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Henry A. I'BfHon. Jr.
1HUHSDAY, NOV., 80, 1882.
History of the Day ami Us Observance".
The Magozlnc of American 1 1 Mori
gives ns the history of the day we arc
Boon to celebrate and it origin. From
the nnpers we learn tlint the earliest
fhtflifcsgivlng pervlcc whs hold hy the
Church of England men. The Pov
hum colonists, who, Allans! 0, 1007, (().
S.) landed upon Moru-gun, Hour the
Kennehec, and under the shadow of n
high cross listened to a senium by
t'hitpluiu Seymour, "giving good
thauks for our happy meetings uud
safe arrivals lu this country."
Next we pops to Plymouth, where,
in lft'21, t lie autumn after the arrival,
a notable thanksgiving was held. The
brief accounts present a joyous picture.
As we learn from Winslow, the hurv.
est being gathered, the Governor Bent
four men out fowling, that so we
might, after a special manner, rejoice
together," and the traditional turkey
was added to the abundant venison.
The people gave themselves up to re
creation, uud thegroat Chief Massasoit
wus feasted for three days with his
ninety swarthy retainers.
Possibly, on this first Plymouth
thanksgiving there was more carous
ing Mian we suppose, while there is
not tlie slightest indication of nny re
ligious observance. Massiwolt and
Lis braves, no doubt, enjoyed it ull
greatly, us the thank-giving idea was
entertained by the Indians before their
, contact with whites, and their celebra
tions there was much excess. How
much "onifortuble warm water," the
grave and reverend elders themselves
consumed during those three days of
jolity Bradford does not say.
In lb'22 there Is no mention of thanks
givilg bulling 02'.) a day wad kept, not,
however, in the autumn, as a harvest
festival, but in July, u;on the arrival
of some provisions. After this nothing
more isheardofthanksgiviugat Plym
outh lor nearly half a century. So fai
ns the colonial records go. they indi
cate that the day did not find a revival
unlit lOtjS, whenfthcre was sonic kind
of a thanksgiving. Again June 27,
lti.S'J, there was a thanksgiving for the
accession of William uud Mary. In
10'JO an autumnal thanksgiving was
held, and the next year Plymouth
Colony was merged in Massachusetts,
and so pusses out of the story. If any
festival can be said to have been estab
lished, it was establisliei in imitation
of Hie customs across the sea. lMstinct
religious societies, however, may
have kept occasional thanksgiving, as
the people lit Barnstable observed
thanksgiving on December 22, lOo'G,
and December 11, IDS'.).
(u the Massachusetts colony the flr.-st
thanksgiving was held at Boston, July
8, lii:iti, it being a special occasion,
ha ving no reference to harvests. Again
in February, 10.il, there was a thanks
giving, as already noticed. In the Oc
toher following a thanksgiving wa.--held
for the safeVrrival of "Mrs. VViu
throp and children." In these ap
pointments we do not find the thanks
giving that we know to-day. nor do
we detect any full design again!
Christmas. Tn 1C32, on June 5, then
was a thanksgiving for the victories
in the Palatinate, and in October
another for the harvest. In 103" there
was a thanksgiving for victory over
the Pe(uots, and in lti;i8 for the ar
rival of ships and for the harvest.
The Thanksgiving days from 1034 to
184 numbered about twenty-one, or
lws than one in every two years. . The
cerebration of 1070 had special refer
ence to the victory over King Philip.
From this period until the Revolution
a thanksgiving of some kind occurred
nearly every other year, and even
twice in the same year, as in 1742.
Some of these days were appointed by
the royal governors, whilejagain they
were ordered by the home Board of
Alter the close of the Revolution a
tendency to make thanksgiving duy a
regular institution in New York was
at once apparent, and Governor John
Jay. in l"!)', Issued a proclamation for
the lUb of November. The act, how
ever, vvasetzed upon by politicians,
who maintained that he was seeking
to Hatter religious prejudices. At an
early piriod, also the Mayors of New
York were accustomed to appoint a
day of thanksgiving, in accordance
witli the recommendations of the
council, and that of Dec. 18, 1709, ap
peared to have been the first so order
ed. Yet the observance of the day until
Governor Clinton's time was more or
less broken. The festival was kept,
however, by Episcopalians, according
to the provisions of the Prayer Book,
other religious bodies at the same time
followed their own preferences.
Clinton's course, like Jay's excited
riticism. At the east end of Long
Island 1 1 ure was no little murmuring,
because the day did m't coincide with
the local custom. It appears that the
people of Ea-t and Kouihainption ob
served thanksgiving on the Thursday
after the cattle were driven home from
the common pastures ut MonttuiK
Point, th day of the return of the cut
tle being tlx ci I annually, with due sol
emnity, ut the town meeting. Hence
there whs 4 collision, and the herds
men were divided, striving as the
herdsmen of Aliram's cuttle fctrove
with those of Lot. But this was no
use of an immoveable hmiy opposed
San Irresistible force, uud therefore,
the opponents of Clinton gave way,
though not without many exostulu
ttons. Here was the beginning of the
aioveineut which lead to the first Presi
Jtutiul proclamation nationalizing
Ihuuktgiying tluy.
New York, November 22, Thurlow
Weed died this morning at 8:55. He
breathed his lost surrounded by bis
children, grandchildren, physicians,
nurses and attaches of his household.
Although his death had been ex
pected, yet when he passed away the
blow of bereavement was severely felt
by his family. Just before passing
away Mr. Weed groped with his right
hand around his bed ns though he
sought his children's hands. His
granddaughter took the extended
hand, felt a soft pressure, and the
next moment he was dead. The ar
rangements for the funeral were com
pleted this afternoon. It will take
place from his Into residence, No. 12
West Twelfth street, on Friday morn
ing nt 10 a. St., and will be very
private according to the wish often
expressed by Mr. Weed.
Tho death of this veteran editor and
politician was not unexpected. For
nearly a mouth he has been ailing,
more or less, and unable to be about.
Once 'or twice ho rallied somewhat,
only to relapse Into a still more serious
condition, and today the end came.
Thurlow Weed was horn in 1707 and
was consequently 85 years old. He
was born of humble parents, his
father having been a blacksmith, and
young Weed himself wielded the
hammer in his youth. In 1811 he en
tered a newspaper oftlce, working
during that and the following year in
several offices. In 18)2 he threw down
his 'stick," touk up a musket and
served In the war with Great Britain.
In 110 lie gravitated to New York
city, doing journeyman work on vari
ous papers. As the correspondent of
the Rochester Telegraph he accom
panied Lafayette in his tour through
the United States. He had already
taken a prominent part in politics.
He supported John Quincy Adams in
1821 and was instrumental in giving
hint the votes from New York that
secured his election. He was also an
enthusiastic anti-Mason and edited a
paper in that interest, and was twice
sent to the State Legislature by (lit
same faction. He did not distinguish
himself in that position, but became
known for his remarkable political sa
gacity, his great ability as a leader and
his uncommon ability as a political
writer. This led hiiu to establish the
Albany Journal which he edited and
owned from 1830 to 1802. He could,
during most of that period, have had
any position within the gift of his
party in the State, but he widely pre
ferred to stick to his paper to be the
power behind the throne rather than
assume office. He supported in turn
Polk, Taylor and Scott, and worked
with a will for Fremont in 183(1.
Upon his retirement from the Journal
in lfi02 he went to live In the city of
New lork, where he has resided con
tinuously ever since. On the 22d day
of Nov. U'O", he went to Albany,
and for that one day resumed editorial
charge of his old paper it wus his
liftieth birthday. On that day lie
wrote a two column editorial in which
l,e reviewed tlie trials and triumphs
of his long editorial career. For once
he dijped Lis pen into Ink in--tead
ofg.il!; instead of one of his
pitlliss assaults on his political ene
mies, lie spoke of them with great
kindness. lie was a bitter political
enemy. h"t the truest of friends. He
was faitl .'iil Mid steadfast in his po
litical principles, and evidently hon
est in their advocacy, lie could for
get an injury but uot a benefit
received. To the latest days of his
life he took a warm interest in politics,
ami political und national affairs, and
his pen was always busy in making
bis views known to the public. He
was u true journalist, und deserves to
stand beside Gieely, Raymond and
the elder Bennett.
t'hrnsc-s of Women.
From tlie London Spectator.
Wrinkles disfigure a woman less
than illuaturu. Dupuy.
Woman is an idol that man worship
until he throws it down.
Women Jove always; when earth
slips from them they take refuge in
The whisper of a beautiful woman
can be heard further than the loudest
call of duty.
There is no torture a woman would
not sutler to enhance her beauty.
Of ull things man possesses, women
alone take pleasure in being possessed.
Before possessing a woman, to love
only her, one should have seen them
all, orshouldsee only her. A. Dupuy.
We met in society many beuutiful
and attractive women whom we think
would make excellent wives for our
We censure the inconstancy of
women when we are the victims; we
flird it charming when we are the
objects. L. Denoyes.
The highest mark of esteem a woman
can give a man id to ask his friend
ship; and the most signal proof of her
Indili'iTcnce is to offer him hers.
At twenty, man U less u lover of
woman then of women; he is more
in love with the sex than with the in
dividual, however charming she may
be. Retif de la Bretonne.
Men are so fearful of wounding
woman's vanity that they rarely re
member that she may by some hs
sibility possess a grain of common
sense. Miss liraddon.
Women among savages Is a beast of
burden: in Asia she is a piece of furni
ture; in Europe she is a spoiled child.
Hemic de Meilhun.
It is not eusy to be a widow; one
must resume ull the modesty of girl
hood, without being allowed to feigu
its Ignorance. Madam do Gliasdin.
Women of the world never use
harsh expressions when coudeming
their rivals. Like the average, they
hurl elegant arrows, ornamented with
feathers of purple and uzure, but with
poisoned points.
Iowa's Jessie James.
Independence, Intra, Nov. 21. Fred
Wilson, of Winthrop, this State, Is In
the lull here for aseries of burglaries and
robberies almost unpreecduited In one
of hlsyeai's. He lsabout20ycars old.nud
was until last winter well thought of.
A few months ago he forged the name
of his employer to a check for $1,200,
got the money, and wen t to New York
city, where with JS00 he purchased
1 16,000 of counterfeit bills. The coun
terfelters refused to deliver the stuff to
him in New York, hut said they
would ship it by express to Chicago.
He returned to Chicago, where he re
ceived u satchel hy express from New
York, hut on opening it he found that
he had been cheated by the dealers as
it did not contain a dollar of the coun
terfeit money.
While lounging around Chicago he
was arrested for forgery and taken to
Independence and locked up. He
soon escaped and went to St. Louis,
but, In company with two notorious
rascals, hu soon returned to Winthrop
and entered on a remarkable career of
crime. Concealing himself In the at
tic cf n house occupied by a family
named TcrwIHiger, he planned dozens
of bank, store, depot, Post Office and
highway robberies, which his partners
executed. Tlie whole community was
terrified by tlie mystery which sur
rounded the cracksmen. Cascade
Masonville, Dubuipie, Cassviile, Win
throp, East Diibuipie, and many other
places were visited, and some rich
hauls Were made. A daughter of the
Terwilllgers, for whom Wilson pro
fessed a deep affection, was the recipi
ent of many costly presents from him,
and she is also under arrest.
The other day he venlurtd out of
his hiding place, uud was recognized
and arrested. The discovery of a large
quantity of stolen goods led to his con
fessiou thai he had planned all the
robberies of the, lust few muilhs. He
implicated bin accomplices, and they
were also arrested. Wilson said that
hud he not been caught, tlie two banks
at Jessup would have been raided on
Sunday next while the people were ai
church. Speaking of the success of
the gang on the highway, Wilson
said that they lelieved only well
dressed men of their valuables. It
was their intention in time to rob
from tlie rich and give to the poor,
and they anticipated that their career
would enable them to tackle such men
as Gould and Vanderbilt and scatter
some of their millions among those
who were struggling for a livelihood.
Wilson says that he has been in tlie
business a short time only. ,-But now
that I'm caught," lie added, ' in my
early youth, I want to reform, and
can do it better in the penitentiary."
Free of Ccst.
All persons wishing to test the merit
of a great remedy one that will posi
tively cure Consumption, Coughs,
Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, or any af
fection of tlie Throat and Lungs are
requested to call at Messenger's Drug
Store and get a Trial Bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion free of tout, which will show you
what a regular dollar-size bottle will
With three counties estimated,
the complete vote of New York is now
at hand. Tlie majority for Cleveland
in only 103,991. Including tlie pro
hibition vote, the aggregate is 900,507,
against 1,105,220 in 1880. Foiger's vote
is 342,303, or 213,214 less than Gurileld
received, while Cleveland's vote is 530,
294, or only 1,783 more than Hancock
had. These figures show that the
Democrats huve made no essential
gain, that comparatively few Republi
cans voted for Cleveland, andMiut the
result was brought about by the 200,
000 Republicans who were disgusted
and refused to vote at all. When the
Republican party sets Itself right und
draws them to the polls, it will be
victorious again.
The early return of the late elec
tions appeared to indicate an almost
eutire obliteration of the greenback
party. But later accounts correct this
impression. In some of tlie states the
party increased the vote cast for Wea
ver for president in 1880. Tlie green
back vote in Indiana is over 18,000, uu
increase of B,000; while in Kansas it
runs up to 23,421, an increase of
nearly 4,000. JIarrisburg Patriot
Virginia has a total voting popu
lation of 334,000, of which 200,000 are
whiles and 128,000 blacks. As there
were less than 1(K),000 white votes cast
at the lute elect iou, at least 100,000
white people did not vote. This wus
mainly due to the capitation tax. That
is now repealed.
Keep a cup of powdered borax on
your washstand; it will do wonders in
the way of softening the skin. If you
have been at work in 'the garden, or
doing things about the house that
huve tended to make your hands
rough, when you wash them dip them
in the borax and rub them well with
I. P. Dukcliart,
Sup't of U. & O. It. R. Co.'h Hotels
(Conductor on the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad for 28 years, and previously a
Druggist,) writes: Cumberland, Md.,
Dee 17, 1S81 : I have used but one bot
tle of Peruna between myself and son.
He had Diphtheretle Sore Throat, and
is now well. As for myself it lias en
tirely relieved the dullness in my
head, which has been of longstanding
the result of Chronic Malaria. I
never ook anything in my life that
gave me such great satisfaction. My
wire is now taking It also." Ask your
Druggist for the "Ills of Life," und
how to cure them a book.
That is what a great
many people are doing.
They don't know just what
is the matter, but they have
a combination of pains and
aches, and each month they
grow worse.
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Bitters, and this by rapid
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blood flowing to every part
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wasted tissues, drives out
disease and gives health and
This is why Brown's
Iron Bitters will cure
kidney and liver diseases,
consumption, rheumatism,
neuralgia, dyspepsia, mala
ria, intermittent fevers, &c.
Mr. Simon Blanchard, a well,
known eitlienof Hayesville, Meads
county, Kentucky, says : "My wife
had been sick for a long time, and
her constitution was all broken
down and she was unable to work.
She was adrised to use Brown's Iron
Bitters, anil found it to work like a
charm. Wi would not now be with
out it for any consideration, as we
consider it the best tonic in the
Brown's Iron Bitters
is not a drink and does not
contain whiskey. It is the
only preparation of Iron
that causes no injurious ef
fects. Get the genuine.
Don't be imposed on with
Fir ;KN. TVW.E'S bna new bock, entitled
Years Among
Atnifrrcorf! nf the Author Tfiirh Wree Ycrrrf Perwrnt J?.
p&icncc U'ou'j our JwitMa, (XJMVitk aa able Introduction
By Gen. Sherman
Thii new work vna rt nnra rh?rirM for hy PrrMfnt
AltTTu n fttitt rutin C-i'wrf nml hy f,.;t. t-hmna,, G-n.
Grant, On. Fleriihrtr, t; n. I. tiuco' ?, m l tfo't'nn h of E.n
ln.Mit M". !t. C i. G.msii iy : ( it f t t;, ,m- on IwUun
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life," a era Uoin-;, ii:it,etc. It U r -p-tte with thrilling
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Co-.v-!kys. M'ncn, Po tier lititTlai.s, etc., vivj.Uy portraying
I.t! !n tl;c lire vt West et It we t. A "(I thttwnt in irctm
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Government c.ry,;-rvy j'nr tf '. ptyat tro. h.
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A. I). 101.7.11. jToN A CO.. llAit. roED, Con.
Never fall to euro anv Kldiiov f1lsiw
whatever. C??t!ET33aMSdMllKifl". W
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render of Frank, and the preliminar
ies of Ids trials on a score of indict
ments for Murder and Highway Itob
bery. Profusely illustrated, with en
gravings of the outlaws as boys and
men, their young wives and little chil
dren, the tord boys and 00 other en
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Canada. LCW All VAX comfort.
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Fare, Sleeping Cars,
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id Vice fret' l Gen'l Manager, tien. !. Agl..
NEW YORK, 1883.
More people have read The Sun
during the year just now passing than
ever before since it was Hrst printed.
No other newsnaner tmblished on this
side of the earth has been bought and
read in any year by so many men and
We are credibly Informed that
people buy, reud, aud like The Sun
for the following reasons, among
Because its news columns present
in attractive form aud with the great
est possible accuracy whatever has in
terest for humankind; the events, the
deeds and misdeeds, the wisdom, the
philosophy, the notable folly, the solid
sense, the improving nonsense all
tlie news ot tne busiest world at
present revolving in space.
Because people nave learned that In
its remarks concerning persons aud uf-
lalrs 1 lie un makes a practice or tell
ing them the exact truth to the best of
its ability three hundred and sixty
live days in tbe year, before election
as ul'ter, about the whales us well us
about tlie small tish, in the face of dis
sent us plainly and fearlessly us when
supported by general approvul. Tlie
run lias absolutely no purposes to
serve, save the informution of its
readers uud the iui thcratice of the
common good.
Because it Is everybody's newspaper.
No man is so humble that The Sun is
indillercnt to his welfare und his
rights. No man Is so rich that it can
ullow injustice to be done him. No
man, no association or men, is power
ful enough to exempt from the strict
application of its principles of right
ana wrong.
Because in politics it has fought for
a dozen years, without intermission
and sometimes almost alone among
newspapers, tbe nght that lias resulted
in the recent overwhelming popular
veraict against ltobesonlsm and tor
honest government. No matter what
party is in power, The Sun stands und
will continue to stand like a rock for
the interests of the people atruinst the
ambition of bosses, the encroachments
of monopolists, and the dishonest
schemes of public robbers.
All this is what we are told almost
daily by our friends. One man holds
thnt The Sun is the best religious
newspuper ever published, because its
Christianity is undiluted with cant.
Another holds that it is the best Re
publican newspaper printed, because
it has alreadv whinneii Imlf of tlio
rascals out of that purty, aud is pro-
UUMIHl, IUD UlUtT Iiail Willi
undiminished vigor. A third believes
it to be the best magazine of general
literature in existence, because its
rentiers miss nothing worthy of notice
that is current in the world of thought.
So every friend of The Sun discovers
one of its many sides that appeals
witn particular lorce to his individual
If you already know The Sun, you
will observe that 1883 it is a Mttle bet
ter than ever before. If vou do not
already know The Sun, you will Hud
it to be a mirror ot all human activity,
a storehouse of tlie choicest products
of common sense and imagination, a
mainstay for the cause of honest gov
ernment, a sentinel for genuine Jef
fersouian Democracy, a scourage for
wicKeuness or every species, aud an
uncommonly good investment for the
coming year.
Terms to Mail Subscribers.
The several editions of The Sun are
sent by mail, postpaid, as follows:
Daily 55 cents a month, $6.60 a
year: with Sunday edition, $7.70.
Weekly $1 a year. Eight pages of
the best matter of the daily issues; an
Agricultural Department of unequal
led merit, market reports, and literary,
scientiftce, and domestic intelligence
make The Weekly Sun the newspaper
for the farmer's household. To clubs
of ten with $'0, an extra copy free.
I. W. ENGLAND, Publisher,
The Sun, N. Y. City.
rmffiiWi Wo continue to
nj v l
1 trade-marks, copyrinhta, etc., for
f the United States, und to obtain p&t
U cnts in Canada, England, France.
9 Germany, and all other countries.
TUiri v-lx yxitra' practice. No
charge for examination of moduli) or draw
ings. Advice by mail free.
Patent obtained thronnh rsn are noticed la
the btlENTlFIC AMUU1CAN, which has
tho largest circulation, and is tho most iuilu
cutial newnpapor 01 ltd kind published in tho
world. The advanUiyeBolbuchauoticoevery
patentee understands.
'Xhia large and uplendidlv illustrated nows
ptor is nublishr d W K UJstL V at 3.20 a year,
.a lia admitted to be the beet pupor devoted
uj science, mechanics, inventions, engineering
work", aud other department of industrial
progress, publiahed lu any country. Bingle
copies by mail, 10 cents. Sold by all news
dealers, AddreHB, Munn tt Co., publishers of Bclea
ifio American, 2U1 Broadway, New York.
Handbook about patents) mailed froo.
foT tarn.
m MM
14 a H r;
By J. W. 15UELL.
Eniliriieliig the lives and wonderful
ndvtMWures of Wild Rill, RuffUio Bill,
Kit Curson, Capt. Payne, Capt. Jack.
I'exus Jack, California Joe. And
other celebrated Indian Fighters,
Scouts, Hunters and Guide. A true
historical work of thrilling adventures
on the plains, and In western pro
gress and civilization. Fights with
Indians! Grand Buffalo Hunts I Des
perate Adventures! Narrow Escapes!
Wonderful Shooting and Riding f
Wild Life in the Far Westl Moo
Illustrations! 16 Full-page Colored
Plates! A grand book for Agents.
Outsells everything. 518 pngee, price
$2.00. Agent's complete outfit M
cents, wutih rum copy ior cz.uo.
8W Write ut once for ugeuey, or terms
and illustrated circulars "to N. D.
THOMPSON & CO . I'lidllsbers. N.
W. Cor. 8th. Klul Hronilu-nv. Vcw
$100 up (Stool. Cover and Book).
Elegant Square Grand, 8 strings, full
AtrrnffViA ' pvurr tin r.t.nv.ttitfiit .i.K
Sf24o. Cabinet Grand Uprigh't $210
ana saw. utner urana Hoiiuay Bar
gains. Jubilee Organs, $56 up (Stool
and Book). Excelsior, style 42, Five
sect of Reeds, 15 stops, only $87.
".Oriental," style 103. Ten set of Reeds,
20 stops, only 125. No. "bogus" sets
of reeds or dummy" stops. All sent
on 15 days trial, fraight free if unsatis
factory. Fair and honest dealing
guaranteed. Sheet Mnsto J price.
Piano, Organ, or Music Catalogue free
2068, N. Y.
Walnut Leaf Hair Restorer.
It Is entirely diflirent from all
others. It is as clear aswater, and, as
its name indicates, is a perfect Vege
table Hair Restorer. It will immedi
ately free the head from dandruff, re
store gray hair to its natural color,
and produce a new growtli where it
has fallen ofl. It does not in any
manner affect tlie health, which Sul
phur, Sugar or Lead, and Nitrate of
Silver preparations have done. It
will change light or faded hair in a
few days to a beautiful glossy brown.
Ask your druggist for it. Each bottle
is warranted. SMITH, KLINE &
CO., Wholesale Agents. Philadelphia,
and HALL & RUCKEL, New York,
n 17 1 y.
and Buggies to let upon the most
reasonable terms.
BSifHe will also do job teaming.
Stable on Elk street. All orders left
at the Post Olllce w'1' receive prompt
Job work such as note paper, let
ter heads, business curds, tags and
envelopes at Tiik Advocate olllce.
Just published, a new editon of Dr.
Culverwell's Celebrated Essay on the
radical cure of Spermatorrhea or Semi
nal Weekness, Involuntary Seminal
Losses Impotcncy, Mental and Phyi
cal Incapacity, Impediments to Mar
riage, etc-; also, Consumption, Epil
epsy and fits induced by self-iuuul-
gence or sexual extravagance, &c.
The celebrated author, in this r
mirable Essay, clearly demonstra
trom a thirty years' successlul prat
that the alarming consequences
seii-aouse may no ruuicaiiy cure
pointing out a mode or cure at oneu
simple, certain, and effectual, by means
of which everv snft'urer. no matter
what his condition may be may cure
himself cheaply, privately, and raet-
JS&if This Lecture should be in the
hands of every youth and every man
in tbe laud.
Sent under seal in a plain envelope,
to any address, pout-paid, on receipt of
six cenU or two postage stamps.
The Cui.vdkwell Medical Co.,
41 Ann St., Mew York, N. Y.j Post
Office Box, 450.
Birthday cards, a beautiful variety
at The Advocate oftlce No. 6 Shanty
113 WATER 8TM NEW V03tt.
Are purer, better, stronger, and loner,
know n in the market than any other arttc.o
cf the kind. Are always sure and reliable,
i ;vl never fail to insure the best results
i.i cookery. Ask your procer f-r it and
I -V3 it a trial. Satisfaction guarantc.'i or
n j pay.
la the only de
vice of lu kirn)
tljut has stood
aud earned uni
versal public
Dots every
description of
Coukinir. Wash
ing. Ironiliii,
S32Vj2,.l cap"'"-.
, ur oilier Junics-
J tic work uertt-
the ordinal y cook stove, and without lis lusui
ft'ralile h"0t, soot, bhIiph, eu.
heluihle ittftiiiU wuiited lu unoccupied
territorv. Addrnfa,
Soneca Btrout, cor. Chdiupluhi, t'levelund, oliio.
11 1 r

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