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What Cattlk to Bkeeb. To raise
rattle for beef, the Short-horns are pre
ferable. They attain large size, take
on flesh readily, mature early, and make
most excellent beef. They need good
feed and good attention, and will reward
one for bestowing it. 'o other breed
equals this for beef purposes. On
account of their tendency to take on
fat so readily, they are not gonerally
good milkers, though there are excep
tions to this. Some kinds of Short horns
are said to lc fine milkers.
If the object is to obtain quantity of
milk to sell by the gallon or to make
cheese, the Ayrshire is the breed yon
want. Their milk is nt as rich as some
breeds produce.
Tf tlm lwst butter cow is wanted, the
little Jersey stands at the head of the
class. What she lacks iu quantity, she
more than makes up in quality. Nearly
..tiP.fonrth of her milk is pure cream.
Tl-.e butter is golden yellow, of the
hmliest flavor, and commands the
highest price. Their disposition
nniot. ami tliev are naturally pets.
Tor working cattle, the Devon, head
the list. They are a very Hardy race,
give rich milk, and make nice beef.
Tor hilly countries and scant herbage,
no breed surpasses this. If the object
is to make money by breeding ;t r,
select any good breed, obtain tha very
lest breeding animals of that breed,
give them the best rare ami attention,
and try to get ahead of everybody else
in raising them, ami your success will
be certain. Every breeder should strive
not to be surpassed iu his line. He
must, to the care of his stock him
self, and not trust to others, for they
will neglect many things that are very
-ssenti.il to the highest success. ?"
To maku Wiue Fence. I will give
my fashion of wire fence, that. will stop
sheep, cattle and horses. f set the
posts 32 feet apart, and put staples on
the wire at each post, but. do nt drive
them tight, at every twentieth post
(having a post with a wide, flat side,
and have it well braced.) I bore through
with half-inch bit and put the wire
through it instead of the staples. I
cut the wire at this iost, and I have
some cuts off a hard wood round stiek ;
each cut " inches long. I bore two
holes 11 1-lii inches, one in each end,
so the holes will be at right angles to
each other ; then lorc one hole in the
middle of the cut. : inch. 1 have two
iron rods ; of an inch thick, and 21
inches long ; now put the wire through
the hole iu the post, then through the
small hole in the stick, as cut, and turn
so as to form a lock ; then with the two
irons 1 can tighten the win- as tight as tut Mr. Olaisher testifies to have heard
1 please, and when it is taut, put in a j this matter when 22,000 feet np in the
short pin in one of the holes and leave Bjr ; the barking of a dog and the re
it. The strain comes on the whole wire, 1ort of a gun rise each to t,00 feet ; the
and in LMvmIht he can let back these ! ni10uts of a crowd of people, the crow
round cuts or rollers, and so loosen the ; ;nff ,,f . em-k. the tolling of a bell to
wire for winter. Last, I put live or six
upright Ktirks or slats in every spare t :t:t) f.ft.
lwtwecn Mists. The sticks are live feet j -
lung and fplit from some durable I Fishes fkom the Cansel Cou of
timlxT. .((mo. In these fishes every scale and
I drive a staple over each wire on each tin rsy is shown ; and the whole animal
wint or stick, and drive it tight. I let is exited with a thin film of sulphide of
the lower end of the slats rest on the j iron and thus gilded." Sharks' teeth
ground, UMiig a notched In.ard to keep ' and spines, scales and teeth of large
tliomir. in place hile putting in staples. ! ganoids, and skeletons of many carniv
I think it is Ix tter this way than more j orons salamanders are found all pre-po--M
; I nse six wires, and the spaces served iu the same beautiful manner,
way lx- as follows ; t, i inches ; -J, j The ditTereut strata which compose the
"niches; :il, 7 inches ; 1th. '. inches ; geological column have been divided
.".th, 11 inches; ;th, 1:1 inches; this ; into several groups orsystems, of which
i.l make a fence inches high, lie the base is formed by the old crystalline
can varv this as iie pleases. This is 1 rocks called Laurentian and Iluronian.
the best wy to make a fence so as to
ease up on the mires in winter. I'm-nl
A. " ) . .
Thk iuoMTii or Titr.Ks. As the result
.f oli rations and from the testimony
of reliable men, the following is about i tourth, a mixture of mechanical and or
tlie average growth in twelve years of ; ganic sediment, the Hudson, llclder
tlie leading desirable varieties, when ; burg aud the coal measures. Each of
planted in belts or groves, and eultiva-! the circles of sediments was formed by
ted : White maple, one foot in diameter ! an invasion of the land by the sea, p ro
und thirty feet high ; ash-leaf maple, j ducing, first, a sheet of sea beach sand
one foot "in diameter and twenty feet and gravel ; second, the offshore depos
high; white willow, one and a half feet j its following and covering the first;
in diameter and forty feet high ; yellow third, the oien sea calcareous organic
willow, one and a half feet in diameter
and thirty-live feet high ; Lombardy
poplar, ten inches iu diameter aud forty
leet high ; blue and white ash, ten
inches in diameter and twenty feet
high ; chesti lit, ten inches in diameter
and twenty feet high : black walnut and
butternut. Un inches iu diameter and
twenty feet high ; elm, ten inches in
diameter and twenty feet high ; white
walnut or hickory, eight inches in dia
meter, and twenty-five feet high. The
different varieties of evergreens will
make an average growth of eighteen to
twenty inches in height annually.
FoncKiN Pi, an with Focxtuv. We
have three or four houses mounted on
low wheels (abo.it the size of those on
a reaper) holding from 50 to 100 hens
each. They are kept out in the fields
all the year, moving theiu upon fresh
crrolltid olionr. olw c week We find
that the hens do just as well, if not j affects the anterior lobes, which he re
beiter, than when allowed to range gards as being the seat of the highest
around the barnyard. They do not i faculties of the mind. Education, he
strav far from tlie'housc and invariably ' remarks, does not only render man bet
deoosit their circs there, nests lieintr ! ter, and enable him to make the best
provided for that purpose, and they go
into the houso at night without any
ditliculty, ro all you have to do is to go
round aud lock the door. Wo found
them very handy iu the giaiu fields after
the grain was cut, as they would pick
up alt that was scattered, thus saving a
good deal of grain that would otherwise
have liccn wasted. Another way they
can be made useful is to have them in
a field when it is lieing plowed, as the
wy they follow the plow for the grubs
and worms is n fine sight for a lover of
freh eggs.
lloi:-i:s ix Stoi:v. -Avoid, as far as
possible, eiosing horses to storms.
When on a journey aim to feed at the
regular hours. If nothing more can be
done, take along some corn meal, and
put a quart iu a pail of water, aud stir
it up while the horse is drinking. It
will greatly refresh and strengthen him.
Many horses suffer from dyspepsia ; and
one great cause of it is irregularity in
feeding, and giving too much grain
when the horse is fatigued. When a
horse has been exposed to a storm, and
comes home iu an exhausted condition,
give him a warm bran mash. Fnt two
or three quarts of bran iu a pail, and
pour on two or three quarts of lioiling
water, and stir it up ; then add co'.d
water sufficient to cool it to tho tem
lerature of new milk, and give it to the
horse. Blanket the horse, and rub his
head, ears and legs dry, and afterwards
run lnni dry all over.
Near Lawrence, Kansas, Messrs.
Sprague ic Akers have established a
farm for - breeding fine horses, and
among them is the famous Ethan Allen.
In all there are over 100 horses of the
best breeds in the country.
One of our citizens consoles himself
that he can get ahead of the moon
"every day in the week." A few even
ings ago he was meandering homeward,
after having his nsual potations of the
ardent, and observing the full face of
the lunar orb, burst out in indignant
soliloquy: "See 'ere, old feller, you
don't 'mount to mnch, anyhow ; yer
can t get full but once a month, and I
can get full every night."
A Parisian lady recently called on her
milliner to inquire the character of a
servant. The morality of the latter was
lieyond questioning. "But is she hon
est ?" asked the lady. "I am not so cer
tain of that," replied the milliner ; "I
have sent her to yon with ,my bill a
dozen times, and . she lias merer yet
given me the money."
trr , s,,vnvir r (TH 111-
enificant as is the spot we inhabit the
zone of life the area which not only
all that lire and breathe and move ana
inhabit but in which all vegetation ia
contained is still more limited. From
the submarine forest in the lowest
depths of the sea to the highest altitude
to which the condor soars above per
petual 8 iow, is but t welve miles ! Within
those scanty limits, six miles of air
above ns, six miles of water beneath,
everj thing that has vitality is confined.
If the salamander lives in the central
fire, the exception is so small as scarcely
to be worth mentioning. The air presses
upon the earth with a force equal to
thirty-throe feet of water, and npon
every average human body with a weight
of fifteen tons, which onlv does not
squash ns flat as pancakes, because the
air surrounds ns on all sides, including
our inside, and thereby the weight is
To most of ns, nature is one vast mir
age suggesting infinite delusions ; and
even to the learned, many things still
remain to be cleared np by slow-moving
science in future ages. Who would
imagine, upon the face of the matter,
for instauce, that, in an airless world,
not a sound could ever be heard ! On
the contrary, in still and silent space,
one would conceive that we might hear
a pin drop from the moon. Hawkshee
demonstrated the contrary of this fact
in a memorable experiment before the
ltoyal Society, one hundred and eighty
years ago. lie placed a clock under the
I receiver oi an air-pump, iu sum
that the striking of the clapper woum
continue after the air had been ex
hausted ; while the receiver was full of
air, the sound was quite audible ; when
it was empty, all was sileut. Again when
the air was introduced, there was a fee
ble sound, growing in intensity as the
air grew denser.
At the top of Mount Wane, the re
port of a pistol is no louder than that
of a common cracker let off at the level
of the sea. "Above two miles," says
Mr. Olaisher, who.as every body knows,
is an aeronaut of considerable experi
ence, "all noise ceases. I never en
countered a silence more complete and
solemn than in the heights of the at
mosphere in those chilling solitudes
in which no terrestrial sound reaches."
Ou the other hand, clouds absolutely
facilitate the transmission of sound.
Altove a great city, to a height of fru:n
l.tNM) to 1.5)0 feet, there is always a
noise, "immense, colossal and indescrib
able." The whistle of a steam engine
is heard at HI. OH) feet, the noise of a
train at HJiHI, says M. Flammarien ;
. .-(oiio ; ami the shout of a human leiiig '
F.ach of these systems consists of circles
of deitosition ; first, sandstone, l'ots
dam, Medina, etc ; second, mixed
mechanical and organic sediments, the
ealciferons, Clinton, etc. ; third, a linie-
: stone, the Trenton, Niagara etc. : and
' deposit a limestone ; fourth, a mixed
. sediment shale and limestone, or an
j earthly limestone the product of the
retreating sea. Between these submer
gences perhaps millions oi years
! elapsed, in which the fauna of the sea
! and the flora of the land were changed,
Hence the differeut fossils of the ditTer
eut geological systems.
The Ukain and Eurc-ATioN. M. Paul
Broca publishes a series of researches
he made some years ago upon the rela
tive size of the heads of the inlirniiers
and of the internes of the Bicetre. He
gives a series of comparative measure
ments, which he contrasts with those
obtained some years ago by Farchappe ;
and he believes he has demonstrated
that, on the one hand, the cultivation
of the mind and intellectual work aug
ment the size of the brain ; aud, on the
other hand, that this increase chiefly
use oi tho faculties with which lie is
endowed, but it possesses the wonderful
power of making him superior to him
self, of enlarging his brain and perfect
ing its form. Those who insist that
education should be given to all have
both social and national interest to
support them ; but if the brain really
enlarges with education there is an
additional motive the evolution of the
human race.
Fi!OirTio.N or Vegetahle Tissue.
It has been ascertained that an ethereal
extract of green leaves, which hns been
separated by hydrogen chloride in two
layers, a yellow and a blue layer, con
tains in both portions phosphoric acid,
iron, potassium and calcium. He has
further observed that a mixture of so
dium phosphate and iron protosulphnte
in presence of water is able both in light
and darkness to reduce carbonic acid to
carbonic oxide. From these observa
tions it appears probable that the for
mation of a solution of a phosphate of
iron protoxide may be a preliminary
stage towards the production of vegeta
ble tissue from the element of carbonic
acid, water and ammonia. Formic acid,
it is well known, may be formed by the
direct combination of carbonic oxide
and water.
M. CiiAMCoriLLON recommends the
use of the silicate of soda in the treat
ment of all superficial wounds and abra
sions of surface. It acts, he says, not
only as an antiseptic, but also protects
the surface from the action of the air
and of any genus it may contain. He
also states that excellent results have
followed its use as an injection in cases
of ulceration or purulent discharge from
all mucous membranes. The strength
of the solution is to be varied according
as it is applied to the skin or to cavities
lined with mucous membranes. Srrih
ncr's Monthly.
Of all cereal grains rice is the most
extensively cultivated, and feeds the
greatest number of human mouths. If
we were to classify the human inhabi
tants of the earth according to their
preference for particular cereal grains.
the rice eaters would hold the first
place. The second would be disputed
by the consumers of maize and of
wheat. The population whose staple
grains are rye, oats or barley, would
ocenpy the fourth place.
The latest news in the poultry world
ia that a turkey ia setting on a neat of
quail's eggs. Should the establishment
hatch, the sight will be worth an ad-
mission fee.
lOMI.NO oTTI(E Jl AUluiuu uiuueo
it is hardly time to speak definitely,
only one thing being assured. The
promise of plainness, made in the early
Summer, will be strictly kept. Super
abundant flounces and furbnlows will
take an unlimited leave of Winter ward
robes, and artistic simplicity reign in
their stead. How our weary and over
dressed women have sighed for this
change, they only are aware ; and that
they will hail the new order with de
light ia undoubted. It is hinted that
the prospective styles will require not
more than Hall the quantity oi tue past;
but this is a dream that seems impossi
ble of realization.
It is not improbable that the newly
modeled garments may have a "skimpy"
annearanee. but familiarity will soon
arrange that, and once accustomed to it
weary eyes will be thankful they are no
longer compelled to wander over vast
fields of flutinsrs and hedgerows of
hes dines.
Vhii nness of fabric, no less, than of
fashion, is to be the rule. New goods.
different from any yet produced, will
soon be shown, and new colors, or
rather new shades, are imminent The
tints and" double-distilled shades of last
year were so unbecoming to Americans
that dry-goods houses are importing
only novel hues, which it is expected
will satisfy the most exacting. ficrio
ncr's Monthly.
To KEEr Sweet Potatoes. They can
not be carelessly thrown in the bin in
the cellar and left like Irish potatoes
with any certainty of finding them when
wanted. They must be gathered with
great care, and kept dry and warm.
Some pack them in barrels of dry sand
or dry leaves, and keep them in the
warm kitchen chamber. Others just
put them into barrels or bins in the
Kitchen. Many of the kitchens of New
Jersey are furnished with long, low
boxes on one or more sides of the room,
which serve us seats, and in which the
supply of aweet potatoes keep safely
until midwinter. Uut they are dug on
a dry day and put away dry and sound ;
for if they are cut or bruised they are
almost sure to decay and injure their
neighbors. The methods of keeping
them are now so well understood, that
the New York market is abundantly
supplied with them nntil the following
May or June, IJut the market-men are
not careful in handling them, and they
decay very soon after purchase ; so
that many families purchase what they
want for one meal only. If a bushel or
more is brought home from market at
any season, spread them on the floor of
a dry open attic, and, watch them care
fully from day to day. If they decay
faster than they can be used, cook and
dry .them.
Etaoeke Oaiidens. Ftnutrm are
very common in the parlors, living
rooms and dressing rooms of Americans.
They are usually tilled with couchologi
cal.niineralogical, geological, ornitho
logical, etc., specimens, vases of ever
lasting flowers, pretty keepsakes, souve
nirs of travel, etj. The newest idea
(and the best, perhaps,) is to convert
ttnynet into gardens of plants aud
flowers, in ornamental pots. We saw
one the other day in a sunny room, and
thought it the prettiest thing we had
found in a home in a long while. The
best of it was, the plants had been well
taken care of, and were healthy. Where
people have conservatories, it will be an
easy matter to keep these rtarjrrr filled
with blooming plants the whole year
Grj"e Jelly Pudding. This should
lie made in a pipkin or other closely
covered disli. To three gills of rice
take one quart of grapes stemmed and
washed, place a layer of the latter on
the bottom of the pipkin, sprinkling
upon tbem sugar enongb to sweeten
them, then a thin layer of rice, making
them spend alike, and finishing off
with the rice. Handle carefully, so
that the rice shall not mostly settle to
the bottom. After it is set into
the oven, put in water enough to
cover it, and cook slowly two or three
hours or until the rice is very tender.
Serve cold, with a dressing of sweetened
milk or cream, or grape juice if wanted.
A Usefcl Soap. The following is
commended by those who have tried it
for scrubbing and cleansing painted
. floors, washing dishes, and other house
hold purposes : Take two pounds oi
white olive soap and shave it in thin
slices ; sdd two onnces of borax and
two quarts of cold water ; stir all to
gether in a stone or earthen jar, and let
it set upon the back of the stove until
the mass is dissolved. A very little
heat is requited, as the liquid need not
simmer. When thorojghly mixed and
cooled, it becomes of the consistence of
a thick jelly, and a piece the size of a
cubic inch will make a lather for a gal
lon of water.
Watermelon Vinegar. Perhaps it is
not generally known that a very fine
white vinegar can be made from the
juice of water melons. We had a quan
tity of melons last season, and after we
had cut out their crimson cores for eat
ing, scraped the shells from which we
obtained considerable juice. This we
strained and put into jugs with small
class bottles in their mouths. We set
the jugs out iu the sun, and in time
had a fine-flavored, clear, strong, white
vinegar. The vinegar at a certain stage
will be very bitter, but, when perfected,
loses tins and acquires true vinegar
Offensive Bueatu. "What is the
cause of strong, offensive, and unpleas
ant breath which is met with in so
many persons?"
I lecaying teeth, impure blood, and
foul secretions, and such habits as to
bacco-using, liquor-drinking, over
eating, etc. : and probably constipation
is an immediate cause of more cases of
fetid and offensive breath, than all
other causes combined. Avoid the
cause, and yon will certainly avoid the
effect. The same may be said of offen
sive perspiration.
A cement of great adhesive power
may be made by rubbing together, in a
mortar, two parts of nitrate of lime,
twenty-five of water and twenty of
powdered gum arabic, this forming
transparent cetoeut of wonderful
strength, and applicable to wood, por
celain, glass and stone. The surface to
be united should be painted with the
cement and hrmly bound together until
the drying is completed.
lo soften hard water, ion can
soften the water by adding carbonate of
soda washing soda as long as a
whitish precipitate is formed. Let it
settle and draw off the clear water
above. Sometimes simple boiling will
render the water after setting fit for
To Eemove Mildew. Take the mil
dewed fabric when dry, wet trorouglily
with soft soap and salt mixed. Let it
lie a short time, then wash it in good
suds and lay out to bleach. Repeat, if
necessary, Or soap thoroughly and
scrape chalk on the spots and lay in the
Bbcises. "What shall be done for
braises on the head or other portions of
the body ?" If there is, with the swell
ing, heat, apply cold water, with brisk
robbing ; if not, fomentations or warm
water with rubbirg, then apply cold
wet bandages.
To Clean Chboiios. Moisten a soft
cloth, gently wash the face of the
chromo and wipe it dry. The varnish
on the anrface of the picture protects
the colors.
part of thy income ; see thy provWicms
be solid and not far-fetched fuller of
substance than art ; be widely frugal in
thy preparation, and freely cheerful in
my entertainment , ioo luiu-u o
enough, a feast. '
Tpe Worm ! - Tape Worn !
Removed In a few hours with harmless Vegetable
Mcla-luc. So fee sake i uotil the entire worm, with
head. maw. Refer those afflicted to reiddeuta of
PhiU.lrli.hia whom I have cured, that had been an
iwcrwtiUiv treat.! at the Jettenoai Medical College,
ou Tenth street : had takeii in vain tun-"tine, the
polled iiwM-ib, aud all known remedies. Dr. fc.
K. Knnkel, No. g North Ninth street, f hiladeiphia.
The Ouctor ha leeu in business Cor over twelity-nve
years, and ia perfectly reliable. Call and see. Advice
free. KemoveJ taiw worm from a child aix years
old nieasnriwi 3u feet. At his oBlce can be seen sjie
cimeus, some of them over 40 feet in length, which
have Iwen removed in leas than three hours by taking
one d.ste of hia medicine. Dr. Hunkers treatment
a aim4e, safe and perfectly reliable, and no fee
until the wmi. with head, passes. Ir. t. r. K antes,
SVH North Ninth street, l'hiWcllUia, Pa. Consulta
tion t.v mail, or at office free.
Tits It. A Tonic and Alterative
medicine, the invigorating and regnla-
i i . 1 1
ting properties oi wnicn act, nam
lengthen life, and add to the capacity
tr,r ita oninvment is within the reach
of every member of the community. No
invalid who lias nan recourse to uu.
Walkee's Vineoab Bitters will hesi
tate to concede to it these invaluable
qualities. It is a stomachic and a cor
rective of unrivaled efficacy, yet being
free from alcohol, it is not an excitant.
Its anti-bilious operation is more direct,
speedy, and certain than that of any of
the dangerous mineral saiivants, and as
an aperient, it gently removes any ob
structions that may have accumulated
in the lower intestine, without produ
cing either irritation or pain. In fact,
its wonderful remedial effects are unac
companied by any drawback. Of all
mo.liei'nes it is the most harmless and
salubrious. As an appetizer, it is far
ahead of any of the alcoholic nostrums
that momentarily stimulate the palate ;
wrhila a a means of renovatintr a weak
and torpid stomach, it stands alone
among modern remedies. o
To t'onsnmpHvea,
The advertise, having been permanently cured of
bat dread disease, Consumption, by a simple remedy
la anxious to make known to hia fellow sufferers the
means of cure. To all who desire it, be will send a
copy of llie prescription usea, (tree n coarser, wws
the directions for preparing and using the seme,
wnicn tnev will una a sijhb mm iw wtp.w.r.n,.,
AsTHwa, UsoxcBiTia, and all Tuboat and Leva dlf-
Parties wishing the prescription will pleas address
OOVA-ly an. KuwAsua wiuws,
IM Fenn street. WUilamaborah, m. I.
Pr,LTS. &
Or Sna-ar-Coatrd, Concentrated,
toot and Herbal Juice, Anil
llillons Uranalca. THE "LITTLE
;l.T" C ATHARTIC, or TlalMssa
In Parro Physic.
The novelty of modern Medical, Chemical and
riiarmarentiral hcienee. No use of any longer
taking the la.i;o, repulsive and nauseous pills,
cinnposed of cheap, crude, and bulky ingredients,
when we can by a careful application of chemiral
science, extract all the calitartic and other medi
cinal pnniertire from the most valuable roots and
herbs, aod cmireutrate them into a minute Gran
nie, kearcely larger than a mustard
swed, that can be. readily swallowed by thoee nl
the mo-t-en!itive stomachs and iaetidioae tastes.
Kacbliitlr. Purgative Icllct renresvnte. in a
inoH concentrated form, much catnanic power
a-. t einlnHli.il in anv of the Urce pills found lor
! sale in the dnn; shops. From their wonderful ca-
tharlir power, in pruoortiou to their size, people
who have not tried tbem are apt to suppose that
i thev are harsh or d.-atic in eflect, hut such Is not
i at all ihe case, the different active medicinal prin
ciples oi WIllCU lllV are COnipoeeu neinj; m ur-
monized aud mo( filed, one by the others, as to
pr-Hliieu a mo't nearchlna and Ihor.
on li, yet gcu.ly uud kindly operating
500 Reward is hereby offered by the pro
prietor of thwe Pellets, to any chemist who.
upon analvis. will htid in them any Calomel or
oilier loruia of mercury or any other niieral
jioieii. f
Be i no: rut I rely vegetable, no particular
care is required while uing thera. They ope
rate without disturbance to the constitution, diet,
or occupation. For Jaundice, Headache,
Coiihtipation, Impure Blood, Pain
in the Shoulders, TigUliiei.il of the
riicHl. Dizzincan, Sour Eructations'
of the Stomach, Had taste In
moiiih, Hilioua attacks. Pain In
reel on of KiducyH, Internal Fever,
Bloated feeling; about stomach,
ltu-ih of Blood to Head, High Col.
orcd t rine, I noociabillty and
cloomy forebodings, take Dr.
Pierce's Flraoant Pit rgatlve Petleta.
in expl:wai ion of the remedial power of my Pnr
.'stive I'ellets over so great a variety of diseases,
1 wi-h to eav that their action npon the
animal economy Is) universal, not a
glaud ortioKue escaping; their sana
tive Impress). Ai.ro does not impair them ;
their sil-'ai -i ttiiir and being enclosed in glasa
lwiilles preserve their virtues unimpaired for any
Irnsth ol time, in any climate, so that they are ai
vavs fresh and reliable, which is not the case
wlih the pills found in the drug stores, put np in
chin wood or juisie-lioard boxes. Kecollect that
for all diseases where a Laxative, Altera
tive or Purgative is indicated, these little
lvllrts will cie the. most perfect sat is lac lion to
all w ho uoc them.
They are sold by all enterprising
urassisls at 4i cents a berttle.
P'j not allow any dmrist. to induce you to
take anvlhiiiir else that be ay say is just as
trod as lay l'ell.-ls because be makes a large
proiit on that which he recommends. If yolr
drtirist cannot sapply them, enclose 25 cents
anii r.-ceive them by return mail from
It. . VI Elect., M. D., Prop'r,
Is the only Known Keniely for Briht't Di
eae and has curvd every cmpp of Diabetes in
which it ivm been pi veil. Irritation of the Neck
or the Bladder and Inflammation of the Kidney,
Vleeration of tin Kidneys and Madder, Reten
tion of Urine, Dieaf3 of the Prostate Gland.
Stone in the lllad-ler. (travel. Brick Dnt Deposit,
and Miiroiia or Milky Discharges, and for Eu
fVeM-d and Detinue 4 'ontitntions of both Sexes,
attr-nded with the following pytnptom?: Loss
of Power, Li5 of Memory, Difficulty of Breath
inr. Weak Nerves, Wakefulness, Pain in the
Rick. Flushing of the Body. Eruption on the Face.
1'itliid 'ountcuince, Lat-situde of the By stem, etc.
1 d by persons in the decline or chance of
life; after confinement or labor pains, bed-wet-tin::
in children, etc
In many affections peculiar to ladies, the Ex
tract Kucha is unemiafed by any other remedy
As in Chinroftis or Retention, Irretrularity. Pain
fulness or Suppression of Customarf Evacuations,
I'icerated or srhirnis state of the V terns. Lea
corrhra or Whites, Sterility, and for all com
plaints incident to the sex. It ia prescribed
extensively by the most eminent Physicians and
Midwivcs for enfeebled and delicate constitu
tions of both sexes and all ac-a.
Cittf Hnv AririnQ frrm Imprudence,
li tbit of I'tp-ttii-n, Etc. in ail their eUgea, ml
little expense, little or ni change in diet.no in
convenience, and no exposure. It cause a fre
quent desire, and cives strength to urinate,
therehv removing Obtriitions. Ifreventing and
nrin"STrt tim-s of the I'rethra, Allaying Pain
and htflfimmatiim, so frequent in this class of dis
eases, and expelling all poUonoua matter.
1 100 per bottle or six bottles for $5.00. delivered
to any addsess, secure from observation, bold by
druggists everywhere. Prepared by
KEARNEY A CO., 104 Doane St, N. Y.
to whom all letters for information should be
Co Charga for Advice and ConsniUtiom.
7r. J. It. Dyott, Graduate of Jferm MttHral
Cofrg. Philadelphia, author of several valuable
works, can be consulted on all diseaaea of tha
Sexual or Urinary Oreana, (which he has made
an especial study), either in male or female, bo
matter from what cause originating, or of how
long standing. A practice of 30 years enables
him to treat diseases with success. Cores guar
anteed. Charges reasonable. Those st a dis
tance can forward letter describing aymptosas,
and enclosing stamp to prepay postage.
bend for the Guide to Hmith. Price MccbU.
J, fi, mVTT, m. D., PhjstdM sad Stugssa,
$10 Breslau Lots.
6,000 LOTS
O 25x00 Jeet, for SaU in th
oi 9:0 per Lot,
2,000 Garden Plots
0 tO Lots each, at ft 00 per Tlot.
The City of Breslau
(a located on the South Sid BuItmkI
of Long Island, ud ia knows to b th
most enterprising pUoa in tha State,
having threa churches, schools, saver
Urge manufactories, hotels, stores, eta,
tta, and population of aereral thou
sand inhabitant.
Every one Knows Breslau,
And those who don't, please call for
particular on THOS. WELWOOD, 15
Willoughby Street, Brooklyn.
Title perfect and warrantee deed
given free of incumbrance, street
opened and surveyed free of extra
charge. Apply to
(5 Willoughby St., Brooklyn, L. I.,
t No. 7 Beekm&n St, Rooms 5 ft 8,
Hew Tork City.
Or to
612 614 Chestnut St, .
Hl-ly Philadelphia, Pa.
la fCwaairsI mm 7I4ical Scteara.
une mixture of ALL. THE TWELVE Tahmhls
active principle oi tbe well known curative agent,
CX EQUALLED in Oturh, Colda, Cstarrn, Asthma,
Hnmrbitia, anl 'onsuntptiua.
cnai without fail
A rrtfnt M in throe to si hours; snd aim. by it
ettt-cta upou the tftuerai system, ia rtmarkablj eHita
t'iuUH in all
Inulmiuifr SvrutnU anl Lruiitton of the kin, Dya
pepnia, IHaeawof the Livtr aod Kidneys, Uetirt iha
ease, and i-ural lh-lnlitv.
WA remarkably valuable disroverr, which posi
tively cares
ASTIlvi A. nnd all Disease of the
tor use in connection with the ELIXIR TAR. is,
combination of th TWO most valuable ALTERA
TIVE Medinnes known in five Profession, and ren
tiers this Pill without exception the very best evel
Solution and Compound Elixir, j JJ ,Bo,..,k
Tat awl Mandrake Pills, 23ctg per Box.
Medicated Inhalation. .'t.iKi per Faekag.
Send for Circular of POSITIVE CIRRI tc
four Xhruirjftat. uf to
L. F. HYDE & CO.,
19S St-reufh Ave.. Sew York,
1 0,000 Wurdi and Itnmingi net in otter Didiowrin
S000 Engravings. 1840 Pages Ouarto.
Glad to add mj tsstimonv in itrfavor. ;
fPrss'l Walker of Harvard.
7srj scholar know, 11, value '
T . , lw- Prescot! the Historian.1
ha most cnu.lete Dictionary of the Lanauaxe.
Dr. Kick, of Scotland.
The best guide of students of our lanitrua.
John li U hitl1
Hs will transmit his name to latest posterity
, , . , K'banvelKa-Kent.l
E'tymnioirlcal parts surpasses anything by earlier
E, laborers. iieorge Bancroft.
Bearinc- relation to Language Prlnrij.la does to
philosophy. fKilh Bn i
Excels all other, in defining scientific terms,
, i President Hitchcock.
(T tar as I know, best defining furtinnarv.
T1 .. . (U.s-acsMann.1
aks it altogether, the rarpassinc w.rk.
rnart, tlx Kn.-Uh Orthceplit
A necessity tor every intelligent tam.lv, student.
. "iu "im feiorary m cons-
plsts without the bert English Dictionary t a
I00 Pages Octavo, 00 Engrolngs. Pries 18.
Tbs work i. mil. - ..r . i... . ; . 9
thing tor the eolh-su ter, tiUlmMl thnlMf
MHwmi oj v. m u. 31 KKKIA M, SpringAe).!, Mass.
Sold by all Bc-hcllTs.
AU styles. Surer Mounted and Walnut, uew aid
"c9.nn1- Keciirely packed for suippitue
It It KM, fcc.
??U!,EA25D E FUHMTrRE all kinds.
The largest and bast assorted stock, new and
secoud baud In the City.
i,,-iVIM V BtlO.. tM.lv
IQil, 10SL 10 ssd IIW RIIMitiVK Phils.
Bhkubs ako P lasts Cokotaxt'i.t ow
below Chestnut,
Can Dyxpeptie Consumption be Cured
W answer, TESt
First. Removt all tbs anhsslthy mneooi
that rmthers about th walls of ths stoma
from indigestioa.
Second. Produce sa sciive eonu...v-
Liver and Kiiaeys witkeut depleting tho
7,tenl- ...
Third. Supply or aid nature in furnunMf
k. ar soma af the component parts
that compose health luids.
We, from thousands who have been eured,
assert that euro eaa be performed on this
Apart from our Office Practice.
BemoTO the fungus matter from the stomaeh,
and restore it to a healthy condition.
Aets on the Liver, heals the Stomaeh, aad
sets on ths Kidneys sad Nervous System.
for further advice, sail or writ
2 32 JVort Stcond Street.
It is known to all readers that sine Da.
L Q. C. WISHAKT has followed tho cans
and sort of diseases, aad tho (rent value of
TAR as a curative remedy, ss directed by
Bishop Berkley and Rev. John Wesley, that
many have attempted to make TAR pra.
paratioa for THRU AT Aav ii.w via-
BASES. Be U known that urn, u. vj.
Is ths only remedy, from long experience,
used by our most skillful physieisns for
Diptheria, Ulcerated Throat, Lung, Kidney,
Stomaeh, Asthma, aad General Debility, as
well as for Coughs, Colds and Lung Affec
tion. DR. L. Q-C. WISHART,
No. 232 N. SECOND ST ,
Dr. i. Walker's California Vin
egar Hitters are a iun-ly Vei;et;illo
preimr.itiou, iu.kIp rliii'tly from t lie ua
tive herls I'oitixl on the lornr raneps f
tLe Sierra Ncvaila iiioMiitaiu.ttf t 'ulifor
nia, the medicinal nirties of bi-li
are extracted then from niibout the use
of Alcohol. The tit:ni in alnwKt
daily asked. "What is tint raue of the
unparalleled aiuvrMi of VtNEii.tR ItiT
i'ers!" (ur answer w, that they remove
the cause of disease, ami the Kttieut re
covers his health They are the great
blood purifier uud a lile-jtiv invf principle,
a perfect Kenuvator and Inviorutor
of the system. Never U-fore in the
history of the world bits a mmliciue Imu
compounded pus-sensiug- the rvuinrkublu
qualities of Vi.nkoas Hittkhs in bealine tho
sick of every disease rutin is heir to. They
are a gentle Purgative as well as a Touie,
relieving Congestion or Iiifluiiunitiini of
the Liver and Visceral Orjaus, iu i.ilious
The properties of Dr. Walkee's
Viseoak IJiTTERs are Aperient. Diaiihoretic,
Carminative, Sntritious, Laxative, binretic,
Sedative, Counter-Irritant, Sudorific, Alter
ive, and Anti- F.ilions.
Dnurpists and irn. Acts.. Son Kmncix-o. California,
tl I'm """"'" "'Mi .nanin ts.. . V.
mv "j ai arsigBl(s IM Urali
with a liberal hand as far as your a
SI-PH.Y Will go.
Super - Phosphate.
Wit will pa, wU sv. at present prices of Prclor
lttth Year of Constant Use.
Sole Manufacturers.
20 South VelavareAre., ThiMa.
OS South Street. 2Salt,More.
AGRIClir.TlTT? a r
- . luijj
Osssrsl Aassis tetr EritSKI.T. aV rn
I - nm v. 4
Massillon Separators
A K la A'FTT'n'n .
FARM TVT A oiitvtt,,,,.
"..uuil Cjll 1,
1000 market Street.
ja rtiAS,
BLAfK Ttr a
wttb Us Groen Tea Ssvor. ar
ranud to suit all tastes, ror
sal. STsrrwhere. And tut sals
static A radac Tea Co., 1st il
ton St., and! at ChanVVlf
XecuretrcitUc -tu
Eugene Schoening't
As Basis, fce tMs BIMers wss fseai aawaf a,
sassrs td s Swssilsk saystslsa, a slala aaa. wk.
kikls Usa, wasa I0 years si, sy a 6U1 at.
bMsa. Sals Mia. tkn ha4 sua sept a rrsfomaS
assist hy Ms taaUh; f avsr. tasa tars, swtarisa
arla aU this Haas tt.7 frsqaaat aas ( U,
BUUrs, whlsh mtaiM tksaa a stroa aa4 Urn,
Uvlaf sat s SMpls, aj.ylai "
Orlfftaally the mtV sas
assrsaasrfalstWts. wss sbtalae ijatWIktti
Ma, wMl. sartlpatlac la las sarll. a . sWIUsa.
f the Isaalares la Aawrtoa, atlsr s sskau snaa
kM, ansrt. lvslfs U s.1 vs Us s srlaaa
sal kale.
as It Is B.W sails, ksa si ass nM.'UHU
si aatoalsits I svres si sa
HsbIs alrsssty flvsa ss ky aasa I lyatslaaa, aa
ka. yrsrW ltaslf aash a sowsrfa isrMtv. aa
srsssrvstlvs KssaWy, Ua las assSa as
farUat laslvUaai rassaiaisssatl i sr ,rala
Tss.fsstsrUs lws41U lHUrs Mtmsb ttsssf. la
las Srst slsM, SS Ik. asTvssslks4ltssUvs sriaas
Urssakeat Uslr satlrs sxUat.kat avals! y as la.
Uavask aaa Ik. slssstal tnast. It asraaallsrs iksu
fsastloaa. saa Iksrsrsrs, BM.rlat ss tke aatare s
azlMlaf lrralarttlss se reaaovss .kstrasUjas sa
nustteass all kls4, s stay. Dlarrtaaa, - - .
ssry, sreUsraaaasolesa 4lsskv(sa aasl sSlssl..
By rsfalatlaf Us aMasrfaal srfai st wklsk is
yeaS U a.riisissl Us usssf isttea aa Us
v.Uymsat mt Us kaataa ksay w tws4iak Bia
ssrs lavlf sistss Us aarvas aaa US vtsal sswsrs,
.Larasa.lk.asaM.sa4 U. lassllest. sssn.es u.
btaskUacWlka liaise. Us seUHy. tk. kwals.
aasMsa, sa4 ssJa. mt Us saesusk. layeeeea as 4t
gestlv. rsemlUas, a.4 la aa saeelisat rseyaylssus
aa4 IssaWy aalMS serves tirtUMIMy. Vlata
leaey, Ckeila, Wsrsaa. Dressy, ka If toksa la
aeakl. seees. It sTsles aa a saw a. set sat. la
a aU14 aa4 aaialaas way.
Ia ssssss.ii.il sf lkee s.aal!Uss mt Ue tweStsk
aistsea H ka. kssssas ss mt tk. smsS MlskraeaS
naillil seslsst 4tis ss s Ik. erf sas sewsiseS
ta Us asaesses, w4 mt sSeeeleea Ual kslhll aa
hla4 ta seseeejaeae. mt mt lsssss Tkse sv
wWlsh BlUsrs ka. aa aasarysns rea ti Set
sartaf LrvsvCsaylalataaf lesf elaaaiaf . ia.a4is.
ysysysla, DkMr4sra mt Ik. Seleea. mt Us Psa
srsas, sf Ik. Mssaral. fllaasa, aa4 ala. 41sst4se si
Ik. B'seya, sf tk. Ciiaary sa4 Seassl Oraaaa,
BaslSsstkMS ska Iws4lsh Sillers earee Ikes. la.
a.wsrskH si,i.s, ee seaf eatlT. ASeeUeaa a.4
Plssssss, wklsk srlgUst. trass sal4 as4esilaa
4lstarkaaess, ss r-Cafssalsa mt tk. Laas, Us
Isart, a.4 tk. Iralaa, Cesf ks, Astkaa Bsaaaska,
Bsaralfflaa, la 4 1 fecal paits sf th ke4y. Cklerests
Iteraal Hsaierrkolss aa4 PUes, Bsal, repay
Ssaeral DslUlty, Hyyeekesartaais, Xelaaekely,
ks., . Offrsat seaeSlUs Iws41sk BUUrs k
als. beea Ibaad la Ue keflaalaf, mt Oaatrl. aa4 la.
Bat tkto la aaly sas sloe of IU lassllwakle sewer st
prmttctimf Uee isA at) n rtfulmrlp mfintt ml
satsasaatts asa sptosssie diatmt. Tk Swe4i,k
Bitters bsa ky Issf sapsrlsas. la avaay Uo.aaaS
sans siala.!asdlts great rsasws ssls iks west
Typhus, Orienttl Pest, Ship-FeFer,
Tk. saperier preteettve aaJ MaaUv. vtrlass d
Ik. Sve41sk Bittsre afalasl Halarlea Isvers,
yseatery, aa4 Ck.l.ra, wars aioet apyareaUy
teste la Ik. lata wan k Fraask aa4 lagllak sky
alslaaa, wke, ky srssertblsf tk. saaia te Uelr re
rpeetlve truose, sassss4e4 la rWsela( tk. sMrailty
1st sf spi4sal. 41smm nsai as U 1 per seal.
SSV All pares sa wk. kav. ta perfsrai leaf a4
kar4 labor, aa4 wkll. 4laf It, ars .As. szpuaeS le
sa44sa sksaf ss ef teaiperslere, sv Ue araR er sir,
srsbselaaa4osta. sawlla, er vapurs, skeal4 eel
fall U ase Ue w4lak BUUrs, utfet 4rps si
It, a44W to Uelr 4rlak, are saBalsal to preserve
Ikm U UesUmakls kealtk aa4 vtf er. Tkass wk.
an aeeastowW to drtak Us wster 4arts Ue saa
svar, skal4 aevsr salt te 44 sssu lw.4lsk Bl
tors te It.
Ssk,Pereeae flvsa Is s4sstary Ufa tksal4 ss
ke Swsdlak Bltaers. B will seatralls Us k4 si
sssts ef Uelr waat sf zerslee ta opea air, a4 keep
lasat ta (m4 kealtk aa4 m4 spirit.
AV T. tk. Laales tk. Iws41ak Bluer. Bsst
espseUlly k. rMswam4s4. kVeaasa iu .
trlkstos saost sssenUally to preserve tke resalarllv
sfU. pkyatolsftoal fuetlesa, pesallar to lb. 4eli
Mt. f.aiai. sesstltstlea aa4 Uss prsvM sa ef
tortaal sarrter salos Ueee Uossurakle Berveaa
4 Blao4 Dlisim erklek - s. a... .
m freqaeat. aa te selakeaky aaay tmw Bes s aalaral
tJSS, Bat tk. Bwealsk Bttton 4om set esly sesare
tr k sails. It alss sfhsta Us fall 4.vslspsu.l ef
Ik. haul. soar. aaef Ua keaatv kv serf eel a.r.
sad la soaipleetlea ao4 eeler.
tk. Bw4lsk Bttton kaa kseems sa. sf Us
afeet aa4 BSt sB sisal
Bar Paiaisrs aa4 tkstr PaaUltss, wao kav. trl4
wsdisk BlUera, prefer It to all alallar srtleles.
Psr tksai It provM Maslslal ia varleas waya.
f MStawr, wksatk.tr sslllsf req aires Uea" to
ftsa saaare tk. la tease beat of Us saa, walls ser
pormla( ksr work, Usy an lad ase to be set
raBdeatly astlas la aallafylac tkstr karaiaf
Iklret by water, r la tla( frail at yet rip, A
Tkas faratlnf pMpl. an very liable to sufsr tt.m
mmm mum, r.var, Dymtrntn-i, Ckolsra. ks..
uwiegaiaraMOl aaeswsaisk BlttonsMks
saaisroas lala.asee an kamles.
In Wtnttr, 4arlag tke time ef rest, waay ssaatry
peepie, iryiaf i ladsmsiry tksaisslvM for
pirsneaa, an very .pi ts .fisa sverles4 i
stosucka aad tkas laiaalr tkele ji.ui.. ....
to. r .ts ef tk. tree. Tke aes mt tk. Iwestsk Bu
sts prsvssto 4lasase frost Uat saase.
Aa a siatter sf Mans, la mm ef slebsees, to
patlsat skoal4 a.i4 fosa aet af reela( wllk kla
sr sack, aa la kaowa, U ss 4iasl to 4lssl r sa,
nltabl. to tk. 41ms. la fssstloa
Tk.ral.: "BssasetsnaevaaMpMl.AVsas
sr 4e," Is strlstly to k. sbMrvsel.
n twsdlak Bttton sk.ll Mly ke UkM b tke
sbsrsss mt lalaaajatoiy sywptoaw.
nwapsnsas tak. aa Ukl.sp afal tkree nam
4ay, kfsrar aftor seals, pan sr 4Uato4 WIU
rnaoB. aa4at B ran, Iwe-tklr. tkat s.aatlty
2 1 " ssvkalf -
. " eee-esarlsv
Ckll4na trB S yssn apwarSa, sse-etrbU of Ual
Fsmu aerastoBMd to sk.w tobseee, aks14 sk
stala frost It aa aask sa s,.mm. .ui. .
Ish Bitters; they way soketltato eoaM fewws sf
aanmomlls sr root ef saUaiaa, ksl Use swallow
Us salvia, lastead ef .ptttlaf It away. IaUesaeM
way nckiaff mt lobSM. akal4 oaly BM4nl.ty a
prastteaa. . ' .
Psrsoas felisto4 vritk Jmenrf. , ... v
kna4 or sakss, sr fat or salt aMata. kat skeaU Uk.
BodrraUaierelss U free air voMlaf all se,i
shaasM si leapnaton, all lsteaiperaaee U estla(
' '-fc nu an, awaial szslUsuet, by
wklsk tksy will eoatrlbato largely I Us slkstlva.
aan si Us IwWlak Blttora.
BT. B. BkraI4th. Swedi.k ai.. ... ....
taatoa. It Buy bo takeawlU sobm nar, sr saa be
"f "walsr sr syrap.
viae S4.Blrs4bVeer.ku. Ik. s.v.
BVMtv. tl, k mt pnparla, tk. Oaly QmbIm
wsdisk Blttora. ksntefon w- .
kMalaf, lata V. a. Amy m
Hn to frastrate fraa4 aa4 4epUss.la aaavs mt
LSsksMUf karat lato the glan af sak bonis
" wo eorvsMBBanaaa n .m. w e
tBfs sa4 by SBTowa aasM. BooUm wlUe.4 1
sM Bsrtk TWt4 Btnst, Pkllaidpkla.
"e Bstlto, IB Mass. Ball .4ms
MfcU Wkotaala ky iska Bultoav)
fcw SSI Ank Barest, Plflsiibjlla tor Pals s
1 irrnTti. isisasssa

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