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a FAnnr toey.
Gretohen tat wearily waiting for tier
father to come from the tavern in the
villnge. Many years of aunthine and I the
shadow bad passed lince her mother bad
kissed her, and then had crossed the
dork, silent river to a land of brightness,
joy and peace.
Gretchen was almost in despair, for
there was only a Btnall black loaf in the
cupboard, and she was often beaten when
Hans, her father, was angry.
Suddenly there was a timid knock at
the door.
' Come in," said Gretchon.
The door swung slowly open, and sv
en little women entered.
" We are cold and hungry," said the
eldest, "as we have come a long dis
tance ; we are very tired, and would like
to stay all night.'"
" x ou are very welcome," replied
Gretohen, after a moment's hesitation, m
she piled more faggots on the fire.
ghe divided the loaf into seven por
tions, and filled seven tin tumblers with
sparkling water from a spring close by.
"I am sorry there is no more bread,"
she said, pleasantly, " but you are wel
come to this."
In a few moments the bread had dis
appeared. " We thank you very niuou," sid all
the little women in chorus, as they
gathered round the fire. " And if wo
ever have the chance, we will do as
much for you."
" You are very kind," replied Gretchen.
They all fell to talking, and it was not
lon before Gretchen told her story,
whioh was dreary enough.
- My father does not like strangers,"
she said hastily, as the loud laughing
and shouting of Hans and bis boon com
panions was borne on the air, "and you
mast be very quiet while he is in the
house. My bed is poor and small, but
it Is a little better than the bare ground,"
she added, smiling.
Hans was in a very ill humor. He
raved and stormed a long time ; finally,
seizing Gretchen, he thrust her out of
doors, declaring he would kill her if she
dared enter the house again.
" Others can play at that game ! ex
claimed several fine voices, aDd fast and
furious fell the blows of the seven little
Hans growled savagely, uud, releasing
his daughter, turned to his small antag
onists, dealing heavy blows, but they
were without avail. Crying out in rage
and terror, Hans, seeing; his efforts were
in vain to conquer his foes, ignominious
ly fled, shouting for help.
Poor Gretchen wept bitterly as she
tell to the ground. A light snow waB
falling, and the wind swept down from
the mountain in wild, fieroe gusts. She
heard her father's cries of terror, and
saw him flee toward the village, closely
pursued by the seven little women.
It was not Ions: before they came back,
and the eldest rang a crystal bell. It
was answered by a multitude of bells
chiming through valley, wood, and plain,
unUl the air was failed with music.
A beautiful little coach, drawn by sev
en milk-white horses, appeared. A foot
man, in splendid livery, opened the door
and' the aeven little women aaoompanied
by Gretobca, filtered and -Che au-ryiage
rolled away. Stwping before a huge
rock, which Gretchen bad often olimbed,
the tootman blew a shrill whutla.a door
swung open, and the carriage rolled
through a long avenue, shaded by trees
laden with flowers and fruit, until it
stopped before a superb palace.
There was the sound of musio and
laughter borne on the fragrant air.
" Her gracious majesty has come,"said
several voices, as they entered the palace
" As the sleeping flowers haste to greet
the sun at morn, so we haste to greet
her .highness, our loved cousin, replied
the little woman.
Gretohen was conducted to a chamber
bung with blue and silver tapestry. The
furniture was of ivory, covered with
blue velvet wrought with pearls. Oh,
how beautiful it all was I
Presently a tiny lady entered, and,
making a queer little bow, said, " Prin
cess Lalleen bade me dress you, for the
queen acsires to see you.
" The queen '(" repuatnl Gretchen.
" Yes," was the reply, " the queen of
the fairies.
" Oh, how clad I shall be to sue her !"
her eyes sparkling with pleasure ; then
added, humbly, " I am only little Gret
ohen Andersen, and I fear sho will not
" Ah 1" was the kind reply : " her ma
jesty is very kind, and loves good child
ren. PriuceBS Lalleen and her sisters
have told how kind you were to them,
and bow you took care of a sparrow that
a wicked boy wounded and lettfor dead,
and many other things, also.
" It was nothing," blushed Gretchen
While they were talking, the fairy had
combed the young girl's hair, removed
her ragged clothes, and dressed her in a
robe white and soft as tho summer
" You must be like the fairies while
nere," she said, as she led her to a mir
Gretchen scarcely recognized herself.
Hue was no larger than her attendant
her hair hung in burnished waves about
her waist; her dress was looped with
pearls ana coral ; tiny sprays swinging
in her ears. She was then taken down
au ivory staircase bordered with gold, a
door was thrown open, and a footman
called out, "The Earth-child!" and
Gretchen found herself in a large room
full of little people.
Princess Lalleen the eldest of the
seven little women advanced to meet
her. Taking her hand she led her to
the further end of the room, where was
a pearl throne thickly studded with dia
won da. On the throne was the loveli
est little creature Gretohen ever beheld
Har dress was of the tint of the inner
leaves of the blushing rose, a tiny dia
mond sparkled on her brow, and a crystal
wand, tipped with a blood-red ruby,
was in ber mite of a hand.
The princess bowed very low, as she
stopped before the throne.
"Your graoious majesty she said,
with an enchanting blush, " this earth'
child was cast out into the bitter night,
because she befriended myself and sis
ters. For that kind act we took the
libetry to bring her here, knowing that
you us the friend of the deserving.
There was murmur sweet as the
soynd of the fountain sou at even
from the multitude of fairies, who said.
-wfrkfc one voice, " Oh, beautiful Queen
- Akeen. fneno of tna deserving r
After the applause had died away, the
lovely queen rose, and said, in a voice
to sweet that Gretchen held her breath
to Heten, " You did quite right, my dear
cousins. Ladies Bee ana uutterny
bring hither the soarfs woven from raiu
bows. '
'f his was a great bonor, and the seven
siater looked highly pleased, and mur
mured grateful thanks as they donned
the scarfs.
"And bow." continued the queen,
bring a searf of moonbeams as a rsward'
. . . - a . . I.
to the earth-cbiia tor ner Kindness.
wonder and delight, the queen took a
scarf that glinted like moonbeams on
emerald leaves, and, throwing it over
her shoulders, said: "As long as you
keep this, we will watch over you. And
now, my lords and ladios, away to sup
per and the dance,"
D olding doors were tnrown open, onu
Gretchen saw a long table, bending be-
noath the most exquisite flowers and
fruit, with dainty crystal dewdrops for
drink in superbly traced cups. AU was
hilarity and mirth. A tiuy chime of
bells sounded, and, as if by magic, the
table disappeared, merry musio thrilled
the listening air, and lovely couples
whirled in the dance.
A smart little gentleman fairy, in a
violet suit, bowed to Gretchen, and beg
ged her to dance the next set with bim.
Just as they took their places, Gretohen
felt herself shaken violently, and, open
ing her eyes, she saw ber father bending
anxiously over her.
"My little Gretchen," be exolajmed
eagerly, " I feared you had gone to your
dear mother. I have good news for you,
dear," kissing her fondly ; "I have sworn
never to taste a drop of drink again.
Your nncle Gredel is going to America,
that glorious golden land, and we will
go with him."
Gretchen threw ber arm about his
neck, with a glad burst of tears.
" I am so glad 1 she cried, loyousiy.
This is better than staying with the
And she told her wonderful dream
or adventure she scarcely knew which,
Hans laughed merrily, as he listened.
He kept his word, and there Is not a
happier pair now to be found than Hans
Andersen ana bis daughter.
Bceclier'g laog Story.
"We know It is beneath the dignity ap
propriate to thess editorial columns to
tell dog story in them a dog story
ns4-. Awan a rtva1 a t fo rVi nn Vln
- - js I nllU uvv v . - m iuviui uwvuuvii
There was a shout of approval irom ftfter gppiing with a six-column arti
e fairies at this ; and, to Gretehen s ole ln a attempt to get its pith intc
Death and Superstition
Tho bell-ringer of the cathedral of
Wurtzburg has recently perished under
very singular circumstances. The church
possesses a splendid clock, with ponder
ous and complicated works, while a pen
dulum ot proportionate length viorates
to and fro with a dull and monotonous
thud." Eeoently the clock needed
cleaning, and the bell-ringer was deput
ed to superintend the work, though he
ruefully endeavored to be excused irom
the task. It seems that he never will
ingly approached the belfry, from cer
tain unpleasant associations. About
wenty years ago he had killed his pre
decessor in office, accusing him of carry
ing on a criminal intrigue with his wite.
When brought to trial he escaped the
gallows owing to a deficiency of legal
proof. The patronage of the Canons
then procured him the appointment va
cant through the death ot bis victim,
Hence, it is said, arose his superstitious
dread in connection with the belfry
which was supposed to be haunted by
the ghost of the murdered ringer. On
the morning when the clock was to be
cleaned it suddenly stopped; the bell-
ringer was nowhere to be found. A
workman from the town was sent for
and ascended the tower, when he was
horrified to find the pendulum and lower
Works dripping with blood. Upon
searching farther the .body of the bell
ringer was found entangled in the works,
frightfully mangled ana crushed, une
supposition is that he committed suicide
by climbing up the pendulum and then
pitching himself into tne middle 01 xne
machinery of the clock. But the wonder-loving
gossips of the place, with a
thoroughly German propensity for the
horrible, declared that the guilty man,
upon reaching the chamber wherein the
works revolved, was horror-struck by
the apparition of his predecessor sitting
astride the great balance wheel of the
clock, and had been drawn into the
works by a species of horrible and irre
sistible fascination, similar to that which
. into
half a column, (the fruit of which labor
is delayed by an accident until next
week), we are going to refresh our minds
if not onr readers', by tolling a dog story
pure and simple Wo protest in advance
against any attempt by Mr. Darwin, his
friends or bis foes, to deduce from it that
dogs can or cannot reason, or to prove
anything whatever. Now for the dogs
as to the veracity of the tale we per
sonally vouch :
A narrow log lay as a bridge over a ra
vine. From the opposite ends of the
log, at the same moment, there started
to cross it a big Newfoundland and a lit
tle Italian greyhound. Of course they
met in the middle ; of course there was
not room for them to pass; neither
could they go back. The height was a
dangerous one for the greyhound, and to
the water at the bottom be was extreme
ly averse. The Newfoundland could
have taken the leap in safety, (but evi
dently did not want to. There was a
fix. The little dog sat down on his
haunohes, stuck his nose straight up in
the air, and howled. The Newfound
land stood intent, his face solemn with
inward workings. Presently he gave a
nudge .with his nose to the howling
greyhound, as if to say ; " Be still.young-
ster, and listen." Then there was silence
and seeming confabulation for a second
or two. Immediately the big dog spread
his legs wide apart like a Colossus, be
striding the log on its extreme outer
edges, and balancing nimsoit oaretuiiy.
The little dog sprang through the open
ing like a flash. When they reached the
opposite shores the greyhound broko in
to frantic gambols of delight, and the
.Newfoundland, after his more sedate
fashion, expressed great complacency in
his achievement, as he surely had a right
to do. Uhrutian Union,
flUTTV.n from Devonshhir CllBAM.
There is a custom of soalding cream
prevailing In Devonshire, Kn gland,
which is worthy of a wider extension.
The product " clouted " cream, also
oalled " Devonshire " ceam is exceeding
ly rich, thick and palatable, and is ac
counted a luxury wherever obtainable.
The process is the following ! The milk
is allowed to stand in tho dairy, which
must be too cool to allow it to sour,
from twelve to twenty-four hours that
is, the milk of one day is attended to on
the following morning. It is set in tin
pans about seven inohes deep ; these
ave a good handle at eaon siae as a neip
to careful moving. Most of the cream
will have risen at the time of the prepar
ation, which consists in soalding simply
care being taken not to allow the milk
to reaoh the boiling point. The bost
way would be to set ttie pan in gently
boiling water. The heat must be kept
ud until the milk becomes very hot, and
the cream thoroughly " crinklod " or
About Ladles' "Switches."
The Boston Bulletin says : " The first
switches were made in Central Falls,
Rhode Island, by a workman in one of
tho .flax mills. For a long time all that
were used the number of which at first
e quite small were made there,
Afterwards a firm in Providence com
menced the manufacture, under the style
of the Japan (switch Company, manu
facturing largely. The price then was
from f 7 to f i), realizing a large pront to
the manufacturer. (Switches then re
tailed at $1.50 to $2, are now sold at 25
and 37 cents. Several parties started in
this city employ from ten to forty men
each. Some idea of the amount manu
factured can be found from the exper
ience of the largest of our city manufac
turers, employing forty men hacking
and finishing the jute, and fatty or sixty
girls in the manufacture of chignons,
using ten bales of three hundred pounds
each, and three thousand pounds of hair
per day. The above firm used over six
hundred bales (iu,uuo pounds; in less
than three months, at times producing
350 dozen per day of switches alone. A
great outcry has been made against this
material on tho score of insect inhabi
tants, and especially in tho State ot
Maine the prejudice was so strong that
they could not be sold at all. But not
an insect was ever discovered by this
firm, and the jute is as clean, or more so,
than human hair in the course of manu
facture. There are also many switches
made of fino glazed cotton thread, also of
silk dyed without washing out the gum,
-which gives it the nearest resemDlance
to bair of any article used. Much of
this hair silk is woven the same as rib
bons, and afterwards braided like wool
RciuuNEn'e Monthly for August.
" What nre they doing t Viwm- f Is the open
ing nrtlclc In Scritmcr'i, and Is exeeeulnrrly In
teresting nndsntiefnctory. J. T. Hendley, the
coltibratud nutlior, gives a lively description of
" Life ln the Caucasus." Among the illus
trated articles are Mr. Townlcy's "biographies
ofthepalntor.H.P. Gray, President ot our
Academy; and J. Q- A. Ward, the dlstln.
giilshed sculptor. Tbo pictures of these ar
tists ere exceptionally fine, and well maintain
the reputation for excellence of Scrtbner't por
traits. Then there Is an lutcllipcnt article by
J. K. O. Hossard, on " An American Art Mu
seum," with engravings of tho rcmnrltalile de
slgns for the approaches to It, which have been
prepared by Mr. W. II. Heard. But by far tlio
ablest papor In tho present nnmbcr is Dr.
Mary ii. Putnam's account of " Some of the
French Loaders," embracing a sketeh of the
Provisional Government of September 4lh,
1870. Among tlio other articles are a pleasant
and seasonnblo account, by Ucnson J. Lossing,
oi " Tho Weeping Willow," showing when
and how the tree was flrst brought to Ameri
ca . II PnfM- flrlsn. a Comic EnlBOtle of Italian
Travel " by H. T. Tnckerman and "A Visit to
tlio Great Yo-8emlte." The poetry is by
Elizabeth Akors Allen, (J. P. Xathrop, and
Charlotte F. Hates. Mr. Bush furnishes some
ninii.lrur nr-nrll reminiscences of Mount Wash
ington, to tho Department of Etchings ; while
Relieved and mired by Pr Sherman's ratnt Appli
ance and Compound, ffifllco IW Hrnsdway, N. Y.
end loo. for boolt with photoRraplilo llkenoaee ot
caws before and after core, with Henry Ward
Boooher'e ease, lotlrs and portrait. Hownro ot
travelling Impostors, who prtWnd to bare been aa
latanU ot Pit. fcllKRMAH.
Those- Startling Kovelatlons will commence ln tho
"Irish People" Newspaper
.Tunc 1871.
They contain n Interesting and lively resnme ot
the Author's sufferlnss during his cruc-l Incarcera
tions In the depths o( tho prison pens of Knicland.
O' Donovan Kossa lias simclally selected the
"IRIHH l'EOPI.K" Newspaper as the medium
for the publication of ni New Work, In order thai
his Revelations may p into tue hands of astnaiiy
Irish National readers as possible. This Work, by
one of the most prominent of our dlstlnKiiiened
Irish Eillos, will be a history within lUelt which
every Irishman eliould possess.
riifi-in! ii neokman street New YoTk. All let-
tars to he addressed to "The Irish l'eoule," P. O.
lue cream tnorouguiy "" Ii" riu i i n . . ,,.,,n . I tera to oe aonreaseu hi ino xi
dotted ; thopan sh0gulI then be removed a nTerM" SStt b"8Vbp Ttes-:
carefully to a cool place, and allowed to
stand nndisturbedtor twenty-iour nours.
The cream may then be removed, and
either fresh or salted, it is an excellent
substitute for, many think a great im
provement upon, butter. It is especially
important tnat tnere suuuiu ua uu biuuho
in the apartment where the scalding is
This is Devonshire cream, a delicious
article for home consumption, but one
for which there exists no market de
mand in this country. The ohief value
of the process, for American farmers, lies
in the fact that it is an excellent pre
paratory step in the making of butter.
It secures all the cream, gives it such a
consistency, that skimming is much
easier and much cleaner that is, there
is less milk taken, which enables it to
give np its butter with remarkable ease.
Indeed, it is only necessary to rub the
cream with the hand for a few minutes
in a smooth wooden bowl to separate
the butter entirely, ready for washing.
For each pound of butter there remains
not to exceed a half pint of buttermilk.
This does away, almost entirely, witn
the labor of the churning, and with the
handling of an immense bulk of butter
milk, and its difficult removal from the
butter by washing or otherwise. "When
properly made, the quality of the butter
is excellent ; and there is the advantage.
that the Bkim milk remains sweet and
fit for use, or for the manufacture of
" lean cheese."
We do not pretend that the foregoing
is a complete description of this mode of
making butter ; and we warn all readers
not to blame us if they fail to get good
results from their first experiments. We
have merely sketched out a process that
is in successful use in many parts of
England and Scotland, and that prom
ises advantage for us, and we must leave
the details of manipulation to be learned
by experience. It is an exceedingly
simple system, but it needs practice to
teach the exact point to which the milk
should be scalded, and to settle the
question of temperature, frequency of
churning, etc.
Since the above was written, we have
had a talk with an English lady who
has had experience in the matter. She
says the two great things to be guarded
again&t are : (l.j agitation oi ine mii
in handling the pans; and (2) too rapid
hoating, for too long a time. The pan
should bo set over a slow fire, or oven,
or in boiling water, and watched until
the cream begins to contract so as to
leave the sides of the pan ; then the cen
tre of tho cream should be punctured by
a sharpened stick (wood is better tnan
metal for this purpose ;) if the hole
made become larger, showing a contrac
tion of the cream in the centre as well
s-rows in Drcscnt Interest and
value. Subscription 3.00 a year.
& Co., 664 Broadway, New York.
New York markets.
Ploub asd Miai.. Western and Btate Honrs
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Mail RtmscRnigRS Single Copies, one year, l
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To ci-ubb For one year two copies, 14.80 j five
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Mll.LlONH ltonr Testimony to the
Wonderful Curntivo kflccte of
ativA at. inwnr A.ed lrremlsr nrtoes.
Tlre was especially a pressure to s ll all srades of
flour from winter wheat, and some great sacrifices
were made. Bonthern tlonr qoict. Bye flour
V. " i ' m.ni Anil Wunnnte- Western
and Wato superfine, H.8S a'5.30. : shipping extra
do., ts.50 and So s trade and family brands do.. In.
ping extras,-9 a 6.60i do. bakers' and family
Cramls, 7 a ta.6a Rye flonr, SJ.26 a f 5.60. Corn
meal, $3.40 a 4.15 for Westorn and Southern.
..... nw.u rpi,. vnnrlrAt nil tllA MUlt, WAS dull andHO.
lower: sales at 20tO. for middling uplands, and
lHo. for low middling. For future delivery fairly
active and at k a Ho. docline I olosing at 19Ho. for
July. 20c for August, 19Hc. lor September, u,o. for
viciouer, ji -iiHj. i"i i"-- - .."j, " -
.1 ll., ,. i.mi.nr.
OROcSRiKS--Notlilng doing except in sugars,
i.i.i. Arm a, laTATirw-.s! fair to eood refin
ing, H SHo.1 Kenned Arm at UH aUSclor
hOKAm-Wheat fairly nottvo at slight ljclln i
i.. - i .r, L fnr Kn 1 snrlnff. tt.43 a 11.44 far Mo.
2 do., and 11.47 a tl.65for amber Western and Booth
em. Oats in fair demand and firm ; sales at S a
S, , l.-ot-, n ami 70 71(1. for WllltO OlllO,
Uvo-lsales of Western at (120. Barley malt Ann at
tlM a SMS. Corn was lowor and in good aymauu
J. ' . ..I.. ni 79. a 7r.i.(i. tor Wostorn mixed.
uului,!.ii,rli was nuiot and steady i sales
for August at H5.:t7H, and a Jobbing business at
12 for prime and 15 25 tor mess. e-i imex ami
i 1 ... n.-ata nil Ift ItTlt, firm. BftCOtl
.v.-.'-- hut aim unlet. DreBsed hogshlxher
at 6k a 7 Mo. Lard dnll and unchanged! sales at
10H a 10to. for western, ana m m ""' "'
Cheese dull and weak at 9 a 120. . Butter dull at 12
a 20. for Weatorn, and 18 a 0c for state ana or-
n .t on fn.fln-d.
(SUNl'lUKo retrotOliiU yt iin uuii v a--
nd lRrt. fnr nruile. In Imlk. Rosin was lirin at
Bt(rn and ScaUli,
Sprain! and Bruiu!,
Chapprd Jland!,
Mevfl ivounu!,
Front Bite:
External iWwm,
AVinrt Vrack$,
Gallt of A U Kind!,
HemorrliMlilt orPlei,
IWI o . 1ij.irn.
Caked Jlreaili,
JHttula, Maugi,
Spavin!, tiweeney,
rleratrhr! or ureate,
utrinqhall. YYindyalll,
JCoundered Feet,
vracicea jietu.
H.12H a 3.25,tor straiued. Hplrlta turpenime ue-
Whiskey was tlnneratMH a 950. Freights
Jute in a great measure . .. R. . th
- - j -
into chip-nons.
superseaeo. mis snp w fc f tM ig eagil leamed b a
rrama n hnmi-incB A r. mm T.iniA fllirinPT I . . .
last summer the stock in market was al
most entirely used up, from the immense
the rattlesnake is said to exercise over quantities used for this purpose, causing
its nrev. There sat the snectre. rubbing auvauut, ucu, ci u.
oldedly higher 100 bids.
.. . I. . itMit.bA ontlr
.'...1111 . pnrn tn T.ivrillOol bV Snil. Slid.
Livk stock Market. Native steers weak at 10
a 12o. ft in droves, and Texans at 8 a 9o. Shoep
were dnll at 4 H a So. 4 lt, and lambs enslor at H a
10'iC Dressed hogs were nuiot at 8J a ift, with
Uut pige eeuiua thWI aw
A crowd of horse men." and others,
daily throng the stores in country and
town for Sheridan's Cavalry Condition
Powders. They understand that horses
. . . 7 i -i;a: 11.1.
cannot be cept in Eooa conumou wna-
out them, and with them can be on a I
much less quantity ot grain.
Powers, Thkesuebs, Sbpatiatoiis, Ac
Ron advt. of celebrated establishment of II. B.
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nolo,!-- fnihi. North CaroSi-a Wreeteiy-
Nntional Migration miraiti, of whlc Kon. Roraee I
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years. Sent for tl. C. DENNIS, Rochester, N. Y.
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llttf! of Animal and Jit- A'oiip in roultry.
ivwnacne, ax., Mimijioi;,, o..
Urge Size, $1,00; Medium, 50c; Small 25c
The Gargling Oil has been in nso as . Lini
ment for thirty-eight years. All wo ask is a
fair trial, but bo sure and follow aireououe.
i.v vnnT naarAatiimrirlRt. or dealer In natent I
miullnln.. lnrntiunfMir AlinnnilltH Blld Vlllle- I
Mecnms. and road what the people, aay aoom
the Oil. I
I The Gargling Oil is for sale by all respectable I
dealers throughout the United Statu and other I
i counma.
onr tettlmonlfil date iron issi to ine present i
and are utuollcitrd. U-ethe (iaraUnn Oil, and I
tell your neighbors what good It line none.
We deal fair and liberal with all, and defy I
contradiction. Write fur an Almanac or CvoK I
Manufactured at Lock-part, N. Y-,
Bar Iron,
Hoop Iron,
Band Iron,
J. WAMticn rrprttior. R M. urnontLTis i;o., DruRtlitt
sa Of a. H Saa Pranolwo, c,., ,Qj jj Ud It Ou
ntroa S1.S.Y.
Tlnegnr Hitter ars notavlla Fnney Prlnu.
M vt.M-f l'ovr lluu', Whlekcy, Proof tplrlta
unit Itcfuao Llquora doctored, tplccd and iweof A
c-.-.e.l to please tho tasto, called "Tonlet," " Appo 4m
tljeri." " noatorors," e., that lead the tippler on to
drankenncu and mla, bnt are a tree Medicine, made
from tlio Native Hoots and Herbs ot California,
free from all Aleoha-Hc Sttmalnata. They are
r .nor and Inyigorator of tho Byftcm, carrying off all
polionoos matter and rostorlng the blood to ahealthy
condition. No perton can tako those Dltter aceord.
Ing to directions and remain long nnwcll, provided
their bones ara not destroyed by mineral poison or
other means, and the vital organs waited beyond tha
point of repair.
They aro a Gentle Purgative as well ns a
Tonic, posnomtng alio, the peenllar merit of acting
as a powerful sgimt In rollevlng Con goatlon or iallain.
mation of the Llror, and all the Visceral Organs.
iron. Fesi AI.E COMPI.AINT whether to
young or old, married or slnglo, at tha dawn of wo
manhood or nt tho turn of life, thcao Tealo Blttera
bave no equal. C
For Indnninintory nn Cbrenle Rheum,
tiara nud Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestion,
Klllenn, Remittent aud Intermittent Fev
era, Dlaonses of tho Itlood, I.Ivor, Kidneys,
nud r.lnddi'r, theso nitter liavo boen most suo
cetaful. Such Dlscnsca arocansedby Vitiated
lSlaod, which it gencrnlly prodocod by derange
aiout of the Dlgeatlvo Orinm,
Pain In the Shoulders, Coughi,TlghtiM of the Chest,
DlnlnoBi.Eour Eructations of the Stomach, Bad tasta
la the Month, Billons Attacks, Palpitation ef tha
Heart, Inflammation of thoLnngt.Pala ln thercglent
ef tho Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symp
toms, arc the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
Tlicy invltrorsto tho Stomach and ttlmnlato tho tor
pid liver and bowel', which render them of unequal.
Aid efficacy in cleansing tho blood ef all nnpurniee,
and Imparting now life and vlcor to tho wholo system.
FOR SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Tetter,
Carbuncles, TUng-Worms, Eeald-IIead, Sore Eyes,
ErystpolMi Itch, Scurf", Discoloration! of the Skin,
II amort and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever same
or nature, arc literally dngnp and carried oat oftba
system in a thorttlraebythousoof theeeBltters. Ona
bottlo in inch cases will convince the meet Incredu
lous of their curatlvo effect.
Clesnse the Vttlttcd Blood whenever yon find It
Impurities bursting through the skin in Pimples,
Eruptions or Sores, elesnno it when you nud it ob
structed and sluggish in tho veins; cleanse it when
It Is foal, and your foellngs will tell you when
Keeptliebleud puroand the health of the system
will fullow.
PIN, TAPE, and other WORM!, lnrklng W
the vtem of so msny thousands, are effectually de
stroyed and removed. For full directions, read care
fully thoclrcular aronnd each bottle, printed In lout
languages Eugllsh, German, French and Spanish.
J. Walkeu, Proprietor. IE. u. mcuosald a to,
Drugglsu and Ocn. Agents, San rranclseo, Cal.,
and S3 and S4 Commerce Street, Now York,
Hay and Cotton Press Worts.
Estabiisnea ia54,
Horse Shoe Iron,
Horse Nails, Spring
Bessemer Steel
Horse Shoes,
Steel, i&S&ca&at
its gory hands with hideous glee, as the
victim was slowly drawn in among the
cogged wheels and ratchets of the ma-
.lT . . - ,i i, 1 .:
of bones and all was still I buch, ac
cording to the Italia, is the newest le
gend ot the beltry ot urtzourg.
Coral on tbo Florida KetT.
It is a puzzle to many how and whero
the red coral is obtained. As there is in
these waters a variety of the same ani
mal substance, we may see clearly its
nature. In many places along the reef
we observe tbreuga tbe tnaaa waving
bushes, and feathery, plume-like forms,
ranrrins iu color from a light brown to
black. Under the general term Gorgo-
nia these and the beautiful sea-fans are
known. They grow, like the coral, from
anv fragment on the bottom, ana are in
many respeots the same. From the min
ute germ, or soft polyp, barely visible to
the unassisted eye, is secreted at its base
a peculiar substance, having the same
constituents as the horn and the hoof of
animals. The polyp, now established,
throws out another, and outer coating
of lime similar to that ot the hard coralB :
now a bud is nut forth, and others, and
the stalk branches like a shrub, having
numerous polyps in pores along its surface.
One Bpeoies, found abundantly on the
reef, has a jet-black horny base, or heart,
and this is a variety of the coral used in
jewelry, the only diuerence being in col-
or. lae roa is iouna iu tue ju.tnumr-
ranean Sea. The choice coral of jeweler
is. then, the skeleton portion I a uviu
form. While alive aud growing the sur
face is enveloped in a crust of lime, out
of which, through many minute pores,
the polyps spread their star-liko mouths.
This black coral is equally tine in its
texture, and has the same waxy gloss
that characterizes the red. It would
prove a pleusing material for the samo
uses. Some of the older gorgonias, bear
ing large, heavy tops, have from time to
time, thrown out a new deposit of the
root, so as to make-a sure hold against
the heavy sea. These, when found dry
upon the beaches, so closely resemble
the gnarled roots of a tree in color and
form that nothing but the well-known
results of the chemical analysis will cons
vines one unacquainted with them. It is
Erecisely the same as animal horn or
oof. Diu J. U. llOLUKli, iu Harper'
An Apaclio Girl's Ecveugc.
A singular case of jealousy, which re
cently occurred in western Texas, is
given m the Hil l'aso Jieraui. ii seems
that a vouiiGT man. named Uhanaos, a
native of llochester, in England, had
made love to a beautiful half-breed girl,
16 vears of acre. Tho girl was half
Apache and half French. In addition
to her gretit beauty, she was intelligent,
vivacious, and as active and alert as an
She was gentle and anection
careful person, but that it should not be
left to ordinary hired help. Agricultu
Color fou Butter. The use of car
rot juice for coloring butter is familiar
to most dairy keepers, who are aware
that some organic matter besides thecol
oring substance is contained in thejuice,
and which does no good to the butter.
A European chemist, one Dr. Guesne
ville has gone to work to obtain tbe col
oring substance in a pure condition.
lio hrst slices the carrots, then dries
them, grinds them to powder and then
digests the powder in bi-sulphide of
carbon, a liquid obtained by distilling
sulphur in a tight vessel on red-hot char
coal. Atter standing tor a snort time
the bi-sulphide is evaporated and the
.Xi Permanent Cure for
,1.a 1CTUU1
Relief guaranteed In Ave minutes, by Inhala
tion. HaAhltrheflt testimonial from the medical
per box. Kcut by mail, post
E-Sold by all DruKslst
210 Broadway, V. V.
r. O. llox 2442
free. Address B. VOX. CO., 3C9 (Janal-at., N.Y.
C'OOA or flrat-claaa Pianos.
tm&ijyi agent. Addrwe u.
Broadway, N. Y.
Sent on trial. No
ing the tei-ritio passions which jealousy coloring matter remains in the form of
P .. r . . , T . mi.- niiniifn iitwld u Tho aulifilftTinn xvliinn
subseaueittiv aroused in ner posom. xno """"w.v" """"
Encrlish lover unfortunately became ac
quainted with a white girl, named Wil
son, who was on a visit from a Southern
State to her friends in Western Texas.
Miui Wilson was beautiful and accom
plished, and her civilized graces proved
more than a match for the barbarous at
tractions of the Apaohe girL The result
was that Chandos deserted the beautiful
half-breed, and became engaged to Miss
Wilson. The wedding day was set. On
hnarina bf the faithlessness of her lover,
th hitherto undeveloped instincts of
Apache blood were roused to all their
savaore fury in the breast of the untu
tored belle of the forest. Arming her
self with a revolver, she went to the res
idence of her lover, crept softly to his
room, and shot him through tbo heart
ua he was writine: a note to his be
trothed. Sho was urresteu a tew hours
afterwards, aud confined for the night
in au old lorr cabin in default of a pris
on. Hut her irienos rescucu ner uu uo
fled to the wilderness, tnere to tako up
her abode with her mother s wild kin
The substance, whioh
is called caratine, is perfectly tasteless,
and has been used for coloring butter
with great satisfaction.being pronounced
superior to annato.
Ticket, and draw a
"Watch, Scwing-Machine, Piano,
or Homo article of valuo. Six Tickets for tl. No
blanks. Addresa PACKAKD & CO., Cincinnati, O.
II. H. Ac CO.,
Orders by mail premntly executed. ALL GOODS
WAitKANTKD. 8 .d cash wltu ordurs; exact
change returned.
206 and 308 Friuiklln-at., near l'ler as, N. it., N.Y.
32 and 34 Maiden Lano, New-York,
fAiillttbUn AUAil X .
Fire Works in Every Variety.
l'tlliii-Loitt ITtiiis.
Toya, Fancy Goods, Bradley'a Croquet and out
door eporta of all kinds.
tv experience of 34 year! enable! me to onttct
pate the want! of On public, and at prices tlutt all
will deem reasonable.
kv"kkma5THE science of life
or BKLF-PKKSKRVATION. A Medical Troattae
oa t lie Cause and cure oi KxnaoHieo iiaiuy, i ro.
mature Decline in Man, Nervoua and Pliysk al De
bility, Hypochondria, Iui potency, and all other dla
eaeee arising from the errors of youth or the India
Clot ions or excebeea ot mature vi-hu. Thla la In-
doed a book kit every man. nice euiy i k
pagee, cloth. Sent by mail, post pid, ou receipt of
m-ir. n-homuiiiila liAve been tanuht by thla work
the true way to health and hanpiui-tm, Addresa the
tluch street, Boston, Maas., or Dr. W. 11. PA UK EH,
Hie AHaieuun rnymcian.
Doderick'a latent ProffreKaivo Lm-er Ptckscf are h.l
lng at leost two-Uiiida of the hay, straw, Ac, baled in
the couutry. aud are familiarly known cvervwl.cn! as tho
beat Prcagca. S4 difToreut el7x-a of lloiai-. Ilsud nnd
Power PreHHea.for 1 aliUR hay. etraw, oottou, lu-mp. hops,
cloth, hldea, moss, husks, broom corn, A-c. Smd for
lUuBtraied Catalogue, Riving Bizls, Priors, and much
other Information useful to the farmer, planter, packer
and shipper. Do not wait until Machiiu-s are wanted,
then order ln haste but post yourself iu ec&son. Wo
charge nothing for Information. Stato your transporta
tion facilities, markt-t, ka. ADDacsa,
P. K. DEDERiCK & CO., Albany, N. Y.
A PAIR of PARIS KID GLOVES, any color.
V shade or site ; 2 buttona, 25 ota. extra.
For II The latest atyie ijkiiiw ijhio collar.
In one oi tb plsasant village hi
Western New York, the other day,
certain worthy housekeeper thought she
would call on her nearest neighbor. Bh
was about entering the door, but hesi
tated, thinking that the family might
be taking their supper. " Come in," said
the hostess, " we are havintr tableaux."
" Yes." replied the visitor -1 though t
nevtv UUli
A Sodii Lake.
The soda hike, recently located at In
dependence Rock, is one mile and a half
in cirouniterence, and it is estimated tnat
at least sixty thousand tuns of soda can
be gathered from it annually at a cost of
(2 per tun or less, tbe freight to the rail
road being estimated at $12 per tun.
The late is replenished from springs
which seeiu to rise front the bed-rock,
which is composed of a kind of crramte
containing soda fulpur. The location
was made for a surface deposit, and tor
alum, soda, borax, and all other alkaline
substances. The lake is sixty-five miles
distant from Itawlings, on the Union
Pucitio Itailroad. There are doubtless
in our State many deposits of soda equal
ly as good ts that mentioned above, and
Borne of them, perhaps, near the railroad.
Our prospectors will do well to keep an
eye open duviug their travels through
the country for soda, alum, borax, salt,
sulphur, etc., as deposits of all these min
erals are likely to beoome very valuable
at no distant day, now that the great
railroad is completed. Territorial Enter'
The Oldest Locomotive Engineer.
Tha Bethlehem Timet says that " The
oldest locomotive engineer iu tho United
k!of.. ia lljmw Kin who now runs au
engine on the Lebanon branch of the '
lieadiiiB' llailroad. .Barney was uuru
Conyngham, Luzerne county, i"a., and the WOULD OP To-DAY LAUGHS at
went on the Beaver Meadow Bailroad the therapeutics of fifty years ago. Blis
almnt t.h vear 1835 or 1836. In 1837 he teriue the head, eniutvinir the veins.
wan runuiiie an engine from Parryville I and rasping the bowels with cathartics
to Weatherly, the planes being then iu as irritating as chestnut-burrs, will soon
operation. The cars were drawn up the be consigned by universal consent to the
planes by a stationary engine, and then limbo of rejected fallacies. In the mean
drawn into the Beaver Meadow mines time Da. Walker's Viheoar Bitters,
by a locomotive engine. A good story the true ally of nature, are effecting by
is told of Barney's readiness in caae of a mild and painless process, such cures
emergency One day bis engine -would of dyspepsia, liver complaint, and peri-
not make steam well, and he was likely odical fevers, as the world half a century
to pe overtaken by passenger warn ago would have deemed miraculous,
liefora he could reach the turn-out. Bee-
inor s Kood-sisod porker along the track, The relaxintr power of Johnson' Ano-
he ituuued from his engine the train 1 Juns Liniment is truly wondeiful. Casei
movinar verv slow seized the pig, cut are already numerous where bent and
his throat, and staffed him into the stiffened limbs have been limbered and
furnace. The fat of the pig was better straightened by it. When used for this
than kindling wood, ana in a very suuri
time Barnev had steamed up, aud was
out of danger. and rub It in with the band
Pelton Powers, .Threshers,
SEPARATOR, 4 to 10 horse,
common Thresher. Heud for circular.
At the last day what
alofiue of orueltios to chUdren many a parent will
have to face. Permitting- lllea and moaiiultoea to
tohmknt helpless little children when you can pre
vent it is ciiukl. Yi.x Canoi-iw will protect theui.
Thov nre tuiiit bvniail noat-uaid. on roceltit of lince.
One, 7So. Three to oue address, tl. 8uU dilfereut
newauaudra publish this advertisement. Addresa,
A. it, llOUUliTOK, jeueraon, uuio.
1,600,000 ACHES
For Sale to Actual Settlers.
The Lands offered by thla Couiiiauy are within
Mil... UAk -la r.9 lh. MMil M V iMtlll ill U 170 Ulll'tf
alouatha NKOSHO VALLEY, the rii.Tioi,t, llnest.
and moat Inviting In the West--
PRICK OK La.N1.-. to lor acre; credit
of teu yeara' time. . , A it
TKK.1IS OtT BALE une-ieniu uow - in
time of purchase. One-tenth each year after till
said, i or further Information, addresa
rr. . . n WW, irvl.Uflll .....1 PiliiimIuIAIIM1.
Fnr SI A Laily's Lace IlandkerclduL
or ii l ne la.esi. arrie iiicu v an.
For (1 The Lailiea' Nilaaon Silk Tie.
Fur Si A Loily's silk S. ah.
Will be lent by Mall.
m Broadway and ii Wklte Ht., N. V.
UOl BUOS have their names, addn-aa and tpee
ialty given In tke " tor Spanyled lianner" for June.
The" iJaiuiT" is a larKes-naau 40-oolmun iilnstrateil
pner, overtlowlUK with Talea, Hketchea, Wit, Hu
mor, Fun. It fearleaalT exnosee each and every
awindler from Maine to Texaa. It will be sent ON
oaly TF.S CKNTS. Addreaa bTAlt BrANOLED
Uls 3i l-.it, jiineuaie, w . a.
Ho for Missouri !
The aubscrllier offers for Bale a part of hia VAI
UAHLK fKUIT LANDS, situated ill Jefferson
county. Mo , on the Iron Mountain Railroad, and
within 40 niilea ot Mt. Loula. Thta lauds are ex
celled by none in capacity for fruit Kroiting, both
iu quantity and quality, ttrauea, after the tlilid
year, uuiler proper culture, w 11 net :X) pr acre,
end the cost of nlautlnic will rot exceed J7S. til-
mate healthy ; tliulier for bulldiue aud feuiing iu
abundance. Thla ooiutry prosouta unrivalled a-l-vautsgea
for men ot energy and thrift, either with
capital or ot limited uiesna. Improved lands from
15 to 0 per acre ; unimproved from $, to $lo, ac
cording to tlistauoe froui railroail. Information fur
nished to parties wUhlng Ui p-irchase by aildreaslng
D. B. VJi AZKV.Viclorta station, Jetfeisou Co, Mo
Cjf&Mtiur avid,
The system needs renoraiiaK and itrenglliening.
New vmnr inustUeiiilusoil inlliedigcHtue organs.
I'h- Stimulating. Regulating and Tonio propertiei
f Dr. Crook's Wine of Tsr will give a vigoroua
vitality to theeor'uns. They must try it. They
a ill soon feel its influence, and must persevere un
til Ihe cure is complete. Keeping the 8tomaoh
ml Bowels in a rigor-ma condition with Dr.
I'rook'a Wine of Tar ia the best defense againal
II diseaaaa. While i)r. Crook'a Wiue of Tar ia
ihe best remedy for all diseases of tha Throat
tnd Lungs, it is not prepared exclusively for sueli
diseases. The rich medicinal qualities of Tar it.
contains vro..ld alone excite a regulating and
lengthening action on the Stomach and Bowela,
but there ere Vegetable Iiitrclltnta or un
doubted Tonic rnlue combined with it, which
e-iuse it to bulltl np tbe weak aud dee
MUtated, rillly reatore exliausted
Irenwlli, demise tho stomach, relax tha liver.
rniiKu the rood to dirent, and make pure
blood, removing Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Indigeat
lion and kindred complaints. Try one bottle.
Auk for Ir. Crook'a Wine of Tar. Uu-.iirim-iploil
partiea have copied after the name ana
style of Dr. Crook'a Wine of Tar, aa near aa they
in red without infringement. It ia Dr. Crook'a
Wine ol Tnr that has made the many wonderful
urea, and Dr. Crook'a Wine of Tar ia the remedy
ou need, and not the untried remedies made only
in sell and palm off ontheunBuepectiugforarem.
dy of merit. See that every battle you pur.
base lias the following words on tha stamp, in
.time letters : "Dr. Crook'a Wine of Tar." "0.8.
;niernul Revenue, FourCenta. O. Crook Co.,"
Vir only such are genuine. Bold by druggists.
SEND M CENTS to J. II. ZITTLE, Shepherda
town, W. Va., aud receive something worth
$s0 0 to every farmer or housekeeper.
4 n A WEEK. Greenbacks for au.
t J oulara,
For etr-
fco.. addreaa with uhunii, V. w.
ITH, Baoo, Maine.
with the Own Tea Flavor. War
ranted ta suit all taaloa. For
tali OTeryudura. And tor aala
wholesale oaiy By uie una
Atlantic Al. Farlfle Tea tie.,
H Church hU, New York. P. O.
Sox ftSoti. riend far 1'hea
ifectar Circular.
Vafya t r rim ryitMsa
V "
Read This!
i :tll ir week and exuensea. or allow a
large conmiission, to sell our new wonderful Inven
tion. M. WAUNa.lt CO., Maialiall, Mich.
Free to Book Agents.
. , lav j I we Will Mna ft nUdmimv riuniwuiu ui uur jycw
purpose, the part ibould ba waanect and 1 unrated Family mbu ooutaiuing over 200 flu
rubbed thoroughly. Apply the Umnt g2$Xw
ANTED AGENTS, itXperday) tosell
MACHINE. H a lb under feed, makeatlit
I "lock itUch" (allkaoa boUialdeei, and lsullv
lUenxcd. The beet and olieaDeat tamiiv bsw
91 tug Machine in the market. AddrenaJOHN
HON. I'LAKl 6l uu., tioawn. uaaa., r-ltv-bin
h Pa., Chicago. 111., or Si I-out. Mo.
TING ur VLuaa.
nr Bend for our new Prion Llat and a Clnb form
wul laToniDiuiv it. containing fud direc.tiona mak-
Ingt larga aaving to consumer and remuiieratlvv
w oiae organiaexa.
P. U. Hex 6t4U.
Open dally from 10 A. u. to S r. u., and on MON
DAYS and THURSDAYS from I to T r. U.
lutereat eomiuencea es the Drat any el eucb
WM. VAN NAME, President
HENRY R. CONkLIN, Secretary.
Who nrat orlea, ' Hold I enough.' "
What alls your fancy horae, my boy 1
Hh I Ringbone did you aayl
Why, bny a bottle of Carey's O. E. 8. 8.,
dulpul ten.
ook Agent, free of
EJght O'clock!"
And cure it right away.
Oh I look, that splendid horse ia lame.
With Sweeney, I am aure;
Just try a bottle ot Carey' G. X. S. s., ,
It never fella to cure.
Fer Sprain and bruises of all kinds.
ThieG K. S. $S. eaunottiebeeti
lust rub It en and kaihe It In,.
The car will k complale.
Gall henld eom on any tierae-.
Black, whit, or anlendid bar,
Bathe thoroughly with Carey' O. E. B.
And diive them all away.
That man with Rheumatism walk.
Ye he Is very lame i
Now cure yourself with Carey' O. E. B. 8.
And throw away your ca.ua.
Oh dear! our oook baa bnrned her hand,
Hhe cannot cook tbo trout ;
wiii. bathe it well with Carey's O. B. 8. P.,
ALd lake the nre ail out. MkS.tt.aC.
Als Q. E. 8. 8. for Family Uae, enrei all acute
pains in Just three minute (actual Ulne). bold by
all Druaatata.
D. a CARUY CO., Bole Prenrietor.
Inly n VSi Keedt, New Ywk

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