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kmt paid . K. P. Hall for
"work 111 Benslnger tp
amt paid Hall A McCauley;
genenu fund
amt m bond Id. 30, Ridg
way township
1,848 45
10 00
1,995 00
10,180 6
8,704 85
balance due fiiuci
13,885 61
3By aratdue for work tlbiie oil
. road and not yet paid for
BUI of H. M. Rolfe, lumber
Bill of Wilcox Lumber Co.,
. for lumber
. Bill Wilcox Tanning Co., for
Amt due J. McCauley, late
treat., for overpayment of
660 02
1,418 89
180 43
2,285 24
The Commissioner of the Rldgway
and Brookville State Road in account
with the funds of said road for the
Tear ending Jan. 1. 1879.
To bal. due last settlement H 8 30
-amt tax reed from co treas. 3,309 22
3,517 52
1,840 80
Sy bill of H. Carman for
work do; e
bill of Geo. D. Messenger,
jr., for work done
bill of C. H. McOauley, ser
vice as secretary
bill of Geo. D. Messenger.
jr., building bridge and
bill of J. O. Hall, service
"as treas. for eight years
1,086 75
20 00
105 12
200 00
,252 67
balance due fund
204 85
3,617 52
We. the undersigned, auditor of Elk
'county for the yw 1K7H, having mot at the
commissioners ouicc in iiukoi
county, on the flmt Monday of January, A.
r ihtu hoin theslxth dny or the mnntti. and
adlourned to Tuesday. January 7, 1K71I, nt
which time we proceeded with the settlement,
'and do hereby oertlfy thtitwe have carefully
examined, audited, settled and ndjimtcd the
account of the commissioners of the Knpe,
Hldswav and 8t.'Mnry 's unite road, and of the
'commissioners of the Rldaway and Brook
ville State road, and find them severally
correct, a set forth In the foreRolns; report.
In witness whereof, we have hereunto set
our hands the Wth day of January, A. D. W7U.
J. M. MKCUM, ' J
Attest )fr . Klikk, cierR.
Local Notes
. Dried green peas at Morgester's.
Another wedding the gossips suy
Potatoes $1.10 per bushel, at Mor-
Horse radish powder at the corner
Joseph Holseybrook Is reported on
the sick list.
Mackerel', white flsh and siscoes at
Peter Kennedy is in a precarious
fitate of health.
--Th-e Democrat bins regained its
patent -outside.
-Cotfft proceeding will be found In
another column.
-Election for tewnship officers
"Tuesday, Feb., 18.
Beu. Dill has been under the
"weather for several days.
Miss Sallio Stoner goes to Mary
land on a visit, starting to-day.
Jackson' Best or Wardle's Above
All tobacco for salo by Morgester.
Presbyterian sociuble nt the resi
dence 'of D. S. Luther to morrow eve
' ning.
Miss Emma Ross has just com
imHiced the second term of three
months at the Boot Jack school.
The work of fitting up Messenger's
hall for the use of the Presbyterian
society is rapidly going forward.
Geo. Foust made his regular annual
visit to the Advocate office a few
days ago. May his shadow never grow
After our thaw and mild weather
another snow storm struck this place
yesterday and winter holds undisputed
Dr. EarVsy has been appointed on
the following house committees : Ways
nnd Means, Judiciary (general), and
A-.very poor winter this has been
for skating. There is ice enough but
It takes too long a time to reach it
through the snow.
Martin Luther aud daughter, of
Luthersburg, Clearfield county, are in
town on a visit. Mr. Luther is a broth
er of D. S. Luther, of this village.
The mines at Wllmnrth will be
ready to ship coal about the middle of
April. Upwards of one hundred men
will be given employment in these!
-The Presbyterian festival in the;
basement of the M. E. church, last
ttlday and Saturday evenings, was a
financial success. The net proceeds
were $130.00.
Senator Hall, who represents this
district, has been placed on the follow
ing committees: Judiciary, Educa
tion, Public Buildings and New Coun
ties aud County Seats.
At a special meeting of Company
H held at their armory on Monday
evening last James McAfee, of this
village, was awarded the contract for
making the new uniforms.
Rev. H. V. Talbot praises the
ladies of the Presbyterian society very
highly for the "boss" job they did in
cleaning out the basement of the M.
E. church after the late festival.
Crayston, the miller has moved
Into the rooms in Mrs. Houk's store,
recently occupied by Jerry Thompson,
and Jerry has moved over the creek,
into the house next east of Mrs.
The Weekly Journal, published
at Lock Haven, Pa., by H. Blxby, Is a
new aud welcome addition to our ex
change list. The Daily Journal has
been received at this office for several
months, and now we have Vol. 1 No. S
of the weekly. It is only $1 a year
and worth double the money to anyone.
toort Proceedings.
Hort. L. D. Wetmore, presiding.
Hons. Geo, Ed. Wets and Julius
Jones associates.
Richard Dalley vs. Lewis Feglcy &
Co. Rule to perfect appeal and rule to
show cause why appeal should not he
dismissed. W. W. Ames for plaintiff,
J. It. P. Hall for defendant Settled.
Anna Htdllgan vs. Walker A Son.
Sheriff's interpleader and feigned issue
awarded. Rathbun A Rlghtmyer for
plaintiff; Hall A Ames fur defendant.
Verdict for the plaintiff all the prop
erty except the potatoes.
Thomas J. Burke and Ida G. Burke
his wife and right of said Ida G.
Burke vs. D. C. Oyster, Sheriff.
Tresnass " vl et armis." Continued.
The Township of Jay vs. William
P. Luce and William H. Getrldge.
Trespass on the case, damages $1000.
Hall A McCauley for township; Lu
core Hamblen for defendants Ver
dict for the township In the sum of
six and one-fourth cents.
Commonwealth Vs. Geo. W. New
ton. Embezzlement. Note. In this
case a verdict of guilty was rendered
at last term, and a new trial granted.
Defendant found guilty In manner
and form as he Stands indicted On the
first three counta cf the indictment,
and not guilty on fourth and fifth
counts. Sentenced to pay a fine of
$100 to the Commonwealth, costs of
'prosecution, and undergo an Impris
onment in the county jail for a period
of three months.
Com. vs. John Bromley False pre
tense. Nolle prosequi entered upon
payment of costs.
Com. vs. H. Blesh Selling liquor
contrary to law. Verdict of guilty In
manner and form as hestands indicted
on first count. Defendant arraigned
and sentenced on the count for selling
liquor on election day (to which he
pleads guilty) to a fine of fifty dollars
to the commonwealth, costs of prose
cution, and give security for the pay
ment of the same within ten dnys and
stand committed until sentence is
complied with.
Com. vs. Jacob H. Shaffer Miscon
duct In office. Not a true hill.
Com. V. Frank S. Intres Oyer and
Terminer Burglary. Defendant not
guilty on the first count, but guilty as
to the other counb). Defendant ar
raigned and sentenced to restore the
property stolen, If not already done,
or pay the value thereof, pay a fine of
ten dollars to the commonwealth, the
costs of prosecution, and undergo an
imprisonment by separate and solitary
confinement at labor In the western
penitentiary, in the county of Alle
gheny for the period of two years and
four months. Note. C. A. Harkness
fc Co. receipt for ?13.29 the amount of
money claimed to have been stolen.
Com. vs. Philip Finkley Assault
and battery with intent to kill. Deft
found not guilty on the first count,
but guilty on the second count lu the
manner and form as hestands indicted.
Sentenced to pay a fine of ten dollars
to the commonwealth, costs of prose
cution, and undergo an imprisonment
in the county juil for a period of three
Com. vs. Lorcnfz Vogel Selling
liquor contrary to law. Not a true bill
and prosecutor Philip Finkler to pay
the costs. Prosecutor arraigned and
sentenced to pay the -costs within ten
days to tire Sheriff, or give security for
the payment of the same.
Coin. vs. Thomas J. Burke For
gery, Ac. Deft, ordered to enter into
his recognizance in the sum of $500
with two sufficient sureties In like
sum for defts. appearance at next
term. Bench warrant issued.
Petition of the inhabitants of High
land township for a road view. E. E.
Williard appointed artist; Emmitt
Hovencamp and Levi Ellithorp ap
pointed viewers.
In the matter of the petition of
James Cockburn for private road from
his dwelling to J. W. Overturf's coal
mine in Benezette township. Eugene
Lentz appointed surveyor; A. W.
Gray and G. G. Messenger appointed
Road to lead from line of warrants
5027 and 5028 to the village of Bene
zette. Confirmed absolute.
Road to lead from the mouth of
Wynkoop run to Adam Zimmerman's
in Millstone township. Confirmed
Petition for review of damages as
sessed by viewers of road from water
street in the village of Benesetteto A.
V. Railroad. Review confirmed.
To the Honorable the Judges of Quar
ter Sessions of the Peace in and for
the County of Elk, January Sessions,
1879 .-
The Grand Inquest of the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, Inquiring for
the County of Elk, in all matters re
lating to the same, do respectfully re
port :
That they have acted upon six bills
of Indictment of which four were
found true bills.
We beg leave further to report:
That we have visited and inspected
the county buildings and find, 1st,
That the jail Is cleau and teems prop
erly kept, that the prisoners are sup
plied with wholesome and proper food,
properly prepared. The jail building
is of " the olden time," small, ceiling
low, poorly ventilated, or not venti
lated at all, the number of rooms are
insufficient and insecure for the keep
ing of prisoners, as the several recent
escapee sufficiently proved.
We further report that the court
house roof is represented to us as so
rotten that it cannot be repaired ex
cept by a new roof. We think the
court room unsuitable in size and ar
rangement for the business of the
county, and the almost total want ofi
Ventilation Is seriously detrimental Mi
the health of the court, the jurors am)
the bar. The jury rooms are without
ventilation. The one set apart for the
Grand Inquest is too small, neither of
the rooms have any seats except flat
board benches, without backs with
only three or four chairs. We respect
fully present that It Is unreasonable to
call men front their homes to attend
to the business of the public, keeping
them for bout's Ht a time, and often
from day to day; Without providing
them with reasonably comfortable
seats. We do not hsk for Upholstered
chairs, or velvet lounges, but we do
ask that In this day of Improvements,
those who succeett us. in the Jury
rooms be provided with comfortable
chairs, and we respectfully present
that the court house building as a
whole Is unsuitable for Its purposes,
that it is not wise economy to repair,
that the county being Out of debt, aud
haVing a satisfactory surplus of assets,
and money lit Its treasury, with the
low price of later rind building ma
terial, It is a measure of prudence nnd
economy to replace these structures
with new buildings, not costly and
mammoth structures but with sub
stantial and comfortable buildings.
We respectfully tender our thanks
to the Honorable Judges and District
Attorney for their courtesy and assis
tance rendered us during our delibera
tions. A. B. PRESTON, Foreman.
In the matter of th5 contested elec
tion for Representative in Congress, of
the Twentieth district of Pennsylva
nia, upon the petitions of Seth H.
Yocum, the Court made the following
order: "January 28th, 1879. On hear
Ing the foregoing petition, It Is ordered
and directed that the persons In whose
possession or custody the ballot boxes
were placed, containing the tickets,
list of voters and. other papers of the
lost general election, shall keep the
same to answer the call of any court or
tribunal authorized to try the merits
of the contested election for Congress,
or take the evidence lu relation to the
Mrs Peter Kennedy, whose death
we noticed in flur last issue, was in
her 97th yeur, and was In many re
spects a remarkable woman. She had
been married three times, Peter Ken
nedy, her third husband, she married
in her C7th year, and at the time there
was not a grey hair in her head. Peter
was then forty years old. Her first
husband died tin the voyage across the
ocean from Ireland, niid nfter a few
years of single life she was married
to u Cunningham, father of Mrs. Cun
ningham of this place, by whom she
had two children, one a boy, dying in
infancy. For a woman of her years
she was remafk-abiy active, only being
in bed about two Weeks in her lust Ill
ness. Washington Letter-
From our regular correspondent.
Washington, D. C, February 3, 1S70.
One of the things that agitates Con
gtess at every session, and stirs up the
minds of our lawyers, and nearly
evsry body else In and about Wash
ington, is the famous McGarrahan
claim. The Judiciary Committee and
Public Laud Committee of both House
and Senate have each In turn wrestled
with it und both Houses now have it
before them, with a faint prospect of
getting it out of the way forever.
William MeGurraban is the owner of
apiece of land in California, which he
purchased of a grantee of the Mexican
government. His title to this land, in
all that constitutes evidence of owner
ship, is perfect, nnd so, in numberless
Instances, has been pronounced. Be
tween him and his patent there stands
a single tech nical obstacle: A clerical
omission by a copyist in the Land
Office whether accidental or fraudu
lentis unknown a merely formal, not
a substantial defect. Operating against
McGarrahan, is a rich corporation
known as the New Idria Quicksilver
Mining Company, which has fought
and harried the poor;lrishman with
the money it had made out of a quick
silver mine on the premises. This
company is not known to the Land
Office records, &nd nobody knows how
it acquired the shadow of a title to the
Eroperty in question. If it does not
elong to McGarrahan it belongs to
the United States ; yet the manner in
which the company has mantained its
tight is but another illustration of the
unjust power of wealthy corj)orations.
With the large profits which right
fully belongs to the man it is con
spiring to rob, it bribes officials, per
suades members of Congress, suborns
perjuries, rewards forgeries, und sub
sidizes newspapers to create public
sentiment, and slander and ridicule
turn whom it has determined to de
stroy. It Is the quicksilver of the
New Idria company, secretly adminis
tered to persons of power and influence,
that puts in jeopurdy the rights of the
proprietor, and prompts the efforts in
innumerable ways to defame his char
acter, becloud his title, immerse him
In an ocean of expenses, nnd divest
him of his estate. A report has Just
been made in the Senate which may
iwssibly effect a settlement of the case,
t assumes that the title to the nro-
perty is in the Government, aud offers
a bill referring the whole controversy
to the courts, by authoriziug the
claimant to bring suit against the
United States in the Court of Claims,
with power to anneal to the Supreme
Court This is similar to the procedure
in me case or tue not Springs, property.
If the final decision is in favor of the
United suites, the court is to order the
property into the hands of a receiver
until Congress directs what shall be
done with it- This would seem a fair
disposition of the case, but for the well
Known delays of the courts which win
give the company plenty of time to
add to tlieir ill-gotten gains, and by
the use of them an unfair advantage
in the litigation.
And now we have a congressman
from Michigan, which his name it is
Elll8worth, who thinks he can stop
the flow of llouor in Washington. He
might as well undertake to stop the
flow tif the Potomac River. But he
has introduced his little bill. Some
time ago he summoned the keeper of
the House restaurant and asked him if
he was selling beer, wine and HquoW,
in th fnnltai TIia nhHWPl1 Was In
the affirmative, accompanied with the
information that It was only sold to
Congressmen) aud that a majority of
mem were witn mm. i ms is prooa-
oiy the truth and Just wnas im its worth
Is going to do about It I dttn't see.
There is Already a very stringent rule
banishing nil drinks of a boozy nature
from the building, and Speaker Ran-
nau una stated once or twice mat lie
intended to son It enforced. But
what's the use? If It Is kept nut of
the restaurant It goes into the com
mlttee fotlms. for Congressmen will
have their tipple. For a time there
was none on sale on the House side,
but the Stsnste caterer kept it, and it
was Intcrestlnir to see the pairs of Con
gressmen lock arms and walk over to
the Seriate Side about every fifteen
minutes. Now all they have to do Is
to bo down stairs and ask for cold tea.
If a stratlger goes in and orders a cup
ot tea ine waiter iooks at nun snarpiy
to see whether he tips the masonic
wink sb I think it Is a mistake alwut
the saleof drinks being confined strict
ly to Congressmen. If the honerable
member wants beer or ale he asks for
a pitcher of milk and the beverage Is
brought in a little sliver pitcner noid
ine lust a bottle of beef.
A bill has baen introduced In the
House to regulate the charges of the
Pullman Palace and Car Companies
and other sleeping cars patented by the
United States. It certainly ought to
pass. If there Is ny one monopoly
more thnn another in this country
that needs regulating It is the Pullman
Palace and SlWriliig Car Company. A
good room with all conveniences at
tached, and an excellent breakfast in
the morning, can be obtained at the
very best hotels In the United States
for What Is exacted by this monopoly
for a narrow contracted bunk in a
nasty Ill-ventilated car. At most
hotels these accommodations cost but
half the sleepirigtat charge, and when
time is not the consideration health
and comfort are served by stnppiug
over Few can enjoy a good night's
rest in the sleepers, nnd fewer still es
cape them without bad colds or some
thing worse, for the luxury of which
one don't like to pay a round price.
The bill proves that it shall be un
lawful to charge more than one
dollar for tlie use of the Palace Car by
one person for twertty-fbtir hours,
under a penalty of S500 to $5,000.
The new Pension bill Which has
now become a law, does not extend
the benefits to any one not heretofore
entitled to them, but it removes the
five years limitation, nndenublet those
who have neglected their clailns to
come In and get what others no more
deserving have already secured. It
also dates back to the day of death
or discharge all existing pensions. It
is estimated that ovsr thirty millions
of dollars will be disbursed the present
year on account of the law, and as the
money goes mainly to the poor people
who need it and will circulate It, some
benefit to business may be realized.
Claim Agents will not be recognizee!
by the Pension Bureau in the disburse
ment of dues under this law.
Don Pkmio.
A Monthly Royal Scrap Bcok.
The most Intelligent readers have
Scrap Books for preserving the
choicest articles clipped from time to
time from newspapers, magazines, and j
books. These collections, although
comparatively very small, arc often
esteemed of more value than many
liooks, because they embrace only the
most precious gems gathered from
large fields of literature. If several
persons of culture nnd experience, who
are especially adapted- for making
these selections, should submit the
results of their lalmrs to a competent
editor tr classify and arrange into de
partments embracing every variety of
des'iraablo household reading, nnd if
this matter thus affatigcd and classi
fied, should be printed in book form,
we should have something like
each number of Wood's itcvschold
Magazine, which con tallies one
hundred large pages. Tills Magazine
is designed to be a Monthly Royal
Scrap Book of the cream of the world's
literature. The February Number on
our table, being the second number of
the sixteenth volume, embodies a
feast of literary gems suited to the
tastes of all readers, and Its articles
breathe a spirit of economy, morality
and virtue which is highly refreshing
in this age of fashionable folly and ex
travlgance. No family can afford to
do without it. The subscription price
is $2 per year. Sample copy will be
mailed on receipt of only 10 cents.
Address, S. S. WOOD,
Tribune Building, New York City.
For very low prices for organs and
pianos write to D. S. Andrus & Co.,
city music store, Williamsport, Pa.
Organs nnd pianos to reht by the month
or year. Sheet music sent to any ad
dress. Secohd hand instruments for
sale. Pianos from $75 to 193 : onrnns
from $30 to $50.
From the NE W YOJiK TRIli VNE.
New Yt)rk Tribune. New York. May 16. 1806.
Dr. ill M. Fciiner, Fredduln, N: Y
ltlarHir: I'leiuin Antif! mi turn mnr.
bottle of your Blood and Liver Remedy und
Nerve Toiiio. My wife Iihh been taking ft and
thinks It has done her good. Yours truly. C.
Dr. Fenner's Blood arid Liver Rem
edy nnd Nerve Tonio may well be
called "The conquering hero" of the
times. It Is the medical triumph of
the age. Whoever has "the blues"
should take it, for It regulates and re
stores the disordered system that gives
rise to them. It always cures Billious
ness and Liver Complaint, Jaundice,
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Headaches,
Fever and Ajue, SPLeks Enlarge
ments, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Pimples,
Blotches and all Skin Eruptions
and Blood Disorders; Swelled
Limbs and Dropsy ; Sleeplessness, Im
paired Nerves and Nervous Debility;
Restores flesh and strength when the
system is running down or goliig Into
decline; cures Female Weakness and
Chronic Rheumatism, and relieves
Chronic Bronchitis, and all Lung and
Throat difficulties. It does these things
by striking at the root Of disease and
removing Its.
Dr. Fenner's Improved Cough
Honey will relieve any cough in one
Dr. Fenner's Golden Relief cures
any pain, as Tooth-ache Neuralgia,
Colic or Headache in 6 to 10 minutes,
and readily relieves Rheumatism, Kid
ney Complaint, Diarrhoea, Dysentery.
ir; xenners St. Vitus Uance Spe
cific; One bottle always cures. For
sale by Dealers.
Estate Notice.
ESTATE of Anna Dorathea Eckie,
late of St: Mary's Borough, Elk Co.
deceased. All persons Indebted to
said estate are requested to make 1m
mediate payment, add those hating
letral claims nirnlnst the same wll
present them without delay In proper
oruer for settlement, to
Estate" Not lee I
late of St. Mary's Borough, Elk Co.,
deceased. All persons indebted to
said estate are requested to make Ini-
meaiaie payment, and those naving
legal claims against the same, will
preseht them without delay lu proper
oruer ior settlement, to
NOT" ICE1 Is hereby given that the
commissioners or Jilk County will
hold a Court of Appeals at their office,
In Rldgway, on THURSDAY and
the purpose of henrirtir and determln
ing appeals from the assessments, and
revising ine military enrollment for
ioid, at wnicn time uud place all
persons feeling themselves aggrieved
oy saia assessment, or enrollment.
can attend If they see proper.
isy order or the Hoard,
Attest: W. S. HORTON. Clerk.
Commissioners' Office. 1
February 1st, 1879.
A new store started In Ridirwav un
der the auspices of the ladies of Grace
Church, with
HISS L. E. irm.
as Agent axil Saleswoman,
A fine assortment of goods on hand
and selected with great cure.
Machine silk, thread nnd needles.
Also a fine lot of Dress Goods, Fancy
work of all kinds. Framed mottoes
d-c, Ac. All cheap as the cheapest
and goods Warranted first class. Call
and examine riiir stock.
Agent for the Society.
We procure Letters Patent on
Inventions. No Attorney fees in
advance in application for Patents
in the United States. Special attention
given to Inference Cases before the
Patent Office, and all litigation apper
taining to Inventions or patents. We
also procure Patents In Canada and
other foreign countries.
Caveats Filed, Copyrights obtained.
and all other business truuwctvd before
the Patent Office and the Courts which
demands the services of experienced
Patent Attorneys. We have had ten
years experience as Patent Attorneys
The Sciential Retard.
All Patents obtained turouirh our
agency are noticed in the Scientific
ItHcoitn. li monthlv nnmr nf Inrfrn cir
culation, published by us. nnd devoted
to hcientlllc and -Mechanical matters.
It contains full lists of all allowed
Patents. Subscription 25 cents a year
IMistpaid. Hja'cimeii copy free. Send
us your addrvss on postal card.
Send u a description of your Inven
tion, giving your idea In your own
language, and we will give an opinion
us to patentability, with full instruc
tions, charging nothlnir for our advice.
Our book, ' How to Procure Patents,"
about the Patent Laws, Patents. Ca
veats, Trade Marks, their costs, etc-.
sent free on request. '
R. ..& A. P. LAC BY,
Patent Attorneys,
No. 604 F street, Washington, D. C-,
Nearly Opposite Patent office.
Arrears of Pay, Bounty and Pensions.
We have a bureau in charge of ex
perlenced lawyers and clerks, for pros
ecution all Soldier's Claims, Pay,
Bounty aud Pensions. As we charge
no fee unless successful, stamps for re
turn postsge should be sent us.
R. S. & A. P. LACEY.
Horisty of the United States
Being a complete history of all the
Important industries of America, In
cluding Agricultural, Mechanical,
Manufacturing, Mining, Commercial
and other enterprises. About 1,000
large octavo pages atid 3uo line en
gravings. No Work Liko it Ever Published-
For terms and territory apply at once.
Norwich, Connecticut.
THE most useful present
In nded wife, mother or sister is one
of our Nickle Plated and Polished
Fluting and Crimping Irons. 4 irons
on one handle and at greatly reduced
prices. King Reversable Fluting
Iron, 3.60. Home Fluting and Crimp
ing Iron. $2.75. Sent Prepaid on
receipt of price.
Hewitt Manuf g Cs., Pittsfcurga, Pa
P. O. Box 868, or 166 Penn avenue.
An Agent Wanted in this County.
9-6w '
Health and Happiness
Health and Happiness are priceless
Wealth, to their possessors, aud yet
they are within the reach or every one
who will nse
the only sure CURE for Torpid Liver,
Dyspepsia, Headache, Sour Stomach,
Constipation, Debility. Nausea, and all
Billious Complaints and Blood Dis
orders. None genuine unless signed
"Wm. Wright, Phila. If your drug,
gist is not supplied, send 25 cents for
one box to Barrick, Roller & Co., 70 N.
4th street, Phila. n7v50yl
Hides, Sheep Pelts, and Calf
Skins wanted at 42 Main street.
Philadelphia & ErleR. R- Dlv.
fr artd after SUNDAY, November
VH) 1878, the trains on the Philadel
phia A Erie Railroad Division will
mil as follows!
erir itAiti leaves, Phila: ......11 M p. in.
" Renovo...-ll 00 a. ni.
" Emporium. 1 15 p. m.
" St. Mary's2 07 p. m.
" Rldgway ....2 33 p' m.
" Kane 3 45 p. m:
arr. at Erie ;.-7 40 p. m.
KRlri Iaii leaves Erie ii.il SO a. rh.
" Kane 3 65 11. m.
l' Rldgway. ...5 00 p. m.
11 St. Mary's..5 20 p. m.
' Emporium. 6 20 p. m.
" lteuovo......8 85 n. m.
" arr. at Phlla......:t;7 00 a. ni.
WM. A. Baldwin. Gericrat Bup't.
r ecommend
de as an un
failing cure
for Seminal
S permutor-
rlifta Tmtui.
Before Taking tencv and all After Taking.
diseases that Wljownsn seiluenby .on
Self Abuse j as Loss of Memory, Uni
versal iMssiuuiu, ruin in ine isac-K,
Dimness of vlssion, Prometure old
Age, olid many other dlscWei that
lead to Insanity. Consumption rilld a
Premature Grave, all of which as a
rule are first caused by devlatirig from
the path of nature and over indulgence.
The Specific Medicine Is the result of
a life study and ninny years of experi
ence in trcntlnfr these special diseases.
mm particulars in our pamphlets,
which we desire to send free by malt
to every one.
The bpeciflc Medicine is sold by all
Druircists nt $1 per nackaze. or six
packoges for $5, or will be sent bv
mall on receipt of the money by ad
No.l Mechanics' Block. Detroit. Mich.
earSold in Rldgway by all Druggists.
Harris p,wing, wholesale Agents,
Awarded the Highest Medal at Vienna
and Philadelphia.
5!1 Broadway, - - New York,
Opp. Metropolitan Hotel.
Manufaclurcrs.lmporters and dealers In
Velvet Frames, Albums OrApIio-
AND views,
And kindred goods Celebrities
Actresses, etc.
Photographic Materials.
We are Headquarters for everything In
the way of
Being Manufacturer! of the
Micro-scientific Lantern;
University Stereepticon,
Advertiser's Stereepticon,
School Lantern, Family Lantern,
People's Lantern.
Each Style being the best of 1U elau In the
Beautiful Photographle Transpareneiea of
BtaAuary aud Eugravlugi for the windows.
Convex Glass. Manufacturers of
Velvet Frames for Miniatures and
Convex Gloss Pictures.
Caiai ogues of Lanterns anil filldwi
with directions for using, sent oh re
ceipt of two cents.
teaCutout this advertisement tor
Young men prepared for active busi
lies life. Advnntiiiri'H iinommlori
Course of study and business truiuing
the most comprehensive, thorough Una
practical in existence. Students re
ceived at any time. For circulars con
taining full particulars adirfPm
J. C. SMITH, A. M.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Note paper arid envelopes at this
Business Cards;
Rates of Advertising.
Orle" Column, one year IJS j
8 jj zz":zi::izz w
i " " M 14 W
Translpril advertisement ppr jquare of
elitht linos, dhe Insertion 81, two insertions
$l.l, three Insertions 82.
Uusinesu lamia, ten lines or less, per year
Advertisements payable qaartorly
Main street, Rldgway, Elk Co., Pa.
Office In hew brick building, MUib
street, Rldgway, Elk Co., Pa. 1r82lf
Ridirwav. Elk County. Pa. Officii
ncross the hall from the Democrat ear
tabllslitneilt. Claims for collection
promptly attended to. Jnel5,1878
N. W. corner of Malh and Mill streets,
Rldgway, Pa., full assortment of care
fully selected Foreign and Domestic
Druirs. Prescriptions carefully dls1
pensed nt all hours, day or night.
Office In Drug Store, corner Broad
nnd Muin street. Residence corner
Broad street, opposite the College.
Office hours from 8 to 10 A. M. aud
frdm 7 to 8 P. M. vln2yl
Has removed his office from Centre
idreet to Main iitreet, Ridgway, Ta.. in
the second story of the new brick
building of John G. Hall, west of the
Hyde House. ...u-"
Office hours : 1 to i p. M. 7 to 0 r;Ms
at Mrs. N. T. Cummings, also ties, col
lars, cutis, hoisery, gloves, and a gen;
eral assortment of Lndtes' Fancy
Goods. Remember the place, In H. S.
Thpyer's Building, Main street. Call
and examine before purchasing else
Volume 16 of this admirable work Is
jujit out, making it complete'. t Each"
volume contains 800 pages. It hiakes
a complete library, and no one cart
afford to do without it who would keep
well Informed. Price $3.00 a volume
IK leather, or $7.00 in elegant hulf Tur
key. C. K. Judsoh, Fredohia, N. Y.;
controls the sale In Elk county. Ad
dress him for particulars- epl7-tf
W. H. SCIIRAM, Proprietor,
Ridgway, Elk county, Pa:
Thankful for the patronage heretiv
fore so liberally bestowed upon him;
the new proprietor hopes, by paying
strict attention to the comfort and con
venience of gucMts, to merit a continu
ance of the same. oct30'60
MRS. J. R. KELTZ, Kersey, Elk
County, Pa tnkes this method of an
nouncing to the citizens of Elk county
that she has on hand an assortment of
fashionable millinery goods which will
be sold cheap. Also dressmaking ill
all its branches.
Agent for Dr. J. Bail & Co.'s Patent
Ivory nnd Lignum Vitro Eye Cups.
Send for descriptive circular. nl7yl
Chambers' Cyclopedia of English Liter
ature. Brief biographies of all British or
American authors, from earliest times
to the present, with specimens from
their writings, making a work not only
thoroughly entertaining and useful to
all intelligent readers, but nearly iri
dispensibie to people of culture. The
newly revised and beautiful edition
contains over 3,0(M) pagi, and the en
tire work, in eight handy volumes, is
furnished free of express or mail
charges, for $2 in paper, $3 In cloth, or
$4.50 in half morocco. The publishers
sell only to subscriber direct, Instead bf
giving dealers and ugents the usual 60
or 60 percent discount to sell forthem,
which accounts for the remarkably
low prices. Special inducements are
offered to those sending early orders.
Specimen jmges with full partifularat
sent on request by postal card by .the
publishers, the American Book Eiti
change, 55 Beekman street, New
NOTICE is hereby given that a pei
tition of citizens of Ridgway township
will be presented at the next Court of
Quarter Sessions of Elk connty for the
incorporation of a Borough of the town
of Rldgway.
Howe Sewing Machines.
Among the great variety of goods of
every description for sale nt
Powell & Kime's
Will be found ah assortment of th
celebrated Elias Howe, Jr., Improved
Sewing Machines the best machine
ilbw manufactured rh
. j - -v.v il
appointed sole agents for Elk countys
T 1 wi.. n.lll fffK 1 I m .
ii.cj mm hci-jj uii iiauu i ucxersj
Corders, Hemniers, Braiders and Ruf
flers, Needles, Sewing-machine Oil,
Thread, &c, &c. Will also furnish at
any time detached parts for siild m&i
chine, ; All at greatly reduced prices,
and will be sold On accommodating
terms with approved security.
Ridoway, Aug. 20, '78. it
inform the citizens of Rldgway, and
the public generally, that he has
started a Livery Stable and will keep
and Buirgles to let
ran nnrt oKIn
upon the most
-He will also do Job tekmihff.
SUhle on Broad street, above Mairl,
All orders left at the Poet Office will
receive prompt attention;

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