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»0 AIL Y E V E N I N G A D V E R T I S E R.
[No. 55 of Vol. Vl.] ' Wednesday, July 25* 1794. [Whole No. 585.]^
Choice SV. Croix Sugar,
. Ami for Sale,
Bv j YAKi>. ■ , %lik
J..--.: * ■ _ ; .£ !
To the Public.
For Engraving ill Aquatinta,
Four feledV Views ;
On Plates 16 inches by 12.
Three upon the river ShannandoaTi, in
the Rate of Vi|ginia ;
jAqd one upon the Schuylkill, in the
state of Pennsylvania,
From the paintings of lIS. IVinJlanley ;
No i. A view, bv momi-light, on the
SJiannandoali, near the Gieat Ciift, Irotn
the font of Shannon Hill.
No. 2- The Sun fettin<> —a view nf the
H >ire-Shoe, from Shannon Hill.
i*!«. 3. A morning view upon the Schny
kiil, near the commencement of the Canal.
No. 4. TheSnn dilpei sing a fog— A View
npon rhe Shannandoah, 110 ma, lull weft 01
tbe Old ISloraK'y.
The Conditions are as follow -
The PMce to .Mibic ibtrr will be SIX
I't the f»ar View. t—One );alt
of which to be pad at the time of CnbCo ib
in>»—the other halt on the deliver yot the
Prims, according to the priority of the Uib
Mrl Winftanley engages tb deliver the
prints in Otlober next.
Snbfcfiptit'iW rectivrd at Mi. D >bfon •
B r >okle ler, at the Stone Hi,ufe, Second-
Steet, and at Mr. Joseph Anthony's, S.lver
Sflnth, Market St'eet.
And at Mr. John M'Elwee's, No. 75,
foutli Front street.
July it. ri2w '
Nankeens of Superior Quality,
Long and ftiort pieces
Long a*.d Ufirt black fatrtns,
B'ack Taffet e<, aim Set fhaws,
Black and cob uret! I ndia (ewing Silk,
Ornamental jars and beSfkers, _
And a lew long lets of" Tea China.
Coloured Sattiqs, Luflrir.gs, and
T 0 B / N E S,
No. 40, north Fifth Street*
July 7 TT.W&frf
A LARGE body, of this river
audits waters, is now for sale to Settlers on
/.,on moderate tern^s,andat a long credit.
The fail is remarkably fertile, and nu
ruerous ftreami of water are intcrfperfed
through the whole country.
■v. The main river flows through one tract
of about thirty thousand acres, and is with
the exception of one obftru&ion, naviga
ble to thi SufVjuehanmh.
Spring Brook Creek, which with its
braticfeci* waters another tra& of about
forty thousand acres, ot good Land, emp
ties itfeff into the Lachawannock, about
twelve iriijcs from the Snfquehannan.
It affords num.ious Mill feats, & in its
course creates large bedies of well water
ed meadow ground.
The other tracts are interfered by creeks'
of considerable importance.
Several Mills are Already ereftpd for the
accommodation of the sett ers.
• R. »ads are cut in ditferent dire&ions, to
wards Hie mod convenient market s.
The County town is not more than 12
mile* diftaut fVoin many parts ot the lit
t lenient.
The Su'quehannah affords an easy and
f3 ; e navigation to Middleton, from whence
V>e Canal to Schuylkill extends the com
monrcation to rhe city.
Another means of connexion with Phi-
Jid Ipfoia, is by the D -laware, from which
t ve distance in several places is about thirty
The proprietors combining their own in
terest with that of the inhabitants, aredif
pofed to erect works of public utility,open
oad*;, &c. and in every en miles square, a
fraft «f one hundred acres is allotted for a
sdra>! f and one hundred acres for thefirft
refrdent clergyman of any denomination of
For further particulars apply to
George Eddy.
Wilkes-Rarre, Luzerne County,
Pennfvlvania, July 9.
Lettersdi reeled tn George Eddy, at Phi
ladelphia, or this place,or io Thorjtas Eddy,
• t New York, relative to this bufinefs,will
He duly answered. eod3m
Stock Brokers Office,
No. 16, WalUftreet, New-York.
THE Subscriber intending to confinehim
felt rniirelv to the PURCHASE 3 nd
lioTciuotf r hisleTvices to hfs friends and
etbtij, in the line ol a Stock Broker. Thofc
may t«» favor htm with their bufi
<, nriay depend upon having it tranfafted
%:-h uiAicft fidelity and dispatch.
Orders trom Philadelphia, Boßon, or any
» part of the United State?, will be
Riittly aitcnd-d to.
To be Sold,
At the Merchant's Cuf" * >El©uie-ih Sv";Cond
Str«-et, on the h:tir. at 7 P 'cipek in
Av r ,he. Evening, the Sfc.\ >
Geneie-: h \pington,
(lfaaC Syh'eftfir, M^icr,.) ;
As (he new lies at S:;y's (tl;<?
feconii above Mark-1 Sreet,) burther :t
---bout 2,500 barrels, is a good strong veH.'l,
three ytars old.—-Rigging and Sails in
good order.
Approved notes at 60 and 90 days, will
be taken in payment. An inventory may
be seen at the Comptinu-Tioufe <■}'
No. 7. Water^S irefet, South, or
!, FOOTMAN & Co. Auctioneers.
The Ship
|||gp| AMIABLE,
John Thompson, master.
BURTHEN about iciu, a v. v inlr.
ftanrinl ship, built of live oak and cctlar,of
an ealV draught < f .■ a* , fall- remaik
alilv fiit, and has ve' v exceflent accommo
dations for passengers. "1 'ail the full week
in Anguft, and is intended t > return inime
d at;]y to Philadelphia.
F'or paiTage<snly :tpp'v to Cap'. Tlior'OlVm
on boardj at M< fl*rs: Warder &Co's wharf,
lot. ' '
John Mayo.
July 22 "I
A Letter of Credit,
On Charles PalelkeEfq. of Philadelphia,
from the House of MefTrs. George and
William Soltaus Widow and .Co. of
Whoever has. it are desired to
leave it with the Editor, <jnd they fiia.ll re
ceive a generous rewa-d for their troub'e.
July 22 * it
For Sale or Charter,
J Ames Devereaux,
'SHU is well found, and ivariy for sea }
would taken, freighr to the North of Eu
rpe or th e Wert- Indies, and c:*r l ies about
two thousand .barrels. For apply ta
Debiois & Breck^
Between Walnut and Chefrtet-Srreet
Wharves—Where may be had the follow
ing articles :
1000 lbs* f
New Orleans Indigo,
A Few Calks New Rice,
Sugar in Hhtis. and barrel*,
Colfee in Tierces and do.
Ruflia Duck, a!-d an AlTortmrnt of
Englljh Earthen Ware:
July 11,h, 1794 d- ,
French Revolution.
( Price two Dollars.)
No t 118, Market flreeti
From its Commencement to the exe
( etition of the Queen and
the Deputies of the
Gironde Party
Extrafl from the Preface
" The authors have prefumeo to affyt t(
their title, the epithet impartial [ and th(
reason is,becaufe they cannot charge them
lelve-. with feeling the smallest bias to any
party but to that ot truth and liberty ; ant
they flatter themselves, that their vcjtfsr
will find not only every circumltance tairj;
presented, but every action
whoever were the authors or afinrs, mark
ed in its proper colours. If it was necelfa
ry to make a declaration of their owi
principles,.they wou'd fay, they areneithe
tory nor republican— they love liberty a
' Englifli wlvigs, and execrate every crimins
aft by which so noble a caule is endangere.
i.d disgraced.
"In the present ferment of the publi
mind, they cannot flaiter themselves wit
the hope of feeing this claim ( univerfall
acknowl dged. On ihe contrary, ihty at
well ajfured that thrfe fageiwil/ not be accepu
tie to the zealots oj either parti. But tvhe
time (hall have diflipated the clouds of pol
tical deception, and app-afed the tnmu
of the passions, they will withfouie con!
d.nce expcflihat verdict from public opio
011, which andour and moderation fe
domfail to receive."
ExtraS from the Critical Review, Jun< i7g
J a Page. »
ii We have certainiv derived much pip
fare, and acquired much inlormatiou fro
hep erufals ol those volumes ; and we thn
ihem, both ior matter and style, wenhy t
attetttion of all who imerrft themselves
Events which have so jnfrly excited the cut
fity and aflonifhment yf mankind."
M. Carey will in about thee weeks Pu
lift, of the Biiti/hEmpi
ftom May i79i. to December 1793.
Med.cal Books.
By Thomas at th •~w H 'fe
*£ '-■% >
• v n I . 11.
Medical Inquiries
; ot the luttn u'.rs o! Medicine, and
* of Clmicai Pmclice »n the Univtr- v
! fity of Pennfvlvania. ,
jI. An inquiry "« to the influence of phyficil r
j caules up'U) the moral /acuity. 1
2. An inauuy iuto the cflefts of fpiritous b- t
quors noon ihe human b<«ly, and their in
fluence upon the hiippinefs of society.
3 An mqniry into the causes and cure of the
pultrionai v confuinpmiu.
4. OblVrva/ipns on the lymptumsand cure o'
dropii'.s. t
5. An Inquiry into the causes and the cureo!
internal dropsy of the brain.
6. An account of the meaflc-, as fbev np
pcand in Philadelphia, in he vear 1789. 1
*1. An account ol the influenza, as it appear
ed in Philadelphia in the years 1789,1790,
and 1 791.
8. An ihquity into the Causes ot the ii Crease
of bilious and remitting fevers, in Penn
4-ivafcia. r
9. Au inquiry into the causes and cure of fore
-10. An account of the state ot the body and
mind in old age* with obfrfrvaiions upon
its diftaf' s andtheirumed.es.
Price one dollar and a quarter unbound, 01
one dollar and a half neatly bound.
Medical Tranfa&ions t
College of Phylicians of Philadelphia.
Puce "ne dollar in boards.
A-Treatife on the Diseases of
With general dire&ions for ihe management
of infants -from 'he birth, adapted for 1
the use of phyftCians and private families. f
By Michael Underwood, M. D. J
Licentiate of Midwiferyin the* Royal Col- .
lege of Physicians i® London,
rhyiiCMn of the Biitiffr
Price one Dollar» r
This is acknowledged to be the beil boo}' '
which hai been publifHcd on the fubjc£t, anc (
is calculated so* the use of parents, "nutfes, '
and private families, as well as for physicians
-—The Iwo volumes hanofomely piinted in <
one, and the price only a bout one thiid Of
what the imported copies Te|l for.
The Edinburgh New Dispensatory, two
doljaisl v
System of Surgery, extra6led from the
works of Benjamin Bell, by Dr. Waters, 2
dols, 1
System of Anatorny, extra6ltd frbm the ]
Encyclopedia, 12 coppeipVaies, 2 dols.
System oi Chemifiry, extracted from the
Encyclopedia, exhibiting a view of tbe pro
giefs of the fciencee, and the different fyftcms
which have been publifhedi 2 dols. 50 cents.
Brown's Elements ot Medicine, 2 dols.
67 cents.
c t. Ddbfon has in the Prefs+
An edition of the Medical and Philofophi
cal Commentaries ©f Edinburgh. Two vol
umes are printed in one at 2 dollars and 50
cents pei volume; he has'nearly finifhed the
five firft volumes, which contain the firft ten
volumes of the European edition, which fell
for two dollars each. Nine volumes w;JI in
clude eighteen European volumes, which
w ill briog tbe publication up to the present/
Like<wife for sale a ccnfderable number tyf
, Medical Books, i>iz<
Cuilen's Pradice, Materia Medica, Physi
ology, and Synopsis. Bell'sSuigery, 6 vols.
\ or 4 vols, do. on Ulcers, Buchah's Domestic
Medicine, Ledran's Surgery, Chefeldcri's A
netomy, Hunter on the Venereal, Swedeea
ver on do. Rollo on Weft India Diseases ;
' Rigby on Uterine Hemorrhage, Hamilton's
outltr.es of the theory and practice of Mid
wiferv, with Or without planes; do. on the
i. anagcmeni of Female complaints. Mease
on Hydrophobia, &c. &c.
T'he Ground Plan
City and Suburbs
h 0F
IT is with pleasure that the publisher has
I to inform his fubferiber* and the public in
l' general, that the plate is now under the
hands of the engraver,and in greater for
. wardnft than was at firft contemplated. At
I the fame time he begs leave to n mind
them, that fubfeription papers'are still o
. pen at mod of the noted book-stores in the
city ; afid that he hopes from the whole
3 _ of tliem to be enabled to sot hi Inch a ref
ni peftable catalogue of nan»es, as will do a
credit to the work, as well as afford a
le reasonable encouragement to the under
in taker -
j 0 Those who are defirotts of further infor
mation are requefled to cajl on
r b e " Benjamin Davies,
No. 68, MarktV'll reet.
A P"I 14. m&thtf
In thi House of Rpfrefentaibvcs,
DECEMBER 21^,1793.
WHEREAS the Comnufiioncus ot
lie Accounts,have repoited, thai they
1 --lit "• tr uon ••' ( '
freaiury Accounts, refpcfting iptcial In
dents, without knowing the outstanding a
mount thereof in circulation {—Therefore, ir
Refotved, That all holders ot special In- c]
cu nts be dtre&ed, and require a, on or belore
ihi fir ft day of November n xt,to deliver the c
fp cial Indents in their poffeflion to one or
other of the CommifTiohers of the Tteafnry,
wtto are to give receints for the fame, and to
report to the Commiffioneri. on public ac
ounts, on or belore the tenth day of Nov- —
ember next, the amount by
!v received, and also to the Legiilature, at
their meeting in November next, and that r
II special Indents /lot rendered into the
Trealury as above, on or before the firft day
">{ Noveniber next, ftiall be, and the fame
c <re Hei eby barred.
Rcjolved, That public notice of this resolu
tion be given in the several Gazettes in this
ate, once every three weeks, uniil the fiift
ay of November next. And that the Dele
gates of this State in the Congreft of the Uui
tcd States, be requefttd to cause this icfolu- r
' >n to be published in one or more papeis
'o the cities of Philadelphia and New-York, e>
»nd that provision will be made for the ex- h
: ences attending such publication. t<
Ordered, That the resolution be sent to I>
rhe 6etiate for thctr concurrence. p
By order of the House, ii
In tht SENATE,
Dec Emb E R 21 ft , *793*
Refoived, That this House do concur with *
tht House of Repiefefitatives in the forego
ing irfolutions.
Ordered, That the resolutions be lent to c "
the House of Reprefentaiives. t(
by order of the Senate,
Wtl.Lt AM FINCFI of the New Thea- f
tre, he?s leave to inform his Friends and f
the Public, that he hac removed from t-he r
corner of Eighth and Arch streets to No. v
68. north Eighth between. Arch and Race c
ffreets, and-rhat he continues to'pive In
ftru«^ir ns io the French and Fnglifh Lan
p-i[fi«*;e«; as usual, as also tbfe ClafTics. H-e
rakes opportunity of exprellinc his ac
kpowledgcments for the very liberal en
con-a^empi t he has experienced, ?. conti
mint' nof wh : ch he be*>s leave to solicit*
N F> Tranfl-'tions from either languages
cqrrr&'y executed. d
Best Boston BEEF,
18 T 'TOr?HFAOS ■
Ncrtr-England Rum, '
Received by the fob"oner Belinda, from
Boston, and for sale by
Nalbro' & John Frazier.
No. 81, Walnut flreet. \
June ao mw&s3w
Nicholas Diehl, jun.
Attorney at Law,
INFORMS hi«i friends and theubtic,
that he has opered an OFFICE, for the fa'e
and pwrchafe of Real Estates at No. 19
south j r ourth v fi'reet, w ere he will thhnk
fully receive their command. He also
draws Deed s , Mortgages, and other Writ
June 10 . tutb'd'stf
One thousand Dollars
Some few Counterfeit Poft-Nntes of the
Bank of Maryland, having been Jarely disco
vered in circulation, and on tracing 'he fame
were found to come fiom the back parts of
Virginia, where they probably firft iflued ; to
avoid imposition it is thought ncceflary to
give the following defcriptioft of them, by
which they may readily be detcftfd.
They have the letter D, fo/Vhe-r alphabeti
cal mai k, at the left hand fide of the Note.
H The paper on which they are prinred is
more foft and tender, the strokes of the letters,
in the engraving are in general flronger, and
have a darker appearance than in the bills.
The signature William Patterfon, is badlv
done, the strokes of the letters, are ftiff and
labored, and appear to be painted over with
the pen, as well as the flouriftiing of the name.
Tuevrflue is left blank in the engraving, to
be filled up in writing, so the furn may be
more oriels at phafure.
No true Pt ft-Notes of the alphabetical
mark, above d'feribed, have been lately if-
I (ued, and very few are n>w in circulation.
The above reward of One Thousand do!- 1
; lars will be jiaid to any pe'fon, or perOms,
who fhalldifcover, or prosecute to conv.&iop,
the several or any of th<im. ot the
, following description, viz.
j The person or petfons who engraved the
The printer, or printers of the said bills.
Every peifon who has a£tcd as piincinal
any way in '.he counterfeiting and uttering
the said bills.
of'the Bank cf
Bme, April 8, 94.
Insurance Company of North
THE Stockholders ,are inforttieJ thaf a
dividend of iix per cent for the La ft f,x
months, on the amount of the capital paid
; hab fitch agreoa *a r a»d.
to them, or to their legal repreltnratives,
in ten days from this date, agreeably to the
charter of the incorporation
By order of the President and Diree
ors, *
July 14 diw
Scheme of a Lottery,
To raise 39,900 Dollars, on 266,000-
Dollars, deducing 15 per Cent, from
the Prizes—this Lottery conjijts of
38,000 Tickets, in which there are
H'539 Pri-zes and 23,461 Blanks,
being ainui one and an half Blanks to
a Prize.
THE Directors of the Society for establish
ing Ufejul Manufaffurcs, having refolv
ert to erect LOTTERIES for railing Oat
Hundred Thousand Dollars, agreeably
loan AS of die Lcgiflature of the State of -
New-Jersey, have appointed the following
persons to fuperinlrnd ano difeft the draw*
ingof-the fame, viz. Nicholas Low, Ru!ui
KHiV, Herman Le Roy, James Watson,
I Ktchard Hairrfc;i, Ai>ijah Hammond, and
| Cornelius Kay, of the city ol New-Yoik
I Thomas "Willing, Jofcph Ball, Matthew M'-
| Connel and Andrew Bayard, of the city of
I Philadelphia—His Excellency Richard How
| ell, Esq. Elias Boudinot, General Elias Day
I ion, James Parker, John Bayard, Doflor
I Lewis Douham, SsmuelW. Stockton, Joshua
I M. Wallace, Jofcph Bluomfield, and Eliflia
I Boudinot, of N. w-Jerfey, who offer the
j following Scheme cl a Lottery, and pledge
I themselves to the public, tiiat they will take
I every assurance and precaution in their power
I 10 have the Monies paid by the Managers,
I fiom tinoe to time,, as received, into the
I Banks at New-Yoik and Philadelphia, to
, I remain for the purpole of paying Prizes
I which (hall be immediately discharged by a
\ I check npon one of |he Banks.
1 Prize of 20,000 Dollars isSso.coo
1 10,bC0 XO,OGO
2 s> Co ° J 0,000
5 2,c00 10,000
•J 10 I, COO 10,000
; I 20 s°° I^,ooo
I IC ° 100 10,000
I 3 DD 15,000
I 1000 20 20,000
I 2000 *5 -30,000
I 3 000 12 36,000
8 icq io 81,000
I *'4>53$ Priics. 262,000
I Blanks. First drawn number, 2,000
1 j ' x Lad d rawn number, 2,000
I 38;O°0 Tickets at *j Dollars each is 266,000
The drawing will commence, under the
I infpe&ion of a Committee of the Superin-
I tendants, as soon as the Tickets are fold, of
I which timely notice will be given.
The Superintendants have appointed John
I N. Cumming, of Newark, Jac<Sb R. Har-
I denberg, of New-Brunfwick, .and Jonathan
j Rhea, of Tienton, as immediate Managers
I thereof, who have given ample fccuiily lor
I dtfeharging the trust reposed in them.
(}<? In order to fccure the pun&ual pay
e I meat of the Prizes, the Superintendants of
9 I ihe Lottery have dire&cd that the Managers
k I shall each enter into bondfc in 40,000 dollars,
ol with four fuflficieni fecuriti s, to^erfoim their
C_ I infti uflions, the fubltance of which is
I I. That whenever either of the Managers
I shall receive the sum of Three Hundred Dole
I lars, he shall irnmdiuely place the fame in
I one of the Banks of New-Yoik or Philadel-
I phia, to the ciedit of the Governor of the
I Society, and such of the Supeiintendahts as
I live in the city where the monies are placed,
I to remain there nntil the Lottery is drawn,
ie I for the pay-mnt of the Prizes.
0- r 11. The Managers to take lufficient fe
nc I curity for any Tickets they may trust, other
of j wife to be refponiible for ibem.
to I 111. To keep regular books of Tickets
to I fold, Monies received and paid into the ;
?y I Bank, abftra&s' of which shall be sent,
I monthly, to the Governor of the Society.
ii» I Patcrfon. January 1, 1794.
I On application to either of the above gfn
is I tlemen, information will be given where
rs, I tickets riSav be had.
id I February 24. tnScftf
ll v 1 The Lottery pub'Jfhed by the
nc j I t( Society for establishing ufeful manufac
iti, I tures," will comlV*ence drawing the firft
ie. I Tuesday in November next **-
to I - .
bc jTo the Electorsof the city and
\I county of Philadelphia*
I 'Gentlemen,
° " I '"p'HIS being the last year of the pre
"n' I JL sent Sheriff's time in office. I take
(hi I tlie ''berty to offer myfelf a Candidate,
j and solicit Your votes and interests in my
the | favour, t?> plate me on the return atth*
1 next general Eleftior, as his fuccefTor for
I laid office; in doing which, you will confer
lir I an obligation that will be gratefully re-
I merabeied, by
I Your {noil obedlen',
nr I • ar.fl humble lervanr^
May 3. «

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