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Clock. Lit" Watch i Taker,
To No, '36, Market Street,
Where he has for Sale,
Spring ar.d other Clocks ; gold and filvt-r
Watches ; Tools, Files and Materials ; del
and gilt Chliihs, Seals and Keys ; Spring?,
&c. &c.
Repaired as nfual.
Jiwe y
'I'H 7 owner l - of anitnprovsd lands in Wayne
* couDty. are htreby notified, that Taxes are
become tayiibl* thereon for the year# I ->99 an '
180?. Those who have not already paid thain
taxes, re here''* required to discharge the fan,e
to JOHN BRINK, Efquirc, Treasurer cf t r'.
County at NidfurX within three months Irom
this date . ofc!\ervvife proceedings to sale, according
to the ail of /.ffeiuhly iri iuch cife provided, will
e had by,the Commiflioner j for the said county.
Asa Stenton,
John Cars >n, V Corarrii/Hone.] ?
Jphannes Van Ettcn, J
Ef Kellogg, Clk.
July 9,1500
a ..Partnership, •
APBKSON poiTdßng some capltil, a ctmfi',
(tcribU <hare of iodufiry, aud deAmua of
a,partner io alucrjthie txifiorb,;
««fhe»rof| fkuaiioa, AJI pcopofa!a on thit
ftbjfffl w he in writing, Xesled ai>4.direif)cd to
W. R. J, New York, and left with the.printer.
dt, the Oas«tte of the Oaittd Bt«e*. wllrbe at
-PneU, it to ail advantafe
. Lancaster stages.
or and Laa
«r et *V* BrtPATCH, rarar* tHrir
MotftU «teok.<o W»da*nd thir pobfie io
kr the p»ft rtrated,tad
bfeas then thu fc iSmpp. to the raf»l*r
dnvcta, to go tetwrra the City aod
Bbrccgh i«Kro day*. Tboft
•f tt»»«ttitf OB ha «tf**i«tattt*d at We dtije
Oftco.CKSnr tinted J«ttw4af>«.*lafb« BrAt,
Donating, Dtomotxfy V. Co*
*». ! .
A Valtxibleptid singularly eligible
CONSISTING of two handsome dwelling
house*, with excellent ftaMiog for seven hc.rfts,
double mod cunpletely fitted UJ ; a,
beautiful large and valuabla garden richly fillet
with choice fruit, surrounded with high board
fence, ilnoO,new. The prebiifes are beautifully
situated near the middle of Gertnantown, sur
rounded with rich profpi&i cf the adjacent
country ;,an orchard of about two acre*, with a
handfrme lawn it the back of the house.
One house has been recently built cm an appro
ved plan ; the other has b<;en completely repaired,
painted and papered, and contain ten rooaia with
an elegant drawing-room, fifteen feat by thirty
The new house la well calculated for a store in
flliiW *l#y O* W«4 '■■V'O.
v Th« air and water ara unrivalltd, and there are
fotne mod exc.-Uent schools in the neighborhood.
For particular enquire of the Printer, or of
< on the preir.ifc.
- May 9; dit
LYING on the I'otpmac River, eounty of Nor
thumberland, flue of Virginia; containing
about 1400 aere»—-its filiation is equal to any o her
in the Northirn Neck, tcmurk .hie tt>r ev«ry kind
of wildfowl, oyllers, fifh and crab,'an ! none
ter lor health. 11- is about the fame iU'.ancc from
Baltimore, Alexan Jr.i and Norfolk, an>l not more
than one days fail from either. Thsre are three
improved plantations with dwelling houses, the
ou" known hy the name oi Pxeter Lodge, former
ly tn<? re&deetcVf col- John Gordon, is an elegant
. t'*o story brick houfs, with four rooms on a floor,
and a passage sixteen feet wide.
The other two are commodious and convenient
ly fitted, with good and luitable om houses, at one
of which J hn Murphy, Esq. (now of Weftmort
land coAuty) lived l'tveralyears;on this farm there
is a good jrilt mill, with wa"ter fulEcient to turu
any number of ftonea ; alfa ftore hou
ses ahJ granaries on a public road, well fituatcd
for a country (low. On each of those places there
are fine apple aod peach orchard!. The greater
proportion of the land is of the fir ft quality, at»d
pear the half of the whole heavily timbered. The
terms may be known by applying to vVm. P. Tebb#
Baltimore, Fouftiee O. Tebb*, eiq. of Richmond
county, Virginia, or t© Thomas Murgatroyd and
Sons, Philadelphia.
Feb. 5 —14. 3»w
HIS Swediih Majcfty's Consul General, and «»•
thotiied te tr'anlaA the Consular Bufincfi,
for his Majesty the King of Denmaak iu the United
States of Arncriu, refidirg at L'hiUdelphia,
Hereby gives public Notice,
That in obediei cc to recent inihuilions received
from his government, it i« the duty of all Mailers
of Swedish and Danilh ve.Tcls, be-fore their failing
from any fort in (he hid States, to call upon hini
or the Vice Coalul in order to be granted such
Certificates f° r '' ieir Cargoes, which the exigency
of the Hate of the Neutral Commerce and the fe
deral Dccra«s of the Belligerent Powrrri, render'
iudifperfahly ncceffary, and.tfcat any Mafic* if
TeffiUb«loi'gir>g to the rcfpe&ive nations, or oa.
Tigatlng under the protection of their flags, in
omitting to.tita'ftth certifrcatM, will perfonallj
stand refpociible far the contequcntes.
Philadelphia, 18th December, 1799. -
Philadelphia fc? Lancaster
July 14 tb, 1800.
THE President and Managers hays this day
declared a divi 'end of Eight Dollars rn each (hare
of flock, of 'which, fix dollars per share will be
paid the Stockholders or their rcprefcntitiv«.s any
pay after the 14th instant; the remaining two
dollars has been retained and expended in enm
pieating and repairing the road agreeably to a
rjfolution of the ftockhojders.
Wm. GOVETT, n-ectsiu,-.
July f4 ni4f
Fifty Dollars Regard.
RAN-AWAY from Gen, Ridgely of Palti
more, on the aoth inft. a light coloured
n-pro «wan, who calls hiinfclf WILLIAM
'VJc. DONALD ; Hp is about 24 years of age,
about 5 fe<»t 8 inches high, neat in his dress, and
Ins a j;ojd fbit 6f liiir. Hid on, when he
went away, a good beaver hat, a (ht.rt light
green cloth cost, edged with yellow, and yel
low gilt buttoiij—a light buff cailvmer, double
brealled waiflcoat, a pair of dark *>llve colour
ed thtckOt-t pantaloons—a white linen Ihirt,
vhite ribhed cotton 'ft ckip£s, and a uood pair
or (tiees with firings He toak wish hjrn a
dark blue coat, a pair of olive cafiimtr panta
loons, and a light corduroy pair of breeches ;
alfragoyor pinchbeck watch, with a fleel
chain, lle'isf >nd of fpiritnui liquors, is info
ic-r.t, has a stupid look, and chews trbacco.—
He was bred in Charles county,' Maryland, and
purcßafed of co!. Jtohn Thomas by gen. Rii);-e
---ley. Whoever apprehends and (e
---curet bin) in it}}' jail so that the owner m*y
gat fcim ajriin, fhjll receive the above reward,
with reafoniljle charges if brought heme, or de
liverc ! (o Jothu 1 B. Bond, Philadelphia,
tnay r tkf
tufef tf
O.i Fifth Day the 9th ot Oftobrr, on the
Mary- Ann Forge
And Plantation :
SITUATE part in liraiidywine townfliip, and
part in Werckland, about 30 milts from Phi
liSdcdjhin.and one and an bait n-.ile from tbaTtirn
ptke read, and Downing?! town ; containing
about 330 acrr-s, with allowance of 6 acres per
icq ; tw« thirds of Mi* laud is good woodland,
some excellent meadow made, and much more
:an be made of the firft quality; the forge is
turned by the main branch of Bran 'ywine Creek,
a forcible Stream, the forge has threefiresar.il
two hammers alLin good repair. The dam being
found and well backed, and apipar»ntly able to
refill any firvfh (not fupernattiral) Likew if there
is aapther lively dream and current of water, that
1 tr""'"* f;ii dlfej fhst might'be very con
venient.fo> a Grill Mill, or other kind of water
work», might he with facility cre&cii; there i» a
good tws-ftory stone dwelbng-houfe for the ac
commodation of thepropiietorAfthe works, with
an excellent si ring and good houfeover it j con
tiguously (he door also converiifKt stone stabling,
with an orttry through the mid-1e fulTieient t»
accommodate three teams, b*fi<let hiricney hprfes;
• contiguous to the forge standi a pood stone office,
»r.d a number of convenient, houies fer the work
man is erefted amply adequate for thu frid works.
Tf net then fold it will be rented for a term of
years Tetms and conditions made known by
applying to
AM HVANS, in VVillistown,
or JOHN Marshall, in rhorn
bury Townlhip.
N B. Th:- ale to commence at 1 o'clock oa
said day.
Aug. s saw6wj'
For Sale,
No. 5, NottbiTbiid Strett,
GURRAHS and low priced Baftas, entitled
to drawback. Alio other coarse and fine
4 4 and 5-4 India Mufiine, Jrifh aiid quadruple
linens, Geiraan Dowlai, India Sitina, Lut
ftringa arid Sealhews, Ribbons, Spadci, Frying
pjns, with a tariety of other Ironmongery and
seasonable Dry Goods.
Also, to be SOLD or
. A handsome j-story
witVpiizn and kitchen adjoining, situate in
Vuie tiear Fourth Steeet, built in m. dern style
with excellent material? and well calculated to
accomm >iate a large family.
august ij. ' dat.Mtf.
The House,
LATELY occupied by the Chevalier
D'Yrujo, Spenilh Ambassador", will be
hi tut to an approve.l peifon or f'anifty, on
easy conditions. It is large, commodious
and elegant, with ca&ch-hijufe and flablea
confounal )c.
Enquire at No-. 10a, Spruce street.
*]rcb Street, No. 94.
July 23. eodtf.
Very low far Cash, or exchanged ftrGaods,
/..Large, Elegit, and well finifhed
2-story Frame House
IN the borough of Frank r ord; CO", . rning an
entry and two large parlours on the firtl floor,
tbr< e bedchambers and two garrets. Th« lot,
which is 340 feet deep, fronting on two streets,
and has the privilege of a 10 feet alley through ;
it contains a bitri.cn, ft able, and coach.houle, a
well of excellentwater,&c. For terms apply to
Jjij l( tuth&s if
A VALUABLE and dafirable Eft ate, situated
oh the river Raritan in Jersey, near Somer
fct Court House, 16 miles from Brunfwick, and
18 Iroßi
acres, equally divided into mfalow, arable and
wood land ; the whole within a ring fence ; the
barn, tables, &c, are fpaciom, and adequate to the
size of the Fai tn ; there is a ple»itude of game,
with a gnod shad filhery. The eiUte is now in
the hands of Mr. Henry Worley.
■ Further particulars may be known of
Messrs. is" GRIFFITH
1 , Merchants, Philadelphia,asd of
Germantown, .
Or of the Tenant on the premises
may 9. S tf
OLD Long Primer,
Kraail Pica on Pica Body,
Englift, Chafes, Coir-. »'r,g Sticks, and jgFeat
varittv of articles necefiV y to carry <ii) the Print
ine BuSn*f»- They will be fold ehrap tar cast)
Appiy to the Pii titer. (
premises, The
Sale by auftloii
ON Monday-t!>e ijth.ffift. at 10 o'clock, at
'.he Warehouse latsly occupied by Helmes,
Htidfon & Co. Srhith's What!, will commence
the sale of the -chfire cargo of the fhtp Mount
Vernon, .Solomon matter, from Calcut
ta, confifling of the-following articles
4.03 fcAl.lS OF
Piece Goods <
Amongst u hich are,
Giiacnaj, Emertits, Tandi, Mamortdy, Al
habad iuwn, Tanda Cuflaa, Berbooii, Gur
rahs, Cfenchenagore, do. Canadaries, Fulli
pore ColTaH, Hiimimiir.*, Goldhtad Tanda, Ma
moody, Pullic-it Handkerchief*, Sooty Ha'nd
kcrchiefs, btue Mimdoady, blur Cofla, do-,
(iurnahs, do. Bafr;s, Check, Chintz, »nrd a
great variety of Saltas, &c.
302,4 bags Sugar of a superior qua'.ity
449 do. BUck Pepper
2co do. Ginger
22>000 Gnt.ny bags
On Friday and Saturday previous to the sale,
the goods Unll b« opened si r inl'peflion, when
ca a.'ogues will be furniihed, and lht terms of
•sale made linown by '
A'iguft 13.
Lending from the ship America, If alt e,
Sitns, Commander, f r om Canton,
"Souchong, jft & ind quality,
Caper souchong,
!"• nkay,
Youtij; l.vfru, /
Hyf n, ift & id quilUy,
Yellow & white nankeens
LotcftrJngr, black & color'd ( In Boxei
Sin?haw» do. ( affutcd,
Sattim do. J
Luteftrittgi, maz. blue A dark green T
Ssnfhaws do f .
Persian taflftas, dark green j OXC '
Tbry bar.' also on band for sale, received bv
tie late arrivali from Europe, We.
") Infmallpack
St(ip?d and che< ked ginghams i alT rted,
Whi.: i'gnred & color'd Muf- | calculated for
llnetts £the Wtft-In
White corded dirr.itie< I dia market I
Colin-'d fitk, ilrlpcd Nariktens | entitled to
J drawback,
14 Trunk i printed Caliches,
5 do. • do.
f Entitled tc
10 CalVs Enpllfh C!iini v are,
in tea setts j
6 Calks mineral black,
I do. wbite,
■ o d*. calcother,
3 Calks purple brown,
35 do. nails aflnrted,
9 do. LondoH porter in bottles,
Fnglilh fail Canvas, No. J, » & 3,
Kufiia duck,
37 Boxes white Havanna sugar,
13 Pipes old Madeira wictj
Empty wine bcttles,
to Guns, 6 pounderi,
11 do. 9 do.
12 do. 9 do. with carriages, &c»
ißo,ocolbs.Ceribou coffee, l»")
t Entitled H
jo,ooolbs. black pepper ■ydrawback
10 Logs ebo:>y J
M-v 1;.
Jacob Sperry & Co:
No. 195, Market-Street,
Have received by the ship Eagle, and
other late arrivals from
< Hamburg,
The following Goods,
Which they offer on liberal terms ;
ESTOPILLAS, . rD»canters,
Cafferi!!as, 2*2 1 Coffee-Mill J,
Boccadillot, ; "SJ3 , Tapes, twill'd,plain
Remans, 'S S 1 and coloured, -
Creas ala Morlaix, | ■ • Sealing Wax,
Ceutils, J W I
from London, A consignment oj
» Packages of Sadlers* Webbing, a»d
3 Cafr\ol the Widhingtcn Print, in handfeme
frames of full length Engraving.
AL 10,
a New Cables,
Each 115 Utlioms, 10 and 11 inch,
august 4. d6t mfcth Im
AN attachment vm lately issued ont of the in
ferior oourt of common pleas of the county
of Kffex, in the state of New Jersey, diredtcd to
the fheriff ofthe said county, against the rights,
credits, monies and effe&a, goods and chattels,
lands and tenements ot Jtbm Clevei Symmes at the
fuitof tVUliam Welle,m a plea of trespass on the
cafe to his damage three thousand dollars;—y
And whereat, the said (heriff did, at the term of
June lall pall, return to the said court that he had
attached the defendant by a certain bond given by
Matthias Denman and Samuel .Meeker to the said
defendant, to the amount of near two thousand
dollars,and alfoby sixty land warrants
Nov therefore, Hnlcfs the said John Cleves
Symmesflial I appear, give special bail, and receive
a declaration at the suit of the plaintiff, judgment
wilt b« entered against him, and his property
bercin attached, will be fold agreeably to the
(latutc in such cafe made aad prev'ded.
Aaron Ogden, Clerk, &c.
Eli»abcth-town July 8, 1799 ( ll ) lawum
li Old Long Prir. tr,
Small Pica on pica body (new and old
Pita, do.
EnglHb, (two fm»ll founts)
16 Line Pica, &c.
Sundry Fr»m."s, and a great,variety of Office
Furniture, &c.
Iro« work of a pr nting press,
0- They w v ill be fold cheap for cash—Apply
at the office of the (JaaMte of the United
BY a dacree of th-e High Court of Chancery,
made in a cause, James against NeWman,
it is among other things referred t;o Wm. Graved
Esq. one of the matters of the said coprt, " to take
an account of the Legacies bequeathed by the wu!
of/ the telktor, WILLIAM PHILLIPS, late of
Newgate street, London, deteafed, and also to in
quire and (late to the court, whether Francis
James, the brother of the comp-lainant's named ai
one of the Legatees in the said will is de-ad, and
whether he' died in the life time of the testator
Therefore all persons who can give any informa
tion whether the said Francis Jamps be living or
dead, and i| living tohere he now refines or lift
resided, and when and at what place, and whtn
and where he was 1 aft heard of, and if dead, when
and where he died, are hereby requefl® I to give
such information tethefaid William Graves,Efq*
it hit office in Southampton Building?, Chancery
Lane, London,on or before the firft day of March
next, othenfrifr he wiil be exeludad the benefit of
the laid decree.
The fail Fiatfcis Jamee waa born at or near
Kidwelly, in the county of Caermarthen, and if
living, is about (he age of thirty four years, and
about the year 1779, was a foremaft man on board
thi Milfot'd, a merchant lTiip, btlonging to the
porr <Sf Bristol, and failed for Jamaica in Septem
ber, 1780, afterwards he returned to Bristol,
an J in November, 1781, was pressed in King
road, Bristol, and sent oh board the king's frigate
called th« Diomede, in which he failed from Ply
mouth ®n a cruise, and on board of which he af
terwards became a quarter gunner, and d*fertitl
the raid ship at Charleston Bar in North-America
ili-September 1784.
Should any person in the United States of Ame
rica, be enabled te givu information of the above
named Francis James, whether living or dead,they
are requeued to communicate the fame to DAVID
A. OGDEN, No. 69, Stoce street, New Y< rk.
£5" The printers tliroughout the United Stales
are reeuefted to j üblifli L'.c above,
atril 18:
A CERTIFICATE, No. »JSJ9- dated ift Jan
uary 1797, in favour ol Robert I.indTay, of
Charleftion South-Carolina, for one fliare of the
stock of the Bank of the United States is loft—
a duplicate of which will be applied for at the said
August-;. m&t3m
A Red Morocco Pocket-Book,
WHOEVER has loft it may receive it en ap
plication at the office of this Gazette, and
payiDg the expence of this advertisement.
July »».
Port Wine & Claret
In Cases, of tbe first Quality.
Wine and Cyder Vinegar.
In Pipes and Quarter Caflcs—Fer Sale ty
July 19 JSW3W.
A CERTIFICATE of four Shares as the
Bank of the United States in the name ef
Bickham & Recfe, No 159-, for the renewal
of which Application it intended to be made at
the said Bank, and all persons concerned are de
sired to take notice.
May 8. d.?m
Either separately or together,
The Two Houles,
LATELY cccupied as a HOTEL by Mr. Sa
muel Francis, No, 13, foutli Fourth street. For
terms apply to
No. 41, Arch flreet.
July 10 ' 3'aw tw
mftw tf
Baltimore and New York Mail
Stage Office
IS remored from No, 13 South Fourth ftrcot, to
No. 18 South Third street.
An Office for those is also kept at mr.
Hardy's Inn, No. 98 Market street.
Oeneral Post Office, April 18.
Ibis Day Published,
By J. Ormrod, No. 41, Cliefnut Street,
Death of General Washington.
Id imitation of the manner of Oflian.
By Re v. John B. Linn, A. M.
Mir.ifter of tkt First, Preflßyterian Congregation
I T>f Philadelphia.
£5" Mr. Chuidron't Oratiao will be publilhed
on Monday morning,
j M»rch 15; -
WITH an eVcellent Orchard, Barn, Pump,
&c. &c. The whole containing 17 acres,
situate on the Wilihicon road, between the
fourth mile stone—May be purchased
on reasonable terms. —Two third# df the pur
chafc money may remain (secured on the pre
mires and onir.tereft) during three years.
No. H4) South Fosrth-<)reet, the Sub
scriber, at Mount-Pleasant, adjoining the
premises, Or at No 45, Walnnt-iUeet.
Ju.ne 13. > mWf tf.
* Twenty Dollars Reward,
RAW-AWAY from Spring Forgt, in Yor>
County, a negro man, named ISAAC, other
wise CIfDJO, about 21 years old, the property
of Robert Coleman; Esq. He is abput 5 feet 8
inches high, ha< ahleroilh in his eyes, nore white
in them thaneomm»n, by trade a Fergeman , had
pn and took with him a drab coloured broad clotfc
coat, almost new, a sailors jacket and pantaloons
printed fancy cord, a iwanfdown striped umVr
acket; a rorum hat; one fine and one coarse
fliwt* one muslin handkerchief, sprigged, two
ditto striped border, a blue Persian under jacket
and two peir cotton (lockings. Whoever takes up
faiA negro and lodges hitn in any jail in this or any
of the neighbouring dates (hall have the above r«
ward or reafonzble expencesif brought home.
Sprifig Forge, Ofleberaj, t'99.
N B. A< said negro formarly lived in Chester
ccumy, it 5s probabls he there.
' November 5
(Nmij Ccm»)
Daily, Gazette,
Publifticd at the
Seat of Gov eh:; mi: nt of the United '
r T I HE pviblkiitiofi of •» go'd Newfpaperat
the feat ef government, is so ufsfbl an
undertaking, both to the government and to
the citizens at large, for the pnrpofe of com
municating State Papers, the Pn ceedings of
Congress, and other Intelligence, that the
Editor has no doubt*of receiving the public
patronage. Having left a fpecirtien of th's
Paper with the principal printers and book
sellers- at Philadelphia, he takes this oppor
tunity of laying his terms before tie public.
1. The Gazette lliall <de puhlifhed every
day in quarto, on a half sheet large royal,
and be delivered to subscribers in this city
and Georgetown at their places of re fide nee.
2. Papers for diflant subscribers shall be
carefully packed up and forwarded every post
day in half sheets to places where the mail
is conveyed evsry day ; and in whole (heets
to subscribers at places where it is not con
veyed f» often.
3. It (hall be carefully printed on a good
type and paper, to be enlarged as soon as
fubferiptions and advertisements will admit
of it.'
4- The price to fuftfcribers shall be five
dollars a year, to be paid half yearly in ad
vance ; or fix dollars a year, one half to be
piid at the end of each half year.
j. Advertil'ements will be inserted three
times at the rate of one dollar a square.
6. The Gazette shall contain the earliest
intelligence foreign and domestic—public of
ficial papers, a Iketch of th£ proceedings and
debates in Congress • with fek&ions and es
says on tlic various fubjeits oif economy and
It shall be conduced on a fair and impar
tial plan, open to political difcufTions ; but
no personal pieces or irritating animadver
sions on parties or individuals shall be ad
mitted. ,
T(ie publication of the feazette will com
mence on the firft day of Oftober next.
Washington, July i. (Ang. i)mwfj*
300 Dollars Reward.
Last Saturday nig-ht toy (hup in Watet
ftreet was opened by a falfe keyj and sun
dry articles of Jewellery, to the amount of
tfn or twelve hundred dollars, were carritd off.
Among them were,
Two marrow fpooii3 marked " Woiwck {"
Likeneffsof Mr James Uobertfon 3&d wife, of
Peterfburg —one do. of a Mr. King one do.
of Mr John Trimbli, late of this town, (lie
back set with a large blue gl&fs ahd a smaller
in the centre, under which was a plait of hair
laid (trait, with J. T. in a cypher worked ia
pearl. Together with a number of fancy pi«w.
cc«, painted hy Sully, »»hi h cannot now be
recollefled f 5 80. tlwitu's Calli stamped
' Warrock.'
The following Watches:
I Gold wafch, maker's name Provaa, Parr*
I silver do. Thottus Green, Liverpool, 7703
I do do. George Bitield, London, 13,500
I gold do. FrTich, no name
1 iio. do. John Ryland, London, a ,331
I silver do. French, 1,0 name
1 do. do. John Hull, Loßiion, 744
I gold do. Rodart, Paris
i silver do. Joseph Kember Shaw
1 do. do. J. Darlington, London '
1 do. do. No. 9861
1 gilt do. G. M. Metcalf, London, 4196
t silver do. George Hafwood, London, 2906
I do. do. J Smith, Lend, n, an
1 double cafe gilt watch, R. Ofburn, Rich-
mond, 8764
ico Dollars will be given for the restoration
of the jewellery, or ico dollars if the thief or
thieves are also fecure-i.
Mr. Benjamin Morris, the owner of the
Watches which mere taken at the fame time,
will alio give 100 dollars for them.
July 19
0" The Printers at Peteviburg, Richmond,
A lex indria—Baltimore—C h^ricfton —•and o
thers, are requested to insert the above for a
few times
Just Imported,
In tb,e ship Kensington, from London, avA
for sale by
Joseph & James Crukfliank,
No. 87, High-street,
* Amongst which are the following
A ftimmary of univerlal Hi'lory, exhibiting th«
ufc, Decline, and Revolutions ■[ th« different Na
tions of the world, from the Creation to tlic pre
sent time, 9 vols. 8 v °> tranflatedirom the French
of M Anguetil.
Tri»els through the United States of America,
the Country of the Iroqouis, .and Upper Canada,
with an authentic account of Lower Canada by
the Duke de la Rochefeucsult Liancony a vela.
Memoirs relative t» Egypt written in that coun
try during the campaigns of Oenrtil Buonaparte
in the years X 798 an<i 1799.
Public Chara<ters of 179?—99 ISOO *
Vols Bvo.
A Voyage to the East Iniiescontaiii'ng an ac
count of the manners, &c of the Na
tives tyith a Geographical description of the
country byFraPaolerio difar. Bartolomeo.
The annual Necrolegy of 1797, 8 including
ilfo various articles of neglefled Biography-
Watkins Uuiverfjil Biographical and Hiftori
,cal Diflionary,
Walpoliana s vo'»-
A Digested Index to the seven volumes ®f
Term Reports by F.Z^Totiikias.
Mavora Natural History for the use of School#
The Britifti Nepos Or Mirror of youth coa
£ fling of fele<fl lives of Illustrious Britons, bf
William Mavor. L. L.D.
ilw(viAiN^Ffiniif lit< »jl.To«ilu>»' '.
Mtom Nuipiiied r'4lll B<Trtt»» fltlufrf
Nactical let tki—i 1 ■—
July jo- -V «<(4pl ■.,

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