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-** -1
|O"" TSf price of tbts Gazette is Eight
U OLLAIts per annum to Subscribers residing
in the city of Philadelphia- Ail others p.:j
Me Dollar additional, fir enclosing and di
recting ; and unless'some person in ibis city
will become cSsweraUe fir the subscription,
it must be paid Six Months in Advance.
%* No Subscription will be received fir
u shorter term than six months.
December 1 1799.
-L =?
Fr»m July I —to 8.
men WATER.
. v .
The Mails of the United Slates,
On the following Post Roads,
Will be received at tbe Gmtral Fost Office,
City of Washington, until tbe lotbduy
of July next.
■j.T?ROM Portsmouth, by Mamptonfalls,
J? Newbury port, Ipswich, Beverley, Salem
and Lynn to Bjfton, thrje times a week.
From April 15 to October 15.
Leave Portsmouth every Tuesday, Thursday
lad Saturday at 4 A.M. and arrive at bolloo
the fame day* by 6P. M. Returning, leave
Boston every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
at 4 A. M and arrive at Portsmouth the lamc
daysby 6 P. M..
fivm October 15 to April 15.
Leave'Pottfmouth every TuclJay, Thursday
jndSs'uiday at 1 P. M. and arrive at Bolto..
on the following days, Wednesday, Friday
and Sunday at 6P. M. Returning, leave Hoi
ton every Monday, Wednesday and Friday it
6 a. M. and arrive at Portlinouth the next days,
Tuefiav--StaortOly and Saturday at 10 A. M.
Bofton by Worcelter, Brookfield,
jSpriuglield, Sufficid, Hartford, Wethersfield,
Middletown, Durham, Wallingford, Near-Ha
ven, Milford, Stratford, Fairfield, Norwa k,
Stamford, N»w Rochelle, Ealt Chefler and
Hacrlem to New-York, three times a week.
From April 15 to October 15.
Leave Boston every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at ham. arrive at Worcefer b
6 f « Leave VV rcetter every Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday at 3 A M. Arrive at Brook
field by 10 1 M. atSprin?fie!d,by ipm.h Snf
field by 5 r m. and at Ilartford at 9 v M. the
lame days. L»ave Hartt. rd every Monday,
Wednesday and Frid:yat3 a m. arriveat NeW
Haven by noon > leave New-Haven at 1 P"M.
and arrive at Stamford by 9 p m. faun days
Leave Stamford every Fuefljy, Thurf lay an.',
Saturday at 3 a m. and anive at New Y .rk
fame days by n o'clock, noon. Returning t
leave New-York every Monday, WednelUiy
SKid Friday at 11 A M/arrive at Stamford in the
evening j leav« Stamford every Tuefiay,
Thursday and Saturday by jam; arriveat
yiNew Haven by noon ; leave New-Haven at t
phi. and arrive at Hartford by 9 P m ; Ua»«
Hartford on Wednesday, Friday and Monday
by 3 A M j drrive at-Springfield by 10 A m, and
at Worcellerby 9 ? m ; le*vc Worceller every
Thursday, Saturday .and Tuesday by 3 a m,
aiml arrive at Boston fame days by 1 p m.
From October 15 to April 15.
'Briton every Tuelday, Thursday and
Saturday by 8 a m t arrive at Worcofttr by 8
fM ; leave Worcester oa Wedneld»y, ftta y
and Monday at 4 a m ; arrived at Suflic Id fame
days by 8p m. Leave Sufficid Thursday, ba
turJay and Tuesday at 4 a m. and arrive at
New -Haven by 8 Pm. Leave New-Haven ev
ery Friday, Monday and SVedikfday at 4 a m .
and arrive at New-York the next days
Saturday, Tuesday Thurfday by n a m,
Returning, leave New-York eyery Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at iiam: arriyeat
New-Haven or. Tuesday, Thurlda-, and 5a
tnrday by 8 p m. Leave New-Haven every
Monday, W*dndftlay.'aii<3frkliy by 4 A M. ar
rive at Suffie'dby 8 pm. Leave Suffield Tues
day, Thursday an -aturdu> by 4 A M and
arrive at Woreefttfr by 8 I'WI. Leavr Wor
cester every Monday, and Friday
at 4 A M. and arrive at Uf.fton the fame days
by 4 P M.
3. From New-Y«rk by-Newark, .Elizabeth
town, Rahway, Woodbridge, N»w-Brunf.»ick,
Princetoa, Tieivton, Rriftol and Fraukford to
Philadelphia, everyday, S»n lay excepted
Leave New-York every day, Sund-yexoept
ed, at I PM and arrive in Philadelphiathenext
day at 7A M 18 hours. Return Jig, leave Phi
lade'lphia exsry day, sunday excepted at t P.
M. and arrive at New-York the next day by
7 AM. From November 1 to !May 1, the
hour of arrival at Philadelphia and at New-
York ihall be extended to 8 \ M.
4. From Baltimore by Hladenfburg to Wa-.
fliiugton every day, Sunday excepted.
April 1 to A r ivat&ber i.
Leave Baltim M-e everyday at it A M. and
arrive at Walhiugtoft by 6 ? M. Rcturmn<,
leave Waftrmgtoif every day at 3 A M. si.J ar
rive at Baltimore by 11 A iil.
November 1 to April 1.
Leave Haiti'nore tvery d»y at 4 a m and arrive
at WftftiiKjton by xi> m. Jitturning, leave Walh
ington every day a: Xo .1 m. andarnvj at Balti
moi e by 7 p m .
5. from Wa;hh)gtt)it est)' by George town,
A!<Xiii<ina, C'.j!:! e.;er, Mui.-ifrics, Aqutca,
Falmouth, rrelericktljurc 1) Green and
Har.ovtrcourt li- .ie t>» KichmoaJ, c. b. every
day, Sundays tid.
Gazette of the United States, & Daily Advertiser.
H. M.
9 '9
• 10 3
m it
II 55
0 39
1 46
2 51
3 J»
4 j6 7 14
- 4 3®—7 *4
4 37 —"*7 »J
4 37 7 %i.
- 4 1 *J
• 4 }« 7 »»
4 3* * »•
4 t9 7 •»
Leave Camden every Sunday, Tuesday and
rhijefdsy at 2 V M, sr.d arrive at Charleston
on l'ihci«»y, Thursday.-A. Saturday at 10 AM.
RetUrritxg, Iqave Chnrfrft *n every Sunday,
Tnefday and Thurlday at % PM, and arrive at
Ca 1 dV/i tbe,next 1 uefday, Thursday and Sa
turday at I/O A M.
13. From Cai. CnlsmMa, Edgefield
court houfc, ir.d Campbell town to Atigulta,
three time» a week
Leave Oandanevery, Sunday, Tueflay and
7hurfday at 1 PM, and a: rive »t Augnfta on
Tuesday, TTiurWayand °sturdayat 10 A M.
Returning, leave Augusta every Sunday
Tftefday, and '7*hurWay »t 3 P'M, and arrive at
Camden on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
at ic. A M.
14 From Ckarleton hy Jackfonlboreugh and
Coofawhatehy to Savannah twice a week.
Leave Charleston every Tuesday aud Thursday
t t r m arrive at Jackfoolborough on Wednesday
and Friday at s p m. arrive at Coofawhatehy on
Thursday and .Saturday by 5 a k and arrive at
Savannah on Friday and Sunday by 8 1 M. Return
ing, l.eavi Savannah every Saturday and Tuesday
iy 4 a m arrive atCoofawhatchy by 8 p m and ar
rive at Charleston on Tuesday and Thursday by
§0 A M,
15. Frnni AngulU by LaaifWUe to Savannah,
uuce a week.
Leave Augusta .-very Saturday at 3 r m. arrive
Louitvillc on Sunday by 6 p m. leave JLouifrille oa
Afonday ar 8 am. an i ariivc at Savannah on
I'uefday ai 5. p. m. leave Savannah on Wednesday
it S a. HI. and arrive at ionrfviile on Thursday fey
t p.m. leave Louil'ville on Friday at 6 a m. and'
arrive at .Atigufta on Saturday nt to a tn.
16 Prvln Aa<uQa by Wayoclbnrough to' Sfe>
vannah 01.c a week.
Leave Ainpifla tvery TuefJay at » », m arrive
it Wjyi,tfl)orp»gh on \Vedßefe)iy by Ba. m anJ
: rriva at .HivabmK on Fri lay by, j». m. jittrnm
i*t, ltavt Savannah every Saturday »t 9 a m. Arrive
it on iflotrtty by t » M . and ar
tive at Augofli i>q I'uefday by 9 a m.
17..Fr0m Wajixlb-irotigh to tonifville.
Leave Waync(b.;reugh every cdnefday at 9
Am. and strive at I.ouilv Uc by'j Im. Returning,
leave i.ouifvii e.ery Thursday at 5 a M.and ai-'
rive at. Waynefborough by I p .1.
18. Fro;fi Savannah Ly sunbury, Ricebprough,
Darieii andStunfwick to Jte.-y's once a week.
From April 1 to 2*\ver.iber 1
Leave Washington every day at 8 A M. and
arrive at Frederickfcurg by 7 PM. Ls-.s
FrcdcrijHcJbure every day a( 3 A yi and arrive
at Richmond by 6 P K. Returning, leave
ttichruond every day by ; A M and arriv at
Frederickiburg by 6 P M. Leave Frederickf
burg every day by 3 A, M. and arrive at Walh
ington by 4 P M.
Novem.'-er 1 e April 1.
Leive Washington every day at 4 P M. and
arrive it Alexandria by 7 P M. and arrive at
Fredericklburg the next days by 7 P M- Leave
Fiedericklburg avery day at 4 A M and arrive
at Richmond the next days by 10 AM. Re
turning, leave Richmond every day at » P M
and arrive at Frederickfhurg the next days by
7P M. Leave Prederickfbuig every day at 4
A M, and arrive at Washington the next days
by 8 A. M.
6- From Richmond to Peterlburg every day,
Sundays excepted. Leave Richmond every
lay at 4 A M. and arrive at Petersburg by to
o'clock, AM. Returning leavg Petexlb.irgev
?ry day at iP M. and arrive at Richmond the
fame diys by 7 PM.
7. from Richmond by New Kent court houfc,
Wiliiamfburg, York-town and Hampten to
Norfolk, 3 times a week.
April 1 November I.
Leave Richmond every Tuesday, ThurfiJay
and 'iturday it 3'A M. Arrive at New-York
by 6 PM, and arrive at'Norf 4k the next day«,
Wednefdsys, Friday, and Sundaye by 1 P M
Returning, leave Norfolk eery Tuesday, Thurf.
day and Saturday, at 10 A M ; arrive at York
nti e evening. Leave York every Wednesday,
Friday and Sunday by \ A M, and arrive at
Richmond ibe fame days by 6 P M.
Nc* ember t to April t.
♦ I eave Richmond every Monday, Wednesday
ard Friday at jPMi arrive at Norfolk in tw»
days on Wednesday, Rriday and Monday by 10
AM. Returning, leave Norfolk every Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday at 1 P M- and ar
rive at Richmond in two day« on Wednesday,
Friday and Monday by 10 A M.
8. From PeteflWg by Cabbin Point Surry
court houft:, Su.ithfield, Suffolk and Portl
mouth to Norfolk three times a week.
Leave Peterlburg every Monday, Wednes
day and Friday at 11 <>' clock, noon, arrive at
S; ffu'.k the next days by 1P M; leave Snff.lk
at 1 P M, and arrive at Norfolk by 8 P M.
Returning, leave Norfolk every Monday, Wed
nesday an ! Fndjy at* A M; arrive at Suffolk
Tame day. by 10 AM. Leave Suffolk at 11
A M, and arrive at Peterlburg every Tuesday,
Thursday ana Saturday by noun.
9. P.-terlburg by Harrifville, Goldfonville
and Warrenton to Lcuilburg three times
a week.
Leave Pe;«rlburg »very A/on,day, Wednef
ilay and Friday at a P M. and arrive at Louif
h«rg in two day on Weilnefday, Friday and
Sunday at ic A M. Returning, leave Louif
burg every \I ndiy, Wednesday and Friday at
1 P M, and arriveat Peterlburg in two days 011
Wednesday, Friday ar.'d Monday at to A. M.
10. From Luuilbu>|/isry Raleigh, Averyfbo
ro' and Fayetteville Fails, thrte t-imes a
week. W
Leave Louiffcurg every Sunday, Wednesday
and Friday at 1 I' M, arrive at Mc. Falls or.
Tuelday, Friday and Sunday by 9 A M.
Returning, leave M'Falls on Monday, Wed
tnd'diry and Friday at 3 P M, and arrive ar
L inlbuig or. Wednesday, Friday and Afonday
at 10 A M.
1». Chercau court hmtf'e to
Camden tl.nee time a week. Leave M'Falls
every Su'ntlay. Tuesday and Uriday at t P M,
and'arrive at Camden on Tuesday, Thursday
and Sunday at in A M Returning, leave Cam
den every Tufcfday, Thursday and' Saturday at
1 P M, and arrive at M'Falls on Thursday, Sa
turday and Monday at 10 A M.
la. From Camden by StaitAurg and James
vi le toChprieft :n, three times a week- When
the river is lb high is to make 1-mg Ferries, the
mainhai; !< cai'tied from Camden on thefouth
fide of .tsliiee rifeer
By C. P. Wayne, No. 65, South Front-street.
Leave Savsjipab evtfy Wednesday at 9 a m. ar
rive at Ricebcrough on rhtirfcfay by 10 a m. and
arrive at Staryi on Saturday by 9a m. Return
ing, iesve St. Mary# every Satarday it 3 r a. ar
rive at Riceborough the next Monday by 3 r in
and arrive at Savannah the next I'uefday byj r.Hi
1 he property will be surveyed ahJ fold in lot*
to suit the purchasers; plots 6f which will be ex
hibited on the day of sale.
HAVING procured a firfßci«nt number of
the most approved European GlafsManu
fudlurers, and having on hand a large (lock of
thebpft Materials, on which workmen are
now imployed, ,jiave the pleasure of alluring
the public, that window glais of a fupeiior qua
lity and of any size, frora by 9, to 18 by 24
Inches, carefully packed in boxes containing
100 feet ea h,may be had at the (hortefl notice.
Glass of larger sizes for other purposes, may
atfii be hadj fncb as for pidlures, coach glalßs,
clock faces, &c. Bottles of all kinds and cf any
quantity may alio be had, together with pocket
fialks,pick!ir>.gjars, apothecary's stop furniture,
or other h»llow ware—the whole at leall 25 per
; cent, lower than articles of the Came quality
brought frcm any of the sea ports of the United
States. A liberal allowance .will be made on
sale of quantities. Orders from merchants
mil others will k>e punflually attended to on ap
pjiWticii to JAMES O'HARA or ISAAC
CRAIG, or at Lite Store of McfTrs PRATHER
and SMILJE, in Maiket-Street, Pttlburgh,
March 4, " tuthtf.
A CERTIFICATE of four shares of the
Bank of the United States in the name ot
Biek'nam & Reefe, No IJ9J, f«>r the renewal
of which application is intended to be made at
the laid Hjnk„.ind all peri'ons CQacernedare de
sired to takc notice.
May 8. d3in '
Note 1. The mail on the route No. 9, 10,
11 and 12 is to be carried in a whesl carii
ape or by a led hpi le. A penalty at the rate
oi' 12 cents a mile will be incurred by the
Contra £h>r for each time and mile that he
ihall carry the fame without making use of
either a Carriage or led horse. No altera
tion will be uiade'in the times fixed for the
arrival and departure of the mails in these
Note i. The Poilmafkr-General may al
ter the times of arrival and departure at any
time during the continuance of the contrasts,
he previously stipulating an adequate com
pensation for any extra expence tnat may
be occifioned thereby.
Note 3. Fifteen miKUtes fhi.ll be allowed
for opening and closing the mail at all office. 3
where no particular tinje is fpecified.
Ni-te 4. For every fifteen minute? delay
(unavoidable accidents excepted) in arriving
after the times prescribed in any contract,
the contra&or (hall forfeit one dollar ; and
if the delay continue until the departure of
.any depending mail, whereby the mails des
tined for such depending maillofe a trip, an
additional forfeiture of five dollars ihall be
Note 5. Newfpapersas well as letters are
to be sent in the mails : and if any pcrfon,
making propolals, dcfires to carry newspa
pers, other than those conveyed in the mail,
for his own emolument, he mud (late in his
proposals for what sum he will Carry it
with that emolument, and for what sum
without that emolument.
Nate 6. Should any peffon, making pro
pufals, driire an •Iteration of the times of
arrival and departure above fpecified, he mud
(late in his propolals, the alterations defined,
and the difference they will make in the
terms of his csntrail. This note does n#t
upply to tlie routs No. 9, i<s>, 11 and ia.
No alteration **ill be made in those times.
Not- 7. Persons making propofils are de
filed t« (bate their prices by the year—Those
who contract will receive their pay quarter
ly, in the month of January, April, July
a ilcj. Oiiober.
Ai;; j, The contraflj for tbe routs
numbered 1 to 13, an to be in operation on
the ill day of Oftober next, 2nd are to con
tinue in force until the iftof Odtober 1804.
Contrails f'r the routs number 14, 15, 16,
17 and 18, nre alio to be in operation on the
I fl djy of Qilpber next v a.nd are to continue
in furce until the til of April 1802.
Fnst master-General.
Central Post Office, >
Philadelphia, March 20,1800.3 eotyj
United States, 1 .
Pennsylvania District, y
BY virtue p(Tsndrv Writs: f venditioni exponas,
Affiled nut oP the Oillnil Court of the United
States, for the lliftriil afoteCiid, will be GXjiolrd
to publicJ»lc, on the premiss,.on .Wednef,lay.the
30th of July ne;U, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of
the fame day, all that frail of I,2nd called Cone
dogwintiet Trail, fitaateir. EVi Ptnnfbury town
fnip, Cumberland county,eonrahing'fiv..' hundred
iniUhirty two acres, more or Itfs, with the klef
liug«s -theieon eredled.. Also a!! chat Trail of
Land called /J .qcull Valley, adjoining «hc above,
containing three hundred and* Tevynteeu acres
moreorlefs, with the there neieiled.
Also all that I rail of Land called Oak Bank.fi
~as above, containing tw,-vhimdred.aad seven
ty acres, more 01 lcl'a, with the Mefluagea thereon
Seized and taken in execution, an-) to be fold as
•he property of Oliver Pollovk, Rfq by
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
Marshal's Office, ,
Pbili elphia, June 21, 1800. $ eot 3°Jy-
Of the Pittsburgh Glass Works,
A fiifhionable
Horse and Gig
The Horle young, anil the Gig as good as
new. Apply to the Editcv.
N B. NEW WATCHwiII be taken in
paymtnt at a fair wholesale yrice.
•uneia. ' ( ~■ ■ > r~ZT"~
English Fashionable Hats. "
HAS just opened a few Cai'cs of Gentlemen's
fine London HATS, suitable for the pitfunt
ieafon, which ha is now ielliog- on reasonable
Jone 17. tuth&saw
Clock £3" Watch Maker,
To No. 36, Market Street,
Where he has for Sale,
Spring and other Clonks ; gold and silver
Watches ; Tools, Files and Materials > ftp el
ana gilt Chains, Seals and Keys ; Springs,
Sic. &c. x
Repaired as ofual.
June 3 tu&f tf
Just jtrrivedy
- Of the Ship Cjftfrov,
Richard Dale, Commander, from Canton,
Bohea 1
Souchong ]
Hyson Skin TEAS.
Young Hyson |
and Hyson. J
3>" \ 'NANKEENS.
Sugar of ill quality
China Waie.
CalEa. '
An assortment of Silks.
No. Ji, Penn Street.
April 14. d.
valuable real estate.
About 2 J acres of Land,
LAYING on the east fide of the Falls'R. ad.—
On '.he East it is bounded T>y property belong
ing to Mr.TetKh Francis, fan.— on the south, by
a road of tj.vo perches, and on the north by a lace,
wi.ich ieparatea it from Mr. M'CaJl. It is prcpo
fe 1 to divide this land into 3 equal parts in order
to hit the purchaiers,
Also, 31 acres, situated Ml the weft fide of
Gerrr.anfown roid, adjoining Mrfters's estate,
brini* psrt Of thu proptriy of the lire Samuel
PorUm* ay pi y to kwiMl' UlAit, comer of
Ma»ktt abil iltli'ftreMi.
Jarairy *4. lif.
,T 0$ T or mislaid Mosre Wfctrfns note, dated
L 18th May lad, payable in fatty days to Jacob
Dawtiipg, and by him indors'd for three hundred
eighty ei(>ht dollars and seventy three cents—pay
ment being ftop'd at the several Bank", it can be
i»f no ule, hut to the ownet—Ar.y person having
found the,fam«, (hall receive a fuita4l« reward, by
leaving it at No. 119 Noith Water Street.
June 17 . dtf
Clerk ..wanted for.Saint Ptrt'rs Church
Apply to Thou us Cumpflon.
Nj. 24 South Tbird-StrtCt.
May 19.
Mail S
,/T\N the ift of July next, tiie v 'ail Stages
will.leave Hardy's In.i and the United
isiates Mail Stager ffice, opposite tit Pott-office
irt Philadelphia, every Jay Sunday excepted, at
8 A, M. and arrive at Evans' tav.rn in Balti
more, tlie next day by 6 A. M. ; n hosrs.
Leave Evens' tavern eveiy day at 8 A. M. and
arrive at VVafljjngtQii City by ? P. >!•
Xfave Waffiington City every da< Sunday ex
cepted, at 8 A M., and arrive at Baltimore hy
SP. M. Leave Baltimorj the nc*-t morning at
3A. M. and arrive at Philadeljhia the fame
day by 10 P. M.
Fare for Pasttngers.
From Philadelphia to Baltimore, 8 dollars.
Baltimore to Wafhing'oii City, 3 jo
Wajkington C:')> June 11, 1800.
June 16, 1800, daw
OLD Long Primer,
Small Pica on Pica Body,
Englilb, Chafes, Composing Sticks, and a great
variety of articles necefiary to carry on the t'riir .
ing Bufinefi. They will be fold cheap tor cash
Apply to the Printer,
may 19,
A Printing Press.
Apply at the Office of the Gazette
U States.
William Young Birch,
Abraham Small,
Of the City of Philadelpbii,
PS SPSS/trr.'*
Modern Europe.
With an account of the Decline and Fall of
the Roman Empire, the Itise if Modern
Kingdoms, is'c. itfc.
IHE great applause which this excellent
book has received, if a sure proof of its
merits—'lhe vast sale which it has had for
several years, is a fair criterion by which the
public opinion of its worth can be known.
During the life of th# learned author, it went
through the annual sale of a very large imprcf
fion— tyery facceeding edition received f me
improvement the result of his deep refcarches
and great judgment—he lived to make it aa
perfeft as in the nature of things it eould be—
he is dead ! Whilst the Enghlh language is
read, the History of Modern Europe will re
main a monument to his fame ! It is as enter
taining as iuftrufkive ; as interelting as pro
found. The plan of the work Is copious, but
by happy arrangement, the reader is at CHce
presented with the cotemporary history of
every part of Europe. The boi k now offered
to the public is from the lail and m >ft corieiS
copy, to which this no Way inferior.
An history cf the decline and fill of the Roman
empire. The rife of modern kingdoms, ge
nerally. A particular history of the French
monarchy. Do Spain irdm the dcminio*
of the Viligeths. Italy, with the rife and
progress of the Temporal Power of the
I'opea. Britain, from its relulquilhment by
the Romans. Ireland. . The German em
pire, from Cliarletnaj.:ne. The empire of
• Conftantinoplc toiti overthrow. Eir.piie or
the Arab>. Rife and progress of the l urks
and fall of the Gretk empire. History of
Portugal j View of the progress of Naviga
tion; Cocqnefts in the Eait and Weft Indies;
Dilcovery ofAmer ca,&c. History of Sweden,
Denmark, N. r»ay, Rt.ffia,Poland anitPruf
fi»: Noi th-America. as coonttfed with Eu
ropean history. A very cum; rehenfive a»cl
highly ufetul chr eolegy.
I. The whole (hall be ciimprrzcd in five
oiJlavo tolumes, printed is the best m»nr.er,
on a fnperfine pa| er.
11. It is intended to deliver one volume every
two month?, at the price or Two Dollars per
volume in boards, payable ondelivery.
111. As it may be inconvenent to deliver them
te diflant fubferibers in (ingle volumes, those
wh« wifti it, may let them remaip with the
publishers until the nhole are ptblilied.
The work is at press anil wit! be printed on
a beautiful new type call for the ptirpofe. The
encouragers «f thu undertaking may reft as
sured, that n thing now forefeep (hall delay its
regular procedure ; so that in one year at far
thett the cit.zens of the United States ftiall be
prefeiited with an American Editien of Doflor
Kuffell't History of Modern Eur.pe, equal to
the Engiifl) copy, aud at a lower price.
June 14 tu&/f
HIS Swcdith Majeftj's Consul General, and au
thorized to tranfatfl the C onjular !3ufincfs,
tor his Majesty the King of i '-enmaak in the United
States of America, residing at Philadelphia, '
Hereby gives public Notice,
That in obedience to recent infhu&inns received
from his government, it it the duty of all Md'ters
of Swedish and Danish vessels, bcJor*. their failing
from any port in the laid States, to call upor him
or the Vice Consul in or-er to be granted such
Certificates for their Cargoes, which the esigency
of the tiate of the Neutral Commerce ani thefe
verai Decr«ss of the Belligerent Powcri, renders
indifpe-rfably necessary, and, that any Maftcr If
veflels btlonging to the refpeiflive rfations, or na
vigating under the protection of their flags, in /
emitting to take such certificates, will perlor.a!iy-'
stand responsible for the confequenccß. '
Philadelphia, 18th December, 1799.
And for falc at
W. Young, J. if J.'Crukshank, and
Thomas Dobson's Bookstohbs,
Sacred to the memory of
Late Prelident of the United States, an«l
Conuimnder lit Chief of the Annies of the
United States.
A.iapted to the'iad February 1800.
li y *7? i*' a/. Sits Al sea' .
mtfrch »q.
"TTTHERE 1.5 Mathcw Irwin i!irf o«i the Bth
W day of July if 797 make a:i afligunentof fcij
estate ana uffnils, to as the. lubi'c: ibris, for the be
nefit of of hi* cnjclitoif, aS fli. uM Op or before .
the acth si"er, 1757/exrcute iq him a full
and fiqa.! djlciiargc— Ht>v tfcofc of his tfeditor*
who are entitled Vo <1 dividc-cd under laid aiiign
mem a:e ri-qucflt::) tit furuiiii yjcjr accounts 01
■ Samuel ivlerk r, «itK int;f«ft calculated up to the
3th day 6) Jufy, 1797, as> a i.iv;-!end will abfolutc
iy be Snick on the fcrlt day ot -\pril next, and thofc
who liegleA te comply with, thj, notice Will there
after he excluded trf.m the bcuelic of the fame.
Pbilip Nic'tdin
Samuel Meeker |
iftit&'t Lewis, i<y k>s ■•ids. Alligaef 3.
Pearson tfarit
Jvbn M, Baylor j
\Voi.umk XVIIi.

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