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General Melas to Count dr 7 ingt, at Vienna.
Turin Juut J, l3co.
General, Giriup being no longer able to
defend the Col d» Ttuai, he arrived yeftcr-
at G4IKO, i»f whi<;h h» it to take the
Commands A* the pafTage by the Col. i«
fliut to Gen.' EHnitz, I have left the lat- •
v-r at liberty to m ike for the plains of i
Piedmont, l,y such a route as he fhoutd I
think molt convenient and I'aip waiting for
ftii report. Ui'drl I receive it I can under- !
tn.c iiiUhii.; «iih tlic divili'ins *f Kann and)
Haddick, who are still in the lime positions !
which I mentioned to you*
Blidei, as Field Marshall Ott wrote to j
tfle ot the ajl of June, that at the moment j
when orders had arrived at Seftri to raise |
the blockade of Genoa, Maflena was inclin
ed to capitulate. and with this view iiad
sent t'» Seflri, General Andreau, as Plenipo
tentiary, as the conferences had begun the
fame d.iy at Wiverola, in concert with colonel
Pefl, and captain Bevera, on the part of
the Eniflifh, as they were to continue the
• I andasGeo* Ott thought proper to delay
■ ' jmtii re tor tome days longer, to wait
ot the negnciations which might
bring >,;( a capitulation, I determined
the more «ilily to give orders, and Gen.
F.llniu ini(r(,( (\j|l be' retarded for some
day«,thut tlj c bridge head of Placentia (hould
be gourde! >vith more- troops, that the Po
(Hould com luc to be carefully watched, to
prevent *u <v attempt of the «ntmy to pass
that viv that the probable fall of
Gcdoh u'l, vvr (j U4 t 0 hope that affairs would
take a iji tavon 1 able lurn.
Field itirlVial Vuroflovich has sent mean
officers ; , arrived ihi» morning. This Gen.
inform* > - that on the ad he was at Ma
lignano. rt( j tbat to prevent his retort be
ing tal n the enemy, he will fend them
to me by tjt« right bank of the Po. I have
MUNICH, June 5.
Fr.*ro Aug«buig and (hit city many per
fj»j ii»*t fled to Kitifbn and other place**
Mort of the foreign Minifte:a ha*e likwife
left thu city ; the Ruffian ambalLdor, Ba
roo Bugler, is gone to Ratilbon.
fcmlvi rf a.
Inml IttiM Mtt* bit piM tkw*
Swmkad &o«a Sitbii, fart be aft of tW
T* k)i «»y *f Rifcnt h fimly. For
At Fiwck V* pi ifcai r» bf MmM Saiat
P» WH| h>il>i —4 it to 6wi> IQOyOOO
'•<*» j «r*t m 4 kmi inoatntof
IMtMV, }«t, 19.
yi t Jwm U. ilMt
Qmt rfl Wtm fnm Yitr A*ml Lm4
K- *. rii j i. CW «T
y» lfcfr tjVp m tW Mr
•ikwi d( Mhmmt, of Gna^
fe|Mlkl|ini >«y—,hr
•"■lxfcJi I*7 iMtKHMII* W»-|
W4 i» w\ md yiluiij >Lt u* 1
w4i>—y UtUn^MiiiZi
*» «* 9mm * *» P-W
An. Atlub ittT iMktaAHw
•igNW*a» lr ***-
awltorffcyiiirf |l 11"
jgraihftiiipaihißiltwi lNtMi.aw<«nm«a^i-|
L- *«- fe ' - 1
qpntnpMt noviD »■* iwoniu HWirnypi
KwaaotttfttßoEtiUl dtqyllgHn iIIIBI—IW I
ifcgl.*Jli«M dhe Viim
«JT K wonr ItaWaill
UMI frwjfr —i); ijfaia I
car yrc**r Snar^
tftM dtr tear wtttta^ißan^am^n
tteßNte;; MwUtUrnrthnfi
MMOK ltawW(.ttait<*M*BWßis*n«Ej;
mAr* ■ 1 II H.
iidWßiiWi »»—i aprtßtwy ,
>Wt to—to Mnufriw ,
jyinrfn<j]'Hi 1
f} a>i«ni OM#M(t<4F
I ---
- ov"-
tfce oficfrs sad wtio ifWJ w'nJi him
on ibis occaf.on. 1 bate the honor to be. Sir.
NEW.YORK, 4ug*ft 20.
The rupture, or fufpenfijn of ihe nego
ciation commenced by Mr. EUfworth, and
hi* aflr.ciates, with the Consulate of
France, fays a correspondent in a note to the
Editor, has very probably taken place, ac
cording to the report b ought, by he last
arrivals from Europe : but it cannot be true,
that it ha> take; place on the gou ds
stated ; f>r, the last million to France ho re
expreft inJlr.uHioni tt conce U all claimt forjeo
fiationt by cruize s of whatever defer iptio /,
au borixed or unauthorized, nd it i fure ; y
improbable from the mature of the cafe,
th.t thepeudi g Embafly carried inflec
tions to alTume a loftier tov<c than the lalt.
The article o intelligence, therefore, in
the public prints, purporting that the nego
ciation had been b oktn off, on account of
the refufal of il.e French to accede to a
demand made by the American EmbafTado'rs,
for eompenfation we deem to be erroneous in
it* detail, though the fa& appears to us
probably in tire outline.
The unexampled fortune of that nation
which can be attributed only to corruption
on the one part, and treason of the blacked
dye, 011 the other, has very probably produ
ced, in this new infhnce, its customary
effect. Elated with vi&ory, intoxicated
with eonquefl, it is natuaal to ufurptrs,
whom a few fliort years have exalted to such
unthought-of heights of power, to extend
their mad ambition to projetls of the moss
vast and visionary nature. Nor would it be
at all astonishing if Buonaparte should aim at
a virtual controu) over the deftintes of both
Europe aiid America.
WILKESBARRF., (P.) August 5.
In oar Gixett' of the lftjuly ult. we
announced the arrival of Generals Irvine,
Port-r, and Boude,eommiflioner appointed
by government to carry into effeft the cam •
prO'Hifiing a& of Assembly, relative to the
Connedicut and Pennfvlvania c'aim to bads
within the Seventeen Towclkips of Lu
cerne. Their Secreta y it Johu Shippen,
E q. of Shippenlburgh, who arrived just a*
this paper was going to pr«fi.
We can uow assure the public they have
made considerable pr grtfs We have rra -
f«a to rope and bcl : eve thtfe gcnt'nmca are
dilpofed tc ad «ith all the liberality which
he law nth rix s. From their difpoGti as
atd exert on , as well as from the spirit of
the liv itfclf. are h»ve a fair piof cifi of a
happy iflbr to th» l og exidiog coatro efy,
We sadtrftioJ t e eoamiffioneva ex pre Is
thcmfelvjs pleased a d •*» «ur»grd by the
at nlina and ex; tio* ®f the inhabitants of
ach to>u as their larveyora have I ten ea
-2 gtd at. ia coming forward with ftch
cheerfnkts and exhibiting drafts- corners,
ill lines : a< well as by the aia:y iatis
•tati of fubaifi 'fl whkh have been for
mMn the U J eEce fiacc thor ininL
LVNC\bTEi, Asgsi 10-
At which ewry — f r* r T Rt
pohbcaa, ooght to Usftu
Fact t. Or the qth i*r of Yu z* me
eight bnM, the Govtxasr at
Frnrjy'j*aana. rrmtOmritkr fin ci AkunAr
Ogre of '(imiti timiuji, cat iStdai kxep
aar a nrii rt !
Farit 3 C® elk* IJtk 6y rf miotf
JttmJK- the Ciare Alrxamit* Ojie,
•be bear* tA* of a Vjf'^heiicer
m«? ifrttmhynugrL n; by slhe BrmSf
Xifmiitrn* C.ti imr rf to ute
moorratic c «t snijg»fct t£ sa>-
Bttrtidt cinnsrf.
On at* jwffmaiinti oimiiuc co*-
■jeSsMc air vina m aftc Srwcaf itc
jiu._uioiij B* iiim&iin* arr tasrntef kj Air
wni, ain Bni tile anyraniryiinfl ;
niftat at tt&ofe »nnii: ;:tnmoar &nt satcm*
ston. a» £L fr-.t jsasam wwtb
rijmoy ami jpngriec* i—Ask vt ime th
TtmiT&Jhamiß <hnCv 'tnitmf itim> nwremnr
rt msr m a-jmr au£ "J«C (rf ntrr tShtr
•an®? OrT»rru Tn»ie~ r lin fti» ir
wifta w-'inrfU Ec in -ftrr tixtT- ms t*-
sry, niti'niiuH m nmnic un mr tjilcnr
Gtrf anrfi nrrute (laiw alWrzrsl 11m."
Stat: Jl! wiTe rrm rhnk (tiir uiiia. "Will m
ibt Liif rftur mara-air tUc (Corf rf lat'im
inltsrdiefle fftermar. a Sniliiir, % Tap -
Ihn.irr a 30-A!e*w» tta te (Gorani) <Cl&iEriv a
• JV«s3auj, 111 'iTtpfe % hiiE ffir irriputi:
Unmret tnit .iij liliiuXi 11%■ 'lll mmW if'sl e (Qil-
Mtav atwmrf ttr tihe licsrnf 'Soeea lr
uifids. .nr 2tnf Coidlii. wrtttimc rnnmn j
imFdin «i(pit: rr txsrten !lra ume nine is
•T* .inmtinr trr. ininnr tfht nmier -tr mr ir-
tiwi tinr vrt" lirarr -rffiien tyy
"fhr httw ir tic £miiiiliif.i ir Jit

Sfl« em
Jiuti rrxeiimcti pmrr ttier d'ooft) ,
Simpttm,. JiLMumu,
3QH. 3E"
T!tanraK.<£; Fbztttr IGaduc.
Vlhrnwt mr Itunti.
Hi Wstirsre Wre; jiaee
« IBiufii mi:
}i,r, .isii niii iagir. Jec.
Ml**- I
For Baltimore,
J*mej Vanisx, Mastrr.
T) fail on Saturday or Tuesday
next- Will take in freight en moderate terrav
AppiicitioH to be made tothr captain on board
at Jeflfe and Robert Wiln'i wharf, or to
Levi Holtingjuortb £s? Saw.
84,000 lb. Gonaivea Coffee, and eight
tons of Logwood imported in said brig, the
Coffee entitled to dtswb-ick op exportation.
Augod ao. dst.
Houses to Let:
ONE large convenient three-dory Brick
DweJUng-Houfe, .with four room* ou a
floor, and two Kitckena j there it a pump
of w*ier, and a raia watlr cittern <0 the
yard situate on the rati fide of Fourth-
Street, onp door above Race Street, lat«ly
occupied by Solomon Moroche,
A convenisut Three Story
With a pleasant yard on the South fide
of Arch-Street, third door above Eighth.
Street. For terms apply »t No. 116 Arch-
August 4. m&wtf
For Sale,
THE following property belonging to the Truf
tee» of the Agg egate Fond, provided for the
payment of certain creditor! of Edward Fox
and James Qreenleaf.
On Mor.dty the 6tb Octobtr inst.
PART of the property of said fund, in the City
of Waßiiagton, that now ii rendered clear of
every incumbrance, will be exposed at Public
Aufiion at Tannidiß Tavern, amongQ yvluch are
the following valuable Gtuatioii, vix. 11 Loti in
fquarc No. 973, a loti in square 974, 15 lota in
jquarc N«. 99f , t lota in Iquarc foath of fquari
1019, 19 lo:«in square iooo, I lot in fqoare ioic.
1 lot in square icaa, 7 lou in fquarc ICaj, 4 loti
in fquarc 1044, 3 lota in square 1045, 3 10-i in
square (046, 9 lota in square 1047, 11 lota in
square 1048, with sundry otheri, advantageoully
Ctuatcd in various parti of the city. Alio the *
story franc hou 'e now occupied by Mr Dct>!ou,
beautifully Gtuated (with an extensive view of fed
eral milei dowa the Potomac) on the foath east
corner of square 973, fronting 4a feet 00 II street
•aft, and 4a feet 00 foutb G street: a tomroodioci
Kitchru with an oven, fcc. adjoining the sooth
froct. A large Irame (table, carriage h'afe and
bay loft 50 feat by 15, and a pump of excellent
water near the back door of die kitchen, the lot
titer4.ng9l feet 00 ■■ Brett. and 139 fact I inch
in Gflxrtt, coaopraiog loti No*. 1, t, j, and part
of jl, in the rrgi/lercd divifioo of the fqaare.
1 he fakawiil cojamtsce at the said ta vera at tea
o'fletl ia the futcaooa.
.... Tka MUII«K (<. orth calk, one fourth h Gx
■soothe, whea a deed will be given, the rtmaie
isg moiety m two years pay-neat to be U-arr4
by bee-t aoJ aMngifc. bat the avi.'vn m the
•Uvtfa&j, e-iy an lies of swtgagc lean pay
meat at thafv ky depsfc of erriiotn of
the !i liitmmth* rate <f(« t. rrp m the y/liA,
to tkc aaoosß karmi mA Our"'- a tzntcsS. 'Ut
piaif tfcre ike uyufin as Ae I*6 yan.it
* ■: -fca kcmd, aru4 the «ri
cca ~r.r»K ladefntfmanat.
Bcsry Prjtt
TUu W. Frtac't
labia MStr, jn. Tnfeu.
J*bm Ahiej
Jacob Baker.
A<g.i 4. 3«w «•
' t® wit:
: JO if }aiif„ in. -ax «fai jaarr idtbir
it i&r "-tiirrar tcjgcjt itt A-nnr-io. ft*» Sefrierw
I lit -ait iuit lUifacA T-** jt -jfa» j'fef rtfar
Tiiiiriitf * l>mit dls ■PmAbnl ft*
in an «mrt> iiUiu»ui£. » wk-
Yjo&B &&>»**■* *r !*****&»
M »«R aouuaa..
mfflM unr rw a»n-*itmu'-n»t f ««»r7
uE\rnnr omv dbri&ntt *n an iinuiunit inn liut
teut;; <nr immf fifc?, toon snt ■ibtnfiimt <bm ihin- .
' dtrntm- *iErrr itminun:. mrt <m «mrj Smt thnudwf
im rtti-wr timuteitt tx ferr "lliTUianil-—irtit* u:ff
0 (*>• -w .taw* nieiitlvw AT 82 sHif
<U'U. linrtte wttul«,. 'UjwmK " f
nHi.iuintr.cL mit tnrrf rawr imt nnntWrt
nut ffiry cnarmwimr* « SUJunmr al. jrs^ummt.
JtcarrHm ti cthar -nflma iir *-1101 air* it ttte Hwrifa*.
Kit* VTaSfet ic»wn luomtnuu*
r tttr Tintmfc Kate*
fte mrtk. .BOTinipltin*,, fc[ tntsnr if
• tim "Ufa. tr 1;« LKbcmnr. AC IfflTß*'
mill * snanr J'JH. I2»T Y?aemimf mftrr tic
tr jtfJMfjßtßtto »ar.—secant Iy>
Jkunbtm "Sue., anittp "tin artE vap t>' -in- Vmik,,
HaemnfTla. nr*lr rt aflccu«to« «
BE ».* 1" -tr lin'ti> :nr an* niraitrr 1
.1 ,1 layveatpfidhg: tot^ißNr.
Trul wiic*i r auna. n' omrnk
mum * (m *rinu aj 111—,.* icttiw -aKuUae
,Tt\urin-«v am mwwnr al McautwiniMi
an' Jinx «viJffi«rnr am* «T i&xfjwtgp..
Br jßKsirMMnunn^
Jl.umtfttmu. himr 3fimtii*-Jbma"KU,
n* rrmanmomvm>dka&«t[d»*&m
Wfc ttr t» »o«ftjjt3iKii fl eurnmj; i
. thf trarray rtte -more nfr ftfimn 3w«
rat 3m*s ttD ttie jut ®m»t. <
Scot r ntt. i-orn«! ttutc*-h»r u»e:««ri- ;
a tamtaam.'
. C- <rangiWTTfllT,
'Uirtt-ifAt HitixttfJ-mfirfnMiuJ
a£js=! a isam«R 1
A: rbe «•' tbe 'uscir. m'. ttkt IhucoS
\ Mr * I
Gazette of the United States.
vpsvAi ■▼cwiw 4*tVIT l|«
Piiumimu, Avavrr »©.
Old 8 per C«nt Stock tor c»(h 10S 3-4 » iou p,i 1,
N«wS per Cent Stock da- io« jS • 10S * S
St* per Cent, (net unoutxt) KjJ
N»*» do. do. 87
' hree per Cent. <Jo. j j
Deferred, i do, 84
B-VNlt United States, da.
—— Pvnufylvauia, do. »(>
■ North America, do, 48
lulurantc conip N.A. (hares 10 per cost, he
low par
—— Pennsylvania, ih»r«», at per cent. *<lv,
TuropiluShare., 10 per c»nt,nndor pat.
Bridge (Schuylkill) Stock, par.
Eaft.lndia Company ot N. A, 7 per ceut advance
Land Warrant!, tj dolls. per 100 acr»i.
Billion (.on. at 30 days for cafe 170 per ct.
Do. do. 60 days do. a6B do.
Do. do. 90 days do IS6 »>3
Bill* on Hamburgh at 60 days 36 »37 tti,
per Mark Banco
D». in Amtlordam, 60 dayi 39 « 40 its. per
|C7* Lit Tim on bufincfs, to the Edi
tor mull be poll paid, or they will not be
"M*MNoK,or Human Wisdom," an in
ftruilive and amuOng tele from the French,
will soon be publifli?d. A ferie* of verfiont
of pafiagei, eoncllie and brilliant, from the
French claflici, and from new -tublkationi,
will occahonully variegate our diurnal page.
The " Shop of Coluw and Sfondbk"
will be again opened in a few day*. We
(hall rxpofe for sale dirrlily a few flight
good* for summer use. We have some pure
«»d neat article* for the Ladies, but no fahe
" Bosom frkndt" or delicate transparenciet.
The raving Essay, (igncd " A Citizen
Democrat," and containing a Defence of the
late Primary Aucmbtiet at the State HauOr,
it ordered to lie on the table. With bit
private charaAer and circumstance* we have
nothing to do, but at he speak* in the moll
oftnCve and malignant term* of Chriflianity,
ai he plume* himfdf upon being a diftipk of
I>r*ocraty, that mod t/nftaHk and loath
fotne of government* and a* bin Ayk it cap
tiou*, petulant and rumbling; it it Of.'* »«rr
to rejed victout and falfe C-ntiments, clothed
in vicio»* expttflion, atari to recommend to
the Citizen Author the Aurora, a* the mod
(ui table vehicle for kit elfay. 'jl* Gvviu
of the Unitei States i»de voted to t.tgler
and more Maury ptrpofet, than to minute
c Mitsotferfte* and 14 prophage babblings*
and the crudities of d'koottntrd d*f»'*r»t«
and unlem-rrd tmm, We are p-rfc&ly
■*aiy ct Oimney-fweep-r pott t kn«, ntul
S'*rtr>%er ai«d C*mp> Is
giSatort. h.'Uid «f ptufuinq tMr pi
employment, the mr*r*H aM mod umtnlifa
ed mes jump mp from tie; fjn>4 *t*i l*y tinea
tlajr fy pa»» mpmi the *ik of v/nrtutmut t
W« think tfattfcw "Citutaa* ha*
n%ht to Ise weU to the
of to hrts.y rf lUthrlbr, kt, with mu#f
<r.hce ti iv+t thaw nwk t<a 4# wttk ft*
•he lt««—Te »i»t them. If he dswft u
fiiwu fir«aa te j*at* «* (ocmy, by
hand*-.® the Sum, Mdexpefc Kimfcff to six
rjjiieufe ief trut, tfo the^ntib^
ovxawl sl'« ewnwempeaf jibe «kfip few
*&Mffeu isimfgtf rp « a »<£<*« **k
t-Ke.St -j® toe sw hjr wfceie iff w
' nww. A i»«» iwewiqf * pv-jprt .
I -be n4»te iwaini * folk w
«®rvw«i«r agaMl sJbtmr arc Attm&ag
-.nr3»i«f rktaUle
* Ai oMimut fffitiftikrt** <tpxn; lie
J-.' ycaO* «r memhrs « «ff<,
TB«r .» * JM.WB -M. «d. eout J.fc!
fwwtVv x# Viiv
*Se *«:*'*'« Cvflicadl s* liwpwne * wnv
vtir «f srtr (tiiitf <fi<nur «n£ <c'i. jfa..
TH«e <vf <qbt
, sw <t£se*iVULater vests- ■««,. vecii
Ibud,. «l*t teamwrf Ullie «& ?)hf
te arr jumrott- fie jpsevy « mweS
titrf itsnwiiiL »\ct Ihie jwSi #
Wf pierfftartreti rtbrtt wr riitv** fount
irtraffroTj *«>Hifct»ne tiJhe <vmyu\r.lol >• xg
«hb*3S—tfor <w/i aipiwwpiy or Sneyiiff,
i3K®ATA—5t> rthe
t*r tabe
<<: i :I nit,, ttw ««• rtw wsk
At saifci piisrtie i«i lMWC«dhrif?n*
<or tvt (fill rfbe «tacmKy rancfrttou
«£ fßf rrtw ms Mk
Blk 1.-sit \£ liatwjnt, * iiattW
■Ciaufrew Swrtki-Jfc, oTft*'
rtJliwsa rtte luiffrapai <tf! -rtw oiiiiantK rf tftett
ifbtK. ar tr«t <*kstrt*r rn«<mtkr» .rf
iter sStmk df £P»-t?»r«rt«jta(k<*.
ffiWt. fn (CTIkJ t(k
-BUn<i Iff: • urr rnim^
—pr ibt- ifer. •w»r®a(tmw>r<;. ;k>«r *s>(■-
Gc,, Htk.T'ifOTcai i^«s3ffa»ttk
- cat sis rtbe Aptti
Bit? aw?., !Hk. afctry <®®i«t},#matwe
«£. ILCSEItirK.
* SitUi.-OK, i ■■ iktpimiinHiL'r—'lEtoi '"
Hi*- iSmrttemp si .'• /•'
kr «oti ItopneoNwrtW ii»
late rwim rrft woliirttt* hik jsf
i 2Jc«. Wfyu jMtorff&rt:
"A«»r . i—i nwmkt/'i'"-
tT» iyuy*r;.'3»t-wm<«»tkr*'
•mwwtto' j
Trtde tMtrttf&ctl with
wtU «t Notfigilu
in*, at* * tSo«>,
W HER AS the Koai\l gX Health
have received information that
a contagious tlifeates dangerous to the
community, now esiftt in NORFOLK,
(Virginia,) am) alfe the CITY OF MAI
TIMORE, being, a* U represented to
us, equally tkWly.
Whereupon Resolved, with the as
sent ami approbation of the Mayor, that
all veiTeli from thence, hound to the
Port of Philadelphia, bring too at the
Lazaretto, to receive a vitit from the
Resident Physician, and there wait the
determination of the Board,
And further, that uo per fun (or good*
capable of retaining infection) from
permitted to come to the City or Couni"j
ty of Philadelphia, until they produce •
fatisfaftory certificate of their being at'
least 15 days in a healthy state, from
thence, under the PENALTY OF HVE
Hi INURED DOLLARS, agreeable to
the 7th fettion of the Health Law, half
of which will be paid to the informer
on conviction. All proprietors of Ma
ges, both by land and water, are drftred
to govern themselves accordingly,
liy order of the lioard,
Peter Kurfltn, Secretary,
CT?" The Printers generally are reqmft«
ed to give this a place in tJteir papers a*
often as convenient.
Tte Idimr tt tfcr'JWilmtw IWtot
(hum, ftfMh* HMtcft of mtr «l»r limMm
fob •* lwb«l OfetdtMwM b»f» «t4hfd,'fHl
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