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BY a small family going to the Weft Indies, a
Woman, who c?.n be well recommence J, to
in the capacity of Houfe-Keepcr. To f«ch an
one a very bandioaic compensation will be allow
ed—apply to No. 56, north Fourth ftrtet.
1 fcptember 13
An' Invoice of
Playing Cards.
SUPERFINE Columbian, Harry the \Vlllth,
and Merry-Andrew Playing Cards, ferfalc cheep
for cafti—Apply at this Office.
feprember 13.
JC7* THE PUBLIC are cautioned a
•gainft having any communication with the
GANGES Sloop of War, (now at New-
Castle) or any of her officers or crew there,
as they may depend on beingprevented from
returning to this city in less than thirty
days. AnJ means will be taken to prose
cute all without diftia&ion for violating the
Quarautine Law.
September n.
0- The Editor willies to eontraft
for a constant supply of Super-Royal
wanted annually will be about one thousand
reams. Any person disposed to contrast,
by calling at the office will learn further
September 3.
2o the Electors of the City and County of
When the present (heriff's time of office
expires, I take the liberty to offer mylelf as
a candidate for said office, and solicit your
vote« in my favour ; in doing which you
will confer an obligation, which will be
gratefully acknowledged by the public'a
allured friend and humble servant.
Joseph Cowperthwait.
tu&f tE
Sept 8
No. 3g, North Front Strfet,
Ironmongery, Sadlery, Cutlery, Brass and )
Japan'd Wares, £
6d 8d tod ixd and jod flat point nails,
German Steel,
Hats aflbrted iu cases,
Pistols, guns and flints, &c. &c.
September n
Neatly executed at the Office of the
Gazette of the United States.
Cards—Blanks of all kinds,
&c. &c.
Wil! be printed at the
Shorthst Notice.
august 23.
For Sale,
THE following property belonging to the Trus
tees of the Agg.egate Fund, provided for the
payment of certain crediters of Edward Foi
and James Greenleaf.
On Monday the 6tb Octcber in si.
PART of the property of said fund, in the City
of Washington, that now is rendered clear of
every incumbrance, will be exposed at Public
Auflion at Tansiclifl Tavern, amongU which are
the following valuable fituatioi,, viz. 11 Lots is
square No. 973, a lots in square 974, 15 lots in
jquaro N«. 995, a lots in square south of fquart
1019, 19 lots in square ioao.i lot in square lose
1 lot in square icaa, 7 lots in square 1013, 4 ' ot
in square 10*4, 3 lots in square 1045, > los in
square 1046, 9 lots in square 1047, ia lots in
square 1048, with i'undry others, advantageously
situated id various parts of the city. Also the a
story fra'iie house now occupied by Mr. Deblois,
beautifully situated (with an extensive view of sev
eral miles down the Potomac) on the south e?ft
corner of square 973, fronting 4a feet on 11 ftreat
call, and 41 feet on south G street: a commodious
Kitchen with an oven, &c. adjoining the south
front. A large frame stable, carriage house and
hay loft 50 feat by and a pump of excellent
■water near the back door of the kitchen, the lot
extending 91 feet on 11 street, and 139 feet 1 inch
in G street, comprizing lotsNos. 1, a, 3, and part
of aa, in the regiilered division of the square.
The sales will commence at the said tavern at ten
o'clock in the forenoon.
The termsone fourth cash, ore fourth in fix
months, when a deed will be given, the remain
ing moiety in two years, payment to be feeurcd
by bond and mortgage. But the creditors in the
above fund, may in lieu of mortgage secure pay
ment of their bonds by depofif of certificates »f
the trustees at the rate of five shillings in'the ponnd,
to the amount fecurcd and (Viould a dividend take
place l-eforc the expiratiou of the' two years, it
will be fft off against th« bond, and the certifi
cates returned in the fame proportion.
Henry Pratt ")
Thomas W. Francis |
John Miller, juo. Tru/leei.
JohnAfhley j
Jacob Baker. J
August 4. 3taw ts
30 Dollars Reward.
RA N away from the subscriber, a Negro
Man-Slay#) called Levin—His completion
is yellow, bis height about five feet and up
wards'; his hair is bushy and loitg, and cut on
the top of his head; his person is thick ai.d
well nnde, and he is not over thirty years old
He is fuppolied to have gone to the northward.
It is reporred that Levin, or one much like him,
took water at Vienna for Baltimore, Maryland.
Whoever feeures or causes him to be secur
ed so that I get him again, or brings and deli
vers him to the subscriber, (hall receive there
for 30 dollars, and all rsafonable costs aiid
charges from
Near Stevens'* Ferry, Sonwrfet County,
Ssptember 6; if
Gazette of the United States •
Old 8 per C<?nt Stock for cash tog per cent.
Maw 8 per Cent Stock do. • loifa
Six per Cent, (net amount) 87^
Navy do. do. 87
Three per Cent. do. 53
Deferred, - do. 84
B4.NK United States, do. 31 a3l
Pennsylvania, do. »6
—— North America, do. 48
lufuran«e comp. N.A. shares 10 per cent, be
low par.
Penafylvania v lhares, 11 per cent, adv,
Turnpike Share*, 10 per cent, under par.
Bridge (Schuylkill) Stock, par.
Bail-India Company of N. A. 7 per cent advance
Land Warrants, 25 dolls, per IQO acres.
Bills on Lon. at 30 days for cash 170 per ct.
Do. do. 60 days do. 168J do.
Do. do. 90. days do 166J
Bills on Hamburgh at 60 days 36 a 37 cts.
per Mark Banco
D 9. in Amderdam, 60 days 39 a 40 cts. pe
Flo rin
JC7* The foreign Intelligence, which we
have inserted must apologise to our numerous
Correspondents, for the non-ippearance of
fevrral valuable favours. We have been
compelled to omit a portion of our Marine
Lin, and Mail news.
At the present solemn and momentous
e poch, the only question to be alked by ev"
e ry American, laying his hand on his heart,
's, " (hall I continue in allegiance to
Or inipioyfly declare for
At New-York, as we are well informed,
there is no more of the Yellow Fever, than
in Philadelphia. The place is perfectly
For the 24 hours preceding Thursday mor
ning at l'un-rife there were 38 death* at Bil
timore and Fell's Point 63 in the Hospi
tal, Convalescent 63—ind 6 Difchargeil cu
red. The tever evidently begins to gain
ground, on the weft fide of Jones Falls ; the
Board of Health solicit contributions.
The articles fpecificd are,
Flour or Indian meal,
Salt P.fh
Cabbage and other vegetables
Molafles <
Bronw fugiir
Tea and coffee See. &c.
From Monday evening September i until
Friday evening September 5, there were 33
deaths in Norfolk ; 14 of which were of the
Liberty, Equality, and the Rights of Man.
On the authority of several letters we
(late, that twenty unfortunate negroes were
to be executed near Richmond for being
concerned in the holy right of Infurre3ion !
I Margaret Evan, fays th« merry Editor
of the Sporting Magazines, was the great
est hunter, fhuoter and fi(her of her time.
She kept a dozen tarriers, greyhounds and
Spaniels : All excellent in their kinds. She
killed more foxes in one year than all the
confederate huuts do in ten ; rowed stoutly
and was queen of the Lake ; played excel
lently ou the Violin, and knew all our old
music, nor did (heneglett the mechanic arts ;
for (he was a very good joiner ; and, not
withstanding Ihe was seventy years of age,
was the belt -wrefller in her neighbourhood,
and few young men dared to try a fall with
A Spirited PUN.
A French gentleman lately called at a
Federal Tavern for a gill of wine, which
being brought in a glafa, he observed that
the quantity was very small and that in
France it was always the custom to bring
liquor in a measure—Aye, said the land
lord, but we don't wilh to introduce French
measure: htre.
On a Stay maker, killed by jumping eut »f a
Under this stone poor whalebone lies
'Mong life ess, clay cold lumps
Who lived his days, by making Stays,
And died at lafj by jumps.
THE Federalists of the County of Phila
delphia, are requeued to meet at the House
of Mr. Joseph Harts, in Third-street, near
Vine-street, on Wednesday the 17th inft.
at 4. o'clock in the Afternoaii, 011 business
of importance.
Sept. 13.
Port Wine & Claret
In Cases, of the Jirst Quality,
Wine and Cyder Vinegar.
In Pipes and Quarter Calks—For Sale by
July »9 3a W3W.
j For ih'e V; u -2Brr« -fitbe &XiVß* £|3ter. <~
j [
j Letter V.
JPhiladelphia, September 11, 1800. '
Vice President of the United Ststes. j
Sir, ,
EXPERIENCE, even in the domedic
ranfaitions of life, is of fucli great Talue,
hat we prize it with a miserly palllon ; but
vhen in the public concerns of a nation, it
s obtained by wading through difficulties,
nd hazarding many important rifles, grati
ude will ereel a temple, consecrated to its
vorth, and the nation will bow in reve
ence to it, as the Genius, which fhallguide
ts political career.
America h<is cause to build this Temple,
ucceeded the declaration of Peace, our
■ountry, by the wife and virtuous admini-
Iration < f General Walhington, fail rose
nto consequence, and flourilhed in wealth
nd power—her commerce became extensive,
nd lucrative ; a system of finance was edab
ilhed, which yielded a permanent and rich
evenne, and the daring -head of Faftion,
vas prostrated hy the drong arm of govern
nent. Happy and contented at home, Eu
ope contemplated us, as a nation enjoying
inrivalled, all the numerous bleflings of the
>ured liberty tinalloyed by the evils of licen
ioufnefs. When that convullion commen
ed, which fliook to its center the old
vorld, and yet threatens to deluge in blood,
he riched plains of Europe, the demon of
inarchy riding' triumphant it. the florm
limed an arrtw at our repose, and happiness
—but the arm of Walhington, ever drong
n his country's defence urged from its
ourfethe fatal weapon, and layed it harm
less at his fret.
Too soon for us has Death snatched away
ii . i." but he bequeathed to liis successor,
: : fame Ihield with which !.e had defended
11.- c mi try. On the broad balls of his bono
jlaced, guarded on #l.l fides, by the unbound
ed aflfeft ons of a grateful people ; no florm
:ou!d efll-clually a (Tail this high and l'ecure
bition, ior it was built on a rock immuta
ble and fixed j the hearts of his countrymen.
Mr. Adams, with manly firnmefs purl'ued
:lie fame wife policy. Power, wealth and
, r lory accumulated in rich profufion aiound
lis happy country ; in a moment, and the
■ones us In-, enemies would have been crufh
d. But an unlucky "moment checked the
:uriei t of national joy, and threw a tempo
rary gloom over the face of affairs, the
lluper of death fuccerded the animated ex
erti<-tis of youthful vigour. I need not Sir
recite to you those nu-blurts of the President,
which bear droiiß marks ®f a change in his
political sentiments, aud to which 1 allude.
me to charge the President with intentional
the confidence I repose in his integrity, but
Sir, to the majority of tlu'fe who railed
him to the chair of State, he certainly ap
pears to have changed his political opinions,
implied obligation seems not to have beet;
full filed-, lie re is caule enough In the mind;
ni lome p-ople, to entertain fui'picions, ant
iiy this example before your eyes, you ought
to be governed. You have here a man,
beloved, and revered through a long life,
aild of whole fidelity malice itfrlf had nevei
dared to doubt ; in an inllant bereft ofs
considerable portion of th* confidence of hii
friends, for embracing some measures which
at moll are but doubtlul. Whether this
fliare of the public elleem is julllv or unjud
ly withdrawn, I will not pretend to juJge.
for I am ignorant of the reasons, which in
fluenced the Prelidrnts mind But that a
diminution of confidt nee has taken place,
is the taft, and this fliould serve as a way
mark to you. If unfortunately it Ihould
States ; for your eivn sake, I advise you to
fullnl everv d ;ty of Jacobinism, ai d fuffei
not the energy of its spirit, to die whib in
your keepin, ; plunder and the guillotine,
..re its worthy inflruments, and you flioulc
not sparingly life them, nccudom yourfelf tc
walk .undismayed amid the tombs of mur
dered thousands, and the groans of dying
Patriots ; expell from polls of profit *ever)
worthy and honed man, and (111 them witl
traitors,and rogues, you will then pleale yom
party, and preserve yourfelf. . But repose no'
Sir, too much on your ivell established fame
think not that you may deviate one lief
from the path marked out by your party
In the fate of Mr. Adams you may reat
your own ; he was sincerely beloved by hi
ened that afl'e£tion. Mr. Adams was mi
verfally elleemed a worthy successor to tin
mod illuilrious of men a ri h afiemblagi
of public honours decorated his character
and he would have lived in the annals o
history an illultious monument of a grate
ful couir.ry. But those recent afts whicl
appear tinftured with the spirit of demo
cracy, will tear from hie brow the encirclinj
wreath and fully a name which might havi
dazzled a world.
Having examined into the principles anc
views of your party, my fellow-citizem
know what they have to exptft from th<
administration of President Jefferfou.
have done my duty in endeavouring to ex
pole it naked to their eyes ; they will at
lead fee enough 10 enable them to form <
judgment ; and if, in spite of occular evi
dence, in spite of the tragic scenes whicl
have been acted in France, in spite of th<
frequent attempts made to introduce iti
blsody reign into this country, my fellow
citixens Ihould obstinately and wickedly pre
ftr you for their ruler, I fiiall only h.,ve t(
lament that their wiekednefs will be so fe
verely punilhed and their experimenta
knowledge so dearly bought. But, Sir
* I cannot fay and " polls of honor" for then
the private station will be the post of houor.
J-your countrymen are too good,
Ttooreligious (despise this a? you please, i
ttfll belong? to them) to ele& Thomas Jest
ferfgn for their President. They have all
felt the poisonous effects of fuffering, but
for a pioment the introdu&ion of Jar.obinifm
into the Federal Government: they will
.vigilantly guard the executive door, and
royghly expel from its thiefhold every pre
fumptupus intruder the lead tinftured with
its spirit. fexperieoce has taught them a
le'ffon, which is engraven on their hearts
and never can be erased ; for even fuppoiing
that you are not quite callous to ev.ry pa
triotic imprefli n, in, a moment of re
flection you might wifli to spare the total
ruin of your country—pjeafe not yourfelf,
Sir, with the consoling hope that you dare
to execute one honourable wifli, for you
dare not. The Prsetonan band of Jacobins
have the poignard of death ever ready for
the deserter ; their all is depending on
the progrcfo of Jacobinism, and their all
will not be easily surrendered.
Deceive yourfelf no longer, Sir ; throw
off your miferabie pretentions to the Pre
fidrticy, founded on no virtue but your
power ta do harm ; but which to Jacobins
is a strong recommendation. Ask pardon
of your offended country forhaving appear
ed inpublicjfo meanly attiied, and I do not
doubt.but that to get rid of you they will
forgive you. But take Sir, along with yon
in your retreat this lesson, they are perhaps
my parting words—that the People of A
merica will not raise to the Presidency the
Chieftain of a Party which delights in hu
man gore and lives but in the tempestuous
sea of anarchy ; they will not eleft that
man to rule over them who has sworn def
tru&ion to their form of government, and
avowed his difbelief of the ( hriftiar. Reli
gion. No Sir, if your friends have told
this, they have mistaken the chara&er of
your countrymen—for they love their con
llitution and reverence ifaeir religion. Keep
Hill then, I conjure you in your retirement
at Monticello—purfue your favo-rite study
of natural history—dissect every fly that
may buz about your eyes ; but spare the
philosophic difmetnbrrmeut of America ; for
if you stray from your element and inttude
on the political stage, goaded to the ex
tremes of indignation and despair, the
people may speak a language too harsh for
the delicacy of your nerves.
BOSTON. Sept. 9,
Br the Brig Aleri,
Which has never arrived without furnifli
ingtreQi intelligence, we have received Lon
don papers to August 4, the latclt by four
teen days. The most recent paper contains
1 a report that a Peace between France and
Austria was agreed to on the 29th of July.
We have certain accounts that an arniiitice
has been concluded between Generals Kray
and Moreau. It is improbable that Buo
naparte would have extended the celfation of
lioftilities if the Emperor had not exhibited
a pacific disposition. The " dogs of war,"
on the continent are kennelled for a time.
The continued adlive preparations for hoftil
iities is ordinary policy, intended to secure
.< good bargain, and to guard agaiuft exi
j gencies.
The various military arrangements, peti
tions, &c. are now objects of fecundary im
Negociaticns between Russia, Prufih,
Denmark, and Sweden, for supporting a
neutrality by force of arms, is thought to
be in considerable forwardnefs. The affair
of the D.inilh fiigate, however, must lyive
occurred in conference of particular orders
from the court of Copenhagen. Th* British,
a private article fays, have so far resented
this uunfual refiftaßCe as to have authorized
We cannot find that the reports current
yeHerday of the departure of our Envoys
from France, are fupparted by either printed
or oral information
Gazette Marine Lift,
No arrivals at the fort.
Sloop Eliza, Coleman, Nantucket 8
Oil to Captain
Nancy, Crocker, Paflamaquody 15
Plaifter Paris—Roberts & Jones
Ship Maria, Thompson, R>;tterdan\
Schr. Adventure, Lillibridge, jHavanna
• David, L'Hommedieu, New York
Sloop Hercules, Lathrop, Boston
Schoouer Phoebe, Window, from Port
Republican is reported to be below.
Schooner Weymeuth Kilby, 40 days
from Jamaica is reported below.
Brig Lovely Lass, Shields, from hence,
has arrived at Amsterdam thirty-fix days.
ShipFaimer, Gibfon, of and f r this,
was to fail from Hamburg the July.
Schooner Miller, Towr, of and for this
port from Port Republican, was spoke in
Crooked Island paflage, seven days out in a
leaky condition.
Schooner Olive, from Havanna to this
port has arrived at Baltimore in distress.
Ship Orono, Middleton, was spoke the
31ft ult. out forty-eight days from Liver
pool to this port seventy passengers on
Horses & Phseton.
A PAIR of well broke, found Horses, and a
handsome Phx'on, for sale at Thomai Allen*t
Liverjr-Uable, in 6th n«ar Arch Ilreets.
feptember 13
VV .Cu
No t to 8,
Ebenezer Large,
200 boxes ftiort pipes
faitable for the Spanifli Market
9 mo. i 3 th, isqo fonw&fa ?w
Charles Marftiall
No. 46, Cbesnut Street,
Per brig Liberty, capt Henderfon, from Amiler
daip, and other arrivals, . *
A quantify of the following article, which the/
fell f,or cash, or the usual credit—
■Antimoo crud Ol Anifi
Arfcnic alb . Jupjpgj'
Sac laturni Succini
Vitriol alb Rhodii
Bora* Camphor
Opium Coccinnella «r~
Annetto Gum Benzoin
M ic Dale Arabic
Prcccip rub Myrrh
Coiros luD M Kino
als® on hand,
Sal Glauber ("Manna flak
Rad gentian W , Com
Flo Sulphur i j Liquorice b^ll
Sweet oil riJ "S Cort Peru slav
SemaniQ z Rub
liheubark J~ L
And a quantity of
Shop furniture, surgeon! inftrumenti, patent
medicines, &c.—Medicine chests, aDd orders from
the country, put up on moderate terms,
si ptember I
Marflial's Sales.
Pennsylvania District, 5 Hk
PUKSUANT to a writ to me dirctfled from
th* honoraole Richard Peters, Esq. Judge
of the Diftri<£l Court of the Utiited States for
the Pennsylvania Diftrifl, will be exposed to
public file, at the Merchants' Coffse House, in
14th of September, instant, at 11 o'clock ac
aoon 1 ,
The armed French fchonner or vessel
jSffflPi, L'AIGLE,
to the United States lchooner
Ei.terprizc, lieutenant Shaw, commander—With
all ami Angular her apparel, gun» and appurtenan
The fame having been condemned in the
said court, as forfeited. &c.
JOHN HALL., Marshal.
MarJhaPs Office, 1
September 13, 1800 J 3tawtS.
United States ?
Pennsylvania District, j " . '
Honorable Ricbard Petere, Esq. Judge of
the Riftriiil Court of the United States lor the
Pennfylvmia Diliri<s), will be exposed to Pub
lic Sale, at the Merchants' C< ffce House, m
the city of Philadelphia, on Wednesday the
34th of September inft. at IJ o'clock at noon,
The armed French vessel called
P f ' ze t0 tn# United States armed Sh<p
Philadelphia, Stephen Decatur, commander, with
all and lingular her appar, I, g.nsand appur
tenances—the fame having Uen I'aCcly cohdera
netf in the laid court a« forfeited, &c,
JOHN HALL, Marjhal.
MarJs:al' s-Office, >
Sept. 13, 1800. $
BY virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias to me di
rift, will be fold at Public Vendue at the Mer
i Jcpu-ijit ■! iri ;t at 7 o'clock, in the evenings
wo third parti of the
ber tackle, apparel and appurtenances, &c.
Seized and takes into execution and to be
fold as the property of R ihert F. Bail, deceased.
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
Marshal's Office, -7
The Works
Hon. Jaiges Wilson, Efq- L. L. .D
Late one of the Associate Justices of the
Supreme Court of tie United States and
Professor at Law in the College and
Academy of Philadelphia.
From the original manuscript, in the poffeilion
• 'P'
volumes oitavo, and delivered to fubferibers at ,
five dollars.
tions will juftify the expence of publication,
Subscriptions will be received by
The publisher, opposite Ohrifl Church, Pvj i 1 a -
delphia ; andbj the principal boikfellcrs thro; ;{W
out the United States.
*»* A l"ro(pc6tus of the work may be fee» at
the place of fubfeription.
fcptember 13
H. MAXWELL, Print:
(Formerly in the tenure of Mrs. Groombr^gO
i si C
• *
w fa
; '\i
>- , -
; , v^
,j i: \

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