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We4a4sv Marslng, Xsreaber 2, 1870.
GEO. P. ROWEL t 4 CO, 40 Park Row, New York
. ' , ,;, ., A51 : . ..
S. M. PETTENGILL L CO., 37 Park Row, N. Y,
Arc oar eole agents in thai city,' and r au
thorised to contract for advertising al our
lewtst rates. Advertiser in that eity are re
ijUHtid to leave their favor with either of
the above houses.
"Bull Una Ratsril."
Two weeks ago we referred to snrue
of the misn-presenutinus jg-iinst the Na
tional Cause, tbat Dr. RnMell. corrwpon
dent of tile London. T-mct sent, to that
paper, duritig' the Rebellion." We also,
nt tbe tame time, hiuted that be favored,
in glowing Colors in his correspondence,
tbe Rebel taue. The partial account
vt the firrt Uttle of Bull Ruu' was of
each a character that eiuce that time,
when he is spokeu of he is styled, "Bull
Ron Russell' The Northern press and
people condemned him r-iunely for hia
missrepresentatioti. Latterly he has
hown himself a gain a a correspondent
for the paper ab:ve referred to, at the
G rman head qnarters in France. The
snubs that he received in this country
for bis unfair course while here, were
not as severe a. were the snub he re
ceived a mouth ago from the Prussian
head quarters, for the reason that the
Prussian snubs wera of an official char
acters, and the Amerieau snubs were not.
Count 1'ismark has put tbe mark of
disapproval upou him A mouth go
Russell, in a letter to tbe 77m, report
ed a conversation that took place be
tween King William and the Emperor
Napoleon soon after tb surrender of the
latter. "It waa well written, as are all
his articles, but it was a fabrication,
unworthy of a mau of Russell's preten
tions when he declare himself as repre
senting or narrating facts. Bismarkrays
of the reported eonvereatinu, under date of,
October 2 : "The report of the conversa
tion between King Willium and tbe Em
peror Napoleon, given by Dr. Russell,
the T-met' correspondent, is founded on
mere invention.' F.innaik's despatch,
of c:tne cannot affect the fine style to
which Rnssell writes, nor injure him as a
fiction writer, but it annihilate him as a
truthful writer of facts. I'icmnrk's de
spatch id a "Biill Run" extinguicher
for -Bull Knn Rnssil.
A Convb.xtios, to take measures for,
the removal of the National Capita! to j
some point wert of tho Allegheny Mouu-,
tains, held its sessions at Cincinnati last
in tbe opiniou that it ought to be remov
ed, but as to the place, it could not
agree. Sixty seven delegates, all West
ern men, constituted the the convention.
A letter was read from Horace Grnely,
suggesting New York as the proper place.
Tbe Convention thought that awful for
Creely. A letter from Col. Forney was
read, denouncing the whole movement as
fraught with "incalculable mischief.''
The members of tbe Convention, wheu
votiug for a locatiou, voted for their owu
places respectively.
Di'KiNO the past seven months three
attempts had been made by burglars to
enter the store room of a New Tork gun
smith, Mr. Agostrias. lie grew tired of
these efforts at entrance, and set a gun
trap at the window at which the bur
glars had previously tried to enter, and
lo, and behold, on the morning of tbe
25th nit., when one of the men employed
in the store came to open it be was start
led at the sight of a dead man lying be
low the window where the gun trap had
been set. The top of the burglar's head
was blown off.
A wkk ago W. W. Glen, Esq , of
caiumore, gave a dinner to gentlemen of
the turf. At that party a match between
two three-year olds was made for $25,000
a side, with $10,000 forfeit; one horse to
be an imported English horse, tbe other
an American horse, both to be named
within a month. In case either horse ia
not named within the stated time a for
feit of 500 dollars shall be paid and the
match shall be considered broken. The
race, a two miles dash, will be run at
Jerome Park, at tbe fall meeting of 1871
Last week the First National Bank at
Grafton, Mass., was entered by a gang of
burglars, who gagged and bound the
watchman, and then dug the safe out of
the vault and robbed it of money, bonds,
and valuables amounting to more than
$200,000. They also stole a horse and
wagon in the vicinity of the town and
drove to Worcester, where they took the
cars. Fifteen thousand dollars reward
has been offered for the capture of the
thieves and recovery of the property.
Senator Morton, of Indiana, bas de
clined the mission to England. His rea
son for so doing is that in the event of
his resignation as a Senator the Demo
crats would elect a U. 8. Senator, they
being in the majority in the Indiana Leg
islature. Tdk Southern people are talking about
observing the fourth 8nnday of Novem
ber as a day of mourning for the rebel
General Lee.
Tks Vur Ja Fraaec.
Tbarrea eraat of ths week'
bses the tvrendei of Met Offices, dV
tpetchea frwt Kipf tWiBfcis Qfee
powerful aWtreaa. Vita Wftto aitef
Later deepaUhes et oSeial ltwwt;sr--
state tbe number surrendered at 175,000
Thus bas tbe whole of the regular troops
of the proud French Empire been gath
ered tip by King William, except a corps
or two under tbe command of General
Troehtt. France baa no troops bnt raw
militia-men to fight against tUa victorious
Germane... The surreader of .Meip re
lieves from aeige duty several hundred
thousand Prussian troops. King Wil
liam and Bismarck doubtless know bow
to judiciously use these troops. Basaine
is bitterly censured for the surrender of
. ....... i .
Mets, by the government of tne ttepuo
lie. The General ia charged with treach
try. Tbe government, in a thrilling
proclamation, is calling on the French to
raise their ''spirits and resolution to tbe
fearful height of the perils which hare
broken upon the country. Alas ! Alas
for France ! Bazalne defends his action
by declaring that bis army and the peo
pie within the limits of the fortress were
on the verge of starvation. This is prob,
ably true. In it read the fate of Paris.
Tbe German States, North and South,
have agreed to name King William, Em
peror. This, if true, secures German
Effects ef French Bepnblleaaisa.
Monsieur Jules Favre, bead of the
new government, is introducing a system
of economy in tbe administration of pub
lic affairs. In future a Counsellor of
State will receive $3,000 instead of 85'
000 a year ; a Prefect, according to his
classification, $3,600, or $2,400, or $2,
000 ; a sub-Prefect, $1,200' or $1,000,
or $800 ; a Minister of State (of the
Cabinet), $10,000 instead of $20,000.
The Civil List, $5,340,000 a year, and
the pay of Senate, $1,100,000 (each Sen
ator had $6,000 per annmn, for life), are
wholly abolished. A saving of $10,
000,000 a year will thus be effected.
The pensions of all literary men and
dramatists who do not prove their need
of such assistance are suppressed. Last
ly, M. Jules Favre and the rest af the
Provisional Government refuse to ac
cept any pay whatever. Ex,
aea-SSSBWW -BdgStBpV-M
Colored Constable A Democratic
township in Chester county elected W
Johnson, a colored man, constable at the
late election. Tbe village Record says :
We must confess that we had hardly
expected to record the election of the
first colored man in Chester county, un
der the workings of the Fifteenth Amend
ment, in a township that rolls up a Dem
ocratic majority of forty -six on a total
vote of two hundred and six. The Dem
ocrats voted for Johnson out of spite,
but they probably never made a better
choice." ,
i,etllili of the ,mt&e done by th8 .,te
terrib,e to . . .
ceiyed- From one thousand to
thousand people were killed or drowned,
twelve thousand head of cattle were lost,
several vessels were wrecked, and in
Matanza alone over fonr hundred houses
were destroyed. Among tbe most hor
rible features of this calamity was tbe
nprooting and sweeping away of a ceme
tery and the scattering of the corpses
through the ajaeent country. Ex.
A wxek ago tbe sheriff of Orange
county, Ind., waa taking two highway-
men to Paoli to lodge them there in jail
He reached a point about four miles from
Paoli, but was there stopped by about
two hundred disguised and well-armed
men, who took the prisoners and hung
tbem to the rafters of a covered bridge
Thi Philadelphia North American, in
last Saturday's issue, states its reasons
for urging the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company to assist Philadelphia in build
ing up a steamship line to Liverpool.
Philadelphia built up the Pennsylvania
Central. The Central now should give
the steamship enterprise its aid. ,
Ms. Lbckib, a leading distiller, of
Chicago, a week ago, went to the top of
a hot water tnb in his establishment, to
turn off the faucet. He lost his balance
and fell into the tub. It was at the time
full uf boiling water. His cries brought
assistance. He was taken oat, but lived
only a short time after. '
The South congratulates . herself upon
her growing manufacturing interests. A
lSe cotton mill is now being erected at
Canton, Miss and an extensive agricul
tural impact factory has been in to
live operation u Humboldt, Tenn.','for
some time past.
Ex-Mayob Caho, of BichnxMid,
Va, was last week eonv and, sen
tenced to fonr years in the 8t,te Pvigon(
for defrauding the 6 tale of $1,000 on
forged paper. It is said that the' ri
oner's counsel will ask for a new trial.
European despatches say that there
are 200,000 shelterless people along the
the Belgian frontier in a starving condi
tion. Oh I the horrors jf war.
Two prominent banking houses sus
pended business in Richmond, Va., last
week. , ,r, , : ' ' :
Tbb friends of Chief Justice Chase
fear that he has symptoms of incipient
The American Social Science Associa
tion held its session in ' the Hall of the
University of Pennsylvania, last week.'
Thi South Carolinians ere holding -a
1 Fsir at Charleston. ' il
Bon. John Covode (f oClpa trip to
the Paciic. , ; J M
frtrty sttafentt ' at Tormell University
are trying "beathesi CjMSsie.
iumains f a rhfaoeeroswswe resur
rected In Kansas. ' :'' .. ' )
There are now over 2 500 pure Ayr
shire cattle in the United dtates.
A piece ef calico a mite long has been
manufactured in Sew England.
Tbe Jews of Panrfllo are, gplojf to
build a new and beautifnl synagogue
,. Bees ou the, prairie have starved dur
ing tbe dry season.;, v ; )Li
t. Talent alone is only tbe rough metal ;
it is diligent industry which works it, and
ascertains h real worth. : '
'Thieves and buglari are successfully
doing 'the ! smalt towns 'and village of
Ohio.'1 A,) ' ; '"V ":,B ' ' ,r
4 The' social question in Washington
just now is, "Can Cabinet officer five on
his salary V "" ' "
-I -in r . i vi'' ; a ii
The shops of the 'Atlantic and Great
Western railroad, at Meadville, were par
tially burned, Wednesday morning. : .
Font thing coma not back tbe broken
word, the spent arrow, , the past lif , and
tbe neglected oppprttnity.1L..i a-.-' '"'
Amottc; the prasaiunu offend at a eown
ty fair in Kentucky ia .one ef $10 tor
the neateatpatch put on an Jd garment by
au unmarried woman. i .
In East Tennessee, tbe other day. an
old lady ' Waved a red flag till a train
stopped, and then asked tbe conductor if
her daughter Sally was aboard.
A. Milwaukie tobacconist . has placed
in front of his , store a. blackboard, on
which he bulletins sundry small accounts
that certain parties have neglected,, to
settle. ' ... ;,
A learned doctor has given opinion
that tight lacing is a public boaefit, inas
much as it kills off all the fioliab girls,
and leaves the wise ones to gw into
women. . ' ;-..
The citisens of Paris did not hear
from 8trasbnrg wntfl v days after its
surrender, and it was nine days after tbe
surrender of Tout before' It was known
at the French capital. " N ' l'-'' ;
The amount thai a laborer would re
ceive for one year's labor at $ 1,50 per day
would be $474,60, which amount would j
be the interest of 6 per cent on $7,986,
which latter sum would be the cash value
of the r aH to his family.
Chicago js bragging over a big organ
just introduced into one of the city
churches. The instrument has sixty-
three stops, nearly four thousand pipes.
and three manuals, and ranks third in
the country in volume. ,
A minister in Erie being remonstrated
with for swearing at a cow for knocking
over a pail of milk, said he knew swear
ing waa not a Christian practice, but he
would be forced to give up being a Chris
tian, or trade off that cow.
A ana named Carver, convicted of
the murder of his wife, but for some rea
son set at liberty, returned to his home
in Corydon, (England), a few days
ago, and was mobbed and pelted with
brickbats by 700 or 800 wonan.
The carrier ' pigeons in ' Europe con
tinue to fetch and carry intelligence of
battle and blood Shed, and every form of
human suffering incident to war. They
no longer can be considered an emblem of
peace. " - ':-'
: -, .1 ;!;-' .n .mi ..... .
The shell of land-turtle, with the flesh
freshly picked out, fell into. Meriden,
Coon , the other day probably from the
claws of au eagle who had made a din
ner of him. ; The. shell . was engraved
with an initjal W.and the date 1750.
. A Roman Catholic Silesian farmer,
discussing ' war matters with one ef his
neighbors, said: "The Prussian have
got the beat of it in Schleswig-Holstein
and in Austria fk but they will never
conquer the French until God Almighty
himself turns Protestant." '-
Down east there resides a certain M.
D. One very cold night he was aroused
from his slumber by a very loud rapping
at his door. After some hesitation he
went to the window and asked : "Who
is there 1 ' "Friend!" was the answer.
"What do you want 5" "Want to stay
here all night." "Stay there, then !
was the benevolent reply.
Some 1 Prussian - wags before Mets
crept out one night very near the French
lines and plsnted a "battery,." of which
overtuened bee-hives were the mortars,
old stove-pipes the cannon and old
clothes on stakes the men. In the morn
ing the French, batteries opened a terrible
fire on the supposed battery, and with
such effect that soon not a vestige of it
was to be seen
A correspondent says the new 8wedish
inhabitant of Maine: "All the people
of fifteen years of ago are church mern
hers.' . It is the custom in Sweden, as
soon as a child reaches the age of fifteesv
for the paraon to go to the house and see
the child 'can read and write. If he
on, he U admitted to the sacrament
butot)N,wae he is placed on probation
until he he, paired th6 requisite eda
cation."' . , ,j , . . ,,
An editor in Iffiw Ulksin this way J
-If yen ewe but a si dIlar. go and
pay it 1 when there is a. Kttle money,'
we ought to keep H moving v, Hre.
ly.' Jim ewed ei, and ' We ow jp
and Bill owed Jim. 1 Jim got man. fee
cause we made him pay one' morning
last week j boV we paid Bill, hod Bill
paid Jim, and Jim went to bed lthht
bight happy as a clam, with j tut as much
mosey he had in the morning and
three men out of debt." ' ' -r
WmwsvJaetodJaanetof the
General AsrWy WthbjCoaswmaltb.
approved tU sjeoiod daj oiJjplV, P.
one thosnand eirkl htandrstf rJfcirtT-
nbse, atidesf "An tH hU
- m .St Sv ' tav sL.
eteettoo M ass uoaminonwoa , -jm i , j, -. v vT:
madetke duty of tkw-43TWW.t tlA G- Treasurer. -It
ceini ef An returns of thealacliosi of
members of the Hos JUpresentati ve
of the United States, by the . Secretary
of the Commonwealth, to daclsxe, by proc
lamation, the names of the persons re
turned as elected in the, respective dis, ,
trictst. i.u.i A lL'oVJ i-K -.
Jmd WTumu, Thrrns of the Gen
eral Election, Md paijttniaji ths elev
enth day of Octobeijast past, in and for
the several districts, for ' epreeutati vea
of the people of tuistate, in the House
of Repraseatatives of the Ctingress ot tbe
United States, for .the term sf two yearn,
from and after the .fourUi, day of March,
next, have been received ia office- of
the Secretary of the ! Commou wealth',
agreeably to the provissions df the above
recited set. whereby it appears thar," a':
! 'In the First1 District composed of the
Beind, Thirdvcurth, r iftb. Sixth ana
Eleventh wards of tbe city oi juua4ei
phia, Samuel J. Randall has been duly
" In the Second! District, composed of
be First; Seventh, Eight, Ninth, Tenth
and Twenty-eicth wards ol the city -of
Philadelphia, John V. Creely has been
duly elected j ,,.... i .-. '
In the Third District, composed of the
Twelfth. Thirteenth., Sixteenth. Seven
teenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth wards
of tbe city 'of Philadelphia,, Leonard
Myers has been duly elected J"'0""
in the Fourth District, composed of
the r ourteentn, x utqentb, 1 wentietb,
Twenty-first, Twenty-fourth,, Twenty
seventh and Twenty-eight wards of tbe
city of Philadelphia, William D. Kelley
bas keen duly elected ; '
I.Iu tbe r mb Lhatrict, composed ef the
Twenty-second, 1 wenty -third and I wen
fifth wards of the city of Philadelphia,
and the county of Bucks. Alfred C. Har-
mer has been duly elected ; '
In the Sixth District, composed of the
counties of Lehigh end u Montgomery,
Ephraitn L- Acker has been duly elec
ted ;
In the Seventh District, composed of
the counties of Chester and Delaware,
Washington Townsend has been duly
elected ; : i .
, In the Eight District, composed of the
county of Berks, J. Lawrence Gets has
been duly elected 5 , .
in tbe Ninth District, composed of the
county of Lancaster, Oliver J, Dick By
has oeeq duly elected .
In tbe lentb District, composed of
the counties of Lebanon and Schuylkill,
John W. Killinger has been duly elec
ted: ,. , , , .
In the Eleventh District, composed of
the' counties' of Northampton,' Carbon,
Monroe. Pike and : Wayne, John
Storm has been duly elected
In the Twelfth District, composed of
the counties of Luzerne and Susquoban-
na; u onoemaxer oas neen auiy eiec-
In tbe Thirteenth district, composed
of the counties of Bradford, Wyoming,
Sullivan, Columbia, and Montour, Ulys
ses Meraur has been duly elected.
In the Fourteenth District, composed
of the counties of Northumberland, Un
ion, Snyder, Juniata and Dauphin, John
B. Packer bas been duly elected ;
Ia the Fifteenth District, composed of
the counties of Cumberland, ; York and
Perry,. Richard J. Haldemau has beeu
duly elected ; '
In the Sixteenth District, composed
of the counties of Adams, Franklin, Ful
ton, Bedford and Somerset,-' lteojiimiu
F. Meyers has been duly elected. i
In the Seventh , Disti ict, composed of
tbe counties of Cambria, Blair, Hunting
don and Minim, E. Milton Speer has been
duly elected . ' ' ; ' ' - J
In the Eighteenth District, composed
of tbe counties of Centre.Clinton. Lycom
ing,, Tjoge and Potter. Henry Sherwood
has been duly elected : ,, . ,
' In the Nineteenth District, composed
of the connties of Erie, Warrenl'SPKean,
Forest, E Ik, . . Cameron, Jefferson, and
Clearfield, .General W, , Scofield has
been duly elected j, , ., h , ,
In tbe Twentieth District, composed
of the connties of Crawford,' Venango
Mereer and Clarion, Samuel Griffith has
been duly electeded :: : :
In tbe.Twenty-f rst District, composed
of the counties, of Indiana, Westmore
land and x ayette, Henry V. t osier has
been duly elected : ' ' ' "
Ia the Twenty-second District, com
posed of that part of Allegheny county
south of the Uhio and jsYnegbenj nvers
and including Mevil Island, James S.
Ncgley.has been duly elected
In the Twenty-third District, compos
ed of that : part of Allegheny county.
north of tbe Ohio and Allegheny rivers.
and Butler and Armstrong connties, Eb
enezer M'Junkin has been duly elected :
In the Twenty-fourth District, com
posed of the counties of Lawrence. Bea
ver, Washington, . and Green, William
M'Cklland has been duly elected. .
JVW therefore, I JOHN W. GEARY,
Governor as aforesaid have issued this,
my Proclamation, hereby publishing and
declaring, that Samuel J. Randall, ' John
V: Creely, Leosnard Myers, Willian D.
Kelley, Alfred O. Harmer, Epbraim L.
Acker Washington Townsend, J. Law.
rence Gets, Oliver J. Dickney, John W.
Killinger, John b Storm, L. T). Shoe
maker, Ulysses Mereur, John B Packer,
K 4 Haldeman,: 1 Benjamin 1 . Jleyers,
R, Milton Speer, Henry Sherwood. Glen
ni W. Scofield, Samnel Griffith. Henry
D: Foster, James S. Negley, Ebenezer
M Jnnkin, and William M Clelland have
been returned as duly elected, in tbe sev
eral districts before mentioned, as repre
sentatives of tbe people of this State, in
the Hons of Representatives of the Conr
gress of the United States, for the tenn
of two years, to commence from and after
the fourth day ef March next.
' Given under my Hand and the Great
Seal of the State, at Harrisbiirg. in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and seventy, and . of the common
wealth the ninety-fifth. x
1 " JNO." W. GEARY.'11'
By the Governor f. !) J.- -inTvn-v, ;mc
F. JOftDAN, 1 ' .!::.; -.Wiw
, , Secretary of the Commonwealth
At a Oolnmhhs ( Georgia )f marble
yard there it h solid block of marMe
which is tobe dugout, a metalle eoBn
iPUeed therein, and the ' whole, after ' a
corP Is deposit within it, to be hermetl
e1! eIed abote kronnd. ' U 'has been '
ordered by gentleman in Barbenrn etran-
ty, Alsbstna.1" ' ' tv' ---. i
Miter atasjaeat at Juniata CesmtJV.
At a meeting held It the borough, of
Mifflintown, v eat . MnoV) eweningy Ofie
ber 24th, J70,y onl'iiotfoii.v Shjuiff
John Dietrickl Was rtedj Ptesidet,
Lle-ut. M. L jLittkiLitl, Stesty, wd
fesolved that Thursday, the 17th cf No
vember, 1870, be fixed upon as the day
for dedicating the Soldier's Monument,
thai has recently been erected in the
Court House Yard, ia memory of the gal
lant men of Juniata county who fell dur
ing the late civil war. :M"' " "
On motion, it was agreed that,
Cap. Amos H. Marl in, Mifflin.
Lieut W. W, Davis, Mifflin.
Col. William Bcljf Patterson.
, CapL S. H. Brown, Patterson. ,
Jonn Holl Jbough, Patterson, , '
be selected aa a Committee to invite
speakers.' military . companies, civil
orders, bands of musio, etc , to partici
pate iu the ceremonies of the day.
" Ou'iiiotion of Maj. John Weimer,
it waa resolved that,
' Lleut'-M. L. Littlcfleld, Minlln." ' '
Lieut. T. V. Irvin, Mifflin.
i'Gorge W. Wilson, Patterson. " ''
Miss Mollie Parker, Mifflin.
. . Miss Saflle Irrin, Mifflin.
Miss Beckie North, Patterson.
Miss Annie Kolp, Patterson,
be appointed a Finance Committee,
whose duty it shall be to solicit sub
scriptions from the citizens of the
county for the purpose of defraying
the necessary expenses. ,
When, ou motion of Capt. Amos
IL Martin, it was resolved that,
Capt. Cornelius McClellan, Mifflin.
E. W. H. Kreider. Mifflin.
John Kirk, Mifflin.
Col. J. E. Robinson, Milford.
Maj. John Weimer, Mifflin.
Solomon Bok Mifflin.
Isaac Kaufftnan, Patterson.
David P. SuloutT, Mifflin.
Joseph Rogers, Patterson,
be appointed a Committee of Arrange
ments, with power to appoint all sub
committees: "
On motion the meeting adjourned
to meet on Wednesday evening, 2d
of November, 1870, at 6 o'clock, p.
X., in the Court House, for the pur
pose of bearing the reports of the dif
ferent committees and making fuither
BJSfr S -
The Presbyterian Re-Uulon A Memorial
The Presbyterian Re-Union, a fine
book of 568 pages, lies on onr table. It
is printed ia large type, 011 clean book
paper. It is a valuable book, and should
find its way into every Presbyterian's
house. We presume, however, that its
circulation will not be confined exclusive
ly to Presbyterians. Every student and
rendur of rlinrc.h biatorv should have it.
. .
It contains eleven engraving?, represent-
iDr a number of Presbyterian institutions
e J
of ldarniug, and cliurclies, and portraits
of toted Ministers The volume is di
vided into eight ehaptert, with an appen
1. Historical Review of the Church
Old School Branch
27' Historical Review of the Church
New School Branch
3. Biographical Sketches Old School 1
Branch. ., I
4- Biographical Sketches ew School
- 5. He-union.
6. The Assemblies of 1869 Addi
tional Impressions.
7. The Reconstruction.
8. The Future Church.
ii ... APPS.DIX.
. 1. Statistics of the Church-Old School
2. Statistics of the Church New
3. Brief Sketches of the Members of
tbfc Re-union Committee.
4. Documents.
'Mi. E. Schneider, of Lewistown Acad
emy, Is spent for this conntj, and will
soon deliver books to tuose who have
ordered. Publishers, Dswitt C. Lent &
Co., New Tork.
:) : Administrator's ffotice.
staU of Robert Stewart, deeeaud.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of
Administration, on the estate of Robert
Stewart, lata of Milford township, dee'd..
have been granted in due form of law to the
undersigned. ' AH persons indebted to said
stats are requested to make immediate pay
mem. and those having claims will please
present them properly authenticated for set
tlement, 'p -, r: . v
Nov ,'1870
" Executor's Hotice.
Sttate of Sarah Sanntlt, denoted. '
TVTOTIC is hereby given that Letters Testa-
L v mentary on tbe estate of Sarah Rannels,
widow of Curtis Rannels, . late of . Fayette
townsnipv dec a..- nave been granted to the
nndenigned, residing in the same township.
All persona indebted to said estate ara re
quested to make immediate payment, and
Uiose Jutviag claims will please present them
properly authenticated for settlement.
oeU2-6t - - .
SCALED PROPOSALS will be received by
the Board of School Directors of Walker
township for the purpose of building a School
rU.,,M ... ci;n, Ultl ! . , .
....u.-. ni , iiii. inn. IU 91.IIA IIIWUVHip, BD l(
SATKRDAT, NOVEMBER 6, 1870, at cne
o'olock P. M, Plan and specifications can be
seen at the residence of Samuel MoMeen. at
Van Wen. ' The Board of Directors reserve
ythe tight of rejecting proposals.
nj oraer or tne uoard.
Stci McMxes, See'.
: , ... Octl2-8t
, Cigar and i Tobacco Store,
,.s i I .. t,. '
' ' In Kirlt's Boom, on Main Street,
Is new open- Ererybody is invited to give
him a call. None bnt the ehoiseat brands of
Cigira, Tobacco,1 Pipes, fte., 's,e., &c, kept
0a:!DSBt. iliu'J ii 1,.
sSWholeeals to merchants) at manufac
turers prises, j, Orders promptly filled. j
(., v . ' Septum.,,
1JOR 8.VLK Tree set of Cook Steve Pat--rtwras,
K4 7, 8, aad 9, Futtkaand Follow
Boards. aU cesiplete, by ,,,,, , u - .!-,;
8-8" aliffliatewn.
tvs Ktttntttstxs.
JflfijJP;.' COATS'
Thread put up for tbe American market
which t
From No.'-8 to N. 100 inolusive. , ' '
Forf Hand and Hacliine.
AXCfc, COMPASr, of ilartford.
Cobb. Cash Assets, 1.6"O.G0.
Oraats Lin andLltMIVmT Pol
icies of all approved forms. - Aaiple
security, low ri AUo insures
ICrittEXTS eausine death
or totel disahiHty. Has paid 7 1
for Six lean m banafiU 10 policy-holders.
TIE.rtUTICiL FlBMsV The lead
ing Asrieuliural laOBthly of the Dnited
States ; eoataining 24 quarto pages ; is recom
mended te Farmers everywhere as a thor
ouithly reliable and well illustrated Agricul
tural and .Hortieulteral Journal. It is large
ly made op of original matter, and devoted to
Stock Kaising, Orain Growing, the Dairy,
Orchard, Vegetable and Market Gardening,
Graiing, Rearing and Fattening Animal a
Veterinary Department, Ae. Price i.60
per annum, in advanee. Sample copies sup
plied on application. Liberal terms to Agents
and Canvas-era. with show-bills, tanuhti
on application to PASCHALL MORRIS, Edi
tor and Proprietor, 1 -North Thirteenth,
street, Philadelphia. :
How to be Obtained for Five Dollars ! Plan
tations. Farms. Villa Sitee and Town Lota, at
The Great Premium Land Sale, Aiken, 8. t.
The "Saratoga of the Sonth." 48 hoars from
N. T. The moat delightful elimite in the
world. Free from the rigors of Northern
wintcta. exempt from 1 hroat Diseases, Vine
yards and orchards in full bearing. For de
eriptive pamphlet, aHdreis, with strap, J.
C. DERBY. Anguata. Ga.
QOK I Week Salary ! Young men
tjpsOtJ wanted a- local aud traveling Dalesmen-
Address (with stamp) R. H. WAL
KER. 34 Park Row, N. Y.
Priies embed and information furnished by
GEORGE UMPHAM. Providence. R. I.
RY senaing (SO CIS.. w n age. ne.go..
- I..:- nn will valsalva hV tff II T 11
mail, a correct picture of your future bos
m cc -------
band or wife, with name and date of marri
age. Address W. FOY, P. O- Drawer So,
248. Fultouville, !i. Y.
HORRIBLE. I suffered with Catarrh
thirty fears, and was cured in six weeks
be a simDle remedr. and will send the re- :
eeipt. postage free, to all amii ted. T. J
MLAU, Drawer 1BO, Syracuse, l.
ASYSTERY 80LYED Fifiem Minute'
Private Conversation with Mitrned La
dies by ore of tht-re u timber. Sent fre fur
two aiamps. AJdn-as .Mr.". II. .'JK lZatK,
Hanover, Pa.
A Clergyman, while residing iu
America as a niissiona-y, discovered a sfe
I and simple remedy
Wekne.-s. Emlv l
for the Cure of ervou
Weknr.s, Eaily Decav. Diseases of the t ri- j
nary and Seminal Organs, and the whole
i . r .1 : , v. l. , nn v.- 1 r.,i 1
l .111 VI UIUI UU I l'IVUU WM . J . 1J M
vicious nahiis- ureal numbers nave open
cured by th's noble remedy. Prompted by a
desire to benefit tbe afflict tel and untoriunes
I will s.md the recipe for preparing aad us
ing ibis medicine, in a sled envelope, to any
one who needs it, Frtt of th trit. A'Mress
t- ... J,. ,'v c t.
V k CI
List Of Causes for Trial at December
Term, 1870. First Week.
A. J
Fisher for use. 4e., vs. Tfm. B. Rey-
nolJs. No. 19 Dec. T.. 1S70.
2. Flannegsn fi Remolds vs. IS
So. 24 Dee. T.. 187 '.
F. Kepter.
S. Uronson (iravea. Selover Co., vs. David
Adams. No- 44 Feb. T.. 1869.
4. Com. of Pa., ie., vs. Win. MeConnel, el
al. No. 205 Sept. T.. imv.
a. Com. of Pa &c, vs James MeConnel, et
at. No 26 Sept T 1809.
6 tlom of P Ao ts Henry MeConnel, et al.
No 207 Sept T 189
7 Jes-e Reed vs Win Cox. No L'6 Feb T
. , . ,
Orimee endorsee Ac ts James .1
8 James A
Crewell. No 325 Sept T lSt.9.
9 A J Fergnoon vs Noah Heruler.
Dee T 1S69.
10 John L Resston vs Fred Hack.
Sept T H7'.
11 F M Mi-key vs John Earnest.
Dec T 1879.
12 Columbia Insurance Co vs John
0 ,ut"
No 19 ,
No 119
tan ur-
mer. No 143 April T 1870.
13 Columbia Insurance Co vs Jos Gingrich.
No 144 April T 1870.
14 'Columbia Insurance Co vs Sam Stine. No
160 April T 1870.
16 Columbia Insurance Co vs J T McAlister.
No 146 April T 1870.
18 James Cronse vs Wm M Allison. No 11
April T U70.
17 State Bank vs Ncal McCoy. No 123 Sept
T 1870-
18 J Rhinestromi Son vs Jaoob Will. No 146
April T 1870.
List or Caosks yob Dxcivbeb Adjocrsid
Coubt. 1870.
1 John J Patterson vs John M Kennedy adm'r.
No 166 Sept T 1869.
2 David Cree vs F Hertxler etal. No 150 Sept
T 1879.
3 Samuel Moore vs Salvadore Lowery. No 15
Feb T 1870.
4 J B M Todd vs Borough of Patterson. No
127 April T 1870. ,
5 0 W Whistler for use, Ae vs Borough of
ratterson. Kollj !ep x I87U.
6 John Cox vs David B Cox, adm'r. No 107
Dec T 1869.
7 Daniel Knouee vs Jonas Long. No 81 Sep
m . . a
8 Jacob Zeigler vs Penna Canal Co. No 146
Sept T 1870.
9 John M Kennedy vs Wm Hackett. No 1S1
Sept T 1870. ... . .
19 Jeremiah Lyons, adm'r vs Emanuel Wetx.
ler and wife. No 141 Sept T 1870.
R. E. MoMEEN, ProfA'y.
Prothonotary's Office. Mifflin-
town. Oct. 29, 1870.
Main Street, JUifflinUncn, Pa.
Chemicals, , Dye Stuff.
Oils, Paints,
Tarnishes, Glass,
Putty, , Coal Oil,
. Lamps, . Burners,
Chimneys, Brushes. -
Infants Brushes, Soaps,
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
Perfnmery, Combs,
Ban-Oil, ' . . Tobacco,
Cigars, Notions,
aad Stationary.
selected with great care, and warranted from
high authority. .
Purest of WINES AND LIQUORS for Medi
cal Purposes. "
W PRESCRIPTIONS compounded with
great care, mal670-ly
Real Estata-at Public Sale !
WILL te offeree; at publie sale, at toe
Court Houae, in the boroagh of Mif
flintown, at 1 o'clock, P. M., oa
A Tract of Land belonging to the Heira ef
John Wright, deceased, sitnate In Milford
township, Juniata county, adjoining lands if
Sbelbara Robiaaea and James AioCrum, eoa
taining '. . !.j ' .-.t -
130 ACRES,
about FIFTY ACRE, cleared, and the bal
ance well set with cboiee Timber.
Any information relative to the aove land
ean be obtained by applying to the under
signed, residing in Patterson, or George W.
Jacob, Esq., of Perryiville. , ;
WM., WRIGHT, Svntor.
Nov21870-U. - V . .
THE undersigned offers at private sale' a
certain Lot or Tract of Land, sitnate ia
Milford township. Janiate, county, adjoining
lands of Alexander McCahan and otheii,
containing ' '
and some Perches, about Fifteen Acres of
which are in a good state of cultivation aud
the balance well set with Timber, having
thereon erected a
ane all neeeiary outbuildings, also a Young
ORCHARD of excellent fruit. Persona wish
ing to view the property will call en George
Bowers, residing near the premises, or the
undersigned, near Patterson.
Oct. 5-2m
Valuable Farm
THE undersigned offers at private sale a
Valuable Farm, aituate ia Fayette1 town
ship, Juniata connty. two miles southeast ef
McAheiervtile. m. homing lands or Peter ris-
shoar. Daniel Westfall, and others, contain
ing 185 A-oros.
130 acres f which are cleared and in a high
state of cultivation, and the remainder wll
set with good timber. The quality of the
land i limestone flint. The improvements
are a Good Log-frame
j R -K y RS j fc OBtbuiMiD ,
I .
There ia a never-fai
re is a never-failing spring or gund water
on the farm; also, an excellent UKCHARD,
bearing a large variety of choice fruit.
Any person wishing tu purchase real estate
will do well lo examine the above properly.
For further particulars call on the under
signed, reauling o the premises. (.
Aug 24. lS70-3ai
i J O II N F A It E I K A ,
' 7 IS A lit "II Sirect. MiiiJle uf the Block, be
twron 7th anJ Jt fa t-, 8outh Side;
I Importer, Munufacturer and Dealer in al!
kinds and quality of
Fancy Fnisr,
Having enlarged. reiuoJe'.cii and improrea
my old and favorably known FL'K t.Ml'li
KIl'M. and having imported a very Inrge
and splendid assort meal of all the different
kinds ot Furs from rirst hands in Europe.
n.I have ka l them made up by the m.
i kil;ful 1 "O"1' respectfully inv
i my frien ls of Juniata and adjacent count i
! and have bad them made up by the most
I to call and examine my very Urge aud beau-
j tiful assortment of K.-.ncy Furs, for I.adie
and Cbiidreu. I am .IcWrmin-d to sell a', as
low prices as any other respectable House in
'this city. All rurs Warranted. Ao uiisrep
I resentaiion to effect stiles.
71 S Arch Street,
20. 70. am.
PROCLAMATION Whsbeas tux Hon.
Janus H. Gbahah, lresiilent Ju.lge .,f
; the Court of Common Pleas ef tbe '.'ill iuJi
j cial Distr:ct, composed of the counties of
; Juniata. Perry and Cumberland, and the
' Hons. Tiicxas I. Miliikk and Sami su
! Watts. Judges of tin Court of Common I'lea
' of Juniata couniv. bare issued their i-recett
1 ,i;, i ; .u r, t. ,
.v imv u.iri,,C'., iitniui uiaic IIIC .-(U Uay . Qi
j Sept.. 17.', for holding a Court of Oyer
j aud Terminer aud General Jail Delivery, and
tteneral quarter Sessions ot the Peace, at
Miflliufown. on llie tir.t Mnvu.v ItA.n.
ler, IsTO. being tbe i'.ili dav of tbe mouth:
MITII'K !S II Kk KKV i:fri.'V . .1.. .-
tier. Justice of the Peace and Constables of
..., ,.r t.,-:...- .i.... v. ,
.mi... . ,.kfc iui-jt o mru ana
there in their proper persons, at I o'cloek in
the afiernaen ot raid day. with racords, ia
qtiisiliins, examination and o'.her remem
brances, to do those things that to their offi
ces respectively appertain, and those that are
bound ry recognizance to prosecute against
the prisoners that are or then may be in the
Jail of said couxty of Juniata, be thea and
there to prosecute against tbem as shall be
By an Act of Assembly, passed the 8th day
of May, A. D. 1854. it is made the duty of
the Justices of tbe Peace cf the several conn-
ties of this Commonwealth to return to the
Clerk of tbe Ccurt of Quarter Sessions of the
Peace, of the respestive counties, all the re
cognisances entered into before them by any
person or persons charged with the commis
sion of any crime, except such cases as may
be ended before a Justice of tbe Peace, under
the existing laws, at least ten days before the
commencement of the session of the Court to
which they are made returnable respectively,
and in all cases where any recognizances are
entered into less than ten days before the
commencement of the session to which they
are made returnable, the sail Justices are re- '
quired to return the same in the same manner
aa if said act had aot been -passed.
Dated at Mifflintown, the 2nd day of Nov., .
SherilTs Office, Mifflintown,
November 2, 1870. ( .
JOSEPH rOHEROY, President. ;
T. VAN IRVIN, Cashier.
Joseph Pomeroy, iJohn J. Patterson,
Jerome N. Thompson, George Jacobs,
John Ealsbach.
Loan money, receive deposits, pay interest ,
on time deposits, buy and sell coin and Uni- .
ted States Bonds, cash, coupons and chccksl
Remit money to any part of the United Statea
and also to England, Scotland, Ireland and,
Germany. Sell Revenue Stamps.
In sums of $200 at 2 per een. discount.
In sums et $S00 at 2) per seat; dMon- ' I
In sums of SI 000 at S per oent. discount. '
r(t 18 1869
Offers his services to the citizens af Jnnt-
ata eounty as Auetioae aad Veadue Crier.
Charges, from two tm dollars. Satisfac
tion warraatsi. fnova-ftm

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