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interdi&ed with Baltimore,as
well as Norfolk.
Blb me- 21 st, 1800.
"5" THEREIS the Board of Health
\\ have received information that
a contagious disease, dangerous to the
community, now exists in NORFOLK,
(Virginia,) and also the CITY OF BAL-
TIMORE, being, as is represented to
us, equally sickly.
Whereupon Resolved, with the an
ient and approbation of the Mayor, that
all vessels from thence, bound to the
Port of Philadelphia, bring too at the
Lazaretto, to receive a visit from the
Resident Pliyfician, and there wait the
determination of the Board.
And further, that no person (or goods
capable of retaining infeftion) from
permitted to come to the City or Coun
ty of Philadelphia, until they produce a
fatisfaftory certificate of their being at
least 15 days in a healthy state, from
thence, under the PENALTY OF FiyE
HUNDRED DOLLARS, agreeable to
the 7th fe&ion of the Health Law, half
of which will be paid to the informer
on convi&ion. All proprietors of Sta
ges, both by land and water, are desired
to govern themselves accordingly.
By order of the Board,
Peter Keyser, Secretary.
The Printers generally are request
ed to give this a place in their papers as
Q ften as convenient.
Board ps Health
Philadelphia, gth mo. 4th, 180®.
WHEREAS the Board of Health, have
received information from several refpetta
ble sources, that a contagious disease, dan-,
gerous to the community, now exists in Pro
vidence, Rhode-Island.
Whereupon resolved, with the consent and
approbation of the Mayor, he now be
ing present, freely expressed that all velTels
from the State •/ Rhode-Island, bound to
the Port of Philadelphia, bring to at th-
Lazaretto, to receive a visit fiom the R'fi
dent Physician, and there wait the determi
nation of the Boaid.
And further, that no person (or goods
capable of retaining infeftion) from the
State of Rbods-Island, (hall be permitted to
come to the city or county of Philadelphia,
until they produce a fatisfa&ory certificate
of their being at least 15 days in a healthy
{late from thence, under the penalty of Five
Hundred Dollars, agreeably to the 7th Sec
tion of the Health Law, half of which will
be paid to the informer on convi&ion.—
All proprietors of stages, both by land and
water, are desired to govern themselves ac
By order of the Board,
AMONG which are, Farmers, Gardners,
Sadlers, inUrument makers, Gold and Sil
ver Smiths, Lirfcn Weavers, Joiners, Pot
ters, Masons, Taylors, Tanners, Shoema
kers, Printers, Hatlers, Bakers, Painters,
Soap Boilers, Bell Founders, &c. &c. whose
times are to he dilpofed of.
Apply on board the Hamburg ship Anna,
aapt. John Jurgens, laying in the Stream a
fcreaft sf Vine Street, or to
From fai vefffl from Hamburg, and have on
hand, received by the last arrivals,
Eflopillas N f Coffee Mills
Quadruple SileGas 2 Scythes
Boccadillos 5.' Tapes of all def.
Rouans 2. crlptioni;
Creas-a-la-Morlaix , - J Ouills & Sealing
Cailerillocs or , ' Wax.
White Rolls | | | Eaces Ic Edgings
Coutils j |- Decanters
Flanders Bed Ticks p. | Gill tumblers
81 9> lo i J l_Travelling Cases.
<5 Pipes Comae Rrandy and 6qo
Phila. Anguft 20.
From the Brig Betsey, Captain Andrews, at the
firft wharf below South street,
Mahogany and Logwood,
for sale by
September I djt
Loft, yesterday,
A white young Pointer Dog,
WITH liver coloured spot», tall and very
thin—named Momus. Any person giving
information where he jiiay be found, at No. 116,
Chefnut street, will be liberally rewarded,
mgall it
The Subscriber,
MASTER cf the Hamburg Ship Anna, for
warns all Persona from trusting or harbour
ing any of the crew of said Ship, as he will not pay
any d&'its contracted by them.
To Gentlemen Formers'
DECLINING taVmipg, wiii-offe* at pubi'e
I'ale ou hi« Plantation. oppofitc Newbi-M't
W>! d on the Delaware, within tw" miles o!
Bordertown, fhte of New Jersey, on Saturday
13th September next at j o'clock, his flock ot
I-Ifrtfcs, Cattle (rooftiv fat) an about eiglity
S eer>, fourteen of which are Rams. Tht prin
cipal part of both Ewes and Ram« are an excel
lent breed His plantation he will hold for fr.!e
till nexi fprinp, whew if not fold it will be
rented. Terms of fa'e made known at the
Madeira Wiire:
The fubferfberhas received in ths Apollo,
from Liverpool, a Quantity of
Hill's Old Loudon particular Wine,
In pipes, hhdg. 3c qr. calkg.
august 4. mw&l 4W
of r en/irk able fine
Green Coffee,
In Hogsheads, Barrels and Bags,
august 2Z diot
On Fifth Day the gth ot October, on the
premises, The
Mary-&nn Forge
And Plantation :
SITUATE part in Brandywine townfliip, and
part in Werckland, about 30 mil«s from Phi
ladelphia, and one and an hall mile from the Tur
npike road, and Downing'* town ; containing
üb»ut 330 acres, with allowance of 6 acres per
100 ; two thirds of th* land is good woodland,
some excellent meadow made, and much more
can be made of the firft quality ; the forge it
turned by the main branch of Bratidywine Creek,
a forcible Stream, the forge has three fires and
two hammers all in good repair. The dam being
found and well backed, and apparantly able to
refill any fr«(h (not supernatural) Likewise there
is aaother lively stream and current of water, that
empties into the said dam, that might be very con
venient for a Grill Mill, or other kind of water
works, might be with facility eroSted; there is a
good two-story stone dwelling-house for the ac
commodation of the proprietor of the works, with
ao excellent spring and good house over ic; con
tiguonsto the door also convenient Hone stabling,
with an entry through the mid tie fufficicnt t*
accommodate three teams, btfides haakney horl'ci j
contiguous to the forge stands a good atone office,
and a number of convenient houios for the work
man is ereilod amply adequate for the said works
If not then fold it will be rented for a term of
Terms and conditions madt known by
applying to
WILLIAM EVANS, in Willistown,
or JOHN MARSHALL, in Thorn
bury Townfliip.
N B. The Sale t» commence at 1 o'clock oa
[aid day.
Aug. 5 saw6wJ
A Runaway.
ON Saturday the 23d Augalt, ran away from
the subscriber, living in Harrifburgh, an
appreatice to the printing business, named Benja
min Morrifon, a lad of about 16 years of age,
small of stature and very a&ive, <hort hair and of
a fouling countenance—Had on and took with
him a oalico coatee, a pair of trowfers #f nearly
the fame, a pair of common nankeen ditto, and a
homeipun lye caloured striped ditto, and a ftiort
jeeket of the fame, with a new hat—All persons
arc forbid harbouring said apprentice at their
Reafonable charges will bn paid for secu
ring the boy, so that his master may get him
Harriflmrgh, Sept. I
August 4tt>, ißco.
THE commanding Officers of corps, de
tachments, posts, garrifona, and recruiting
parties, belonging to the military establishment
of the United States, are to report to, and
receive orders from Brigadier-General Wil
kinfon, in the City of Wafliington, and all
officers on furlough are to report therafelves to
the fame officer with all possible dispatch.
Secretary of War.
£5" All Printers within the United States
who have published invitations for contrails of
the 13th of March last are requested to insert
the above in their refpeilive papers, once a
week for two months.
Oppof.te Christ - Church,
English Papers
d 15t
Philadelphia, Aug. 6.
A good second band
Riding Chair,
and an excellent family
FOR SALE, Cheap—Enquire of the Printer.
September x mwftw
Three Cents Reward.
RUN away from the Subfcriberon the eveaing
of the aßth inft. a bound Servant GIRL,
named Elizabeth Howchel, had on and took with
her three different changes of garment and money,
proud, bold and impudent, a noted lyar ; any per
son apprehending her (hall he entitled to the above
reward—no costs or charges will be paid.
N: Shfe had a years and iome months to serve
Gofben Townlhip,Chefter County, July 19.
august 6 3awtf
Certti:m Kedemptioners.
A NUMBER are still on beard the (Hp Anna,
MX frr.th Hamburg, lying abreait of Vine itreet
whar! in the dream, confining of meehanics of
almost every J> ft ription, farmers and others, who
are anxi us to provide places Desirous to com
mencu loading the vessel, their times will be dif
pofed'of at the low rate of 80 Dollars for their
p.ffage. Apply on board the ftrp, or to
September 1 <3 lot
For Salor to Let,
In Cbcsnut Street,
Near the corner of Eleventh street, at present in
the tenure of Mr. A. M'Call—Poffeflion may be
had the first of November next, or sooner if re
quired Apply to
Edward Shoemaker.
September 3 $
Baltimore and New York Mail
Stage Office
IS removed from No. 13 South Fourth street, to
No. 18 Scutfe Third street.
An Olli&e (or those liases is also kept at mr.
Hardy's Inn, No. 98 Market flreet.
General Poll Office, April 18.
A PERSON poffefling some capital, .vconfi
derable ihare of industry, and desirous of
engaging as a partner in a lucrative business,
may hear OPI fituatioa. All proposals on this
fnbjeifl te be in writing, sealed and diredled to
W. R. J. New York, and left with the printer
of the Gazette of the United States, will be at
tended to.
A PriHter would find it to ni» advintage
June 5- «l r f
A Vd.uable and singularly eligible
CONSISTING of two handsome dwelling
houses, with excellent {tabling for seven horse«,
double coach-houte mod completely fitted up; a
beautiful large and valuablg garde-n richly filled
with-choice fruit, surrounded with high board
fence, almost new. The premises are beautifully
situated near the middle of Qermantown, sur
rounded vyrh rich profps&s of the adjacent
country ; an orchard of about two acres, with a
handsome lawn at tht back of the house.
Ope house has been recently built oh an appro
ved plan ; the other has been completely repaired,
painted and papered, and contain ten rooms with
an elegant drawing-room, fifteen feet by thirty
The new house is well calculated for a store in
either the dry or wet good line.
Tht air and water are unrivalled, and there are
Tome most excellent schools in the neighborhood.
For particulars enquire of tke Printer, or of
oiMhe premises.
Mby 9; dtf
Reserved Trafts,
ON Wednesday the ill day of Odlober next,
books will be open in the Office of the Sub
fcriker, residing in Franklin, for thefaleof the
Reserved Trails, laid out by virtue of an aft of
AfTembly passed the Ilth day of April, 1799. —
One fifth part of the purchafc money to be pud
at the time ef sale, one fifth part witkin twelve
months from the day of sale, one fifth pare within
two years from said day, and the remaining two
fifth parts at er before the expiration ot three
ycaVs after such sale. No contrail to be confirm
ed for fifteen days after the said books Riall be 0-
pened, and the highest price offered within that
time will be accepted. All payments made will
be forfeited utilefs the purchaser within three years
from the day of sale makes an a&ual settlement
on the tra& purchased, by clearing, fencing, and
tultivating at leatt two acres for every fifty con
tained in the survey, and ere& thereon a mes
suage for the habitation of man, and reside there
on ler the space of five years next following the
firft settlement of the fame. No patents co issue,
unless fatitfa&ory proof {hall be made of such
a&ual settlement, refidecice, and improvement.
Franklin, July 38, 1800.
august 8, d6w.
District of Pennsylvania to -wit:
BE it remembered thit on the Tenth day of
July in the twenty fifth year of the Indepen
dence of the United States of America, Alexan
der Addifon of the said Diftridl hath deposited
in this office the title of a book the right where
of he claim 9 as Author in the words following
to wit, " Reports of cases in the County courts
of the Fifth Circuit and in the High Court of
Errors and appeals of the State of Pennsylvania,
and charges to Gr»nd Juries of those County
Courts. By Alexander Addifon, Prefideot of
the Courts of Common Pleas of the Fifth Cir
cuit of the State of Pennlylvania."
In conformity to the adl of Coiigrefs of the Uni
ted States it,titled " An aft for the encouragement
of learning by securing the copies of maps charts
and books to the Authors and Proprietors of such
copies during the times therein mentioned."
Clerk of tie Dijtrifl of Pennsylvania.
The above book ii now puhlifhed. It will be de
livered to lubfcribecs by Mr. Dobfoa Bookseller.
July 2 3
Bank of the United States,
August 23d, 1800.
Bills on Amsterdam,
At sixty days sight ;
Cafti will be paid.
At the rate of Forty Cents per Guilder.
A Red Morocco Pocket-Book,
WHOEVER has loss it may receive it en ap
plication at the office of thij Gazette, and
paying the expence of this advertisement.
Jtt'y XI.
For Sale,
The Unexpired TIME of a BLACK BOY
WHO has three yfars and five months to
fcrve ; he is iober, hoacft, a good wai
ter, and underflasds taking care ®f horses. En
quire at No. 60, Deck flrae:.
July 19, , . eojt J
Houses to Let:
one; large conven ent three-story Brick
Dwell/rig.House, with four rooms oa a
floor, anJ two Kitchens ; there is a puftip
of water, and a rain water cistern in the
Yard ; situate on the east tide of Fourth-
Street, one door above Race-Str?et, lately
occupied by Solomon Moroche.
A L 30,
A convenieut Three Story
With a pleasant yard on the South fide
of Arch Street, third door above Eighth-
Street. For terms apply at No. 116 Arch-
August 4. m&wtf
Fifty Dollars Reward.
RAN-AWAY from Gen, Ridgely of Balti
more, on the aoth intt. a light coloured
Hegro nsan, who calls himfclf WILLIAM
Mc. DONALD ; He is about 14 years of age,
about 5 feet Sinches high, Beat in his drefa, and
has a good (ait of hair. II»d on, when he
went away, a good beaver hat, a short light
green cloth coat, edged with yellow, and yel
low gilt buttons —a light buff caflimer, double
breifted waillcoat, a pair of d»rk olive colour
ed thickfett pantaloons—a W'nite linen (hirt,
white ribhed cotton stockings, 3nd a good pair
of ftrings. He took with him a
dark blue coat, a pair of olive caffimer panta
loons, and a light corduroy pair of breeches ;
also a gold or pinchVeck watch, with a steel
chain. He is fond of fpiritous liquors, is inso
lent, has a stupid look, and chews tobacco.—
He was bred in Charles county, Maryland, and
purchal'ed of col. John Thomas by gen. Ridge-
Icy. Whoever apprehends said negro, and (e
cures him in any jail so that the owner may
get him again, (hall receive the above reward,
with reasonable charges if brought home, or de
livered to Jofhui B. Bond, Philadelphia,
may 1 dtf
WHO is about taking his departure from
hence to the Weft Indies, where he in
tends to reside, will undertake to tranfi<sl busi
ness on the most reasonable terrm for Mer
chants who may be inclined to intrust him with
their commands.
He wqjild likewise wilh to be concerned with
a perlon of refpeftability here, who may be de
sirous cf such a connection.
*»* Apply at No. 116, North Front St.
Aug. ij. eodiw<[
Ibis Day Published,
By J. Ormrod, No. 41, Chefnut Street,
(Price »5 Cents)
Death of General Wajhington,
In imitation of tht manner of Offiao.
By Rev. John B. Linn, A. M.
Minister of the First Presbyterian Congregation
of Philadelphia.
#5" Mr. Chaudron's Oratien will be publiihed
on Monday morning.
March 15; di
And to be Sold by
No. l«6, south fide Market Street,
Reports of Cases
Argued and determined in the
commenced with
The Right Honorable WILLIAM SCOTT,
Michaelmas Term I 798.
By Charles Rabinfon, LL. D. Advocate.
Volume I.—Part I.
$5" These Report will be continued regularly:
The fecund Part which concludes this Volume is
now in the press, and will be publiihed with all
the expedition pofiible,
Augull 13,
THE Proprietors of the Philadelphia and Lan
caster line «fStages DIBPATCH, return their
grateful thanks to their friends and the public m
general, for the past favors they have received, and
inform them that in addition to the regular Line,
they are provided with Carriages,fober and careful
drivers, to go through between the City and
Borough in two days. Those who preferthis mode
of travailing can be accommodated at the Stage
Office, sign of United State* EagU, Market street,
Slough, Downing, Dunwoody U Co.
Nev. 30. 2t—§
Modern Europe.
Tne public are refpe&fully informed that the
First Volume of the above Work is printed and
will be irnmediitly delivered to the fubferibers.
Those Gentlemen who have exprefled a wish
to fee the manner in which it is executed before
they become fubferihers, are requested to call at
W. Y. BIRCH's No. 17, foHth Second-Hreet.
It is prefumsd that ca comparifou it will be
found superior to the London copy,
Aug. 11 eod.
A Printing Press.
Apply at the Office of the Gazette of
the United States.
July 19.
Old Long Printer,
Small Pica on pica body (new and eld
Pica, do.
English, (two small founts)
16 Line Pica, &c.
Sundry Frames, and a great variety of Office
Furnitur#, &c.
Irori work of a prnting-prefs,
£jp They will he fold cheap for cafh —Apply
at the office of the Gazette of the United
French Tuition,
Professor of the French Language,
HAS the honor of informing his Fellow Clf!
«ns of Philadelphia, thac he wil*Z„ v"
hchoo l on Monday the 14th of September at No"
S> south I*ifth street, and divide his hour« •
Oruaion in the following manner. '° f ""
i thc!r
o Clock m the morning till 2 in the afternoonT ?
is afternoon and evening school will begi*
'fr dayj horn 4 Co 6, and f « *
Trteflat.on, from either language into the
With —^'4anc^
N B —Nicholas G. Ddehf, refpe&fully in-
T-arn 'th' R h Gentl " n «. ambitious to
Lara the French, to agree with some of their
friends or acquaintances, desirous of receiving les
sons in that umverfal and improved language to
meet at the fame hour and place for mutual in
ftrudl.on—they may be assured it will be to their
advantages d ° f °. tftheyperufc with attention
To tie Lovers of the French Language.
IN an age when fuccefsful efforts have been
made towards the improvemeut of the art of Think
wg, and when Analyfu has been the
umverfal, and sole good method to improve all
luences, and receive inftruvSion in t'em, it may
be a matter of altomfhment that it has not been
yet generally embraced, and rendered the fam.liar
method of learning. The extraordinary rife and
progrefsof Chymillry, within a very few years
are entirely due te analysis; but there is an art on
which it should have firtt darted its beneficial ray,,
[allude: to tbe Teaching of Lavage. ! n f a<a Na _
tare this excellent analyst, was before our eyes
guiding children in learning the language of their
mother, and no shild ever failed in acquiring it
profiting surprisingly by her unerring lcffon®
Fully convinced by realon and experienci, that
the fame method ftie pursues ihsuld be followed as
neailyas possible, I adopted, in the course of my
.naruaions, such. books elUblifhed on principles
that least deviated from her simple didate.. I loon
perceived that the method acquired from thefeaids
was but* very irregular and imperfed Anatyfis
I, rherlore, refulved though with a very small
confidence in my slender abilities, but animated
with zeal lor the improvement of choft who may
wish to learn French from me, to undertake the!
laborious and arduous tafcofwritinga work,groun
ded on Analytical principle, which m.Jht com
prehend what 11i wished f.r l,y thofeapplying them
selves to the fiudy of the living language, anct
am happy to fay, I have cow nearly concluded it,
It conufts of three part*.
The first is a chosen Vocabulary of words most
frequently used infpe#ch, coutaininiiir I,soc—the
most natural acceptatioa of each is determined by
a pnrale prefixed to it.
The fecond,contains the French verbs, both re
gular and irregular, from a new system in which
the principal difficulties attending eonjugation are
first explained, and observations gi»en on the use
of each sense, illustrated by proper examples, so
as to enable the learner to expreis himfelf with
The third, is a complete list of those words ser
vant de lien ou de complement defen, entre les autre, tarda
du difcours : that is to fay—forming the lint or comple
tion of sense bet-wee* the other farts of fpeeoh, whose
principal use is to establifa i n speech that connecti
on between words, which already exi.it in the
mind between ideas. I ha w also fully determined
the fehfe and acception of theie important words
(which are divided into appropriate clafles to fix.
them the easier in the memory) by annexing to
each examples in French and Engliflr.
As Ido not intend to publish the above,for feme
time, and in order, Reverthelefs, that my pupils
may reap the fame advantage without it, I hasten
to inform those who may be induced to put them
fe'.ves under my care, that half the time of school
(the othsr half being devoted to other exercises)
will be employed in exercising them in the fol
lowing manner
We first begin with the Vocabulary; each wor4
of which will be pronounced in Englilh then is
French, to be repeated by one or msre of the fcho -
lars; and a similar repetition of the phrases betore
mentioned will follow.
It is worthy of observation, that in onr infan
cy, and as we advance in years, we lears thd pro
nounciation of our vernacular tongue, by pro
nouncing word by word ; and Analogy accomplic
es what remains to be done, in order to acquire
the necessary knowledge of it. The rules give*
by Grammarians to attain this obje<sl are almost
ufeleft to us, and still mere so to the foreigners,
struggling in vain to learn the true pronunciation
of a lauguage with the help of dicftionaries and
Grammar alone. Though I conceive my scholars
may attain in the above manner, the accurate
pronunciation of the French language, yet stri&
attention is paid to their reading in approved aa
thors before we begin the foregoing excrcifes.
1 will pursue nearly tbefame method in impart
ing to them the «ont«nts of the two other divisions
ot my work. I cannot conclude this address with
out thanking my Fellow-Citizens for the liberal
encouragement i hav« experienced from them,
thefs f.x years past, in my profeflional career,pre
fumir.g that I may be permitted to fay, that I have
not been altogether undeserving of it.
September i B dat aaw aw
The Frenchman,
WHO refufed to give up a STOLEW
POINTER DOG wheji demanded of
him on Wednesday morning last about seven
o clock, by the ftrvant of the owner, at the
corner of Arch and Sixth itreets, is desired
to lend him to the office of this Gazette, or di
ligent search will be made after him, and he
will be prosecuted aj the thief. The Dog is
white, excepting a yellow spot on his back, one
yel'o* tar, and two or three yellow spots on
Uis forehead—the other ear is speckled—he is.
vary poor and hip (hot. An Jiandfome reward
will be given for the dog, and Five Dollars on
conviflion of the thief. The Frenchman is a
tall thin m.in, of a complexion very dark, and
drefled in black clothes (excepting a striped blue
and white gingham coatee) —He was seen with
the dog in company with a short fat man, ia
Race near Seventh ilreet, on Sunday afternoon
anrnft 2*? ft
A RED yud white Cow i
red to come prove property
and take her away.
■Sr ->**
/Pr '*' f - 1
♦*• ew6e^|6l^®gi

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