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Agricn tural.
AuTUirt Gabdktino. October is the
month, above all others, for taking time
by the forelock. So much can be done
this month that is not infrequently
delayed until spring, that the labor of
spring-gardening will be Terr mnch
.decreased in fact, reduced to little
mora than play. New walks and drives
ran be laid ont and made, and old ones
repaired, new flower-beds can be made
or the old ones put in order, ready for
the spring planting, or set ont imme
diately with perennials, designed to
bloom the next year. New lawns can
be made, and the barren spots in old
ones sown with Grass-seed.
The gardener should not relax her
efforts in her garden at this season of
the year. It is too frequently the case
that on the approach of winter the
garden is neglected, and becomes nn
ltrhtlT with fallen leaves, dead animals.
and rubbish of all sorts. If properly
attended, it should be a source of
pleasure until the fall of snow. The
fall-blooming flowers are among the
most brilliant of the whole season.
Zinnias and Petunias hold their own
until frost, and Marigolds do not ceme
into full bloom until quite late in the
season. Dahlias will make a magnificent
ho if properly attended to, and Chry
santhemums retain their bloom until
near Christmas.
The walks and drives should be care
fully raked and cleared from falling
leaves. The flower-beds should be
cleared of the dead and dying stalks of
the summer bloomers, the flower stalks
of the perennials that have gone ont of
blossom should be cut down, the empty
beds made over neatlv for the next year.
the transplanting attended to.thedahlias
and chrysanthemums properly staked,
and the garden will prove a source of
pride and satisfaction np to the very
coming of winter.
Bark Lice. It is very easy to destroy
bark lice. The little oyster-like scale
was last year the living insect a white
louse so small as to be almost micros
copic, with just enough vitality to move
a little from its parent nest, and there
fix itself, growing eight or ten times
larger, bv means of a viscous fluid
exuding from its body, and finally
hardening into the scale now covering
from one to two dozen eggs, looking
like white dust. A little watching witn
the aid of a pocket magnifier, which
every farmer ought to own and carry
with him, will enable the observer to
tell when they are hatched ont and
moving, which, in this latitude, 4250,
and elevation above tide-water 1,225
feet, is about the 20th of June. At any
time after this, and before they are
fixed to the bark, or are too much grown
and hardened, nothing more expensive
than soap suds from a Monday's wash
ing is needed for their complete de
struction. In my own experience, one
thorough washing with soft soap suds
has always sufficed to kill them all,
and restore a tree to vigor. Country
Effects of Soil and Season on Milk.
U B. Arnold, of Ithaca, truthfully
aays ; The variations arising from the
nature of the land are very important
to the dairyman. Milk is very different
when produced on high and rolling pas
tures from that produced on low and
wet land, and it must be treated differ
ently to obtain the best results. The
milk from the dry pasture can go to the
factory with but little cooling or airing,
and remain sweet and sound. It re
quires much more abuse to spoil it than
the milk from wet ground, and it has a
much better flavor and odor, and makes
finer goods. Milk from marshy ground
has a strong, sourish smell, and sours
and taints so easily that it requires to
be thoroughly aired and cooled to make
a passable product from it. Wet and
dry seasons require a corresponding
variation in the treatment of milk to
work it into good cheese.
Top - Dressho Meadows. In my
experience the best results can be ob
tained by applying the manure on the
surface of the meadow as soon as pos
sible aper the grass has been cut. If
it is cloudy or rainy weather at the time,
or soon afterwards, so much the better,
as the liquid from the manure will then
be carried into the soil, to be taken up
by the roots of the grass at the time
when they need the stimulus the most,
as they receive a severe shock by being
laid bare to the action of the sun's rays
at a season of the year when the weather
is usually the driest. I have noticed
that if grass is not cut close to the
ground it will start much sooner. If
the manure is applied at the time stated.
in a short time it will be covered by a
ii-bj hi wruinui, i uniitming a protection
irom tne neat of autumn, as well as
from the frosts of fall and spring. Cor.
Turf, yield, and Farm.
Effect of Manure on Weeps. The
application of manures suited to par
ticular kinds of cultivated plants appears
to have an efficient effect in checking
the growth of weeds, which would other
wise prove injurious. In regard to
clover, it was found that when the land
was wholly unmannred the weeds formed
T7 per cent, of the entire yield : but
that the application of gypsum reduced
the proportion of weeds to two per cent.
Nitrogenous mannres had very slight
effect, and pliosphatic mannres but
little more. We must not from this.
however, consider gypsum as an anti
dote to weeds in general, since it is t
specific manure for clover, and gives it
a power to struggle successfully with
the weeds and crowd them out.
Frehh Bctteb in Winter. As
general thing butter is scarce during
the Winter season, and fresh butter
bears a high price. By taking proper
measures, which include having the
cows to come in from October to Janu
ary ; a warm, comfortable stable, a
frost-proof dairy, clover hay cut in
blossom and well saved, a supply of
carrots, penect cleanliness in the stable,
and a plentiful supply of water free from
ice and snow, with daily drinks of bran
or oatmeal slop slightly warmed, and
cooked food, the dairy may be made as
prolifio and far more profitable than in
the Summer. 1 he butter will be yellow.
hard, and will keep fresh longer, and
Irom its scarcity at that season, would
bring a very high price.
Protection against Cut Worms. A
thin layer of pine saw-dust spread
around the base of the plant will gen
erally protect it ; and in setting out
plants, as cabbage and the like, nothing
equals a leal wrapper around the stalk.
That will never fail. Roll any kind of
leaf convenient around the stalk, and
set it into the ground with the plant.
It will dry and become hard in a day,
and then no cut worm will trouble it ;
and when the plant has grown sufficiently
large to burst off the leaf it will be out
of danger."
Graftino Grapes on the Sctpper
nono. A Frenchman has found that
he gets rid of all rot cn the Catawba,
Concord and other grapes upon which
it usually appears, by grafting them on
henppernong stocks.
Dr. Hill of Portland related a striking
anecdote oi a toad which had swallowed
one end of a large earthworm, and had
become so tired in its attempts to get
the rest down that it was in danger of
losing the whole, the worm crawling out
of the toad's month faster than it could
be swallowed. The toad then brought
np its right hind foot, and grasping its
stomach and the worm in it, held the
worm in with its foot, taking a fresh
grip after every gulp, until the job was
finished. Scientific A merican
.1 1. 1 -
The Leaf. An interesting article on
the leaf, shows that the latter pomps
water from the ground through the
thousands of tubes in the stem of the
tree, and sends it into the atmosphere
in the form of unseen mist to be con
densed and fall in showers the ery
water that but for the It af would sink
in the earth and find its way, perchance,
through subterranean channels to the
sea. And thus it is that we see it works
to trive us the "early and later rain.
It works to send the rills and streams,
like lines of silver, down the mountain
and across the plain. It works to pour
down the large brooks which turn the
wheels that energize tne macninery
which gives employment to millions
commerce stimulated, wealth accumu
lated, and intelligence disseminated
through the agency of this wealth. The
leaf does it alL It has been demon
strated that every square inch of leaf
lifts 3-500 of an ounce every twenty-four
hours. Now. a large forest tree Has
about five acres of foliage, or 6,272,640
sauarn inches. This being multiplied
by 3-500 (the amount pumped by every
inch ) eives us the result 37,635 ounces,
or 7,704 pints, or 2,353 quarts, or 18
barrels. The trees on one acre give 800
barrels in 24 hours. An acre oi grass.
of clover, or grain, wonld yield about
the same result. The leaf is a worker,
too, in another field where we seldom
look where it works for the good of
man in a wonderful manner. It carries
immense Quantities of electricity from
the earth to the clouds and from the
clouds to the earth. Rather dangerous
business, transporting lightning, but it
is particularly fitted for this work. Did
you ever see a leaf entire to its edges
It is always pointed, and these points,
whether they be large or small, are just
fitted to handle this dangerous agent
These tiny fingers seize upon and carry
it away with ease and wonderful de
spatch. A mcrtcan Entomologist.
Asbestos. The name of this inde
structible compound is derived from
the Greek word anucMon, which, trans
lated, literally means unburnable a
title which is justly earned by this ex
traordinary substance. Asbestos is
mineral; it is found in nearly every
part of the world, and occurs in distinct
veins and seams, usually in tne serpen
tine formation of rocks. In order to
procure it, it is necessary to mine in
regular form, and to work the seams by
blasting and tunneling. The manufac
ture of asbestos steam packing is at
once a simple and beautiful process.
The raw material is brought to the
manufactory in considerable quantities
from different parts of the world It
comes in sacks, and resembles most
closely chips and blocks of wood, al
though of a beautifully white color.
The fragments are picked apart and re
duced to a fiberous condition like jute,
or flax, or cotton, lhe material once
properly opened up, it is, by means of
simple and ingenious machinery, formed
into packing of the usual market sizes.
Cork Jackets fob Steam Boilers.
A French engineer has adopted cork for
the jacketing of boilers and other part
of machinery. Cork is known to be an
excellent non-conductor of heat, and
these cork jackets are said t diminish
the outward radiation by 15 C. The
cork is cut in the form of staves, and
these are united together by tongues,
as in the case of flooring boards, so that
the lines of junction are protected,
while the cork staves are easily removed
when the necessity occurs. Portions
of one of these jackets, which had been
on a boiler at work for fifteen months,
were exhibited the other day at a meet
ing of the Pans Society for the En
couragements of the Arts, etc., and
were not found to have been in any way
anected by tne neat of tne boiler. act-
entific American.
The Compass in Iron Vessels. The
compass in iron ships is specially
affected in certain localities on tbe coast
of Nova Scotia, which accounts for the
loss of steamers in that region. In
spite of corrections, applied in England,
whereby iron ships may be safely nan
gated in a given course approximately
west-south -west and east-north-east.
when they come to head more to the
north or south by several points on the
American coast, their corrections, good
on the coast of England, are valueless
in some ships. It is well known that
the heeling of the iron ship, the rolling,
pitching, the concussion of the waves,
have an important effect upon the com
pass hence, nothing but constant ob
servations of tbe sun at noon and the
north star can insure a correct course.
Xioht Violet. A new coloring mat
ter called night violet, is prepared by
digesting for twelve hours with iodide
of methyl, alcohol and caustic soda in
an apparatus furnished with an inverted
condenser. The mass, taken from the
apparatus, is boiled for a long time with
strong soda lye, which removes all the
iodine, leaving the violet as a cake,
which is to be dissolved in a mixture of
sulphuric acid and water, and then pre
cipitated by addition of a small quan
tity of soda. The cake so obtained if
washed with a little cold water dissolved
in boiling water, filtered, and the color
precipitated with salt. The violet so
prepared appears of its proper color by
artificial light
A man of Springfield, VL , has invented
a new suspension bridge. It consists
of a single wire stretched across Black
river and a car that will contain two
persons that travels back and forth on
the wire. The east end of the wire is
the highest, and the momentum of the
oar serves to carry it across, a distance
of two hundred feet, in fifteen seconds.
Returning the car travels to the centre
of the wire without help, and from
thence is drawn np by a cord attached
to the car, the entire trip occupying
only thirty-seconds.
The Chinese use water-proof varnish,
made by beating together fresh blood
and quicksilver. Von Scherzer states
that he has seen in Pekin, wooden
chests, which have been varnished with
it, and after a journey through Siberia
to St Petersburg and back, were still
sound and perfectly water-tight Bas
kets of straw, used for the transporta
tion of oil, are prepared by this varnish ;
it also gives the appearance and firm
ness of wood to pasteboard.
Electro-Deposition of Aluminum.
Dissolve the desired salt of aluminum
or a double salt of aluminum and potas
sium, sodium, etc.. in distilled water.
and concentrate to 20 Baume (at 50
Fahrenheit ) The battery used is either
four pairs of Smee's zinco-platinum or
three liunsen s zinco-carbon, tne ele
ments connected for intensity. The
solution is heated to 140 Fahrenheit,
slightly acidulated, and a plate of
aluminum is attached to the negative
wire in working.
Pure Aib in Cabs. The desire for
pnre air in railroad cars might be grati
fied by constructing ventilating filters,
which should be regulated by the con
ductor or some other official. The fil
ters should be made of thin layers of
raw cotton, kept in place by coarse wire
gauze. This, I believe, is the best air
filter known. They would require
cleaning or removing perhaps once or
twice a month. Scientific American.
A London paper boasts that Miss
Emily Faithfnll has returned from this
country with her liberalism consider
ably toned down. Then she has not
remained faithful to th end.
Put Flowers on tour Table. Set
flowers on your table, a whole nosegay
if yon can get it, or but two or three, or
a single flower, a rose, a pink, a daisy.
Bring a few daisies or buttercups from
your last field work, and keep them
alive in a little water ; preserve but a
bunch of clover or a handful of flower
ing grass, one of the most elegant of
nature's productions and you have some
thing on your table that reminds yon
of God s creation, and gives you a link
with the poets that have done it most
honor, Put a rose, or a lily, or a violet
on your table and you and Lard Bacon
have a custom in common, for this great
and wise man was in the habit of having
flowers in season upon his table, we be
lieve, morning, noon and night ; that
is to say at all his meals, seeing that
they were growing all day. Now here
is a fashion that will last you forever,
if you please never change with silks
and velvets, and silver forks, nor be
dependent on caprice or some fine gen
tleman or lady who have nothing but
caprice and changes to give them im
portance and a sensation.
Flowers on the morning table are
especially suited to them. They look
like the happy wakening of the creation,
they bring the perfume of the breath of
nature into your room ; they seem the
very representative and embodiment of
the very smile of your home, the graces
of good morrow ; proofs that some in
tellectual beauties are in ourselves or
those about us, some Aurora (if we are
so lucky as as to have such a companion)
helping to strew our life with sweetness,
or in ourselves some masculine wilder
ness, not worthy to possess such a com
panion or unlikely to gain her. Leigh
What w in the Bedroom. If two
persons are to occupy a bedroom during
the night, let them step on a weighing
scale as they retire, and then again in
the morning, and they will find their
actual weight is at least a pound less in
the morning. Frequently there will be
a loss of two or more pounds, and the
average loss thronghout the year will be
a pound of matter, which has gone off
from the bodies partly from the lungs
and partly through the pores of the
skin. The escaped matter is carbonic
acid and decayed animal matter or poi
sonous exhalation. This is diffused
through the air in part, and part ab
sorbed by the bed-clothes. If a single
ounce of wood or cotton be burned in a
room, it will so completely saturate
the air with smoke that one can hardly
breathe though there can only be bnt
cne ounce of foreign matter in the air.
If an ounce of cotton be burned every
half hour during the night, the air will
be kept, continually saturated with
smoke, unless there be an open window
or door for it to escape. Now the six
teen ounces of smoke thus formed is
far less poisonous than the sixteen of
exhalations from the lungs and bodies
of two persons who have lost a pound
in weight during the eight hours of
sleeping ; for while the dry smoke is
mainly taken into the lungs, the damp
odors from the body are absorbed both
in the lungs and into the pores of the
whole body. Need more be said to
show the importance of having bed
rooms well ventilated, and of thoroughly
airing tne sheets, coverlids and mat
tresses in the morning, before packing
them up in the form of a neatly made
How to Cure a Cold. If a cold set
tles on the outer coverings of the lungs,
it becomes pneumonia, inflammation oi
the lungs, or lung fever, and in many
cases carries on the strongest man to
the grave within a week. If cold falls
upon the inner covering of the lungs.
it is pleurisy, with its knife-like pains
and its slow, very slow recoveries. If a
cold settles in the joints, there is rheu
matism, with the agonies of pain, and
rheumatism of tne heart, which in an
instant sometimes snaps asunder the
cords of life with no friendly warning.
It is of the utmost practical import
ance, then in the wintry weather, to
know not so much to cure a cold as to
avoid it Cold always comes from the
cause some part of the body being
colder tnan natural lor a time. II a
person will keep his feet warm always.
and never allow himself or herself to be
chilled, he or she will never take cold
in a lifetime ; and this can only be
accomplished by due care in warm
clothing and avoidance of drafts and
exposure. While multitudes of colds
come from cold feet, perhaps the ma
jority arise from cooling off too quickly
after becoming a little warmer than is
natural, from exercise or work, or from
confinement to a warm apartment
Watebino House Plants. A plant
ought not to be watered until it is in a
fit condition to receive a liberal supply
of that element, having previously se
cured a good drainage, in order that all
superabundant water may be quickly
camea on. a nose wno are constantly
dribbling a moderately small quantity
of water upon their plants will not have
them in a flourishing condition for any
length of time. This must be obvious
to all, for it is quite evident that the
moderately small quantity of water fre
quently given would keep the surface
oi tne sou moist, while at the same time,
from the effects of good drainage, which
is essential to the well being of all plants
in an artificial state, all the lower roots
would perish for want of water, and the
plant would become sickly and eventu
ally die.
How They Cook Beans in Maine.
Take one quart of beans ; first soak, if
pea beans, until they are swelled full ;
it will take over night certain ; if yellow
eyes parboil until the skins crack open
when blown on with the breath ; drain
off the water, put about two-thirds the
beans in the pot, put in one and one
half pounds fat salt pork, then the rest
of the beans ; bake not less than twelve
hours, first covering the beans with hot
water. These are genuine Yankee pork
and beans. The way they are cooked
in the woods is this : A hole is dug at
the foot of the fire, filled around with
coals and covered with hot ashes, where
it remains from about three P. M until,
breakfast the following morning abont
fourteen or fifteen hours. There are
probably more beans eaten in Maine
than in the whole State of New York.
Inpbove the Minutes. Have a book
at hand, or your pen where you can take
it up, whenever you may be oompelled
to wait You may thus secure many
days of useful study and culture in the
course of a year. It is related of a dis
tinguished lawyer, whose wife always
delayed ten or twelve minutes before
she came down to dinner, that being
loth to lose so much precious time daily,
he commenced the composition of a
work which he prosecuted only while
he was thus kept waiting. The result
was, at the end of fifteen years, a book
in three volumes quarto, which has met
with a large sale, and is much esteemed,
Camphor Ice. Take spermaceti, half
an ounce ; oil oi sweet almonds, one
ounce ; powder camphor one drachm.
Melt the oil and sperm together, and
then add the camphor, previously dis
solved in a little of the oU.
To Check Diarrhcea it is asserted
that nutmeg tea is excellent.
A young Texas man, who was kept
on jury duty for eight hours, complains
that he got seven letters from his wife
inquiring why he stayed away so long,
and that he had a very affecting inter
view with his mother-in-law as soon as
h was
PmaPCTioit in Dnoom.-Ri a laet that aria
rare o bed tlqoors and. scld ssartBfeatt areoftea
glvea for medicine. They are roTXjrr to tnnoi!
and bit be lately warranted to ruin, morally sad
nhyafcaUy, any hitman bain that sticks to theaa
knur eaoturh. lion drunkard have baa Bisds ay
these rillainotu concoctions, moeuea
than by tbe oqnrs ox iwuuneroe. a. aw
adrertWd aa remedies, an more mteebMrruoj itbaa
unn drama. For intermittent and remittent
'even, as well aa for all other diseases which thea
firry trends are falsely certified to relieve Da.
Waubb' VnrcaiB Birrxxe, the n ncs vltba of
vegetable medicine, la a positive cure. Bnt thin ia
not all : tbe great Temperance Elixir ia a eoreretga
specific for the depraved appetite for ettmnlanta.
created by the ruu tohics and soon bxstobs
tot, of missiobabik or Iimmiuct, W.thia
the present year many well-known dtiiena ban cer
tified that a course of Vixac a Brruaa InvarlaUj
obliterates the desire for spirituous eirttanta 1
Tape Wsmt, Tap Warm I
Removed in a few hoars with harmless Vegetable
Medicine. No fee asked until the entire worm, with
head, passes. 'Refer those afflicted to residents of
Philadelphia whose 1 hare cured, that had bean uxt
succetsfuily treatad at tbe Jefferson Medical Collen,
on Tenth street : had taken in vain turpentines, the
no-called specifics, and all known remedies. Dr. E.
v Knnkei. Sn rat North Ninth street. Philadelphia.
The Doctor has been in business for over twenty live
years, and ia perfectly reliable. Call and see. Advice
Removed tape worm from a child a. X years
cimeus, some of them over 49 feet in length, wl
w.ii n no ai f net At ma omoa can os seen
have been removed in leas than three hours by taklna
one dose of his medicine. Dr. Kunkel's treatment
ia simple, aafe and perfectly reliable, and no fee
until tbe worm, witn neaa. passes, nr. a. -. aiuuu,
25 North Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. Consulta
tion by mail, or at omce ire.
The advertiser, ha vine bees permanently rand
that dread disease. CoueumDtlon. bv a simple rained
ia anxious to make known to his fellow sufferers th?
nwau of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send n
copy of the prescription used, (free of charge), with
the directions for preparing ana using in same
ns for preparing and
wtucn tney wui nna a mvbi uuke iot iumitiu.
v will And a MTBK I1ITBB If
Astr ma. Bronchitis, and all Throat and Luatt dtt
Parties wishing tbe prescription will please ad dree
194 Pens St Wiliiamsbnrah. It. T.
$10 Breslau Lots.
5,000 LOTS
Of 25x100 feet, for Salt in tho
at f 'tO per Lot,
2,000 Garden Plots
0 10 Lots each, at ft 00 per Ttot.
The City of Breslau
la located on the South Sid Railroad
of Long Island, and if known to be th
most enterprising place in th State,
having three churches, schools, several
large manufactories, hotels, stores, etc,
eta, and a population of several thou
sand inhabitants.
Every one Snows Breslau,
And those who don't, pleas call for
particulars on THOS. WELWOOD, If
Willoughby Street, Brooklyn,
Title perfect and warrantee deads
given free of incumbrance, streeti
opened and surveyed free of extra
charge. Apply to
15 Willoughby St, -Brooklyn, L I.,
i Wo. 7 Beekman St. Rooms Sit,
Hew York City.
Or to
612 k 614 Chestnut St,
a-ll-ly Philadelphia, Pa.
y , fw.i
Is the only Known Remedy for Bripht's
ea!e and has run-d every caxe of Dlabetee i.
which it has been piven. Irritation of theXei
of the Klsdd.-r and Inflammation of the Kidnei -Ulceration
of the Kidneys and Bladder, Rett-;,
tion of Urine, lieau of the Prostate Ulai.i
Stone in the lllndder. (i ravel. Brick Dust Deporn
and Mucous or Milky IHM-hatxes, and for Ln
fi-ehled slid HelirateConatitutionaof both Heave
attt-ndt-d with the following symptoms: Lout
of Power, Loa of Memory, Difficulty of Breath
intr. Weiik Nerves, Wakefulneee, Pain ia the
Bnrk. Flushing of the Body, Eruption on the Face,
Pallid Connu-nnnce, Laeaitude of the System, etc.
I'si-d by persons In the decline or change of
life; after confinement or labor pame, bed-wet
tin;; in children, etc
In many affection peculiar to ladle., the Ex
tract Burliu is an equaled by any other remedy -As
in Chlorosis or Retention, Irregularity, Pain
fiilneesor Suppression of Customary Evacuation,
Ulcerated or Schirrua state of the Uterus, Leu
rorrho-a or Whites, Sterility, and for all cori
plaints incident to the eei. It ia nrescrib-;
extensively by the moftt eminent Physicians at.
Midwives for enfeebled and delicate constiti
'ions of both sexes and all agea.
fwr IXitittri A itinj from Imprvdme
ll ihit of Hi"iixtHiin. tc, tn all their stages, i
little expense, little or ni change ia diet, no li
convenience, and no exposure. It cauaea a fr
qucnt desire, and gives strength to urtnat
thereby removing Obstructione, Preventing an
Curing Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying Pel
and Inflammation, so f reqnent in this class of di
eases, and expelling all poisonous matter.
$1.00 per bottle or six bottles for $5-00. deliverc
to any addsess, secure from observation. Sold h
druggists everywhere. Prepared by
KEARNEY A CO.. 104 Duane St. N. T
to whom all letters for information should I
Ho Charge for Advioa tad Coaptation.
Dr. J. B. Ituott, Graduate of J-fernm MMa
ColUgt, Philadelphia, author of several valoatx
works, can be consulted on all disease of U.
Sexual or Urinary Organs, (which he baa mad
an especial study), either in male or female, a
matter f rora what cause originating, or of bo-,
long atanding. A practice of SO yeara enablt
him to treat diseases with success. Coras gnai
anteed. Charges reaaanahle. Those at a di
taoce can forward letter describing symptom
and enclosing stamp to prepay postage.
Send for the Cri to Umllk. Price M cent
i. B. SYUTT. M. D., Physician and Surgaot.
KM Duane SUKew York.
General Areata for RUSSELL CO.'S
Massillon Separator;
us I
susdicm hay CUTTERf
1835 Market Street,
v i
Ckm Dytpeptie Consumption b Cured t
Ws answer, YES.'
Firat. sUaov all th unhealthy mocona
that gather aboat th walls of tb stomach
froaa ladifwtioa.
toond Produce an active condition of
Uvr and Kidatys without depleting th
Third. Supply or aid nature ia furnishing
th drain of om of th component part
that eompoe healthy fluids.
We, front thousand! who have been cured,
inert that a ear eaa be performed on this
Apart from our Office Practice.
Bmov th fungns matter from the stomach,
sad restore it to a healthy condition.
lets a th Liver, heals the Stomach, an
acts on th Kidney and Nervous System.
Per further advice, call or writ
232 Worth Second Street.
It is knows to all readers that sine Da.
L. a C WISHART ha followed th cans
sad enr of diseases, and the great vain of
TAR a a curative remedy, as directed by
Bishop Berkley and Rev. John Wesley, that
away have attempted to make a TAR pre
paratioa for THROAT AND LCNQ DI
1ASES. Be it known tbat Dm. L. Q.
Is th only remedy, from long experience,
need by our most skillful pbysioians for
Dintheria. Ulcerated Throat, Lnng, Kidney,
Stomach, Asthma, and General Debility, as
wall as for Coughs, Colds and Lnng Affec
No. 232 N. SECOND ST.,
la Cheamiral a aid .flediral Science.
one mixture of Al.l. THE TWELVE Taluabla
jctire principle, ui the well known curative agent,
JNEQi ALI.rT) in rnntfhs.C-Ms, Catarrh, Asthma,
'mni-hiti,, anti t oiwumptiuii.
V reoent clrl in three to aW honr; and aim, hj itf
fleet, up A the geueri kystein, is remarkably tltiee
ious in all
Including; Scroiuu and Eruption of the skiu. Dys
pepsia, lieraeof the l.iTr and Kidueya, Ueart Ilia
ease, and teni-ral llehility.
I7A rpmarktiblT ralunble dinrnrery, which posa
tivljr euni
ASTHMA, and all Disease, of the
for use in connection with the ELIXIR TAR, 1st
combination of the TWO most Taluable ALTERA
TIVE Medicines known in the Profession, and ren
ders that Pill without exception the Tery best era
Solution and Compound EUiir. J ' JlBo,tl'
Tar and Mandrake Pills, ticta per Box.
Medicated Inhslation, SS,00 per Package.
Bend for Circular of POMITIVK CURIIS tt
four Drutfjfial, or to
I. F. HYDE St CO.,
195 8rnth Ave.. New York.
with a liberal hand aa far as your own
SOTPLT will go.
T wW PT wen ma at present prices of Produce.
19th Tear of Constant Use.
Sole Manufacturers.
20 South Delaware' Ave., Thita.,
OS South Street, SaUimore.
nr. a ij- .
with the Green Tea flaTor. War.
ranted to suit all tastes. For
sale everywhere. And for sale
hoeal. only by the Ores At
aatle A Paeiac Tea Co.. M Put
Uisi at. and 1 k 4 Church ttt,. N.
T. T O. Boasts. BaadforTW
a .itutnl i l.llKlllltlS IMIK-ialMl V L..
eoar Bitters the most wonderful la
Tipirant that ever sustained the sinking
8X 'oPerson can take these Bitters
accordin" to directions, find remain long
unwell, provided their tones are not de
stroved by mineral p''sml or, oth"
means, and vital organs wasted lieyond
repair. , , .
Kilions, Eemittent anJ Inter
mittent Fevers which are so preva
lent in the vallevs of our preat rivers
throughout the United States, especially
those of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri,
uiirmia Tonnesspp. Cumberland. Arkan
sas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah. Ro
anoke, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during the Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea
sons of unusual heat and dryness, are
invariably accompanied by extensive de
rangements of the stomach and liver,
and other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful influence upon these various or
gans, is essentially necessary. There
is no cathartic lor me purpose iu
rm. J. Walker's Vinegar Bitters,
as they will sjieedily remove the dark
colored viscid matter with which the
bowels are loaded, at tne same time
stimulating the secretions ot tne mer,
and generally restoring tbe healthy
functions of the digestive organs.
FortifY the body asauist disease
by purifying all its fluids with Vinegar
Bitters. Xo epidemic can take bold
of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, ITead
acbe, Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tation of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain in the region of the Kid
neys, and a hundred other painful symp
toms, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
One bottle will prove a better guarantee
of its merits than a lengthy advertise
ment. Scrofula, or Kind's Evil, White
Swelling, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck,
Goitre, Scrofulous Inlluiiiuiations, Indolent
Inflammations, Mercurial Affections, Old
Sores, Eruptio'ns of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc.
In these, as in all other constitutional Dis
eases, Walker's Visegar Bitters have
shown their great curative powers iu the
most obstinate and intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilions, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of
the Blood, Liver, Kiilners and Bladder,
these Bitters have no equal. Snch Diseases
are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons en
gaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, (iold-beaters, and
Miners, as they advance in life, are subject
to paralysis of the Bowel. To guard
against this, take a dose of Walker's Vi5
eoar Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases," Eruptions, Tet
ter, Salt-Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples,
Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ring-worms,
Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch.
Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin. Humors
and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name
or nature, are literally dug up and carried
out of the system in a short time by the use
of these Bitters.
Pin, Tape, anil other Worms,
lurking in tbe system of so many thousands,
are effectually destroyed and removed. No
system of medicine, no vermifuges, no an
thelminitics will free the system from worms
like these Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of wo
manhood, or the turn of life, these Tonic
Bitters display so decided an influence that
improvement is soon perceptible.
Cleanse the Vitiated Dlootl when
ever you find its impurities bursting through
the skin in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores:
cleanse it when you find it obstructed and
sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it when it is
foul ; your feelings will tell vou when. Keep
the blood pure, and the health of the system
will follow.
H. II. Mr DO V LP fc CO..
Pmpjrila and (Sen. Afts.. Sun Kranoisco. Cnlifnruia.
uul cor. of Wmhmirtun and rhurllon St.. N. V.
M,ld bv all Urnaxit and Draler.
ALT. QT.or
11 3
I:i th? wo.i li-r i m,!Mn' MwM "i tVaftir
.re aVivs I::i!-l lit tV riisroverer b
I:jv4 li na4 roziVnnd i t irmnnif mo'e i t X:
fnr.;"4 nun -,vero!-m etirativrj pt.--rti- wliic
l.i:l ha iustili-.it lntn t'10 xv :aVe ktn-lo-n f.
h,;alin t!ie nrk, th.m venrri-r bef ire romlum-'
in n:ie u.c licino. The evi k-ire of t!n fact i
'junrl m t'ie ?-:-it rari'-r of mot obtiiiatu tli
i!aes w-urh it h n liern f.mii'l to conquer In the
care of ISroiicltitiH, Horrre t'oucliv,
and the early m.i-i of C'9iia iii'illon, it ha
astonlh(il tho medical faculty, a id eminent phy
icians pronouns it the L'reatest medical dlacorc
rjr of the ae. WtiUe it cures the eercre-t Con "h
it rtrenthens tho svstem and pit ri (lea ihe
blood. By its grcit and th.irou-.-h hlood pnrify
in? properties, it cure all Humor. Im-n tho
wost Scrofula t. a co:nm .ti IlioCcIt, PI rn
ple,orEuruptlii. Mectinal disease Mine,
tal Poison, and their effect. ar erailir.iil, and
rigorous health and a Bound cin-titnrmn etali
lished. Erysipelas, K;lt It t-n in, rer
Korea, Scaly or llou;!i skin, m h.n
all the nunerons diea-e cuised bv hi I
are C Miiucn d bv this powerful purifyin 'and iu'
viiriratin r m vlieine.
lfyoiif'.-Hdiid.drmTsT. de'iil'Ht'-d have sail iw
col.ir of akin or y.l!.iri-,h i.-u.,i -tH,t on fcu-e or
body, fre-vle. it hea-Ucrio or dizzmt;-. bad ta-te in
mouth, internal In it or c.ii!i alternated wnh hot
ilnshe. biw fpirits. and I-kv.iy lurvlKalin ii-renlaranp'-tile.
ami ton no coate-1. von areufl t
in fmn Torpid Liver or ''Hilliiou
ncn." In nuny ca', of "uer I'om
plaint" only part olthe-e nymph en are expe
rirnced. As a remedy f r all ni' ii ra-e lir.
Herce's Gulden Medical Discovery his no eit:al
aiteav-tsperfW-tcnr'-. i.-avin .-the livritre-nrth-cne.I
a el h'Mitny For the cn'e ot Habitual
C9 ttialioil ol the bowels it isa mwr lail
i r- nedy. an.i ltiir who have iwej it for thia
pjrp-o a -e loud in its ptiiw.
Tie proprietor ofT-rs reward for a medi
cine fiat will ennal it l-r lhe cure ol all the dis
ease i tt w'lich it u recotnmendtL
S i!.l hy drn-msts at 1 1 per bottle Prepuro-1 hy
n X. Pierce. M. D . sole Proprietor at his f'herot
cal Laboratory, in Seneca ureef. Buffalo, J. X.
oaa& your ad drew lor a pamphlet.
cocsiuuj, bakIvisCbCTe m
?2Ff?D fRNITTRE an kind.
-oiSdiand lath, c." mac'- M "d
Eugene Schoening fs
t- (Mir tat tkla Blttm waa foaaa aaoaf Uu
mamtra .t a Swaadlak yhrataiaa, a Magi . .
loat ala Ufa, win IM raan aid, a tall at iu
ken. Raid racipa thaa had kaaa kept a profoa.j
aaarat r kla family for mm thaa tar tcatarlat
Dartnf all thla ttma tbay sad fnqaaat aa af uu
Bittara, whlck mdarad thaa a atroaf aad kiat
tlriaf art of Ppl. Tlf ! kaalta.
Orlfiaally tb aarrat af prapartaj M t ft If era ai-l
Ha woadarfal afneta. u abiata ; y a. af thr. t
kirn, while parttelpatiaf la taa aarlk a a, paditlaa.
f th. Ipaaiarda X aaiarlca, aftar a aal aa proa
taa, aararM drralf a It kal M lb ft aaad prlaai
pal kalr.
a tt la aaw aallad. ka atitta aoa f I it ,U ,
as, 1'Mtad thoaaaada atalati amitn.
tlnta already rtna by Ban) lyd iaaa. aal
baa pro, Itsalf aeb a povarf t l atlva
yraMrratlv mdy, tbat It ad aa
ranker tadlrtdaal raaraiBsadati t r arata
Tka att f tt. wdlk lttra dtrMta ItasV, li
th drat plae. t tk aar,artkd!iaUT arias,
tkroaf ksal tklr salira si Mat, bat aialaly to th,
atomaab and th visceral tract. It aornali eth.i
faaatloaa. sad tharsfor, aasordiaf ta tb aatarof
xlattaf irrsf olaritlse r rsaiovss afcstrarnVea aad
rstsstloas f all klad, r stops Dlan-hara, V
try, r otkr aaamolaae diaekaraas aad aflorla.
y rsf alatlaf tba abdominal art.- a, l which s
psad th aoar!ihffBi. tb aoassrva lioa aad tka d
vslopmsat f tb kamaa body Swadlab kit
lra tavlf iala tk aarvs aad tb rfJ powsrs.
abarpeaa th asasss aad th latell at. tamosss is
trambllai f tb limb th aeidlry, tkt karsls,
aaosea, acd pa' as of th stoaiasb. )api tss Iu Si
fsstlv faealtlaa, aad la aa sxollt si Pssphylaalls
aad Rsmsdy against aem-.as Irrt'skllliy, riatc
Isscy, Chella, Worms, Dropsy, da. If taksa Is
dsabla dwsa. It ap-rats aa a sars apsrlsat, bat I,
a mild aad pa a leas way.
Ia asqae f th-a oaalltle af tka twsilti
Btttsre it kaa hsom aa af tb most ssisbralec
rcmsdlssaf alaat dlsea-a f tk rgaaa searatasd
la tka akdsmsa, aad f afsctloas that konill mas
klad la oasqaa af ssld disKissa. Tkaa t! s
wadlak BIHsrs kaa aa aasorpasssd rem wa fct
mrlaf LlvarCamplaiataef loag steading , Jaaadlts
Dyspepsia, Disorders of th spies, f tb Paa
reaa, of the Mssarale Olaada, aad also dlsordsr o
the K'doaya. of the Urlaary aad SesnaJ-Orgaai
Baaldea theaa the Swedish Bitters seres tboss la
aemsrablo aereoae, or eeagsetive Affectiooe aas
Diseases, which original from said abdomlas
dlstarbencee, aa Coagestioa of ths Laaga, tb.
Heart, aad he Brain Coagha, asthma Headache
Bsnralgiaa, ta differ at pane fth body Cblorosti
ftrnal Hsmoriboida and Pllea, Ooat Drops,
General Del-titty, Hypocboadrtaaia, htslaashsy
lis., ds. Of gnat kea'li the Swedish Hilars bw
also heea foaa.i la tbe boglaalsg of Qastrie ad la
Bat tbia la ealy one side of its 1not1mahU pswsr e
prottcting tho wae tut tt rrgularlf again ai
miarmatic and tpidtmie diaeaits. Tba dwsdnk
Bittara has by lsag expsrleace- la maay tbnasaac
saass matatataed Ite great rsaowa of belagtbe mou
Typhns, Oriental Pest, Ship-Fever,
Th. rapsrtor prstostle aad saaatlTS Tlrtass si
the fwedish Bllters agalast klalarteae rseere
Dysea'ery, aad holers, wsre most apprily
tea-sd la the late ware ky Trsaek aad Kaxllak pkr
stsisss, wko by prassnbiag the same t their r
rpsstlve trps, sasrseded ta redBstsg tba meralli;
1st of epdemie dtssaess from SO u 1 per sosl.
BA dll persoas who have to perform long ass
bard labor, aad while dolag It are oftea exposed t
saatdea ebengso of tompsritBre. or the draft r ! .
arebaoxlooa dasta. smslla, or vapora, sbonld act
fall to ase tbe Iwedlsk Bittara, aa a few drops l
It, addsd to tbslr drink, are saOelsat I pren,
them la laoatlmab'e bsaltb aad vigor. Those wl
ere aecBstomod t driah lor water dariag th sniu
mer, shoald sever emit to add some Iw.dlsh Bur
Urate it.
a, Psrsoas givsa t sadsatary life abeald bis
lbewllsk Bitters, it will aoatre'lu tbe bad si
mcUof thsirwaatofi saretselaopoa air, aad kssa
tbsm 1 good health Bad good spirit.
To the Ladles the Iwedlsk litters aw
especially b resopmeaded. B-eans lu ase sua
trlhatos most essentially U pre-erve the regolarlt
of th physiological fsacttoaa. pocallar U the dslt
eats fsmai soastltntloa sad tkaa preva aa .t
roetnal barrier against thos lanvmsrable Hervoi,
aad Blood Dlseaasa, whlsh aow-a-days have groa ,
aa freqnent as to he takes by maay for Bve'a aataisi
.Bat the Iwdlah Bitters d-es Botoatysseats
good koaltk, H als sffsot the rail developmeal .1
tka female kody. and of IU beaaty by perfeel fern,,
aad taa ompieetioB and B)or.
Tbas tbe dvedlab Bitten sas boeeme see of iLe
sfest aad most slsat
BBr 'aimers tad tbslr Families, wko hav trl-4
Iwedlah Bitten, prefer It to all similar artisi.,.
For thsm It proves boBelclal la varloBe waya.
In !, whea their enlllng reqalrss them to
eftea radars th lBtoas beat of the saa, while p..--pormtag
hard work, they an ladaeed to be ss
samdeatly saatlooa la satisfying their karat ug
Ibtrat by water, or la estlng frail set yet rp it
Thae faimlng people an very liable to s-'fer ft. t.
saa stroke, Fsvsr, Dyttnttry, Cholera, k... a.
Th regular aesuf tk. Bwsdlsh Bltun makes u...e
daageroaelnla-ncesall harmlas.
In Winttr, dariag the time of rest, maay soasl y
people, trying to lademalfy themselve for pt
prlTBtloas, an very apt to eftea overload Uu
stomachs aad thas impair their dlgsstlv rgaae
the r ot of the tree The as f th 8wdlsh lit
ers prevents disaaaea from that cane.
Aa a Bisttor of coarse, la eaa of sick sees, tb
patleat shoald avoid food aot agreelag with him
r sack, aa 1 kaowa. tea 4IBcalt to digsst srsa.
saltable to th disss Ib anestloa.
The ra'e : - B. eaodcrote a all ew eat, sXsi
"do," U strictly t he sseerred.
Tb fwedish Bitten shall ealy ks taksa ta ths
hre of lal ammatory symptama.
Orowa psrsoas take eaa tablespooafal thn tlaei
dr day, kefsrs or after aMala, par or dilated with
Fereoa aadsrlDysan, twe-thlrdseftaataaaetlir
Is " eae-balf 1 -
. " ea-aartr "
Chlidna from years apwarda, eae-etghth of th at
Psrsoas aeastomd to chew tobaseo, skoald .b
tola from It aa mack as peelbls, wkll aslsg w- d"
Uh BUUra; thry may aabstltato some foeen jf
shammamlle or root r cslamaa, bat the swell, w
the salvia, lBsteadfsplttlagtt away. Iatbeiaeie
way smokiBg of tnbaee skoald oaly modsrat, ly m
PereoBs .elteted with dyspepsia most letult J
broad or takes, or fator salt mante. bat shoald te
moderate eiorelse la fro air voldiag all sndo-
shanges f t. mperatnrs, all tatemperascs ia eating
aad drtaklag, aad all aadae meatal excitement, by
wklek they will eoatrlbaU largely to the efestlie.
sees f th Swedish Bitters.
H. B.-Shald th Bwsdlih llttsrs set salt an
tastes, tt may b takea with soms eagsr, ar eaa ee
dilated wltk soms Mgar-water r syrap, .
avtag aeqalred ky earth see th recipe aad :b
rxrlaslvs right f preparing th Oaly Oeaa'ea
waHah Bltun. heretofore prepared ky Bag.t
ekoealag. lata O. 8. Army Bargaoa, w kaie. is
srdsT to Irastrato fraad Bad dseeptios Iks samt 4
A tcheoalag karat Uto tk glaee f seek he tie
aad tk eavelopearoBad H marked ky B. Seke-s
lag's aad by arw aame. lsctlss wltheal these
mark ar eparloaa.
Be Bertk Third Btraat, Phlledslpkla.
Pllsa aar BIbxI Bottla. Ta a.ic . j
M BU Wkeusal ky Johaetoa, BoUeway a
on im"ftvek---

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