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05IK djouniir gjjMtate
THURSDAY, JUNE 2(1, 1871.
Hatos of Advertising.
Ono column, ona yr. $7R 00
" . 40 00
" " " 25 00
,iCnt.d,.Htv,;7;;v;nu;rTcf Z
lin or less 3 tttn er loss S 00
jiusincas cards, tea ;ins or less, per
Marriages aod Death, noticas inserted
Elk Lodga, A. T. M.
Stated mooting of Elk Lodge i
lipid at their Imtl on ths second and
in t
Tuesdays of eanTi tniwith.
o. fj. Mccracken, so'y.
Temple of Honor and TemMranoe.
Btfctun Temple No. 81, meet on ea:h
alternate Thursday, at their Lndga Room,
on Main street, over J. V. Honk's store.
Var Time at Ilidgivay.
Eria Express TInst 2:20 n. m.
do do West a m.
do Mail East 4:62 p.m.
do dn Went 10:03 a. ra.
Local Freieht East 7:25 a.
do do West. 6:49 p. tn.
T. B. Cobb, of Tiontsta, was in town
last week.
Scuooii commenced
school house yesterday.
in ' the new
TnE Commissioners of Elk county
will meet at their office in
Monday, July 3d, 1871.
Tiiere will be services in Grace
Church next Sunday, morning and
evening, by Rev. J. A. Dooris.
Methodist services in tho Court
IIouso next Sunday, morning and even
ing, by Rev. C. M. Heard.
Kdkton Temple of Honor No. 81
will meet, this evening, at their Lodge
room over J. V. H ouk's store.
Last Friday and Saturday there was
ncavy snowers ot rain Here. Jiut tne
long-looked-for flood failed to put in an
Is. Iv. lir.Y has commenced the rc.
tion of a barn at Elk Creek Mill, which
is to be when completed, forty feet wide
by forty-eight feet lonsr.
TnE new Jiuaid ot fccliuol Directors
is composed of IJ. K. Ely, O. B. Grant,
.Nelson Gardner, Iloruce Little, John
Bryndlc, and J. V. Ilnnk.
C. AY. BAnuETT'of the Cazcttc, was
in our sanclurj, last Friday, avid had on
a new suit of clothes. That fire in St.
Mary's destroyed a clothing store.
No Papsi Nkxt Wesk. There
will be no paper usued lro;u this otace
next wrick; it btimr. the weak of the
Fourth our hand4 intend to celebrate.
Hats. The latest thing on gent j
nats, is a piper winu-uiiu mat Keeps a
current of cool air constantly passiu;
over tho face. An attachment can be
adjusted to the fewer jaw by which a
man can get away with more boarding
Louse hash at one nioal than during a
waek by theflld process.
To ije Exposed. It is said that
those highly virtuous individuals who
send money to the New York "saw
dust swind3e.iV' in the hope of receiving
a return of counterfeit money are likely
to come to grief. Their letters are to
be retained and opened at the New
Ycrk post office, and the name of the
writer forwarded to the poet master
where written, with instructions to post
it conspicuously in the office with a
statcment of the fact?. The idea is a
good one, and if carried out, some rich
dcvelopemeuts may be expected.
Smalt. Pox.
A rilivsiiMn !n Rlniir
City, Iowa, uses an ointment made of
charcoal and lard to prevent pitting in
small pox. This is applied freely over
the surface of the face, neck and hands
as soon as the diseased is distinguished,
and continued until all symptoms of
suppurative fever have ceased. The
application always allays the itching,
aid seems to shorten the duration of the
disease, and leaves the patient without
a yeniish, the eruption protected by
tlitTotBttuent not even showing signs of
postuktion, the charcoal preventing the
action of light and the lard that of air.
Wk learn from the Gazette that our
neighboring town, St. Mary's, has taken
htcps looking to the organization ot a
i fire department in that place, and that
I ut a meeting held on the 19th inst., of
R which Charles Luhr was chairman, and
IVjleo. Ed. Weis secretary, it va .
f olved that Cifteeo responsible citizens
be appointed, who iu ia conjunction
with the Town Counoil of the Borough
to constitute a Fire Department. The
Chairman then appointed a committee
with instructions to report progress be
fore a publio mcctinL' to be called l v
C - -
hem. This action speaks well for St.
Mary's. How many fires will it take to
:auae Ridgway to take Bimilar action?
In another oolumn will bo fouud
call issued by the Chairman of the Re
publican County Committee, to the Re
publicans of Elk County, requesting
them to hold primary meetings on Sat
urday, July 8th, at 5 o'oloek, p. m.,
for the purpose of choosing delegates
to the County Convention to be bold
at the Court IIqum w Ridgway, on
W wthr-a o'clock P. .
Let the members of the Couuty Com
them aaeetingg are held, and delegates
selected. Following are tho names of
the ccntiomcu composing too iiopubh-
can County Committee:
Benerette Erasmus Morev. J. W. Brown.
Bcniinger Joseph Patton, Jus. Suad-
Fox John Collins, Abel Oresh.
Highland D. B. Anderson, Levi Elle-
Hortoa J. 8. Chamberlain, U. W. Rog
Jay B. A. Weed, James M. Brookins.
Jon A. I. Wilcox, J. C. Mulone.
Millstone Robert Steward, Hiram
Ridgway G. T. Wheeler, J. C. Luther.
Spring Creek L. F. rowers. Hiram
St. Mary's Bero. Dr. Samuel Reynolds,
Charles MoVean.
Notice ito Postmasters. Post
masters returning letters or papers ad
dressed to persons who have moved
away should explain if possible what
has become of the person addressed or
what is his present post office address.
It is not fHifficient to say thattho letler
or paper is uncalled for or is not lifted.
The reason of its not being taken out
should also be given or, if a letter,
should be sent to tho proper address.
The Latest Dodoe. Ouo of the
reeent tricks of swindlers is to send out
a statement lrom some pretended hotel
to parties'statiug that a friend of theirs
had died suddenly at the hotel leaving
valuablo baggage, money, jewelry,
watches, &c, and winding up by saying
that all these valuables would bo for
warded on the remittance of a small
sum of mouey to pay charges. Look
out tor them.
Singular Coincidence. The Cin
cinnati Enquirer says: "The anniver
sary of the battle of Bunker Hill was
an eventtul one to Mr. Vallandigham.
lie ran the Southern blockade June 17,
1863; reached Dayton June 17, 1861
laboring under an apprehension of re
newed military arrest; and died by acci
dental violence, self-inflicted, Juno 17,
1871. It so happened that it was seven
years after his return, and in a year in
vvhich the figure seven so prominently
appears to iiiuik tne cuwe.
The Reason Wuy. The immedi
ate cause of premature lading or blanch'
in" ot the hair is an obstruction of the
oil vessels which afford the coloring
matter. The remote causes may be
general ill health, trouble of miud, etc.
lutico. in order to restore its natural
color and beauty the oil vessels must bo
restored to their unrinal condition. If is
on this principle that Nature's Hair Re-
storstivo is compounded, and it hus
proved a complete success, wheievcr
faithfully applied. It is not a poisonous
dye, consequently the ellect is gradual,
and in several cases two or three bottles
are necessary to produco the desired
suit. Sec advertisement.
Wat.kino Feat. Weston, the cel
ebrated walkist. has been successlul in
winniuer his waser, that he would walk
four hundred miles in five days. Dur-
ing tne last nve uiues ooiu csum uuu
tho audience were aroused to an intense
state of excitement, the latter cheering
almost continually, and the former win
ning applause by walking backwards,
runniug, j'Jiuuiiiu.uuu ud.vji.uiug uiuu,
playfui tricks in order to demonstrate
tna la.rSe amount ot physical iorce De
held in reserve. At tho conclusion of
the last round, he had eighteen minutes
to spare.
L:st op CArscsaet down far trial at A
ffust Term 1871:
1 fl' l 1-! 1. T Tl lllninn fin
tetta vs Jacob ReicUard, No. 1 April Teitn
1. i I It JV. IV. t'liui". J
2. Koch & Son vs Patrick Seed, No. G3
Jan. Term 1809
3. Armel Turley vs Geo. D, Smith, et al
No. 33 April Term 18o"J.
4. Messenger " beeler vs TJilworta &
Gcorze. No. 41 April Term ltJ
5. J. C. Cliapin'g heirs vs llryant &
Euwer, No. 4 November term ISU'J.
S. Hiram Woodward vs Thomas Tosier,
No. 29 Nov. term 18159.
7. Thomas Turley vs B. A. Weed, No
88 Nov. term 18U9.
8. A. J. Lewis vs John W. Best, No. 9
Jan. term 1870.
9. A. H. Vackard vs John Kaul et al,
No- 18 April term 1870,
10. James Douglass et al vs Thomas Lu
cas et al, No. U'J April term 1870.
11. E. W. Bnsliley vs AUen Giles, Nos.
46 47 48 and 49 April term 1870.
12. James II. Billingiou vs Isaao Bow
man et at, No. 10 August term 180.
1 3. Bernard AVeidenbreimer va Ueorge A.
Rathbuu, No. 80 August term 1870.
14. Isaao ISowmau vs tu&uiaa irwiu, ro.
11 November term 1870.
15. fcpillan's heirs vs Michael IJanno-
van, No. 19 November term 18iU.
16. Geo. W. Smith vs V. r. Anuerson,
No. '22 November term 1870. .
17. Stearas, Clark & Co. vs D. e. Ander.
son, No. 23 November term 8iO.
18. C.Brockway.Jr. vs Hortou township,
No. 24 November term 1870.
19. l'.oubeu Winelow va Kdwin Fletcher,
No. 25 November term 1870.
20. RDrine Run Coal Co. vs Laurie J.
BUkely, No. 81 November term 1870.
21. Jonathan Bovuton et al vs A. l.
Finney et al. No. 1 Jan. term 1871.
22. John 0. Reading et al vs A. C. Fin
ney et ul, No. 13 January term 1871.
About 800 new wells are going down
in tho oil rctrions sixty in excess of
the number being drilled the same time
iu May, and 157 Ices than the number
in process of drilling the same time
year ago.
Tho steel works of the Cambria Iron
Company, Johnstown, are rapidly ap
proaching completion. When in full
operation at least 500 persons will find
employment in addition to tho 4,000
that are already employed about the
iron works.
"Wilkcsbarre. June 22.Some 40
miners wertf temporarily imprisoned
lie enrth vesterdav bv the fullinc in of
the slope ot the Umpire mine, several
miles from this place. All wero rescued,
and are expected to recover from the
effects of the foul air inhaled during
their confinement.
To Horsemen. When your horse
come in wot wi'n perspiration, smooth
his hair with a course brush a common
broom is better than nothing in tne
direction you wish it to lie when it is
dry. 1 he animal will feel better, and
it will bo only half the troublo to clean
hitif the next time he needs it.
Moths. The following recipe is
said to have kept out moths from a fur
niture warehouso for ten years past.
May it do so for ten years to come:
'Flour of hops, one drachm; Scotch
snuff, two ounces; gum campbor, one
ounce; black pepper, one ounce; cedar
sawdust, four ounces. Mix thoroughly,
and strew, or put in papers among the
Furniture Polish. One pint of
linseed oil, ono wioc-glass of alcohol;
mix well together; apply to the cloth
with a linen rag; rub dry with a soft
cotton cloth, aud polish with a silk
cloth. Furniture is iuipioved by wash
ing it occasionally with soap-suds. Wipe
dry and rub over with a very little lin.
seed oil upon a clean sponge or flannel.
lpo polished furniture with silk.
Cure for Corns. Take a lomon,
cut oil' a piece of rind, then nick the
lemon so as to let in the toe with the
corn the pulp next the corn; tie this
on at night so that it cannot move; in
the morning with a blunt knife you can
pare it away to a great extent. Two or
three applications of this will make a
poor cripple happy for life.
To Remove tue Taste of Wood.
-A new keg, churn, bucket, or other
wooden vessel, will generally communi
cate a disagreeable taste to anything
that is put luto it. To prevent this in
convenience, scald the vessel well with
boiling water, let the water remain i
it until cold; then dissolve some pearl
ash or soda in lukewarm water, addin
a little lime to it. Wash tho inside of
tho vessel well with this solution. After
ward scald it well with hot water, an
rinso with cold water before you use it
1 he reason tor this is the ready comb
nation of resinons matter, with alkalies
to form compounds soluble in alcohol
Life. Men who have halt a dozen
irons in the fire are not the ones to go
crazy. It is the man of voluntary or
compelled leisure, who mopes and pines
and thinks himself into the mad bouse
or the grave. Motion is all nature'
law. Action is raau's salvation, pbysi
can and mental; and yet nine out of
ten are wistfully looking forward to the
coveted hour when they shall have leis
ure to do nothing the very siren that
has lured to death many a "successful'1
man. lie only is truly wise who layi
himself out to work till hie s lute.
hour, and that is the man who will live
the longest, and will hvo to most pur
What do great liars do
when they
die? They lie still.
Senator Wilson was the first to
the phrase "The New Departure."
TIia lntin tvirtl Inr nrnmfln ia ft
Her." No wonder that the female
is so obstinate
a student in a Western colleca is so
addicted to taidiness that be is known
aB "the late Mr. Tompkins."
One hundred millions of glass chim-
neys for lamps are annually broken in
the United states.
Learning is wealth to the poor, an
honor to the rich, an aid to the young,
and a support aud comfort to the aged.
A history of tobacco will shortly be
published. It will be illustrated with
fine cuts; you can buy it if you chews.
The nerve which never relaxes, the
eye which never blanches, the thought
which never wanders; these are the
masters of victory.
Tho poet says:
The pleasure of pleasures, the greatest of all
1'anaceaa tor wimls tuat are sick,
Iu to sit in the shade near a big stone wall
And whittle a soft pine stick.
It is a most sigoificent fact that since
the war the public debt of the Unitod
States has been reduced as much as the
debt of England was roduced in fifty-
f ve years.
No shade of violet ought ever to be
used in any sort ot evening dress, as
the color vauishes entirely under au ar
tificial light. Many a young lady has
suffered for not remembering this.
A trarden well kept, with the flowers
well tended, and the beds, borders and
walks neat and clean, is always indica
tive of industry and good taste in a
good family.
Another method has been found to
kill the potato bugs now doing so much
injury in the west. It is very simple,
being merely soap suds and soda, in the
proportion of three pounds of the latter
to a barrel of the former. The liquid
is spriukled on the vines from a water
ing pot, and it is said to be instant death
to the troulesome iuccts.
J ...
An old Connecticut Indv, who was
very muchtroubled by ttje prospect of
tne lntroauotton ot gas in her villag
and consequent disnse of whale oil
sked with Much earnestness.' "What is
to become of the)poor whales?"
Two little sohool girls were lately
prattling together, anu one of them
said, "We keep four servants have got
six horses and lots of carriages; now
what have you got?" Wi'.h quite
much pride the other answered, "We've
dot a skunk under our barn."
Printers' ink is being extensively
used to keep grubs ott trees, lhe rela-
tion!of printers' ink. to ;grub 'has, loo
been koowu to editors, as it has bceu
successfully used by them as a meaus
wherewith to get thetr grub. Some ad
vertiscrs discovered this use likewise.
As an evidence of the wonderful ex
pension of Methodism in America, th
church ogau states the fact that duriu:
the past year there was a new shurch
completed, on the average, every three
working hours, or lour lor every aay lu
the year.
It is the opinion of the leading mar.
ket men of New York city, who have
iust returned from a prospecting tour in
Delaware ana iiew Jersey, mat the
. . T T . , . .
ceach crop in those sections will be
good one, much better than it was last
The peach was originally a poisoned
almond. Its flesh parts were used to
poison arrows, and the fiuit was for this
purpose introduced into I ersia. The
transplantation and cultivation, however,
not only removed its poisonous qualities,
but produced the delicious fruit we
now enjoy.
The editor of a Bangor, Maine, paper
says he recently 6aw a number of young
ladies enter a public ball with dishevel
ed hair and hat rims apparently wrink
eled, and he laucied with excited coun
tenances. "Upon inquiring what the
riot was about, says be, "imagine our
chagrin when told it was the fashion
Careful investigation shows that from
one-half to one-third of the coal is left
it the mines as waste, and that from
twenty-five to forty per cent of that
which reaches the Burface is lost in
breaking, screening ana handling
These losses are attributed to the crush
ing effects of powder.
An Arkansas woman, named Emily
Lord, is reported to have had nine hus
bands in ten years. Two died with sus
picious suddenness, and three were di
vorced. Y hat has become ot the oth
ers is not stated. An exchange says
sho is misnamed, for evidently slio is
an Emma-Sarah of Satan.
A young fellow, who had been mar
ried tor a twelvemonth, said it was all
sunshine, the next twelvemonth, said it
was all moonshine, anu the latter period
of his matrimouial career was wtthout
shine at all, except when his better halt'
touk it 'into bcr head to "kick up a
a shine!"
A sure cure forbugs of all kinds npon
plants and vegetables, is to make a thin
whitewash say a pint of slack lime to
a pailful of water and sprinkle it
through a watering can over the vines.
It will, without fail, kill potato bugs,
cut worms, or anything of that kind.
Probably the first instance in history
of a woman having been buried with
military honors was that ot Miss Ii,sthcr
Johnstone, a young English woman con
nected with the German ambulance
service, who died recently at Chalons,
and was buried with military honors by
the Prussians.
"Corner loafing" with the use of
abusive, indecent, or insulting language,
whether addressed to any person pass
ing upon any highway, to anv other
person,, or to no person m particular,
has been made a statutory oflenso in
Connecticut, punishable by a fine not
exceeding seven dollars.
A western journal suggests that "if
the Democratic papers had only shown
one-half the zeai in fighting JelF. Davis
when he4 was President of the rebel
confederacy, that they now evince in
hting hii when he is onlythe presi
dent of a life insurance company, they
would have done tho State some ser
.Vmong the Mohammedans no lengthy
legal process is necessary to divorce a
wife from her husband, lhe "liege
lord" simply says to bis wife three
times, ,'You are divorced!" aud the
thing is done. lhe wile, however, has
no such power over her husband.
A member of the Legislature, from a
remote and isolated district, sat listen
ing to appropriations for repairing
breeches in the canal, and finally sprang
up and said, "See here, Mr, Speaker,
who is this fellow, Canal, who wears out
so many breeches? I've counted ten of
them already, aud one pair lasts me
The round figures of the railroad in
terest are easily learned and remember
ed. The whole length of all the rail
roads in the world is 120,000 miles
The cost of the same was, in round
numbers, ten billions of dollars. Those
of Great Britain aro the most costly,
and those of the United States tho least
so. The railway system of the world
is supposed to give employment to over
uua million persons.
In the island of Goa, near Bombay,
there is a singular vegetable called "the
sorrowful tree," because it only flourishes
in the night. At sunset no nowers are
seen, and yet half an hour after that it
is quite full of them. They yield a
sweet smell, but the sun no sooner be
gins to shine on them, than soruo of
them fall off, and others close up; and
thus it continues to flower iu the night
during all the year.
The best way'to patch up a quarrel is to
plit the difference.
A conclusive argument against suicides
is, that it ia the height of impoliteness to g )
rivv here until you are seat t'vr.
Or, Ways and By-Ways in the
Hidden;' Life of American
By officer O. S. MoWatters. A narrative
of 25 years' experience among Bank Rob
bers, Counterfeiters. Thieves, l'ickpockcts,
Lottery Dealers, Confidence Men, and
Swindlers of all classes of society dis
closing marked Instances of diabolical ven
geance and deep laid plans of mi?chief nnd
outrage, and showing tho modes by which
they were traced out anl scoundrels
broupht to justice. A large volume of
ovor (550 pngcsj 80 full page engravings.
For circulars and terms address th pub
lishers. J. B. BURR & HYDE, Hartford,
Conn. vlnl8t3.
W. D. of Pennsylvania, V
1'ittBburgh, June 231, 1871. J
This is to give Notice: That on the 15th
day of June, A. D. 1871 a Warrant in
Bankruptcy was issued against the Kslato
of John Farrar Hi Co., of St. Mary's
in the County of Elk and
State of Pennsylvania, who have
been adjudged Bankrupts on tho petition of
their creditors; that the payment of any
debts and delivery of any property belong
ing to such Bankrupts to them or foi their
use, snd the transfer of any property by
them ar forbidden by law; that a Meeting
of the Creditors of the said Bankrupts, to
prove their Debts, and to ohoose one or
more assignees of their Estate, will be
held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be hold
en at Ridgway in said District at the office
of 8. IS. Woodruff, before S. H. W ooUruB
Esq., ltegister, on the 4th day of August,
A. D. lcil at 8 o clock, p. m.
n!8t2. U. S. Marshal, as Messenger.
X 1L Revolvers !
The New X L revolvers, No. 1 22-100
Cal.. No. 2 32-100 Cal., Bhort, No. 8 8
100 Cal.,long, No. 4 38-100 Cal.. for Tocket
Revolvers, are unsurpasted. They use the
ordinary Copper Catridge and are beautiful
in shape acu hnish.
41-100 Cal., has no equal as a Derringer.
Full and complete stock of
Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition and
Sportsmen's Goods,
Manufactured by
83 Chambers and G5 llcade Streets,
Send for Catalogues. NEW YORK.
Lewis Boyington 1 In Common Pleas
vs y of Elk County.
Sophronia Boyington, J No 15, Jan. T.,'71.
Libel in Divorce, a viculo matrenionii.
To Sophronia Boyinnton, respondent above
You aro hereby notified that the sub
poena and alias subpoena in the above case
having been returned non est inventus,
yo. are hereby required to appear on the
being tho 7th day of tho month, to answer
the complaint in tho above case.
Siieeiff's Officb, 1
Ridgway, June, 1, 1871. J vlnlote.
1 1. it.ii t n vP-...AnD T . .1 .
J 111 U 11W1I. M. X, .IJIUIlb, X LCliUIUi
U'lge, ana lions. J, H. hit more and Jesse
Kyler, Associates, Judges of the Court of
Quarter Sessions, Orphans' Court, Oyer
and iermiuer, and beueral Jail Delivery,
for the trial of capital and other oti'enses in
the County ot Elk, by their precepts to me
directed, have ordered the aforesaid na
med Courts to be holdeu at Ridgway. in
and for the County of Elk, on lhe First
Monday of August, 1871, itbeing the 7th
day of the month, and to continue one week
Notice is hereby given to the Coroner,
usiiccs of the Peace, aud Constables, of
said County, that they aro by these pres-
ins comiiunued to be tuen and lucre, in
heir proper persons, at ten o'clock, A. M.,
of said day, with their rolls, records and
inquisitions, and other remembrances, to
o those t!unrs which their oiiices apper
tain to be done, aud that all Justices of
said County, make returns of all recogni
zances entered into uelore them, to thi
Clerk of the Court, as per Act of Assem
bly of March 4th, 1834. And those who
are bound to prosecute the prisoners that
are or shall bo in the Jail of the Couuty
ot Elk, and to bo then and there to prose
cute agiinst them as shall be just-
Ridgway, June 29, 1871
Elk County Directory.
l resiueut juuge 1j. u, uoimoro.
Additional Law Judge Hon. Jno. P.
Associate Judges J. K. Whitoiore, Jesse
District Attorney J. K. P, Hail.
Sheriff Jacob McCnuley.
Prothonotury o., Fred. Scha-ning.
Treasurer Henry D. Derr.
County Superintendent Rufus Lucore
Commissioners U. Warner, John Barr,
Louis Vollmer.
Auditors Clark A. 'Wilcox, George D.
Messenger, and Joseph wiinelm.
County Surveyor Geo Wilmsley.
Jury Commissioners Joseph Kerncr,
and Iharles juead.
Eecond Monday in January.
Second Monday in April
First Monday in August.
First Monday in November.
established in 1830.
Saws! Saws! Saws!
Axes, Files, Cast Steel, Mill Furnish
ings, and Machinery,
Ey-Get the BEST, they will prove the
Prices reduced. Bend ror price .List and
Boston, Mass., or Detroit, Mich.
The "Burlington Ronto," so called,
lies right in the path of the Star of Em
pire. It runs almost immediately in the
centre of the great westward movement
of emigration. Crossing Illinois and
Iowa, it strikes the Missouri river at
three points.
These three points are the gateways
into three great sections of the trans
Missouri region.
The Northern gate ia Omaha, where
the great Pacific road will take you to
tho land of gold and grapes, sunny
mountains, and perpetual summer.
Tho middle gate is Plattsmouth, which
opens upon the south half of Nebraska,
south of the Platte river, a region un
surpassed on tho continent 'for agricul
ture and grazing. Just here are the B'
& M. Railroad lands, concerning which
Geo. S. Harris, the land officer at Bur
lington, Iowa, can give you all informa
tion, and in the heart of them is Lin
coln, the State Capital and present ter
minus of tho road.
The Southern gate leads to Kansas,
by connection with the St. Joe Road at
Hamburg, running direct to St. Joe and
Kansas City.
ine trains ot the Uuriington run
smoothly and safely, and make all con
nections. It runs the best of coaches
Pullman Palace and Pullman dining
cars, and thould you take the journey
for the journey's sake alone, you will be
repaid; cr take it to find a home or a
farm, and you cannot find cither better
than among the B. & M. lands, where
you can buy on ten years' credit, and at
a low price. vln2yl.
No. 1 Masonio Hull Buildiug,
Ridgway, l'a.
Orphan's Court Sale.
By virtue of an order of the Omhan's
Court of Elk County, the undersigned, Ad
ministrator of L. U. Zimmerman, late of
said county, deceased, will expose to sale
by Publio Vendue, on
Saturday, July 8th, 1871,
at 2 o'clock, p. m,, on the premises, all the
interest of the decedent in and to lots Nos.
42 and 43 in the Village of Ccntreville,
with the buildings thereon erected.
Terms CAisn on confirmation of sale.
Ridgway, Pa,
Atlorney-at Law,
Ridgway Pa.
2 2 tf.
rOHN O. IIALL, Attorney at law, Pldg.
way, Elk county Pa. mar.22'601
AS. HILL, Physician and Surgeon,
, Kersey, Elk Co. Pa.
, Dealer in Boots, Shoes and Leather.
Main Street, Ridgway, Ta.
veyor, St. Marys, Pa., holds himself
In readiness at all times, to perform jobs
in his line. 2 8
X. SOUO, Saloon-kecDer. corner nt
Railroad and Michael streets. St.
Marys, Pa. Native Wines, irood I.a
Beer, etc., constantly on hand. 2 8
"TTILLIAM GEIS, Restaurant, Mi-
V chacl street, St. Marys, Pa., keeps
the best of Lager Beer and Native wines
constantly on hand. 2 8
C ' II. VOLK,' Manufacturer and Dealer
, in Lager Beer, opposite the Railroad
Depot, St. Mary's, Elk county Pa.
!. Bordwell, M. D. Eclectio Physicaa
Office and residence ODDosite thn
Jail, on Centre St., Ridgway, Pa. Prompt
attention will be given to all calls. Ofiioe
hours : 7 to 8 A. M- ; 12 to 2 P. M. : and
0 to 7 P. M. Mar. 22, 66-tf.
Residence and office opposite tho Thayer
Physioian and Surgeon,
Ridgway, Ta. Office in Walker's Building.
Special attention given to Surgery. Office
hours from 8 a. tn. to 10 p, m. Rcsidenco
on Mnin Street, west end. All calls
promptly attended to. vlu2yl.
JT" Drugpist and Parinnceutist, corner
Main and Mill streets, Ridgway, Pa. A
full assortment of carefully (selected For
eign and Domestio Drugs. Prescriptions
carefully dispensed at all hours, day or
sight. vln3y.
rr.Y C-O0D3, C35CS3IS3, P30VI3I0N3,
vlnStf. West End, Ridgway, Pa.
RinowAY, Eik Co., Pa.
W. 11. SUliltAM, Proprietor.
Thankful for the patronage heretofore
so liberally bestowed upon him, tho now
proprietor, hopes, by paying strict at
tention to the comfort and convenience of
guests, to merit a continuance oi the
Oct 30 18G9.
Tr , ERIE. PA-
21. V. Moore, (lute of the tiyde House)
Open Day and Niglit-
franklin, Pa., Give snecial atten
tion to Chronio diseases, nnd those peou
liur to women nnd children.
Dr. Borland, diagnoses diseses by an ex
amination of tho urine, aud by this Old
Ctrmm mclliod has successfully treated
thomands of cases without seeing them.
T7DWARD McimiDE, Watchmaker ani
Xj Jeweler, Railroad street, St. Marys,
l'a. Engraving and repairing done ou
short notice, and in a workmanlike man
ner. Watches, and evcrythingiu the Jew
elry lino, constantly on hand. 2 8
Manufacturer aud Dealer ia Boots &
Shoes, ,
Main St., opposite Hotel,
ov2"y Wit3ox, Pa,
Dental Surceon.
Ollioe in Walker's Buildiuir. All lin.la ,.e
dentistry done in the best stylo, aud all
worluwarranted. He will vinit I'm.
the 1st, 2d, and 3d; Wilcox on the 10th,
11th, and 12th: St. Marv'a on Hiu 91a,
22d, and 23d of each month. At alt other
times he. can be found at his otfioa iu
Ridgway, Pa. vln2yl.
CiisratviLLE, Elk Co., Pa.
John Collins, Proprietor. '
Thankful for the nalronai? 6 LnrAlnlorA
so liberally bestowed upon him, tho new
yiupnuior, nopes, ny paying strict at
tention to the comfort .and
of guests, to merit a continuance ut th
Near the Depot, Wilcox, Pa.
The undersigned has onened n lrrel,.i
irghouse at tho above nlace. wli. i
amply prepared to satisfy the wants of thosa
nuuiuajr tt.uiiiiui who ineir custom.
aiAKTO SOWERS, Proprietor
Attorneys - at - Law.
aoas a. hail.......
K. f. JIALI,

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