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Tin: nf: pay, jui.y as. ist.
I. 0. of 0. F.
Itidgway IjwIkc WIO, I. O. of O. F.
tricots every Thursday evening, Vis
iting members are cordially invited to
John A. Ilowt, N. U : L. A. Hrendol,
V. J.; J. W. Hmitli, 8ee'y; John An
demon, Ant Sec'y; H. II. Wensel,
One Column One Year
line-hnlf Oilumn Oni- Your
One-fourth Column One Yeur
Dnu-clKl't" Column One Yi-nr
On Kq'iinrc One Work
Kftie Simro Two WVrkR
Onn Hunurp Three Wwkn
...1 ..VI
r.non iiiuuunnui Insertion 50 cents iv mitmro
eneli week.
Ten eents a line first inxertion; flve cents n
llnefrir eneli ncMittunii! Insi-rtinn.
EENB7 A. PARSONS, Jtt.. Proprietor.
What the Indies say about the
Vapor Stove:
It bakes butter than t lie Cook Stove.
T would not have believed it possi
ble to do such an I rolling UIH )(,t )ie:it
up the house.
My meals ure served hot and the
kitel'.en is as cool as the purlor.
I can start a flee in one minute.
When done with the lire it is ex
tinguished instantly.
No offensive smell, and flies do not
No dust nor ushus.
It Is as portable as a sewing ina
hiue. W. S. SKitvicr, A"t.
Folding eribs, erndles, bedsteads.
Mtittresses, &e., at Jiowers'.
If you want a set of springs o
any sort or size go to C. Bowers.
For potatoes, cabbage, green corn,
tomatoes, encumbers, cooking and
eating apples go to Morgester's.
Oil the 2d of July The Largest
Itetail was very busy, 8 clerks and 2
dogs, didn t take in onu-linlf as much
as the Xew York Store with two good
Cows are commencing to run the
ht reels again heedless alike of the
Borough ordinance, and the Pound
Master's vigilance. These venture
Home quadrupeds will conic to grief
.some line day.
Frank Pol I man was hurt yester
day while employed as axeman on the
line of the Pittsburgh and Xew York
Kailrnad. A tree which another man
was cutting Hew back across the butt
dealing him a stunning blow. He will
be about in a few days.
All persons having any claim
against the township of Ridgway
must present the same to the under
signed on or before Aug. !", or be
forever debarred. See notice clue
where in this issue.
M. S. Ki.ixk.
M. 15. Lesscr's new tenement house
across the river nearly in front of Ihe
old school house, and just wesl of the
Borough line is all enclosed, and 'will
soon be ready for the painters. The
other house which is a few feet
further cast and just inside the Boru.
line is painted and will soon be ready
for occupancy. Philip Shirk will
move in as soon as the house is
List of Letters.
Remaining in the Ridgway Post
office, Klk county, Pa., up to July --3,
Anderson, Mr.; Boyle. J. 15.; Burns,
Harry; Bromley, Miss Johanua;
Fowler, M. X.; Froburg, L.; (Jear
lieart, W. 15.; Green lield, Harry;
Jregory Barger; Ilicks, John; Miller,
Thos. F.; Xcwlon, B. B.; Boy,
Charles X., Shatter, A. B.
.1. H. IlAflKKTY, P. M.
Injunction Dissolved.
The ease of the Xew York, Lake
Krie and Western Coal and Railroad
Company for an injunction against
the PittsDurgli ami Xew York ltail
road Company was argued on Monday
last before Hon. Win. D. Brown at
Warren. The injunction was dis
solved by the court and a rule to show
cause granted why a perpetual in
junction should not be made against
the Plaintiffs in this ease. The news
that the injunction had been dissolved
reached Ridgway about 2 o'clock in
the afternoon and in a few minutes
thereafter the gangs of graders were
again busily at work. A large force
of workmen will be at once put on
the line of road between Ridgway and
Johnsouburg, and the grading pushed
with vigor.
Child Run Over.
Tuesday morning ubout 8 o'clock.
Rosa Titus, a boy between 7 and H
years old, was run over and seriously
injured, about opposite the old school
house. His mother Mrs. William
Titus, who belongs in Ellenville,
Ulster Co., X. Y., baa been for several
weeks visiting her father Case Stewart
who lives in the old school house.
Michael O'Connor, Jr. was driving
along with a load of sand, and had
stopped to take on a boy who was
going to ride to the tannery, and on
Marling did not notice that ltosa was
hanging on the side of the wagon. As
the wagon was turning to leave the
plank road In the direction of M. .
Leaser's new tenement houses, the boy
fell and the hind wheel of the heavily
loaded wagon passed over his breast.
Fortuuately he fell at the outer edge of
the plunk road in a hollow, and was
not ground to powder as he would
have been had he fallen on the plank.
Dr. Hartley was called and said no
bones were broken. Hopes are en
tertained of his recovery. The prac
tice of jumping on wagons while in
motion is a very Lad one and parents
should see to it that their children
stop the dangerous habit.
O. W. Nichols has a new horse.
. Mrs. Jackson Is slowly improving
John Simons and his mule make
a team.
M 15. Ross returned to Bidgway
on Friday last.
Ex-SherlfF Hays, of Fox, was in
town this week.
Joseph Houghtallng, of Wilcox,
won in town on Monday.
C. W. Barrett, of Dagus Mines,
was in this plaee on Sunday.
Jus. II. Mayo, of Rolfe, was in
Itidgway Borough on Tuesday.
Miss Laura Warner, of Wilcox, Is
visiting friends in this Borough.
J. H. Barrows und wife of Cam
eron, are visiting at H. M. Powers'.
P.. T. Chapln, wife and child, of
Brock way ville, have been in town for
a few days.
Miss Ida Wilcox and Miss Oildcu,
of Wilcox, were visiting in Itidgway
tills week.
Mrs. W. C. Henly, and daughter
Mattie, returned from the eat last
Friday afternoon.
Borough Dad Thayer sports a new
looking hat since he engaged in the
railroad business.
Miss Kvie Porter, of Philadelphia,
is visiting Miss Mattie Healy of this
place and will stay until .September.
Clyde is very anxious to know
when she is going to return. And
whether her big sister lias heard from
her or not.
Doctor Hartley lost one of his
black horses last Friday. The Doctor
was ottered $175 for the horse a few
days since.
James Black and wife, of Brook
ville, are visiting relatives in this
Borough. Mrs. Black is a sister of
Mrs. D. S. Luther.
f!eo. Wescott commenced on Tues
day, July 2(i, 181; to be initiated into
the mysteries of the "art preservative
of all arts" in the Advucatu office.
Jerry Stewart will commence
work on his new house in a week or
so. The cellar is now dug and stoned.
The site is next east of M. E. Le.-ser's
new tenement houses across the
Clarion river.
L. M. Wilcox, a former employee
of this office, is now in Xew Mexico.
The Las Vegas Daily Optin has the
name of our former "devil" at its
mast head as city editor. A -photograph
just received by bis father,
Minor Wilcox, of this place, shows
him to be a young man of over
six feet, well built, and with a mous
tache, while lie holds in bis hand
paper and pencil as though in the act
of writing. We were glad io hear
from Merl, and also pleased to hear of
Ids continued prosperity.
Mkexa x. Friday, July 22, 18S1, to
.Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Median a
One case new canned peas at Mor-
Choice mackerel by the pound,
kitt or half barrel at Morgcster's.
Salt by the barrel, sack, box or
pound at Morgcster's.
Xew sidewalk across the river bo
tween t lie iron bridge and the bridge
across Dickinson's race.
All kinds of commercial printing
neatly done at this office. (Jive us a
call for bill-heads, note-heads, cards,
lags, envelopes, etc.
A lady's rubber water-proof was
lot at the Company II picnic on
July 4th. The Under will please re
turn the same to this office.
Lost A blue silk handkerchief
with white border, between South and
Main streets. The tinder will please
leave the handkerchief at Ibis office.
The lower floor of Hyde's grist
mill fell on Saturday night, precipitat
ing a car load of corn into the water
beneath the mill. Fortunately no one
was hurt. The extent of the damage
will be but a small amount.
The stakes have been set for J. K.
Gardner's new house between the
M.15. Church and D. S. Luther's place.
G. W. Nichols has the contract for
building the house the size of which
will be, main part 22x24 twenty feet
high, with an addition Kixl'i, Work
will be commenced on the house at
If you have a big account to audit
take it to the book-keeper at the
Largest Retail. He is pretty good in
figures, and will figure any account
from five to teu eents, but look out for
the mistakes. Tlio reason why the
New York Store is so neat and clean
is that the clerks when not busy sell
ing goods ure cleaning up the store.
At the Largest Retail when the clerks
are not busy instead of cleaning up the
store they Jay back on their oars in the
corners and eat crackers and cheese.
The first thing you discover on going
to tli" Largest Retail is a big dog, but
no clerks. They are too busy mow
ing away crackers and cheese to wait
on customers. For bargains go to the
New York Store.
Sudden Death.
N. V. Lent, a one-armed soldier,
died suddenly Saturday night at the
residence of George W. Gardner.
He was found dead ou Monday morn
ing by Mrs. Gardner. On Saturday
deceased was about town and seemed
to be In usual good health. He was
in Thk Advocatk office on Saturday
afternoon and hud two packs of visit
ing cards printed for his two little
nieces, daughters of O. W. Gurduer.
He lost his arm in the service of his
country and drew a pension from the
government. At the age of 62 years,
3 months aud 7 days, he dropped
asleep to wake no more forever. The
funeral took place on Wednesday
The Man Who Waim't Killed by a
The Minor of last week contained
the account of the killing of L. Pal
miter in the wilds of Hamilton town
ship, HiIh county, by a catamount,
on the 2Hth of June last. Other pa
pers have copied the article from our
cotemporary and the Bradford Era of
Tuesday has shown commendable (?)
eutcrprise by going into the details of
the a flair aud giving a lenghty and
blood curdling account of the encoun
ter between Mr. l'almlter and the
catamount; and tells of the finding of
the dead man's body by his brother.
We don't know how the Era and
Miner gained their information but
we have positive proof that Mr.
Palmiter is not dead, but still living
in Hamilton township and expresses
in readiness to fight, all the catamounts
that McKean county can scare up.
It is true he killed what he called a
lynx a few weeks ago, while watching
a deer lick and the animal made a
spring at li f 111 but by the means of his
trusty rifle and unerring aim the ani
mal dropped dead at his feet witli a
ball through its brain. He didn't re
ceive a scratch. The party who gave
our eotemporarics the information
published by them either had a very
lively information or was desirious of
gelling up an exciting sensution.
McKean Comity Democrat.
' New York, J uly 25, 1 88 1 .
Dear Editok: While visiting
Bidgway the other day 1 slopped be
fore what looked a liltle like a dry
goods and grocery store, next door to
the watchmaker. When I went inside
1 found it wait intended to be a store,
but concluded that the windows
hadn't seen water since they were
washed by the big flood of ISISI.
The clerks looked worse than the
windows, covered with buckwheat,
beans, and molasses. I am certain
that I was in the (fraud Buckwheat,
instead of in a dry goods store. I saw
three clerks, hut they made about one
and a half. I went down to the post
office and found a real dry goods store
next door, and it looked more like a
city store than any other in town.
I advise all my friends to buy their
dry goods, and clothing, at the dry
goods store in the post-office block,
where everything looks neat and
clean, kept in first-class style, and
where every one is waited on by gen
tlemanly and experienced salesmen.
Good bye,
T. G., New York.
Judge Pearson at Harrisburg on
Tuesday last filed his opinion in the
legislature mandamus case. This case
is an application for a writ of man
damus upon State Treasurer Butler, to
compel him to pay to members of the
legislature ten dollars per day for the
extra fifty days of service at the last
session of t he legislature, the applica
tion being made under authority of a
special act passed at that session.
Last winter Attorney General Palmer
rendered an opinion that the portion
of the act of May 11, 1874, which pro
vides for an extra per diem compen
sation violates the constitution, which
provides simply for a salary. A test
case was made by members of the
legislature in the case of Representa
tive Charles S. Wolfe. A committee
was appointed to take charge of the
case and money raised to pay expen
ses. The opinion of Judge Pearson
sustains the Attorney General. The
next step will be to carry the case to
the Supreme Court.
Lessens to Girl Graduates.
An Ohio paper says that a young
lady who graduated in a calico dress a
few years ago is now married to u rail
road superintendent who has an in
come of half a million a year. This
may be taken as a basis for the regu
lation of graduating dresses hereafter.
Had she worn alpaca slio might have
done even belter, and caught the
general manager of the road. On
the other hand, hud she bloomed
forth in white Swiss she might have
captured the president of the concern
with his untold millions, while had
she worn silk, with point lace aud
diamonds, she might have scooped in
the conductor of n passenger train,
aud had onyx staircases and alabaster
stairs to her house, and cut the wives
of the officers of the road as society
altogether too thin for her style. The
thing ought to be a lesson to girl
graduates aud a sharp warning to
patronize their tailors liberally.
Brook lin Eagle.
A force of one hundred and fifty
men is now at work on the steamer
Tallapoosa, which Secretary Hunt has
ordered fitted up for the President. It
will be ready in about four weeks and
will be provided with a swinging bunk
so arranged that the President will
feel but slightly the motion of the
vessel. Trips will be made between
Washington and Norfolk at first until
it be deemed best to venture on a
sea voyage to Long Branch.
Groceries and provisions, hats,
cups, and notions at the Union Store.
No remedy has been found for
Fever and Ague which proves so uni
formly successful us Ayer'a Ague
Goods cheap aud of good quality
at the Union Store. Call aud see the
new line of dress goods.
A. SwarU Ross, Merchant Tailor,
sign of the red front, makes nobby
suits. Fits guaranteed.
The New Y'ork Store is not afraid
to put their goods out on s the front
where everybody can see their prices,
because they are marked so low. The
other stores ure afraid to do so for fear
their big prices will drive away cus
tomers. If you want to buy anything
in the dry goods line usually kept in a
first-class dry goods store, call at the
New York Store, Post-office Block,
Main Street, Ridgway, Pa.
Slate Notes.
Robins destroyed the cherry crop
in the Juniata valley.
Milton Is to have a ten thousand
dollar Catholic church.
Tobacco looks very promising in
the Eastern counties.
It will cost $10,000 to repair the
St. Clair street bridge, Pittsburg.
Swedish farm hands are becoming
very popular in Blair county.
Of ten cases of sunstroke In Pitts
burg last week, four proved fatal.
A Johnstown' physician says that
flies help to spread the smallpox.
A number of arfesan wells are be
ing bored In Woshington county.
Derringer Is the name of a new
coal region town in Luzerne county.
Grasshoppers are destroying the
oats crop in portions of Berks county.
The corner stone of a new Odd
Fellows' hull to be erected at Rctiovo
was laid last week.
An old man named Dauserof Titus
ville, last week forged a check lor o00
against his son.
The miners of Schuylkill county
complain that they cannot make
victuals and clothes.
The oleomargarine factories of Phil
adelphia are running to their fullest
capacity now.
Forty per cent, of the school tax
of Pennsylvania is paid by people
who have no children.
The premium list of the Pennsyl
vania state agricultural fair tills year
will amount to $j,U00.
Charley Garrett, the defaulting
clerk of the Schuylkill county com
missioners, has absconded.
Alfred H. Moore has $7.),0(10 in
vested in dogs at Moorticld Kennel,
Montgomery county.
There will be a larger plant of to
bacco in Clinton county this season
than any year previous.
It takes $!50,(K)J men and boys to
do the work of the Philadelphia' and
Reading railroad company.
It is estimated that Pennsylvania
buys annually in Kentucky $3011,000
worth of trotting horses.
1 leister Clymer is one of the
largest land owners in Berks county,
uiul raises large crops of tobacco.
General Beaver, of Bellefonte, is
the recognized champion of Sunday
schools in Central Pennsylvania.
The law against common scolds is
frequently enforced. A case occurred
In Greeiishurg lust week.
A bear cub, belonging to a Green
county family, is raising a litter of
squirrels and seems to enjoy their
All attempts to close the restaur
ants and liquor saloons of Philadel
phia on Sunday has been a failure up
to this time.
Waller shoemaker, of Ashley, at
tempted to jump on a moving train
near Wilkesbarrc, and had one of his
legs cut off
John Burn, of Pittsburg, was In
stantly killed at Pittsburg by a man
running against him while running a
foot race.
A Pittsburg man left a pint of
brandy where his little son found and
drank' it, and from the effects of
which lie died.
A female undertaker thrives in
Philadelphia. Gradually all profes
sions and means of making a living
are opening up to women.
A "crank"' was found wandering
about Altoona the other day with a
double-barrelled shot gun. He was
looking for General Grant.
The directors of the poor of Ches
ter countv brought suit against T. S.
Long, of West Chester, for violent
abuse of a boy in Ids employ.
The output of coal from the
Clearfield district last week was
nearly 52,00') tons, Bit increase of M,
000 tons over the same period last
There is a demand for harvest
hands in the northern and western
counties, and tramps ure hurrying
from that part of the State to the east
A tract of one thousand acres has
been purchased near Summit, Car
bon county, by Philadelphia capi
talists, and is being explored for
Mrs. Keiser, of Lancaster county,
found her husband hanging in the
barn the other day with u wagon line
around his neck. It was u case of
Mrs. Margaret Clark, of Phoenix
ville. aired K7 years, fell down a pair of
stairs on Saturday morning, receiving
injuries sufficient to cause lier ilcath.
In the western part of the State
many people who own picnic grounds
will not rent them unless the parties
contract not to take liquor to the lo
A petition is being circulated for
the removal of the South Bethlehem
school hoard because they have not
published uu annual report, as re
puired by law.
Enos Baker, of EUguiont, Dela
ware county, discovered a turtle on
his farm a few days ago, upon the
shell of which his father's name und
the date 1800 were engraved.
The new game aud fish laws ure
not regarded with favor by farmers
ami others, and efforts will be made to
repeal or amend them at the next
meeting of the legislature.
In the oil country two men some
times engage in a sham fight near a
toll bridge, und when the keeper
rushes out to part them a confederate
slips in and makes off with the toll
The insane asylum at Xorristown
now has between CoO and 700 inmates.
An additional building for the dan
gerous patients is about to be erected,
and the grounds are being laid out and
ornamented with trees and flowers.
Had barber's itch
ribly. Doctors failed,
for years, ter
Peruua cured
My son had a terrible skin dis
ease of head and face. Peruna cured
him. Mrs.E. Yetter, Pittsburg.
Don't forget it. The Union Store
Is the place to get bargains.
Dry Goods and notious ut cost at
the Union Store.,
Excellent cellery plants ou sale
at Morgester's after June 20.
The weather is hot but the rush at
the Union Store still continues. Goods
down to cost.
A. Swurtz Ross, Merchunt Tailor,
sign of the red rrout, has ou
hand, and is constantly receiving the
latest aud newest samples of cloth for
spring and summer suits. Prices to
suit the million, Work guaranteed to
he us represented ant delivered at the
time agrecu upon.
State Notes.
An iron bed manufactory is to
be started soon In Erie.
Hay has been selling at Conne-
autvllle at flve dollars per ton.
Adam Zuhrr we. drowned while
working on the dam at Willlamsport,
The Lehigh Valley Railroad
Company Is about to erect a new
freight depot at Pittston.
Philip Storer, of Centre county
killed three rattlesnakes last week.
The one had nine, another fifteen aud
the third nineteen rattles.
A corps of engineers employed by
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
Is engaged In locating the line of a
new road from rhoenix ville to Frazer's
station, ou the Pennsylvania rail
Titusville has a mocking bird that
can so exactly Imitate a policeman's
whistle that the police have been
made game of several times on hear
ing it, mistaking it for one of their
A driver boy by the name of
Smith In coming out the Xo. 5 slope
at York town, near llazleton, recently,
was caught by the falling timbers aud
coal, as the old workings caved in,
anil was instantly killed.
Mary Clevenstine, aged 15, of
Lorberry Junction, Schuylkill county,
while returning from Pine-grove,
where she hail gone to draw the pay
of members of her family who
worked in the mines, was struck by a
locomotive nod thrown as high as the
smokestack. She was unconscious
when found, but was only slightly
hurt. The basket in which she car
ried the pay, amounting to $100.2t,
contained a number of plates, only
one of which was broken.
Carbondale, Pa., July 25. Evan
Reese, eighteen years of age, went up
to the topmost portion of the new
breaker of the Colliery Company in
this city to-day, and was standing on
the upper screening when a compan
ion named Lawle arrived. The latter
told Reese to cMiie down or he would
pull out the iron bolt holding the
screencing wheel which makes thirty
revolutions a minute when in motion.
Reese refused to come down. The
bolt was thereupon withdrawn and
the screen turned so rapidly that it
tli row Reese fifty feet. He struck his
He struck his head first upon
a large rocn neiow and ins brains
were knocked out and his whole body
Call at the West End Furnishing
Store and see the McCabe reclining
Having an extended circulation it is
the best advertising medium.
We print
Cheaper than the cheapest,
and on shortest notice.
Call and get prices on Advertising and
Job Work.
Orders hy mail prom-ply
attended to.
Henry A. Parsoiis, Jr.
ivay, Pa.
Vaiuable Properly lor Sale.
The Union Store building, located
on Main Street, Ridgway, Pa., is how
offered for sale. The lot Is 22x200 feet
and located In the most central busi
ness' portion of the town. There Is
erected on the lot main building
22x80 feet two stories high with rin ad
dition 16x40. Alw erected on the
premises a barn 20x40. Running
water in both lower arid tipper stories
of the building. F6r terms, etc., in
quire at the Union Store. The store
will be sold separately or with the
stock of goods it now contains.
I was given up to die from a dis
ease of my limbs. 1 took Peruna and
it cured me. J. Irwin, Hope, Pa.
Peruna should bd used til all skin
No. 42 Main St.
ason's Fruit
Diseases of the Throat and Lungs.
- , Diseases of tbe pulmo-
E TtS nary organs are so pre v.
uieiit ituu mini, luui u
safe ami reliable remedy
for tluaii is iuvuluable
to every community.
Avkii's CllKUKV l'l'.O
to HAL is such a remedy,
und no other so elm.
nitntlv merits the conli
deuce of the public. It
is a seieutiliu combina
tion of tlio medicinal
principles and curativo
virtues of tUe finest
aj; tirngs, ciiuiiiicuny iiuu-
. t II !.
If'i'd, to insure the grcat
j'st immmHiIo cilii'ioiirv
FI-I . KIkAIL. and uiiiiorimty of re
sults, which enables
physicians as well as invalids to ush it with
coiiliiluiice. It is the most reliable remedy
for diseases of the throat and lmi;;s that sci
ence lias produced. It strikes at the foun
dation of nil pulmonary discuses, alTording
prompt mid certain relief, and is adapted to
patients of any ao or cither sex. Being
very palatable, the youngest children take
it without, difficulty. In the treatment of
ordinary Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat,
Kranciillis, Influenza, Clergyman's
Sore Throat, Asthma, Croup, anil Ca
tarrh, tha cITuets of A villi's Ciikhhv Pec
toral are magical, and multitudes are an
nually preserved from serious illness by its
timely and faithful use. It should lie kept
at hand in every household, for the pro
tection it alTords in sudden attacks. In
Whooping-cough and Consumption
there is no other remedy so cfiicacious,
soothing, and helpful.
Tim marvellous cures which Aveii's
Ciir.ituv Pm'Toii.w. lms effected all over the.
w in I.I are a sullicicut puarauty that it will
continue to produce the liest results. An
impartial trial will convince tie; most, scepti
cal of Its wonderful curative powers, as well
rs ot its superiority over all other prepaiue
'ens for pulmonary complaints.
Eminent physicians in all parts of '.ho
'i,untry, knowing its composition, reeoin
v nd Avkii's CiiKititv I'l'.eroitALto invalids,
Mid prescribe it in their practice. The test
half a century bus proved its absolute
certainty to cure nil pulmonary complaints
not ulreudy beyond the reach of human aid.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
I'lactleal and Analytical Chemists.
Lowell, Mass.
inform the citizens of Ridgway, an
the public generally, that lie ha
started a Livery Stable and will keep
arid Buggies to let upon the most
reasonable terms.
tHe will also do job teaming.
Stable on Elk street. All orders left
at the Post Oltlce will receive prompt
'Tor alrk tomnrh. tmd tisto. slntclnn
spells, ,l't''ll'li"S.
"Vorwjntot umieUto. flvsuerula. IiiiIIkus-
tlon, und liver roinplrdnt. Like rr.Rrw a: It
"Those In llturary, vrolesgiunul or com
mercial ru,8uU! constantly need Pehuna.
tor coustliiutton, Mamalim." gfigiMkMtt
'For sick headache, pln In tlio bead,
dliiluess, tiud low spirits, tiikel'EBUKA."
toad and study our book on the Ills of life,
follow Its teat uiutrs, and you will be happy.
-slum will Im tuld fur aur cnae I'kui'NA
bl will not cursor greatly lwuiovu. ' tatmaBa
Ladles. If you wish strength, neaita ana
lol heuuly. swoet breath, cliorry Hiw and row
Win tn vnur nearest druirelst for a bottle
tiof I'laiUNA. 'Xjkelt beluiocacbmcal."
Vnr nArvonsdeblllhr. rAtnrrh of the bbvl-
bl der, or dleiise of tka kidueya, Ulio fiiu.N A, Id
anu uvcuruu. -
YourHclf by niaktn mone
when a go ul en chance U
i-ti1itrAfl I hrhv uIwiivm
keeping poverty frcin your dour. . TUuho who
always take ttUvunU6 of Uie good ohance
are making moucy mm are oik-i cu, genurauy
ht-ftmia weiil i hv. while tin me who do not im
prcvuHuuh chuuovH remain In poverty. We
want many men, women, boy a, and hU'Ih to
work fur uh rluht In thulr own loualitluM. The
buHincHH will pay more than fen ttineitordl-
uary wattes, we fuiuUh an expemdve out-
lit aud all that you uted, free. No one wit
engage fell to make money very rapidly
Yon can devote your whole time to the. work
or only your Ppare moment. Full inform a
lion and all that In needed HenL frue,
ure 8TINHON & C. Portland. Maine.
Business' Cards.
geo. a. rathbun.
Mala street, Kidgway, Elk Co., Pa'
Particular attention given to
examination of titles, alt-o to pit
und patent eases.
Office In new brick building', Main
street, Ridgway, Elk Co., Pa. Tfllt
Lo'te of Strot'tan ville), Physician and
Surgeon,. Itidgway, Pa. Office In
Hall's Brick Building (ujvstnirs)
Hefereiiees .1. ). Sliiith, H. L,
Young, H. ltuiol'sohj .Stra'tnhvillo;
Major John Kitley, W. . Green
land, Ulnricn. Has practiced hid
profession Bceessfully for more thart
teil years.
nnuaoisr & paumaueutIst;
W. corner of Main and Mill streets.
Kidgway, Pa., full a-ssortiiient of cure
fully selected Foreign und Domestic
Drugs. Prescriptions carefully dis
pensed tit all hours, 'day or bight.
Has removed bis ofllee from Centra1
f.treetto Muiu etrcct, Ridgway, Ta.. ill
the second story of the new brick
buildiilg of John Ki. Hull, west of the
Hvde House.
Office hours :-l to 2 P. M. 7to 9 P.M
V. II. SCIl RAM, Proprietor;
Ridgway, Elk county, Pa.
Thankful for the patronage hereto
fore so liberally bestowed Upon hlni,
the new proprietor hopes, by paying
strict attention to the comfort and con
venience of guests, to merit a continu
ance of the same. bct30'(i9
PAEDIA. This admirable work is now coni
pletcin 1(3 vols. EachvoluinecontaiiisSOO
pages. It niakesa complete and well
selected library, and no one can
afford to do without it who would keep
well Informed. Price $o 0(1 in cloth,
$6.00 in leather, or $7.( in elegant
half Turkey. For particulars address,
V. H. Faircbild, Portville, Catt. Co..
N. Y., who has been duly appointed
agent for Elk county by C. K. Judson,
general agent.
Mrs. F. Tollman having moved into
the house of Jus. Pcnileld near the
Catholic church wishes to inform the
citizens of Ridgwuy and vicinity that
she 5s prepared to do in a neat and
satisfactory maimer all kinds of plain
sewing and dressniuking,at reasonable
prices. All persons having work in
this lino are respectfully invited to
give her a call. nlSni3
Instate of John C. Corbe, late of
li Henzinger township, Elk county;
Pa., deceuscd. Notice is hereby geverl
that letters testamentary have been
granted to the undersigned, upon the
above named estate. All persons In
debted to said estate are requested tci
make immediate payment, una tnose
having legal claims against the same
to present the without delay, in pro
per order for settlement,
n 13 ttJ Si'sax Cojimc, Executrix;
In returning thanks for past favors1
respectfully begs to inform her frieuds
and the public generally that she has
just returned from New York where
she purchased a large stock of Milli
nery and fancy goods of the latest
styles, also a nice selection of ladies'
Skirts, Plain and Fancy hosiery,
Ladies' and Cliildrens' Parasols, Hair
goods, fancy Chinaware, &c, which;
she intends to sell as cheap us the
cheapest. Particular attention given to
trimming and in a style that cannot
be surpassed in this section. All are
invited to call und inspect her goods'
before purchasing elsewhere. nlOuiff
Having become agent for Harry
Chaapel, Florist, we are prepared to'
deliver free of expressage and at cata
logue prices any orders you may leave
with us for flowers, bulbs, etc.
Hknky A. Paksons, Jr.
Bowers keeps Hall's Giant Frame'
extension table at the West End Store"
the best table in the market.
If you are a mm
rf f i t lit wilL-
7 If you art a
' man of li-t-
enctl by th nv:pin of
vrv.-r dut.vsf avoid
ti-rMoil'Ui' orermii.
nii.i.t work, to rv-
eii:.inla:'tsand uita
Hop fcltters-
J waw, um Hep B .
I mtTorin from any In
If you are younr nd
Iwjrtiion or uiisip
t-n-il or iinirle. old or
I tioa , if yon aru nmr-
ouDfr, BUtTcrym .from
oorbeMtU or lantruUu
aeas, iviy oa h O
Whoever TOO are.
whooeviir yU feel
that year lyiteiB
ace da clcaiulDi;, too
ThouMadi die aa-
tforin of Kidney
disteaae tlmt imrl.t
bare bwn prtsveuj:!
by a timely utv pf
Buutlvd oni aoiua
IDT or mi in u i an n fr,
a it e nop
Rare yoa dye-
D U O. .
vr urtnartt com
plaint, dlneaiK
of tbe stomach,
oirWi, blood.
litW or nerve t
Ton will be
In an jitoolut.
and . IrreKlftla
bte c u r 0 fur
iUMof opium.
cured if ynuuee
Hop Bitters
( r
Sold by drug-irt.-'lv
If Ton are trim-
ply weak and
fowip'ritvd, try
it i It may
a ava vou r
'PS CO..
Ufa. It hast
saved nun
iMkwter, I. T.
d red a.
Toronto, (law
Womau'8 Wisdom.
"She iiirjists that it in more impor
tant that her family shall" be kept In
full health', than that she should
have all the fashionable' dresses and
styles of the times. She therefore
sees to it that each' member of her
family is supplied with' enough'. Hop
Bitters, at the first appearance of any
symptoms of ill health, to prevent a
lit of sickness with its attendant ex
pense, care and anxiety: All women
should exercise their wisdom' in this'
way. New Haven Palladium. '
For tnis Mouth's Weather, prepared!
expressly for
Sample copy mailed or 3c, stamp.
J. M. 8todu'.vbi Ptrb.y NeW York,;
Fhilu., or" Chicago'; n2l t3?
Camp chairs, canvass coU.lounges,'
wood aud marble top tables lit lb'
, West Knd

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