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W refer our readers U this weeks' The fre-plr Edition of the Chicago
Democrat for a striking pictorial lllustra-j - - -
tioa of its dirty, tying elitor mooing af-1 HwfccJ, TLat it ih explicitly declared
tcr his -Patterson Cuuk." Her name h a-t the cuacrof' the American l'cople, that
tluiHt to hi, ai'.le r.
Union by the experiment of war against
tie Administration aud government
waged by tbe Democratic party, during
which time under the pretense of emoc-
BFSu. If you want to fee a hi of pleasant
ciitrei:'u5,joI!y. j'jvial.jnbilaLt fellows go to
the three I'euioeratic lawyer's offices iu
town, and t j the iht.mrat priuting office ;
:jt::Ke an a 1'ic I'o-.tor are laactuug al-1
1;e tin, and there has been a smile play- i
n; on 1'otv s countenance as Mtiuut as a
.inV'aw ever sine.; iht cleetioa. '
"Tafcinrr it bard the oid Cop. who
threatens to leave town because Liuolu
is elected.
. . ; 7 ' .7 aw . "raarora tu just pro claim
after lour years of failure to destroy the , ei she nevr free SuUs Constitution of MarT
I.'nion bv tbe exoeriuaut of war against ij - j .j i . ..
una adopted tv a vote nf ?n :
favor, to 29.799 against - " ' ' -
Tbe latest accounU put Price near
Carthage, JasperJCounty, Mo., still ske-
V irtieal Instruments oi iiiuncnfu. -nae'sllv
Pisnos d Melodeons will be care
lull, .elected for all who with to obtain a
good substantial Instrument of superior tone
ind ',Hty by addressing the undersigned
who with teB yrs exPeri"ce a teacher
an4,intolnxtenivt ueanpgs wim tue
houses both at Philadelphia ana y-itioourg
' ray, Union and State's Kights, the Ileb
: els have been aided and encouragad, just- j daddling, with our cavalry hotly nursuin?. I firsi
i ice, humanity liberty, and the public weal Pleasauton was slightly injured brJ M eaabled to buy for his customers first class
, , .. ' p 11 r i- v . 1 Instruments at inucb reduceu prices.
I demand an immediate cessation of our ( from his horse. , fiausf3Ct;on guaranteed in all eases.
I hostilities, with a view to a return to the; U&"One of onr eovernment nffintula in at I CARL F. KOLBE,
..- .., ... . . t... .. .,.! - I t. i .n .... 'I . Acadetnia, JnniataCo.
UfnHin Col. II. It. Oa-i at Wcitchcstcr, ueceucy, to tLe end that at the earliest , the tirst and most treqnent inquiries made
iv j arc gralifi.-l t'j kuj tint "Father J practicable uiomeut the old Democratic ot him there about our public men Was
Atiiaham" -'-ti
at lrat 10 out of the 24 'VanSt "' as ju been pretty well wnetner ne anew or naa ever Men . toMr '-- &TfDDIlA Tp
intown Not 9, Mi.
! ii-c-i wlu voted on Tuesday. Eight or
ton years ago, before the democratic party
i!d itseli'- to Slavery au 1 Treason, no
' us ever voted any lb tug but a democratic
ticket. "V"c are coming rather Abra
iiam." Tif.WKsiiiviNiJ. tIoven.tr A. (l.Gir
liu has appointed Thursday, 24th inst. as
lay of tliauksiving to Almighty tiod, for
tin; numerous bles.-ins bestowed ujiori us
a jicople, dining the past ear. Ills hop
wijd out, may rcgaic some of its I
character and the Union be saved.
No I'apkr next Week. Owing to
the inability of the Senior Editor to at
tend to his duties, being principally confin
ed to his house by an attaek ot pleurisy and '
general nervous exhaustion, and owing to a
ess of job work, and the unusual late-
mcr ! celebrated American Chemist, Dr. J. Q.
Ayer of Lowell. His remedies are fouvd
in every village from the elevates" slopes
of the Andes down to the coast, nd their
I remarkable cores seem to attract even
, more attention there than in thu country .
The sentiment of wonder int their
effects, takes a far deeper hold on a half
civilized and superstitious people than it
uess at which we iio to press this week no i . , , ..
b r ; does with us where the ratioual ol mcdica 1
pIer will be issued from this office next ;
problems is bo much more gec rally under
week. We will however, publish an hu- . , v ., , . , .
, J that the d,y will be properly ol.erved j merous, illustrated sheet in regard to the' ,f(M frimiIiar, known to ,h(J mas 0f
i ...1 . :.: i' l ..1 :. I . ..11 I n noimn I ro no n 1. 1... hA if'
The indentipned offers at Private Sale, a
House aad two Lots, situate in T bompsontown,
Juniata county, bound on Eat by lot of Rob
ert Thompson, North and West by aliys, and
front 170 feet on Main Street. A House of
modern style 40 by 80 fret, with a pood frame
Stable 4(1 by 86 feet, A Wagonihed, A Smoke
house, and other out buildings, also, a Well of
good water ia the buck yard.
Mifflintown, Nov. 2nd. 1S.4.
by the eitiens of I Wylvauii. Ul all election. Extra copies can be he had if fte . in f . n m
business be, untitled, iu order that all order,, are sent early, l'rice - .0 ccnts . b g( ,. n in hi
the I'eople may assemble in their re.-eet-1 1 tee to subscribers.
i'c places of worship, and return thuuks. i " ' r , ',.
' . UKTCRXKii. We were pleased to bcc in
All pprsoBs indebted to tbe undersigned
either by Nole or Book account are re-
or excited ' qnested to Settle the same on or before the
I.rAa:i.Y tvrti ;ik. Not
with their dirty scandalous
on Ueorge Krautis Train iu l'attersan on
Moml.iy, the llctlioerats Oil that uiit
vent to lied ll.iuk Scli-Kil House where
Prof. 1'avid V"lioti was siieakiiijr, and tut
ihrf icins 1 his horse aud thusc of two I
ur sactum the other day that faithful Uni
on soldier Jon Siiinnk of Co. I. 5ord.
ly an interest in him self as
th5 Djctor has by his skilful application
of chemical science to the trcitmsnt of
That m it bej a drill Bin who docs not
His time has expired having served over fee!tma prid of oantry whon he finds
three years. . lie returns pretty well cured
of democracy alias eopperlieadisni. lie
reside at Peru Mill.
We were pleased ttlsff t soe Johi
L.tliers and turned ttijm loose, n lien tJi'AV ot Uo. t totu t a. avarry.
i ue c2pc: -heads beard that WiLum was to home ou sick leave.
1,eak, they got tip a meeting to keep their j Jor.fata7 CoMtV O&aLl
liieo auny aud as they returned some oi l - -
i hem did the da.-.tard!y, devilifcU mean; " t,r; H' J'!B"
,.,..L ;....! ,h,.M, We ..resume the I M,r'. ".'.!" f0,nJ
. . . . . Mifflintown' 04 bU
.kviis iho;ight that o:ie ol the liorscs be-) ,.-cman3h . 88
iuued to the .V-n::,r hditor, as tie was I'-yettc
uiiouuccd to speak; thus eiiowiug what ' Monroe
iufurael -.c they were. ! Susquchinttn
The tSkuuk ia the Driiiunil tlltii e.
I (liecnwooa
i I Via ware
j Walker
'!.. .linv 1 viii!?. hvnocritical. lieen. Patterson
j v A '
Editor ot the V'litucrut
a - 1
iote. cowardly ktink who figure a the ;"""ra.
amoo dtant nations that he is already
ktwriaai welcome there, through the
US -tar St-itesniin, MerchinU au l
h.iar, w hose renown hits becomo . na
tional property, and conscjuently in some
, measure his own. Whether Dr. Aycr's
remedies do actually cure more than others
I or not, they have secured the reputation
MTltl-' of being a tJod-scnd to those afflicted with
Ion, ' disease, an I where gt cat numbers in any
.......: l. 1 ..:.
(. VUlUIUHllilJ UCIKtV IIIII. llllj) UflfJ IUCII
ijij health and lives to one's skill, they are
first of December next, or they will be collect
ed according to law.
Nov. 2,1861.-St.
Tbe undersigned announevs to the many
readers of the Xtntuiel that he is in the Iiiitch
ering Business mid will oliraj,s hare on hand
good brof at his residence one fourth of a
mile hsyond McAlistorsville, Juniata Co. Ta.
He f iU also visit Salem, Thonmpsontotrn, and
M.fHintown. ' aA.MUEL A. SM1TU.
No. 2ud 18C1. .
The undersigned having been appointed
Auditor by the Orphans Court of Juniata Coun
ty to makediHtributiou of the a?scts remain
ing in the hands of Henry S. Itnj rr, adminis
trator of D. II. Ingram, late of Monroe town
ship, Juniata Coimly, deceased, vill meet for
tbe purpose of his appointment, .it bis othoe
in .Mifflintown, on Friday, thc2"th day of No
vember, A. D. W,l Where all persons liav-
in! claims against said estate will present
ri l- -il tbcm properly authcnlieateil or else lie barred
112 sure to feel an interest m him which w.l' fr(,m lbtlnc pf llie MW.
t!J in! expression when they meet his conn'
P i ' rvmcn. Xttt'ioin'l Era, Washington,
79; - - 1
lift! unruxTowx A.vn rArrsssos
L;tn-anl-tar r.iiuur vi mo wmurrm , ,,, i ...
sniji ling under the iiiilucijcc of the aw- j u,.c
itil ueieut id his laoiile towaid Guu j y'jg
ltt General, eumcs out this week iu his i yuu(.arra
inLiu? , rotten paper, in the cajmcity ol j j
t.uc . f Vc ' i'a tc-sou Cools," : ml ia this i jj' (j,r
waiulv. dastardly, skulking mauuer i ' .
tncfl to let v& hit puut up poluical morti-
ticatioii and personal spiecu by charging j
us with furuieaiion" while at liettys- j
burg and with beiug dismisseJ from our
p;:stolil eh iie foF too infh famili-;'
nty with cooks. We prouuituce these ;
Haws as FAlK and l Xinut ih nvery
paitiKiilar,atid the moan, dirty, lowiititJ, j
.,-).. irrdfi' ihem. tind who has bevu
..H,i.t .' .,1,.1-elow druukeuuets au l dc- Alalia m has carried every
kiucliery, taking siliy women iato the : Keutui ky, lclaware nd New Jersey,
bridge atuiuht, aud bleepiug with ucgro j y . . . .
W..-U.' .. in his own wile's bed, stealing, j 'T.B-C' J I til I clU 1
8 Ftiper, ?9 50 -Butler, prime "ft lb 40
Hi Kxtra, 10 60 Uulter. borate 30
10 rauey.-..
117 Ky? t
4 00
2 50
- .-
The lUsatt.
Wc arc eni.bkd l.ricfiy to stutc that
the indications are that Honest "ather
State except
iucVdidin'ir. meaner loalcr, vagabond aud j the worst licked
'..bcrtincthauany nnu to tewu, is. and Del
full well, as idack and bifcraul a : 11 1 tl II
!.l All. r.s ever obtruded his filthy 'oarfciw
i dcVeai soeicry or blickgundei rc
s!H)!:t:i!'ie !'.:iu;'.ie.
W ni?iied o::r last cnarv-e . ,
ur own I'n-o will and accord auJ ! -- - - ,
any man that asserts that we were' 3rA' Irishman who spent several
iliciuis.cl is ai uiimit:gated, unvar- ; years in the South as & laborer but made
nLdied a liar a anywhere walks undaunted ; his csraje North since the war, says he
ai"ic ground- -No power could cter have ; worked for months ly the side ol "nagur
run for
Coin Meal,-...
7777. Gil A IX,
1044 p.cd Wheat r) bu 2 2."
lit niiiie w tie it,
' Uy
' Corn, ucw 1 2"i
1 P.iickwhe f, 1 (K)
Oais, To
, Clover, ' bus 1 1 00
Timi-tliv, -1 c"0
Flax..." 3 00
lliinari.ui HO
I)Kli:i FltUIT.
! A pplps, bu
1 1'caches, " ;t i
i lllackhrrries.
. . ! Elderberries,
ever iotatoes.
' New Irish, V bu
12 0 I Lard,
a 00 ITallow.
E(tK. V "t"1 I -o
Hogs. V ewt 14 00
II am. V !) .TO
;!j i Sides & Shoulders 20
1 50 BEEF.
1 2i Fore or, V Cwl 9 00
Hindqr . 10 00
,Chiekens, pair
Occse, . 1 00
Turki-y 2 00
COAL, V ton -TrtTpnloa
ue P 00
! do Kgg 5
;Sunbnry stove S "0
I do Eec 8 CO
ct. 19, 41-1804.
75 : Hickory,...
7 00
5 M
3 75
2 50
3 00
Sweet 3 00 I HAY.
VARIETIES, ITiniotUy, 18 00
j Apples, bu 00 jciover 15 00
i Onions 2 50 j Retailed Articles.
I While r.eans.. 2 00 Coal Oil gal 1 00
Iteoswrix, lb 00 jsalt, "J sack- ' 5 00
,oap, dry , 11 j Plaster, ton 10 00
I Candles 20 '
Wool, waahed...l 00 JUNIATA SENTINEL
Itags, it ) In advance OO
tiiK-ed us to icKigu. and wliy wc til so in m' but nevei knew the democratic party was' Corrected woekW bv Tonn A Joaraie.
body e business. Iut wc arc not n-hjiiic 1 ; uipisi'd to the like till be came North, j . - .. . . ... j. .
i.f the rcis jii It was just because . thu ! fur in the South men have to work side
principal congregation was chiefly officered by side with "nagurs" whether they like
:iuI oiitrolleil l-y )ust sucn wretcnei Hvp- it or not. James w .arc, the man alluded j - .
i,,t!i :.s lb.- filthv. editor, who Iovch to ! t,,. now resides iu Grant comitv: ai:d hav- I " I,1C 3rd ii"t ' hJ thtfRcv. R. II
bear slavery au't i.cih-.iiiou ioi)iieiije:i in ng seen tnc nagur an-l reoel ncni'ieri
. It in not good lhat man ihauld bealont. On. 2:1
er, Mr. David Tlcese of Idaho, and Miss Ilan-
tl. i.iil-iif siid obicct to uravcrs lor the ; ev as thev tOL'fthcr flourish in the South. '. n,,,- R,ce of 'errysvule, "a.
J 'tiioit. the l'rcsidcut and our wildicrs. he supports the uuion party iu view ofj On the 1st inst.. by the Rev. M. Allisoa,
si h;rs cursed that congregation eon- working among free men instead of slaves, I Mr. George J. Fralcy of Juniata, and- Miss
ti'Ti'ion, repeated pastoral changes, hiualler black or white, lie says that in the Jennie Camcs of I'hila.
aiidicncrs aud the loss ot the bone and j South no difference is made betwen black rrr!mm9
.iucwtd church from the time we left to and white laborers, only that the blacks j " DISS
this d:iv. ' arc better cjred fo r than whiles for the ' -in-l thrrt it no dhchargt in that rr. Ecelt.S-..
The S iituiet siaul notning about . "1'af.- reason that "nagurs . sell lor more. It. on the ill of September, iu Spruce Jlill
a younger man James saya he would be township, Maria, consort of Alexander Ptt
in the union army to help whip the cussed (er8oni ;n the 70th year of her sge.
overseers that used to artvc Dim irom sun
up to sun down.
tcrAnt CKks." It said the I'aMcrson
nu n were sxtcoiHitunied with a few cooks
m it lit 1 1 1
91Hcr and . ot
Crew Taken.' r
from this town: And wc leave it to all de-
tencv whether, a set of women who will pa
rade the streets at a late hiur, calling the
citizens "i'ytV at they pass by, arc not j
deserving ten fold more than they gt
Had the I.'nion ladies dared to do so un-
lady-like a trick, they would have been j .
branded by this adamantine dirUater with :f)C PjratC "Florida" CflPtlircd bj
all tne power oi m uiinn'raw.
The threat of a "raw-hiding from one
. i tl. l..(i, rsin " khowa that he
...... 1.1 ;.,;tA ntWra in do what the uirtv I -B
coward has neither the courage, manli
ness, honor or ability to do himself. No
manor other creature, who was not a bla
tant coward would ever spread such an as
sertion Wore the public. . We court tio gj,e it
personal encounter, but we do reeotroiHJ
the r'mht of self-defence. Wo have been
way laid, stoned in the bridge, assaulted
and insulted by just such cowards as this
Editor, and always- found rapid skedad
dling when they were' made oouscious of
tight filer Crew osi the "Kearsse"
at Boston. ,
Captured at San Salvador,
Huston, Nov. 7.'
Old Established
No. 718 Arch 8treet,
. above 7ih Fhila.,
I havenow in store
of my own Inipor-
frctation an Manu
facture on ot the
Uons of : "1
City. Also, a line assortment of Gent's Fur
Gloves & Collars. i . i
Asaiv Ftirs were all rarchffsed whe Gold
was at a much lower premium than at present,
.r? : J
Fur Congh, Cohtt. Vrovji, Whntqtlng
C"gh, Athma, Bronrhtfi. Spitting
limxf, Pain avrl 'rakntn nf the Breast,
Difficulty ' Breathing, de.
1'his Syrup is a purely VrgttaMe Compound.
It is pleasant to lake, and never does injury :
but, owing to its purifying qualities, nuisi do
good coder any circumstances. Its effect is
truly wotfderful soothing, calming end allay
ing tbe most violent Coughs; Purifying,
Sirongtaenlng an.? JnrigorMing the whole sys
tm; calming and sooShing the ncryes; aiding
nd facilitating Expecoratf'in. and healing the
DISEASED LCNtitt, thus str'king at the root
of DISEASE, and driving it from thcy3tem.
Xo child need die of Croup, if tbis Syrup is
properly used and used in time. Mothers hav
ing cronpy children should watch the tirst
show of the Disease, and always keep tliis
lli-nedy at bin.-l.
For Coughs af'rr Mraslrs, this Syrup is
most excellent. Experience hss proTen that
I it is equalled by no other preparation.
Price Z ' cents per Bottle.
Prepared by S. A- 'OUTZ"8 4 BRO., At
their Wholesale Driigud Medicine Depot. No.
1 1! rr..,l-lin Ki Kaltimor?. Md. Sold by nil
Dnigptisis and Store keepers iirgughout the
United States. "
77ie heat Liuim'ut for Man nutl Brast
nvir iu use.
Is a safe and reliable Remedy for the cure
of Rheumatism, Painfnl Nervous affections,
Sprains, Utirns. Swellings, and all Diseases
reouirine an eileronl application on Man-
On Horses it will never fail to cure Poll
Evil. Fistula, Old Kunnir.g Sores, or Sweeney
if properly applied. For Sprains. Rruises.
Scratches. Crooked llonla, i bares ntlale or
Colar Gall, Cuts or Wounds, it is an Infallible
Remedy Try it, and be convinced of its ef
ficacy. MIEtWIATISM.
Tersons afflicted with this Disease, no mat
ter of how lonir standing, can be promptly and
effectually cured by the use of this Mixture.
There s nothing in the world so sure and is
good to take away tad CORNS and cure Frost
Bites, as this preparation.
Try it and satisfy yourselves. Trice 35 and
i cents a conic. a reprru uy
Al ncir Wholesale Drug and Medicine Dc
not. No. 116. Franklin St. Baltimore Md.
Sold by B. F. Kepner, Mifflintown Pa., and all
Store-keepers throughout the United States.
The above Medicine can be had at manu
factor's Prices of Johnson Halloway & Co w-
dcr.No 29 North th St Philadelphia.
The L ulled states Steamer Kearsagc, r ., enabled to disnoBe of ibexu at very reas
Capt. Winslow, has arrived at this port ouable prices, and I woyM therefors ealicit a
e u Tl, .., Kha Kiin.r. ..t cM fn.in m friends of.JaSUala tJounty and
the crew of the pirate Florida, captured vicinity; - . pKeiaanibeT tftwame, Mujabcr
F A R E I R A f
If the filthv bcasrt is not satisfied with by the I nited States Mcamer Wachusctr,
this, and, assails our personal character ! in the bay ot oau balvador, lirazil, Oeto
:tgain, we will skin and dissect hiui from : bcr 7th. ...
frown to loot. V regret that ueeessity j l'ifty.eigh,tI' the crew aa,d twelve ofti-
i-.iusp. ls tbis n.iticc, but some thlnrs can. bo ' rcrs were capt urcil. without the loss ul a TI'-X wtTK ANT OTHER STORE IN PHIL
j-"jv a? well a other-. ' '. nr'U 'ja l-rir J tlic aeliu.-ett. -ADIAlMtlA: Sep'. 2'., 1U0I, 5 cj
aud Su-oci !
:i rCTI Strcpt. ahovr 7th . South fid.
Ettale of G. S. Shuman deed.
Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamen
tary en the Estate of G. S. Shnman, late of
Perrvsville. deo'd., have been granted to the
undersigned residing in the same place. All
persons knowing themselves indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment, and those having claims thereon will
pleas present, them duly authenticatad for
settlement. - . . JtEBECCA J. SHCMAN,
Sept. 28th3tJ. -x i, Administratis.
Z- 5-
Consumptive sufferers will receive a valua
ble prescription for the cure of Consumption,
Asthma, Bronchitis, and all throat and Lung
affections, ffrse of charge.) by sending Ibsir
address to Rev.. EDWARD A. WILSON.
.)::!.'' Williamsburg,
Kings Co.,
JV'ow York. :
HIIK Highest Cash Prices will always
X riven for all kinds of Grain and Seeds.
an 2-tf . ,: Tatterson. Ta
BQu A lot of Pure CiderVinegar just re
ceived and for sale, by ...
vac or rut oldest and moii hzliablz
Coughs, Colds, Wboopl&f Cvsgb, Bron
fibitis, Uifficnlty of Breathisif , Asthmx,
Honrsbaess, Sore Throat, Croop, and
everv Affectioa of
Wister Balsam of Wild Cherry
So gtneral hat the ate of thit remtdy breonu, and
to popular it it tteryKhrre, that it it unneerttary
vt recount it$ tirtuet. lit vork. tpraks for it. aud
find utterance in the abundant and roluntarm tett.
imony of the many ho from long tufferiug an
tettUJ dietae hat e by itt we beenrettored to prit-d
twe rigor and heulth. lit tan preient a most of
crijfiut in proof of our antrtinn, that
Tbe Rev. Jacob Sechlef,
Well known and much rappee ted amorg the
German Diculntion in this rnunlrv. makes the
following statement for the benefit of the ; Suhl bv. all druggists everThere, and at Dr.
atuictel :
' Dytpeptut hat tkefjleirinf Symptom: J
' 1st. A constant pain or nneasiness at tht
pit of the stomach.
iA. Flatulence and Acidity. '
, r.d. Costiveness and Loss of Appetita.
4tli. nioom and Depression of fpiriia.
f.ih. Diarrhoea, with griping.
filu Fain in all parts of the system.
"ib. Consumptive Symptoms and Palpita
tion of the Heart.
Htb. Cooph, with rhlrgm in the Throat. .
Otb. Nervous Affection, and wantot Sleep
at njpht.
10th. Loss of Appetite and Vomiting.
11th. Dizziness, Dimuesa vf Vision, and
Loss of sight.
12th. lles.l.icl e and Staggering in walking,;
with great Weakness. t
Out of the thousands nf cases of Dyspepsia
that have used Dr. Wishart's Great' AmerieaV
Dyspepsia Pills, not oae ef thtm has failed of
a perfect cure. We warrant a cure in every
case, no mailer if of twenty years' standing.
Wishan's Office. No. Trt N. Second street. Pil-
HaxovEb, F.. Feb. 1C, 18'9. adelphia Fa. Allexamiatiiinsandeonsnlta-
Dear Sirt: Having realixed in my family ! tioasrfree of charge. Kend for a srrcnlar.
important benefits from the use of yonr ValhV
ble preparation W'isTsa's Balsait fir Witn
CnmiRv jt affords me pleasure to recoffimen'l
totbe public. Some eight years ago orwof
my daughters seemed to be in a decline, aad
little hopes of her recovery were entertained
I then procured a bottle of yourexeellent Bal
sam, and before she hud tsKen the whole of the
contenlsof thebmtle there was a great improve-
rricftSl per boa. Scut ly mail, free ol charge,
on receipt or money.
Dyspepsia, Dyspepsia, Dyspepsia. .
I, Elizabeth BBAsaws.of Bradywiue, 1I.
formerly of Old Chester, Del., ds eertify that,
for one year and a half I suffered everything
but death from that awful difrase called Dvs-'
mcnt in her health. I have, in my individual : pepsia. My whole system was Pirate with.
WBIWUCn mill UCI'llllJ 1 QUHIU
tlfgest my food ; if 1 ate eren a erac;fcfor the
smallest amonnt of food, it wonU retnt-it jnst'
as I swallowed it ; I became so eostiv ia my
bowels t lint I would not have a pnsge inles
than from four and often tight days; under
111 immense suffering, my nr.n.l seemed en
case, made frequent use of your valuable med
icine, and have also been benefited tiy it.
From Jessie Smith. Esq.,
Fresidint of the Morris County DsuK, .Morris
town, New Jersey.
"Itavinir used Dn. WisTKn's F.AtsASt or
Wti.o Cuerrv for about fifteen years, andhnv- tirt.y to g-.re way. I nat urraNau ..orror ana
ing realized its beneficial results in my family, evil forbodings. I thought evbody listed
it affords me great pleasure In recommending : im1 I ba'cd everybody ; 1 could not bear
it to the public as a valuable remedy in cases ; my hm.baHd ftor my own children, everything
of weak lungs, eoldt. coughs, &c. and a remc-' appeared to be horror stricken to me; I had
dy which I consider entirely innocent, aud my no ambition to do anything: I lost all my lovo
be taken with perfect safely by the most deli- of family and home; I would tsmldcand wan-,
catc in heal'h-" der from place to place, bul could not be son.
From Hon. Joha E. Smith, f 1 feU that I-was d..n.ed lo 1..11. and
distinguished Lawyer iu Wcslu.iuister, Md. ! wns "e"MVeni or ,c. and was often
Al have Ton several occasions used Du. Wis- i templed to commit sttictuj, so near was my
tar's ltAl8A- or Wh o Chmbv for severe i !"' "p"s Js,'m destroyed, awd also my
colds, aod always with d.-i.l. Wnrfil. I J "'Hid, Jroni that awful complain, Ijipsia.
know of no preparation that is more efficacious , ''"' my fneti ls thought best ro have me plnced
. .1 ,.r n,rnl n.P i vr. AirKuriac s Jiocpirai, es J lnlaUel-
TIip Itnlsam has also been used with esccl- Vb,n '
lent effect by J. r. Elliot, Merchants, Hall's
t 'ross Roads. Md.
Wistar's Ealsam of 'Wild Cherry.
None genuine unless signed -1 Dili's,"
the wrapper.
For Sale by
.1. P. D1XSMORF.. So. 4:1 Broadway, N. Vork.
S. w". FOWLE & CO., Proprietors, liujton.
And by all Druggists.
RcdfliiaS RiisiMa Salve
Heals Old or.-s.
I rriiioinrd there nine weeks, and
thought I was a little better, hut in a few days
my Urendtnl complnpit was raging as bad as
ever. Ilenrinit of the wonderful cures per
formed by Dr. Wi-ban's tlieat American Dys
pepsia Tills and his treatment fer Dyspepsia,"
my husband railed on Dr. W ishart and stated
my case to bin. He said he had no iloubl he
could cure me. Fo in three dnys after 1 called
and plaet-d myself under I he Doctor's treat
ment, and in two weeks lbegaa to digest my
r 1 a . .1 . .1: . -
j ioom. r 1 i.-i ihk 111 v uirvKviiii!i piTinrwiv,
i aad c-.t?ad resor for alioul tbrea
RCUdllt?) KllSSia niVC dh,IV-, and t tbs rreSent time 1 enjoy per
ines uurns. tcauis, t.uis, f,ft k'.itb of hrij and mind, and 1 most sin-
Hctlditfff'n Rllsii.1 eerely retnrnmy thanks to a meiciful God
Citrus Wounds. Bruises, Sprains.
Cures Boils, Ulcers, Cancers.
REDblXU'S Kl'sfell Sil.VE
Cures Salt Khcum. Files- Erysipelas.
Reddlusj'ti RiMKla Salve
Cures Ringworm, Corns, &c, kc,
K&Only -o Ctntt a fiot.-$ak
fob sale av
J. P.;DINSMORE. No. 4'Jt Broadway, X. Y.
8. W FOWLE & CO. No- 111 Treinont St.. Boston
And by all Druggists and Country Storekeepers.
&m ana MU gtaite
These Powders
will strength
en theStomach
and Intestines,
cleanse them
from offensive
matter, and
bring them to
a healthy state.
Tber are a
Sure preventive of Lung Fever, and a certain
remedy for all Diseases incident to the Horse,
sucn as uian
ders, Tellow
Water, Dis
tamper, Founder,
Coughs, Fe
vers, Loss of
Appetite and
Vital Ener
bv. Ac.
In poor, low-spirited animals, it has t'uo
most beneficial effect.
The use of them improves the wind, strength
en the Appetite, and gives to the Horse a
fine, smooth and glossy skin thus improv
ing the appearance, vigor and spirit of this
nobis animal.
and Dr. W ishart. and M bis treat American
Dyspepsia Fills and 1'it.e Tits Tar Cordial
that saved me from an Insans Aoiiim and a
premature grave. AH persoaa tufftring with
Dyspepsia are at liberty lo suit ne cr l
write, as lata, willing to do all the good I can
far suffering humanity. Elixveth Hrassak,
Rrandywine, Del., formerly of Old Chester,
Delaware county, Fa.
Lt. Wishart's Office, No. 10 North Second
street, Philadelphia,
r& 'W NAaasaslBwaBW W
Tne property this Powdrr possesses ia in
eteasing the quantity of Milk in Cows, givra
it an importance and value which should
place it in the hands of every person keeping
a Cow. By actual experiment it has proven
that it will increase the quantity of Milk and
Cream twenty per cent., and make the Butter
firm and sweet. In fattening Cattle, it gives
them an appetite, loosens their hide and
makes them thrive much (aster.
In all Diseases of
the Swine,' such as
Coughs, Ulcers id
the Lungs, Liver,
Ac. By patting
from half a paper
to a paper of these
Powders In a bar
m! r si;u h
vi vi aj rw ua. iuv . m WVBr.awaBBSjjSjjSBBBBBBBnBBa3ssa3
above Diseases can be cored or entirely pre
vented. ay using these Powder the HojT
Cholera cab he prevents. - -. . t
Price 25 eta. per Paper, or 5 Papers for $1,
at Tuira
' JTo. 116 Fraaklia St, Baltimore, Md.
For Ssle by Drag guts and Storekeepers
throughout the United tates.
For sale by B. F. Kepner. Mifflintown.
Z9Z- S
A lot of G. A. Salt frr sale, cbcap. '
A lot of heavy uriin Boots for sale
) cneap, from i to 8 dollars, Call and cxam
I inc them. TODD fc. JORDAN,
Iyspepsia ! Dyspepsia t
Da. V. immbt. I have been aennstant suf
ferer with Dyspepsia for the last eighteen
years, during which time I cannot ssy that I
ever enjoyed a perfectly well day. Theie
were times when the symptoms were more ag
gr:.Titel than at others, and then it seemed
would he a great relief to die- I had at all
times an nnpleaout ft cling in cy bead, but
latterly, my S'i Seringa so much iucreased that
I became almost unfit for business of any kind;
my mind was continually filled with gloomy
thoughts and forbodings, and if I attempted to
change their current by reading, at once a
sensation of icy eoWness in connection with a
dead weight, as it were, resisted upon my
brain ; also, a feeling of sickness would occur
at the stomach, and great pain to my ryes,
accompanied with which was the continual
fear of losing my reason. I also experienced
great lassitude, debility and nervousness.
Which made it difficult to walk by day or sleep
at night. I became averse lo society, and
disposed only to seclusion, and having tried
the skill of a number of eminent physicians
of variocs schools, finally came to the the con
clusion that, for this disease al my present
age (45 years) there wss bo cure in existence.
But, through the interfenrnee of Divine Prov
idence, to whom 1 devoutly offer ir.y thanks.
I at last found a sovereign remedy ia your
Iypepi Pi!! and Tar Cordial, which seem
to have effectually removed almost the last
trace of my long list of ailments aad bad feel
ings, and in their place henlib, pleasure and
contentment are my everyday eorapa.iions. ,
James Mu Sashkbs, .
No. 4."3 North Second street, Philadelphia,
Formeily of Woo4hry N. J.
Dr. Wish art's Great American Dyspep
nn ruts.
This is to ccriify that I have suffered for ten
years that dreadful omplaint called dyspep
sia. I suffered nranhrpain and distress, with
gloom and depression of spirits; Iwastreated
by eight different physicians for my complaints
and at times was mnch belter, but then the old
disease, dyspepsia, wonld return with all its
dreailul realities, and my whole system was
fast wasting away. In this sick and debilita
ted state, 1 was handed a cirmlar ef WisHart's
great American Dyspepsia Pills, aad Pine Tree
Tar Cordial, which gave a collect description
of my suffering, and I latermined to place
myself under the D:r eare, and take his
medicines. .
As soon as I commenced the nse of tbe med
icine, I began to get better, srvl so I confined
three months, at which time 1 was perfectly
restored to health, 1 art! 10-day a Well man.
Dr. W ishart, 1 give you this certificate with a
grateful heart for tbe benefit 1 have received
from the use of your truly wonderful medicines.
May God bins yon and preserve ' yoar truly
useful life for many years. I wonM say. te
eTCTy Stan ptrmvm h m onttsvUta -m t vu,
thai my residence is No. 130 rlichatond street,
Philadelphia, where I Will take great delight
in giving testimony td the great power of Dr
Witshart's medicines lo dure. :
T. It. Aits. '
Thcaboveare few among the thousands
which this great remedy has saved from an un
timely grave.
We have thousands or letters from phvsi-
cians and druggists, who have prescribed and
sold these medicine, siring that tbey have nev
er used or sold a medicine Which gave such
universal satisfaction;
Prepared oulv by the proprietor. . ,
Or. L. . Ci.WlaJiart.
No. 11) North J-econd Street,
.. PhibJtlra-i Tesa a.'
5:!-ii!l r??ir-tr. - ' i - ..

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