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Tits activity of Jove Is goodness. '
A Notice of a Peal Lightning.
A good eidc-sliow A pretty cheek.
Detroit has Invested $1,070,003 In
Ought a strong boy to be paid a week
ly salary?
To im able to bring your thoughts to a
point Is genius.
Cornfields that require neither plow
ing nor sowing the feet.
No other creature has the hold on Heav
en that a mother has.
Ill-health Is often not only a sin,
out a prolific mother of sins.
Would not stearin' candles be the best
Illuminators for light houses?
Cai stealing tea be called a crime when
it Is only lea Staking?
The magic mirror A beautiful face lit
up with smiles.
Faith, not siht, must be our guide.
We cannot do without a compass.
Blessed Is the day whose morning Is
wakened by the patter of little feet.
A oksws has discovered how to cut
wood without using an axe or saw. ' He
uses a hatchet.
Work done Under protest, like an oath
taken with a mental reservation, lacks its
true life force.
To i speak aloud nnd all alone, has the
effect of a dialogue with the Qod one has
n iuiiu one s sell.
A wittv little housewife of our ncquain
tance says there is no venison in the mar
nut, nut, pienty ot dear meat.
Would you rather go through a giddy
wait with a pretty girl, than go through
a pretty waltz with a giddy girl? We
pause tor a reply.
Tim superfluous blossoms on a fruit
tree are meant to symbolize the larsre
thmgs Wh'ch God love8 t0 do Plcnsaut
Clouds never send dwn to ask the
Vlniitsand grass how much they need:
they rain for the relief of their own full
WnAT is the difference between a mur
derous attack and pig-killing ? One is as
sault with intent to kill, and the other is
a kill with intent to salt.
Ik your neighbor's hens are trouble
some and steal across the way, don't let
your angry passions rise, but fix a place
tor them to lay.
No heresy was ever yet killed bv sup
pression the deeper it is thrust into the
ground the stronger will be its root, and
the surer its bloom.
It has been remarked, in a purely ab
stract and general way, that you can
never fully appreciate the extreme loveli
ness of the feminine heart until vou see
one woman beginning to have her saV
about another woman younaer and fairer
than herself.
xwV"1? Loen witt"y Pnit1'" TS the
ew lork 2T, "that as much capital
necessary to write a history as to start
a grooery-buslness. The great historians
of the world have all leisure and ample
properties. In like maimer, to bo an emi
nent discoverer in science, a man must
have the fruits of a good income time
and means to study and experiment, and
suits''01"' outside of his Intellectual' pur-
Ik men would only open their eyes to
the fact which stares them in the face
i ?u lH$ry, mul Is made clear enough
by the slightest glance at the condition of
mankind, that humanity is of immeasura
bly greater importance than their own or
any other particular belief, they would
no more attempt to make private proper
ty of the grace of God than to fence in
the sunshine for their own special use
and enjoyment. Holmes.
How to Wash Dishes.
In the matter of washing dishes many
servants are wofully deficient, and yet a
sticky plate or cup is the abhorrence
ot all neat house-keepers. To avoid un
necessary annoyance, we should teach our
domestics tp wash first, and dry immedi
ate y, all glassware, then cups, saucers,
and spoons; after that the greasy dishes
from which all scraps have been scraped :
then the knives and forks, taking care that
the knife-handles are not pufln the hot
water, as that loosens and blackens thorn,
win e they are readily cleansed by a damn
cloth. .Silver forks, whether solid or
plated, should never be tossed about in
contact with steel knives, as the latter are
sure to inllict unseemly scratches.
The water for washing glass nnd deli
cate china should never 'be very hot, and
even granite or stone ware should not be
in water where you cannot easily b pr
your hand, for though the dishes may not
actually break, they soon become full of
unsightly small dark checks. A very lic
tle soap sufliocs, more than just the quan
ti.y to remove grease is apt to leave a dis
agreeable roughness. For delicately
painted French china, fair warm soft
water without any soap is best. Two tin
pans, one lor washing and the other for
rinsing, rather deeper than milk-pans, and
painted on the outside to prevent rut, are
often preferred to the wooden dish-tub,
flanging from pegs over the sink should
always be kept a hemmed dish-cloth i
unhemmed, it is sometimes ant to find its
way, unaided of course, to the fire or the
barnyard, to save the trouble of washin"
It), a teacup towel, and one for saucepan"
etc. One of the first, two of the second
and four of the third named, will ordina
rily be sufficient for a week's mo. All
should be distinctly marked that there
uu no. excuse lor taking a teacup
towel to wipe the spider. All milk uteu
fills should be thoroughly scalded with
Doilinr suds, tin-
cloth wrung as dry as possible from hot
. w, lu ntj.i m uii airy piaee. ,in"U
Jar as it may seem, a perfectly dry towel
whil'LV'' be """Ployed to wipe tins
iiij tc wim'ii u.-cu ior noiding milk
1 he reason Is that a stickiness is left be.
iniiu oy ttie dry towel, which will soon
wiine a buui ness. licurth and Hume,
German Immigration.
tm i , .
' voiume oi immigration to this
country seems destined not to decrease
but to attain tliis year enormous propor
tions. Ihe president of thn ftnrmnn im
migration Society at Washington has re
ceived information from Germany to the
eltect that an enormous immigration to
this eonnrrv will taha .
. " J ..... u.nu daC una Mirinir,
notwithstanding the many detrimental
...iiumiiues piaceu in tneir way. The lin
penal Government in rl
posed to it. the rates of fi.ro fYnm 1. i!.
terior to the German seaboard ports hav-
...s uwu iiiuieuseu, una sun tney are bound
vr waa;
A. commission of German capitalists
and pioneers has been appointed to come
w l..,.wu,n,, iii me west, and pur
chase land in large quantites. Among
the classes coming in thn unrim, :5
to be 12,000 from the German wine coun-
I i ir V,, crop "as ,aUe'3 anl e
effects of the failure cannot be recovered
irom ; and lu.uuu tobacco growers, who
ol ject to the internal tax and cannot make
any money under it. Many more, espe
wiy.r?. h J:Pff men, will' come
Bro uicir iortuncs 111 the West
becausa - of the uniform dissatisfaction
over military rule and the irksome dis
charge ot army service, which all are
compelled to enter. Excessive taxation
rise n cost of living, low prices of Ubor,
and the possibilities of future wars lead
them all to think and long lor a home in
America the land of peace and plenty.
Jv f , 061)8118 r"Port thero-is found
alrea(Jy in tui8 country 1,000,410
persons of German birth. During the
Lea-xw"Ithe tal ""migration amounted
to 229 039 and for 1872 it foots up to 291,
f1,whle'1 1.000 came from Germa
ny, ine total number will probably
reach 400,000 in the present vear. We
have room enough for them. Plant them I
on the Western prairies, where corn and
pork and food is nlentv. A7. Y. Inde
A Dakota Romance.
Four years' ago, a young Swede left his
young wife and two children in the old
Northland, until he should cross the
oceans to the poor nwn's paradise of the
West, and there make for them and him
self such home and harvests as other eml-
f rants had made and written back about,
ntelllgent In his social class, he lot no
time after landing here In hastening to the
cheap lands of the Northwest, andlnvost
Ing the modest sum he had brought with
him in as many virgin acres as the great
er portion thereof would buy. Fargo, in
Dakota Territory, was the place of his
settlement, and "while winning there the
esteem of his human neighborhood and a
fair average return for his toil, it was
nearly four years before he had redeemed
and civilized his new estate sufficiently,
by tireless labor anl sacrifice, to make
him satisfied to summon thither the tender
and helpless ones from across the sea. At
last, however, one of his home letters said
"Cornel" and the epistle in answer then
to informed him that wife and little ones
would surely sail in a certain ship from
one of the more northerly Swedish ports
on a certain day. Thenceforth he counted
the months and weeks with something
less of patience than had been given be
fore to harder yours, and kept himself
alert for the eastern train that he should
meet, with swelling heart, at Glyndonj
But that tialn came and did hot bring
mem. aiui ot tiers', MVd otlirrs ; and men
came the awful tidings that the emigrant
ship hud been lost in a storm of the North
sea, oil" the Norwegian coast, with all on
board. Lund's fellow-settlers heard the
shocking news, and were astonished at his
bearing under the blow. impatient .mid
forever Journeying prematurely to the
Glyndou station before, ne now became
suddenly ntiiet and firm In his whole
manner, and to every friendly inoulry an
swered that he was as sre'oi seeing his
wife nnd children coming out of the cars
to meet him yot as of a God in heaven.
"They Will come. They will novas. I
know it," were his word"! 'over nnd over
again. The tidings of the wreck seemed
to have beti ho more to him than an d
mouitlon to miraculous faith, and, while
not disputing them in terms, his
manner appeared to set. them in
vincibly aside. He secured a f riend, or
agent, t Glyndon to watch for that sure
ly coming train And Send him word when
It came, mid Worked on unwearfed'.y as at
first to make the new hems more pleasant
for his children and their mother. This
winter Ids neighbors had been drawing to
the Conclusion that he w..s M&rmlessly
and mercifully mad', until an Incident of
the latest fearful fnow-storm in their tract
changed their minds. One night, when
the gale roared, and earth and air were
one uncli8tlnguishaiile swirl of white des
olation and i;eath, Lund thouflit that he
heard cries for help borne Upon the piti
less blast, and started out upon a trusty
horse to save or be himself overwhelmed.
Many a man in the Territory was lost and
frozen to death that nipht at half the dis
tance frcm borne traversed by the kindly
Swede to lescue others from the like fate ;
but he went on through the wild tempest
to the place of the cries, and came back
lrom thenra to his house as safely, the
good polar spirit of the snow, piloting
f rom deatli a wagon in which were a man,
his wife, and three children, who but for
him must have died in the storm. Thank
ed beyond words by these as their heroic
benefactor, he seemed troubled to find
that the half-frozen children were three
insteal of two, and talked so strangely of
nis own nttic ones coming to mm tnat tne
rescued family knew not how to under
stand him. They were on their way to
Glyndon, they said, to meet an Eastern
tram bringing friends of theirs, and his
quick, almost fantastic declaration that he
should accompany them thither after the
snow was not calculated to make him
more comprehensible. On the second
day thereafter, when his guests started
anew, ne reany was tneir companion,
though without" further explanation, and
was at their side, watching with them.
when the train was expected. It came
the Eastern mail with its young adven
turers and middle-aged rpeeulators. and
old men, women and children ; and among
tnese msi were tne wile ana three little
ones of the Swedisli emigrant ! In the
wreck off the Norwegian coast some of
the passengers had been saved. The
mother, with her own two children and
one poor liltie babe whose parents had
been lost, were taken on board a Danish
ship, which after a long voyage readied
Boston, where a German consular agent
gave them the means to go onward to the
eft. Such was the story poured into
the ears of the husband and father, whose
filth had been deeper than the depths of
tne sea, aim wno.se Humanity tenderly
welcomed to a warm foster-paternity that
tniru and fatherless wait tnat Had been
foreshadowed to him by the three children
of the snow. A. Y. World.
Measuring Land.
In the English law courts, cases often
occur which Interest us on this side of the
water. 1 ,c bases of our laws have much
iri common, and wlien there are no spe
cial enactments here to meet unexi ected
i-uM'-i. r.ngii-ti precedents have much in-
fluciiC ; in deciding ea'es of our own. In
a recent one the question involved was
what constituted a half mile of groum
I he defendant sold a tavern to plaintiff.
bargaining that he would not build an
other within half a mile of It. The land
away from the tavern sloped considera
bly, ami, measuring down this slope, an
other house was built beyond the half
mile so measu ed. But plaintiff contend
ed that the half mile should bo in a hori
zontal direction, and i;sue was according
ly taken. J ho judges were undecided
about it, but ultimately found for the
plaintiff, anil in accordance with the hor
i.ontal views; but an appeal was taken
to a high' r court.
Ueeently the case came up again before
what is known as a lull court. There
were many learned arguments on both
sides. It was contended that the distance
one hud to travel along the surface should
be the measure of the mile. It was, how
ever, decided by a majority of the bench
that the horizontal line is the true meaS'
ure that is, the measure as it would ap
pear on a map independent of any undu
lations in tncKuriacc oi the ground.
IMs seems common sense as well as
law. It Is flie principle on which land is
always sold. Some people argue that
they get more land surface on an undu
lating surface, when the measure is thus
taken horizontally, than when they buy
a niece oi aDsoiuteiy level land, inev
do have more surface, nominally, but act
ually there Is no more. Plants grow per
pendicularly ; and no matter how great
the slope, they must stand erect, so also
the horse and man tl:at works, or the cat
tle which graze over it. must have an up.
right position ; and it takes more surface
to accomplish this In proportion as the
land slooes.
Thus, supposing rows of corn be plant
ed four feet apart on a level ; on a slope
oi one leet in lour, tne rows wouiu nave
to be planted live feet apart in order that
that the corn should grow but four feet
from one another. This may be made still
more clear by taking a piece of board, say
a foot wide and two inches thick. Flat on
the ground, a ro-v of plants on each side
would be twelve Inohes apart ; but set the
board nearly or quite on edge, and the
plants, having to grow in an upright po
sition, if planted on a line with the bot
tom and top of the board would then be
but two inches apart. 'As, therefore,
plants grow upright, it is the horizontal
me only which anords the proper base
surface, and hence there is no gain what
ever in an undulating farm surface over
one quite on a level. The undulating
farm of course looks much larger, but re
ally there is just the same amount of grow
ing surface, Forney' Press.
Improvement of Homo ('rounds.
From Vlck's Klnrol Guide for 1873.
Two great errors are; usually made,
both by gardeners and amateurs one
destroying the lawn by cutting It np With
unnecessary walks and flower bsds. the
other producing the same result by almost
covering it with trees and shrubbery.
Grass cannot grow well among the roots
and under the shade of trees and shrubs,
and no lawns can look well cut up in sec
tions by numerous roads. Most of the
little lawns we see in the country are al
most destroyed by one or both c f these
causes. The main part of the lawn should
be left unbroken by tree or shrub, as a
general rule, and ttany tree Is admitted it
should be only an occasional fi no specimen,
like a purplo beech or magnolia, or
cut-leaved birch. A tree or two in cer
tain appropriate laces for shade, Is of
course desirable; but plant for the fu
ture, not for tho present, and always have
In view tho size, form and habits of the
trees when full grown, ond not their
present small size and perhaps delicate
Rvcry ciirve in a walk should lie a sen
sible one-, that Ifr, have A reason for its
course, either rfal or apparent; therefore
arrange yoir planting so as to make an
apparent necessity for every turn, Tl Idea
is shown In the above engraving, where
the walks turn to accommodate the trees.
One great dilliculty with American gar
dens is that they arc too large, nnd not
sulllclcntly cured for If we give the same
amount cf labor on a quarter of an acre
that we row expend on nn acre, tho re
sult would be much more satisfactory.
No one should have more ground In gar
den than he can keep In the hlsrhest state
of cultivation, it li this kind of excellence
that affords pleasure, while failure or par
tial success is a source of pain. It U not
only a fault to cultivate too much grounl,
but even too many flowers. .Some seem
anxious to obtain and grow everything.
This is not best, especially where there is
not a good deal of time and money to be
devoted to the work. A choice selection
is best, and I like every cultivator of flow
ers to have a pet or hobby. Take, for in
stance, the Pansy, and "make it a" pet.
Obtain the choicest seed, and give the
plants the best of care, and you will see to
what wonderful perlection it .can be
grown, in a few years you will tire, per
haps, of this. Then adopt the Balsam, or
Stock, Or Aster. Always have something
choice something grown better than any
one else is growing it something you
have reason to be proud of. It will aston
ish you to see how flowers thrive under
such petting, and what a wonderful exhi
bition they make of their gratitude.
Some persons may think from what we
have said in favor of grass in front of the
house in preference to beds of flowers,
that we are no friend of these beautiful
treasures these delightful children of the
neid and garden, who speak in every fra
grant breath, and lovely tint, and c-racefUl
form, of Him Who tpake from naught this
matchless beauty. I only wish them to
be treated In a proper manner. In the
center of the lawn, especially if opposite
a window, it is well to make a round or
oval bed, and on the borders, or near the
edges oi tne lawn, bfds of various grace
ful forms. A few plans for these are giv
en in the alinex'.d engraving.
ihese beds should be
filled with flowers that
will keep in bloom during
the whole season, and It, is
best generally to have but
one Kind in a bed. l'lilox
Drummondii, Verbena,
i-ortuiaca, ami the scarlet
Geraniums, are well
adapted for this purpose.
These beds, it must be re
membered, are for tho or
nament ol the grounds,
and they lurnish no flow
ers for the house no
presents for friends, no
Dorpier, ior the dining-
room, or for schools or
churchesrtlie sick room
l hese we must have. Ho
just back of the lawn
make generous beds of
flowers that you can cut
freely Asters, Balsams,
Zinnias, Stocks, Mignon
ette, Sweet Teas, etc. In
these beds you can also
grow ttie Kverlasting
Flowers for winter use.
It is best to make the beds
oblong, about four feet ii
width, so that you can
reach half way across.
with alleys or paths be
tween. A few well filled
vases are a tii.e and appro
priate decoration ot any
grounds if kept in good
condition with healthy
plants. The evaporation
from baskets and vases is
very great, much more
than is generally supposed, as every side
is exposed to air, sun, etc., and they must
receive a copious supply of water every
evening in dry weather, to keep the plants
in a neaitny condition.
Another very pretty ornament for the
garden is the uockery, made ot rough
stones, tistefully laid up, with eartli suf-
ncient ior tne growth or plants suitable
lor this worK. Jow growing plants with
suceuient and ornamental lounge, are ap
propriate to tne rockery rortulaca is
admirable. We give an illustration of a
bed ot this kind.
Sternk, the author of the Sentimental
Journey, who had the credit of treating
his wife very ill, was one day talking to
Garrlck in a line, sentimental manner, in
praise of conjugal love and fidelity. ''The
husband," said he, with amazing assur
ance, ,lwho behaves unkindly to Ids wife.
deserves to have his house burne'd over his
head." "If you think so." replied Gar-
rick, "I hope your house is insured.'!
When you see an old irentlemnn nf si v.
tv. on a clear, bright, frosty day. carrying
a blue cotton umbrella, tied tightly about
the waist with a shoestring the umbrella
tied,' not the old gentleman you may
look out for snow before night, but the
probabilities are that you will not see it.
'Fun- mrkf l..,i'a vaoimlniw tl..,t .. .-.1 . , fr
est tvne of the life in nnnrher HfV wkinh
is the essence of real human love, feels
the presence of the cherished child even
in the base, degraded man.
Those men are always best, noblest.
and most harmonious, in whom is seen
the reflected influence of elevated and re
lined women.
There are some things it won't do to
to trifle with for instance, a woman's
opinion and the business end of a wasp.
Cleaning: AVoon Work. There )g
nothing better for cleaning painted wood
work than a piece of common India-rubber.
Jtub the wood as if you were erasl ng
pencil marks, and then pass a dry brush
over It. No water is necessary.
To Remove Stains from Mattrasses.
Make a thick paste by Wetting starch
with cold water. Spread this on the stnin,
first putting the mattrass in the sun. Hub
this off alter an hour or so, and if the tick
ing is not clean, try the process again.
Frk.cklk tjOTioNs.-Muriate Of ammonia,
one dram ; distilled water, seven ounces ;
Cologne water, two drams. Another
remedy for these unsightly marks, is to
procure powdered niter, moisten it ith
water, and apply eight and moi'ning, and
they will soon disappear.
Cement for Leather. Ten parts of
carbon dlsulphide and one part oil of tur
pentine are mixed, and as much gutta
percha added as Will readily dissolve. The
surface of leather lhlist be freed, with a
hot Iron, from fat, and the parts once join
ed should be well pressed until they art
flrmly united.
To Make Ci.oTn Waterproof. Into a
half bucket of soft water put half a pound
of sugar of load. In another half bucket
of water, put half a tio'tnd alnrrt. fUir till
dissolved and then mix the two solutions
togather. Slir wrll, let stand till clear
and pour oft", rut tho garments In the
li'inid for '24 hours, take out and hang up
to dry without wringing. Acetate of
alumina Is hero the watcMepelling salt.
lo Clean Silver. Dr. Klshcr -savs
that hot '.-ater tioilred olt Potato barings
or boiled potatoes Is admirably adapted to
clean silver. The oniect can do easily
rubbed bv the fingers with the settlings
of potato meal, and they become as bright
as they usually do when rubbed with
tiipoli. The. process is particularly ad
vantageous for engraved and raised ob-
ects, where tne powder is liable to collect
in tile cavities. German silver and plated
ware can bo cleaned in the same way. Po
tato water which has become sour by long
standing can be substituted for acids to
clean copper vessels.
How to Uepaiu Leaky Hoofs. Melt
together, In an, lrou pot two parts by
wiuii ui uuiuiiii'ii pituii uuu tine jNirb ui
gutta-percha. Tins lorms a homogeneous
mild much more manageable than gutta
percha alone. To repair gutters, roofs, oi
other surfaces, carefully clean opt of the
cracks all earthy matters, slightly warm
tne edges with apuimuer s soldering iron,
then pour the cement in a fluid state upon
the cracks while hot, finishing up by go
ing over tne cement witn a moderately
hot iron, so as to make a good connection
and a smooth joint. The above will repair
zinc, lead, or Iron, arid Is a good cement
for aquariums.
To Fasten a Horse. When there is
nn lilt-.l!n rr T,rtcf l,flir n lini-cn mntr
safely tied in the following manner, name
ly : Take tho reins and pass them round
underneath the nuo outside ot the wheel,
and give them a hitch on to one of the
spokes. If the horse start the reins are
drawn up, instantly checking him. and as
soon as he commences to back they are as
instantly loosened. If in addition to this
when there are a pair of horses one of the
traces are loosened, the team will seldom
move far enough forward to start the
wagon without being checked by the bits.
Xo team, however, should be left without
tying, if it can possibly be avoided.
Bekf Tea. A writer in the Canada
Lancet gives a new process for making
oeei-tea, as ionows : "Take a thin rump
steak of beef, lay it upon a board, and
with a case-knife scrape it. In this way a
red pulp will lie obtained, which contains
pretty much everything in the steak, ex
cept the fibrous tissue. Mix this red pulp
thoroughly with three times its bulk of
cold water, stirring until the pulp is com
pletely diffused. Put the whole upon a
moderate lire and allow it to come slowly
to a boil, stirring all the time to prevent
the 'caking' of the pulp. In using this do
not allow" it to be strained, but stir the
settlings thoroughly into the fluid. One
to three fluid ounces of this may be given
at a time."
The "Woman Movement."
It is interestlag to see how steadily the
great "woman movement" is advancing,
and specially to observe that the wo
men who are demanding all the privi
leges enjoyed by the male citizen not un
frenuently exhibit a willingness to accept
all his responsibilities. In order to show
their capacity for doing all things that
men do, two young women, of Scotland,
had recently a scientific set-to in the ring,
in which they exhibited quite as much
pluck, if not so trained a skill, as the
best prize-lighters display on these occa
sions. The' young ladies went to the
place selected," accompanied by their re
spective backers and friends (of which
sex these were the accounts do not state):
seconds and a referee were appointed, and
the combat began, each fair one having,
in imitation of her male exemplar, close
ly cropped her locks, golden or other
wise. The struggle went on with exact
regard to the laws of the noble art, until
tyrannical man, in the aspect of a police
officer, interrupted the performance, leav
ing the world forever in the dark as to
which was the better combatant. The
interposition of women in politics and
aflairs, you know, is to retine ruder man
and extinguish his barbaric tastes I Ex.
Many persons say that tliev have tried
almost every yemedy that has been recom
mended for humors, nnd they are no better
now than when they commenced them, and
they have no confidence in anything that is
advertised to cure Salt Itlieum. Erysipelas,
and all similar humors. We would say to
these that there is now a remedy that iis yet
has never failed of curing thone diseases. It
acts upon an entirely ditferent principle from
anything ever oll'ured for them ; it throws
humor out of the blood through the skin,
which is the only channel through which the
system, can be entirely freed from them. If
you will try it, vou will not say of this as
you have by the others, for it will cure you.
We refer to Dr. Weaver's Salt Uheum Syrup.
For sale by all Druggists.
Medical Guesswork.! The profes
sional treatment of diseases is in a great
measure experimental. If one medicine
fails another is tried, and sometimes this
hit-or-mlss practice is pursued until the
resources of the faculty are exhausted.
This, in the truest sense of the word, is
empiricism. But when the physician has
made a valuable discovery, he is called by
his professional brethren an Empiric be
cause he advertises the result f his labor
and research. When Dr. Walker of Cali
fornia introduced his celebrated Vinegar
Bitters as a remedy for all blood dis
eases, he struck a tremendous blow at the
empirical system, as applied to our hospi
tals, and in private practice. It was soon
apparent that bis medicine was pot a mere
palliative or alleviatlve that only modified
the symptoms of a disorder ; but that It
reached r7te very source oithe malady hi the
blood and the secretions, and literally
rooted it out. The process of renovation
and disinfection went on together, vigor
was imparted to the organs from which
tho virus of disease had been expelled.
That such is the eflect of this peculiar
vegetable remedy, no one who has had
opportunities of observing iti operation
in casep of .liver complaint, indigestion,
aflectious of the bowels, gout, rheuma
tism and pulmonary disorders, can possi
bly doubt.
Do YOU suft'nr from wakefulness at niirht.
dimness of vision, flushing face, hot hands,
cic. r ii bo, my irienu, jusi, uy u uutuu
of Parker's Compound Fluid Extract
Buchu. It will afford vou the mostpromnt
and permanent relief. These symptoms are
but the beginning of serious disease, and if
you are wise enough to thus treat them at
once you will avoid many a fit of sickness
nnd save a coHsermnntlv Inn? doctor's bill.
Sold by all drugglsU, everywhere.
For Bronchial, Asthmatic and Pul
monary Complaints " Brown's Bronchial Tro
cW manifest remarkable curative properties,
Tun I.itwna Ann SmAtNKn andHackkd
liornistpnt Cniurh. the 'iwnrrnl utrenitth wnstert.
nnd an lnriirnble complnint edtnbllshi'rt thprcliy.
fnr Coughs nnd Colds, and exarta n bpnoflcln! el
feet on the Pulmonary nnd llronchlal Clrgans.
, Only 1 a Tear.
S Puces.
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Thn Judgment of the Iulillc
Doctors disagree. Kach school of medicine lias
its own theories, and as ihese theories differ wide
ly. It is clear that few, if any of them, can be
right. ItHt If medical men cannot agree upon any
theoiy r system Of practice, the public find no
Ulfflculty in agreeing aB to notorious matters of
fact. For Instance, theyiave observed for many
years that Hostetter's Stomach Hitters uniformly
cure dyspepsia, constipation, rheumatism, bil
iousness, nervous debility, and many other dis
eases which the prescriptions of the pharmacopeia
do not and cannot cure; and they know, therefore,
that there can be no mistake about It. On this
point they are firm and positive. They take their
stand on Incontrovertible facts, and they state to
one another verballv, and sometimes by letter,
what they know about relieving and preventing
sickness with the Btandurd vegetable tonics and al
terative of America.
Here, then, the Invalid lias a guarantee of value
that can be relied upon, viz: the sober Judgment
f the public. After twenty years of observation
and reflection, the American people pronounce,
Hostetter's Bitters the best Invigorating and regu
lating medicine at their command, and give evi
dence of the faith, that is in them by purchasing
more of It than of any other advertised medicine
manufactured on thlB continent. A large number
of physicians, too, however much they may dlil'er
on other points In therapeutic?, admit the extraor
dinary merits of the Hitters as a tonic and altera
tive, and recommend it as a preventive of may
larlous diseases, and as a remedy In Intermittent
and remittent fevers.
TTTHEN writing to advertisers plef.se mention the
VY name &f this paper.
Is extended to the v tr!d
To place before the public a better Cotish or I.uus
ltenictly thau
It Is warranted to break up tho mnst troublesome
On'tiMi In nn incredibly slmruiline. Tlu-re is n remc
'lvi:i:it e:m tOnnv more evidence of real merit than
lids CALK AM for curing Cou6Uiuliun,Cuui;lie, Colds.
Aoij.iaa, Croup, etc.
It Acts on tho Kidney!
It Act on tli o l.ivcr!
Which makes it moro than t'ouih Hornedy
Whnt wrll known DriiiriiisU of Triinreucu
nay about Allen's Ijtinir lln Nuiii,
:fnri..i. Ton"., pt. ", KI'J.
GRNTLEMKif: rioaso shin us six doz. Allen's I.iiiir
Balsam. We- have not a bottle in the ttov. It li;ts
more reputation than anv Coittrli Medie'.ne we have
ever sold. Have been In the drmr btKine ; yeais.
Wo mean iut what wu bay. Very truly yoi.i!-.
What tho Doctors Kay,
Pre. Wilson & Wsird, riiyslelans nnd Dru&rUts,
write from CeirtrevlUe, Tenn
" We purchased Allen's Luiif? Balsam, nnd H sells
rapidly. We are practicing physician, as well ut
driitfpists, and take pleasure in reeuinmeuding a great
icnu'dy, mich as we know this to be."
I'hyslelans do nt recommend a medicine which has
no merit ; what they say about
Can be taken as a fact. Let nil a filleted test it at once
nnd he convinced of Unreal merits. It is harmless to
the most delicate child.
It Coiitalim no Opium In Any Frm.
Be not deceived. Call for ALLKX'S LUNG BAL
SAM, and take no other.
t3T Directions accompany each bottlo.
J.N. HARRIS & CO., Cincinnati, 9.,
tVHold by nil Meilictue Dealers.
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ft 1b a sure prevrrttve of all ns
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the. a.nI) vital FmiHiY,
Ac. lis uso Improvei the wind,
in.M.... thn niincltle vlves a
Biimoth and jrlosny Bkln ami trans,
inrnn tho miserable ekcloton into
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proven by actual experiment In
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Griping in the Bowels and Wind Colic.
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nuors, drrctored, npicea, ma SATcctencrT ?r piewc im
taste, called " T omes," " AppctireTs," UeMorerV'
c, that inrt t" tippler on 10 aninwnM ana ruiov
but nre a true Mcnicine, made from tne native roots
and herb of California, tree from all Alcoholic St imulavta.
(tcy are the Ureat liiooa i-unner sma a t,egmng
rinciple, ft Jrfect Renovator and InTigoTator of th
Mnnrl tn 9 IimI ilit crmflition. enrichine it. retreshirtai
and invigorating both mind mt& feody. They are ea
n.it. nfr and i enable in .ill forms of disease.
No Person cttlt take thono BMtcra accord
ing to directions and remain long unwell, provided
their bones 75 not destroyed by mineral powon or other
means, and tho viul organs wasted beyond tho pot
of repair.
Ifynpepnitx or inaiffSTn rea;icne, rum
the Shot:l-'er, CoiirIis, Tightness of Ihe Chest, Eh-
!. .Snur iLrilCT'ons- or tne ommacn, una i a?w
in the Mouth. Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of tha
Heart, Inflammation of the Lung Pain in the regions ol
the Kidnej-s, and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the ofHrrins of Dyspepsia. In thene complaint
u k-. .n BnimT tin A nnt 'hntt will nrnve a bUer cmai
sntee of its merits tiirtn ?! lenethy advertimenV.
For Femnlo CoiitfrtMlf m young or old,
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood, or tha
turn of life, tfiese Tonic Bitters dispJay so decided aa
influence that a marked improvement soon prup
For Inflnmiiinf ory nnd Chronic It hen -
mntimii and Gout. Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Hiliou
Remittent and Intermittent evtr diseases of 1
Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters hava
been most successful. Such Dise.ittc Jre caused bf
Vitiated Blood, which generally produced by derange
ment of the Digestive rgnns.
Thoy are a Gentle PiirRistlve nn wrll ntt
a Tonic, possessing also the peciriiar merit of acting
as a powerful aaent in relieving Congestion or Inflam-
mauon oi ine i.iver ana Tisccrai rAi, uu m wi-m
For Skin Ilsenwfl, Eruptions, Tetter,
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules Boils, Cat
buncles, Ring worms, Scald-Head. Sore Eyes, Ery
sipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Decolorations of the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature
are literally dug up and carried out of the system in a
short time by tne use ot tnese tnuera. jne potuc is
such cases will convince the most incredulous of tneit
curative effects.
Cleniifte the Vltlncd III nod whenvH ltd
find its impurities bursting through the skin in PimplM,
Eruptions, or Sores; cleanse ft when you find it -?b-structed
and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when tlr
foul ; your feelings will tell you when. Keep the Woo,
pure, and the health of the system will follow.
i rate nil ttinuHfiiHia proclaim Vinegar Bt
tbrs the most wonderful Invigurant that ever sustained
ne sinKing system.
Plt Tape nntl other Wormn, lurking is
:he system of so manv thousands, are effeetuallv d-
(troyed and removed. Says a distinguished physinU
gist : There is scarcely an individual upon the face of the
;arth whose body is exempt from the presence of worms.
It is not upon the healthy elements of the body that
worms exist, but upon the diseased humors and slimy
leposits .hat breed these living monsters of disease.
No system of Medicine, no vermifuges, no anthelmin-
in, win Mcc ine byM-cin iruin wurins hkc ineae du-
Slechnnlcnl Dlsenses. Persons eniraced ia
Paints and Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type-setters
Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they advance in life, will
3e subject to paralvsis of the Bowels, To guard against
this take a dose of Wai.krr's Vinbgar Bitters once
or twice a wee!;, as a Preventive.
Billon. Kcmittcnt, imi1 Intermittent
Fevers, which are so prevalent in the valleys ofoc
great rivers throughout the United States, especially
those of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Ten
nessee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Cojorado, Braioa,
kio viranne, reari, Aiaoama, Aiooue, savannah, Koap
oke( James, and many others, wnii their vast tributa
ries, througliout our entire country during the Summef
and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons ol
unusual neat aim dryness, are invariably accompanied
!jv extensive derangements of the stomach and liver. dA
ther abdominal viscera. There are aiwavs more or lese
instructions of the liver, a weakness and irritable stat
of the stomach, and great torpor of the bowels, being
clogged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treat
ment, a purgative, exerting a powerful influence upo
these various oi gms, is essentially necessary. There ia
.10 catnartic ior tne purpose equal to UK. J. Walkbn s
Vikkgar Bitters a thev will speedily remove the
lark-colored viscid matter with which the bowels are
oaded, at the same time stimulating the secretions oi
he liver, and generally restoring the healthy functions
)f he digestive organ.
Srrofiiln, or Klnc's Evil. White Rwellinea.
Ulcers, Erysipelas, Pwelled Neck, Goiter, Scrofulous
Inflammations, Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial Ai
fections, Old Sore. Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eye.
etc., etc. In these, as in all other constitutional Dis
eases, Walker's Vinbgar Bittbrs have shown their
;reat curative powers in ths most obstinate and in tract-
able cases.
Dr. Walker's California Vtiieirnr Bit fere
act on all these cases in a similar manner. By purifying
the Blood they remove the cause, and by resolving away
the effects of the intkimiration fc'he tterculpr deposits)
t iTlVii.1 it! p;n k re if!'i e hi a th, til a pi m. n m i cio
The propertlen of Dr. wai.krr's Vinbrar
Bittfrs are Aperient, Diaphoretic and C'.irminauve,
Nutritious. Laxative. Diuretic. Sedative. Counter-irri
tant. Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-Bilious.
The Aperient and mild Laxative properties ol
Dr. Wai.khk's Vinfgar Bitti:rs are the best safe
guard in all cacs of eruptions and malignant fevers,
their balsamic, healing, and soothing properties protect
the humors ot" the fauces. Their Sedative properties
sillay pa wi in the nervous system, stomach, and bowels,
either from intUinm.it ion, wind, colic, cramps, etc
Their Counter-irritant influence extends throughout
the system. Th'.-ir Diuretic properties acton(the Kid
neys, correcting and regulating the flow of urine. Their
Anti-Bilious properties stimulate tle liver, in the secre
tion of bile, and us discharges through the biliary ducts,
and are superior to all remedial agents, for the cure oi
Bilious Fever, Kever and Ague, etc.
Fortify the body ngutnat disease by pun
ryimj all its fluids with Vin:gr Bittkks, No epi
demic can take hold of a system thus forearmed. The
liver, the stomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and the
nerves are rendered disease-proof by this great invtgr
Directions. Take cf the Bitters on going to bed
at night from a half to one and one-half wineglassfulL
Eat good nourishing food, such as beef steak, mutton
chop, venison, roast beef, and vegetables, and take
out-door exercise. They are composed of purely veget
able ingredients, and contai-n no spirit.
Druggists and Gen. Agts. , San Krancise an-i New York.
. ONT wear that BprlnR Truss, whl Is kllltag
I vnu. but send for circular for MOWK'M
i klAMTIO HKI.T Tltl'XM, which Is as
easv to wear at u garter, ami has cured patient,
in from 5 to '& weeks. Address Box 158,
Council BlutfB, Iowa.
EALTH& of the TlTEST.Hon.w.E.
JDEES Bo"""1"8 VV EBB. Author
Our new pbtn i3 mneulficcnt Chromos FBFF)
immrnM'lu ((rt"i.''ri. MO nipitiil enough, & no riakfl
AGENTS WANTED Hook . fpnd for crm fidmtial
U-rm,vtc. K. IIan'N'afohd A Co., Cincinnati & Chicago.
Kcliabie Kemody in Dinea
sos of the Kidneys and Uri-
Inary Organs. For Rheuma
tisin, Dropsy, Gravel, Boils.
Skin DtseottBBColdB, It has
no superior. Tone up tho
iyBim steer Ague. ruv
iiolans prescribe it. 8old
1 IJrURfflBlS.
7 Extensive Factories.
BrotUeboro, Vt., V. S. A.
Estey Cottage Organs.
T he intcet ana best lmnrovempnt.. VmMthina i
The latest and best Improvements. Evcrythln,
is new and. novel. The leadline Improvements
is new and novel. The leading Improvements fu
gaus were introduced urst in this establishment.
Send for Illustrated Catalogue.
On Manhood, Womanhood and their Mn
tnal Inter-relationg ; Love, Iti Laws. Pow
er, eto.
Agents are selling from 80 to 80 conies of this
work a day, and we send a canvassing book free to
any bork asent. Address, stating experience,
DR. WHITTIER, 8 BT6Srii.8M1plia't
Lonirest sogagedr'.Qr' w4 suw...fulYhrioia Ifc. aaa
Coa.ultoa wiwmfua 'm. Clwrita,
Laxnrlani Whisker., noasiaeklos,
brows, t'.tc Martina's World Knowned I'o.
made forces Whiskers and Moustachlos to grow on
the smoothest face without injuring the skin. A
sure remedy for baldness. Sent free on receipt of
126 C.lark Street, Chicago, 111. Agents Want
DECT T,hln 9" 1 enU wanted everywhere
DLUl Profits immense; business permanent
Address Eukkka Mva. CO., Carliuvllle Illinois
A.N.K., B.L.
J (l-SM
KD, Business legitimate, ranlru.
Uxj u oe i. WOaTU, bt. Louis. Mo Erx till.

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