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Kimtprn find Miililt pRIntes,
Of the five thousand drilling operatives for
merly employed In the Harmony Mills, Oohoes,
N. Y., all but about one hundred have either
moved awny or found other employment.
Neab Mifflin, Ta., a freight train, consisting
of more than 100 cars, became disconnected at
the oontor whilo descending a heavy grade. The
rear section followed the front part with con
stantly lucreasing ppeed and finally plunged
into it, wreoking thirty cars. Two tramps on
tho train were k l ied Instantly and a third was
eeriously Injured.
Tiik Vermont Stale ootnmli tee of the Nat tonal
Greenback-Labor party have issued a call for a
State convention at Waterbury on August 15.
A cnmcNTio!t of workingraon to the number
of 150 delegates, held in FHtslmrg, nominal, d
a full State and county ticket and candidates
for Congress.
A nairr in the freight yards of the Erie
railruad at Jersey City N. J., resulted in one
man an Italian laborer being driven off Iha
pier into the water and drowned, while several
other men were severely injured.
Maxt deaths and a large number of capes of
prostration wore caused in New York by the
excessive heat.
Tanes men woro killed and nine injured
several fatally by the premature discharge of
a blast on tho West Shoro railroad, near Milton,
N. V.
El tho falling of the roof of a miuo slopo
war Tottsville, Pa., threo moa lost thoir lives.
Hisnop Liu Scott, senior bishop of the
Methodist Episcopal church, died the ether day
at his home, noar Odessa, Del,, agod eighty
Lewis II. Redfielp, tho oldest printer a-iil
onrnalist in Now York Stale, died at Syracuse,
aged eighty-nine years.
Three firos, which broko out in Xcw York at
about thoBarue timo tho other night, dc-itivyo l
a Btorohoiiso noar tho Battery, a building in
Fearl street and a factory near Canal stroeti
causing an a?grcgato loss of $510,003.
Tbesident B.YRM03, of Ouatomala, Central
America, arrived iu New York the other day.
He has come to visit his family, and secure the
good offices of tho United States government in
Bottling the boundary lino between Guatemala
and Mexico.
Sou 111 and Weit.
' Sevieb county, Ark., was the scene of a
Jragedy roocntly which resulted in tho death
of a guest at tho hands of George and West
McCravin, they killing the man fur his money.
In arresting tho murderers Constable Ilelheily
was accidentally killed by one of tho arresting
party and Georgo McCravin was shot dead by
a deputy.
reparations are nearly completed at Den
ver, Col., for opening tho National Mining and
Industrial Exhibition.
A small boat capsized on Lake Michigan
off Muskegon, and two sailors from tho Btcam
barge Hilton and three other lncu were
F. E. Toxd, ono of the editors of Turf, T'uUI
and Farm, was drowned whilo on a fishing
trip in Northern Wisconsin.
Thomas Euan was hanged at Yankton, Da
kota, for murdering his wifo in 1S30.
Two farmers named Jackon and Ichir had
a difficulty at tho lnuse of tho latter in Whites
borough, Texas. Jackson was shot and killed
and Ichor fatally cut. A farm boy who inter
fered was also badly cut.
Fine destroyed the entire business portion of
Dayton, W. T;; four buildings in Fayetto, Mo.;
eleven buildings aud stores in Owou Sound,
Out.; and the Catholic church at Dunville, 111.
The loss aggregates about $300,000.
Dispatches from a large numborof points in
the Sout i and West show that tho wheat, coru,
hay and cotton crops will be bountiful, aud iu
many places will far exceed any previous har
vesting. Farmers are no gathering tho great
est cereal crop e?or raised in tha West.
From "Washington
Tin ocretary of the treasury haa Issued o
bond-call for $10,000,000 of the 0 per cen
bonds continued at Zl per ceut fiom July 1
1881. The priucipal aud accrued interest will
be paid at tho treasury department on Septem
ber 13, and the interost will cease on that day.
The following is a description of the bonds :
$50, NO). 801 to 000, boih inolueivo ; tlOO, Nos
5,501 to 6,500, bo.h inclusive j $300, Nos. 8,00)
to 4,150, both inclusive ; $1,000, Nos. 19,001 to
21,000, both inclusive j $5,000, Nos. 6,401 to
6,900, both inclu-ive j $10,000, Nos. 12,501 to
14,050, both inclusive. .
Official returns to the agricultural depart
ment show that the yield of all the cereals ex
cept oorn will be above the average
In the star route trials a witness testified
that on one Arizona route tho empty pouches
were tho only mail matter generally carried.
It will be remembered that on tho day bo
fore Guitoau's execution a large bouquet war
sent to him and subsequently removed by tin
jil officials on the suspicion that the flower
contained poison. It was reported that th
bouquet was sent by the prisoner's sister, Mis
Scoville. A Washington paper says that Dr.
Alexander McWilliams, the assistant physieiai.
of the jail, took charge of the flowers aud haudc
a rose from the confer of tho bouquet and auothei
flower to Dr. W. C. Tilden for analysis. Dr
Tilden, at the laboratory of the Army Mcdica
Museum, mado an examination and found thai
there were plain traces of arsenic iu the rose n
sufficient quantity to have killed several mcr
had thoy taken it.
The Senate, in exocntive session, confirmed
the following nomiuatious: Lewis Wallaco, of
Indiana, to be envoy extraordinary and minis
ter plenipotentiary to Turkey; Henry C. Hall,
to be envoy extraordinary aud minister pleni
potentiary to Central America; J Y. Wicker
sham, of Pennsylvania, minister resident and
consul-general to Denmark; M. J. Cramer, of
Kentucky, minister resident and consul-general
to Switzerland; John A. Haldcman, of Mis
souri, to be minister readent and consul-gen
eral to Siam; S. B. Axtell, of Ohio, to bo chiol
justice of tho supreme couit of Now Mexico.
Martin Buell, formerly one of tho pub
lisher of the National Era, and for fifiy years
a journalist in Washington, died a few days
go, aged seventy-six.
The military department of West Point had
been discontinued. General Howard has been
ordered to the department of the Platte to
relieve General Crook, who has been ordered
to Arizona. Colonel Wesley Meriitt, of the
Fifth calvary, hag been appointed superintend'
eut of West Point Academy.
Foreign News.
Bi way of San Frauclsco come report of a
terrible hurricane which visited the Friendly
islands on April 25. At Yanvan the bark Don
Guillermo, Captain Johnston, went down at her
anchors. The captain, oflicors and six seamen
were lost with her. Five boys were aaved.
The hurricane was accompanied by a tidal
ware fifteen feet high, whioh swept over
tho island and did terrible damage.
All the natives' bouses and many of the Euro
poms' lions were carriod away, and coooanut
tree were mapped off like pipestem. Th
island present a scene of widespread desola
tion. At Tongatea all the churohes were de
stroyed and 2,000 house were leveled, and the
copra houses with their content and every.
thing near were swept away. A schooner w
carried inland and the German bark Cassili,
8f.vf.ral Russian officers holding high po
sitions have been arrested In St. Petersburg on
the charge of being Nihilists.
Is a duel between two Mexican ofllccrs at
Matamoras both were killed.
Mexican troops had a fight in Jalisco with a
baud or robbers vinler Manuel and Jose Go
mez. The two leaders and seven other ban
ditti were killed and the rest of the band scat"
DuniN'a a fire iu Tarig an explosion of gas
resultod In the destruction of twelve build
ings, the death of twenty persons and iujurios
to forty more.
In the British hiuse of lords the royal assent
was givon to tho Irleh repression bill.
Thirteen counties of Ii eland ave to be pro
claimed under the repression act.
A train with 217 persons on board ran oil
the rails between Tcborny and Eaetijeur, Itus
siaj 178 persons wore killed, and thoBe whe
woro saved wero more or less injured.
A bill was pBBsrd authorizing the tranB
ti t ot the property of tho Nati.-iml RoMiers' and
Bailors' Orphan home to the Garfield Memorial
hospital.. ..A joint resolution was introduced
proposing a constitutional amendment prohib
iting Hie abridgment ol rights oi citizens of the
United States on account of sex. lieferrod. . . .
A bill was introduced for tho appointment of
a commission to inqniro into tho condition of
tho vhip-bnilding and chip-owning interests,
and to BUpgest methods to restore tho foreign
carrying trade of tho United States, ltcforred.
Tho tax bill was considered and laid ovei
....The House joint resolution was passed
appropriating $5o,(l00 to enable 1ho United
ISiutes to tnhopait ill tlio International l'isl
exhibition to bv held in London.
Mr. (-uyaii, from tin en nmuio) on appro
nruiiotn, ivp n teil tho illusion appropriation
bill, an lit was onli'ioil printed aud laid over
f ir future action. ... Iho c uinnitto.i on appro
priations recommended tho adoption nt not-eral
nmeudmcnts, the tuojt important of winch aro
those prohibiting ' payment of double pen
sions, and directing the so .'rotary of tho in'erior
to tr. n-niiit annual y to Congress a INtof per
sons borne on the p 'imion rolls, M.-ilur with
the amount paid to each . . . Mr. Hill, oi Color
ado, from tho committed ou p istoilices and
p.wt roads, rop.iricd back tho bill to punish
postmasters for mailing ful-iu certitkutcs of the
arrival and departure of mailj.
Sovoral amennmonts were reporlod to tha
House bill reducing internal revenue taxation
The House bid was passed authorizing a
public building iu Brooklyn, N. Y., at a Oost of
0.0-!O....The river aud harbor bill wa-i
urlher diatmscd, without final action.
The Senate amendments to tho deficiency
Appropriation bill wero non-concurred in....
Tho sundry civil service appropriation hill wa
pa-sed, an amendment being adopted appro
priating $15,iHuto cnablo tho Piosident to pro
mote civil sorvico reloim.
Several Senate amendments to tho genoral
tioueic-ney appropriation bill wero nou-cou
currod in, including tho ono relating to the
payment ','f expenses caused by the illness and
death of President Garfield.... A bill was
passed directing the payment, to Mrs. Garfield
of f .50,000 less any a im p'aid to General Garfield
on account oi ins salary as J. reside.
England and the Egyptians.
War between England and Krrvrjt becan bv
niti uuiuuuiuincui oi Alexandria uv tlio untisu
lloet under command of Admiral Seymour.
I'ho n timatum sent to Arab! L'-ov. the" Korvii.
tian lender, was tho surrenderor the forts at
he mouth of the haibor within twenty-four
hours, or the bombardment of tho city at the
xpinnjun oi mat time, j no 14 yptians uaviug
( fused to surrender the forts tho iii itish fleet
'peued fire at B.mriso. From dispatches sent
o England wo glean the followinc particulars
of the manner in which hostilities began:
"Early this morning tho remaining British
subjects embiikod aud, save a few Italians aud
ureeKs, tho European portion of the population
of Alexandria deserted tho town. Those who
remaiu arepiineipally shopkeepers, who prefer
my risk rather than abandon their property to
ho mercy of tlio mob. J hey have ban leaded
heir houses and wi'l rosist to the last any at
'cmpt on tho part of the mob to break iu when
i no uoniDaMKiicnt begins.
"At 11 o'clock tho Invincible, Monarch and
Penelope moved out aud anchored outside the
Hal nor. J he Bccno now was impressive in
ugh tlegreo. Slowly all tho foreign steamers
moved Irom thoir berths and steamed out of
;ho harbor. The merchant steamers presented
no regular order, but the war Bhips of the
various nations steamed out in niuadron. M-
luting as thoy passed tho Admiral's Ha.'. Bauds
piaycd national airs. Scarce a breath of wind
was blowing. Tho various ensi'.'us drooped
gainst tho masts. The bright Eastern ky
overhead, the deep blno sea, tho white clothed
ciews clustering ou tho riEuinu and the knowl
edge of tho change which would soon take
pluco rendered tho statelv procession of wai
-hips extremely impressive. The merchant
-teanieis were all crowded with refugee, those
Oio had held on to tho last iu hopes that mat
ers would not come to an extremity. By
u-Uf-past 12 tho American squadron of thret--hips,
two lliis-dan vessels, one Austrian and
ono Gorman alone remained.
"At 1 o'clock a steam launch towing a large
boat full of Egyptian officials was soon ap-proa-hing
tho English flagship. It coutaiued
Uaghib Pacha and tho other members of the
past and present ministry. They were re
ccived by tho admiral and tho Hon. Mr.
Lnmbun, flag lieutenant, and a guard of
marines, tho bad playing und a genera!
salute being fired, as thoy came as a
deputation Irom tho rulers of Egypt. They
had not received the admiral's dcmiind to mir
reuder the forts, and had come oil' to inquire
tho reason for tho hostilo preparations. I'he
interview was conducted with grtat courtesy
on both sides, but tho Egyptian officials
looked blank iudecd upon tho admiral
informing them that be had sent iu a demand
that the forts commanding tlio harbor bo im
mediately dismantled. The members of the
deputation talked somewhat excitedly among
themselves in Turki.-h, discussing apparently
what Arabi would fay to tho demand." Ilie'y
soon after returned to shoro, and at 7 a. iu. the
first gun was fired.
The special correspondent of the Associated
Press with the British fleet telegraphed the fol
lowing detailed account of the engagement:
"A British navul officer has furnished me the
following account of tho day's operations: Tho
bombardment commenced at 7:45 this morn
ing. The ironclads Superb, Sultan aud Alex
andra engaged and totally destroyed Fort
Pharos and the lighthouse batteries, which are
at tho entrance to the new port, and were in
tended to dominate tho approach to the inner
harbor. The llugship Invincible, tho Monarch
ami ttie fenelopo toon up commanding posi
tions outsido the reef's, and, assisted from the
outside by tho Temeraire, attaoked with de
structive effect the strong position of
Fort Mox, with tho lighthouse and
shoro batteries. The Iuflcxihlo was sta
tioned so as to command the lighthouse
batteries, Foit Pharos and Fort Mex at the
same time, aud was thus in a position to co
operate both with the division outsi !e aud that
in-ide the reefs. Tho gun vessels Bittern,
Condor, Beacon, Decoy and Cygnet attacked
the Mara'juut batteries nt the entrance of the
harbor, aud, taking a close and uoatructivo
range, s-xin silenced them; after which they
ran in and sholled Fort Mex, ou the southern
side of tho cut an e to the anchorage or outer
harbor. The Invincible, under cover of her
own guns aud those of tho Bittern, then landed
a paity of bluo jackets bud marines, who
eutored Fort Mex and blew up the
heavy guns. The bombardment practically
ceased at noon, though some heavy guns aro at
this hour still shelling Fort Napoleon, a large
work, aiiuatcd at the southern anglo of the
inner harbor and dominating the town. The
fort does not reply. On tho wholo the Egyp
tians fought their battories with more determi
nation than had been expected. Several of the
earthworks, behind which guns were mounted,
were found to be mere heaps of sand. Ono
shot went ch ar through the Inflexible."
The London Sinndird's correspondent on
board the Invincible te!ographs: "The forts
and batteries on the sea laoo are a heap of
ruins. The Egyptians stuck to their guns un
til the forts were crumbling. The aim of the
Egyptian gunners was chiefly directed against
the Penelope and Inflexible, and they fired
piincipally roirtid shot. Their elevation was
bad. The Invincible wag soldom hit. The
armor of tho Superb was penetrated. The
Egyptian officers set a good example to their
men, ofton jumping upon the parapets to see
the effects of their fire. The party of marine
which lunded from the Invincible to blow up
Fort Mex saw several dead lying inside the
fort The Egyptians had no shell, which fact
accounts for tho small number of casualties on
tho British vessel'."
Another correspondent telegraphed as fol
lows: "At half-past 10 the kuedive' palica,
called tha Uaa el Tin, or the Harem paiaoe,
lying behind the forts, took fire, and at the
time I write is still burning. The fight was
noaily over all along the line by 13 o'clock, al
though the ship all continued to fire in Order
to compleie the dismantlement of the fortw.
Several small magazinos in the course of the
afternoon were blown tip by Our shell, a
large ono in Fort Ada bemj destroyed by a
lucky shot from the Inflexible. At 1 o'clock
volunteers Wre tailed for on board the Invin
clb'e to go ashore to spike the guns of Fort Mex,
which the fire of the Bhips had failed to dis
mount. The work was clangorous, for troop
might havo been lying behind the fort. How
over therowore plenty of volunteers, and twelve
mon were chosen for the adventure, Lieutenant
Bradford being in command and Major rulloch
being lieutenant. Lieutenant Lambton accom
panied him. This duty was skillfully and
rapidly performed, To effect a landing the
men bad to swim through tho surf, but no
opposition was met as IhOy lauded, The gobs
Were burst with charge of gun cotton, and the
party returned on board Bhlp without a single
" Of the ships engaged with Fort Met the
Penelope was struck five times, and had eight
men wounded and one gun disabled. The In
vincible was struck many times, but only six
Bliqto penetrated her. The foreyard was struck
arid the royal brace cut away. We had six
wounded. The Monarch was not kit onoe,
.probably owing to her ability to shift
ground, whilo, on the other hand, she
was, in movement and practice of her guns, in
terior to the Invincible, Up till 0 o'clock the
ironclads kept an occasional fire, but tho foi ts
did not reply during the latter part of the
afternoon. Oue wing of the palace is in
ruins. This was inevitable. Bluco the pal
ace lies behind Forts Pharos and Ada.
thoBo portions of the town in the lino
of liro must also have suffered. The
Egyptian gunners fought their guns
exceedingly well, eticKieg to thorn until the
forts wero cmmbline ruins. The Dartv who
landed to destroy the guns of Fort Mox saw
several doad lying inside, and the total loss of
the enemy mn-t have been heavy." The casu
alties on the J'.ngiisn snips the nrst clay was
live killed and twenty-seven wounded.
Tho United stales minister at Constantino
ple wan asked by tho sultan of Turkey to act
as mediator ociweon i.ngiana ana lSnyptj but,
unoer instructions irom iius government, ao
cliued to interfere
On the second dnv of the atUck on Alexan
dria tho bombardment was renewed by the
HriM-k gunboats Inflexible and Temeraire,
which opened fire on tho Monoreifie fort
that had been repaired in the nicht. The firing
ot the gunboats met With bo response. A flag
of trtico wttB hoisted at noon on tho arseual,
whero the minister of war aud the official divan
am. Tlio sicnal to cease firinit wB then given.
Toulba Tacha tried to communicate withA'1-
miral Seymour. When told that as a prelimi
nary condition to negotiation the forts must
be surrendered, he rofused to accept
the terms. It is thought that the flag
was displayed simply to escape the fire. It
was reported that tho Esvntian troops had
ovaonated the town, which was reported to bo
almost empty. Many buildings in tho city wore
in flames. It was thought the losses ot the
Egyptians would approach 2.000 in killei aud
wounded. The Ioadon Daily Ni ws' dispatch
from off Alcxanlrias.lv: ' Before 'ho bom
bardment recommonced Admiral Seymour sent
the Bittern under a fUg of truce to demand the
surrender of tho torts for the purpose ol
avoiding further bombardment, tmt with
out result. All reports confirm previous
statements as to tha manner in which the
Egyptians worked their guns until they were
laiilv blown from the batteries bv the explo
sion of shells. The Monnrch fired 200 hoavy
shells and 6.000 pounds of shot from the mi
dline puns. There was somo splendid scien
tific firing, and tho official reports of this first
practical trial of modern fighting Bhips will be
records ot tno inmost value, nomo uonve in
Fort Mex. apparently of concrete, withstand
the fire of the heaviest guns of the Mon
Alexandria Given T'p to Slaughter one
Alexandria dispatcher give the following ac
count of the terrible scenes of slsuuhter which
took place on the third day of thesiege:
"lhe weather was too rough to admit of a
renewal of the bombardment this morniug,
even had tho continuanco of active operations
been decided noon. At daviieht those on the
Biitish ships saw a douso cloud of smoke
hauKine over the city, with irreat tongues ol
flame shooting up from tho Graud
ermaro and the European quarter Bur
rounding it. A flag of truce wa
seen flying from tho ltas-el-Tin palace, and
another from tho arseual, aud the Helicon, with
a flag of truce, followed by tho Invincible,
Monarch and Penelope, steamed slowly into th
iuncr harbor, the remainder of tho fleet staying
outside under wcigu nuu moving siowiy. Ad
miral Seymour had given notice to tho Egyp
tians that their next flag of truce must mean
absolute and unconditional Burrender of the
f'orts.and the Helicon was sent to seo if tho tenm
had been accepted. Bho lotururd at 8:10 with
the information that nobody could bo found
either at the ai Benal or on board the Mahroussa,
and that she had tailed to open communication
with tho enemv. iho admiral then ordered
First-Lieutenant Forsvth to go on shore with
the steam pinnace, aud find out the actual con
ditionof thiugs. Accompanying the lieutenant
was Mr. Boss, purveyor to tho floet, who ie
well acquainted iu Alexandria. He landed
and proceeded iulaud for somo distance, but
met not a einglo soul. But fur tho cracklinc
of tho flames in the European q tarter and the
sound of falling walls and beams the city
wou d have been as auiot as tin
crave. He found that many houses
in tne Arab quarter had lxen badly injured
and partly binned by tho bombardment. An
iuceudiary fire in tho center and European
quarter covered tho are of a mile square, and
a largo part of the population had fled toward
the canal. A wing ot the palaco wa badly
damaged by shells, and the buildings in the
Arab quarters wero badly injured but not en
tirely burned down. It was found that the
flie of the Invincible had been very effective
against tho Bas-el-Tin fort. Upon reporting
this state ot altairs to the admiral u was de
termined to laud a body of marines and sail
ors and make a general rcconnoissance,
" It was evident that Arabi Pasha had used
the flags of truce to delay the operations of the
floot. and even the retreat of his men. Before
leaving the city he had released the prisoner!
from the jail, and given over the city to thorn
and the Bedouius to plunder and burn. The
released convicts set the city on fire, and com
mitted tho mst horrible atrooities on the
Christians and Europeaus who fell into Iheii
hands. It was a night of terror and horrore
such as has not been witnessed even in the East
for manv a long day. A body ot about 100 Euro-
t eaiis managed to fight their way through the
jitiless mob during the night, and this motnins
appeared on tho beach signaling to the Heel
lor assistance, armtu uoais were eeni iu re
ceive them, and they wero taken on board the
telegraph shin Chiltern. whore they now are
Thoy tell frightful tales of the horrible eccnei
of vosterdav and last night. It appears thai
Arabi, so far irom trying to save ihem from
the thieves and murderers which ho had lot
loose upon tho city, allowed his soldiers to aid
iu the outrages wmcn were neapca upon inem,
According to the refugees, the Europeans, sev
eral hundicd in number, barricaded themselves
in their houses, and in tho banks, consulates and
other buildings arouud the Grand squaro. The
mob attacked tho houses, battering in the
doors aud settiug fire to the buildings. Men,
women and children who fell into their hands
wore killed, atter being mutilated and
treated in the most barbarous manner,
hands and feet of the unfortunates wero Id
J t i ..,1 mn that tttnv nnrfl nnvnr.
less to make an effort to save tncmsolves,
mawjr IUO..UW. " J i
and then thoy wero cast into the burning
buildings to bo roasted alive. Women were
thrown to the ground and stamped upon until
life was fairly ground out ot them, and the
inhuman fiends kept up this carnage until
daylight. Tho hundred who escaped had
sought refuge in the Ottoman bank,
the strongest building in the square,
in which they barricaded themselves
and fought back the mob all night
long. They report that the entiro Grand
square is destroyed and the streets of the
European quarter leading from it are ablaze on
all tides. The fire rages over an area a mile
square, and all that portion of the city is doomed
tj destruciion. The English church, which
was oue of the prominent buildings on the
square, is said to have been destroyed by a
chance shell dui ing the first day's bombard
ment. Several shells have been fired within
the last two hours into that portion of tho city
where the conflagration broke out, in hopes
that they may scare pillagers. That many pil
lagers remain is evident from the faot that
sevoi al fresh tires have broken out in the last
three hours."
A later diepatch from Alexandria says Ad
miral Seymour has determined to land a force
to occupy the oity to-day, but refugees in
formed him that 9,000 Egyptians occupied a
position outside the city ready for attack,
while Admiral Seymour could only land 800
mon. Ho therefore, instead of lauding men,
order the oity to bo fired over iu order to
frighten the rioters. It has since been rumored
that Arabi has only 4,000 very muoh disorgan
ized troops.
Th. , in AlBianrlria have been rurini tJl
.i -i :, i- A(iin it an nAH,
ua auu vuo tiijf m.wfm iu'sw, iyv
soon running abont with torchos completing
ine wora oi ilestiuction. Two mnes oi nouses
were set on fire at one time, and exploslohs oc
casionally occurred in the city. Th French and
fctignsn.oonsuiatos are burno.i, nuu u is re
rdrtod that six persons were mussaorod at the
French consulate. The homes from tho
Great square to the ciiBtnm house
have boon plundered. In tho square itsell
and other wealthy European quar
ters there U hardly n build
ing not mined or burning. The .street
are Btrewn with cmptv clock and Jowol cases
aud similar debris, but very few dead bodies
have bcc-U found, Two-thirds of tho tro ips
deserted durlug tlio bombardment. The num
bor of persons inansacred by the mob is esti
mated a JjOOO. Teuty-0'ght Frenchmen who
were In tho city dm lug the massacre escaped.
wholo battalion of Arabi was bldwu np in
one idrt diliin the bombardincut. Twotity
armed Europeans, who escaped tlio gonoral
massacre, wore told by a pasnaj wnom tney
met on their way through tho town, that tho
Egvptlan killed nninborcd G'0.
At 5 this evening a detachment of 203 ma
rines marchod through tho town. 8 inw of
tho plunderers, caught In the aor, were, sum
marily shot. Tho marines snbsoqnen'ly em
barked In tho Bittern. A strong foroo from
the British fleet, a eistod by mon from nontral
men of war. remain to koep order iu the trwn
to-night. The marine aitillery have occupied
rort Napoioan, commanding tno town. ort
Marabotlt to-dy hoisted tho Egyptian dolors,
but lowered thorn again ou the British squad
ron assembling rouiid if. Tho fleet has been
ordored to do llo further damage unless it is
provoked. Tho American squadron has re
turned to the inner harbor.
During the bombardment, after the khedive's
palace had been surrounded, a party of soldiors
eutored his apartment and declaied that they
had orilcrs to kill him ana burn ine pataco.
After long parloy thoir loyalty was bought by
promises of money. lh:ythcu escorted tho
khodivo to tho British at Bas-el-Tin. His
uuard was not allowed lo enter tho palace thero
Willi mm. Ail tho ministers, except Arum
Pasha, presented thcmselvoi at the Bas-ol-Tiu
palaco. Lorvlsli Pasha says that but tor the
opportune appearance on Wednesday tho day
after the bomhirdiueiit-ofoueof hermajesty's
ships off the Pharos foit tho khodive would
nave boon rnuuiero.i.
Tho khedive. with Dervish Faslia and some
of the miuistei's and the khedive's harom,
arrived aboard a vessel in the harbor to-day.
About 500 loyal troops follow tho khedive. A
proclamation in Arabic is prepiring in the
khodivo's name, calling on the people to main
tain order and on the troops to uisoanu.
Stunrt's Last Fight.
J. Esten Cooke, an ex-Confeilorate
cfiinor. tell Low General btuart met bis
death from Sheridan's men at the battle
of Yellow Tavern. Mr. Cooke says:
Tho battle had evidently reached the
turning point, ami Stunrt paw the des
perate character of his situation. It
was -difficult to nse his Hrtillory in snch
a m-.-leo of friend and foe, und Lis left
wini? was toon in ntter disorder. The
Federal attack had at last mccceded
in breukiiic it to pieces: tbe raen Mere
ecalteiing in every (tireelion, and fee
ing Major Breathed near him, Stuart
Breathed 1 take coonmand of till the
mounted rcon iu tho road, au.l hold it
against whatever coxe3. If thin road is
lost wo aie gone !''
Sncu an order was precisely smted to
the tastes of a man liko Breathed. I
was intimately acquainted with him,
and n- ver knew a human being who
took moa sincere dcOight in desperate
lighting. At S uart s order lireathe d
-aimed, and shouting to the men to fol-
1 w him charged tho Federal column,
pparcntly careless whether he was
followed or not. Ho was immediately
surrounded, und a hot Babel fight took
place b'itweon himself and his swarm
if enemio?. A saber blow nearly cut
Lira out of tho saddle, and he received
a pislol rhot in his side, but Lo cut
down ono Federal officer, killed another
with his revolver, and made his wav
iut, his face streaming with bloi'd. At
'his moment the artiliery oj)ened, but a
determined charge was mado on the
suns, and all tho pieces wero captured
but one. The elriver of this piece
lashed his horses and rushed tho cm;
off toward tho Chick ahominy, followed
oy tho caunoneern, cursing and Miout
tn : "Dor uous sake, ooys, let s go
baak: they've got as far us Breathed I"
It would havo been better for the gun
to havo been captnred. As it wnb
whirling alon at wild speed it broke
ihrouch tuo cavalry, throwivg tuein
into disorder, and beforo tho line was
reformed tho enemv fctruck it and the
battle was end.-d. Both the Southern
ings woro driven, and tuero was no
hope of continuing the contest. Stuart
was nearly in despair, ana was seen
aalloping abont, shouting and waving
his saber in a desperate attempt lo rally
his aen, but it was impossible. The
Held was a scene of tho wildest dis
order. Federals and Confederates were
darting in every direction, and ono of
the former as ho turtod by btuurt nied
at him and shot him through tlio bctly
Tho bullet entered Lis side, and
passing through the stomach inflicted a
mortal wound; In its passage it just
grazed a tmall Biblo which ho always
carried, tho cift of his mother. He
reeled in tho saddle and was caught by
Captain Dorsev, of the First Virginia,
and as ho had closed Lis eyes eeomti
about to expire on tho field. His itu
menso vitality, however, sustained him.
and endeavorintr to rise erect again in
bis saddle ho sclaimed to those around
him: "Go back and do your duty us I
have dene mine, and our country will
be safe I
The Trained Ear.
The Elmira Advertiser relates this in
cident of a recent examination of rail
road employes for deafness: "Aow
Blank," said the examiner, "take the
ootton out of your ears and listen 1 Cau
vou Lear this watcn ticit wnero i now
hold it?" Blank "cocked his ear pro
fessional." and did not Hesitate a mo
mcnt in answering the official that he
could hear that watcli ticK as easy
as the blows of a trip - hammer,
"Look hero. Blank." said the official
assuming a more serious air; "do you
know that vou aro an awful liar?
I wasn't examining your capacity to tell
the truth, but vour hearing: or it might
i i . i mu: 1 I . .
I Lf(J iiuroi Willi VOU. J.UIO Wttvuu 11 UIU"
ken, and hasn't tioked for ten jeirs I"
"I'liVMur Aivnv llt.r Situuortrr.
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After using one bottle sue inrew away me sup
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not done in two veal's before. James Miller,
4346 Jacob street, Wheeling, W. Va.
Dithiko the last fiscal vear 13.000.000 acres
of United Btatos publio lands were sold. The
various railroads and Texas sold about 7,0J0,
000. '
If your lungs are almost wasted by consump
tion I)r. Pierce's ' Golden Medical Discovery"
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stamps for Dr. Pierce's large pamphlet treatise
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As Oregon Chimmah substituted rats for
mutton ou several occasions without any of the
family suspecting the deception.
Woman ad Her I''aes
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B, V. l'ieroe, Xluflalo, V. . Y;. to any ad
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. vaNo(
Aa Interntlflll VU -tiK-r frnrtl tha Life of
I'ntiiiliipnt Boituinnn.
lllotton Globe.)
The readers of this paper were mors or less
amazed at a most roruarkablo statement from
one of our loading Citizens which appeared in
yesterday's issue. Bo unusual were the cir
cumstances oonnectod with It, and to much com.
ment did it ocoasion on the street and in social
eiroles, that a representative of this paper was
commissioned to luvostipate its details ann
verify its facts. Tho article referred to was a
statement made by Mr. B. F. Larrabee, of the
Now York and Boston Dispatch Express com
pany, whose office is on Aroh street. Mr. Lar
raboa was found by the newspaper man in bit
prlvatn office, and on being questioned, said:
" Well, sir, loxioally 1 have been dead, but
roally 1 am ns you can see mn. A little ovor a
year ago 1 was taken sick. My trouble wasnot
severe at first and I thought it was the result ol
a slight cold. Somehow I felt unaccountably
tired at times, although I took an abundauco oi
sleep. Then, again, I had dull and Strang
pains In Various parts of my body. My appe
tite was good one day and 1 had none whatever
tho next, and my head pained mo much of the
time, A while afterward I noticed muoh that
was peouliar about the lluio's I was passing and
that a sediment, Bourn and a strange accumu
lation appeared in it. Hlill I did not realize
that theso tliincs moant anvthlnc serious and I
allowed the illness to run along until ott the
2th day of Ocober I fell prostrate whilo Walk-,
ing along Tremont street. I was can led home
aud did not cO out of the houso until the mid
dle of December. I then weut down town and
attempted to attend to my business until the
13th of last January, when I was taken with s
very severe relapso. My symptoms were ter
rible. I was fearfully bloated; I snfferod se
vere pains in all parts of my body aud it wsb
almost impossible to get my breath. For si
days I never laid down and never slept. I wae
constantly attended by my regular physician.
Doctor Johnson, and Doctor Bowtlitch alsc
camo to eeo mo nojrly every day. Thero wae
no doubt that I was suffering from Bright'
diseaso of the kidneys iu its worst form and
last btages, accompanied by other troubles in
my livor aud heart. In spito, however, of tho
skill of the physicians, I kept growing worse,
aud finally they tappod my side in the viciuity
of the heart, taking away forty-six ounces ol
water. This relieved me for the time, but J
soon beenmo as bad as before. Then the doc
tors gave me up entirely, declared I could not
live more than twenty-four hours, and my
d.uightcr, who was rosiding in Paris, was tele
graphed for. Still 1 lingered along for several
weeks, far more dead thau alive, but nevei
Kiving up hopo. Ono night -it was on the 20th
of April, 1 very well remember my attendant,
who was roadim; to me, Degan an article which
described my disease aud sufferings exactly,
It told how some severe cases of Blight's dis
ease had bocn cured, and so eloarly aud sensi
bly did it state the case that I determined to
try tho means of euro which it prescribed. So
l sent my man too tho drug Btore, procured a
bottle of the medicine uuknown to mv physi
cians and friends, and took the first dose at 10
o clocK, At that time i was sunermg intense
ly. I could not sleep; I had tho short breaths
aud could ecarcely gut any air into mylunes. I
was terribly bloated irom head to loot, and trie
motion of my heart was irregular aud paioful.
Tho next morning I was able to broatho freeiyi
the pain began to leavo me and the bloating
decreased. 1 continued to take the modicine,
and to-day, sir, I am as well as I ever was in
my life, and wholly owing to tho wonderful,
almost miraculous power ol waruor s tsaio iu.1
nov and Liver Cure. I do not know what this
mcdicino is mado of, or anything else about it,
but I know it saved iny life when 1 was given
up by the doctors and had really been dead for
weeks: that it has kept me in perfect hoalth
ever since, aud has cured mmy of my fiiende
to whom I havo recommended it. luore are a
number of very remarkable cases iu Lynn and
.Salem, as it in this city, that it has cured. My
recovery is so reinakauio that it nas excueci
mnnh attention, snri rihvaici&na as weil as
others havo investigated it thoroughly. I am
lad they have, lor l reel that tne results oi
ncii a womteriui core suouiu ue auown to tne
honsands in all parts of the land who are suf
fering from troubles of tho kidnoys, livor or
heart, in some ot tnoir many dangerous lorms.
The representative or the proas thanked Mr.
Ijirraboe for his very frank and clear state
ment, aud was about to leave the oflioe when a
gentleman stepped up to him and iuquired if he
were seeking information about Air. L.arraoeo'1
sicknoss and recovery. Tho scribe replied that
he v as, whereupon thb gentleman said;
"And so am i, ana x nave eome an tno way
from Chicago for th-t vt-vy purpose. Kiduey
troubles seem to be alarmingly increasing all
over tho country, and 1 have a very near rela
tive who is afflicted uvjch as Mr. Larrabee was.
I havo been to see the physicians of whom Mr.
Larrabee speaks, and 1 tea you, sir, it is sim
ply wondorl'nl."
" what did tnovsavr" asked tne man oi news.
" Sav 1 why, sir, they fully ooniirm everything
Mr. Larrabee has stated. I went to see Dr. D.
Johnson, at 20 Worcester street. Bo was
absent whon I called, and so I stepped into the
Commonwealth hotoi, where Mr. Larrabee was
liviuz at the time cl his sickness. Messrs,
Brugh & Carter are the proprietors, and I asked
tiicm about Mr. Larrabee s case. Mr. urugu
cointed to tho electric, btinunciator and said,
Why lor weeks ana weeks every time mat
bell rans I said: That means the death of Mr,
Larrabee. No ouo around the hotol ever
dreamed that he would recover, and when the
doctors would come down from his room they
would shake their fie.idj and Bay there was uc
hopo. Tho arrangements for the funeral were
mado and his recovery was simply a miracle.'
1 tin n called on Lr. Johnson, who said that
Mr. Larrabee s case was very remarkable ono.
Ho was his family physician aud expected his
death every hour foi a nunibor of weeks and
never called to soo him during that time but
he was ttfopared for it. The doctor said tne
recovery was duo to Warner's Bafo Kidney aud
Liver Cure, and if he had friends, male or
female, troubled with Albumen or any kidnoy
troubles ho should certainly advise them to
use this remedy. Dr. Johnson said kidney
difficulties are more common than most people
think, and that many symptoms which are
supposed to be otuer uiseaxes arise irom ine
kidnoys. lie said that ladies atter gestation
are specially subjeot to albuminous troubles
which require prompt attention.
"wen, i tiiencamodownanucaiicuonAir.il,
fncersoll Bowditch on Bovlton street. The
old doctor was tuclincd to be reticent, but fully
confirmed all I had previously learned. lie
had attended Mr. L,arraieo, and supposed mm
beyond all hope, and he was afterward restored,
as ho said, by Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver
" I next went to see Dr. Melville E. Wobb, at
tho Hotel Clunv. for vou see I was detenuin
to bo thoroueh in the matter. I found Dr,
Webb a most clear-headed and well-informed
ccnttemau. and he said:
" 'I know of Mr. Larrabee's case from bavin
thoroughly Investigated it as a medical dircc
tor of a life insurance company, and it is one
ot the most remarkable cases l nave ever met,
Mr. Larrabee had all the manifestations of
comp ication of diseases, and in their wors
forms, lie had albumen and casts in tho urine,
aud a tcr'iblv diseased liver and Buleen. In
deed, he was so bad that he threw himself upon
the floor, and. with his bead upon a ha sane
struggled for breath. It was on the night whe
he was so bad. and when all his medical adviser;
had Ions civeu him up. that he beuau using
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure. The
next moraine at 10 o'clock he was able
breathe freely, and has been ever siuce. I sub
jected him to tho most thorough examination
pos-ible, after his recovery, and " I can't fiud
out about him." His kidneys, liver, lungs and
heart are portectly well and sound. 1 cau ouij
add that, from what I have seen, I would un
hesitatingly recommend this remedy.' "
Tbe conclusions from the statements above
made which come to the newspaper man as well
as tne general publio, must bo two-iuid. l'lru'.
that a modern miracle of healing has been per
formed in our midst, and that. too. by tho
simplest means and ono which is within tho
reach of overy oue. It should be remembered
that Blight's disease is not usually a Biidden
complaint. Its beginnings are slight and its
growth slow. The symptoms by which it may
be detected are different with different porsoi.s,
no two people usually Having the same. This
fact was manifest in the ease of Mr. Larrabee,
aud he bad no idea of the torrible complaint
which had attacked him nntil it became fixed
upon him. Secondly, testimonials of suoh high
character and so outspoken in tone, condu
cive! v prove the value of tbe rnme'lv nrl i
superior nature to the proprietary articles witb
which the publio have been flooded. "The
greater Includes the less," and the remedy
which has been proven so valuable' aud has
saved a life after it was brought down to death's
door, must unquestionably be certain in all
minor troubles which are so disastrous uulosa
takon in time.
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,0p.Rea", full of information, llaj. VV. A. Fliut
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Th Science of Life, or Belf-PreserratloD, t
medical work for every man young, middlo
aged or Old. 123 Invaluable prescriptions.
"All Ona-ht IO Know."
Iitusvh.le, l'., March 12, 1881.
H. H. WAftXKit A Co. i Sirs I am fully satis
fied Hint your safe Kidnoy and Ltver Cure
saved my life, and that I would havo been dead
months ago had I not used it. I look upon b
as a great Uessing to mankind and a remedy
that all ought to know. J. A. Cqctamt.
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being the only highest award in this department, was conferred upon the
Their manufacturers value thin extraordinary distinction the more hlghlv because of the Importance of
ho PHE-E.M IN ENTT.Y MUSICAL. The Mason k Hamlin Urgans were honored bv especial exhibition before
tue Hoyal Court by Carlo lincci of Rome, and warm conimendat ion trom their Majesties the King and Oueeu.
Atall tho groat UOHLIt'H I K It l!TIUA L EXI'OrITIONM lor fourteen years these Organs
have received the II I till EST HONORS, oeinj the only American Urgaiu which httvt received tuch at any.
IMPROVEMENTS Burlnc the year Just closed thla Company have introduced Improvements of
in i iiuiuni.ii tf Kreater value than iu any similar period since the Introduction ol the American
Organ by them, twenty years siuce.
ELGAT STVLES aro DO" eolved from their factorlea daily, snrpassinic in capacity and exel-
r" V h'noe anythiuB which has before been produced, and certainly worthy to M
milked with tho veuy finest musical instbuuknts ik tin woni.u Tbev are iu cases of solid black.
Vur. maiiiiuanv. us. icnr,Ni7.hiii. fitji.. at net ciUih urLrtjt at-A.i il wiqii "ii.. t.i.... c , ..
nnii tjjllJtloT vdiv,9iaui au, or?
POPULAR STYLES ln,cludin. also, the nipst valuable of the recent improvements, and adapted ts
EASY PAYMENTS. rL"!re old ' "h or easy payments, or will be rented untUro-tt
ANEW ILLUSTRATE!! RATAinRIIP 1" lued, fully degerlbln and lllnstratlnu VIOY.1
rnica lists and circulars, will be sent free to any one desiring them. CerMnlu no one should buu or ret
iny organ uuhoiU having teen Uteat circulars, which contain much uteful injormution about itrgaiu,
Tromont Btreet, BuSl'ONi Bt lh Btreet IVaion 8i., New XOBK; li Wabash Avenue, CHICAGO,
B H XTWsayforM
for hnmnn, fowl and animal flesh, was
first prepared and introduced by VI.
Geo. VV. Merchant, In Lockport N. Y.,
U. 8. A., 1838, since which time It has
steadily grown In public favor, and Is
now acknowledged and admitted by the
trade to he the standard liniment of the
country. W hen we make this announce
ment wo do so without fear of contra
diction, notwithstanding we are aware
there are ninny who are more or less
jirejudiced ngninst proprietary remedies
especially on account of the many hum
ours on ine ninrKei; iiuwuvtr, m
nlrnsed to state that snch prejudice does
not exist airainst OAKOMNG Olb. We ao not
clnlm wonders or miracles for our liniment, but we
do claim it is without nn eqnni. wpui unhuus
ties or mree sizes, mm nu wo
ask Is that you give II a fntr
trial, remembering thatlheOU
put up with white wrapper
(small) Is for human aud fowl
flesh, and that with yellow
wraimer (three sizes) for anl-
mnl llesli. Try a bottle.
As theso cuts Indicate, the OU Is used success
fully for ail diseases nf the human, fowl and animal
fiish. Shake well beforo using.
Cannot be Disputed.
One of the principal reasons of
the wonderful success of Mer-
f.''iKi chant's tiarcling Oil Is that it is
iXfc.s..'. VHtfL, tnnntifiir-tiiri'ri utrir.tlv on honor.
:l)fcsP&fo'j&f 1,8 proprietor do not, as is the
,'J,i.- rate with too many, ufterin.iklug
-A&iiii-iiS for their medicine a name, dimin
ish its dilutive l-roportics uy us-ing interior com
pounds, but i'e the very best goods to bo bought In
r themarket,regordles?of cost. 1-or
u C'--J half ft ceimiry Merchant's Uarg
(&V 'V"X ling I'll has hern a synonym for
IfjTJfTAeS honesty, and will continue to be
fy (5 itln?,!' so, long as time endures. For
5$i!fcSP- side by all respectable dealers
throughout ihiri-'nited States and other countries.
uur testimonials naie irom i.jh
to tlio present. Try Merchant's
CJarglhuz Oil Liniment for Internal
M(''VVj R,m CXHTllio use, mm JUUI
Ailli? V''iy UeiKlluor nui tuuu lb una uuuo.
Hon t fall to follow directions. Keep tho bottle
well corked.
CURES & ana
Chilbliius, Frost liitos,
Si-nileh or Crcaso,
elnil-i e i Hand.
Kxti-rnal roisoim.
Suiid l'r.i'-l:H, l dlEiU,
(lal'Mol Hit kinds.
HweliiW-'S, Tumors.
Siirnlns nnd Uralses,
Strinehalt. Windmills,
l'oot llot iu Sheep,
l-'oundered l-'c et,
Jtoiip in Poultry,
H.n-e Niri'l'-s. Curb,
Cr.e kr,l Heels, Did Seres,
J-lplzonlle, Lame Hack,
Ib-umorlioids or Piles,
Tooiha- lie, lthcumatlem,
Spavins, Sweeney,
Corns, Whitlows,
Weakness ol the Joints,
Contraction of Musi-lea,
Cramps, S'vellod LKS,
Fistula, Maniie, Thrush,
Caked Breawts, Jioiis, ko.
i-'l.-li w omnia. niijw.
Hill-I one, 1 olll I'u'l rs,
iiair"t im'oMs, l'urey,
e'riu-licd Ten's,
Callous, liim-ncss,
Horn Disteinj.-r,
('rmvncenb. (.nr.ltnr,
Altseessoi uiu uhul-i.
1 o1 fi f IV A It li for proof of the exlst
f,WJ "'r-'.e. nf a betlei liniment than
"Merchants uariimr uu, or a
better worm medicine thau
uuni-rli-int', Wnrm'l ablets." Mau-
(, ufactured by M. Cl. O. Co., Lock
lmrt, N. Y.. XT. S. A.
K!H U 2S
Embrai-iiiL- full and nulheutic accounts ot every na
ir.n ol am-ient and modem times, and including a
l.islory ol lie.-vise arid lal: of tholJreeli aiidlbunun
i-mpires, Iho nii-Vile ni".-H, Ui5 e-usadi s. tho feudal
ostein, tin- r-'loviiiaiii-n, ihu de-covery and settle
ment of tlicN.-wW. rld, ete.,ete. It contains Ci7'4
line hiitorie-.il rni'r.tvlii!, and is the mou numplota
llinoi!".- nf the World ever pulilished. Bo. id t.iv sped
men pii :n i and c ra terms to Aj-ent . Address
.Nation m. P'Tii lsillMi Co.. Philadelphia. Pa.
In abundance Kk Million rounds
import.-d lust year. Priees lower
tlu.'j ever. Aijtnis wnnteil. Dua'l
MM'! liuie. iiotul for circular.
10 l.V. ;!! liiacfi or ixcu, tor
IO lljrs. ' " Sllnuk or PSixci'i, ior 92.
10 HUM. CliOico tSJacSioiflrll-tiHi,, J'or $3.
Send f 'r pound pirmple, 17 ctn. rxtri for potapo.
'i'lli'll l et till ll club. CllOiceMt Tea in the world.
t.un-'eat variety. ITens. a cveryhoUv. Oldest Tea
House In America. No cliromo. No Iiuliuub.
.tiiiicht busmen. Vnluo for money,
.id'.i"' V I I I V'1 v.... -..(. " ' ' " t"o'.
I'n nous' I'liiuiilivn rinm munv rew itica
niootl, iiud will ciiii lelely rhaihre tho blond in tha
entire Rntem in threo momhs. Any jierou who
will t.iltetini' pill each nfjrlit Irom 1 tn 1 -'weeks lnav 19
rcptoivd to p-n'nd ln-i'llh, il siu-li a i hiii'-i be possible,
So'.d rvurvwhev- or by mail ti-r H letter KtanipH.
I. S. ,M!rON vV Huston. lHaH.t
If t? want l.iii itiaiil ii'
fYff uliykeri or ft ! ti"'i,
W O ;v,., 0r 10 Vllit'KKS, Ml
IN VI'jOp .v T i: tl:e HAII. n wirre
I'ry tho ctcut Sii!iih 'li-e ry l,p.h I.
'AIli:h, hHnl IIM.Y IX l.t.M tn
V.. 'i i v v.
PhrnoirrnnVv, or I'tmnrtln Slio'llmn! .
Ca(alnirii nf vor!i. with i'lionnritplno aiphatmi
ind ii:nrttr,itions. inr n'-inu'-r!, neiu on appuc
lien. Address, l'enn I'itman. Cincinnati,). m
r.1.1 Hest it th
hfipesl. Illui.
ttea. Til K A U l.'l'.M A K A '1 A Y LOU. OU.
JK " ei:!;i.:R.'-''!.-.- n. the world: tsaii.pl.-f.-.
TrsJ?rt A kli-css .l.v Iti-oitoiin, 1 . l roll. Ml -It.
OA 11 1)
A Iinndnin 'fit of rnrdi for 3c. stamp.
tors. A. K. I8 VS;T'. ltoeheBter, . .
Is a medical trertl iao oa Kxhauatod Vitality, ITervrm,
aud PhvBical Debility, l'rematuro Decline In Man;
i, an indlsuensahlo treatise for every man, whether
younp:, middle aged or old.
Is beyond all comparison the most extraordinary
work on Pin niolory t ver iyiihlilo-d. 'JTiere is nothing
whatever that the married or siuido can cither re
qnire or wish to kuow but what is fully explained.
Toronto Ulobc.
the scir-Nrr. of ijff.i on, self-
Instructs tlippeln health how to remain to. andths
Invalid how to b.'e'nnie well. Contains one hundred
and tweut-'-rive invaluable i-reheripiionKfor all f.rms
of acute and chronic dii-a-twes, for ea-h of which a
first-class phy&iciuu would charge l'roui W to llo.
London Lancet.
Contains .100 pawn, fine steel enrrravinfts, l sui'erbly
bound iu r'ruueh u euibosst-d, full Kilt. It is a
marvel of art and e:uity, warranted to be a better
medical book in every sense thau can be obtained
elsewhere for double the price, or the money will b
refunded in every inataiico. Author.
Is so much superior to all other treatises on medical
subjects that comparihon ib absolutely impossible.
Jtuauin Herald.
Is sent by mail, securely sealed, postpaid, on receipt
of price, only tl.2S (new edition). Small illustrated
samples, 0c. Send now.
Tha author can bo consulted on all disease, ro
quiring skill and experience. Address
4 Jlnl finch Street, llotton, Bins,.
if 1 vs
irm mm mmm
. jiKvV.a'n.T :V-a
Ir. J. MiNZA- fay.SiSf

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