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i "
J, x.
Tbe Secretary of the Treasury gives notice
hat subscriptions will be received for Coupon
Treasury Notes, payable iliree years from Aug.
loth, 1804, with semi-annual interest at the
rate of seven andthrec-tciiihs per cent, pcran-
num.-principal and interest both t
in lawful money
These notes will be convertible -it thc'-nii !
of the holder maturity, iuto nil J'r;' -tit.
gold bearing bonds payable not less thuu live
nor more than twenty years from the::- date,
as the Government may elect. They v. ill be
- fpt it im fJooiintion of ". S:w. S.")0",
$1,000 and 3,0U, mid nil stibsci -iilhilltt must
be for fifty dollar or Home umltiplu of fifty
pollard. vi
The aote Will bo transmitted ti the owners
free of transport at ion charged as soon after
the receipt of the origiual Cirtiucatcs of lTcHncP''ct or misconduct, as they are liable to at
posit as they car. be prepared
As the notes draw interest from August lo,
parsons making deposits subsequent to that
date must pay the interest accrued from date
of note to date of deposit.
Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dol
lars and upwards fur these notes at any one
time will be allowed a commission of onc-qitar
ter of one per cent., which will be paid by the
Treasury dcparttnei t upon the receipt of a
bill for the amount, certified to by the officer
with'whoui the deposit was made. Xodeduc
tions for commissions must be tuauo fruat the
It is A National Savings ISank, ntTcring a
higher rate of interest than any other, and ihr
bent sttarittj . Any savings bank which pays its
depositors in U. 8. .Notes, consider, that it is
paying in the best circulating medium of the
country, and it ctanof pay in anything better
for its own assets are either in piverumeut
securities or iu notes or bond; payable iu gov
ernment paper.
It is equally convenient as a temporary or
permanent mvestmeut. The notes can always
be Sold for within a fractiou of their face and
accumulated interest and arc the best secu-
rity with banks as collaterals for discounts.
fonvrrtable into a Six prr cent. o-20
(old Itond.
In addition u the very liberal intcrcston j
the notes fer three years, thin privilege of con-
version is nuw worth about three per cent, per (
annum, for the current rale for o-JO Bonds is
.Eft less than niitt prr ton. yrcmh-m. and ocfore
the war the premium on six per cent. V. S
'-.. -
tocks was over twenty pel' wont. UiU be
-seen that the actual profit 0n this loan, at the
present market rate, is Dot less than lea per I ih I'nited States, nrof any city or jucorporjt
cent. per auuuni.' jeddisiriel, and aiso, that every nieiubcr or
Its JExemptiou. from Stale or .Muucipal iCong.e, and of the State Legislative and or
Tnv ilion j the Select and Common touncilofany city,
n . t
lit fl.l.lc 4 t-.. i.k nil 1 1, A .l,,i,.l nnd Ml.. httVA '
the advantages wo hvit
-enumerated, a special Act of Coiijrress'tyfi
mi rmntta and Jrta- uru twUt Irom ! eat temtivn.
On the average, this ixemption is worth aboat
two per cent, per anum, according to the rate
v( taxation iu various parts of the couuiry.
It is bclicvc l that 00 securities offer so great
iuducemcuts to lenders art Jh se issue 1 by the
government. In all other fortns cf indebted
ness, the faith or ahil'.ty of I'rivate parties, or
stock cotnrauk-s, or s?pcrateouinjunities, on
ly, is pledged for payment, Tliilcthe whole
property of thecouutry is hch! to secure !hc
discharie of all the obligations of luc United
While the government offers the u:yst libi-r-
al terms for its loans, it believes that the very i
strongest appeal will be to the loyally and i
. . ' , 1
patriotism of the people. .
Dublicate ecrti6cates will be issued for all I
deposits. The party dc j,utiticg must endorse j
upon the original cirtificate ttLfi dcuomiuatiun
. .
of notes required, and whether th y arc to be
issued in blank or payable 10 order. When
eo endorsed it must be left with the officer rc- '
ceiving the deposit, to be forwarded to the
Treasury Department.
SCBSCBtrTIONS will tt llrttUI) l v tl
-.,-.. 1
treasurer 0. tne 1 uiieu 2'ates, at arhin"ion.
the Bcveal Assistant Treasurers and desi;
tel Depositaries, and by tbe
ted Depositaries, and by the
First National Bank of Philadelphia, Pa
Second National Bank or Philadelphia. I';
Third National Rank of Philadelphia, F
First National Bank of Allentowu, if.
First National Bank of Altoona.' Pa.
First National Bank of Alleghany, Ta.
First National Bank of Carlisle, Pa.
First National Bank of Chester, Pa.
First Rational Bank of Danville, Pa
First ational Bank of Erie, Pa.
First National Bank of Franklin, Pa.
First National Bank of Gettysburg. Pa. .
Fimt-NatloMl U-.uk of M.UU4. Lo.
First National Bank of Meadville, I'a.
First National Rank of Milton, Pa.
First National Bank of Pittsburgh, Fa.
Third National Bank of Pittsburgh P.
Fourth National Bank of Pitlsboruh, Pa.
First National Bank of Scrantou, Pa
Second National Rank of Seraiitoii, Ta.
First National Bank of Strasburp, Pi
First National Bank of Towauda, Ph.
Nirst National Bank of West Chester, P.
First National Rank of Wilkesbarre, I'a.
Second National Bank of Wilkesbarre, Pa.
First National Bank of York. Pa.
First National Bank of Bait i more, Md.
Second National Rank of l'.sltiinore, Md.
First National Rank of Washington, D, C
First National Bank of Norfolk, Va.
and by all National Banks which are deposita
ries of public money, and
All Itespectable lianks and Itaokeis
i'jiotn;houtthe countrywill give further infor-5-ol
rrrilEREAS, in and by the act of the Gen !
It eral Assembly of the Cnwiruoti wealth ofl
rennsvrvania, eiiutlml "in Act- to.lirwct the
manner, time anil place. f holding - fileetiens
for J'renident and Vice Preside f the- I'ni
td State,'' enacted 'the 2d day of Febuary,
ISl'ii, it 14 required of the MienR to give dne
notice of such Elections: therefore
J ; " r i I , T i!l
f hi tit rnuufv cT .liiiiiifft. flu herpnff tniikA
COUHV" of Jl
t - r J . I'K " ' ,
fcnbwani. itis public notice to the citi
zens of the raid county, who are qualities to
vole for members of geuerul assembly, that on
next, being the . 8th day of said month, an
. i . : : n 1. - l.i I .. . ii... .1 . .. .. 1. : ..I.
election niu uv ucm m iusmiucjii.c m nu,i.u
, 1 11 1 . .1 -
ne ssiti meiuuer siiau ann uecn tuicu mr n
monweallh as eleejors for tho electionof Pres
ident and Vice President of tbe United States
and the several Judges, Inspectors and Clerks,
who attended the general election on the Sec,
ond Tuesday of October last, are herehy en
joined to attend and perform at the said elre
tiun at .Electors to-be held as aforesaid the
lik d"ties, ;eubjaet-o Ihe like penalties for
tlie eleolion I roemoe-ra oi -msemu'v, c-u.
notice, that llio places of holding the afore
said General KJection- in the several districts
saiu uenerat uu.a T,. . V ' . .I
ana towunmps m tnewv. ,
followa. to wit :
At the Court House is the borough of Miff
Itutown, for the borough if Mifflinlowo. .
At the Court Huue in the borough of Miif-
nntown, lor rermauaga lownsuy..
A t Ki.lim.l ll.mn in Afi.vlin lor It atiwcr
township. . .
At tho Aca.l.-my in Tbompoutowu.
v.... .!.-...,,.
At the ruhlis llouc of Ihomas Cox,
urceuwooo.ownsmp. ;
.11 mo ficnooi ixtiu'se iu uivuuu'i, iji .iuii- i
roe township.
"At Kuouse's School House, for Susqitchan-j
na towuship. i
At the School House in .McAli.-terviUc, fur t
Fayette township.
At the school llotire iu rmterson, tur the
borough nT Fa Hereon
At the Schoul House iu rcrrvsville
fur the
boroiiph of Perrysrille.
At Ihe Locust throve Scho.d Il.'tiiie, tuar
the residence of John T. Mcltlru, f"r Mili'ui d
At the Sprue? Hill School Iljii-c, fr
Spruce Hill township.
At the School House near tho residence of
Samuel Allen, foe. Ib-alu town-hip. I "CHARLES W. WElTZh.L inform Hie
At the School House near McCiilloth Mill' ' KJ citizens of Juniata couufv, Jliat be eon
fur Tuscarora tynship, except thai purl urn tinueslheChatr.Manufactoryat Jhe well known
of it lying northwest ward of the sninmif of j old stand in Water street, where i "
Shade Mounraiu. times prepared to receive orders lor Hisdsor
At the Lick Stfliool lluitse near tlio resi
dence of Rcnjaniiu Walls, t'or Lack tonu'hip,
except that povtiou of it lying north westard
ly of the summit of the Sha')a Mountain.
At the Centre School House, for oo much of
!'' t-wusinps oi i,acK au luscan.ra tying
I u'jrth-wcstaidlr of tue Summit of the Snude
1 M0uutiu. - ' ' '
j At the Chtirch School House, in Xurbclt
township, for Tnrbctt luwnsfcip. .
K I ALSO JJAKE KNOWN and give uotiic
las in and bTtae'1VtH-Ktion of the "aforesaid
.et I am directed, that every person, except
Ju" ' l'"c. "j10 sha!l nt,!'' " (,ffi,ce i
juf appointmen!, of profit or trust, tinder the
i Government of the Vnitcd States, or of this
i s,B,e- or of V'1? or ,iuc01f orai,;d Jis,ri';, 1
! whether a commissioned omcer or otherwise.
lulKu - d;nc!e orcr or asent. who is or shall i
be employed under the legislative, judiciary
I or executive delinrfnient of this sitatc-or ol
ifcXyTi incaoabfot noldine or exercisine
111 VlI'llUIWl"1""" " - .. Kw" ............
. . :.. .. v... ..
, ,at the same time the office or appointment of
n d"-. fnspectnr, or other oluccr of uy such
election in this Cammon wealth, and that no
Judge, luspector, or any other officer of any
such election shall be clligible to any offloe."
Also that iu the lib section of the Act of
Assembly, entitled -An Act relating of Exe
cution and for other purposes," approved
April ltb. 1M), it is enacted that' the afore
said Hth section ''shall not be construed eo
as lo prevent any military officer or borough
officer from serving as Judge. Inspector, or
Clerk of any General or Special Election of
this Commonwealth.
l'ursuent to the provisions contained in the
7tith section of Ihe Act. first aforesaid, the
judges of ihe aforesaid districts shall respect
ively take charge of ihe rerlihcatc of return
if the rh'Ciion of their respective districts and
I...... ,1.a... mt u ninilil1ffi.ril.B In.lm.. hm..
. each district, at the Court House iu the Itor-
! oul-Ii of MittiinloftU on the third daafter they
r .i..ciion. Iiiuir for the m-esent viar on !
Friday, the llthdayof .November, A b
then and there to do and perforiu the duties
rc,(ini,, iw of j1I(lp, ...
Also. J!y the I'.hh sccii.a of "an A:t to
regulate elections by soldiers in actual niili-
tarv service, approveu tne 2 ;t 01 .iugni.
A. I'wlW-l, "the return Judges of Ihe several
counties, shall enjoin to meet at Ihe places,
uow directed by law, on the third Friday af
terary gcucral or Presidential election, for
Hie purpose of counting tho soldiers' vole.''
The return Judges will re-assemble at the
Court tJouse, in the borotich of MifHiutown,
on FIJI DA i NOVEMBER '.'lb. JHtil, who;
... hMlkARnl.,1- nF t Vi a 1
1 : ...t.,.f in I Imir Anurt.pAiinri .
sna 1 receive ni"" i.iv'""".j ,
coumj ann uu niu-n-.i ,
tne votes so reiumeu, ny me ..t,-
al military service
Also that where a Judge by tickness
or unavoidable accident is unable 10 at-
I tend said meeting of Judges, then the oertif
1 cate of riiurrn aforesaid, shall I e taken ehargs
of by one of the Inspectors or Clerks of the
Lt'lcction of snddjstrict, w ho shall do and per-
loiui mw aiiuci requireu 01 saia uugo unauic
to attend. - '
Agreeably to the provisions of the filst sec
tion of -aid act, every General and. Special
election shall be opened bctweeu the hours of
eight and ten o'clock in theforenoou, aud shall
continne without interruption or adjournment
until aeven o'clock' in' trie ereniug when the
jltejall tvslte&.' - f.- ,
Giren under my hand at my office, in the
borough of Mifflinlown, this 23d day of Au
gust, A, l. 1864. 1 1 -''-!
J. W. 1IAMILT0N, SHerif;
SntKjrr's Office, Miflliutown, .1 j
-- September 2d, 180 1. . . .
'nevt; i
fPHE undersigned desires to inform the La
X dies of Mifflin and vicinity, that she has
just returned from the city with a new stock
of w inter Millinsry Woods of the latest style
and most Approved workmanship, which she
is prepered to make to order at the shortest
notice and sell at the lowest prices. She has
also on hand a largeassortment of ready made
bonnet.. Hat; of all kinds which the wiliselr
ill . lift, IIWll.
Call at her residence on Water strsct, near
SnJoua" & StambaughV store.
Mr. S i: Ml STFIN.
1 S,-fd.
. WM. WISE, Merchant Tailor, begs cre
to inform his friends and the public genartUy
that he has just opened out large and fast1'
able assortment of ' -
which he is ready to make to order nroarf-f
and on the most reasonable terms. fl.
i ii -..n .. .:il .. 1 :. r...
iuiiiiu j:cuviiij win iinu ii. iv luvir nucrtpv
call at Uis room above . "
on Bridge street, Mifiliutown
1 "r
niy God and workmanship before pit
ins clsewncrcv 1 warrant all clothes r
no aal
B9All persons desirous of purchaaH(
of Sdcoeb's fr.mivn Machises will oho?
liecessarjr inforreuUau.on Jlw1-1 '
tiivored wfihtheir tders" X- wffl
better tna&ino thirty ptr ecil. ekitper tl
nitnerto none in inisstranty. tommiiyk
be without a machine. -' tan 1Cit
JAMES IU' SIMONS, whtf has now
hand the largest stf'tk of ready maue
SADlLr:S and HARNESS in He
count y, wliich he is selling at greatly
rodiiccd prices. He is now manufacturing h
Saddles aad Harness with such ncrfeot systei
that he is enabled to sell a siipetior article ol
cvfrvthing in his line, CHEAPER than an
- ,-,,,-,, ln y,, i Ie invite:
purchasers to cull and examine his stock be
fore purchasing elsewhere. f
Jaaws II Simons oail'Ues wail Jlrnet ere
acknswledged tosurpnn in point of lightness,! -
elegance an.t comfort, as well as real ralueand
. 9 . - . - . ....
: elegance auiiconnori,as wen as rrai vuioeanu
j dui-abi!iij,all others manufactured iu tbeeoun-
!y. Remember his 9w)B i on Uridgo street,
;n (lft rooms forme.lv o'oupied by D. W. A.
UeliViril. as a Tai or Suon.
i Belford, as a Tailor Shop.
t 83iu..ll kinds of repairias Keally execnted
I ,nd all work warrautel
jan 1 M-y
I ii'.-wf ,
i iUtliillllOU'll
CkiT MaaHfactm' !
Chairs of ver descriptSott inclutlinif S.;i'e?s)
Large Kockiag Chairs, rawing Rocking Ctau'9. i
Childrens' Chairs, Counting House Stools. t'aiu !
Seat Chairs, Bar Boom AialChaiw, and rrery
thing pertaining to his businessall of nhich
he is prepared to sell chctrprr than even He
is now prepared to wholesale workat cilj pri
ces. Prompt attentiwn will bo- given to Iepa
rins. - All work done che"sTinleiDeditiuly.
Sawel I'oplal- Plank and Scantling taken in-i
exchange tor liirmtuve. :
)tTFnrnitur Room on Main street; ppo-j
sue tne rost tutiee." . .
1.- VSii ... - J--
' f'HAnii''! TT'FIT9'Fr 'i"'fue't Bhr'-t notice.
. tVai.r "h,1ZBwTetrortwiilhemadebyhiiiflogiTesat
er 1..0J.I1. - -'J itiicUon to those who mar favor him with a call.
:epl ember
old Stand has leoeutly beet 'rctjp
ll-IUllinilCll, IIM I II llll Ml -
pared to accommodate the travellin
the most pleasant and agreeable mac
House is pleasantly situated on 31miu
lnrjre and commodious; and he is ampt'
drl with evei-vthincr to render hia hniifi
sirablc stopping plate, and a comfoqabltv I"'"!' awtmebt or Whtlo Dress tSoods, Mits
to the traveller or permanent sojouruetv ,-I!H 1 1'ns, Brocha and other Shawls, Bonnets, Bon-
assortment or Liquors will be found suyei-iOT
to any in this part of tba country, as they have
been selected with great care. There id ex
cellent, alabling attaahed to the premises. He
hopes to reveivc a liberal share of puhlit pat-
mar 27
1 .
MEXICO, Jt.l.4TA . CO., P.4.
SVM. BKECBER, Proprietor.
rP II 13 old stand has agHin opened Tor the ac
X cnnimodation of ihe i'uhlic. The accom
modations are such as to. ciltcrtain travelers
in tho most pleasant aud agreeable Banner.
The House is pleasantly and conveniently sit-.
uated. so as 10 make it a deairable'stofplng
place for the traveler or permanent sojourner.
His assort meat of LIQUORS will bo fonnd of
the best quality. "
to the premises arc exccllrnt and commodious
A liberal tihare of the public patronage ii re
spectfully solicited. .
. Jan. 13, lHG-tf
J after Mouday, May 1: 13, Passenger
Trains will leave MitUiaStation via: -
KAJfTWAfctf. " L !
Thronb J!xprcw 12.44, A 31.'
tPast,LiDc......,.... 4.13, A, M.
11.18. A.M.
"Acconjmolation......... 3.02, P. M.!r
tRaltiinore Kxprcsu...,
I'LLIadelphia Express
Fast I,iuc
3Iail Train .,..
fEmiurant Train..'...;..
3.57, A.M.
4.53, A. M.
5.28, P. M
5.2. A !1
Daily etccpt Sunday, f Uatly except JUuMtjr,
He has constantly on hand a
ment of Gold and Silver Paufe
Lepine and Plain Watches : Fl
t tiains, eals and Keys, lircast
Rings, Finger Rings, Bracelets.
Cases, Medallions. Lockets, Pencil
Spectacles, Silver Table, Desert, Tea, &-t.
Mustard Spoons ; Sugar Spoons, Cups.J'
ain mngs, iron ana Iatier Knives, Miel'la;
Combs, Diamond Pointed pens,' ctc.,-A
vhiclt trill be told lute for Cask . . 4 '
31. I. TOBIAS If CO S best quality full
jeweled Patent Lever Movements constaatlron
hand; also ol her Makers of superior quality.
. K. Ii. Old Gold and Silccu bought for Cteh
" " ' Sept. 0-ly
rlTT HOTEL, Corner of Market and Rails
" pTTrr.Ai)F.Otr - tgao
J rad Streets, opposite the Railroad Bopot't His prices beisreasonablc he hopes lo rc
UARlSBVRG, PA. - tccive a libeaffshare of nnblic tiatronaue
t.l.n beCitt. .... 'M, G.THourSON. : I
' OK
Good News m& t Tnie,-
At the Towxa Hall Clothlag Store. '
At the renowned Basa ab or Fashion. ' - -At
JIANSBACH'8 Cheap Corne.- :
Corner, Bridge & Water Streets j
.- "SsxrruirTowv, fa.
JLBACIl has just opened another large
' J . . r r 1.. 1.
V ... ' assorimtiu 01 jew-uoouo, iueu
Clothing of all kinds, Shoes,
oota, lists, Caps, Carpets, t'an-
Goods, Kc.,au of whiou be will
r rate, his motto is -'Quick si
yuics sates
' 'wtN fCassiiei Coats. .
l Coarse ' Coats.
, Business -Coats. .
'7" AT Plain and Fancy Vests.
r also - V
-Trunks. Valiescs, Carpet Sacks, Cane, I'ui-
brellaB,jfcawls, Gloves, Suspenders, Stockings
Cravats, Shirts, Drawers. Collars. Handker
chiefs, tMmhs, Brushes, Soaps. Pocket Knivoj.
Chewing Tobacco. Segars, and almost every
descripion of notions not found in in any oth-
Cr store.
ByCall and examine mV stock before pur
chasing else where, as I feel satisfied that l
can please an. -
turacrvi unu);ciiiiiiwii:i mmita.
"y OF
The undersi ?ne 1 would respectfully invite
Ihe public to ca!i and'esuminehis stock before
pnrchasinit elseivint He has bought b"n
ssortmeut at such p.-icos that he rfo be
undersold by any in taa f'Untry. Special at-
temlpa paid to purchasing gu-'dsin thecily per
ES lilt ESS GOAD!! !
rtFicuiie. Grenadines. Bucals.
re Chxlii, Brillianlcs, tiingham f.awns,
. t.vmwlliels, All wool ti Lames,
.fkw, Peplios. Alpacas, Sic.
nHfatins, Ribbon". Flowers, (ce. Also, Col
lars, TuuersleevcS, Handkerchiefs in great va
ety. '
A large iinintity of Drugs, al.-o
on Land. -Prescriptions tilled.
Ife has also lab ,n a large -stock of Wool,
Cotton and Rag Carpets, Oil Cloths, Mattings,
&c, at the lowest priors. 1
. Country Produce taken in exchange for
goods, for which the highest market prices
will be pwWby-
J. 31. miJ.FOKP.
TEETH inserted upon an entirely new style
of base, which is a combination of Gold
and Vulcanite, also Vulcanite, which for
Beauty, Durability, Cleanliness and the res
toration of tbe natural contour of the face.
cannot be surpassed Ei:her of the above
Bases I warrant for ten years
tectn auto
. 1
mounted upon
M a fl .9 Vl , lln-i m1 BllrAr
i Coral its Amber, with or without artificial
j gums. Special 4t ten tion will be paid to di-!
Ieasd gums -anil a eure warranted or no charge
made. Teeth filled foe life.
Tbe extraction of teeth upon tbe latest im
proved principles, causing the least possible
pain. .
Bg. Having located permanently in Mifflin
lown and being in possession of ail the latest
improved instrument and machinery. I war
rant entire satisfaction in all cages or the
money refunded.
IQFWiU visit- McAlisterville the last week
of Uctiaar. January and May, the balance of
my taaa I can be found at mr office on Bridire
;0tr0ef three doors east of Snyder's Hotel,
jnatown, Juuia'.a county. Pa.
" ; I - G. L. DERE,
;-j2y "-; ' rtrident Dttthnt. '
east of
. nds aur(nact-iring ail
1 W rh U13 line, such as
e most fancy, and aire general satis-
aetioh.T sAa be intends to make his work neat
and sabstantis.1 be feels assured it will be ac
knowledged to be as good as any in the coun
tyall he asks is a fair trial.
He also, intends keeping en hand an assort
ment of Saddles. Bridles, &c. . 1
Carriage and Baggy TrlmmhttT
Exeont-ed fn the very best and latest. 'style.
Repairing, ic, done Beatlv and at the short-
esl notice. ' Y -
! t
tear 3-1
- rjiuuj voa-t-s. j ' - ;;gtrir'raOd'Iarrcu t olcli PWrvys i i.ciiaoie nn f ure tiijia -oou-
iiure aitti.-v.p:- stock wt ieVtiofioodi lias b.-en 1;rg"ly vJlciiabla auSuo .. :
r'hj"' '-uA.t'oiupletclol of! ' AM 4'aanl d imm-.
I mmi "iSm :vtY.iirrt7& fjjl'earfwPaiilwn',,-- ": i ri'.T- - . .. . t..ir.u.in n.r'
STwte-arith naTadWrc.Ve.t!. .. T - Mjiwicnu nwi i n-j,ica nci . m...i...? .,, ,ln iu.
j ,,. " Silk and Satin Vests. ...: Tickiogs. Dcoiui!, wl .Sbirtliigj', ' , t.1;,rs .ut I itile inHri'iifW. n,e H!m"l.
V $i ' Lijht and Heavy Vests. , Keutuckv .lean.'',- ' It costs but Liiilc ami I'tiriiie" the RI.hhI
O a T.IlT Ti
T It.. nll I TT L
. 1 r .die. uuian inu namsam m inia
- ' - m uiacrt- Tins ana aiainereni. urices. as I r k-.
. . . - Lm . ., - rr , i ll iimmwuI
1 . All e "SJii . " .. . . ------ - 1.. :
! It 'V otrn ?wj'ing on the business for -tne ; VI -8"r
t.Past.4en years, be fuels eatisned that he can-! riiw
CALL and see tne' New Stocn of Fall ond
Winter Goods at. . . . !
justreccive.1 anew and complete assortment f
t..-. , . , ,
Ladies' Latest tjle Press (ioii.,
I'lavn and Fantj- Frcm-li Mcritt",
' Paid aild fauejr Freueli Ucp,
Black and Colored AIaiai,
. , . immm. uu m u v J ZZ
A large assortsMBt of .;
J'uruin1' Goods!
iltuorarkirt. ;
-Brooo!i'8iuar; anT ,mv' Sliawtn,
Twilled ami Plain Flannels'.
Also a large" assoriment , of 'a.''silrle3 and
CassinetUf of, rhkwo!o to I'urchas-
crs at town pilcW.for Cash or rujDlry.-rrff-duce.
,'ii' Vat I el sou. Pa,
P. AlKOtjou will &Ad a lar;" tuci of
! ' Hatilw:it.
1 an,f si.-k
( ' , i W, II -,wl . ;.
iiw I .ii.cr.
J.tn 1 if
. Tl(l A: Joi'd.'in j
; OlIS, IA1TS, !
:,M lbs. Eagle W hite Lend. j
;0 Columbia do dn.
XIV) ' Delaware river d .In.
:;00 " tJib-boro pure while Zinc Faint.
2t't) ' .lersey do tlo do do.
Prussian li'itiis. Sperial Fi-ench tireen, I.i'li i
erage. Raw aud burnt Cmher. Putty. Class.
Vamish, Fully knives. Brfhei and Flaxseed '
Oft, &c, tc, for sale i-Sean. bv !
. TOJU .y JOIllt.iX. .
Jfl r.n.'1'nns in DRY U00 US'.
HeLaiiics, Alpaccn,
1 rints, Brliaxcs,
Cambric.?, '.f-ttre-i.
Bobiiiet.. f-ivellas,
' (Yietojia Utwrs, Mohairs,
Swisses," i- J''aids,
hainsooki. '"itonadc-,
..Black Crehf;'.'- ' Saline's.
Englit-h Crehcj Crash.
Heat CrW-i ' W-tyurst
.UUiiiri .iiiiiiupy it iii iiniTi, - ,
' - Tabby Velvets,-'"-Tieking-.
Lawns, . . - . GinghnKi.,
Edgings. Linen-.
- Drew Trimmings,' ln-ertiu".
1 1 mi 1 Manii Itililinn7l tie.. .V f".
ji!l it which will be sold chimp fur ..a-:i, a
the Ncvtr .store in Tattersnii.
-CW '
Prime Rio Coffee, Prepared Co.Tcc. Ptiher-
! ized Sugar, CrKhed ji igar, N. O- Mi.-ar.
; 'vV , i 'h0c' Mu-.'.'r.'i. "nice."
I S.'areh. Nutmeg". Cloves, Cassia, Oinj
cr. i oi-n
i-heap at
Ktm-i-li t-iah Sail. St. for sale
the kiv Smur in PaMerson.
X Gentlemen's Furnishing Emporium ! ! ;
Just opened in the new Rrick Ruilding. Main
Stree', Patterson, a large and elegant assort- :
ment of Readr-Mnile Clothing, consisting iut
partf i
Oct irotil::. f'rtirfc C''itx. I
Dress Coot. I'iiii'nli,im..
I o-x, Ji 'tirri x. Ai( s. j
L nrrfiirln. JfiimlL'i n iiii ff, j
fills Olid dips. Hunts A- Sfiwx.i
And everything u.-ually found in a firjt class 1
Gentlemen's Kiiruishiiig ."-tore.
faxcv noon's
Also a large and carefully aelecleil assort !
ment of Fancy Goc-ls. of all classes, kinds and '
I qualities, all of which will be sold ai. the low-.
est possible living prices. ;
j Ittiair (rititors and Shne.
I!e also invites the. attention or the ladies
t0 his fine slock tif GAITORS AND SHOES.
Which he wiu sail at prices defying compeli- j
Ue has ou hand a beautiful assoriment of !
Carpets, Oil Cloths. &e , which are of a good !
quality, and well worth the inspection of the 1
buyer. 1
. Void ami Silver VTurht, " ' I
Clock, f'or '., ' !
? . e , .-" Vtoiu and f iinri hit!,
afcli KeyT.dies'and
Gents' Breast Pins.
Gold Pens 11 nd Feucils. &e.,'whichat this tiinev
form the largest anil best assortment iu the I
county. X i
VSL.A11 tliehove roods will ha-aaliLcl lean- I
er than awf 'other store in tUrftnited States-.!
If you don't blive it,-just give wacatl
and be convinced of the truth or the assertion '
I FVI HFfllT k
Patterson, jan 1, lSb-l-tf
r , f wTVfi VT XKMI Il V
v"VJ"Attl llv. n. i ....
- mijiw airi "VII. i i
'TJIEabAra named having ta-Jtcn charge ofj
targe ana convenient hotel where he
la M, I art 1 m.Jmm & 1 n a. .i.M.o I
boardefV PrrsolMLfuibia; tonke
east or wvtt will fin j futs-the most
convenient stopping place as they will be
waked up at any krmr desired The Watiun-i
19 most farordWe trill the accommodations are
of the be km I. The tatjmi is excellent
and honfltttfs attentive. , The-laUe mid Urir
WilValRr.bei.ll proti'k-d.
" te$" lelias, iu connection with the Hotel,'
a (rood LirtiRV STABLE. Iloise. Carriages, I
Buggies, &c, always to be had. Fcrsons '
conveyed to any parr of the country. '
desire lo pleje, he boi-es to merit public nar-
s-a- iy sirici utteniion to husuics ami a
roaage, and render rhtf sojonrn of his gue.ts "
both comforUdle and plca-ant.s !'
Patterson June R.tf . i." .' v
TIfKOKf! T ToMi"
. .. . , TUtORTAT ToNti'
1 ' 'tiik OKKAT T'M-Tiit:-Rr..T
For )yprpi.-i ud I'r'Jip'stion
For llypepxia ami ItLtiCilion,
For Uysprpsia and lilie-:li'iiT,
For ly."pepia and Itidi;eJiioii.
For Weak SliiiU! and (Jenoral I'rliiliu .
for Weak Stomachs and General lability
l'ti- UVnk r(imti'!i ttit.l t.fntH-rtl t.li!ilv
- Tortrak Stomkcd and t'.rneral l'ebiliiy.
I'elinble adJ?iire do iiooil. " "
Rel's Me and KuihvJo do l!o.l.
! It rust bill l.firle and PitriSra the I'Wi.
It cots btt l.itiU; and rnrifi'-s the H'ui"U. 1 t
! em' ' I N..w .'.:1t ,,k .. rVi
f I Only A-k a Tn i
1 Vrw tltilv A-k h Tii ii
! I '..vl Only A-l a Tn:,l
tt ll-i ':iil.;ll.Ie l.dii in".
ff llit- Valnablr K-d'aiiie. -
jot' this V-ltiitlT i!.'ii.iiif.
'Of thU Valuable Medicitii-.
Only S-mi !;. -.- & Oni l..!lnr .. r
; Only Sf veiiiy-ti-rc tlue I'ol'ir p r H..I: .
Only Srvnily-livf ! I.l!.!r IIs.tr!--.
Only Kefenty-Hve ife I'ullur p-r f:..u '
Maniifnciiired soli-'v 1. .
.S. A. Kl '.VKI.K.v l:i:o
(ii-iK ral lepot 1 Ifi JLirti l si.. Ilsuri,'., p:i,
! Fir salt" by It. !'. Kcnui'r, Milfiinljnu. an t
( resio-clahU' dcsler evei w'uore. .
' ("July i-5 04 't
Tmc peculiar taint or
infection which w
, call ScKort-i.A lurk,
iti the riiiisrirutiniL- uf
intihitndes of men. It
either produce nr..V
prmhu-i-d by mm en
fcchleil. itinertf .f.iw
if the tdm-l. wherein
coniTieU'nt to su-taii
the vital fiweea inthi ir
vii".iii ai-tion. mil
.t .1 ...
fall iittn di-fTih-r au l
tl'-cav. The 'frofiiloiw orintarr.-r.Vatiiin i s
rioiiMy caused by Tucn UTUtl disease. h.
living, dh.ordcet.it liiwr-tifli tVutrt unlu-a'nliK
! food, iiiitiuro nir. lil-lt an! filthy li.t'"'-.
, the lii-pn-snitii; sics, aud. ':iv ail. h
Ihr Vi-tu rial itit'.-ctiiiti. Whatckvr -it-
iiri-.'in. it i- IhTnlit.irT "n the ttiti-titutinii.
I tet rnili.'i t'ro;n putt HM to chiltlr. u Hutu
I Ihe third and fourth lo tu raiiitu ; " ia.li i 1!. ,
! Slants- . In- ;i. ri,i nf liiiu win, nv. 4-1 tt i'l
1 i-it th' iui.uit!i'- nf tht tlttlu-rs uiMiii ttii'i.
. chiliin-n.'" ill ili-.-ts. it iriL'i"ti -i t j k -:
varioti ttatti .-: .i.-n.iiliii to the or'mi. ;r
attai ks. In tin- Inn;-, s.-pitiila pritu-- 1
i tula-rch .-, Mid liruily t uUMtntpiiiui : m tii
, viand-, -wvllinu- vMch xttppura: and (,
eolllo ith 'Ti'tn pi.iv ill lim stnlltai.l! nn !
linrt-t I. 1I1 ran"in;!t- wh:c!i pr.shic itul:
ge'tioii. ily-pa p-hi. uiid i.M-r unipl.iint. : !
: tl". skill, ( rltptivi- ami ctit:Mi. .nn atli-i 'i.'ii-.
Those, all havitiL' the simto iifiuin. r-;'iire tl..
T niiii'- 11 unity-. ... purilii-atiou and in
tion uf the Id-ml. Ptirit'y b" LIimhI. and
: these dangerous iti-Ivihimm-s li .ne yuii. Wit't
fi!do, finit, r nji-rti'iti i bliHul. nm rnnunC
i have health; itli that -iiw .t"ttii' ni'-n
; lit-.-iiihy. juu eanirs; have t niuliu disca--:
Ayer'a Saraapfu-iilii
I is cctup-mmk-i from the n:n-t r'ei tu.il anti
: ilntc that ineslini! w icmc !n di.-t-ic t rrd f..r"
tiLfc4rfHtt-twi tli-t inp.T. an l !i.r the cure 11'
"f flic t.'iMir'iors if 1 ':t.n!. That it is fir ?iipe
rior t. any !-- r un i'r n t di'vt-i-il t
krmwii by all v. Im Iihvc L'ivi n it a trial. 'I !.-,-;
i ilif? e'lmhiiii- virtiii-s truly extra-. rdin.iry
in tin it- ( fli.-i-r uniiri titi- cl-is of cuittphiint
, is ir li-r-tit.it Is- j rnvi n by the '-rvat iiiiiltitn i
of pul licly km. 11 and ri-ntarkubh? i ttrt-s it
' has ninth "f fin inllnaiitg ilica-i: Kinff'.;
: Erll, or Glandula SweHings, Tit mors.
; Enipiins, Pimples. Blot?be and Sores.
. Eiysipelas. JRose or St Anthony's fir?.
Salt Eheum, Sald Head. Congh frorf
1 tuberculous deposits in tho lungs, tVTiite
Swellings, Debility, Dropsy. Nenralijii.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Syphilis aiu
Syphilitic Infections. Mercnrial Disease-.
Female Weaknesses, ami, huh-cik tin- hoi.
scries of fnntphiiuts that ari- from impurity
of the IiIihi.1. Minute n H.rts of iri.liv ii h: . I
t a-cs may b tuiind in Aki:' Aki!o n
Alji iSai. Which is :'urni-li, d to l!u iltuui.-n
fur fratiiitius tli-trihtiliiui. whervin may I
learned the diroction-i for its u-i. and -,ii!-i
of the icinarkable files which it has mini,
w hen all other tetui dii Inr! t'a;l.-d to ailurd
ri-lirf. Thosp arc luii.oaiiy taken
from all iti'mi ttt tin- ri.tintry. fn unl -r
that every reader may haw iuti-., 1., mih,,
one who can sin nk Id him of it la tu iti Irnrn
person!:! e.p rii m i. frr.Mnr.n di j,ri-ri lb
vital cm-rgii s. and thus hm,s ii .i. li;ii' tsr
more subject todisia-o ami i; f.i!:il 1.-.11I1-than
are healthy nonstiiutions.- lb-mi ir
kiiils lo shortvii. mid dues greatly shorh n.
the avi-ragtr ilnration of 1. 11111:1,1 'liti. 'I h -vast
iiiiportam-c of iht M consideration, hs
le'l us ! spend years iu pent cling a rmiuiiv
11 hich is atlcquate to its litre. This c nuu
utter tti tin public nndt-r the n.imi of A 11 r.
SAiiiAPAttiixa. rlth.mt;h it is eonipo-d :'
inpredients, some of which cxt-ivd tit.- ! r-
tif SantiftuUfn in alteraMve power. I'.v ;t
iiiityini n.ay protect yourseif from li.c snib r
inpr and dangi'r of thos tltsonh rs. Cui -..
out the fool lorrnplinns that rot and fe-i, r
in the Mood, purge out tin canst-' 01 iii.i a-i-.
and vigorous hoaiih will follow. By it- pv u-
,1!,r vutues thrs rvminly stinmlntt
,11. vi!.,;
thus c.vrx-ls tht- (ti.-Mni..
kh Jurk with
anyiart nf ir.
lin the .-jstini 1.1- l.uj-l r
on a
We know lht' I'u'dic have Ic n ih reive.!
r-ly tompounds nf itartem.itu, th .t
I""0""! " and did nothini-: but th-v
ncitner ne iki-civeui nor thsitppoint.it n
mis. iti virtue nave ot-en proven ly annn
ilant trial, and tljtt remains no qtu .-lii.n .f
iti un.iussing exctdlchce for the cure of lh.
afflictinir disease it is Thlcnded t. reach.
Althongli nndcr the laaai" name, it is a ery
different medic ine ftoVt'i any nthor w hich ha
been before thwpciijilf, and is tr nre t-f-fectual
thannny other which has ever been
available lo them.
Tn WOJ-Ud S Great Remedy for
ougua, toias, incipient con-
BUmption, and for the relief
ol Consumptive patients
in advanced stages
of the disease.
: This has been so hmsr u.-ed and so uni-ver-aliy
known, that wt need dt nt nton
than af.-ure the public, that its nualitT is kert
i tip ti the U-st it ever has leen. ami tliat t:
VK?. ri ,ie?1 on 10 !" " ".ha.3 v.r ih-iiA.
5 , jC?
1 rl-jar!;" . ' ;T';" ' 1 "
- fW.W.Wjl,W(V,t,.J
, . , . : - "to..-. .;..
c-dl all dra?t-.tj cery r. lo-i-v.
' wfer-. .-i

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