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Wean?sIa, October I, j
u. f. b c n v, i. 1 js 11 ,
n.iTcR and r;ipm(ii.
o jtFPir.soN cocsty.
or centre ciKsrr.
A. Y. 51 'A FEE, ESQ.,
CAPTArx Jack od a number of
other Mcdoia will ba nanged on Friday,
October 3rd.
Bank suspensions are atmsOuSed
from all sections of the State. They
re chit-fly private lauks.
On tiie 2Uh ult., Thomas 1$. Park
er, a wealthy citizen of Philadelphia,
shot Lis wile and killed himself. His
wife if recovering.
Cairo, 111., is afflicted with a fever
-denominated ''congestive bilious fever."
A number cf physicians of that city
pronounce it toe yellow fever, modified
by northern climate.
There is a defalcation in the Pitts
burg Post-office amounting to thirty
odd thousand dollars. There are other
grave irregularities existing in the of
fice, for whiah the post master has been
suspended, and criminal proceedings
The dedication of the new Masonic
Temple at Pbilade lphia last week was
a great ev jt among the fra;eruity.
Fifteen thousand men weie in line en
the day of the grand parade. The
building dedicated is one of the finest
structures in this country.
Jay Cooke & Co., have published a
statement nf their liabilities anl tfscts.
It is a hopeful statement, aud puts a
better face on the trouble than was ex
pected. Their total assets are put
down at $I5,9tiG.2l'2, and tbeir liabil
ities at $7,039 40'J.
A IESPAT(UI from f apcllo, Iowa,
under date of 8eprember -0, toys :
Prof. J. W. Kuiley made an OHcension
in a bot-air ballo.m to-day from the
fair grounds. Bailey left banging by
Lis bands to a horizontal bar beneath.
Just as it started it took lire near the
mouth, and Uailey did not notice the
fire until he was too high to let go with
safety, But bang on until he reached
sorae five hundred feel from the groaud,
when the canvass that held the book
from which he was suspended burned
away, and he fell. His body was fright
fully mangled, his legs being driven
into tho hard ground up to bis knees.
The Republican State Convention of
New York on the 24th ult. adopted the
following resolution :
Retolreii, Thst tlie Rcpublica'is of the'
Ftnfcnt Xew Vork. in common with the
(treat body of their f. iiow-rcpicscutatives
tiiro'Jh .ut ihe c mntrv, disapprove of the
measure aduj, ted by the last Congress in
creasing ihe compensation of i'.s nan mem
ber -iptl.nnc ; .tut tliis convention re.
gaols tnis mca-tnrc an one of the many
wrongs v hie It was aiue to the system which
authorizes the holding ot a session of Con
gress alter the election of new Congress ;
that, in the ju-lguieiit of this convention,
no HTHun ought to be per.uilteif tu sit as
incumber of a legislative bwdy after tlie sue-ccss-tr
to his felt has been el-'cusl, anil that
Congress and the ftato Legislatures ought
to insfcc surii prevision tbit lh- wlmUj rec
orti ol every tueiub t of Cougre-w shall bf
biiore Ihe people wher. procechag to the
I'cclion of a new Cong'ass.
A WlLJ ram r was started some time
pincc, by t;hcui wo do not know, that
certsiu uieuibcrs of Corgreiis were ar
tarri:ig a project to bfly ttp, at a very
auiall figure, all the certificates of in
debtedness i.-nued by the Confederate
fctates, and then f rce a bill through
Congress, devolving this entire flebt on
the I'nitjd States Government. The
pre.-iS North never deemed the subject
worthy cf scr'.f.us thought. But at the
8onth the affair seems to be taken seri
uusly, and vatioas journals are urging
arauii!euts in favor of the Government
asatiit:ig such do jts. Wc do not need
to go over their M!ersl reasonR, chief
cu:urg w'uioh were, that the Republi
can party will gain in reputation by
paying th debt. This way be true,
but tke reputation it will gaa will be
undesirable and unprofitable as well.
Pittsburg Gazttte.
Hon. Butler B Strang, f Tioga county,
is Kpolceu of a the poib!e Republican can
ciiUaletor Governor alter Jlwlrnult.
The Financial PntlaoX j
Th; VashiE2i..ii RrnMic writes on :
;H puMoet as fallows :
The fail of t):e large banking houses
ff Jsv Coofca & Co. is is oac view of!
the event, a public calamity. It checks
the progress towards completion of the
great Northern Atlantic-Pacific thor
oughfare, one of the most important
enterprises of the age : it withdraws
from banking-houses iu the interior and
Northwestern States, with which they
were connected, the amounts falling
due to these minor establishments, and
necessary for their own loeal business. 1
Id its sudden and unexpected precipi
tancy, it alarms the financial world and
Causes a large amount of circulating
capital to be suddenly withdrawn from
ks legitimate channels of circulation,
Kending other exhausted banking firms
to the wall, suspending the operations
on important public- enterprises, and
thus depriving contractors and their
employees of work and wages.
These results will, however, prove to
be only temporary. The houses of
Jay Cooke k Co., it is believed in the j
best informed circles, will within a rea-
sonable time be re-established with
means to pay their indebtedness in full,
and leave an ample surplus to carry on
a legitimate business. Tbey were the
owners of an independent fortune of
about $15,000,000. This money has
not been lost by stock gambling ; it has
not been destroyed ; but it is locked
ap in a great enterprise, whose profits
from earnings and the sale of lands are
in the future. The railway company
has not' failed, nor should its bonds de
preciate while it is sustained by a grant
of 47,000,000 acres of valuable land,
which Las been for a uuuiber of years
attracting to the Northwestern States a
very valuable class of immigration front
Northern Kurope.-
On the other band, this sudden col
lapse will have a good effect in disco v.
ering to the public and forcing out of
rhe way those fictitious stock-gambling
banking-houses which existed only to
rob and ultimately ruin their victims,-
and lower the confidence of the public'
in legitimate and usef'al mediums cf
exchange aud transfer of money and
None of the banks doing a regular
business with the merchants have failed,
either ta New York or elsewhere. The
Bank ot the Commonwealth, in New
York city, was crippled by its cx-pres-dent
before the financial storm, and its
failure caunot be attributed to the tem
porary excitement of the hour. Neither
have tbe wholesale or retail merchants,
or great or small inanuf-tcturiiig estab
lishments, shown any signs of weakness
or want of customers. Tbe best au
thorities report the fall business to be
unusually active iu New York and other
large centres. Only a few days ago the
New York jobbers went to Fall Kiver,
and swept the warerooms of the manu
facturers of all tbe goods they had on
hand. In fact, manufacturing and min
ing enterprises were never more remu.
nerative thau at present, and both of
these great sources of wealth show a
development hitherto nnpreeedented,
yet substantial, legitimate, and safe.
The crop reports show a large average
yield ; that of cotton alone being valued
at $30,000,000, while the demand
abroad according to present accounts,
will be unusually large this year, and
fully equal to all our surplus products.
Immigration continues to increase,
and the classes of immigrants to im
prove, adding population aud wealth to
tbe sparsely settled section of tbe
sparsely settled sections of the coun
try. And in further, forcible illustra
tion of tbe prosperity of the people, it
may be noted that during 1872 the
enormous amount of JC747,664 or $3,
748,3:20 were sent from America nine
tenths of if from the United States
to relatives in Great Britain and else,
where in Europe, to enable them to
come to America. One and a half
millions of dollars of this was sent in
the shape of prepaid passages to the
United States. Another point of sig
nificant importance as indicating the
prosperity and conservative tendency of
the busitiess of tbo country is the fact
that while our imports have been some
what stationary during the last year,
our exports have largely increased, and
now nearly equal thj imports, being be
tween five aud six hundred millions of
dollars iu value.
There is, in short, general prosperity
throughout the country, and that of a
permanent character ; a prosperity upon
whuh tbe fall of one or two collossal
bouses like those of Jay Cooke & Co.
eaunot have any permanent effect, but
will serve rather to add to the stability
of the national growth, by purifying
the financial atmosphere, aud increasing
the public confidence iu those estab
lishments wbicb prove their strength by
resisting the financial storm. There is
no parallel that would warraut a gen
eral crisis between the f nsent pros
perous condition of the country and tbe
general prostration that preceded the
crisis of 1824, or those disastrous times
in 1837 and 1857. On those occasions
our low tariff permitted the country to
suffer under a surfeit of foreign goods,
while our own manufactories and work,
shops were in a languishing condition,
and many of theui closed. Under
these circumstances it wanted but the
collapse of one or two establishments
like those of Jay Cooke & Co. to npset
the entire catalogue of banks, force the
mercantile eommuuity into bankruptcy,
shut op out manufactories, and i hrow
millions of workmen out of employ- j
nent. To-dat w aao sea the ooVos- i
- .JJMtaL-Lja.jMatMfcAaaittMaMHM
sal Look's of the hitherto most sub-
stsritial Sims fall with a crash 3 unex-
! f:ctet) 2s a thunderbolt from a clear
sky, carrying down their branches and
iniinediate connections with them, and
yet move on as if ootbiug had occurred
to disturb the public confidence.
PrcMident Grant's Advice.
Wafhington, Sept. 28. Tht, fol
lowing letter was written to-day :
Exeoutivk Mansion,
WasbiNoton, Sept. 28. 1X73.
To iffitri. H. B. Clajh and Chat. L. Jn
thony s
Gentimen: In response to the views
you have communicated to me touching
the present stringency in the money mar
ket of the country, and the necessary steps i
to restore eonttitence ano leiritimate trade
an I commerce, I have the honor to com
municate the following:
The Government is desirous of doimr all
in its power to relieve the present unsettled
condition of business affairs, which is hold
ing back the immense resources of the
country now awaiting trar.sKiriatioa to the
seaboard and a market Confluence on the
part of the people is the first thim; needed
to relieve tiiis condition and to avert the
threatened destruction of business with its
accompanying disasters to all classes of the
peoplo. "To re establish this feeling the
Government is willimr to take all legal mea
sures ill its command, h'jt it is evident that
no Government efforts will avail without
c,ive co-operation of the banks and
v nil ine $!4,'hiu.oou aireaoy laiu oui in me
purelta'ie of the Government indebtedness,
and the withdrawal of their Inree deposits
from the Treasury, the hanks are now
strong enough loa.lopta liberal policy on
their rtrt, and hv a gi!nrous systen of dis
counts lo sosta;n the busines interests of
the country. Shou'd such a course be pur
sued, the $4,000,000 of reserve will be con
sidered a3 money in the Treasury to meet
the demands of the public necessity, as the
circumstances of the country may require.
Close at tentionr will be civen to the course
pursued' by those who hsve the m'xns at
tbeir command of rendering all the aid
necessary to restore trade fn its proper chan
nels and condition, with a view to strength
ening the hands of those who carry out the
measures above indicated. Orders have
already been issued for the prepayment of
the interest accruing in November.
U. 8. Grant.
A OCSpatcr from Brownsville, Texas,
under date of September 24th, says: A
series of robberies and murders have re
cently been committed on United States
citizens residing or traveling on Ihe Mexi
can border of the State within a short lime.
Mr. Montgomery was attacked, robbed, and
left for dead in his own house in Montery,
Joseph Ravesi was beaten In his store in
Camargo, and lctt for dead,- his assailants
being discovered in time to prevent rob
bery. The Perdie family were robbed on the
highway near San Fernando, and men,
women, and children1 left to- starve' in an
unfrequented spot. Mr. Henderson and
two companies were robbed and one of
them killed iu China. Two Americans
were attacked and one wounded on the
road near Maring, escaping only after a
desperate fight, in which one of tbe as
sailants was mortally wounded.
Dr. 11 iceeny was killed in his house,
and the premises robbed. The perpetra
tors of tluse crimes were arrested and their
guilt clearly established, except iu the Per
die case, yet not one of them was punished,
the authorities either being ini'iflefcnt or
powerless. The tacts have been proven
before the United States consul, and sent to
Washington, in hope redress will be de
manded. i
A despatch from Louisville, Ky., under
date of Sept. 24tli, s;iys : Yesterday morn
inj Columbus and Reynolds Beam,- broth
ers, went to Samuels' s'ation, three miles
fmni Bardstovvn, Kj and attacked G. V.
Samuels of that place with pUtols in front
of his house. Samuels rctnrned tbo fire
wi:b a shot-gun, killing Columbus Beam
instantly. Reynolds Beam then fired sev
eral shots at Samuels, when William Sam
uels, his son, ran out nf the house with a
double barrelled shot gun, and discharging
its contents into Beam, fatally wounded
l.'.m. Samuels and his son rode to Bards
town and surrendered themselves to the
authorities. The affair has created gen
eral excitement around Bardstowo. It
originated in too great intimacy between
Samuels and the wife of Columbus Beam,
and the shooting has been threatened lor
some time by the Beams, who are highly
respected parties.
The Ashantees are one of the most pow.
ert til of Af rican nations, numbering about
three million, of which two hundred thou
sand are fightinir men, described as athletic
and warlikt. The goTcrnmant is a despot
ism, the religion tetishism, modified by the
tuachin-rs ot Africanism. The people are
advanced in some of the arts, and the npr-cr
classe re especially noted for a few of the
amenities of more civilized nations. But
their custom are of tbe cruel chaiactcr.
Every twenty-one days a fete takes place,
when, maddened by rum and wine made
from a nattva palm, the natives commit the
most horrible atrocities. They eat the hearts
and drink the blood of their conquered ene
mies, anil when a freeman dies, slaves arc
killed to wet his grave.'' Wiien the king
dies, human sacrifices, we are told, amount
to thousands. Ip fact it is, as a traveler in
tbe country has described it, a land of min
der. A curious story of a dentist's revenge
comes trom Paris. M. Sandre, while re
turning from a visit to a patient, heard
sounds of distress, and hastened to succor
a person who was lying on the side of the
road. This individual sprang up suddenly
and rushed on Mr. Sandre, who knock4
him down with his forceps and tied hi
hands. The malefactor soon recovered and
asked to be released. The dentist told him
that he could only escape on condition that
he should sacrifice a tootb. After some dis
cussion it was agreed that the tooth should
be delivered to the forceps, and the den
tist, having seated his victim en a stone,
extracted aa enormous molar by the light oi
the moon.
A most distressing accident happened at
Harper's JVrry on Saturday a week. A
young man named Allison, together with a
coiuraib named Reid, were fooling with a
loaded gun near the house nf the father of
Kcid. Young Reid walked away, and Alli
son foolishly presented the gun at Keid's
sister, w.':o had just stepjied on the porch of
her tatlier-jliGu.ie, when the gun went off,
the whole load of shot entering her stom
ach, killing her almost instantly, the dis.
timce between them being but a few feet.
The young lady was about seventeen years
of age, and this territli calamity has cast a
shadow over her parents and family as well
as the young man through whose foolish
tiass she met her untimely death.
Captain George, civil and war chid of
the Onondaga- nation of Indians, died on
Ououdaga reservation, nine miles south of
Syracuse, on ,,e oitn nlt aR8&
years. Captain George was with (ieneral
-Scott at l.undy's Lane, and was bearer of
despatches to the Oiiundagas for reinforce
muuts. Of late years he has been the re
cognlied head of the remains of the Six
A "Society for the Protection of Useful
Birds" has recently been organized in Mas-
iclimett. Its members think that the
present laws on the subject are beneficial,
and that by active, persistant and sustained
efforts. ILey cut in a good measure procure
their eiwurvancc-
Zannsvilie, Wis., has h id ice one-eighth
of au inch thick.
Tbe King of Asbaatce has 333 wires, and
stiil he is not happy.
About of the ladies' shoemakers ol
New Tou are on a strike.
A quilt exhibited at the Central Illinois
Fair contains 28,517 pieces.
Oranees measuring sixteen inches in cu
cumfereuce are raised in California.
Mrs. Toung No. 17 is going to tell all she
knows of Morniomsra on tha lecture plat
form. It is asserted that bracelets are rapidly
going out of fa-nion, and iu a few months
will seldom be seen.
On the Isst day of the Vienna Exposition
the gates were thrown open to the public,
and the f air was visited by 100,000.
An old lady, 80 years of age, recently
joined a party of Mormon converts, about
to leave Knglana tor aalt baae iity.
A sufferer suggests an improvement in
the orthography of the word panics. He
thinks it would be bettar te spell it pay-nix.
The wedding cake fur the marriage of the
Duke of Edinburgh and the daughter of the
EmjttTor of Russia will be 7 feet 6 inches in
height and weigh f -(0 pounds.
Horse-flesh is now generally consumed at
Milan, where the cuisine is said to be so
perfuct that it is impossible to distinguish
it from the first quality of beef.
We often live tinder a cloud, and it is well
that we should do so. Uninterrupted sun
shine would parch our hearts; we want
shade and rain to cool and refresh them .
From tluve castor-beans planted by Dr.
Allen, of Montgomery county, Iowa, in
1871. and their yiuid in 1H72, their are new
growing iu bis neighborhood one hundred
It is said that in Wales there are 800.000
people who still cling to tbeir native tongue,
in spite of all the pressure which has been
exerted to compel them to adopt the Eng
lish language.
Marshall, one of the inmates of tbe State
Trison at Trenton, N. J., was shot by an
under keeper, on the 34th ult., while at
tempting to kill one Eastlack, who had been
left in charge of the prison shops.
A young man named George W. Leeping
has been arrested at Caldwell Station, W.
Va., for robbing the post office at that place.
Nearly all the stolen money (about Bvehun.
dred dollars) was recovered.
The engineers on some of the Pennsylva
nia railroads amuse themselves by carrying
tame trout in the water tanks of their loco
motives, where they are said to flourish, in
spite of the constant motion to which they
are subjected.
A whole family named Walker were ar
rested in Tremont, Aew York, on buuday a
week, on a charge of counterfeiting curren
cy aud stamps. A large quantity was fonud
on the premises and material for the manu
facture of more.
The 'Tatrons of Tlusbandry" hare been
so successful out West that some strong
minded ladies propose to get up an organi
zation to be called the "Patrons of Witery,"
the main object being to keep husbands from
staying out late at night.
A Brooklyn man has invented a life-pre.
server, which consists simply of tw sleeves
of India-rnhber, t? be drawn over the arms
and then intialed by blowing in them. In
this condition they will sustain the body in
any position the wearer may choose to as
sume on the surface of the water. Tbey
can be fastened- on the arms aud adjustud in
fifteen niiuutos.
A new method of preparing cofTee is be
coming popular in France. After roasting
the cofte-e is ground to very tine Hour, which
is then slightly moistened, mixed with
twice its weight of powdered sugar, and
pressed ioio tablets. Coffee prepared for
use in this manuer is claimed, pound for
pound, to be susceptible of far more com
plete utilization.
The Barnesville (Ohio) Enterprise says i
An old gentleman and lady trom Pennsyl
vania are visiting our fair whose life-history
is somen hat singular. It appiMirs that a
widow lady took an orphan boy to raise,
and when he arrived at the age of eighteen
she married him, she then being in her
fiitieth year. Ten years ago thu-y took an
orphan girl to raise. This summer the old
lady died, being ninety-six years of age,
and in nine weeks after, the old man mar
ried the girl they had raised, he being sixty,
eight years old and she eighteen.
A daring and extensive plot to rob the
Exposition at Indianapolis, Indiana, of dia
monds and other valuables, has been dis
covered. It was arranged that experienced
burglars should be placed near the cases
containing an immense amount of diamonds,
jewelry and silverware, while confederates
should cut the gas-pipe which supplies tho
Lxposition and which runs through an open
common. In the darkt.ess and confusion
the raid was to be made, the cases smashed
and the valuables secured. The guards
have been strengthened, calcium lights pro
vided, and all precautious taken to frus
trate their design.
A Keokuk (Iowa) lady, while engaged in
the pursuit of her domestic duties, encoun
tered a mouse in the flour barrel. She sum
moned the hired man and told him to get
the shot-gun. call the bull-dog, and station
himself at a convenient distance. Then she
climbed half way upstairs and commenced
to push the barrel vigorously with a pole.
Presently the mouse made its appearance
and started across the floor. The bull-dog
went iu pursuit. The hired man fired and
the d. g dropped dead. The lady fainted
and dropped don the stairs, and the hired
man, thinking she was killed, lit out and has
not been seen since. The mouse escaped.
P. T. Bsrnura left New York for Europe
en the 24 th ult., to investigate and arrange
details for his contemplated attempt at a
final solution of the aerial transatlantic
passage questiou, the scheme to be car.
ricd through at any cost, be says. He
had a conference with Wise and other
sailing-masters on the iJrd, during which he
said : "I have got this matter cut and dried,
and the first thing is to get over, and that I
depend on you balloon men to do. I'll at
tend to the rast. It I want you, Wise, I'll
cable for you, and wish you had your bal.
loon ready to beat those creeping s'eamers.
No sea-sickness either, you see. I wish I
was younger."
Xew dverttsement.
E7 AH business promptly attended to.
Orr ics With Jeremiah Lyons, Esq.
Uncollecting and Conveyancing prompt
ly attended to.
Orricz On Bridge street, opposite the
Court House Square.
Fall Upper or Lower Setts as Low as $3
No teeth allowed to leave the office un
less the patient is satisfied.
Teeth remodeled and repaired.
Teeth filled to last for life.
Dental wo' k done for persons without
them leaving their homes, if desired.
Toothache stopped in five minutes with
out extracting the tooth, at the Dental Of
fice of G. L. Derb, established in Mifflin
town in 1860.
Jan 24, 1872. Practical Deuist.
Large stock of Ready-made Clothing for
sale by HABLEY&CO.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14th, 1873. j
Whereas, in and by an Act of the Gen
eral Assembly oi" the Commonwealth ot
Pennsylvania, entitled "An Act relating to
the elections of 'his Commonwealth, p ss
ed the 2nd dav of July, a. o. Iis:t9, it is
made the duty o'r the Sheriff of every conn,
ty within the Commonwealth to give public
notice of tbe General Elections, and in such
notices to enumerate :
1. The officers to be elected.
2. Designate tbe place at which the elec
tion is o be held.
I, JOSEPH ARD, High Sheriff of the
count; of Juniata, do hereby make known
and give this PUBLIC NOTICE to the El
ectors of the Countv of Juniata, t'vit on the
second TUESDAY OF OCT'' Sr. -K.T,
(being the fourteenth day of tl..- rii -.ihl a
Genera' Election will be held at the sen .al
election districts established by law in said
county, at which tuna they will vote by bal
lot for tbe several officers hereafter men
tioned, viz :
One person to fill the office of Judge of
the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania.
One person to fill the office of Treasurer
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
One person to represent the District com
posed of the counties of Juniata, Centre,
Mifflin and Huntingdon, in tne senate oi
the Commonweal'h of Pennsylvania.
One person to represent the District com
posed ot the comities of Juniata and Mifflin
in the House of Representatives of the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania.
One person to fill the office of Sheriff of
Jnniata county.
One person to fill the office of Register
and Recorder and Clerk of the Oiphans'
Court of Juniata county.
Oue person to till the office of County
Commissioner of Juniata county.
One person to till the office of Jury Com
missioner of Juniata county.
One person to till the office of Treasurer
of Juniata caunty.
One person to till the office of Auditor of
Juniata county.
One person to fill the office of Coroner oi
Juniata county.
The said elections will be held through
out the county as follows .
At the Court House in the borough of
Mifltintown, tor the borough of .MiHiiiitown.
At the Court House in the borough ol
Mifllintown, for Fermanagh township.
At tbe School House in Mexico, for Walk
er township.
At Smith's School House, for Delaware
At the School Ilonse in Thompson town,
fer tbe borough of Thompsuntown.
At the Public House ol Thomas Cox, for
Greenwood township.
At the School 1onse in Richfield, for
Monroe township.
At Frymojer's Hotel, for Susquehanna
At the School House in McAlisterviile,
for Fayette township.
At tho School House in Patterson, for the
borough ot Patterson.
A tbe School House In rerrysville, for
the borough of Perrysvilte.
At the Locust Grove School House, near
the residence of Mr. Stewart, for Miltord
At Spruce Hill School House, for Sprnce
Hill township.
At the School House at Academia, for
Beale township.
At the School House near McCulloch's
Mills, lot Tuscarora township, except that
portion of it lying north-west aid of the
summit of the Shade Mountain.
At the Lick School House, near the resi-
dence of benjamin Walls, liee'd., lor Lack
township, except that portiou ol it, lying
north-westward of trie summit of the Shade
At the Centre School House, for so much
of the townships of Lack and Tuscarora as
lie north-west of the summit of the Shade
Slou' tain.
At the Church Hill School House, for
Tnrbctt township.
1 ALSO .MAKE KNOWN' and give ro-
tice, as in and by the 4.Inl sec ion of th
aforesaid act I am directed, "mat every l-r-
son excepting justices ol the peace, who
shall hold any oiiicc ol trust unuer tne
Uniled States, or this Slate, or any city or
incorporated district, whether a commis
sioned otticer or otherwise, a subordinate
officer or agent who is or shall be employed
under the legislative, executive or judiciarv
department ot this State, or of the United
States, or of any incorporated city or dis
trict, and also that every member of Con
gress and of the State Legislature, and ot
the select or common council of any cityur
commissioner of any incorporated district.
is by law incapable ot homing or exercising
at the same tleofliceorappointnicntul jude
inspeciorur ciem 01 anv elections oi tins
Commonwealth, and no judge, inspector or
other officer ot such election shall be eligi
ble to any office then to be voted tor.
Also that by the 4th section ot the Art
of Assembly, entitled "An Act n lating to
exi-cutions and tor other pn poses," appro
ved April 18, 1H40, it is enacted that the
aforesaid 13th section 'shall not be construed
so as to prevent any military officer or bor
ough officer from serving as judge, inspec.
tor or clerk of any general or special elec
tion of this Commonweal. h."
By the act of Assembly of 18.19, known as
the Registry Law, it isprov.ded as follows :
1. Election officers are to open the polls
between the hours of six and seven . M.,
on the day of the election. Belore 6 o'clock
in the morning of second Tuesday of Octo
ber the v are to receive from the County
Commissioners the Registered List of Voters
and all necessary election blanks, and they
are to permit no man to vote whose name is
not on said list, unless lajtshall make proof
ot his right to vote, as follows :
2. The person whose name is not on the
list, claiming the right to vote must pro
duce a qualified voter of the district to
sw ear in a written or printed affidavit to the
residence of tbe claimant in the district for
at least ten da s next preceding said elec
tion, defining clearly where the residence of
the person was.
3. The party claiming the right to v ote
shall also make an affidavit, stating to the
best of his knowledge and belief where
and when he was born, that he is a citizen
of Pennsylvania and of the United States,
that ne has resided in the State one year,
ot, if formerly a citizen therein and remov
ed therefrom, that he has resided therein
six months next preceding said election,
that he has not moved into the district for
the purpose of voting therein, that he has
paid a State or county tax within two years,
which w is assessed at least ten days belore
the election, and the affidavit shall state
when and where the tax was assessed and
paid, and the tax receipt fust be produced
unless the affiant shall state that it has been
lost or destroyed, or that he received none.
4. If the applicant be a naturalized citi
zen, ho must, in addition to the ton-going
proofs, state in his affidavit when, w here
and by what court he was naturalized, and
produce liu certificate ot naturalization
ii. K.v.pff !-.!ttin(r tn lu. n-!n-:t1
ized citiaeu, whether on lu Registry List,
or producing affidavits as ktoresaiJ, shai ba
required to produce his naturalization ccr
tincate at the election b lore voting, except j
w nere be nas been 'or ten years consecu
tively a voter in the district where he offers
to vote ; and on the vote of snch a person
being received, the Election Officers are to
write or stamp the word "voted" on his
certificate with tbe month a.i-1 year, and no
other vote can be cast that uav in vi.-te ot
said certificate except where sons are enti.
tled to vote upon the naturalization ot ilieir 1 liiotireal'u ot t ecisylvauui lit Guiieroi As
father. J semoiy iu:.-t, md ii is hereOy enacted by tie
6. If the person claiming to vote who is authority of the a hoc, That the qualified
not Registered ihall t-iake an affidavit that t vouts ol the several counties of this Coru
he is a native born citizen ol the United ' nmuwealtb, at all general, tunnship, tr
Statcs. or, if born elsewhere, shall produce ough ami special elections, are hereby here-
evidence of his naturalization, cr that he is
entitled to citizenship by reason of his fath
er's naturalization, and further, that he is
between 21 and 22 years of age, and has
resided in the State one year, and in tho
election district ten days uexl preceding
the election, he shall be entitled to vote
though he (hall col have paic taxes.
7. If any eiectiou officer shall refuse or
negl'wt to require such proof oi th r.cLt vf
suflrsge, as is descrioed by this law v laie j
laws to which this is a supplement, from
any person cfle;i-g to vote whose name fs
"t il. l,t " i-esed Toters, or whorfe
r;jrht to vote n ch i'leicd by any qualified j
v.' icr present, and shall admit such person .
L v --- ..n t jt r.M;i-r:i:? su' h pruof, everv j
... .. -. i;,...' tK;.!' iim.-.i com ictton. f
be j;t.slt' ol hi-n uo-n iiieam.-r, and fhall
b senl-nr.' '.. l-r eerv ich ott'ence, toay
a Cne not b-Mxeding ..ne hundred dollars,
r t niidc.io an io prisinneiit not more
than oiu- vear, or either or both, at tne ais-
cntioii of the court.
j. Ten aivs preceding every election
for electors of President and Vim Presi
dent ot the Uuired States, it shall be the
dutv of ths Assessor to attend at the place
tlx'-d by la for holding tho election in each
election district, and then and there hear
all applications of persons whose names
have been omitted from the list of assessed
voters, and who claim the right to vote, or
whose rights have originated since the same
was made out, and shall add the names ol
such persons thereto as shall show that they
are entitled to the right or sullrage in such
district, on the personal application of the
claimant only, and lortbwiiu assess them
with a prop 'r tax Alter completing tbe
list, a copv thereof shall be placed on tho
door of the house where the election is to
be held, at least eight tiays before the elec
tion ; and at the election the same couraa
shall be pursued, in all respects, as is re
quired by this act and the acts to which it
is a supplement, at the general elections in
October. The Assessor shall also make
the same returns to the County Commis
sioners of all assessm -nts made by virtue
of this section ; and the County Commis
sioners shall fnmiftb copies thereof lo me
election officers in each district, in like man
ner as is required at the general elections
in Octi.ber.
9. The same rules and regulations shall
apply at every special election, and at eveiy
separate city, borough or ward election, in
10. The respective Assessors, Inspectors
and Judges of the elections shall eacb bave
the power to administer oaths to any per
son claiming the right to be assessed or the
right of satt'rage, or in regard to any of saal
officers nnder this act; any wilful false
swearing by any person in relation to any
matter or thing" concerning which they shall
be lawfully intetrogated by any of said of
ficers, shall be punished as perjure.
11. The Assessors shall receive the same
compensation for the time necessarily spent
in performing the duties hereby enjoined as
provided by law for tlie performance of
their other duties, to be paid by the County
Con-niissioners, as in othir cases, and it
shall not be lawful for any Assessor to as
sess a tax against any person whatever
within ten days next prvcoding the election
to be held on'the il Tuesday of October, in
any year, or within ten d ya next before any
election for electors of President or Vic
President ol the United Mates; any viola
tion of this provision shall be a misdemean
or, and subject the otltcers so offending to
a tine, on conviction, nut exceeding ont
hundred dollars, or to imprisonment not ex
ceeding three months, or bwtb, at the dis
cretion of the court.
And the Judges of the respective Dis
tricts aforesaid, are by thesaul act requirca
to meet at the Court ilonse in tbe Borough
of Mifllintown, on tbe third day alter the
said dav ot Election, being iKlDAi.tlie
and there to perioral the things tequired of
them bv iaiv
Pursuant to the provisions contained in
the 67th section of the ct first si ore said,
the judges of the aforesaid district shall re
spectively take charge of tbe certificate of
return ol the election ot mew respective
districts and proflu e theiu at a meeting of
the judges trom each district, at the Court
House in the borough of Miltlint twa, on tho
third uav alter the day of election, being
the present vear on Friday, the Mb dav of
rvoveinber, theii ami there touoand p-rlorm
: the fluties required bv lavrot sai l iii.taes.
Also, that whore a judge by sickness or un-
avoidabli! accident is unable to attt nd said
: mc-ttinj of judges, then the certificate of
i ruturn aforesaid, shall be taken charge ot
I DV one of the inspectors or clerks of the
election of said district, who shall do and
perform tne duties required of said judges
unable to attend.
Skctio.s 1. Be it enacted, Jtc, That tbe
qualified voters of this Commonwealth shall
choose by bail t, on she second Tuesday of
October, Anno Domini one thousand eight
hu. Hired ami seve ty-tbree, and on the Jay
! ot the ureteral election ertry second tear
thei caller, one person to till the oltice ot
! State Treasurer, and until such officer is
; elected and a-tsumes the duties of his office
; according to tho provisions of this act, th
present incumbent, upon his renewing his
official bond, to be approved by the Gover
nor, not later than the first Monday of May
next, shall have all the powers and perform
all the duties of State Treasurer.
Sectiox 2. Anv person elected State
Treasurer in pursuance of the provisions of
this act, shall be commissioned by the Gov
ernor of this Con-monweaith, and assume
the duties nf the oltice on the first Monday
of May next succeedi-ig his t lection, and
, shall have mid possess all the oowers erant.
, en, irloriu all ma amies aim De stthfect 'O
all the penalties imposed by existing laws of
Ihe Commonwealth relating to Slate Treas
urer and the management ol the State treas
ury. SscTtojt 3. The term of theoffiee of State
Treasurer shall bi two years, from the Hrt
Monday of May next succeeding his election.
His salary shall be five thousand dollars per
annum, payable quarterly, and no person
shall be twice chosen in four years.
Skctios 4. The election laws now in force
forthe choice of Governor of this Common
wealth, shall regulate the election of -Stat j
1 ruasurer ; and in case ot anv vacancy oc
enrring in said office from death, resignation,
failure to quahlv and assume the duties af
ter election or otherwise, the Governor shall
appoint some proper person to till such va
cancy until the first Monday of May follow .
;ng the nextgeneral election ; and the qual
ified electors shull, at the first general elec
tion, which shall h ipiwn more than sixty
days after such vacancy shall occur, elect.
in the manner herein provided, a suitable
person to till said office for the I nil term
authorized by the provisions of this act.
Section 5. That the election of any per
son appearing to be elected Treasurer under
the provisions of this act, may be contested
on the petition of the qualified electors of
this Commonwealth, by the same tribunal
aud in the same manner and under the same
resolutions and restrictions prescribed un
der tbe act ot July second, one thousand
eight hundred and thirty-nine, tor contest
ing the election of any person as Governor
ol this Lcni'uonwealth
SECTfJif 6. Bef ore he enters upon the du
ties ot his office, the suite Treasurer shall
take the oath of office, or atfi laition of of
fice, agreeably to the directions of the Con
stitution ol the Tjnited States and this Com
monwealth, and shall become Dound in an
obligation with five or moru sureties, to be
approved bj the Governor, iu the sum of
one million ol dollars lawful money of tbe
United States, conditioned for the true and
laithtul performance ot th - trusts an 1 liutres
enjoined and required by law, to be per.
formed by such Treasurer ; and the execu
tion thereof being duly proved, th satu-;
shall be entered of record in tbe office of
the Secretary ol the Commonwealth. Copies
ot such obligation, duly authenticated muter
the seal of said office, shall lie received as
j !" '' evidence in any court of this Com
J monwea.lh.
: Approved 1 h ?"lh day of April, A. D,
tons. Jr. HART KAN FT,
Particular attention indirectcd to the first
section ot the Act ot Assembly, passed tbe
iSUth day ot Maich, A.D fStto. entitled "An
Act regulating tbe manner of voting at all
elections in the several counties of this
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of licpresenta:ives of the Coro-
alter authorized aud required to Vote by
ticket, printed or written, or partly printed
auu partly written, severally cl.vssiiied as
follows : One ticket shall embrace tbe names
vf all Judge of Courts voted tor. and to be
labeled outside "JuJiciarj ;" une ticket
shall embrace a!) tue names of State Olivers
voted for, at.d hv labeled "State-" o le
ticket gbtdl enoracwttie iiatBe oi all ounty
ciucers voiea lor, inciutii'i vni. e or oeno-
tor, ineiuber aud ueinoers ol Asseraoty, at
tea for. aaC laocieu , -
IhtlUmbr-e the names of all t.wnship of
fers voted for. and be labeled "townsh p;
Sne ticket shall embrace tbe names ot all
borough officers tf, 'i
"boro.gh ;" and each class shall be depos
ited in separate ballot boxes.
A so, tbat in the 81st section of said Act
it is enacted that "when two or more conn
tie, shall compose a district for the choice
, . member r members of the bw.te of
this Commonwealth or of the House ot Re
presentees of the United Stales, or of
this Commonwealth, tho jud-es of tbo elec
tion in each county having met as aforesaid,
the c) rks shall make out a lair statement ot
all the votes which shall have been given at
such elections within the county, for every
person voted fer as snch member or mem
bers, which shall be signed by said judges
and attested bv the clerks, and one ol swM
judges shall take charge of such certificate
and shall produce the same at a meeting of
one judge from each comity at such place
in such district asis or may be appointed
by law for the purpose. .
The Return Judges for this Senatorial
District will meet in Huntingdon on Tues
day, October 2 1st, then and there to be and
perform such duties as are required by law
ot said Judges.
The Return Judges for this Representa
tive District will meet in Mirtlintnwn on
Tuesdav, Oatober 21st, then and there fo dc
aud perform stteo amies as aro ivi "j
law of said J udges.
Given under ray hand, at Mimintown, the
first dav ot septemoer, j. i; -
of the independence of the United Stal
the ninetv-scveuth.
JOSEPH ARD, Sheriff.
Mifllintown, Sept. 1, 1873-te.
awarded by tlie several Committee at
the Junlioa County Agricalturitl I"'ir, lo w
held at IVrrvsvllle, In said county, on Tl r.
TUBKK 7 th, Sth and h, IST :
For best Sitntlton over 3 yiars old $ W
do Second do. do S M
do Heavy Inifl Horse or Mare 6 0
to Second do. ilo.............- 3 JJ
ilo HarprsM uorse or mare - 4 w
do Hfeftnd do. do.
do Pair harness horses or mares 4 W
do Heeond do. ilo...- - 3
do Saddle horse or mare
do Second do. do a ,"
do Hrood mare and colt 5 m
do Second do. uo... . ''
Alt t-olt. 3 vears old. horse or mare 3 OH
do Second do. do .
do Two y ear old eoli
th) Second do. In..-..-
do Yearling colt
do Second do. "to .
do Sucking colt-.
do Jae-a
do Second to
do Flitr mules.
i in
3 U
-J no
1 Dtt
8 00
4 (10
3 0U
i (l
4 ll
do Second do. do.
do Four horse team
do hour mule team .
do Mule colt
do Second do. do
3 00
2 00
1 00
For bet Trotting horse or mare raised
in county - Srn
For liesi eeoml do. do . I ' "O
do Third do. do - W OU
do Trottiim horse or mare rawed
outside of county . 15 00
do Secoud do. do
. 10 00
For best Bull over 2 years .
do Second no. no
. 3 ll
. J
. 1 1
. 4 Ul
do Ki.ll cnlf under 2 years -
do Second do. tto
no 1 'ow over 2 years -
ilo Second do. do.... . 3 110
do Heifer calf under 2 years 3 OU
do Second do. do 1 00
do Yoke of oxen 3 09
For best (Ine wooled buck or ewe over 1
do Second do. do I 00
do wooled buck or ewe over
1 year 3 01)
do Second do. do 1 OH
do fen of lumlis (6 or more). 1 )
do Pen of ewes (6 or more; over 1 jr 3 Wl
For best Bonr over months $2 00
do Second dt. do t 01
do Breed im; sow and pigs . . 2 mi
lo Second do. do . . 1 oo
do I'uir irixs, for atce - 1 SO
For best pair chit kens (male nnd fc
do Second do, do . .Vl
do Collection (II or more) 1 U)
do Scolid do. do .1k
do I'uir turkeys tuiale A female)...... 3 i
do Second ttK do i tm
(to I'air geese .... 75
do I'air tlut-ks 50
do Pair ifiimvaH- Stl
do Pair pen towis 7-5
For Iwd Kanninz Mill S3 Oil
do Cultivator I Ul
do (iniiiT seeder and cultivator.- 1 l)
do Hay elevatir. I is)
do Koad witKon, new 3 Ot)
do (me and two horse wagon, new,
eaeli 2 00
do Grain cradle, new- . 1 00
do Straw and fodder eulter 3 )
do Kenper and mower... 3 ()
do Harrow I u)
do Plow on trial 2 On
do Subsoil plow I (Ml
do Corn plow 2 U
do Hors- power and threshing ma
chine 3 00
do Clover hnller, new . - on
do I-Iors- rake, ne-.v 1 ()
do Corn sliel'er, new I Oil
do tlinrn, new . I ()
do VattiiiK machine 1 CO
do Vissl saw, elrculur or other saw, I 50
do Cora grimier. 1 uo
For Itest display of ealtinef ware ...$s 00
do display of Is-.-ts and shoes.......... 2 Wi
do Suttof elott.itttf 1 no
do t.oi of casting 2 oa
do Lot of horse shoes and nails. 1 (W
do Lot of corn brooms .. ft)
do Tanne t ami finished harness 2 n)
do Variety of upper and calf skins, 2 00
do Side of sole leather . 2 ")
do Iluguy. new . a 00
do Family carriage- 4 (M
do Spring wagon .. 2 in
do sulky 1 00
do Hisplny of btiKKy and wagon har
ness 2 no
do Display of naltliery- 2 on
do Cnokitig stove 1 art
do Display f tinware 1 no
do Bee !nv..... 1 uo
For hest barrel of Flour $2 00
do second dn dtt . i Go
do Buslu-I bockwheat flour 1 tt)
do Corn meal..... ."jo
do White wheat-.-
1 St)
do Second do.,
do Hed wheat.....
do Second do.....
1 ill
1 00
1 M0
do Kye..
do Second do
do Corn in earn..
do Second do
do OnO
do Second lo
do Barley
do Second do .
do CWtventeed
1 5U
1 IM
ZIZZ. 2 oi)
do Second do..
1 00
1 08
do Timothy ..
llo Secoud tlo
For best bushel of Irish p-rtaten
. tl 00
oo iseconti uo. no....
do Sweet potatoes
1 00
tui Mecnnit ilo. uo....
do bushels of turnips 50
do Pumpkins, cow or sweet each 511
do Lot of sweet or common kind..... 50
00 ii 01 ruta miga. sugar beets, cab
bag, cauliflower or egg plant.
each . 50
do Display of vegrtable..... J 00
For best Half has. apples, fall or winter, tl 00
do Second tlo. tlo 5,,
do It of dried cherries....... am
no 1 yd tr penra , . , oh
do Display of dried frnit. on
do Display of green frult...... 2 0U
do Lot of uuineea j
do Display of g rapes y no
do Display ot peaches 1 ou
For beat Fruit cake, rusk, poundcake.
Itghi cafceor litttf of hrrad.eaeh.J SO
do Currant, blackberry or elderber
ry wine, each 50
do Half gallon pure juice of grape,
quince, peacu, tomato, apple or
crab preserves, each a
do Display of preserves 4 Jellies.... J on
do Jar of annle butter..
do Honey in comb and box. t tts..
do Second do. ilo
do Five ponnds of butter In roll! I
do Second do. do. .............
do Home made cheese """
. 2 (0
. 1 IS)
. 2 OU
. 1 00
. 2 00
For best Flannel. 10 yards.,
do Second do. do.......
do guilt
do Second do............
do Coverlet
do Second -lo .. ..
tt on
2 IM
4 00
. 3 M
2 IM
3 no
do Linen sheets
do second do. tlo
do Pnir iint-n table cloths.. ".
do Hecojnl do. do
do Pairwoolen hose...; "!""
do Second do. do .
do Pair woolen blanketa..l""IIl."
do Second do. do....
do Woolen carpet, lOysa-d!...!.!!.
2 Ul)
2 m
1 0U
2 ni
3 on
no rneronu do. do jyn
milieus, gioves, or ornamental
needle work, max, rug, :iell
work, wax fttwent, cushions
and table cover. each
For best Shirt 5) go
do Seono. do s. fi)
00 Disn'ayof embroidery. 4 ou
00 Child's ireB,eb.tr tidy, ottoman
cover, sampler, itair of slippers,
stand, cover, bun 9 rag.Aceach. 50
Fo best Display drawing 4 pr.lntings.J3 00
do Second do. do 2 aV
do Drawings in architecture 2 00
For best Band, subject to order of exec
utive committee for lest two
days of t'ulr T3) 00
do Second do. do ... 10 00
1 Premiums will lie awarded on all mer
itorious articles omitted in tbe above enu-
mrNo"arttclo or animal on be admitted on
the fi.ir sttrtinils nutil properly entered oa
the tiooas 01 me seviei.tij.
;j a article or animal must )e removed
niitll it ciose except by the permission of
the managers. , , .
4 Hay and straw for all animals ft- of
ClThe ring shall not be entered, either
riding or driving a hot, hy any person in-
'"Vlie'sveral committee will make tbeir
report to t lie secretary I y o'clock, on Tbnr-
'''JJL 'flowing match will occur at 9 o'ctock,
A M., on Thursday, theDth.
8 Owners of auimida intending to com
pete or the prize offered un-ter the head of
fTa-ed will be expected to pay o for cow-ring;
tlielr horses.
O All article IntentJett ttrexhibltinn must
be entered ty ten o'cbs-k.oo Wednesday, ths
stli. as the secretary' books will be post'
lively rttwrd at that time.
in-Sp'-cial admission into in grounds for
a single horse, one uol'J:r; fo.- n horse and
veiilt le. oue d'!:r and a balf; for two
horses and vehicle, two dollars, Mil will not
be allowed to be on the ring daring the trial
for speed. .
II No article or sn-moil can compete for
more tliua one premium.
12-The several committees are requested to
return tlieir hooks to the Premium Commis-
sion-rs alter tlv awards are determined to
la' by thenr, corrected before said commit
tee anil dbcharpet.
The families of lltose tnktng one share of
stock, enter free, and have also the right of
The families of those taxing one share of
stock eider free, but will le charged fifty
cents for the right of exhibiting.
Kainllr t-kel with the right of exhibit
ing, one'dollar. Single tickets, twenty-Hv
C"W" R. -W. JAMISON, Prtmdrnt.
Sept-17, W5 31.
We have opened ont in Jacob Thorns'
parlor, one door north of the Juniata Hotel,
tbe largest and beat stock of
T3-y t'l'MTlfis,
ever brought to tbe county.
We buy onr stock from Manufacturer and
ia large lots. We pay tmk and expect to
sell for ewh, which will enable ws to offer
This branch of the business will be super
intended by A. B. FA.SIC, one of the best
practical mechanic In the county. AU
kind of repairing done.
All Work WajTanted
Cornelius Bartley.
July 2, 1873 tt
Pomeroy, Patterson, Jacobs & Co.
CAPITAL, $110,000.
JOSEPH POMF.ItOY, President.
T. VAN 1KVOJ, CasLiur.
Joseph Pomeroy, !John Ralsbach,
Jerome N. Thompson,-II. H. Bechtel,
John J. Patterson, S. Frank Kaglo.
George Jacoiss,
I'r.itrd Stntn Securities, Jiumda, dec, bougtat
and sold.
Neern-lAirftr, exchanged far Firc-twtnlie at
market rtes. I'uiu-d states coupon paid.
Goitl fnui MitT bought at highest rate.
Ih ptuntt rrerirrd, rotlecfunu noilr, draft, on
. he pri t ip-U ritie, mtd a yrnrrul banking btui
t .w trnwutttetL
lion. Is ami other valuable paper received
111 special deposit. Jyla-tf
The nndontt-aictl, lute of tbe firm 01 Fsslc
North, wtitd reHpc-u'ally announce to tho
public that he- h:is oM-:ed a Hoot and shta
ston; In said building, and keep on baud
large and w ell selected slock of
He I also pre pa ret! to manufacture, of tha
best umttrmL, all kinds of
for gents, Indies ami children.
Give me a call, for I feel confident that I ran
furnish yon with any kind of work you may
ties'! re.
- Repairing done neatly and at reasona
ble rates.
Men-, over
Headquarters eoata.
Youths', Dress
FOR coats.
and READY-MADE nuslne.
Boyy CLOTHING, Pants,
mu, HATS & CAPS, v"-
NOTIONS, 8hlrt8
Drawers sew BOOTS & SHOES, VmieT.
Fashion Glove.
Fiirnishiiig Goods. H
,Bd O Caps,
C" WATER Streets,
and Carpet.
Jan. 17, ttf72-te. Notion.
th5 e,4e.
nr Calami Set rk,-SB
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