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'•< never threatened to "impeach" ths Pre-'j
li'ient of in" United States for any aft o
Ins adminifl ration ; nor the Judges of the
' "P'fiie Co nrt, for declaring the laws of
their country. No ! Even though from
foj.-h dcclaiatic cit (hould appear, tint the j
Cci i.trf; of the United States* invelled by J
the CoilHiwtiuii with the pswer of .making 1
war and peace, have by law, authorised and
commanded a qualified war with Uu French
Republic. Lastly. whatever of all tins i.e
has aot done, Dua«e the tUijtwr of the
Aurora has tfane or threatened to do. Be
fore the awful tribunal of his wrath has he
threatened to " impeich" the Judges of the
•Supreme Federal Court upon a charge of
deepelt djre. They pronounced tl e law of J
Congress, vyhich dissolved the treaties bet
ween France and America, to be a dtel ra
tion of a qualified Hate of war. Let us
imagine the formulary tie would use on such
an occadnn.
I WILLIAM DUANE by birth a Bri
tifli subject, now Captain " over tw lve,"and
Editor 61 4 ' the Autora,'' fucceiTor to ihe
press of B. F. Biche—in rvery sense ofthe
word, DO IMPEACH, you William Pat
terlon, Samuel Cb<ifr. Buflirod Wellington
and Alfred Moore—For that, Whereas on
the, ijthday of the month of Augull in
the year 1800, you and each of you, at
the City- of Philadelphia, in the State of
Pennsylvania—not having the fear of me,
the aforefaid Williatr. Duane, before your
eyes, hut being moved and feductd by the
tyrannical ahd oppreflive obligation of an
oath ; did wilfully, conscientiously and ac
cording ';® your heft judgment, declare your
unanimous opinions, that a certain law of
the Cungrefs of the United States, entitled
" an Ait to declare the treaties heretofoie
concluded with " France no longer obligato
rs- on the United States," palled the 7th
d a y July >798, was a qualified declara
tion otwar, and entitled the French nation
to the appellation of " the enemy" ot the
United States. Now therefore I William
Du ane, as aforefaid, to denounce you the
said William Patterfon, Samuel Chafe,
Buflirod 'Wafliington and Alfred Moore,
and each of you, as violators ot mj Consti
tution and peace of mind, as difcoinfiters of
Jefferfon's faftion ; and to punish your high
crimes and mifdemeatiors as they deserve.
I do declare and pronounce, the everlasting
curfrs of all good Democrats, Jacohins and
JefFerfrnians, against you, and that you are
justly entitled to the highest esteem attach
ment and veneration of every honest man on
the American Continent.
I* the ctwrfe of this invefligatien, I have
attributed • i'nuch importance to " the
Aurr.ra," "in supposing it capable of delink
ing thr*Ffrderal Government. It is exten
fivejy circulated ; it is read by all who Jake
it, and by nr.ahy more who do not pay for it.
It is the medel and the (landed for all the
underling Jacobin prints, throughout the
country. It is copied by them and in its
turn, copies fiom them. It is the peoples,"
paper in the fame sense that Mr. Jefferfon
, is " the man of the people."
It is published in the capital of the State
of Pennsylvania, where the Governor c.f the
fiate and alrnoft every state officer are its
immediate influential patrons. It rs con-'
dusted with a diabolical zeal and aftivity,
and it has alfn this peculiar advantage, that
w .ether it publish lies or truth, the aflertions
are equally credited at a distance and equally
aflifl the dem >rr.ttic caurfe.
Such is tie paper called " the Aurora,"
—By txpofing to the American public,
" what it was in thr b-ginning, is now,
and ever (hall" be" so long as it endures,
1 h.ve not been without a hope, that it
miofht be rendered odious ill thrir (iefht and
that some of irs n-;frhievous efle&s might
be ther : y counters ted. When t (hall
be known more cer.erally that 'his newspa
per, (uperintended by the f<me Editor,
British subject, h the firne which advocai d
tie elfftion nf Mr. M'Kean, as our Gover
nor irfteid of Mr% R fs, the fame which is
now constantly engaged in vilifing Prefid-nt
Adams and his »du>iniflr»tion, in ord r
to undermine hii popularity and to recom
mend Mr. Jtfferf >n as our next Pufident ;
the fame which holds up federal men and fe-
deral ' measures to the execration of what it
audaciously call 9. " the republican party,"
or in other words, to the people of the U
mted States, separate from the rulers of
their choice, I /hall flill cheri/h ihe hope,
that there is yet left among us, enough i f
virtue, honor, discernment and patriotism,
to cou' teraft the evi's disseminated by it ;
enough attachment to the federal govern
ment and to those who administer it, to fe-
cure federal majorities at the apprc.aching
election ; and lastly, enough of religion to
rejeft the creed of athrifm and revolution.
which is daily prfached as orthodox, by
their g'eat High Priest William Duane, the
fditor of " tbe Aurora."
We hear tint the gallantry of the mod
fafhionable b"»us in Boston is direiled to a
Mifi Bell and a Miss M. Gray, the reigning
toa.fts rif the place. Hence, we think it
probable, the mod fosthing poetry tothefe
love-sick Swains is the well known Scottish
G Brjfy Bell and Mary Gray,
They are twa bonny lafles,
The lovers arc so diftra£ted with the dif
fering and dazzling - charms of tbefe " Ri
val Queens," that nothing is heard but
Fair BrJJy Bel! I loo'd yeflreen.
And thought I ne'er cou'd aiter,
But Mary Gray's two pawky ecu
They gar my Fancy falter.
Deal Bejfy Bell and Maty Gray,
Ye unco fairopprefs ns,
Our fancies fee between you iwa,
Ye are lie bonnie lasses.
Wae'e me for baith I canna get
To ant by law were Rented,
Then I'll draw cuts and take my fajj_,
And He with anc contented. ~
for tie Gazette of the United Stat
—No. VL~
ODF. Written, -while dangerously ill.
•' nee, /h tft'y fpeiflre, pallid child of night,
.'V,»r f >'f;y fen, by sultry A ultcr bred,
Or near h,me ftagijai.r, putml p....1,
Hatch'd by the vapours, on their il.impv bed ;
No more thy threatr.ings ftiallmv loul affirighr.
Yet, ah, ber.eath iby hand I fVel
The tortures of the racking wheel,
' he deadly chill, the life conluniint; pain
1 he fever's force, that searches every vein,
Vkith all the pangs, that wait thy death-trod
Oh from thy r». r e crown'd bowtr,
By 'lurdy Labour raisM vnth hands of joy,
By temperance ftor'd with sweets that never
Where oft the mountain Dryads hring
Their trcafures to thy limpid fprip,:,
While pales of Eden kits each hendine flower,
Come, health, thou brifk'd ey'd goddess come.
Oh leave awhile thy rutlic home
And let me feel thy foul reviving power.
For, ah, to thee my prayers have l.nig been paid,
1 hy zephyr* Jlill to other bosoms flew ;
'•V tiile Cckr el's flapp'd her pinions o'er rr.y head
And numb'd my every jwint with chilling dew
Say, (halt I reel thy balmy hour,
See death reluilant turn away,
His arrows, bluntad by thy power,
He'll leave his long expelled prey.
Ah, no, unheard my oeafulefs prayers,
And unregarded friemilhii.'s tears,
To me ne mote thy blefing will return.
Then let me not at fate repine
Compos'd, unmurmuring, rtfign
My pangs, my forrowsto the silent urn.
Now by my couch the tyrant takes his ftanii,
O'er me his icy arms terrific wave ;
And, 10, i e raises now the threat'ning hand
To mark his early vidlim for the g r ave.
Yet not within this throbbing heart
Shall e'er be felt his keenest dart,
D'pt in a tender parent's frui tef* tears ;
No kindred llei.s attend my bed.
No kindred breast supports my head,
Or racks mv latest hours by unavailing tares,
But har.ds Ihal! nlofe my dying eye,
The last fad ■ slices /ball pay ;
And, when this brealt shall cease at length to
, sigh
Will mix with native dull my lifelels clay.
Yet to her more than midnight garni v \
My name shall dark obln- ~n bear
Ah no ! ertft an humble to r b
To claim the pensive wanderer's tear,
And let ifie tribute of an artlel's song
By tuneful 's frr ndly per. Ue paid,
And, where th.* Li-hf igh rolls hi. j avealrng,
There I rm, with pi«u« care, try turfy bed-
Oft by that iiream I've watch'd the mour ful
And pilfer'd oft the melancholy line
Oh, may Me'poraer.e the theft excufo
Nor blast the Humbert that may deck my fcfrne.
For the Gazette of tie United Statet.
As rising "Potts me C v«rr lrd by sympathy
to admire, or to envy other riling "luminarie*,
cur Poet does not fop" out of his usual track,
when he hi.nora the Great Buonaparte, by
an almost literal repetition of the conversa
tion and confluences, of the return of t'ie
Conqaeior of Iraty, oil the 2d of July
Settbi Paris rn v/s tf yesterday.
" Yuu have beei diligent"—tie true."
C unset tors.
"So we hare ind ft/ haveyon,
But none so dilip uc is y®u-"
Gallic Cock a ''< ole (too
Chorus ot Guards.
O how dillg "'areyu,
Very true ve-y true,
Nrn so diligent as you,
Gallic Cock a doodle doo.
Illuminate the flreetno 1 ' Pari»,
I.ea : our Concert Mttiamt M.ivh,
In a fquatl come on ye Nine ;
Apollo do not (lay to dine.
See Fame, so brift to follow you,
Ha« loft her pettic«at and (h. e.
Art you re.idy for the Crown, Sir,
We have long prepared the town, Sir.
No, not yet, it will not do,
I ki.ow full a.« well as you.
Very true, but it will Jo ;
Sir we tfll you n thing new,
Nore (hall wcartke crown but you ;
Gallic Cock a doodle doo.
I till Chorus of Gallic Cocks..
My heirty cock, my cock so hearty,
Little Bafttam Buonapani,
Part eit, Pen, Ben nt f arte,
Siog doodle doo, and d odle 100,
For Gallic cock a Dandle doo.
Full Chorus.
Doodle doo, and doodle 100
Loodle 100 and doodle doo.
Doodle Doo J
Loodle Loo!
Doodle Loodle, Loodle Doodle,
ALAS ! Po>rTnm, tliou'rt really fold,
1o flatter Vice for promised £old,
Thy criiigbijr verses (hew it ;
The« ne'er coud'it a<9: a nobler part,
It suited neither head nor heart ;
0 Heavens!—what a poet.
To thy dull coddle I appeal,
Will MAC, when told, how much you Ileal
To h's hard bargain stand :
O'er > is bad/lain he'll kick thee down,
Nor would i give thee halt 1 a crown,
for all you 11 touch in band.
Fye Tom, thou creature to a brute,
For such thna'rt now, beyond dispute,
Proved by thine own confelliin j
Co hang thyfelf—[ would as soon
Be a JJad Dog, and bay the Moon,
As one of tLy i'rofeffian.
Ko worthy bards devote th-.ir lays
To i:.tereft's (brine, to
Nor of grest iinj* ;
e impeach,
1 would not budge beyend his reach,
Tho' I werefure tofwinir.
Thftn VnowTr. that f» from early yoinS,
Ot Jacobins, have toUi the truth,
And ever, to thfeir face. i
Tho' now the truth qiragct thee,
P rbaps f yet once more may be,
Trty Iricnj when out of place,
A treacherous course with Coxc you'll run,
Er.joy the nved unfairly won,
And tho* now flack and hearty ;
Should our Imperious MAC go ©ut,
You two Had Dogs will veer abowt
Anu change once wore your party#
The Oyfteri thus, as Bufftm tells.
Lie downward on their hollow fiiells,
To catch th« flowing tide ;
When they perceive the ebb commence,
InftinA dire<sh their torpid fetfe
To turn on t'other fide.
For the Gaaetts ef the United States.
T» limtfitvmg «wd lukewarm ft/'uitiant and
tofrt&l LatdidaUtfsrfeali in *txl Con
" You will do welt to prepare hmangue»
for both fides ; because there is no knowing
which party may be uppermoll, by the time
you (hall obtain your feat. After vou have
chosen your fide, and shown under whose
banner you mean to fight, though it will be
expe&ed that you (hould make some kind
of deciaration, regarding your future con
duit, it will be worth youi- while to make
yourfelf mafttr of as many equivocal phra
fesasthe Englifli language admits, and to
use general exprefli us ; that, in cafe of
your finding it for your interest to adopt op
posite meafurcs you may have little difficul
ty in explaining away the obvious sense of
your former declaration.
41 From a ncgled of this neceflary precau
tion, fcveral persons of my acquaintance, in
other refptdts of diltinguilhed prudence,
have L und tliemftlves in a very aukward fi
* A very liable, confident, high-min
ded and well principled band is, fortunate
ly for the nation, generally predominant in
our Senate and House of Reprefeutatives.
T ere is however, a party coloured, and
parilitical tribe, well deftribed by Davc
naut with the alteration of two words :
"An ignorant, mercenary andfer-nile crew ;
unanimous in evil, diligent in mifchief, va
riable principle t, lonjlant to Jlattery, falfe-
Iy ltyiirig themselves it.c Federal party and
the Prelident'i only fricndg."
v. [Since theappearan«e, in a very old Lon
don Magazine oi " Papyrius Cursor," the
original inventor of amusing" cross read
in;'," tins pleafatit species o: newfpap»r
d llery has been always popular. The sol-
I wing tram a S»uthem paper is a very to
ler iule specimen of rhis fort of dovetail'd wit.
We copy it, in compliment to the ingenious
author, and in the hope that it may excite
f ime laughter loving wight to" go, and do
RUNAWAY from t,he fubftriber a few
days pad—
A hoale and lot and too peach-trees.
A lady not long imce *U fnddenly attacked
with— ' <
A most violent fit of scolding.
A young lady newly married 'tis said fwa
Theparfon of the pari(h and two deacons.
A neighbouring legiCature 'tis said is cosn
poled of—
The Urged oxen ever seen in this country.
Tenthoufand hoglheads of tobacco we learn
have been—
Lately innocvlated for the small pox.
Three milch cows we are told are—
Cruiling off Cape Hatteras.
1 lie fever and apue is now
Offered tor sale on moderate terms.
Ata late entertainment one of the dishes
confifled of.—
A large corn field, and twenty negroes.
A large bowl of turtle soup was lately—
Forded by three men on horse back.
The next inferior court we are told wil
meet in—
A large of porter.
The House,
LATELY occupied by the Chevalier
D'Yrujo, Spnnifli AmbafTador, will be
let out to an approved person or family, on
easy conditions. It is large, commodious
and elegant, with coach-house and stables
Enquire at No. 100, Spruce street.
Arcb Street, No. 94.
_J«ly 23. eodtf.
The Frenchman
WHO refufed to give up a STOLEN
POINTER DOG when demanded of
hira on Werfnefday morning last about seven
o'clock, by the fcrvant of the owner, at the
corner of Arch and Sixth ftreeti, is defirod
to fend him to the office of this Gazette, or di
ligent search will be made after him, and he
will be proferuted as the thief. The Dog is
white, excepting a yellow spot on his back, oue
yelo w ear, and two or three yellow spots on
Jiij lorehead—the other ear it fprckled—he is
v«ry poor and hip shot. An hamlfrme reward
will be given for the d<>f, and-Five Dollars on
conviilion of the thief. The Frenchman is a
tall thin man, of a complexion v'r y dark, .ind
drefied in black clothes (excepting a ftripej blue
wlr'te gingham cratee) —He was seen with
uith a fhor r fat man, io
; Race near Sereura Lntl, oo Sul»!;y afternoon
| last.
I augurt »8 d4t
No. 39 North Front Street,
German stf.rl. window ghf* hat*' aifcrt.
Ed in cafe*, Nail* in cases, »nd a.J&gt off rt
nicnt of Ironmongery, Cutlery, Satfery, Coach,
and Hsrr ess Furr iiurr,Brafs and Japanned Ware-.
Pins and Need!t»,
J»'y t*. th. fa. im,
Marflial's Sale.'
United States, }
Penntyhania District. y s ~
Notice is hereby Given r
TpH AT in purfuancc of an or 'er to ne di.efled
A, irom the hen. Richard Peters, efcuireiiudee
of the DiOri& Court; of the U.iiced Stares, in and
for the Fennfylvania Diftria, will be exp.-fe ! to
public file, at the (lores of Messrs. Gurney and
Smith, No. 198, So. Water Street, in the city of
Philadelphia, on Thursday the 1 tth day ol Septem
ber inft. at 10 o clock in the forc-noon,
The Cargo
of the armed French vefTel Chouchou, prize to tie
Uuitcd State* <h>pa Philade!ph : a, Stephen Decatur,
Esq. and Connedicut, Mofcs Tryoa, El'i confin
ing of the following articles, viz.
17 Trunks and fix Boxes Hair Powder
3 Do Pomatnm
8 Do Powder and Pomatum assorted
8 Do containingDrcfliigand Shaving")
Boxes, Scented Waters, Puffs >
Combs, &c &c. J
3 Cases Playing Cards
1 Cafe Black Ink in Bottles
3 Boxes Scented Soap
8 Trunks contaiping Writing Paper,")
Blank Books, Grammars, Difli- L
onaries, &c. &c. f
1 Tru k Quills
4 Cases I ronmoagery assorted
1 Cafe Looking Glasses
3 Cases Artificial Flowers,
21 Boxes Vermicella
2 Cases contg. Fans, Cambs, Snuff Boxes
Medallion's, Pencils &c. &c.
19 Boxes Tallow Candles
10 do Wax do.
40 Casks 4th Proof Brandy (about ts
Gallons each)
27 Calks Malaga Wine do.
Bdo Sherry do.
179 Boxes Soap
50 Bottles Sweet Oil
1 Cafe Lard and 1 Cafe Hams
80 Boxes Raisin*
10 Potts Olives
87 Potts Anchovies
Marshal's Office, 1
Philadelphia Sept. 6, 1800. eotS.
ALL persons indebted to the ElUte of Mr.
Jacob 1 bomas, late of Washington, slate
of Kentucky, deceased, are requested to milce
payment, —a»d thole who have any demands
againli the fame, are desired to exhihit th-ir
account* properly authenticated on or before
the loth Oifleber next.
JACOB REESE, Adminiltrator.
September 6 djt
30 Dollars Reward.
RA N sway ij»m the fubfrriber, a Negro
Man Slays, tallrt Levin—H.< romple&ion
is yellow, his height ahout live feet and up
wards j his hair i* bnlhy and lowg, and cut <;n
the top of his head; his person is thick and
well nude, and he is not over thirty years old
He is I'uppnfed to have goqe to the northward.
It isreporred that Levin, or one much l,ke r,im,
uok water at Vienna for Baltimore, Maryland.
Whoever f«ctire» or raules him to be I'ecur
ed so that I get himagiin, or brings and deli
vers him to the fubfenber, (hall receive there
t r 30 dollars, and all r»afonable cofls and
charges fnm
Near Stevens'» Ferry, Scmerfet County,
September 6- j«r
For Sale,
THE follow.ng property belonging tothcTruf
tees of the Agg egate Fund, provided for the
payment of certain creditors of Edward Fox
and James Grernleaf.
On Monday the 6tb October inst.
PART of the property of said fund, in the City
of WaSiisgton, that now is rendered clear of
every incumbrance, -vill be exposed at Public
AuSion at Tint iclifl Tavern, amongll which are
the following valuable fituatiot., viz. w Lots in
square No. 973, » lots in square 974. ,5 lots in
tquarc N». 995, % lots in fquarefruth of fquart
1019, 19 lots in f.juare icno, 1 lot in square lOte
1 lot in square 1021, 7 lotsin square ion 4 lr,t
in lquare iot4, 3 lots in Iquare ir 45, 3 ) 0 » in
square 1C46. 9 lots in square 1047, u lots in
fqua-e 1048, with others advamagcoufly
situated in various parts of the city. Alio the 1
story frane houlc now occupied by Mr. Deblois,
beaHtifully situated (With an extensive view o! sev
eral miles down the Potomac) on the foMth east
corner of square 973, fronting 4a feet on 11 llreet
east, and 41 fectonfonth G street: a commodious
Kitchsn with an oven, &c. adjoining the south
front. A large frame stable, carriag hotife and
hay loft 50 feet by 35, and a pump of excellent
Water near the back door of the k'tcher, the lot
extending9i feeton *1 street, and r 9 f e .: ; i n(i h
in G street, comprizing lots Nos. 1, », f ao( J p art
of n, in the rrgirtered division of the Iqware!
1 he faleswill commence atthefaid t.vernat ten
o'clock in the forenoon.
The termionc fourth calh, or.e fourth in fix
months, when a deed will be given, the remain
ing moiety in two years, payment to be fe-urcd
by bond and mortgage. But the creditor! in the
above fund, may in liru of mortgage secure pa -■
ment of their bonds by dep'-fit of c r*t£cate« of
the trullees at the rate of five (hillings in the pound,
to the amount secured and'fhculd a dividend take
place before the expiration of the twn years, it
will be set off against th« LonJ, and the certifi
cate! returned in the fame proportion.
Henry Pratt ")
Thomas W. Francis j
John Miller, juo. Trujleet.
JohnAfhley |
Jacob Baker. J
Augull 4. 3taw ts
Elifha Fiflier & Co.
r n
I arin^^^
_ No Arrivals ct the Lazaretto.
Sell.'l oner N-mrv, Kennedy, and (loop
Nov-iorkJc Philadelphia Packet, Foulk,
from Vikc- t0; Port Urpubl-c *rr captured
y L Fitflot privateer (it 10 fixes and icq
men, bejrtrigin# to.Gi: iclalou
* - - °p e *
Sloop Charlatie, Teal, from Havanna, is
)e!o\y. ..
Cleared rut for Philadelphia from Ch.irlef.
ton, Aug. 2j, Schooiwr Minerva, Hughes*
Schr. Maria Matilda, ShurtlilF, from
henc-j lift, arrived a: Havanna, via the Ma-
Brig Harriot, Hubl.ar, for Batavia, has
put back to New-C*ftle—leaky, and part of
the crew ii> f« (l;ite of mutiny.
Ship Little M.irthq, Pile from hence, has
arrived at Charh flr n.
Ihe Warren fl-op of war has arrived at
the Havanua from Vira Cruz.
_ BOS i ON, Sfptember i„
Arrived Wimpenny. Lot,don
45 days, Paffci.gtr, Capt.Jofcph Clement.
July 27, spoke bng Zephyr, Smith, from
Br.ft.l for N. York, with pafTen K er S , ,2
days out.
Arrived at Amrterdam, begrininr, of
Junp, ship Geo. Will am. .A born, Provi
dence s Ship Good Hop-, Thorndike, of
Salem, failed the 3d of June from Ro ter.
dam for Raffia.
NEW YORK, September 5.
D . - . graved, dnyt
Brig Rebecca, Brown, Hull no
Auilris, Sinclair, Havanna 20
Schr. Fame, Hutchings, Jamafcj
Ann, C)l»cr Richmond
Sloop Nancy. Backlry, Newbern N.C.
Polly, Oliv r. Cape Fiancois
Brig Pebtbecca, Moncrieffe, Havanna
Dolly, Dixon, Jamaica
Schr, W.Miam and Mary, Defhcr, Madeira
1 he rtiip Chcfapeakc, Tombs, is repor
t«d to be below f.om Loudon.
Yesterday arrived here the (hp Juliana,
Captain Roth, belonging t Coir and V. ol
ley She failed frr>m the Downs the i2ih
of July, and cur London filrs bv her only
to the loth, not so late by twelve days, as
the news by way of Boston.
On the xßth ult in lattitnde 41, 37,
longtitude 59. 59, s po ke the ar -cd brig
William Johnfoa, fifteen days from Sa
vannah to Liverpool.
On Sunday last, off Long rfl an d, wa»
bearded by the ; Uopafra frigate under our
flag, and detained four hours, by obliging
the Juliana to (land after her. This delay
ed her arrival twenty-four hours.
PafTengcrs in the Ju'iana—M?{ J, W.
Scctt, J Kofier. W lemm, of Baltimore,
Miss Lawrence, atd nin:.-fn the steerage.
A letter from London, dated 11th jufy,
mention? the arrival of the fhlp Maryland,
Capta n «Webb, this port.
We are sorry to state that yesterday at 3
o'clock, A. M. the brig Nancv, pt. Cox,
f r m Sr. Lum;,, with a cargo of Ru-n, Sugar
snd CfTee. consigned to \Vm. 8c J. Conlla
hlrs, W.,s c:>(l awdy on Rockan y (hoals.
Should the weather piove it isax
pefted the principal part of the csrgo will
he laved without fuftainirig any material
Capt. Cox, failed in company with the
Rachell, Beverly, and a brig, name niiknwn,
capt. Stow, bound to New-H i weft* I: lat.
33 N. was board dby the boat belonging
to the Baltimore Sloop of War, having on
! board the id Lif.nt. and 18 men. Lat. <3,
30. long. 76, 40, spoke the brig Nymph,
Capt. Johrfun; from t! is port, out 7 diy.-,
bound to Nt >v-Providence. Left at Marti
nico 8 or 9 fail waiting convoy.
Ship Anna, capt. Johnson of this p rt
bound t» Port Republican, was taken in ut.
31, 00, N. by a French privateer fc!jr. of i»
gun?, Callrd the Patriot, from Poi ni Petrc,
ard after being in pofT-llson of the French
men 21 diys, was re-taken by a B;rraodian
privatepr, off Djming-o, and carried into
BALTIMORE, September 4
A rrived yesterday Ship Union, Porter,
56 day- Liverpool.
Inlat 51. lor g9. fpr,hc fbip Dlanna, 31
day)< from Savannah, to Liverpool.
h'P Francis and Mary.
from ' verpool'
Spcke a Ship from Philadelphia and a
brig from New-York ; but could not Isarn
their names.
CHARLESTON, Augruft 23.
Arrived (hip Aurora, Seabury, Glafjjow,
68 days ; biig Eliza, Lyon, Pcrtfmouth,
(Eng.) 55 dayj.
,% R£ 2
L\- rrd to error
and t_k? her av» av
Augurt 76.
Ft'.UNT o,
u r 700 ilv or
>ii <- v_ ; t c owner is ri.fi
irove property, p:y chirgq*
D in Exch tig
ton# Pnmri, sc'tfi'rg 6
I'pvar.Js, and a Fount of
4c© lbs, or vp« ,rdj.

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