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ft ■
Prevention better than Cure.
pjr tkf f reve?}t'(n :ud cu'\ of Eilio'uS and
Malirttani 'Fevers, if rte-nnmeiided,
Anti-bilious Pills,
WHICH have been atieh led with a degree
nf fucceiV. i :hly gr :eful y> the inven
tor's feeling", in feveril part 1 ! of 'he We't In
dits.arii the southern parts oft he United Stare--
particularly in Baltimore, Pererfbdrg, Rich,
inond, Norfolk, E:Untoi>, Wilmington,CharUf
ton, Savannah See. The testimony of a num
ber of ptrfon* in each of the above places can be
adduced, who have realon to believe that a
timely us« of th s'falutary remedy, haa, under
Piovidence, prcleryed their lives when in the
mott aUrmii-g circwmllances.
Fails of thi» conclnfive nature (peak more in
favour of a medicine, than columns of pompous
eulogy, founded on mere a£Terti"n, coul i do-
It is not indeed picfumptuouily proposed as
an infallible cure, bpt the inventor has every
poffib'.e rejifon, which can result from cXtcplive
experience fir bel evingtlut a dost of these pills,
taken once every two wee Its during the preva
lence of o'ir annual bilious fevers, wit! prove an
infallible preventative j and further, that in the
eirlier stages of those diseases, their use will
very generally succeed in refloring health and I
frequently in cases esteemed desperate and bey
otiri (hepo.ter of common remedies.
The operation of these pills is perfeilly mild
and may be used with faiely by perfon3 in every
situation and of every age.
They are excellently'adapted to carry off f ,g
perfluous bile and prevent its morbid fccretious ;
to reOore and amend the appetite ; to produce
a free perfpir.ticn and thereby prevent colds
which are often of fatal conlequence. A dose
never fails to remove a cold if taken on its firil
appeirance. They are celebrated for removing
habitual coflivenefs, ftcknefs of the ftoniach and
severe head-ache, and ought to be taken by all
perf i s on achinge of climate.
'lhey have been found remarkably efficacious
in preventing and curing moll disorders attend
ant on long voyages, and ihould be procured
and carefully prcferved for use by every feamari.
Genuine Eye-water.
A etrtlin and fafc remedy for all difeafcsofthc
eyes, whethar the cffiil of natural weakness, or of
accident, ffeedily removing inflammations, de
fi»xion3 of rheum, dullncfn, itching, and films in
the eyes, new failing to cure those maladies which
frequently fuccced the small pox, meaflas and fe
vers, and wonderfully flrengthening a weak fight.
Hundred have experienced its excellent virtues
when nearly deprived of fighti
Tooth-ache Drops.
The only remedy yet discovered whichgivesim
mediate and lasting relief in the most fcvere in
The Anodyne Elixir.
For the cure of every kiud ef head-ache, and of
pains in the face and ueck.
Injallible Ague and Fever Drops.
This medicine his never faikd, in many thou
fandcafes not one in a hundred has had occasion to
take more than one bottle, and numbers not hall
a bottle The money will be returned if the cure
is not performed.
No. 17, South Sec«nH Street,
And no where else, in Philadelphia.
Where also may be had, Dr. Hamilton's Worm
Destroying Lozei'ge<, hi» Sovereign Elixir for
toughs, &c. Restorative Drops Essence and Ex
trad of Mustard, Sovereign Ointment (or the Itch,
Dr. H::hn's iufallible German Corn Plaifler, In
dian Vegetable Specific for the Venereal com
plaint, Gowland's and Persian Lotien,
Tooth Powier, Dimalk lip Salve, Church's
C«ug'i Drops, ndrrfon's Pilli, &c. &c.
aorilio "
Candidates for the Navy*
ANI> othert, who are desirous of becoming
acquni ;ted with the following very essential
improvements in Navigation, vii —The method
of finding the Latitude by a Angle alcitude ot the
fun at any hour of the day ; and of ascertaining
bath Latitude and Longitude at once by a Celes
tial observation, the Lunar*, and new lorms of
journals for fhipi of war, with additional columns,
may hear ot a person ready to inftruS them at
their apartments, who has compends of the above
so Amplified by explanations of figures, marginal
rcfer-nccs, &c- that they may be uud'r ood in a
few days Iby 'PP'y' n S "t No. 93, south Second
flrect, ffppofite the City Tavern.
H< engages to teach Navigation (the common
methdd of keeping a j ureal at sea) in 6 days.
He has taught the Mathematics, French lan.
guage, Sic for many years in different univer
sities, and snips of war, to which he has been
regularly appointed—He has also had considerable
practical experience in surveying and book-keep
ir,g ; in which he gives private ledtures.
ilis ttrais are law and accommodating.
, He will open
A Marine and Commercial
On Monday the Bth of September, at an
elegant and spacious Room in Harrrony
Court, (oppolite No. 74, fourh Fourth
Tbf business of on Avtnl and In
ttrfrttcr faithfully traasacttj.
Aopuft 2{
For Sale,
In tie pleasant villcoe of Mount Holly, Bur
lington County, 18 n.iltsfrom Cooper's
Ferry, and 7 from
Brick - House,
FIVE and thirty feet square, four rooms on
each floor, ami a cellar under the whole.—
Likewise adjoining, a forty foot front Lot, situ
ate on Mill llreet, near the rairket, with a new
Carriage House and Stables on the rear of lh<
Lot, fronting a public alley. For further par
ticulars apriv r< •
ISAAC CARR, in Burlington.
Who will {hew the prtnriil'cs and rnaie known
the terms, or of the fubfcri N er in Burlington,
br whom an indilputaMe title will be piven.
Burli: gtoa, July 9, 1800.
Julyly <odtf
French Tuition,
■urott AM AM.-iLTTICAL PL A^
Pr,fessor of the Frevih i.attgu-ige,
*J yA'S the htvinr ini :r:ri ig his IMIow-Citi
Q zjtis of Philadelphia, he will open Ins
School on Miiiriay the 14th ol September, ac No
s,fouth Fish Arert, and divi V his hours of in
Amotion in the !o!l wir.g mann.r.
Attendance On Ladies and Gentlemen, at their
own hwufci, will be given as usual, Irom 9
o'cWk in the mortiihjj till 1 in the sfrcrnnon.
Kis afternoon and evening fclnol will begin
(every other day) from 4to 6 and from 6 till 9
Tr,»cfl«ion« from either language into the
other, performed with accuracy, elegance, fecre
cy and dispatch.
N. 13—Nicholas G. Dungr, refpeftfully in
vites the I.adits and Gentl-mei. ambitious to
learn the Fr r.cfi, to-agree w-t'i f)"-e r.f their
friesas or acquaintances, defireas of receiving lef
for.s in that ut.iverfal .and improved language, to
meet it the Cicie hour and plrce for mutual in
liruflion —they may be allured i' will he to ih ir
ai vantage to do so, if they peruse with atccntbn
the following.—
To the Lovers of the French Language,
IN an age when fuccefsful efforts have been
made towards the imprnvemeut of ibi art of Think
ing, and when Analysis has been dilcovered the
univer'al, and sole good method to improve all
fciorices, and rec.iv- inEtruvflion in tfcem, it may
be a matter of a'.lonifhment that it has not been
yet generally smhraced, and rendered the familiar
method of learning. The extraordi-ary rife and
progreftof Cliyiniury,within a very few years,
are entirely due to analysis; but there is an art 0:1
which it fh< uld have firjt darted its beneficial rays,
I allude to the Trading of Languages. In fail, Na
ture, thi- excrllcnt analyst, wa< before our eyes
gui !ing children in learning the language of their
mother, and no ehild ever failed in acquiring it,
profiting surprisingly by her unerring Icffons
Fully convinced by reason and experience, thit
the fame method ftie pursues fliould be followed a'
neatly as possible, I adopted, iu the course ol my
intiru&ions, such bcoks ellablifhed on principles
that lead deviated from her Ample diilaje,. I soon
perceived that the method acquired from these aid
was but a very irregular and imperfect Analyfn
—I, therforc, resolved though with a very fault
confidence iu my fleuder abilities, but animated
with 1 al lor the improvement of those who mat
»vi(h to learn French from me, to undertake the
la 1 orious andar!uous talk of writinga work,groun.
ded or. Analytical princpln*, which mitjht com
prehtnd what is wilhedUr by thofcapplyir.gthem
selves to the ftuiy of the living languages, and
am bappy to fay, 1 have now nearly concluded it
It cnntills of three parts.
The first, is a cVofen Vocabulary of words most
frequently used inlperch, ccuUir.ining 1,50c —the
m '~t natural acceptation of «ach is determined by
a phrase prefixed to it.
The second, contains the French vet bs. both re
gular and irregular, from a new system in which
the principal difficulties attending «onjugati >n an
first cxpained, and observations given on the use
of each sense, illustrated by proper examples, so
as to enable the learner to exprels kimfclt with
pi ecifiim.
The third, is a complete list of those words/r
---vant de lieu on de complement defent entre lei Mutret pareles
ttil difcovrs: that is to fay —fuming the link or comple
lion of sense between the other parts of Jpeecb. fsholc
principal use is to eitabliifc in fp-eech that conneiti
on between words, which already exists in thi
nned between ideas. I hav? also fully determined
the feitfc and acception of these important words
(which aro divided into appropriate clafles to fix
them the easter in the memory) by annexing to
each exau pies in French and Englilh.
As 1 do net inte'id to publilh the abovt,for feme
time, and in order, eeverthelefs, that my pupils
may reap the fame advantage without it, I has'eo
to inform those who may he induced to pat them
felvcs under my care, that half the time of school
(the othur half being devoted to other exercises)
will be employed in exercifwg them in the fol
lowing manner:—
We first begin with the Vocabulary; each word
of which will le pronounced in Englilh then iH
French, to he repeated by one or more of thefcho
lars; and a similar repetition of the phrases before
mentioned will follow.
It is worthy of observation, that in our Infan
cy, and as we adrance in years, we learn the pro
nounciation of our vernacular tongue, by pro
nouncing word by word; and Analtgy accomjolilh
es what remains to be done, in orc*er to acquirt
the necelTiry knowledge of it. The lules given
by Grammarians to attain this obj<-<sl are a inont
ufeUfsrous, and still mere so to the foreigners,
struggling in vain to learn the true pronunciation
of a lsuguage with the he'.p of t'i&ii naries and
Grammar alone. Though I conceive my fcholar>
may attain ia the above manner, the accurate
pronoiinciition of the French language, yet strid
attention is paid to their renting 10 approved au
thors before we begin the for«goi»g exercifcs.
1 will pursue nearly th«£im*« method in impart
ing te them the eonunts ol the two other divifi r.s
of my work I cannot conc'ude this addrclswith
out thanking my Fellow Citizens for the li! era',
encouragement I hava experienced frum them,
thefs fix years past, in try profeffional career pre
fumir g that I may be permitted to fay, that I have
not been altogether undeserving of it.
September i. dit law a-.v
August 4tt>, ißco.
"J- HE commanding Officers of corps, de-
A tachmentfi,pofls, garrifonj, and recruiting
parties, I elonging to the military eflablifhment
of the United States, are to report to, and
receive orders from Brigadier-General Wil
kinfi.n, in the City of Washington, and all
officers on furlough are to report themselves to
the firae officer with all possible dispatch.
Secretary of War.
j£s" All Printers wiihin the United States
who have publifhtd invitations for contrails of
theiyho;' March last are requested to insert
the above in their vel'peflive papers, once a
week for tws months.
eod Hf.
Cpp site Christ • Church,
English Papers
and other
Philadelphia, Aug. 6.
A good secondhand
Riding Chair,
ard an excellent family
FOR SALE, Cheap—Enquire of the Printer.
1 rowf»w
. A partnership.
APEtt&ON polFelfinf some capital. J eonfi
ilirjf • sure of industry, as:d def.rcm of
rr u * partner in a lucrative '.isfcatfi,
m iy |, cjr ~f t fl (U jti>n. All pr.'pn<»l« m llii»
•"''''jr.') (o be in i-ritirp. fraled and dire4ted to
W. U j K IW York, and kit <vilh (he printer
of the Oaieite of the Ut.ilcd State#, will be ai
ten.lrd to.
' " A Printer would find it to his advantage
jane 5 -
ui Valuable and singularly eligible
CONSISTING of two hanrlfome dwelling
houses, with excellent {tabling for seven horses.
double elach-houle mod completely fitted up; a
beautiful large and valuable garden richly filled
wi'h-choice fruit, surrounded with high hoard
fence, almost new. The preroifes are beautifully
fimaud near the middle of Germantown, sur
rounded rich profp.tSU of the adjacent
country ; an orchard of about two acres, with a
handsome lawn at tht back of the hou'e.
One house haibem rt cendy built oil an appro
ved pVjn ; the othrr hi»beeDcompl«M*y rtpslfed,
painted >nrl papered, and contact ten rooma with
an elegant drawing-room, fifteen feet by thirty
The new house is well calculated for a flore in
either the dry or w&t good line.
The air and water are unrivalled, and there are
some Mt excellent schools in the neighborhood.
For particulars enquire of tfce Printir, or of
ort the jremifes.
,M»f 9-
Referred Trafts,
ON Wednesday the id day of October next,
books will be open in the Office of the Sub
scriber, rrfiding in Franklin, for the sale of the
Reserved Trails, laid out by virtu; of an aifl ot
AtfemSly paffcd the nth day of April, 1799.' —
One fifth pare of th« purchase money to be p litl
at the time »f sale, one filth part within twelve
months from the day of sale, one fifth part within
two years from said day, and the remaining two
fifth parts at er before the expiration ot three
years after such sale No contra St to be confirm
ed for fifteen days after the said books (hall be o
pened, and the highest price offered within that
•ime will be accepted. All payments made will
be forfeited unlrfs the purchaser within three ye'T6
from the day of sale makes an actual fcttlement
on the trail purchased, by clearing, fenc i.g, and
cultivating at leaf! two acres for every fifty con
tained in the survey, and ereil there.-n a mes
s age for the habitation of man, and rifiJethere
on for the space of five years ntxt following the
firfl fcttlement of the fame. No patents to issue,
unless fatisfa<sory proof lhall be made of such
actual fcttlement, rtfidenee, and improvement.
Fraklin, July at, tlco.
•aguft 8,
District of Pennsylvania to wit:
BE it remembered tint on the Tenth day of
July in the twenty fif'h year of the Indepen
dence of the United States of America, Alexan
der AddifoH of the said Dift- iit hath deposited
in thil office ihe title of a book the right where
of he claims as Author in th» words following
;o wit, " Reports of cases in the County courts
of the Fifth Circuit and in the High Court of
Errors ar.d appeals of the State of t'ennfylvania,
and charges to Grind Juries of thole County
Courts. By Alexaiid&r Addifon, Prefidcnt of
the Courts of C mmon Plea* of the Fifth Cir
cuit of the State cf Pcnnlylvanii."
In conformity to the ail of Congrefsof the Uni
ted States Utitlrd " An adt fcr the encouragement
of learning by fecurine the copies of maps chart*
and b.oks to the Author* and Proprietors of such
copies during the times therein mentioned "
Clerk of the Diftritt cf Ptnnfylvania.
The above book is now puthlhed It will beds
IlVered to lubfcribers by Mr. Dobfon Book feller.
J"iy *3
The Subscriber,
MASTER of the Hamburg Ship Anna., for
warns all Pcrfrns from trotting or harbour
ing any of the crew «f said Ship, ai he will not pay
any Jebt« contra&ed by them.
At-guft i» Wiot
A. Young Man,
PKiiFISCrLY versed 111 Mercantile accounts,
and bi ought up in one of the firft cosnting
haufei. in this -ity, wilhes employment as Clerk.
He is at prefciit ibfent from Philadeiphia, but a
line left st the Office of the Gazette cf the Uni
ted States.he will receive, and it ihall be imme
diately attended to. Salary a feccndary object—
Employment his mstive.
aui;«ft 41 dtf
Bank of the United States,
August 23d, 1800.
appa ored
Bills 011 Amsterdam,
At sixty days sight ;
Caflj will be paid,
At tUe rate of Forty Cents per Guilder.
A Red Morocco Pockct-Book,
WHOEVER has loft it may receive it »n ap
plication at the office of this Gazette, and
paying the expence of this advartifement.
July 21.
For Sale,
Tbe Unexpired TIME cf a BLACK BOY
WHO has three years and five months to
f*rve ; he is !ober, houeft, a good wai
ter, and underflasde taking care of horses. En
quire at No. 60, Dock flreet.
Inly 3-~.
- fOi? SALE,
OLD Long Primer,
9nuU Pica on Plff Body,
Enplifk, Ck*rn, CompfiEog Biick», and '{re*,
varietyof articlei nectfliiy tocirxvon tte Prirv
lug Bofineb. W*y will be ftW t»»p im cist.
Apply <0 Ue frlpter,
iHoufes to' Let:
ONE large conven ent tl;ree-(lory Brick
Dwelling-Hohte, with four rooms on a
floor, qnd two Kitchens ; there is a pump
of water, and a rain water cillern 11 the
Vird ; situate on the call fide of F ,;irth-
Street, one door above Race-Strut, lately
'occupied by Solomon Mcroche.
A convenieut Three Story
With a pleasant yard on the dfcuth fide
of Arch-Street, third door above Eighth-
Street. For terms apply at No. 116 Arch-
Augutl 4. m&wtf
RAN-AWAY from Ger., Ridgeiy of Balti
more, on the aath inll. a coloured
negro pan, who calls himfelf WILLIAM
Mc. DONALD ; He is abrut 54 y-.ars of age,
about 5 feet 8 inches high, neat in hisdrefs, and
has a good suit of hair. Hid on, when he
went away, a good beaver hat, a short light
green cloth coat, edged with vellow, and yel
low gilt buttons —a light buff caflimer, double
breasted wailtcoat, a pair of dark olive colour
ed thickfctt pantaloons —a white linen shirt,
white ribhed cotton Duckings, and a good pair
of (hoes with livings He took »ith. him a
dark blue coat, a pair of olive caflimtr panta
loons, and a light corduroy pair of breeches ;
also a gold or pinchbeck watch, with a Heel
chain. He is fond of fpiritous liquors, is inso
lent, has a stupid look, and chews tobacco. —
He was bred in Charles county, Marylan t, and
purchased of col. John Thomas by gen. Ridge
ley. Whoever apprehends laid negro, and fe
cures him in any jail so that the owner may
gst him again, /ball receive the above reward,
with reasonable charges if brought home, or de
livered to Joflim B. Bond, Philadelphia,
may t dtf
WHO is about taking hit departure from
hence to the Weft Indies, wh*rehe in
tends to reside, will undertake to tranfifl busi
ness on the most reasonable terms t'cr Mer
chants who may be inclined to intrust him with
their commands.
He would likewise wllh to be concerned with
a perlon of refpedlabi'ity liere, who may be de
sirous of such a conneflion.
Apply at No. 116, North Front St.
Aug. 22. eodiw«[
By J. Oumrod, No. 41, Cl«f»ut Street,
Death of General Wajhingtou.
In imitation of th» manner of Offian.
By Rev. John B.Linn, A.M.
Mimlter of the firft Prefiiyteran Congregation
of Philadelphia.
Mr. Chaudron's Oratisn will be publilhed
on Monday morning.
March 15. <k
And to be Sold by
No. I®6, south si le Market Street,
Reports of Cases
Argue J . and determined in the
(grf. at-britain)
commenced with
The Right Honorable WILLIAM SCOTT,
Mi.hadmat Term 179^.
By Charles Robinlon, LL. D. Advocate.
Volume I.—Part I.
0- These R «port will be continued regularly;
The feconi Part which cosc'udes this Volume is
row in the preft, and ve- ill be publilhed with all
the expedition polßble,
Augult 21,
THE Proprietors of the Philadelphia and I.an
cafter line «f Stages DISPATCH, return their
grateful thanks to their friends and the public m
general, for the part favors they have received, anJ
inform them that in addition to the regular I ice,
thuy aro provided with »cdcareful
drivers, to go through berwren the City and
Borough in two days. Tbofa who j refer this mode
of travailing can be accommodated at tke Stage
Office, Cgti of United States EagU, Market Greet,
Slough, Downing, Dunxooody If Co.
Nev. 30. 2t—§
Modern Europe.
The public are refpe&f'jlly informed that tbe
First Volume of the above Work is printed and
will be immediatly delivered to the subscribers.
Those Gentlemen who have exprefled a wish
to fee the manner in which it is executed before
they hecom« fubferibers, are requeftedto call at
W. Y. BlltCll's No. 17, fomb Second-ll'eet.
It is prefumad that ca compuifon it will be
fnund fuperier to the London copy.
Aup. n e °d-
A Printing Press.
Apply at the OfHee of the Gazetteo;
the United Stat.s.
July 19-
. Old Long Prir. er,
Small Pica on pica body (new and <ld
Pica, do.
EngtiQ), (two fm&llfounts)
16 Line Pica, &c. _
Sundry Frames, and a great vaiiety of Oi>ice
Furnitures, &c.
Iroh work of « printing press,
0- They will he ioid cheap «orcifli—Applv
at the office of the Gazette of the United
Fifty Dollars Reward.
Ibis Day Published,
(Price »5 Cents)
'pHR cwmtTt of K- w.j-rcTff Uflflf in W«yne
" * ci.nrry, ais l#ic' J noiiisj, (hat T«c» *%,
beo.ise v jv-Uc tl'u'w.M l«r (he yywt .
1C0). Tt*ho J tit not :i'.j\v<y pjiJ iheir 1
i«)f, re trrf''/f qVirrd to di!ch<rgc ihcfaSd
w JOHN b»I"K, t'rcafufcr •/ r»M
Ci-urty «t Millortli wjtl.ni thne monlti* from!
i.uti d>ie. |.rt>»«rdir,f> in fnlc.-Mcefilirg _
to <hc sift of AtTrmbty io fucn c»f« pro»irte4, Uritl
e luJ bjr ihc CornniifluMieri ler tbc fiid {—p»y t
Asa Sup/on, , 1«, ... r
7obu Curttn, »d> ConHwfUocerf
J*ba»ncs Van EtUg^j
Ai*A, ,
E. Kelloso, -Clk.
Jc)y 9 t iHco
For Sale,
Jamaica SUGAR and COFFEE*
A Trunk ot' Mei. and Womsns' Shoes,
And a parcel as Tow Linen,
Boston "Window-Glass,
Bby io, 9by 11, io by k2 and 17 by 12.
Any fixes larger than those may be had
on being ordered from the manufadlory.
Apply to
3d wharf south of Market flieet.
Aufl'ft 4
The Bankrupt Law
Was this Day Pubiifhtfd hy A. DIC K1 NS, op»
pofite Christ Church.—[Price 2$ Cent*.]
New Pol i t ical Afpeft of Public Affair s
In tbf United States.
[Pri»c 37J Cents ] *
Mgaft ti
iwenty Dollars Reward.
n AN-AWAY from Spring Forge, in York
IV County, a negro man, named ISAAC, other
wise CUVJO, about 11 years old," the property
of Robert Coleman; F.fq. He is about 5 feet 8
inchjjs high, !'a a v !cr>ifh in his eyes, more white
in them thar. comrr.en, by trade a Fcrgeman; ha<l
on and tf>ok with him a drab coloured broad cloth
coat, almotl new. a sailors jacket and
printed fancy cord, a lwanfdown flriped under
'cket; a rcrum hat j one fine and one coarse
lhirt' one muflm handkerchief, sprigged, two
aitto flriped border, a blue PerGan under jacket
ir«'. two peir cottcH (locking!. Whoever takes up
fai- 1 regro and lodges him in any jail in this or any
of the ueigabourirg dates (hall have the above r* ,
ward or rcafonable cxpcncrsif brought home.
Spring Forge, 0i9®beri3,1799.
N B. As said uegro formatly lived in Chefler
couaty, it is probabls he may return there.
November }
Jufl: Received,
Br A. DICKINS, oppos.te Christ Cburci,
& View
or THE
American Revolution,
In Nineteen Discourses.
By the
Rev. Jonathan Boucher, A. M. F. A. S.
Price 2 Dollars# jo Cints.
J«'y 3 n *
A New and inter ejling
Praftical Education,
Br maria edgewortii,
Author of the letters
ForLitcraryl adiestift J the Parents A Aidant, and by
F.R. S. and M R I. A.
Sul fcription will be received vy Thorras Doh
fou, ;-fc n i .Street Philadelphia, and Zachariah
Peulfon. at the PhiladelphituLibrary; by Brown
and Star Ibury, and by George F Hopkins, New
York; Thomas and Andrews, Bcftou ; Ifaacßew
- r-, New Hareu, an] the principal Bookfellersin
the United States and at the Office of this Gsz
et e.
AuguftJs- diw
A 2-story brick house
Situate in Duke-streit ( or Artillery lane J
Northern Liberties, *
TWO rooms on a floor, kitchen and with
houfe, all built of the best materials, and in excel,
eot order ; cellars onder the whole, one paved,
and has two lattice clofcts wi h locks, a large gar
den and yard, (evera 1 fruit-trees in the garden,
twojumf'of excellent water near the premises.
Ei.quire at No, 39, Arch flreet.
July *5 . tu&f 6w
OF abilities, integiitv- and experience in
mercantile business, would williwjtiy en
gage as CLEKK to a merchant or public? of
ti e, or be concerned with any person as pait
ner, as he has an intercft of about one ihoiffiiwi
pounds in real elUte in the city. Fleal'e to ap
ply to the Printer ; or a line left at the office
for B. Y. will be attended to immediately.
Mayio d.?t m&th tf
Twelve ihares
Of the.Bank of the United States,
NO. »59.53 to 25963 inclusive, in the lfinie ot"
Thomas MkII tt of London, were forward
ed about the ift of Miy 1797- f ron > New-York,
by the {hip f« i'a lor London, which was cap
tured by the French, a" I 'fid Certificate 101 l cr .
deltrryed ; thcr.-icre 'pphutjcn is nude at the
said Dank for the renewal of thejams, of which
all persons concerned are desired to take notice.
Clement Biddle.
Phila>! : September 3, iSco d3<n
d 90?
<L '
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