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THURSDAY. JULY 20, 1882.
New Drug Store.
A. 0. Craig's New Drug Store is
now in good working order, various
.new Improvements liave b?en made
"lately, ti splended illuminated mortar
sign has been lidded to the attractions.
. Mr. J. R. Baird a gentleman well
known to the people of Ridgway and
surrounding country as a Druggest
Pharmacist has been engaged as an
.. --The patrons of the "New Drug
Store" can always have thesatisfactlon
of being served by experienced coin
flounders, which is ft matter of great
importance in a business requiring so
in (tch skill, experience and caution as
tlte handling of medicines. No better
illustration is needed than the many
.deaths occuring yearly from the mis
takes of careless, incompetent and un
principled venders of drugs. With a
fine assortment of'resh pure goods, at
popular prices, the people may rest
assured we will keep up with the times
Vend be content with nothing less than
being in the front rank of first class
Drug Stores.
Java Pea berry mid Rio coffee at
...Paints, Oil, Putty, Window glass,
etc., at W. 8. Service's, agent.
Best two for 5 cent cignrs in town
for saleVt Morgester's.
Monday afternoon the rain fell.
And Tuesday was a very rainy day.
A beautiful lot of flowers for house
or bedding purposes on hand and for
eale at the Advocate office.
. 10 Ubls. Fresh Soda and milk
crackers, one bbl. fresh lemon crackers,
one bbl. fresh ginger snaps at Mor
gester's. -James McFarlan lia's made some
good improvements in the wri'y of a
walk on the .North side of th" hotel,
irtul also in front.
. Crocuses and tulips, arc the first
flowers to greet us in the spring. (A t
the bulbs now. Orders left nt this
office will rieeive prompt attention.
, One of the houses, next Demi's
j'lvnii's, built by Robinson & Ross, is
nearly ready for occupancy. The
VrPar is commenced for the second
., A little care on the part of the
x-itizens of the Uorough in keeping the
grass cut fronting their property would
).'M the streets in a much morepreseiit
aulc condition.
liu'bs, such as hyacinths, crocuses,
ll''ps, etc., etc., Imported directly
from Europe by Harry Cliaapel
Orders left nt Tun Advocatk office
will receive prompt attention.
. The rcasW that Captain Schcening
polls musical instruments so cheap is
that lie pays cash in advance and pays
ho traveling agent, team hire, and
i-incr expenses lor his customer to
; .Last 'Saturday evening a gang of
Italians from Whhslietown, were in
own preparing for a tra up ;o IS rock -wayville,
while here they gave some
good singing and finite lively round
dancing in the street in front of R. I.
Campbell's store.
, The new foot bridge between
Grace church and Crandall's shop,
build by R. F. Ely is an excellent
piece of work, strong and substantial
;ii every way, with a hand rail on
either side. All the high places about
two should be provided with a simi
lar railing and a similar substantial
The Commissioners have bough' a
new lawn mower. And now eve y
pleasant day Ben. the Janitor, may lie
seen making the grass tly with the
jiw niaciiine. keeping llie grass in
l lie court yard closely cropped is
fe'ieai improvement over me long grass
plan. We hope to see the' good work
fco on until the entire yard is reduced
lo the condition of a clean well kept
, Charlie Whitford met with a paln-
i.ul accident ou Monday afternoon lust
He was driving along the road in front
of Mrs. Honk's house, and had turned
out to allow a bark team going to
Grant's tannery to pass when
Huge limb on one of the large maple
trees along the front of Mrs. Ilouk
place rell to the ground striking him
on the head, Inflicting two severe
scalp wounds, and at the same time
throwing him to the ground. The
Wagon reach was broken in two. The
horses walked from under the fallen
limb and Mr. Whitford stood on his
leet and prevented the horses from
Juiining away. He then attempted to
go to his own home rt few rods
away, and reaching it found the door
locked when he sunk to the ground
unconscious. lie was removed to
Dickinson Bros', boarding house near
the race. Shortly thereafter lie was
taken home. lie complained of great
pain in bis back ami chest, but Doctor
Bardwell decided on examination that
no bones were broken. It was a nar
row escape from death.
Progress of New Oil Wells.
Bradford, July 14. A report was cir
culated to-day that the original Cherry
Grove well, the Mystery, had ceased,
but reliable information from gentle
men who visited the well this after
noon is to the effect that the statement
is untrue, as they saw it flrtw late this
afternoon. The Union Oil Company's
No. 2, on lot 046, was drilled into the
sand this morning. It bida fair to
make 2,000 barrels in the first twenty
four hours. Charles Cramer sold hia
well on bio to day to A. J. Caldron
and J. D. Wolfe for $21,000. it iscon
sldered a low price since the well only
started on Tuesday, and gauged .2,000
barrels during the first twenty-four
Good time to set out celery plants
Tho outloolt for the potato orop is
very 'good.
Irvln Schultz, of Wilcox, was In
town last "week.
Casper Klme, has returned from
Grant Mill Store.
Miss Emily Beman visited Brock
wayville last .week.
L. W. E. is disconsolate since
Brookvlllo lias left.
J. Powell is having his mill at
Grant Mills rebuilt.
Service?! at the rresbyteriau
Chapel last Sunday.
C. R. Earley intends to start for
Europe next Monday.
Yesterday the weather was again
pleasant and warm.
Miss Lizzie Kenyon left last Mon
day morning for her home.
Ezra Dickinson and family are
visiting friends in tills place.
Miss .Maine looming left for her
home in Penfield last week.
Miss Mary Meisingcr is visiting
Miss Jennie Jackson at St. Marys.
O. M. Montgomery, of Wilcox,
was in this Borough last Saturday.
dipt. Fred. Sehceuing is an ex
tensive deuler in pianos, organs, etc.
George Woodward the Borough
Constable visited Benezette last week.
Mrs. McCracken, aud Wilkic, of
Detroit, are in town visiting Mrs.
. Mrs. Will Brandon of St. Marys
v'as in totvn last week visiting re
lations. A. C. Craig has moved into the
house formerly occupied by Jacob Mc
Cauley. Mrs. Ernhout and sisterof Wilcox,
visited D. C Oystei's family last
Saturday evening.
Ridgway now has a boot black.
He seems to be well patronized and is
contented and !i'nppy.
John It. Klme has a very neat and
well kept lawn on either side of his
house on Broad street.
Wm. Luther has had a severe at
taet of inflammatory rheumatism. He
is now able to be about.
Mrs. W illiam Brumble nee Inez
lyj'auueii, ot jJultimore, is visitiiiK
friends and relatives in town.
Omer S. Davis, on account of ill
health is at his homo in Youngsville,
l a., to remain for a time.
Mrs. Luby, widow of the late
Michael Luby, is to return to her
home at Watsontown, Pa.
Company II will start for Lewis-
town oil August oth. It is expected
there will be a full compan y.
Mr. Penflclti on account of quite a
severe illness lias not been in the Post
Office for a couple of weeks.
L.. C. Ho'-ton and wife of Brock-
port, 'a., were guests of Mr. und Mrs.
David Patmore last Suuday.
What is more delightful than
hyacinths in winter? Get your bulbs
now. Leave orders at this ofilce.
O TV. Nichols is now engaged in
building shanties along the R. &, P.
Railroad line between the mouth of
Toby, und Brock wayville.
James Penfield is now at Magnetic
Springs, Ohio, whether he has gone
for the improvement of his health.
Mrs. J. W. Hcilmaii, formerly
Miss Julia Wellendorf, and husband
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
li! rd.
The Misses Little had for their
guest last week, Miss Jessie Jackson,
a school friend from the Painesville
Mrs. Malone, G. W. Rliines.and
J. F. Dill have n-.w walks along their
respective properities on Center and
Mill Streets.
A riding praty consisting of five
couples left here Thursday afternoon
for Camp Barrett aud were finely enter
tained by Mr. Manning, all voted it a
very enjoyable affair.
Isaac Horton, Jr. of North East,
put in an apparanee here ou Tuesday
auernoon. Everybody around Ridg
way will be glad to see him. We un
derstand he will make an extended
The funeral of the late Michael
Luby was largely attended on Friday
last. Company H and the C. T. A.
tj. marched In he procession. The
interment was at the Catholic ceme
Mrs. C. II.
Ridgway during
itcCauley was in
Sunday. Ruby is
still in Erie tind is rapidly recovering.
Mrs. McCauley was summoned to
Oieau last week to attend tho funeral
of her eldest sister who died of con
sumption. Lcoti'; Riiines, son of Thomas
Rhinos who lives at Maxwell Run,
cut his left hand in a terrible manner
with un ax on Tuesday last. lie was
brought to Ridgway, and Doctor Burd-
'.-u urcsseu mo wound. me young
man is about 17 years of age.
Lemons, Bananas Peanuts, Water
melons, ('antelopes, and all kind of
Fruits and Vegetables at Molester's
-ou me nrsi ot tins montu a new
postal regulation went into effect. All
letters placed in the post-office on
which the full postage bus not been
paid will be retained, and the parties
to whom they are directed notified by
postal card that upon payment of the
balance of the postage they will be for
Toy Pistol Victims.
Cincinnati, July 17. There has been
six deaths, from lockjaw in this city
and Covington within the past three
days. The victims are all boys, who
were wounded In the hand by toy
pistols on July 4. In most cases the
wounds vvere apparently trifling.
Death nnd Burial of I). J. Healy.
A few more facts concerning the
lamented death of D. J. Healy, a Ridg
way boy' in Texas, ir.ay l)e gleaned
from 'the annexed letter, wrl ten by C.
W. Kquns, Train Master of The In
ternational and Great Northern R. R. :
Palestine, Tex , July M, 18S2
John IIkai.y,
Ridgway, Pa.
ty Dear Sir: .
Following my Meg rain of the Uth in
accordance With the memorandum re
quest found upon the body of your son
this Is sent to acquaint you with the
partWilars of the sad event. Daniel
had lately been promoted to the office
of Chief Train Dispatcher at Taylor,
and on Tuesday evening at 8:20 p. m.
he was shot down in his office by Con
ductor W. F. Cook whom he had tem
porarily suspended by reason of Cook
being in liquor and unfit- for service.
In view of the fact that Mr. Healy had
but a few hours previous gave himself
(rouble to do the man a kindness, and
during the passage of a few words, im
mediately prior to the shooting carried
himself quiet and gentlemanly, the
deed becomes inrVciilarly atrocious
and I cannot express the feeling of
horror and indignation among every
class of people on the road, and outside.
Superintendent Herri n, J. Gooch,
Esq , and myself.left here by special
train immediately upon the receipt of
terrible news. Arriving there early
Wednesday fiVorning, Cook had
i been captured. Messrs. Harrin'and
Gooch remained to push the case with
every energy, while I returned here
with the remains, arriving at 9
o'clock the same evening, and
the casket whs carried to the residence
of Mrs. N. S. Brooks, who has al
ways been almost a mother, as well as
a friend to him, al to others of us
far from home. Tho home was most
beuatifully decorated with choicest
llowers, while upon the casket crosses,
wreathes, and bouquets wet witli the
tears of many friends, were in great
profusjon. The funeral occurred at 2
r. m., yesterday (13th). The remains
were followed to the cemetery by a
large number of his friends and ac
quaintances in carriages, on horseback,
and on foot. Eight nieu who had pre
viously served witli him acted as pall
bearers. In Mr. Healy's papers there
was one requesting, incase of sudden
death to be buried convenient to the
place. Also concerning the disposi
tion of his effects and property. These
will be most carefully complied witli.
As John your othcrson will soon come
hero, I presume he can on his return
give you a better understanding of
them than 1 can at ppent writing.
Wishing you every word of comfort,
and assuring you of the sincere sympa
thy of many friends as well as my
own. I am, my dear sir,
Your obedient servant,
Refined Oil
Referring to the refined market the
New York Oil and IV.iht Review says:
Refined does uotseeiu to pick up much
in demand, notwithstanding a reduc
tion in price made during the week by
refiners. Every one seems to have all
the oil he wants', find prefers to trust
the chances of being caught with a
short stock when prices goup, to carry
ing heavily on the hope that they will
advance materially at an early day.
Saturday last was a remarkable day for
petroleum clearances, over 12,000,000
gallons of refined and petroleum pro
ducts being eleuivd ou that day.
The shipments of the past week, not
withstanding there Were two holidays,
were the largest that wo have any re
cord of in the same length of time.
Gemany alone took over 0,000,000 gal
lons of refilled. These exports were
chiefly on orders maturing July 1.
Crude, in shipping order, and naphtha
are still in very light demand and
quoted lower.
Charters were grunted at the
State Department last Tuesday for
two more railroads to run through
Forest county. One is to the Clarion
and the Tionesta Railroad Ccmnanv.
which is authorized to build a road
fifty miles long, from Eagle Rock,
Venango county, to Fairmount, Clar
ion county, going through portions of
this county. J. W. Jones, of Phil
adelphia, is President. The other
proposed roitd is called the Garfield
and Tionesla Railroad. Company,
which proposes to build a narrow
gague road from Garfield, Warren
county, to Tionesta, a distance of
twenty-eight miles. Asahel N. Cole,
of Wellsville, N. Y., is the President
of this road. We hope these roads
will be built, and not be mere paper
railways. One thing is sure, that un
less some of these roadsare constructed
soon, the farmers in some parts of our
county will have to hunt up other
localities in which to farm. Their
farms tfre now covered with stakes
planted in the ground, telling the
story that only forty-seven different
sets of engeneer have trod over the
territory and located forty-seven dif
ferent railroads. Lately we heard of a
farmer who lias seven old hens with
chickens, and ho tied each hen to a
separate railrofld stake in his yard,
and eacli stake represented a different
railroad company. That would be a
good place to build a uulon depot.
Forest county Democrat.
An observant exchange says that
a striking resemblance of cucumber
bugs to sweethearts and lovers may
be found iri their dislike of onions.
When the cucumber vines begins to
appear, take a few tops of your young
onions and lay them about the vines.
The result will be that in less than
half an hour the bugs will be gone
and they will stay away as long as
the onions are kept there. It takes
their breath strong.. It works like a
charm in the case of both bugs and
IUdgwnj Boys In tlie New Oil Field.
We have received two letters from
the boys in the new oil field, one un
der dateof July 2d, and the other under
dateof July Uth. Owing to no issue of
The Advocate on the. Fourth the
first one was not printed, nnd the one
of the 0th y.is overlooked last week.
A synopsis of both letters follows:
The letters are dated at Farnsworth.
They arrived at .. Sheffield Monday,
June 26, and after taking supper, at
the Forest house walked ft mile to get
a bed. Qn Tuesday morning the start
was mailt; for Farnsworth In aback,
when within five miles of the place
the wagon broke down, and they were
obliged to take "shank's horses" the
rest of the way. Looking around un
til noon they struck a job and worked
until supper time. AT.er supper they
went to bed on the soft side of a hem
lock board. Wednesday morning
they got up a trifle sore but happy,
and after working all day slept on the
same old board at night. Thursday
worked all day and slept at night on
a pile of shavings in the woods, Fri
day it rained all day and but little
work was done, at night a 25 cent
bundle of straw was bought, and a
sound sleep had under the eaves of a
man's shanty. Saturday th'ey worked
all day and at night went up to go to
bed aud found that some one had
stolen their straw, so that they were
obliged to look for other quarters for
the night, they finally got inside of a
coirjMe of shanties for the night.
About 450 teams come here every
day with loads of lumber or well sup
plies. This is Sunday but four or five
buildings are going up, and teams are
coming as usual with their loads. 'We
have plenty to eat here but no place to
sleep for half the crowd. About 200
buildings are under way or completed
here at present. Gaif.el( is about a
mile from here but they are not doing
as uiueu uuiiuing mere as Here, we go
up there every night to get the news
at the Jamestown house.
Since writing the above we have
sided up the eaves and made a bed
room and a bed oi'.t of hemlock
boughs; B. L. W.
Farnsworth, July 9.
We fiti'l occupy tho eaves. The
Fourth passed off in good shape, and
it rained all day, but we had nothing
to drink excepting a little beer. We
worked a quarter of a day and it took
the rest of the day todry our clothes.
It has rained five days this week. Fri
day night we had a couple of visitors
and gave them tho spare room under
the eaves. Saturday two snore came
and at night we had five visitors so
we had to sleep three in a bed. Our
bed room is 3J feet wide, 8 feet long,
und 4 feet high. One of the visitors
was so long that he got his boot full of
water last night. The place to buy
clothing is at A. S, Rosy' as there was
a pair of pants here yesterday with
two dill'ereiit kinds of cloth in them
One of our visitors got up in the morn
ing to see what time it was by the
town clock but saw nothing but an
oil derrick. Everybody is working
to-day but your humble servant. The
saw and hammer is going in every
direction. The excitement still con
tinues, and the nunioer of teams in
crease. Hemlock lumber is worth
$-0 a thousand. Sonic more some
other time. B. L. Wr.
Independents Could Sot Have Done
New York Tribune.
The Pennsylvania Independents
have decided to reject all the proposi
tions for harmony submitted by the
Cameron State Committee, and we are
unable to see how they could have
done otherwise. An The Tribune bus
steadily maintained, the Independ
ents are justified in rejecting all com
promises which aim at the perpetua-
tiou of Bossism. The propositions of
the Cameron Committee merely in
vited the Independents to enter a con
test to see whether they Could beat
the machine in packing a State Con
vention. They do not pretend to
be strong enough to do anything
of the kind. They are lighting to
overthrow the machine first, and thus
give the party a chance to control it
self. They are in a position'now where
iney neiieve iney can smash the ma
chine at the cost of a teinporfn'y defeat
of the party, and they think the result
will justify the means. Mr. Cameron's
committee could save t he party by
E'aerilicing him, but they have declined
to do this. It muvt he evident to them
now that they can' not save him and
the party at the same time by treating
the Independents as political imbe
ciles. Victory Wifliiu Cameron's Grasp.
New York Timed.
The acceptance of any one of the
propositions submitted bv the Conner
committee would leave the way still
open for Beaver's candidacy, and
thereby for the triumph of Senator
Cameron on the one point upon which
his mind Is fixed. He and all his forces
would go into the canvass for his re
noniinatioil, whetlicrit wasto be effect
ed in the primary meeting or a new
Convention, with all their energies bent
upon making Beaver candidate for Gov
ernor. Other candidates Would be sac
rificed if necessary, even Independent
candidates for other places on the
ticket might be accepted if deemed ad
visable, but the nomination of Beaver
would be the supreme object of Camer
on's efforts. The chances are ten to one
that with all tho resources at his com
mand for managing, bargaining, and
manipulating he would accomplish
that object. This would in effect leave
(he victory with him, and the Inde
pendents would be discomfited In their
main purpose of getting him out of the
position of a nominating power for the
100 boxes Sardines, one case con
densed milk at Morgester's.
George Ciininilngs' Sad Fate.
Warren Ledger,
Lnst Tuesday evening, at about 7
o'clock, as the Clarendon Express was
making its wayward turns toward
Warren, and hen within about four
miles of the ciy, a Mr. George Cum
mlnfes, a teamster, was struck by the
engine while driving over the track,
and almost Instantly killed but who
lived three hours, suffering most terri
bly. At thetlmeof theaccldent, lie was
sitting in the hind end of his wagon,,
just above the axle, and was
not apparently aware of the
fast approaching train, and when
almost fairly over the track, tliegroan
ing and creaking engine came down
around tho bend in the road after
giving the s!iurp shrieking warning
from the whistle, but to late and
struck the man nnd the hind-end of
the wagon, throwing him a distance
of some twelve feet. His right leg,
below the knee was entirely cut off;
and li is head was inushe,d in a most
frightful condi'Moh to behold, and it is
thought, received serious internal in
juries. He was brought to this city on
the same train and carried into the
depot where lie died at 10 o'clock. An
inquest was held over the remains,
Mr. Roman Sclinuractiiig coroner, and
five jurymen, bringing in a verdict of
accidental death as only himself (Cum
mings) was to blame, as the general
warning was sounded by the engineer
before making tho turn. Cuniinings'
home Is hi Genesee, N. Y. and he is a
man 35 years of age. His father was tel
egraphed of his son's sad fate,butcould
not get through.., The remains were
beautifully laid in a neat casket arid
sent to Genesee Wednesday morning,
where the funeral will take place, and
the body laid away to its long rest. He
leaves a wife to mourn over his sad
death, who hasonly been his better-half
for six short uiontbs, and In her be
reavement of sorrow she has the deep
sympathy of all.
State Aslyum at Warren.
At the quarterly meeting of Trustees
of the State Asylum for the Insane
on Thursday evening, Superinten
dent Corwin reporte'-! the number of
inmates to be 312. Admitted during
the quarter ending June 30tl ult. 63,
of which 23 are males and 55 females;
discharged, 21 ; males 8, females 13, of
whom nine were restored, seven im
proved, One stationary and four died.
The causes of death were iu one case
consumption and hi three cases ex
haustion of chronic mania. The Sup
erintendent reports that the health
of the household has been good, (.if
the total number of inmates 121 are
males and 221 females, 41 are supported
by friends and 201 by the public au
thorities. The -.neeting was attended
by .Tu-U;e Wetmore and Mr. Parmlee,
of Warren, President and Secretary re
spectively, Messrs. Wright, of Mercer,
Starr, of Erie, Hancock, of Oil City,
and Stone, of Bradford. Messrs. Han
cock, Starr and Parmlee at the ex
piration of their term having been re
appointed by the Govoner, were tiily
qualified and re-elected to their former
official pohitions in the board.
Pennsylvania R. R. Company.
Of hick ok Ciiiioi- ENr;ixi-:i:i,
233 South Fourth Street,
Philadelphia, July 17th, lsl.
Sealed proposals will be' received at
this Office until 9 A. M., July 31st,
1SS2, for trmdiitii ioii and masoiiry of
Ridgway and Clearfield R. R. from
Ridgway on the l'hila. and Erie R.
li. to Brock wayville Junction.
Maps and profiles can be seen at this
office after July 24th,
Wm. II. Brown,
Chief Engineer-
The new Climax Wringers at SV.
S. Service's, agent.
A fine lot of house and bedding
plaust for sale at Tun Advocaj.k ofiice.
Call and see them. These plants .are
from Harry Chaapel's green houses,
Mason's Fruit Jars, Pints, Quarts,
and half gallons at W. S. Service's,
The Hall Vapor Stove is the
greatest invention of the age at W. S.
Service's, agent.
By the new process of taking pic
tures J. C. Harrling, at the West End
Gallery, can take a photograph in
three to six seconds, this is of great
importance in taking pictures of babies.
New stock of Scrap Albums, Box
Paper, Pocket Rooks, Ladies' Port
nionais, Rubber and base bulls at
Cfa'ig's Drug & Fancy gooi& sli-re.
A very large assortment of Hatsut
P. K. Grand Central, if you want a
good style hat for a very little money
drop into the Grand Central.
-Mrs. Jacob Butterfuss, over Butter
fuss' liar n ess shop, Main street, has
constantly on band the Jutcst style o
human hair goods, also twitches, nets
and pins, ac. Call and see them.
The Grocery deaiU;;ent at the
Grand Central, P. fc It's, is very f-.:ll
and , complete and prices as low as
good reliable goods can be sold for. A
largo stock of Pork, Hamsj Cheese,
Dairy Butter, Flour, Feed, Beans,
Sugar and Syrup Just received.
Try our Standard Flour and you
w ill never regret it.
The Boot and Shoe department at
the Grand Central P. & K. is very
large, and varied. Everything in ladie's
Misses' and children's Shot-s.and Slip
pers, dont fail to look through this
depurtinen t.
J. C. Harrling, of tho West End
Gallery has taken recently a number
of Stereoscopic views from different
points about town. Call und tee
. Orders for flowers, seeds, etc..
from Hurry Channel's irreenhouse.
Williamsport.-will receive prompt at
tention if kit at The Advocate
Having an extended circulation it is
the best advertising medium.
TERMS, h w $2 A YEAR
Wii print
letter- erf dx.
Chca icvthan, the chert esf.
Orders hij in(dl prrmiphj
attended to.
Henry A. Varsrms, Jr.
Iiid Jivai J'a
The l'i.mi.
111 U6 flrdd,
out tie unci
perfect Mttt-
now iu ube
till gl'UHIIi
er iiikI. Dv
liittatlc wui I.
In 11 m in 0 1
ruxlf rti'l fun
ni dciiKiitrn'i
ug .levies ttou4 for JUuittrated circuUr nd price UmU
AddrlZ v ... uuoccupiou I IT i Wry,
bnL tit., cor. C'limnpUln, CI vluni, Olito.
31 lilt'
il 1 mm S"
3 H k r 3
b ! S 3 S
C. O P rt E Qi
Business Cards.
Main str-", Ridgway, Elfc Co., Ta.
Particular -nttoWfori given to the
examination of title?, also Xn iiatenW
and patent cases.
: ' r
Ofilce In new brick building, Main
street, Ridgway, Elk Co., Ta. v-Jt
Over twenty five years pract ice; .
Ofllce oh Main Street, Ridgway, Pa.,
opposite the Rogert House. Ollico
hours from 1 to 2 and 7 to 8, P. M. '
Late of St ration ville), Phj sY--hhi nnd
Surgeon, Ridgway, Pa. Ofllce in
Hall's IMck Building (up stairs)
RelVrenci's J. 1). Smith, II. 1.
Young, R. Rulofson, Strattnnville ;
Major John Kitley, W. W. Green
land, Clarlrn. Ofllce hours 1 to 'i
P. M. aud 7 to 8 P. M.
N. W. corner of Main and Mill streets.
Ridgway, Fa., full assortment of care
fully selected Foreign and Domes! ie
DriigH. Prescriptions carefully dis
pensed at all hours, day or night.
Oi l rcK Hours. From !! to IK a. in., 2 to S
mill 7 lo II p. ni. lit'skk-nf-c (itlioo nl, r. sl-ut-nrp,
oppcisilu Klk C'oiinly Utinli, Main
A fair Rlinre of the people's pntrnnnio so
licited. HYDE HOUSE.
V. II. SCIIRAM, Proprietor,
Ridgway, Elk ouniy, Pa.
Thankful for the patronage hereto
fore so liberally bestowed upon him,
the new proprietor hopus, by paying
strict attention to the comfort and con
venience of guests, to merit a continu
ance of the same. oct-WU'.l
good stock, good;cai?riages
and P.u'ties to let upon the most
reasonable terms.
f)"-lie will also do jobienniina:.
Stable on Klk street, All orders left
at the Post (Mlice r'wlve prompt
On r I L LI TSTR A T E I) ( ! A T A LOG UE
free to any address. '
Florist ami Seedsman.
"fi Uiurrtsport, Pn.
1 1 i:ky A. Pauson, Jr., Local agen
Ridgway,' Pa
15ny tHo Celebrated
Ibe Best, Klost ColehrntPtl, rarest Tntm, JIos
Uurable, Most Simple, Most Perfect
. ckoan iu uie world.
Ber rVfor circular.
Nov Havtn, Conn.
lie it ordained and enacted by the
Town Council of the liorougii of Ridg
way, and it is hereby ordained and
enacted by the authority of the same
1. That a public street is hereby laid
out and ordered to lie opened thirty
feet in width, from a point at or near
the noKtliM-n terminus of Grant street,
in Southern addition to sai 1 Pooub,
to a poinlon Depot street, near Hyde's
mill race, in accordance with a 'draft
this day placed on tile by the Uorough
2. That said street shall bo known ns
"Race Street."
C. II. M'CAULEY, President.
Attest V. C. JIkAlv, Secretary.
Approved this tii'th day of May A.
A. lWbL',
J. POWKI.L, Chief Rurg.-ss.
Walnut Leaf Hair Restorer '
It . is cntirelv (lill'.Toiit fWi., ii
others, it is as' clear as wnfer .! ....
its numo indicates. Im nriv...r v.'....!
table I lair UcKloi-nr it iviii .
alely free the head from (landrull', re-
sunn gray nuir to its natural color,
...... ji.ujMt-u a in w niowtn wue re it
has lalien oil. It does not iu anv
manner nlUct the health, which su'.
phur, Kugaror Lead, and Nitrate of
Silver preparations have done It
will change liuht or faded Uuir in a
tew days to a beautiful glossy brown
Ask yourdruggiMt for it. Each bottlo
is warrunlcd. smith i- i r.- .. ...
Mic v' "n S -H'ciilH. Philadelphia;
andC. N. CRIT fENTON, New York
li 17 1 y.
There is hardly a disease considered
incurable, that could not becured
-i t i; ji -

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