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Gazette of the United States and daily evening advertiser. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1794-1795, November 29, 1794, Image 4

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' Manager* aitft&fu&j aftfljintthc
"Public, that tbe * f
Entertainments for the Season
Wednesday, the 3d December
Partieiiliri will be expressed in Future
Advert Temects.
Mw. -44
This day a few pipes of the firjt quality
French Brandy,
Fourth Proof,
Esteemed equal to any that has been in this
city tor a number of years,
Forty Hog/btads of fiijl quality of
Si. Croix Sugar,
And a few Tons of
Good Black Pepper,
FOii S.4LE Br
Lcvintis Clarkfon,
Tvo. ii 6, south Water street.
oa.j? d
Prntti • bnard tfv B'rmingbnm Parget,
and the Hen-y and Charles,
from rtnoibu'zb, -
F't-r/burgh's jirfl quality
B /tH. IRON, Swedes, ajorted
TIN, in tlates, A*, do.
GENEVA in hkds.
B 4GGING', German ajpjrted
Black Quart liottles,
DEMIJOHNS, Window Ghfi,
Feathers of superior quality,
MATTS, jc. iyc.
Thomas & John Ketland.
Aug. 26 d
I'ini Liverpool Saltj
To Be Sold
From the Ship Thomas,
The jeeond wharf below Pine-Street, ap
ply at said wrhkyf, to
Jehu HtfHingfworth', & Co;
Aug. i 5. -d.
Thomas M'Euen,
Slock and Land Broker,
■ ■ •
No. 78, CHBiNOT-iSTRW T,
W" IHfjO-l MS hii that da.jag bis
ncajpfn Rhilatfeljtbtl^aft■ Vyiftam
*vC*■«his Suliiuf's csirrirH on
at a» ufij.it, tj Mr. Tl»bn<js Hate
wbere'9r((ert in hi t fyie iwift r * tMakfnlly
ttc«i*ed' J »Wi everyAtten-lfcri pa d to>
tbera. , .'
C*. to . . d
German Paflengers,
Healthy Iradefmen,
Air just arrived in thefoip Pejgy, from
Amfterdjm, whofr time are to be agreed
fiw, by .applying on bna-'llaid ihip, or to
Rundle & Murgatroyd,
No. 11, H'alnut Jtrtct -jjharf.
Not-. 4 tutb : Jf
Ticklenburgs, O/naburgs,
and Glafe Ware,
Landing fro«i o>i board the /hip / eggj,
from Amjirrdtim.
Coffee of prime Quality
In hogOieads and tierces,
Mu'fcovado Sugars
in hogfheada,
German Steely
In fnr.'all Bales, &c. for sale by
Rundle Murgatroyd y
No. 11, Watrvit itreet wharf.
Who want to purchafc 300 or 400
Casks Good Flaxfeed.
N<V. II Jtawtf
The Editor of the Level of
Europ* and North America, ever anxious
to communicate, to Enropair, who may be
tlefiroirtof Settling in this Contitfrptywiat
ever may tend to inform them ot the ad
vantage* they may find here, whether in
agricuitute or in commerce, hai the honor
to acqnaint the pub'ic,- that he lias under
taken the tranflaticn of a work just publilh
ed undet the title of A View of the United
Statei of Averica. This tranfiation will be
executed with the permission of the Anthor
Tencft Cnxe, E r q. ComQiiffiiiner of the
Revenue* "( the United State*.
P. Egron, L. L. D.
Nov. 20
Stock Brokers Office,
No. 16, Wall-street, Niw-York
THESubfcriber intend in* to confinehim
felf cntirelv to the PURCHASE and
to off r hisferviccs to hi* friends and
others, in the-lme ol a Stock Broker. Those
■who may pieafc n» favor him wiihtheir bufi.
oeft, may depend upon havinj it trinfaficd
the uimoft fidelity arid difpateh.
Oidervliom Philadelphia, Bolton, or any,
eth-fr part ot ihe United States, will be
llrifUy attended to.
Sallad Oil,
Of a friperior quality in boxes of twelve
ro k saiet
Grubb, Mather Es* Hill.
'ER. lolicuous torcndvT hij MUSEUM
n>ie Bud more an . o jest of rational
taierta.niiie it, awl iuhierv ent to toe ip
terefts of ufefui f'ci-iice, has on toe iu gef
tion and with til: advice of a uiiinbct >»l
-fiis friends, provided a Cook, which will
-w always nuen for (hi.- iirfpefriou of those
w'io visit hn Muleuin, in which book it i;
proposed to inlert all such iifcovcries, in
ventions, (scheme ' obfer
vKtions, expeiiments, projects, hints or
queries relating to the arts or fcionce-, as
any of i-.Ts visitors, or c-jrrefpoiidents.inay
from timetorime coinmu.iica'e.
Such a; m>y chufe to conceal thpir names
inay citlierfend theircominuiiicaii<ntano
nymous, or at their desire, C- \V. Peale
will i«fcrttheir names, withthe ni:tuiieror
lignatu'e rif ther refpeftive com:uunica
-I.ons iii a private book which he (hit.'keep
for th.it (>ofe.
The advantages ot fucha public remitter
obvion* Itwillrefcue from obfifrioM
many u&fnl hints, which might "flirrwiie
have died with then authors. It may fe
curc to inventor- ihci# j jfl claims, andp e
vent others from taking the bono: or profit
of a d : {covery to which they art nor en-
am! as ti«e iVLufctnn is now visited
; >yper!"ons from a!m<>ft all parts of the
vor!d, lues a,reg : fter, it is perfumed, will
soon contain and Ix; the means of n flVjii*-
natinga vail fund of ufeful knowledge, and
promote »hat foirit of enquiry and invn.
'ion, for which (he people of the United
States ar« aleady fojuftly distinguished.
the following
Tracts of Land,
in Virginia.
ONE traA in Frederick county, contain*
ing 8756 acrn, toeingjwrt efthat whereon
col. Tboma* Bryan Mucin nrw refidejj
known by the >aat«f Grtniway court, a--,
boat 12 ailei froni Wigclirltet ind j Irom
Newtown. Fot tbe coo¥feiiejice of pur-
Chafers; it will be divided into pared* of
vuioutdtmeniioritgaa to 630 acrei,
wbieh may be viewed by imitation to col
R. K* Mx'tc'e, li«fiig near theprf iniTi-s—
Thegreaitrpartiit very'fertile and weil
Another tiaft in tht faint county on
Palfage ir»eh, f entiinlbg *JP acres, and
adjoining Jacob LeviAgoods.
Another tract in Hampflurc cnnivry,con-«
tainhig bj patent, 699 acres, called Slim
Bottom, fituste on botli fitfejof tbe Snutli
tiraa£tf iforf 41 thin two miles of the woutli
of il, and is fnppofed to jbav* a good mill
AiM»tbe(,tca& is Hampkjre count} en
New M «aA- l{«»l< Ll«k 4 uomjluTii#
Anrother tra£ in Prince Wilfiam county,
called Leefy.lvania,' containing.uptv&rds of
2000 acres, lyingupon Potomftck river, a
bout 23 miles below Alexandria, and 28
below the City of Wafliington, compre
hending Frecftonc Point, which appears to
be a quarry of free-Cone, covering about
acres a»rd adjoins the river, where vef
feis of too tons con venientiy harbour. On
another part of thi-. tract u fofuppofed there
is a quarry of fMe, convenient to water'
carriage. Upwaids of two thirds are in.
woods. Mr. Enoch S. Lane, living
premise.si will o»ew this tract.
Another tract* in Fairfax, county, called
Springfield, containing 2040 1-2 acres, a
bout 13 in*les from Alexandria aqd 10from
Washington ; abounds with fine springs and
meadow ground, and inay be seen by apply,
ing to Mr. John Wood, living on part of
AnotheriraA ill Fairfax county, £*i>
tjhri»g 392 acre?, on Turkey-cock Sun, a
boat €fnilesftom Alexandria.
Another tiift in Fairfax
ing about 176 acres, qidji>i»ing Mr. J. Wat<
fon'iftat, ibont foor aitlts. from Alexan
AaothertraA, in Fairfax county, cen
tainiogs*3 res, near Occoquau, joining
Mr. Edward Waihjngjon's. _ ' \ i _
Another tract, in Fairfax comity*
dU|gjt£ So acres or ther<adx>ut, witMjf'i;
Landing, and within frW
Mom Vernon, lies icrel, aa4 i»
vKlibered ■ I
"Tthundividecl moiety in another tsAfl
containing about 184 acres,
9 t'ron* Alexandria, where J.
ntsrfy lived.
Anotlier parcel of land,
of Alexandria,contaiflinsabout
»nl tobe fold in acre orMif-ncre lot;. " J
Alio, sundry unimproved lots ofvariotis
fi.:es, indifferent parts of the towucf Al
Todefcribe the premlfes more pa»ticu
la>rly is deemed unnecessary, a» if is expec I
terf every person will examine and view
whatever part he fliall be inclined to buy.
My only ofegeft being to raise acerlain sara
ot"money, by felling so many or such parts
of ihe aforefaid tracts of land and lots as ,
fftall be neeeflaiy for that purpose, one haft
of the purchafif motley mult be paid at the
timeol contract, and the other \vi(fcin a
year from the firft day of Aiiguft next, and
at the time of delivering poffeffioti or exe
cuting a legal conveyance The lands re
maining unfold, except the tract 111 Printe
William, after raising a limited sum, will
be divided into tenements, and leafed for
a term of yeais. Fr'om the 1 Jthday of Oc
tober next, till the 1 Jth of Decembr, I
(hall be in the eity of Richmond, and .iftt.
I lhall remain at home, in Alex
and'ria, at which places, or ellirwhere, 1
(ball be prepared to detail particular, and
to enter into contrasts.
Alexandria, July 28"
Aug. 8
PHILADELPHIA: Punted by JOHN FENNO, No. 119, Ckeswvt Strsst.—Price Slx Dollars Pir An
: FE &
Old Jamaica Spirits^
Antigua and Weft India-Rum.
Couiac, French, ar,d Pt.ic i Braidies.
Claret and J'ort Wine of a Sjjjfr; n
;i- , in Csf-s.
Vine and Cyder V.iKgar in P pes and
lieft Wine Bitters by the gallon or bottle.
Corfct in Bale;.
Hava.nn.iH Sega/ijn Boxes.
Hamburgh Dnri j >h —.
Porter and f iaret Bonies.
MALT LIQUORS'} Frepared foi
In calks .and bottle* 5» exportation or
CYDER, in do. do. J immed ate use.
vlnd for S,:!e by
Benjamin W, Mor s.
' d.
No. JS, corner ol Dick and Ptar itreets.
v* " . * v t i -
and others fujp'-td
of the iffoy* Liqucii, bo <!<-rfty
tfctVj i9ttit,M#%ca Stares ip penralpu: up.
- ftilW/Not.'6r. eth&tt^w
John Burge,
No. 7, North Fourth Street.
RETURNS liis jSwert thanks to bi;
Friand* $n<ithe the very Jiber
a' encouragement he has received i« the
line of hii fi:s'ce bis Commence--
rtvecjt pf* bug jiff* in tnis cit>.
He refpe&fuily continuance of
their favours, and aflures ti-.ein that no
;hinpf Ilia'! be on his part to ren
ler fatisfacfcion.
He bartfew on hand, and for Sate a
- , .' pSHf-RAL
Ajjßrtment of G(>ilfeßionary %
~/£monjt which iretb* -foltotving'
> 4RTIC LE Si '
Pine Apples pre r erreri, who'e and slic
ed, Pears, Qu nce-, &c. p-efcrved, R<> -
Ijerry and Blackberry jam, Rafl-crv
Blackberry, and Current Je!!ies, Peach
Marm lade, and a great variety of other
articles. Al r o '
Soft Shell'd Almonds,
By-t'he Bag or Smaller Qoiatity.'
N<*v.'4 ?aw4 w
And to he fold by
Benjamin Davtes,
6*, Marl-'i Arret.
A Ground Plan
City and Suburbs
fror*! kit? an A nrmmt. Cm .
\fAp is 26 inches "qua»e; and
wfll be delivered a-. mav t-eft suit the par
chafers, ether iw fVeers plain or coloured,
or canvtifled and affiled to rcrtlerc; or to fit
them for the pocket, they will Se cura nd
folded It* cases.
With each plan will be given a Stria]-.
Pamphlet, containing a L ft of the Sub
fcribers n»me r , arid
Its civil and re g:ou inftitution-s, popti
tion, trade and government ; ijiterfperf
with occasional remarks.
Sr&fcribets are reqnefle \ to call or fend
r tfheir-plans.
sit the Same Place map be had,
American Repository.
Price 4 Dols. 33 cents per doz. and 44
cents Jingle,
This neat Pock£t thefirft of
kind that hathbcentxccutcii in Phila
; (felphia, or pcrhap., in any oJ the United
States; and contains, lirfides,
A Compleat Calendar y
ALMANACK, for the Year 1795-
Lilts of the Offif ers of' the American Go
vernor ;t f Civil and Mil-lary.
The terms of the Federal Circuit & Dif
trift Counts.
7he Latitudes and Longitudes from <-*) t
Meiidian of Philadelphia, of all the Cap
' ' ' ■ Union.
I The dates of thr periods when each of
' the States was firft fettled;
ITheir Territories and num
| bers of People - f
The ntimber of Inhabitants of each, in
each fquate mile—»ar.d a brief Srate of
their relative progress m Population; to
„ gcther with various other Articles of In.
Ornamented -with an elegant Frontif
. piece, Title Page, and twelve VIG
■ NF.TTES, alluding to scenes in Thomfi
? font Seasons, engraved by the mo/1 inge
s nious Artijls in the City.
i( r
« la
Dijiant Subscribers
For thii Gaiette, are hereby refpeftfol-
Ty requeued to pay up tfietr Supfcriptions
tothefuftof January next.-; "The Editor
will be under the neceflity of tonfidrring
those who do not then renew iheir Sftb
fcrjption by paying Six Months in Ad
vance* aj declining to take the Paper any
A» there is a confiderab!e Sum due from
remote Subfer-ibtfrs set the late ha! 4 Weik
ly Paper publiflied by the Editor, hr nioft
earrcftly reqnefts thcfi: who may be delin
quent, to take the carlieK opportunity of
lemitting him the balance they may rrf.
' peSivciy be indebfed—the fiwis are it tit
viilaally trifling—the want of the Aggre
gate is severely felt.
oj the
Fust Qpality.
A choice parcel of Full Bodied
Old Red Port Wine,
This day arrived, by the Snow Ti ufty,
Captain Cook, from Oparto,
For Sn/-~ by
Also by the fame Snow. 5000 BufhcJs
j Just Arrived,
j And wilt be landtd to-morrow mornJn? at
Hamilton's w }uu-i» the CARGO of the
Captain Hylander, [
from Havanna,
85 hhds. MolalTes,
Of superior full quality.
J 106 Boxes and iterreis
White <S Sugar
Just arrived in tl
Irwin, from
- 1 -•
Retuans fait gratefnr afk,r;<rwlrtlgrmentj
to his flic nth and theif libV
ml Enroot agenwitijtfiL beg* lea»e re<
pefi.fp.lly to tbeir
At his Shop GentWtnrt cio he frirnlfiiH
with the bieft materials, in# have tIK-ra
mnrfe tipardfiniflied neafffi and
f,i(hioiml)|e mnnner.
Mpwilljhankfutiy reee're aiiv iwdtrsft
pay iproiupt and pniu'-ual at'"«nton to
t!><m. - ' '
Scheme of a Lottery,
To izife 39,900 Dollars. c+ 266,000 J' J'j'S
Deducting 15 per (enl. J;om the Prizes—
Thu Lottery ccvfiji of
-u hiih there are 44.531 / ' nes.astd ?3,461
fiUuks, bcin£ about one and an haj blanks to
'& prize.
Tilt i)irfQof*oif the Society forcftahiiO--
ii|g Ufcfu! Mimuladurtj, hav in/ rcfi»lv*
ed '«» erc£i LO TTEIM £S lor ij'firw One
Hu kd >fD Triot san d Doliais, agreeably
toio Aft of the L( : fliiurr o* the Si id of
New-Trrfc-y,'riavc auooinird f*fr following
r " -.in - _ , b
i.ig oi ihe U»ne, v.*. Xtchdlas Low, KuTus
King* Herman Le F; -y» J<tmcs Wat Ton,
Richard 'Hatrifon, Abijah Hammond, and
Cornelius ol the city of Nrw-Yof|i—
Thnmas Joseph Ball, Mjtihew M'-
Cojioel and Aiidfew Bayard, of the C»ly of
Philadelphia—His Excellency Richard How
ell. Esq. £lips Boudinot, General Bhps Day
ton, Janu 1 Tawjtcr, Jolm Bayaid, DoSur
Lew;* Donham, Samurl W. Sid(kton 4 'j6oio»
M.iWtlbcr, Joseph BlnomfL-ld. and Elifha
Boudiitot, «»f. M; v.*- Ji ffey* who ofiti the
follow nig Scheme o! 4 L -Utry, and pledge
itiieihfi-!vei to the poblic, rjiat they w;l\(ake j
etetfv *flftir*«lre and precaution ftriherr pow< r
to have the Monies paid bv the Manager-,
from |inlc to time, as jcto tfie
!'anka a: New-York and Philadelphia, to
n-m&in the puipoJf o paving Prix s,
which (ball be imni« cia'rly difchargeti by a
check upon onp of fbc Harks.
ti,sw Prim. «6.*«ooo
23.461 AUrtks. nwmVei, »,6cc
Laft-flr. «?:r nutilWc, 3.Ct*o
83000 Tick is at J I>oiiars each is 266 000
The driving vr;!l corr incrcc, under the
infpe&inn a Coin/*iMff o> ihc Sflperm-
a* fden as the Ticket are ftfM, of
wh*ch iimt y aniire wll bc*gwi*»-
The S»pe untenant* U.w jpfflifitfd ]oh»»
N. Cuytming, oi Ni w. k,J.«eob R. H;r
(krtl)fr|| ftl Nc w-L> ':v • and Jonathan
Rhea, of Trenton, as Min ; •
thereof. v.W l»sv< gt*en lovplr Ircuritv ic»r
discharging rhctrqft reyoi.. uukrm.
In mder io fee-ore the prnfitlffl pa>-
ir.ei.r of sfc Frist*, the Sirpr>iivendan sot
the Lottery have dircdcd 4-fcai the Mftn j«r«s
shall each eater int<xbe»d& in
with.frur »'- ,to pet form tite r
tnfttujfcions, tUe |uWUr.c<- iiich ts
f. That ;*-e —M""" 1 . ■
, fhal! receive rhe fufrfot Three Hondi.d Dol
lars, he (hall inr.nHiri?< iv 'i 1a « c the lamp in
one of the Batiks of Ncu-Vtufc or Phjladel.
;.4iia, to the oedtt ol th«' p ernor o' the
Socuiy, -and fucit "I the SnnrrtliMWati's a:
!vc in the <uty where the rru.-iMcs are praccd
►o rrmaigLjHcrc unit! *he Lottery IS diawn
tor « h<- ptyiffient <>f the Pi «zi s.
11. The Manager to lake faflieicnr f©
cnr : ty (01 any Tinker-* tht y trust, <*her
wifr 'o Se jclpe-n'jble for 1 tn-tn.
114. To keep books of Ticket
oM $ Monies received >asd sotn «h
. Brnk, aV'lkaQag*
monthly, 10 iSfGm rnor fiil'ic Socicty.
Pa»ei(on. >,
On application to-«i'.he •he 3*>ove grn
tienien, vi'.l be g'.ven wW
tickets may he had.
February 24. ln&F«f
St. Übes Salt.
Oft. 29.
Just arrived in th» Hi hernia, Csptain
Irwin, from Jamaica.
Sent. d
James M'Alpin,
•* •
N i, 3, Sopth Fdcrth Sxk>.ET,_
Oft. 25
. 1
3° o
81 CO
Prize of 20,000 Dollar* if ?o.oo«~
2.C0 0
S~' J
1 OC-
A? ■ ■ "

j -
John Wel/L
g'WZrtz, |
Coane Salt
afloat, '
aopipes ami 2 o q-. ca(k Ma ,
an> calk; Co; OTr „, r Wi f" " ■ M
13 barrels and > tierce
oh,rrehTannervu,l I<rj "
33a ba.reU pitted _
niackaj-el *
i£>£ barrels Saltncn
A f iv biid*. codfilh
2>oo pnir coa*fe and fine mfV ft,*.
20 hlitis, r.ioiaffcs
1 00 t.arfetr prime and carr*«
20 dt to heef 5
%0 box.-s ir.ouid cantilej J
SO fperniceti aindltt
25 balr* flax
Fr-nc4i I>. a*d , pin
K uiha and country duck
Butter :b kegs, cloves
63 hogsheads Maryland tob»cco, r
f«»r the Holland market, i d-* ' \ "
A few buxes liquovit# ball.
-- '*• >
William \V. WcKHlwart
. PRJntf.r,
HAS removed hs Printii gOfim ft
No. 41, Chefiiut street, u« f r „ ,
Head, No. 36, four doors froto t.'icior .
ot Second-fireet, south fide, neath or.
site ; where the Printing Bufit-efi fa cut
on at usual; his whole attfe-i»n Ije
confined to that occupation. O'dirsf, .
aoy tof this fiaie, or the foi.tint
"'ill be executed, and authors jiuy reh
having any work thev may sis si- -or
lilh, torieftly printed, either in Fr«, c -
Engt.fc. The Lrvri. of Euton •
SoitH America is printed in, t : e l
t« r, Pt.En £grow 1 L. L. D. ai the .!
mcrumed ottce, in , :
w),.ch publitaiinn kas the , ft.
age of foment the most difiy _uWh.-d '
racters in America, ar«J whofe-rmie. y, '
•c«rJays,»iilbe publilhed, art! ir.cVi
ny Iv t»o fi-ft numbers to t!« f.Wcribt
N. B. B?anks, Circular Lexers, C.be«i.v
C aids, Handbill., &ec. £je. cortiriue
executed wutrthe ufua. dilpatch
\on>* I ft . j,/ q w
A PF,4SOK VI o "und rftundt the :
cess Sod manager#- of dißilUng
K V applying to No. 19, fout'.i Third lb
mav ii hi of immediate* good and ( >■
li:!nt ''oiplfynrnt.
A German will be preferred
>•»-»»£ • e-rf
Burlington Pork
Best Burlington Pork,
Levi Hollingfworth & Sj ..
John Miller, juii
■ho. 8, \ChkskpH near. Fi-snt 34. ;
Hath Imported mthelate Vent
f J?
(by the eackage,) ' j
tIJTTS r.idl ajpjrtrd, erJcjral !
Men J 1 black
Mahebejler Cotton Goods
Slipptrs and Sandals *
Filbert and Ec-ptbert
fleet avd H'bilt Lace
Brown and White, bv the Box, laid . -*
? .. .1 h
To the Public.
Is o;~. Ned for Printing the
Theological Writingi
OF - 1 #
Emanuel Bwedenbou ']
j>.t Francij Bailej' tviok jton\ A 1
Muriel Jlieet, Ppi/ad-lphia,
WHtSi a I'ifiicient Ju!>»ci ip
p^aci 1 , arfTeet'ug be adveitiled ■«'
"tider the mod eligible mode tor cWlt
.he printnigof fu<;h 01" the Work •
l>e t*>oncht to be of the gr'afeft nn
the firrt irftai ce.
The following Treatijri maj ben-.n
Mr. Baiie/t ■
The Dociiinc *.( L«te» or tit. »
lerfe of the Tt« r.ommai.dmer:
Tic Unix, (at Tleolog.v o! • • '•
'Church ; which was • -re:, le
$>SRin Oaniri, d ap-"7, v
ard in the Apocafypfe,- r). -p '
t- ■ mm^'^
A of 'ne- ' -'-.A
trine* of the New |cr«f,'eiu
»p- A< v»! •
tertained r«'pe£ • C •" -•
and yet -o perh • l.v ra'« - ......
been ahletoicfn e tirrr. 1. ,
of, invcf.TO'C'h.r.irv - • « . t I
ports ha*c been 11 duM 1
n> discredit the ho ofWWy'.* 5 " n ,
Author, a» welfas hk V-o.ks.
not tTie candid and finrtre -rr' ' {
T r iiths of the fcip.b<fri^Pf'7"- : , -
rioufly examit eth ■' '' * { ... ...
in wh' l k it is t I*** _ ... m
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