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Farm, Garden and Household.
Hint! About Farm Work.
. Fall plowing is good. Fall fallowinc
U better.
Fall work in euro to crowd us. . It al
ways does. .Prepare for it.
Bow grass seed on vacant spots in
meadow and harrow it in.
Firewood (should be provided for win
ter, if not alrerdy attended to.
Trim the sides of ditches, and cut
down all weeds in fence-corners, etc.
Everything that can be done this
month had better bo done now than
1 iter.
Potatoes that are ripe should be dug
early, so as to be out of the way of
pressing work next month.
Make the weeds grow and then kill
them next spring. To do this plow and
harrow as much as possible.
If prices are satisfactory sell at once.
This is always a safe rule for everything,
but it is emphatically so for potatoes
and c'ther bulky articles.
Attend the fairs, and take your hired
men and boys with you. Try and in
terest tliem in the implements, ma
chines, and improved stock.
Drawing out manure for grass land
may be done at any time this month
when the men and teams are available.
Spread it at once and evenly.
Corn should be cut as soon as the
grain is glazed. The fodder will be
wanted next winter. Better cut too
early than run the risk of having it in
jured by frost.
Ditching on low land can now be done
to advantage. Commence at the outlet
and make the water follow you tip into
the land until your ditch is from three
to four feet deep. In this way you will
lose no fall.
Clover seed should be ready to cut
this month. Nearly all our combined
reaper and mower machines cut it to
perfection and rake it into bunches.
The crop should be well cured and put
in the barn. It is a difficult crop to se
cure in a stack without thatching. It
is better not to thrash until cold weather
In England, great crops of wheat are
raised by turning over a clover sod and
drilling in the wheat as fast as the land
is plowed. We could do the same thing
here provided our land was in as high
condition and the season was wet
enough to insure the germination of
the seed and the growth of the young
We spend labor enough in many
cases in preparing our land for wheat,
but rarely give time enough. To plow
twice in two or three weeks, and harrow
and roll until the laud is as mellow as a
garden, is not the way to secure a good
wheat crop. The same amount of labor
expended over a longer period would
produce far better results.
The ladies should by all means go
to the fair and have a good time. They
should go to enjoy themselves. Take
a basket of refreshments along. The
eating arrangements at our fairs are
usually of the most wretched descrip
tion. If you see one of the Agricul
turist's editors around, looking tired
and hungry, ask him to have a bite.
Animals. When hay is scarce and
high, as it now is with us, it is desirable
to let all the animals run at pasture.
Horses when running at pasture, un
less it is unusually good, should not be
worked as many hours as when fed on
hay and grain. They require more
time to eat. Give a feed of nnts mnv...
lug, noon, anu night. Oroom well at
night before turning them out.
Cows will pay well for a little extra
food night and morning. Corn-meal is
now the cheapest food we have. It
should be mixed with cut feed.
Sheep do not require any special care
this month, but should not be neglect
ed. See that the ram does not get to
the flock of ewes unless you wish very
early lambs. If you do, select out the
strongest ewes and feed them a little
grain for a week or so, or until they are
Lambs should be weaned, and the
ewes put in a rather poor pasture and at
some distance from the lambs. Let the
hiinbs have the best of pasture and half
a pint of grain each day. Milk the
ewes if necessary.
Dip the sheep in a solution of carbolic
soap to kill ticks and prevent scab, etc.
Swine. Pigs that are fat should be
disposed of. Pigs intended for fatten
ing this fall should be X'nshed forward
as rapidly as possible. Let them run
out at pasture if convenient, but give
them all the corn they will eat.
Breeding sows should have the run of
a good clover or grass pasture. They
will require little other food.
Young pigs ought t o get the richest
and best of food. There is nothing so
good as skimmed milk and cooked corn
meal. American Agriculturist.
The 'ova Scotia Gale.
Additional particulars of the recent
disastrous storm on the Nova Scotia
coast como to hand. It is estimated
that thirty vessels, with all hands, were
lost in the North Bay alone. The loss
of property on shore is immense. In
Cape Breton, those farmers who have
lost their barns will have difficulty in
saving their crops. It is feared there
will be starvation among the fishermen;
and it is probable that even among the
farmers, who sustained heavy losses by
the gale, there will be much suffering.
The country will not get over it for
Fifty-six vessels are ashore at Ari
chat, some of which have been con
demned and sold.
Many wrecks have been found at sea,
deserted, with little if any chance that
the crews have been saved, and alto
gether the loss of life and property is
most disastrous.
Settled It.
When the three-months' men were
called out, says Thurlow Weed, the
Colonel of some regiment an insignificant-looking
fellow appealed to me to
help him off. What do you want ?'
I asked. 'Well,' said he, 'I've ordered
some accoutrements for men, and the
manufacturer won't let us have them
until he can be sure of his money !' I
wrote a note which settled that matter,
and the regiment went away. About
three months afterwards a bill was
brought to me for $1,900, and what do
ii i 'l . r.i ; r
you iuiuk it was lor r Slapping lur.
Smith on the knee."
"Indeed I can't imagine."
" For officers' swords and belts and
sashes and such things," said Mr. Weed,
" which the service didn't provide, and
I had to pay the money out of my own
pocket. I do wish I could think of that
fellow's name.
The Hon. Fred O'Donnel has de
clined the f armers'nomination for Lieutenant-Governor
of Iowa on the ground
that he is oiily twenty-eight years old,
and tlie lav requires that the Govenror
and Lieutenant-Governor shall be thirty
years of age.
An American Tlchborne.
A Caie In which Borne of the Mont Promi
nent Men In Pennsylranla are Interest-.ed-The
Wonderful Adventure! of a
Claimant to 940,000,000.
There is now pending in the State
courts of Pennsylvania, says a Mauch
Chunk correspondent of the New York
Sun, one of the most important lawsuits
on record. It was instituted by Mr. O.
H. Wheeler, a lawyer of this place. It
is for the recovery of 4,000 acres of val
uable coal lands in Luzerne county, Pa.,
saia to do wortn $f4U,uuu,UU0. The his
tory of the proprietorship of the land
is full of romance.
Some forty years ago there died in a
hospital in Philadelphia a man named
James Turnbnll. He had been a man
of means, and was one of the first to
invest in land in this region when the
discovery of anthracite coal was tardily
followed by mine developments. He
purchased the tract of 4,000 acres in
Luzerne county. Bad speculations led
him to dissipation and he died as stated,
declaring that he still had a title to the
coal land in Luzerne, although others
claimed it by virtue of tax purchase.
A short time before his death his wife
was divorced from him, and given
charge of their only child, a son, also
named James. He lived with his
mother in Philadelphia about ten years
after his father's death, then, at the age
of sixteen, went to sea.
In 1852 the divorced widow, being in
destitute circumstances, and believing
that her son, if living for she had not
heard of him for years was the real
owner of the coal lands in Luzerne
county which her late husband had ne
glected, came to Mauch Chunk and
called on Mr. O. H. Wheeler. He had
formerly been a friend of her husband's,
the two having had years before real
estate transactions together. To him
she stated the case of the ownership of
the land, and exhibited certain papers
in her possession that once belonged to
Wheeler examined the paper, and
searched the record. The result con
vinced him that young Turnbull had,
through his father, a perfect tittle to
the property. He at once set about to
find, if possible, the whereabouts of the
wandering heir. Advertisements were
inserted in the journals of all countries,
in all languages. Letters were written
to every point where it was at all proba
ble that James might be, but without
avail. Not-a word could be obtained
that gave any clue to his whereabouts.
The lands meantime had fallen into the
hands of Asa Packer, the Pardees, and
other famous and powerful capitalists,
who still hold them.
One day, in the fall of 1871, James
Turnbull's mother received a letter
posted in the City of Mexico. It proved
to be from her son. He was living in
Mazatlan, on the western coast of Mex
ico, and wonld in all probability be
home in another year. Thus, after a
ceaseless effort of twenty years, the
lawyer and the mother were at last re
warded with the news of the lost son.
Mr. Wheeler employed a man to go
at once to Mazatlan and bring James to
America. This was done, and about
a year ago Turnbull landed in Phila
delphia. His career had been one of peril,
hardship, and adventure. The vessel
he left Philadelphia in was shipwrecked,
and he and eight others of the crew
were the only ones saved. When the
boat which they succeeded in launching
-..o jjii-Kta uf, ucm tlio lolaml of St.
Thomas, after flouting iiiutj days uu the
ocean, Turnbull was the only iiving oc
cupant. He was laid up three months
in St. Thomas before he recovered from
the effects of the fearful voyage after
the wreck, and then embarked on a
British trader. Subsequently he went
to Central America. He worked on the
Isthmus of Panama until the stories of
the discovery of gold in California
reached that section, when, with hun
dreds of others, he hastended to the
He was a Forty-niner, and made sev
eral fortunes, which in turn he lost at
the gaming table. He tired of the reck
less, lawless life of the mines in two
years, and went to Mexico, and subse
quently to Texas, where he made money
in capturing cattle for speculators in
New York and Philadelphia. The na
tives becoming too hostile, he had to
flee the plains. He started to return to
Mexico. On the way to Mazatlan he
was blown up by the explosion of the
steamer he was on. Hundreds per
ished, but he was again providentially
He finally reached Mazatlan, where
he went to work on a canal that was
being dug. He was placed over a gang
of natives, and kept a ranch where they
obtained their supplies. This was broken
open several times and robbed. One
night he was attacked by a party of
Mexican soldiers, and left for dead with
twelve dagger wounds in his person.
Recovering from these, he again be
came a wanderer. He spent a year
among the silver mines of Peru, getting
possession of a piece of land said to
contain silver deposits. Failing to find
them, he disposed of the property for a
song. In less than a month a rich vein
of silver was opened upon it.
He then went to Chile and worked
under Harry Meiggs, the great South
American railroad prince. By a sub
contract under Meiggs he made several
thousand dollars, and had he possessed
a less roving disposition could have re
mained in Chile and accumulated a
handsomo fortune. Completing his con
tract, he went to Brazil and endeavored
to get himself appointed as an overseer
in the diamond mines and failed. After
roviner throuch South America for sev
eral years, leading a life of the wildest
adventure, he again visitea the western
shore of Mexico, and then determined
to return home, lie wrote his mother,
not knowing whether she was dead or
When the agent arrived from Ameri
ca, Turnbull had changed his mind as
to returning home, and would soon
have been on his way to the diamond
field of bouth America.
. To cap the climax of his eventful life,
the bout which was conveying him to
the steamer which was to bear him to
Philadelphia capsized, and he barely
escaped with his life, losing many valu
Upon the arrival of Turnbull in this
country arrangements were at once per
fected for commencing the proceedings,
The fyuds for conducting the suit are
furnished by a stock company at a ven
ture. If it is successful the mem
bers will be richly rewarded ; if not,
they lose all.
Some of the most prominent men in
Pennsylvania are interested in the case,
and it will be prosecuted to the fullest
extent, imminent lawyers have been
engaged on both sides. Jt came up at
the last session of the United States
District Court at Williamsport, but was
postponed on application of the defend'
ants, as Judge Woodward, W. H. Arm'
strong, Esq., and others of their coun
sel were members of the Constitutional
Convention and could not be present.
The Had Chinese Lover.
i ' A Yonng Lady's Narrow Escape.
The San Francisco Chronicle fur
nishes the following account of the mad
Chinese lover whose attempt at murder
and subsequent suioide at San Jose
were briefly reported by telegraph :
"The ranch of Mr. Dubois, about
one mile and a half south of San Jose,
was the scene of a startling tragedy.
Mr. Dubois is the father of two daugh
ters, named Blanche and Alice, the lat
ter some eighteen years old. A hand
some young Chinaman named Ah Gim,
employed on her father's ranch, attract
ed by the girl's beauty, fell madly in
love with her, but the passion was not
returned. The almond-eyed Celestial,
however, continued to urge his suit, and
in the madness of his infatuation cut
off his queue, so as to make his person
more acceptable to the object of his
adoration. He was nineteen years of
ago and had been employed by Mr. Du
bois nearly five years. He did not live
with the Dubois family, but occupied a
cabin by himself some distance from the
Failing to win the heart of his ladv-
love, he determined to worship her
picture, aud entreated Miss Alice to
give him her photograph. She in
dignantly refused to grant him even
this favor, whereupon Ah Gim, with the
ciinning of his race, and animated by
his strong attachment for the girl, re
solved upon securing it without her
consent. An opportunity soon present
ed itsel, and the distracted Chinaman
hastened to improve it. While Miss
Alice was absent visiting some friends,
Ah Gim crept into her chamber, and
going to her trunk abstracted a photo
graph of her. His next step was to take
it to an artist in the city whose studio
is on wheels, where he had several
copies of the photograph made, some
of which he sent to his relatives in
After Alice returned from her visit.
Ah Gim manifested unusual anxiety to
have her visit his cabin, saying that he
had something there that he desired to
show her. She informed him that if he
had anything to show her he must bring
it to the heuse. He pleaded earnestly
with her to accept the invitation, add
ing that the object he wished to show
her was nailed to the floor of his cabin.
but met with a positive refusal." In the
meantime Alice discovered the theft of
her photograph, and also ascertained
that it was in the possession of her
Mongolion- suitor. She rebuked him
for ' stealing it, and insisted upon his
returning it at once.
" Ah Gim appeared at the house with
a package in his hand. He walked
quietly into the sitting-room where were
seated Alice and her mother. Stepping
up to the table at which Alice sat he
placed the package on the table, re
marking that those were her pictures.
Without deigning to raise her head, the
young girl impatiently exclaimed : 'Burn
them 1' Goaded to fury by her scornful
words, the Chinaman stepped back a
few paces, drew a five-shooter from his
pocket, aud holding it within about two
leet ot Alice, hred. With a wild shriek
of terror the young girl sprang away
from her chair, and opening one of the
doors, started to run, when the China
man fired another shot. Apparently
neither had inflicted any injury, for the
flight of the terrified girl was unim
peded. As she ran down the main
avenue toward the main road the maniac
again dischorged his revolver, fortu
nately without effect.
" Vinf. rlrvwlatlooa kolioTrinQ fl.nf I, a Tia3
mortally wounded the girl and indeed
her escape was miraculous he returned
to the kitchen, and placing the muzzle
of his weapon against his head fired his
fourth shot into his own brain. The
result was instant death, and he fell on
the floor with his head close to the door.
The coroner summoned a jury in the
afternoon, and after viewing the body
and taking the girl's testimony, ad
journed the inquest until the next day.
" The girl s escape from the bullets
of the assassin was really wonderful.
The first bullet struck her on the left
side, but coming in contact with the
steel stay of her corset glanced off.
The second bullet cut away her apron
strings from behind. The third bullet
whizzed past her left ear. The girl sus
tained no miury, but was, as may be
imagined, considerably frightened. Ah
Gim was a member of the Ling Xong
The Kelsey Case.
During the funeral services f Chas.
G. Kelsey at Huntington, L. I., the
Kev. Mr. Knox came forward to the lec
ture. He was very much affected, and
his voice was husky with suppressed
feeling. He said: Dearly beloved
brethren and friends, words are inade
quate to express the condition of the
publio mind of this place on the sub
ject of the fate of the man whose burial
service we are now attending. The ques
tion, when it does arise, carries another
with it: they are synonymous and can
not be separated. The question of the
life or death of Charles G. Kelsey in
volves one of the guilt or innocence of
other people, and neither can be asked
without exciting violent heart-throbbing
and stirring up feelings which are any
thing but pleasant. The name of our
little village has not only been soiled,
but blackened. Where others have de
cided regarding the great question I
have remained undecided, and the
golden balance of Justice is poised on
the diamond point of truth. Hope and
fear are in me, like two deer met upon
a narrow mountain path with antlers
locked, and it requires but a breath to
dush either down the chasm. I am
speaking her to tell of the respect I en
tertain for the convictions of those as
sembled. I am in favor of law and or
der, which should not be outraged.
am decidedly opposed to lynch law.
There are cases where justice is slow or
rather inactive; she is bound hand and
foot, and cannot move where it is re
sorted to; but this iu not the case in
Huntington. All can have their wrongs
adjusted and their differences settled
in a quiet and peaceable way. I care
not by whom the outrage was perform'
ed. I denounce him as a disrespector
of justice. We have learned a lesson
which, if properly taken, is prolifio of
advice and warming. When we consul
er justice we should also consider the
punishment, and if this be done none
will be dealt with too severely. I can
not believe there is a crime so black or
an iniquity so deep but that a flash of
boldly spoken truth would lighten and
fathom it. I insist that some one knew
all of the deed, and could and should
if he has any regard for justice, tell all
he knows. I would rejoice to know who
was the perpetrator or perpetrators of
this most foul and villainous crime, for
tne suspense is terrible and wearing,
The truth must come. If not to you
and I, it will be known to all " when
their sins shall all be made known.'
Killed bt a Fall. Charles A. La
mont, a prominent member of the
Board of Brokers of New York, fell
from a window of his house, and was
killed by striking upon the sidewalk.
The Saltwcll Disaster.
Fifteen Person gared and Fifteen Urea
, ,. .
The disaster to the Steamer Saltwell.
during the Nova Scotia gale, by which
fifteen lives wore lost, is thus described:
The steamer struck on what proved to
be Say Shoals, off Scatary Island. She
nnui:a nt luwraus unco umoiou uuc.
before sticking fast, striking each time
about midships. The water began rush,
in immediately after she first struck,
and quickly put out the fires. At the
first shock tho chief engineer rushed to
the engine room, but in a very short made of olive, slate, biue, and myrtle
time returned and reported that the green cloths, trimmed with velvet or
ship was sinking. All hands below were silk revers, pipings, and cords, and but
roused and the boats ordered to be low- tons of steel or pearl colorsd to match
ered. Rockets were also fired, in the tho cloth exactly, or else with buttons
hope of attracting attention from shore, of oxidized silver beautifully carved.
The first boat attempted to be launched The roueh but stylish yak braid is used
was the starboard lifeboat.
In assisting to get this boat out. the
chief engineer, who was standing on the
.nil int i. : i i ..ii n. -
Kin, 1UD Jim UUlllUCe, IVLL 111LU 111V DC.
and perished. Five men got into this
boat, but in the confusion at tho mo-
ment they cut away the after fall, let-
ting the boat drop, stern foremost,
while suspended by the bow. The men
were washed out and the boat was
smashed against the ship. The next
boat tried was the starboard cutter.
which being on the lee side, was launch-
ed without difficulty. Aft attempt was
then made to get out the port lifeboat,
but it being on the weather side, the
effort was difficult and dangerous; yet
with strenuous exertions she was safely
launched. The remainder of the crew
were then distributed in the two boats,
A : . ii '
mo limn iMuuci gumg in ciuuga ui nie
cutter. The captain took charge of the
lifeboat, and gave orders that the two
boats should leave together and keep as
near as possible to each other.
W hen about to leave the ship the
Captain looked over the side to apprise
moss in tne cutter, dui sue was not to
be seen, and has not since been heard
of. The probability is that those in
charge left at once and got lost among
the breakers in making for the light.
When the lifeboat got clear of the ship
sue was neaded lor J-iouisburg J-iight,
oearing about southwest, but after a
time this course had to be abandoned.
owing to the violent headwind and the
heavy sea, the night being intensely
dark. We then followed the course of
the sea, keeping the boat easy until
daylight, when land was seen and the
boat was headed for it, but again we
were doomed to disappointment, for on
nearing the shoro the sea was found to
be one mass of huge breakers, through
which no boat could pass and live. We
had then to pull off shore, and after four
hours rowing again saw a light ahead.
which we steamed for and succeeded in
lauding at Fourche, C. B., where we
were cared for by the inhabitants, and
next day walked to Sydney. Fifteen of
the steamer's crew were lost and fifteen
were saved in the lifeboat.
The great fire in Havana rendered
2,400 people homeless.
Can be found in that great and reliable family
By the use of which health and happinegi is restored
to tnuse amictea wuh any iung or jnroal disease,
Cd, Cougm, Atthma, Bronchitis, Consumption.
Dr. A. L. BCOVILL is the inventor of several
medical preparations which have become very
popular, una nave neon uocriviiy.uBcn. Among nis
uveituoiis are " nan jaaiwa. r,r inn t,uiitfs " ana
etter remedy has been offered to the rmblit. Rend
the fallowing letter from Da. BCOVILL referring
in 11 ;
Mkssks. J. N. Harris A Co. :
rnts I make the lollowincr statement from
perfect conviction and knowledge of the benefits of
ALLEN I LiUNO 11 Al.PAM 111 CUUllg tne DlOlt Oeep-
leatei rutminaru (.uniitmuoon nave witnessed
ts effects nu the young and the old, and I can truly
lav tliat it is bv far the best cxDCctorant remeilv
Wltn wnicu 1 am acquainted, r or cougns, nnd all
the earlv statfea of Lung ComnUinta. I believe it
to be a certain cure, and if every family would keep
tt oy tnera. reaoy tu nuiniuiter upon tne nret ap-
EeHrance of disease about the Lungs, there wonld
e very few casts of fatal consumption. It causes
the phlegm and matter to raise without irritating
those rielioate organs (the Lungs), and without
producing constipation of the bowels. It also gives
strongcu to tne system, stops tne nignt-sweats,
and changes all the morbid secretions to a healthy
state. luuii, xcnpeutiuuy,
Columbia, Ala., March 8, 1373.
J. N. Harris ft Co. :
Hear Airs I am taking ALfaxn's Luivo B al?ah fr
a disease of the Lungs of thirteen years stanoiug.
I have used every remedy offered, aud this is the
only remedy that has given me any relief. I know
it saved my life last spring. At that time I com
menced using it. ana received immense reuer.
t stopped on my lungs in ten nours. xou are at
perfect liberty to publish this letter, for the bene-
nt OI sunering numautty, ana wuu.respect,
1 remain, zoura truly,
D. D. Fool.
Such, mv Buffering friends, are the If ttere receiv
ed dailv. and do vou doubt for a moment the effica
cy of this valuable medicine. Bein time, and take
to your home a bottle of Allen's Luno Balsam.
Ton will nnd tn it a glorious prize, ana a uever-
tuiuug friend in time of need.
Be rot deceived. Call for ALLEN'S LUNO BAL
SAM, and take no other.
Directions accompany each bottle.
3. N. HARRIS ft CO , Cincinnati, 0..
For sale by all Medicine Dealers.
JOHN F. HENRY, New York.
GEO. 0. OODW1N ft CO., Boston.
JOHNSON, HOLOWAl ft CO., Philadelphia.
Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup la the
prescription of one of the best Female Physi
cians and Kurses in the United States, and has
been used for thirty years with never failing safety
and success by millions of mothers and children,
from the feeble Infant of one week old to the adult.
It corrects aciaity of the stomach, relieves wind
colic, regulates the bowels, and gives rest, health
and comfort to mother and child. We believe It to
he tho Bes and Surest Remedy In the World tn all
DREN, whether It arises from Teething or from
auy other cause. Full directtonsfor using will ae
enmnanv eHch bnttle. None Genuine uuless the
fac simile of CURTIS ft PERKINS is eu the cutslda
gold by all Medicine Dealers.
from bo other causa than having worms In the
will destroy Warms without injury to the child,
being perfectly WHITE, and free from all coloring
or other Injurious Ingredient! usually used in
worm preparations.
CURTIS c BKOWN, Proprietors,
No. a I Fulton Street, Mew York.
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Meet tones at twekty-Fivb cektb a box.
Family liniment
Is the best remedy In the world for the following
complaints, Tit.: Cramps in the Limbs and Stom
ach, Pain in the Stomach, Bow. Is or Bid, Rheu
matism in all its forms, Bilious Colic, Neuralgia,
Chol.ra, Drsent.ry, Colds, Flesh Wounds, Burns,
Bora Throat, Spinal Complaints, Sprains and
Bruises, Chills and Fever, For Internal and Ex
ternal as.
Its operation is net only to roll the patient,
but entirely removes th cans of the complaint.
11 penetrates ana pervaaes xne wnoie syBiein. re
storing healthy action to all it part, and Quicken-
The Household Panacea I purely Veg-
Prepared by
No. il Fulton Street, New Tork.
For sale by all Druggists.
jAciDioa, sin Disiasm, and Affections of th
Bladder and Kidneva. kri removed bv Dr. Javue'S
Sanative Pill. They produaehealtty secretions of
the stomach, liver and other organs of the body,
and are ben Aoia4-when ever an alterative or pur-
yw.p mpuniii, is refuirea
BHAja-iKBaaaaa's Pills are the one remedy that
never fails to cure Fever and Ague. The most
stubborn eas 1 cured imai.dlauly. This is a
English Walking Jacket
The Enchnh walking Jacket again
appears in this country, acoording to a
iBBUion journal. It umauum warm,
rnno - .i nW.li. nooW Vinlf nn innh think.
yCt as soft as camel's-hair, and known
ns camel's-hair cloth. It retains its
jaunty shape, fitting like a gentleman's
CQat with high shoulder seems, double-
itreaatea trout, coat coiiar, ana uiree
back seams far apart at the waist, with
lappets below the waist, but no position
pleats. Coat sleeves and pockets with
flftpS complete this trim, tidy, and
withal masculine-looking jacket. It is
for trimming also : sometimes there is
n. row of iuch-wide braid, with two
narrower ones above, and in other cases
.... i l i l .1 : l.
me JllCKeu la UlIUUBb UUVeieu Willi l.il iu-
tricate design done in fine vak soutache,
Dork blue, black, and iron gray cloth
jackets are shown closer fitting than the
ordinary English saoque, and much
loncer : some are longer in front than
behind, and have an extra basque pleated
on the back, like a riding-habit waist,
Blue etos grain bands with a lighter
blue cording on the upper edge trim
blue cloth jackets prettily ; the buttons
are then blue steel or else oxidized uil-
yer. When single-breasted jackets are
shown, they are usually finished with a
sailor collar and a silk ruff. Children's
and misses' jackets are shown in pre
cisely the same shapes and colors just
. .-, , i . ... i
noted, noil oeaver ciotu jncnetu mo
bordered with beaver or seal-skin fur,
and have a fur boa sewed around the
neck, with tails hanging in front ; others
have the collar and cuffs of seal-skin or
beaver fur. Small muffa of cloth are
trimmed with fur to match these jackets,
The Chaparral Cock.
The chaparral cock, or chura, is very
common at this season of the year iu
California. The latter name originated
with the Indians. The chura is about
the size of a curl?w, having a topknot
and a long tail of beautitul colored
feathers. The bird is very useful in
gardens, destroying snakes and all kinds
of insects. It is the dreaded enemy of
the rattlesnake. The manner in which
it destroys this dangerous reptile is pe
culiar. In the heat of the day, when
the snake is asleep, the chura may be
seen carrying leaves of the cholla and
forming a circle around it. As soon as
the circle is complete it throws a leaf
upon the sleeping snake and then pa
tiently awaits developments. The snake
awakes and endeavors to free itself fiom
its Bimple, yet secure position. Its ef
forts are in vain, and it dies, covered
with the prickles of the painful cholla.
The chura then devours its delicious
aud well-earned food. The above is
vouched for by many who have wit
nessed the modus operandi. Thechura,
when pursued, relies entirely upon its
neetness lor escape, it is easily do
mesticated, and when properly cooked.
is superior to chicken tor eating.
Vinegar Bitters the Greatest Tet
A few doses stir up the life-current ;
sluggishness departs, pain vanishes, and
after continued use of the remedy the
whole body glows with a new energy
and a new being. Purge the blood and
every organ will perform its function
perfectly. The stomach will be no long-
or torturoil Svitli ),vwfii'l t.Vitt lnnrrn
will be free from Consumption, the liver
active, the heart healthy, the brain clear
the nerves braced, and the mind elastic.
Use the "Vineoar Bittnrs," and purge
your blood. WTiether tho disease be
fever, Consumiition, Dyspepsia, Affec
tion of the Liver, or Kidneys. Dronsu.
vatarrn, uneumatism, (Jour, or nams
and aches of any kind, attack it in its
stronghold, the blood the fountain of
life and it will soon surrender and
abandon the outposts. To do . this you
must nave tne vinegar hitters ;
there is no complaint to which the hu
man system is liable, that will not yield
to its influence, and there are thousands
which do other remedial agent will re
move. Com.
Young John Morrisev was blown r
with powder with which he was playing
near Glen Station, N. Y., and seriously
The attention of our many readers is
called to the attractive advertisement of
J. N. Harris & Co., advertising their
great and valuable lung remedy, " Al
len s Tiung iialsam. This isalsnm has
been before the publio for ten years.
Notwithstanding this long period, it
has never lost one whit of its populari
ty, or shown the least sign of becoming
unpopular, dui, on tne contrary, the call
for ithas been coustantlyincreasing,and
at no previous time has the demand been
so great, or the quantity made been so
large, as at this day. We earnestly
recommend its trial by any ono who
may bo afflicted with a cough or cold
and we warrant it to cure if directions
are followed. It is sold by all our city
uruggisis. i,om.
Flagg s Instant Belief has stood
twenty yearn' teat. Is warrauted to give imme.
mate relief to all ltlioumatic, Neuralgic, Head,
Ear and Back achea.or money refunded. Com,
We would not commend the frequent
v. bu.iniuii. udo ui mijr uivuiauo, at in nu
portaut to take even a Rood article Judiciously.
J'anons' Purgative 1'ills are eafe, prompt aud
rename an a laxative or catliartic. com.
Base ball is undoubtedly good ex
erciae and capital amusement, but it often oc
canions bunged eyen, broken ehina aud blistered
iiaiuiH. e can tell you tnat in all such canes,
if Jnhnson't Anodyne Liniment ia resorted to.
it will reduce the swelling and stop the pain.
Peruvian Syrup contains no alcohol.
Avoid the Peril of the Season.
Autumn, although th most radiant portion
the American year, has it drawback. The heavy
evening dew and morning vapor and the great
disparity in temperature between night and day,
give rise to many painful disturbance of the
bowels, such as colic, cholera morbus, diarrhcea
and dysentery. The digestive organs are also un
favorably affected by the change of season, and
dyspeptic generally auffer most severely during
the fall. Derangement's of the liver are likewise
common, and miasmatic fever prevail in newly-
settled district and low-lying and marshy locali
ties. These unpleasant contingencies of the soason
are not, however, unavoidable. By strengthening,
toning and regulating the system with Bostetter'
Stomach Bitter even the mot delicate may escape
them. At the expiration of summer all the bodily
power are in a somewhat exhausted state. They
require the wholesome stimulation which this
genial vegetable lnvigorant aupplies. Under its
renovating influence the nervous energy which
the wiltiug heat of July and August had kept iu
abeyanee or partially extinguished, crops out
afresh j th flaccid muscle) reoover their elastici
ty i the appetite take a sharper edge ; the pro
cesses of digestion and assimilation beoome mora
rapid and perfect ; the spirits rise, and the whole
01 ganix.it Ion acquires it maximum of activity and
resistant power. Even persons ef comparatively
feeble eonatttutiona. when thu fortified asainat
the perils of the season, will have little cause to
fear a visitation from any of the disorders to which
we nave referred. As a protection avaius.1 nuas
matio fevers and all epidemics engendered br
malaria Histetter's Bitters may be Justly pro
nounced uot only unrivalled but unapproached.
Look well to the label and trade mark, as there ar
many counterfeit aud umUUvn iu the market,
PwippFn Hands, face, rough fckin.
pimples, ring-worm, ealt-rhenm, and other cu
taneous affections cured, and the skin made
soft and emooth, by using the Jcnipeb Tab
Roap, made by Casweli,, Hazard & Co., New
York. Be cortain to got the Juniper Tar Soap
made by tia, an there are many imitations made
witu common tar wiiion are wonmoBs. com.
Cristadoho's Excelsior Hair Dtk
etanda unrivaled and alone. Its morits have
been so universally acknowledged that it would
be a supererogation to descant on them any
further uothius can beat it. Con.
Frank Miller's Harness Oil is the best.
OltRAT flKNSATION I Agents Wanted.
itxg I'ackage Free. Hetter than G-oirt. Address
t imc-f, P. A. Kl L8 ft CO., harlotte. Mich.
Five Years in the Territories.
The onlf romnlete history of thtt vait region be
tween the Miasm. inol and the Pacific : Its Resour
ces, Climate, Inhabitants, Natural Curiosities, etc.
11 columns nnn eiiKntviiiga .11 tne DcnBry,
anus, Feojilo ana uuno-meB ni tne ureat west,
rente are selling from 1 ft to Se5 contra a day .and
we send a canvassing hook free to ai.y book agent.
AdrtreB. stating experience, etc., NATIONAL
ITB LlBHlr. CO., rniiaaeipnia, r a
TJUSIJiKSS That will make your fortune.
XJ Address,
713 Oliver Street, St. Louis, Mo.
TJTTCTTV'T?CG Bntorpristnir you tiff and
men ambitious to make a successful start In busi
jj j j mil k. k ; miuaie-airea men ana wo
ness, are offered superior facilities for preparing
tnemseives at me wi Rrtfjun-iAn jsubimkbb cul.
LEOK. Milwaukee, wis.
R. R. R.
Cures the "Worst Pains
ik rnoM
Need any one Suffer with Pain.
Radway's Ready Relief is a cure for every Pain.
that InBtnntly stops the most encrnciatlnff pnlns.
allays Inflnmut ions, ftiul cures Conffestions. wheth
er of the Lungs. Stomnch, Bowels, or other gluudl !
or urpmis, oy une hjiijiiuhhimi,
n matter how violent or exnrurlntlnff thfc pain tha
RHEUMATIC, Bed-ridden, InfUm. Crippled, Ner-
ous, xti'uraitftc, or prostratca vmo attease may
Inflamatian of thft Kidnevs.
Incarnation of the Bladder,
innamauon ox tne uoweia,
Congestion of the Lungs
Palpitation of the Heart,
Hysterics, Croup, Diptheria,
Catarrh, Influenza,
Headache, Toothache,
Neuralgia, Rheumatism,
Cold Chills, Ague Chills. 6
The application of the RKATVV RELIEF to the part
ri:irta wlifie tne nam or uitucultv exists will at
turd eae and comfort.
Twenty drops m hair a tumbler or water will in a
few minutes cure Crumps, Spasms, Sour Stomach,
Heartburn, Sick Headache, Diarrhea, Dysentery,
Uolie, Win' In the Bowels, and oil Internal Pains.
WAY'S REAT1Y RELIEF w ith them. A few drops
In water will pre vent sickness or pains from change
Trav.'l:frR ennui t nl wnvi carr V a DOMIO 01 KA1
oiwutor. It is better inaiirrencn ur&uuyor div
ters us a sutnuiaiu.
FEVER AND AOrE cured for fifty rcntl. There
is nut a ri3ip'il:il ntfoiit tn this worm that will cure
Fevrrixna Affix, Ann nllrnhor Sliilartons, ButoilB
Gai let. Tvj hittd. Y' llmv, mut other Fevers faidco
bv R AD WAY'S FILLS) Bj quick as BADWAY'E
i'.IJt'Tr C'iiKXB J: .tilt iJUXXLiU.
Samnarillian Sesolvent
Has made tho most astonishiuar Cures ; bo quick
so rapid are tne cuanees tne uoay unaersoes.
unaev the Influence of this truly "Wonder
ful Medicine, that
Every Lay an Increase in Flesh and
Weight is Seen ana Felt.
Tho GS-reat Blood Purifier
Every dron of tho SATtSAPARTLMAX PESOV
WAT ortiiimiitirrt.tPH thrmifjli tho Hlodd. Sweat.
Urine, i-Hd other fluids and juices uf the system the
vigov of life, for it repairs the- wustcs uf the body
wiui new una Bmna materia, eciunua, bipuuib,
ConsumiitUui, Chrome DyBp'pBia, oiuuduiar an
east-s. fleers in the, throat. Mouth. Tumors, Noil.
in till ii.iiii mid oiht-r ii.'uiB oftiiQ sv stein, bore
Eyes, Mtruinnrotifl riis bai tfes from the Ears, si d
tho woi Bt forms of Skm 0 ibcusi s. Eruptions. e
Sores, Hvuld Heart, Tliutf Worm, Salt Rheum, Erys;
elaa, Ame, lilaik (Spots, Worms in tho Flesh, 'i
mors. Calipers In thu Womb, and all weakening s;
painful discharges, Mtrht Sweats, Loss ef Bpei
and nil wiis tea uf Din Ufa nrinrinle. ara within t '
curativo rantf' of this Modern Chemistry, cmdaf. w
daye' uan will piwve to any person using i"i
either of these forms uf diseaso its potent power t-
cure mem.
if tho patient, cany bceomtncf reaucca
wastes and decomnoBition that is conUuiii' - ir'-
(fressintf, sneceefis in arresting theso w ,fc,anu
rtn;iir tho Bunm with new mnteriti fiae from
healthy blood and this the 8ARHAP .iLLIAN will
and does secure a cure is certui ..r when once
this remedy commences its v : of purification,
and succeeds tu diininishiiir c i"Bs of wastes, ita
repairs will bn rapid, an .very day the patient
willfeol bimsi'lf grow. letter and stronger, tnn
food digeuting bet . eppotito improving, and
uesn ana weight t ..rising.
Kot only does ... c arsaparilmait ResoTjVKWT ex
eel all known ...edial aiontf in the cure of Chron
ic, Bcrofniutj, Constitutional, aud Skill dilcasuSt
uut tt is .lie only positive cuia lor
Kidney and Bladder Complaints,
Trlnary, and Womb oideaees, Gravel, Diabetes,
Dronav. Storinatra oi Water, lncoutinuenceof Urine.
Bright's Diseuse, Albuminuria, and in all casta,
where there are brick-dust deposits, or the water
Is thick, cloudy, mixed with substances like the
whito of an egg, or threads like white silk, or there
is a morbid, dark, bilious nonetirance. and white
bone-dust deposits, nod when there ie a pricking.
Durntng sens itiou wnen passing water, nnu pain li:
tne bmuii n me d.-u n una uiootf ne loids.
Tumor of 12 Years' Growth Cured hj
Eadway s Resolvent
Perfect Purgative aud Regulating Pills
perfectly tastrloas, elegantly coated with sweet
Kum, purtru, regulate, imrify, cleanse end strength'
en. RADWAY'S TILLS, for the euro of alldiBurder
rf the Stomach, Liver, BowclB, Kidneys, Jllail:er,
KervottB Disease, Htadachc,Consti jmtion. Costive,
nefll. Iiiiiiipstlon. Dvanoit.la. IlilioilBliefts. BiliOMB.
Typhus and Typhoid Fevers. Inflammation of the
Bowels, Piles, and alj DeranKeinenta or the Internal
ViBfera. Warranted to effect a rtcsitive Clirft. Pure
ly Ve-Ketublu, containing uo mercury, iniuerMl,or
delete rioudrn KB.
Observe the following Bymntoms resulting from
disorders of the Digetive Organs:
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of the Blood
In the Head, Acidity of the Stomach. Naueet,
Heart-hum. DtHtriifit ofFood. Fullness or Weight iu
the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sinking or Flutter
log at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming uf ti e
Huad, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Flutterli g
at the Heart, Choking or Suflocating Scnsatloi
when In a Lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dct
or Webe before the Bight, Fever Bad Dull Pain in
the Head, Deficiency of Pereplratton, Yellowness ol
the Skin and Eyes. Pain tn (he Side, Chest, Liml s,
aud auddeu Flushes of Heat. Buruinff in the Flesh.
A few doses of RADWAY'S PILLS will free tbesyt-
loin irom all tn above uameu aiaoraers.
Pries 23 cent per Box. Sold by Druggists.
BEAD 41 FALSE AKB TRFE." Bend one letter
tamp to EADWAY CO., Ko. 32 Warren 8t., K. Y.
iurormauou worm inouaanae wui db eeut yon.
.n.cl Its Cure.
Carbolated Cod Liver Oil
Ta a ac.lentlfle. combination of two well-known medi
cines. IU the ry i. I rsl to arrest the decay, then
build up the system. Physician, flnd the doctrine cor
rect. The really startling cure performed by 'Wilt-
an,,' mi ... nrnnf .
Cxxruollc Add pastUrehJ arrests Decay. It-la th
most powerful antiseptic In the known world. Eu
trlne into the circulation. It at once BTBODlcs with
corruption, and decay ceaae. It purine the sources
of disease.
Cod Liver OUU Katwe'tbett assistant In reslatlnf
Consumption -j
Past up In large wedge-ehapeil bottle
bearing the Inventor' aiguuturr, aud ia
Oia ny UU uvil ki umi. (ivinticu u
T. xx. wiUiBon',
ii Jglta fttrcct, KW York. I
Dr. J. Walker's California Vin
egar Bitters ars a purely Vcgctablo
preparation, made- chiefly from the na
tive herbs found on tho lower ranges of
tho Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, the medicinal properties of which
are extracted therefrom without tho uso
of Alcohol. Tho question is almost
daily asked, "What is tho cause of the
unparalleled success of Vixesar Bit
tkrs?" Our answer is, that they remove
the causo of disease, and the patient re
covers his health. They are the great
blood purifier and a life-giving principle,
a perfect Renovator and Invigorator
of the system. Never before in the
history of tho world has a medicine been
compounded possessing the rcmnrkabla
qualities of Vinboar Bitters in healing the
sick of every diseaso umn is heir to. They
are a gentlo i'urgauvo as wen as a ionic,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation of
the Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilious
The nronertics of Dn. Walker's
Vinkoar Bittkhs ore A unriuiit, Diaithorotio,
Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretio,
Sedativo, Counter-irritant, Sudorific, Altera
tive, ana Anti-liinous. ,
It. 11. McUO.V'ALn A. CC..
Dnttrjrisls nmKlen. A-rM., S'in Fr;ineisen. Cnlifirai;i,'
and enr. nf Wnshintrtnn nnl (.'hnritnn sts., X. Y.
nolil by nil DrusraWt ntitt Dealers.
K. Y. N. P.. No. 37
Agents TTrtixtoci.
Domestic Sewing Machine Co , N. Y
Hmiri - CiriiiitiiiK "If I T T U
Alpe, Cntroii-Scert 111 I I jl J. Ten flle,
Ill l.liHll. illustrated pamphlets free.
AUitress J. bkl'OKHKEK. I'ainetvi lie, oniry
Peerless Clothes Wringer.
L-. HEYNIOEB & CO., 18 Fulton Street, N. Y
nnd Pretoiva Health, by W. Gleaon, M. D.
Study and UirlTtinl ynnreolf. 'lermn liticrnl.
Cot-1?n porflayi Atfcnti wm.ted I All claisei
iJ viU ofworkitiopeonleoffllther8ex.youi.il
ot old, make mote money at work lor tin in their
parw momenta or an tno time inin m anyirmip bibs
Particulars free. Address O. BTIN30K tt CO.. Port
luid, Me.
331tcls 1 UA.
Wnn the Green Tea flavor. Tt
best Tea Imported. For Ba'e
everywhere. And for Bal6
wholesale only by the GREAT
No. lil Fulton Bt. 4 24 Church
St., How Vork. P.O. R" ,6,8
fiend for Thea-Nectar Clrenlar.
$10 TO $20!
I ererywherfl. Particulars fr
per dav. Asents wanted
L.u.uiatrc uo..ut.L,ouis.B'o
r o nnllCH WEEK AGE!
?P a.J If Business legitimate,
rarttu" ir
J. WOBTH. St. Iinnls. wo
Iron in the Blood
BY 11 UP Vitalize!
and KnricheB the
lilood. Tones up tho
I nnHVt'll-U'.nwi. vumi
1r emalo . oniolcinw,
I trnumv Di'hilitV- II U-
I mors, lysK'iaia. ic
Thousands havo
been, changed by tha
use ol this remeoy
frum weak, Bicklv,
etifferiniTcrvatures, to
6 Iron p, healthy, and happy men and women; and
Invalids cannot reasonably heiiitato tofrive It ft tria'.
Caution. lie sure you gut the right article, P i '
that "Peruvian Byrup" la blown in the c as.
Pamphlets free. Sendforone. ft EX 11 W.KOLii
A SONS, Proprietors, lioston, Mass, I'or alo I
IrufcKista eenendl v.
Miimitaoliirrrsor Poritw
Mo 1!il!s,Vll ul. Ob II,
sir r-rl,Mill'tiiiiuili) ttii
di r-iiniiM-iK, -i-lc licsul
tHpiT-runnei'K lor Fni'ii
SI f.rrlinilt Worll.
Kind lor j'uiujihlul and
Uamiison WliitfliUI Co.,
llo. 3S Cortlnorlt Ft... N. .
"W. and C. Scott & Sons' fine Breech-Loadinir
Double Guns I" as furnished to the "Caw Oaw'"lluD
of Milwaukee, and others, believed to be the test
breech loader now in use. AIbo " Muscle-Loaders,',
every variety of style, site ana frtee. ids w
ScottA Fons' Now Illustrated Work on Breech-Load-ers,"
bound in morocco, liScents by mail. Send for
irice luts ana circulars 10 nu-uiaM
IONS. 13 Fanenil Hall Square Boston. Agents.
(mala or female) wanted .rT '
Address, with etamp, J.NO. W. JUtlXbON
4 CO.. Dux 272J. St. Louis, Mo.
Send for Pamnulet to
IIUIISE, M. !.. Ho. IC a H.l.l.d Bt.
CUicya. biwrtftlly 1 Ten Thmatmmnt or Hkamt UiKA,Ha
anpiiiiwii iMw,wfaMaj
v - - - j-

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