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Life of llo^ard,
J. o R B M RO D,
(Price 75 Cents)
At Franklin's Head, No. 41, Chefnut
A VIEW of the
Life, Travels and Philan-
thropic Labours,
of the late
F. R. S.
Embellished withaftriking likeness of that
Citizen of the World.
To which is subjoined an ODE inferibed to
John Howard, by William Hayley, Elq.
FROM realm to realm, with erofs or
erf tint crown' d y
Where'er mankind and misery are found\
O'er burning sands, deep waves > or wilds
of , r now,
Oreat HOWARD journeying seeks the
house of wot.
ijowHTnany a windingftep to dungeons dank>
Where anguish wails aloud 9 undfetters clank:
To caves befirevj d with mdny a mould'ring
And telhj zuhofc etjnts onh learn fy gtean;
—fifiikfofti be appvej !—Di/aq[e*jind dtatb
And murm' ring demons hate him, and ad
Sept. I.
Medical Books.
Bj 'Thomas Dobfony at the Stone House
No, 41 9 south Sec-o dJlreety
VOL. 11.
Medical Inquiries
ProfciTor of the Institutes of Medicine, and
of Clinical Pra&ice in the Univer
fnynl Pennsylvania.
I. An inquiry into the influence of phyfica
caused upon the moral faculty.
s. An inquiry intothf effects of fpirimus li
quors ii|>on the human body, and their in
fluence upon the happinef» of society.
3 An inquiry into the causes and core of the
puliwonaiy. confurrtptiOn.
4. (). lct»a(ioii» on the fyinpiuitisand Cure of
5. An Inquiry into the causes and the cure of
internal dropsy of the brain.
6. An account of the meaflei, as- thry ap
peared in Philadelphia, in the year 1789.
7. All account of ihe-influenza, as it appear
ed fn Philadelphia in the years 1789,1790,
and 179<.
8. An inquiry into the Caufej ot the increase
of biliumand remitting fcverj, in Penn
sylvania. «
Ao inquiry into the caufejattd Mre Wrote
kg*. ,
io. An account ©F the ftite of the body and
mind in old age, with obfervattons upon
its diseases and their remedies.
Price one dollar and a quarter unbound/ or
one dollar and a half neatly bound.
Medical Tranfa&ions
Of the
College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
PncC one dollar in boards.
A Treatise on the Diseases of
With general directions f >r the management
of infants from the birth, adapted for
theuieol physicians and private families.
By Michael Underwood, M. D.
Licentiate o! Midwifery in the Royal Col-
lege of Physicians in London, and
Pfiyfician of the Biitifti
Price one Dollart
This is acknowledged to be the best bool
which has been publilhed on the fubjeft, anC
is calculated sot the use of parents, nurses,
and private famifies, as well as for physicians
—The two volumes handfomeVy printed in
one, and the price only about one third of
what the imported copies fell for.
The Edinburgh New Dispensatory, two
System of Surgery, extra&'•' from the
work's of Benjamin Bell, by Di 1 . Waters, 2
dols. 50 cents.
System of Anatomy, extfaftcd from the
Encyclopaedia, with I 2 copperplate#, 2 dols.
System of Chemistry, extracted from the
Encyclopaedia, exhibiting a* view of tbe pro
frefs of the fciencee, and the different fyfleme
which have been publiHied, 2 dols. 50 cents.
Brown's Elements of Medicine, 2 dols.
67 ccnts.
T. Dob/on has in the Prefix
A fdjtion of the Medical and Philofophi
e»l Commentaries of Edinburgh. Two vol
umes arc printed in one at 2 dollars and 50
cents per volume; he bas neatly fmifhed the
fivr firft. volumes, which contain the firft ten
volumes of the European edition, which fell
for two dollaiseach. Nine volumes will in
elude eighteen European volumes, which
will bnog the publication up to the ptefent
I.lke'vife for [ale a con fillarable number oj
Medical Books y viz.
Mullen's Pra&ife, Materia Medica, Phyfi
"ibgy, and Synoplis. Bell'sSurgcry, 6 vols,
or 4 vils, do. on Ulcers, Buchau's Domestic
Medicine, Ledran's Surgery, Chelclden's A
hetomVj, Hunter on the Venerea], Swedeea
ver on o Roljo on Weft India Diseases;
011 l T tenne Hemorrhage, Hamilton's
riutiir.es the t'he*orv and pra&ice of Mid
wifery, vkith or without plates; do. on the
management o1 Female complaints. Mease
v on Hydrophobia, &e. &c.
Burlington Pork.
Best Burlington Pork,
Levi Hollingfworth & Co.
Oft. 6
Fine Liverpool
To Bt Sold
From the Ship Thomas,
The fecopd wharf below Pine-Street, ap
ply at said wharf, to
Jehu Hollingfworth, & Co.
Aug. z6. d.
Card Nail Factory,
No. 59, north Front llreet,
Webster, Adgate & White,
Have conjlatuly for sale,
Cotton, Wool, Tow, and
Machine Cards,
Cut Nails of all sizes,
Floor Brails, Sprigs and Tacks,
Fullers Shears, Gun Flints and Woo
A quantity of kiln dried Indian in
A new Edition Of Adgate's Philadelphia
Harmony, containing both the firft and 1c
cond part?, being the moil apr oved fyf
tcm of Rules and tbe best collection of
Tunes now in use,
Machinery for making Cards
On an Improved Confirmation.
Oft. 2 w&stf
Scheme of a Lottery,
Toraife 39,900 Dollars, on 266,000 Dollars,
15 pea Cent, from the Prizts—»
This Lottery conftfts of 38,000 Tickets, in
which thete are 14,531 I'rizes, and 23,461
lilatiks, being about one and an half blanks to
a poize.
THE Dire&ors of the Society foreftablrth
ing IKclul Manufa6lures, having resolv
ed to ere£t LOTTERIES for raising One
Hundred Thousand Dollars, agreeably
to an Aft of the Legiflaturc of the St te of
N'ew-Jerfey, have appointed the following
perfon6 to fupei intend and direst the draw
ing of ll> % fame, viz. Nicholas Low, Rufus
King, Herman Le Roy, James Watson,
Richard Harrifon, Abijah Hammond, and
Cornelius Ray, of the city ot New-York—
Thomas Willing, Joseph Ball, Matthew M -
; Corinel and Andrew Bayard, of the city of
Phil-idelphTa—His Excellency Richard How
. ell, Etq. Klias Boudfru»t, General Elias Day
ton, Jam<s Parker, John Bayard, Do&or
Lewis Donhatn, Samuel W. Stockton, Jothua
M. Wallace, Jufcph Bloomfield, and Elifha
Boudinot, of Nrw-Jerfey, who offer the
following Scheme ot a Lottery, and pledge
thcmfclvcs to the public, that they will take
<!very afluraace and precaution in their power
to have the Monies paid by the Managers,
from tinae to time, a* received, into the
Banks as New-York and Philadelphia, to
remain for the purpose of p.aying Priz
which (hall be immediately discharged by a
check upon one of the Banks.
fTiieof 20,000 Dollars it 90,000
> 10,000 f 10,000
1 5,000 10,000
5 2,000 t 10,000
10 1,000 10,000
40 500 I«, 000
160 100 < 10(000
300 $0' IjiOOO
jo«o #0 -A, »fc,ooo
2OHO Ijj .„ 30,000
JOOO - lj! 36,000
8100 10 81,000
* \
14,539 Prizes. 262,000
23,461 Blanks. First drawn number, 2,000
38,000 Tickets at 7 Doltari each is 266,006
The drawing will commence, under the
infpeftion of a Committee of the Superin
tendants, as soon as the Tickets are fold, of
which timely notice will be given.
The Superintendants have appointed John
N. Cumming, of Newark, Jacob R. Har
denberg, of Ncw-Brunfwick, and Jonathan
Rhea, of Trenton* as immediate Managers
thereof, who have given ample f«curity for
discharging th* trust reposed in them.
In order to fccore the punctual pay
ment of the Prizes, the Superintendents of
the Lottery have directed that the Managers
(ball each enter into bonds in 40,000 dollars,
with four fuffkient fccurities, to perform their
inOtu&ions, the substance of which is
I. That whenever either of the Managers
shall receive the sum of Three Hundred Dol
lars, he Ihall immdiately place the fame in
one of the Banks of New-York or Philadel
phia, to the ciedit of the Governor of the
Society, and such of the Superintend ants as
we in the city where the monies arc placed,
.0 remain thereuntil the Lottery is drawn,
or the payment of the Prizes.
11. The Managers to take fufficient se
curity for any Tickets they may trust, other
wise to be responsible for them.
111. To keep regular books of Tickets
fold, Monies received and paid into the
Hank, abftra&s of which (hall be sent,
nonthly, to the Governor of the Socicty.
Paterfon, January 1, 1794.
On application to either of the above gen
tlemen, information will be given where
tickrts may be had.
February 24.
The Lottery publiOied by the
I Society for establishing ufeful manufac
* tures," wilt commence drawiog the firft
I Tuefdav in November next •-
PHILADELPHIA:—Printed by JOHN FpNNO, No. 119, Chesnut Street.—Price Six Dollars Per Ansbm
Also for Said,
Laftdrawa number,
This day a few pipes of the firjl quality
French Brandy,
Fourth Proof,
Efteemtd equal to any that has been in this
city for a number of years,
Forty Hog/head) of firjl quality of
Sr. Croix Sugar j
And a few Tons of
Good Black Pepper,
Levinus Clark/on,
No. j 16, south Water street.
OA. 8 d
. The Gazette of the United
States it now publijhed at No. 119
Chf.snut street—to which place tht
OFFICE of the Editor is removed, and
tuhere Printing Work in general is
I. Neale & H. Kammerer,
Have just publisheD,
And now for Sale,
Price half a dollar,' neatly bound, at the
Bookstores of Mefirs. T. Dobfon, R.
Campbell, and J. Ormrod ; also at H.
Kammerer's, No. 24, north Third
Select Stories,
For the infirucliori and amujement of
Youth. Adapted to the use
of Schools•
From the French of M. Berquln.
ExtraS from the Preface.
14 To the honor ot Mi. Berquin's tafle,
it may be said, that he has united simple
elegance with intereding variety, but ri
gidly fepaiat. d both from the flightelt ap
proath of whatever is vulgar or puerile f
a merit much more caliiy praifedtnan imi
tated. The art of ail uling ch.ld e«,whilll
at the fame time the Infant Genius is rail
ed and rhe Heart mended, appears tram
lis works to be no contemptible effort oi'
:he mind. Wberevei, therefore, the uti-
lity of fucli ah undertaking is acknowledg
ed, the reputation of Mr. bciquin must
ever be heid in deferveri e'ffeem.
" Happily such i< the agreeable ♦erfatili
:y of Mr. A.i'd feenins, that
it would be diiheu-t to proi ounce in what
department he excels : whether in the
lively or the pathetic; tlie'fmiple language
of narrative, or the animated points of
couverfauoo : whither in Dfrcwd remarks
upon private life, or in florid description
of the beauties of nature.
" pieces of every various excellence
that is to be found in the writings of Mr.
Berquin, compote the following volume,
which,- it is hoped, will be thought a valu
able fubltitute (wl.e.e fucli may be prefer
red) u> tlie larger and more extensive
works of the fa;iie author."
At No. 24, north Third ft reel, may also be
had the following
New Publications:
Smeliie's Natural Philofopy, \$J"
History of the French Revolution, 15/
Life of Howard,
The Italian Nun, 6f
The Mirror, 2 vols. 11/3
The Devil upon two Sticks,
The Life of Cheftei field, 10f
Chefterfield's Principles of Politeness,
New Robinfoh Crufor, 6/iS
The Beauties of Sterne", 4/6
Baron Tienk, 6f i
Hiftoryof America, <jif
Evelina, a Novel, 2 vols. 11/3
The Inquisitor, 5/3
Comple-e Letter-Wrjter, 4/6
The Trtyels of Cyrm, -jfb
Mejnoirs of Major Gen. Lee, 8/4
Ru -it Economy, 7/6
Select Fables of Elop, by R. Dndfley,4jfc
Vocal Muse, or Ladies Songster, jyij
Marvellous Works ot Nature,
Sentimental Lucubrations, %f.
Julia, a Novel, fl/6
Cuiiofities of Literature,
Ladies Literary Companion, 2/9
Miscellanies, moral and inftruftive, 2ft
I-ouifa, a poetical Novel, 2f6
Courtftiip and Matrimony, i/6
Sylvan Letters, tfio
Life of Baion Trenk, abridged, iJ\o
Fables for Ladies, 1/10
Letters from Yorick to Eliza, 1/4
Fallen Cottage, Jovial Songlter, &c. &c
At the above place may be had Blank
Books of different k
Ofiober 8.
Twenty Dollars Reward.
MY Saddle Mare was stolen from Wye
Mill, Talbot County, Maryland, on the
night of the 3 0t b of August lath She is
black, and supposed to be ten or twelve
years old, tinder fourteen hands high, com
pa& and handsome, bianded with the let
ter O, on the left fhoulde, a hndfojue
star on her foreheed, a large full ey« the
neckcreft fallen, aflat buttock, her fore
foot turns in, and one of them white ; Ihe
racks, trots and canters, has good spirits,
and goes very pleasantly. If taken up out
of the date, I wrllgiv* the above reward
of twenty dollars and all reasonable char
ges, if within the state and thirty miles
from XVye Mill, eight do'lart and reason
able charges, and if a (borter distance in
proportion, to any person *ho will deliver
her to the Subfcrtber at the m'>H.
Nat. Kennard.
Wye Mill, Talbot County, Sept. 2
Asflieton Humphreys,
Attorney at Law,
Notary Public & Conveyancer,
AT his Office 111 South Second. Strset,
the lower corner ol Norris's Alley, and
nearly opposite the City-1 avern, continues
to tranlaet business in the above branches,
as heretofore, and draws at a. moderate
charge, Dieds, Bonds, Mortgages, Powers
of At orney, Bills of Sale, and Bottomree
Charter Parties, Memorials, Petitions,
and oth.r Instruments in Writing. H; al
so continues to buy dr-d Jell Real Estates,
upon Coinmiflioii; and has at present a
fewvaluable Farms. &c. for sale.
Ott«>ber it. 17^4.
Public Notice is hereby
To the Freemen of the City and County
of Philadelphia,
to be held for the city and county aforefaid
or TUeldty the 14th day ol Oftotei next,
at the State Hoofe in the city 0 Philadel
phia, where the Freemen of the diftriftof
Southwark, and of the town (hps of the
Northern Libertie , Movmienfiug, Pass
yunk, Blockley, and are also
:o hold their eleftionj. The Freemen of
the townships of GermantoWn, Roxbo
rough, and Bt'iAbl, are to' hold their elec
t ons at the Union School-house in Gtr
mantown : And the Freemen of theother'
townships in ihe said count , are to hold
their eledliontat the house now or late of
John Barnfley, in Buftletown, in the
townlhipot Lower Dubiirj. The Judges
In f peiSors, &c. for the pretent yea', tobe
chosen according to the LSI re et ion of the late
aft to regulate tK- General Elections; and
the returns, to be made as The e
lefiion to be opened between the hours of
ten in the morning and one in the after
noon ; at which places the Electors of the
city and county are to choose,
In Congrcfs.
One Reprcfentative lor the City of
Philadelphia, and
One Representative for the County of
For ihecity of Philadelphia, for the coun
ty «f Do. and for the county of Dela
Four persons for Representatives of the
In Genera! Jljfemlly-
Six perfsns for Heprilentatives for the
Six pfrfons for Reprefeutatives for the
Two persons l'or Sheriffs for the City
and County. i
Que Conimiffior>er f»r the City and Co»n-
And the Constables of the City and
County are required to hold their elections
in their ref;ieftive Wad 1? and Townftlips
oil Saturday the nth day of Octobcr next
to elect Townihip and Wa'd Alienors and
Infpcftors, to attend attlje said General
Election at the State House uforefaid.
William Will,
Ofl. t
Carriages for Hire.
In Pike ftrect, No. 123, between
Fourth and Fifth streets,
BY the Day, the newest falhioned Car
riages, as Coaches, Coachees, Cha
riots and Light Waggons, with two
or four Horses, and careful steady drivers.
The ten/is reasonable, and all favors grate
fully acknowledged.
To be Sold,
The House, Stables, & Zo/
, of Ground >
August 26,
In Second street, between Sprnce and
Union street s, in the occupation of his
Britannic Majefly's Minister.
The Adjoining Lot y
26 feet from, nndr49vfefit deep,
terras of sale, apply to
Wm. Cramond.
Aug. 14
Stock Brokers Office,
No. 16, WalUftreet, New-York.
THE Subfcribei intending to confinehim
(elt entirely to the PURCHASE and
leave to off r hisfervices to bis friend? and
otb-ers, in the line of a Stock Broker. Those
who may pjeafc to favor liim wiihtheir bufi.
ness. may depend upon having it tranfa&ed
with the mmoft fidelity arid dispatch.
Orders from Philadelphia, Boston, or any
other part of the United States, will be
! ftri&ly attended to.
Principles and Observations
Pot and Pearl AJhes.
InfpecStor of Tot and Pearl-Ashes for the
Commonwealth of Mafiachufetts.
Published according to A<fk of Congress.
These observations relate u> an extensive
business ; and are defigued, in the plainest
manner, to convey profitable information
to those interested in it, who have not leis
ure or opportunity to learch for the prmci
■plet therein contained, in the writings of
profefiional ChemifU.
rod 4*».
o F
.At the STORES of
Jefle & Robert Wain-
PORT WINE in pipes, hhds. and QU / r
ter calks H
LISBON do. in pipes and quarter calks
Soucliongand Congo TEA 6, in quarter
A quantity of Lilbon and Cadiz SALT
Soft (helled ALMONDS in bales
i Velvet CORKS, in do.
I Kuffia MATTS.
June 9
Whereas an attach
ment atthefuit of the adrainiftiatoisol all
and firgular the goods and chattel', ri hts
and credits, which were of Willitm Bur.
nrt deceased, at the time of his death
hath been iffuedout of the Inferiour Coujt
of common pleas, in and for iheCount>of
Middlelex, against the Goods and Charles
Lands and Tenements of 1.-riu» Martm
late of the county afotefaid, retuinablc to
the thirdTuefday in July last. NOTIfE
is hereby given to the laid Irenius Martin
that unless he appear and file foeual biiil to
the said aftieo, on or before tin third Tues
day in January next, judgment will be en.
tered against him by default, an/d the go< ds
and chattlec, lands and tenements so at
tached, fold for ihe fatisl.dion of such of
his creditors as (hall appear to be justly tn .
titled to any demand thereon, and lhal lap—
ply for that purpose, according tothefotm
of the statute in fucli cale madeSt provided
By order of the Courf,
DEARE, Clerk.
I avtf.
A\ig. 10,
Two Apprentices
To the Printing Bufinels. Enquire at this
the following
Tracts of Land,
in Virginia.
ONE traftin Frederick county, coniain
ing 87 j6 acres, being part of that whereon
col. Thomas Bryan Man in now reikies,
known by the name of Gieenway coin t, a
bout 12 mijes from Winchester and 5 from
Newtown. For the convenience of pur
chasers, it will be divided into parcels of
various dimeniions from 200 to 600 acres,
which may be viewed by application to col
R. K. Meade, living near thepremifcs*~
The grea.er part is very fertile and well
Anothef tiatt in the fame county on
Passage crefck, containing 23£>~atres| and
adjoining Jacob Leviiyjoods.
Another tratt in Hampfliire county,con
taining by patent, 699 acres, called Slim
Bottom, situate on both fides ot the Souti
Branch and within two miles of the mouth
of it, and is supposed to have a good mill
Another tra<?t in Hamp(hire county on
New Creek and Kettle-J.ick , Containing
501, acres.
Another tract in Prince William county,
called Leefylvania, containing upwards of
2000 acres, lyingupon Potomack river, a-
Uout23 miles below Alexandria, and 28
below ttie City of Walhington, compie
hending Frecftone Point, appears to
be a quarry of frce-ftonc, covrring about
50 acres and adjoins the river, where ves
sels of 100 tons conveniently harbour. On
another part of this tract it isfuppofed there
is a quarry of ilate, convenient to 'water
carriage. Upwards of two thirds are in
woods. Mr. Enoch S. Lane, living on the
premises, will (hew this tract.
Another craft, in Fairfax county, called
Springfield, containing 2040 1-2 acres, 3-
b«ut 13 miles from Alexandriaand iofrom
Walhington ; abounds with fine springs and
meadow ground, and maybe seen by apply
ing to Mr. John Wood, living en part of
Anothertraft in Fairfax county, con
taining 392 acre!, on Turkey-cock Run, a
bout 6 Alexandria.
Another ttaft in Fairfax county, contain
ing about 176 acres, adjoining Mr. J. Wat
son's feat, about four miles from Alexan
Another tract, in Fairfax county, con
taining 513 acres, near Occoquan, joining
Mr. Edward Washington's.
Another tract, in Fairfax county, con
taining 80 acres or thereabout, within a
mile of Pohick Landing, and within five
miles of Mount Vernon, lies level, ami is
well timbered
An undivided moiety in another tract,
containing about 284 acres, in Fairfax
county, abouts milesfrorn Walhington, &
9 from Alexandria, where J. Robinl'on for
merly lived.
Another parcel of land, within » mile
of Alexandria ,oontaining about 24 acres,
and to be fold in acre or half-acre lots.
Also, sundry unimproved lots ofvarious
sizes, in different parts of the town of Al
exandria. .
Todefcribe the premises more particu
larly is deemed unnecessary, as it is expec
ted every person will examine and view
whatever part he shall be inclined to buy.
My only objett being to raise a certain ftim
of money, by felling so many or such parts
of the aforefaid tra.dts of land and lots as
shall be necessary for that purpose, one
of th« purchase money muit be paid at the
time of contract, and the other within a
year from the firft day of August next, and
at the time of delivering pofieflion or exe
cuting a legal conveyance. The lands re
maining unfold, except the fradt m Piirte
William, after raising a limited furr, will
l*e divided into tenements, and lea ed tor
a term of years. From the 12thday ot Oc
tober next, till the 15th of Hecembr, I
(hall be in the city of Richmond, and ui'ft*
that time I shall remain at home, in Alex
andria, at which places, or elfewhe;e, 1
(hall be prepared to detail particulars, and
to enter into contrails.
Alexandria, J<rly 28
Au 5. 8

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