
nounce the following series of meetings,
where the IViucipIes of the Great Union
i'artv will bp diytf !issi?. nrfrl its (M.iiniH f
urged upon the People. The friends j lr,ows tLat 8 nation of hostilities would
of LINCOLN aud JOHNSON will please j "Stably result in an ultimate disolution
make all ueccsjarj arrangements and se. of the Tnion and many leading Demo
cure a good attendance, crats desire it. .
Col. J. J. Patterson, Jeremiah Lyons, . TIie Constitution itself has
Esq., A. L. Gus, Esq., A. 11. Weidman j disregarded in every part.
E.j.t W. W. Davis. Eso., Prof. David What a fake andsillv stnrv ! H, ,t,
Wibon.and o'her speakers will attend , provision to eect a Presidcnt this
these meetings at least two of whoinii., q- , ,
A True report of a Conversation between
two old Democratic lenders of Walker
TowBship, as heard by a ltcpublican,
- A, What do you think of the result of
the Election? r '
B, (drawing a long sigh) Things look
gloomy on our side; that votiug a gaiust
the soldiers, is cast up tome so much. I
hate it. ' ' Mv
A, Well. It was our best policy at
that time. Could we have deprived tho sol.
dies of a vote, we would have won the
day. . ..... : , ...... .
B, True but we failed in that and now
they say we are not their friends and vote J
a gainst us, do you see the eausc and af-land mean itself, it thinks that the people
aerting7 for every ' able-bodied
0 uniform will be knowu to be a
Ji dad will be, seized wherever he
fF v ."i," V, ''
SvkH is thejpeace that you will vote for
if jja jotc the' Democratic ticket. The
rebellion nearly destroyed It is hold
ing out in hopt?" 'hat the election of JIc.
Clellan and Ftsnditfn will show that tho
North is tired of the war, and anxious for
pease at any price. ' If lancdu is e'elcct-
ed, It will see that' its last cbance is gone
and it will make one final desperate strag
gle. That over, t will yield, and the 4th
ot iUarcu, levo, will dawn on a regen
erated country, where from Maine to Tex
as there will be peace and unity, and
a peace that can never again be brok
en. The Democratic party eccLs to difgu.t
the (eogde with the war. ; It talks of draft
aud eUugbtcr. expenditure and taxation,
extravagance and high prices. Sordid
O'llhtltUI li
; they "it iii
The smoke of .tho int .cugagetnfiot has
cleared away, and upon her-vote ot her
citizens at home PcnosylvBgin "stands ly
the Government of our' fhthera aV'1'? ner
brave jwns in the beJJl jfiU uot ftilivs
than twelve thousand majority for the
good cause. - The 'ast hope, tlicnforr. ot"
the supporters of Gen. McClcllan lus
..nAr.4f4 anj rl,A inttf .G;iilr Vif r:titll1ti ' '
ingTo ;;;in hinils W give aid , ,,v, 1 1 "" "f V'"
fort t tte rebellion by incroaiing tbc sp- qiv six llious md iu;.j rity f,r th- 1 iin.if
pearnnco of disunion smonr; ourselv-i. jTiekt. Twr yrarw a-, tli two dm-
G-. fShridpndrilf: a ferrible blow oj rc.--sioiiat dr.frirf it H.oriili'.ti t-ouniy
treason Wrcfjay. al evcty l;"ri'd C;, j,,;tm.rlf ,,j.,;,y r!.2.-,. .V
heart thrilled with toy . 'tp'tn , l-"iin;r it , . .,. - , , , ,
butagrr-a maiorlty IW Abraham lottch, j "r "'' "''" l"-m- t fl.r
in reunaylvauia willk far m.ro UA 'j i"!Trrh- I c-u lid -in far . i e Pp sid. nt,
the armed eonspirary .aj-.tinst the I'mon wilt Tuiv.'nr the )re -it urMvsi- ,tilir:ibl
and tho Constitution. Every Vole I'or 1 ,.v..l --.Mr.' Cliain.i ri." t-nid Geoi- II. .
our trien huh Milium n.M'"-iii. t.iu tain- i .. . : 1
- t ' 1 1 1 1 ' j ? ; . 1 ' '
I.'v.y en,', urm rii.y,-ii til shoot. ilo'.TII till I
a' ....'A. I... . ... i.O- III I
render at Chicago, and the m-n who ear- ".'; ''' "' Ti loi.i .las'.iidly as-
ry it3 white fine, will encourage sumo reb- j 'ri.' ii of i!h- of ilie poltio..,i J'tujlti"n(
cl to bhoot another Northern wbli'tr. --T tbi: t'Copk ' d t l.io ..ivo wpli'.l, in ibnn
The ticket nominate-! 'by Vaniiiidhaia. i (i,t ln,,.. ,. t w,r TRAITOK V
Wonl and Meyntour in now MaeL witfl I . 1 - : -.
treason, ami after it is voted will be red LsD. YarioiM Demccratil f injarrf?!
with the bloud of our brothers Cghtinf: j an assiittiuent ' .f f 't
for us. Ths war has cxi-itcl f.x the last uu, ,CVftM, ,c,m.ri
A . 1 t .. . , . ,t , .. . ... .. 1 '
- '. , t.t .. 11 or w ot JViiiKi-rifiC AswnMvni.in, an I
eontttiuarc to-'by 13 solely owin to the - '
a. Civity of the disunion party of the I thousand ot lVmo;-i-ue stddiw wh-r
North and the platform of its convention. I Wfr? cxpecfed to make th" Nation re.do
While any hope remained of the election ; lent with tl.i inn-dr of -Tire m bar-k our
of its candidla., ible excuse' mi-bl nI.i (:,,.)n,e,.- b i'Jo d'h-appeared
be found by miwuided men for qrvini ! . . . . . . . .
, it 1. e .1 1 mo't v?atn i.y snd mot 1 filuut-v Within
them their suffrage ; bit, after the vfir- ' " 3
dicta , Maine, Vermont. New Ilamp- two troeks. Fairly information 1
shire, (hio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, ; much wanted, and W"t..d grejtly relieve
all sensible persons know that tho election i icver-l aWieted !'.: tii.tti-. Address Kri.-fy.
is already decided by the people, and that) -
it only remains to ascertain the mnjoiitie. Head. Head. Frllow itlims Ite.idf
It follows, therefore that every vote for . ,.
McClollan and Pendleton h an earnest in- i at'; r"'"'""-' " "-e he !o.h.w.
vitation to JeffermwKDsvis to continue ; iiie; e!tvtet from -v lotfer vrriftrn by ,
this fearful war to waste more of our j J. K. . Hobinsmi. itc-ul it and wit!
treasure and to murder others of our ,((. ai.tmsitC,i tiat Wl, laVe mrn
,0. , r- X' e t' ." jT US SO L'noiant or so wicked as to vote for
The sublime peeUcIe" of a Lmfed ,
North will end the war. We 'invoke all MefJcHan, thy I rand of too armed lie.
Democrat ie I oncrres-
ra'.ic Senator, a senre
may confidently be expected.
Jlcxico, Monday evening, Oct. 31st.,
Patterson and Wilson.
BichSold, same night Guss aud Davis.
Johnstown, Tuesday evening, Nov. 1st.
That the direct interference
of the military authority in the
recent elections held in Ken
tucky, Maryland ' etc. was a
shameful violation of the Con-
Oak I
Davis and Lyons. ! gtitutioil
JUd Mills, same night Wilson, GusslWnom did the jnUiiarj ptwent
nponstown, Wedmcsday evening, j vot'nS ' Rebels and disloyal pers
Nov. 2nd. Davis aud Guss
V'anwcrfame night Lyons Si Weiduian.
WtAlittersville, Tbursdtiy evening Nov. 3
Lyons and Davis,
MoCoysvillc, same nigbt Patterson and
Y ilson.'
AVaterford, Friday evening, Nov. 4th
Patterson and Wilson.
Spruce Hill, same night, Guss &. Lyons.
Pcrrysvillc, Saturday afternoon, Nov. 5th
A Graud Mass Mectipg.
Bed Bank. Milford Monday evening, j
.ov. 7th Wilson and Guss
Mifflin town, same night.
none others. To prevent such men from
voting is a shameful violation ol a Demo
A, We muni persist iu saying there is
fraud iu the army vote.
B, But we won't be behoved -t for we
told the people to vote against the solders;
because negroes and minors that were sol
diers could and would also get a vote and,
tliey now sec by the returns that we de
ceived them and some of them' will vote
lor Old Abe now.
A, Wo must tell the young men that
if Old Abe is Elected, that then ' they
will be drafted ; we must work on their
fears. ''
B. I'll do no such thing because I can't
prove it. But I'll vote for Honest Old
Abe myself and leave this Hypocritical
. . . . , i a. I , UVUIUK IU I wumcstc 10 ' UU-
nrit m .."mat ! tTilinn I Tlin At 1 J 1 J
- . .t jm.t.ji unpuuses uic I easy.
- P . 1 . 1 r ,. , n . . 1
eausu ui mcee uisiraocnireu lie be Is; '
Is not the idea- 5f giving to'lhf-ibe-
mies of our GoVernment a legal right to
destroy it by votes, whilst we resist their
efforts to destroy it by violence, a glaring
absurdity inconsistent with the distance
ofa Governmenf TZ
SVHIIw resisted with all tlmi
i.i I'apers. Five cents per pound
will be paid for old newspapers at this of
tier. Don'l wast your paper at that
means and power under our
control. , -
This is a frightful threat ! Eira Par
ker and McClellan, are to inarch on
Washington to hurl old Abe. from his
scat Mac. on a Gun Boat and Eziawith
his breast plate sewed in tho scat of his
broeehftR will , apt to sear jtfiinhodr. i
- " '.' "' ' tner "-i,,.
The Jeff. Davis organs are blow
ing lustily over the prospects of another
draft. This is all for political effect.
There never was a draft made that was
not caused by the leading members of the
democratic party. And should there
ever unfortunately bo another draft it will
be srlcly because tho rebels arc encour
aged to hold out a little longer by the
same party which now says the war is a
failure. McClellan aod his party arc the
c .1 ' r ,, 1 r ' n..
cause ui tue necessity 01 an u rails- Juc
blood and destruction . of this war arc on
the head of this party. Wc challco'-e
dW,i:, ' '
are serrJid, and mean, and that they will
abandon . the Union aud tho priceless
blessings of freedom becau.se beef and
and calico cost more than they did before
Buchanan aud Breckinridge, Jeffersou
Davis and Pendleton, Cobb and Lloyd and
the Democratic aristocrats pfanged tho
country into strife for the purpose of
spreading slavery over the territory of
The people are not so blind. They
know that the price they pay for beef aud
calico is jhe prica they are paying for the
presaryajoa of toeir institutions. It is
the prWof future peace and prosperity,
when lti et 4n of the United States
shatTte to cay his labor into Texas,
Kansas, or California.
t c4ncaUaar.ati'J liberty,
fie despoti of
patriots to lend their efforts ttnceasiuelv ; els :
to produce this result. By perfecting '.he
wi-d anilfowjinorjanizationg ; !y ihe
circullfioTrTJfcinitents ; by pul lic ad
drewes, especially by local speakers ; by
earnest personal efforts with honest but
mistaken men j by making arrangements
to bring every loyal voter to the p51 : by
sending tax rceeipfr-o every soldicr.Trd L
sailor by the immediate fornfation of cam
paign clubs in every borough and commu
nity 5 by great meetings of the people by
daylight and torehfisht," and by all the
honest agencies ot an aetivc and throng h 1
canvass, appealing to the patriotic xeal and
kindling the patriotic enthusiasm ot a
great ftnd loyal Commonwealth, wc can at.
test the fealty of our State to the n;ig of
the Uniou by a majority wt.riby of tbc I
historic character ot the contest and
.t. . : .1 . 1
mu. teiii idiie uejieiiiicriL u'ou ....
rorward, thcu, every lover ot his conn-1 J
try, i me goou wurs . juaieg not 10 . , . TT 1 1
thriPi.it but tbc future, forgetting el! per-j I He HClMo 1 I III II
sonal cflii5.'Jcrations, and appreciating the I .
privilege of f'U'e sacrifice for libtfty and. C CTJ- Itictll. DOtli
the Uuiou. let us relax no effort until the I 4 , I a,
nolis are closed. 1i.:s conimitte will con-; cli llUiJlU 9II13 III llffj
HrsnOis?. ltlitPn'" r
I'.nt i.n 1 iik nri.n, 4 .kh.k rnM r
I'.tsiiuu, V.. lUtij 1 liU 16'.l. t
The prospect c V
ending the nar
soon is vervaootu
H'yoii Union sneii
at home can only
whip the Copper
ilea ds. we can
otjsoon lick the Ileb-
arinies out in
jariity ouht to go
-mm mm
.wiiil witn an ins
ir was'istopped
to stop it, that
the 4
as thc ..
taxes Wouju-njij atop, nor prices return to
old rates. ;They kww that they must pay
the cost of' the last, three , years of war
aud that the war has so nearly accomplish.
ed its purpose, they are ' not going to
throw away , its results whilo they still
have to pay its bills. They know that
war is a terrible and costly thing,, and
they are going to carry this th rough so as
not to Lave another andjfl auother upon
tinue to do its whole duty, n;l relics upou
yonr iimtant, earnest, anil constant assistance.
Grant's march of valor and of
from the Kapidan to the James sealed j 4 fllit! fsall
the fate of the rebellion. Since then II 1 1 1 1 1 Mla Jtlll
Sherman has turned its left wing. Far- j rgl
ragut is closing its aveottcs of escape, j -1- lLI l 1 l VtvCitj
bheri'lan ha3 tent its vanguaru a'-mi , .1 . I x . , . , I ,
for X,iii
p.an of
The lie b
els are as much
whirling down the valley. It only remains
for us to sound the charge along the
whole line, and wrapping our ballots
around o ur brothers' bullets, march to the
peaceful, filial triumph which awaits us iu
November. .-
Proclaiming the war to be a fail are,
George B. McClellan is himself the great
failure of the war a genera, without a
victory a statesman without a record gfrttftK 'llaraiff
andifwe are faithful history will add to " 1 1 11 C"
his epitaph that he wasa candidate for the 4 i dfi arai a irk
Presidency without an-Jectoral VuteU! ICCllOll IS W C
Iiet ua all, therefore, labor without cc;utng.
In memory of our buried martyrs, in
regard for the wounds of our living heroes,
to guard liberty from its deadly peril, and
the Uuion from its treasonable foes, in
the interesrbf fr,-e.'and in the hopes
-' lb Kepubfte tf C? Xtture, "ToyaT mou
lVnnaylvanii,fotwartrio victory.
, In behalf of the Committee.
' SIMO CAMEKOX, Chairman.'
W ib Forney, J(
It in an easy thing to ealla person a liar,
but is rather difficult to prove- him such.
Demoerni. - . ' i ( jJ '
Some men are so palpably falsifiers of
the truth that it needs no proof to ' con
vince intelligent men they are given to
lying. - Plcace don't bring up that origin
al joke about the ostrich agaiu !! . It cuts
iv- mm m
aver-in tnc last
.fight our Divis
ion had, f hilicb
els would hurrah
for McClellan
ami our boys for
olil Jibe. ; think
that any man that
cares anythinga
hout his ' country
won't vote for
S?" Bti Jut, -be brave wid fear not. I 4T Euowkde L wt'ii.fL and

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