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The price of this Gazette is Light
Dollars per annum to Subscribers residing
in the city of Philadelphia. AU others pay
tne Dollar additional, for enclosing and Ifi
nding ; and u*l«Ss«om person in this city
will become answerable for the- subscription,
it must be paid Six Months in Advene:
%» No Subscription -will be received for
a shorter term than six months. i
PccemVer 1 1799-
. Pr*m o* btr 11.
c .*
lahiay "
At Wain's wharf,
The Cargo of the brigEruerprize,
Surinam Molailes,
Of an cx.sllev.t quality, in hogsheads, tierces and
And about 40 quarter casks
FOK S/ile Br
Wharton Lewis,
No. 1 is,fouth Front flreet.
oflebcr 9 « th fa tf
Ib tW ship Atlantic, captain Water*,'from
Calcutta »ud Mii^ra*,
And for.fale by the fubferiber,
A great variety of article's mostly suit4bl e
for exportation,
Blue cloths
Soot Romals
Madras Long Cloths
Ditto lUtirfkirchiela.
2000 bags prime Sugar,
Hyson and Souchong Tea,
No. 80, Dock street.
oSlower TO
Saw Manufactory.
No. 10, south Fifth street,
Manufacture mill, un!< cut and pitt
saws, equal in qu.iiity, apn,nrance anl
Many • v.t imported; which l « Mis whoMaV
at the
lar each ; crols-cut do jo cents ferToot; pitt do.
60.eei)t« per foot.
Wo'd-Cutter< c>(l (led saw«, and every othe
kind, nu'.c to any particular d.rcAiun.
English Grammar,
Has this D.iy been publifbed, by A'tuttr
Dick ins, opposite Chrift-Cliurch,
[Price One Dollar.']
O&ober 7.
Twerity Dollars Reward.
RUN AWaY from the SuMcriber on Wednes
day night the sth inflant, a Black TnJmted
ftrvant, named Colin, jufl arrived from Jamaica
in the brig Diligence with his mailer. He is a well
made lad of i 6— «7 years oi age, or thereabouts
.has a pleasant countenance, and a small fear on
.his left cheek, which yet app ars white lrom a
late fall or blow. He i« about t feet 5 or fix in
ches high, and had on when he went away a com
mon biue jacket and trawlers, with a fcr
vants black glazj . hat, and had with him white
and flrijecbeck thirts and pantaloons.
He is known to be enticed or env.igic.! away hy
a negro man named William, a native of Boston,
who was Cook of the said brig DelipJ.ice, and is a
ft«ut thick man of 35 or 43 years of age, and they
are supposed to travel together; The faU Colin
contrived to get a parcel containing3o new dol
larsof the present year? co : of tSe U States,
never before in circulation ahd a few miiled dou
bloons of full weight out ot his mailers keeping,
and also took with him a lilver table spoon with
the cypcr A. K. on it, and a desert knife and fork
with white Ivory handles.
The above reward will be p.-.id to any p rfon
who will bring the fai l Colen and William ts the
Subscriber, Ni> 31 Sf rxice flrcet or to Meflrfc Sa
vage and Dugan, Third Street, or lodge them in
any goal er work h u ein any of the StJtes so that
his master may have Colin, and it isicquefted the
money may befecured, it is iujpofed Vviliam i- in
polTcfliouof it, and rrquefled he may be lieraineii
with Colen, ft-ndirg information to the said
Mefl'rs. Savage and Dugan, Philadelphia
* * All Captains of velTels are lorwnrned not to
hat "our or employ or carry te sea the said r.cgr«.-e'
u the law will be p*Jt iniorcc against them.
Held at Union Tftwn for the county of Fayette,
thefecond Mo da-' of September, in the
year of our Lord one tftoufand eight
r uiidred, before fhc Honorable Alexin
c!err •.dd';f(«),. Ffquirc, Prefidynt, and
his afiVciate Judges of the fame court,
ON the peticion of John Bartlett, an fnfolvent
Debtor, praying the benefit of the aft of Ge
neral AflemMy ior the relief of Infclvent Debtor*,
the Court appoints the fccoud Monday of Decem
ber next to hear the petitioner and his creditors,
and orders that notice thereof".be published three
fuccellWe weeks iu the United States [Gazette in
Philadelphia, in foaie daily paper in Baltimore—
irj a Lexington paper, Kentucky, and in the Fay
ette G.izeua, the lalfc publication in each, to be at
imCl four weeks before the day of hearing.
By the Court,
H. M.
$t SI
0 lb
% 4
2 i 8
3 '56
4 59
O&ober 10. d%w.
6 19 S 3'
6 30 5 3 e
6 3*—*-J * 8
Be IT REMEMBERED, That on the aid day
of August, in the 25th year of the Intlcpon
dince of the United Stitcß ot America, William
Youno, (B»okfellcr,) of the said DillriiS, hath
depofitcd in this Office, the title of a Book, the
right whereof he claims as proprietor; in the words
following, to wit.
6 j, J *1
- 6 M S »*
6 3i-i —J »J
» J7 5 »3
IN CONFORMfrT to the »<a of the Con
gnefs f tbs 15liked Statca,!riti'u)ed " An
' A& for th« emeuragemcnt of learning
[sEAt.] by lecuring the copies of Maps,
and Bonks to the Authors and Propri
etors of such copies during the times
therein mentioned " ,
Clerk of the District of Pennsylvania.
leptember 18 «W4 W -
District of Pennsylvania to wit:
BE it remembered that on (he Tenth day of
July in the twenty fifth year of the Indepen
dence of the United States of America, Alexan
der AddifoH of the said Diftiift hath depafited
in this office the title ot a book the right where
of he claims as Author in ths word» following,
to wit, " Reports of cafe» in the County courts
of the Fifth Circuit and in the High Court of
Errors and appeals of the State of Pennsylvania,
ijsd charges to Grind Juries of those County
Courts. By Alexandtr Addifon, President of
the Courts of Common Pleas of the Fifth Cir
cuit of the State of Penniylvania."
In conformity to the a<Tk of Congress of the Uni
ted States intitlrd " An ad for the encouragement
of learning by fecating the copies of maps ckart?
and b >ok» to the Authors and Proprietors of such
copies during the times therein mentioned "
The above book is now publiflied It will be de
livered to lubfcribers by Mr. Dcbf n Bookseller.
J u 'y 23
m«f if
]'"HE commanding Officers of corps, de
■ uchrnems,ports, gVriGjns and recruiting
parlies, belonging t ■ the military eftablilhment
of the United States, are to report to, and
receive orders from Brigadier- General Wil
kinfcn, in the City of WaJhingun, and all
officers on furlough are to report themselves to
the fime officer with all poffihie dispatch.
Secretary of War.
.$5" All Printers -within the United Stites
who have publiihed inviutions for contrails of
the ijthoi' March last are requcfted to insert
the »bove in their relpedlive papeu, once a
week for tws mor.thi.
m'wf Irn
-pUAT Handsome and healthy COUNTRY
*■ SR.Vf, CtUrd Lauxvl L.inat, the late
of Thomas Rutter, Kf<|. Ctuate in
Potts Grove, M iitgomery Ccui ty, thirty-fix
milm from Philadelphia, c>r.tair.g about 106
acres, twenty «f which are piirne woodlat'il,
fifteen excellent watered meadow, the residue
divided in arable li t». On the premises are a
large handsome Brick Hnufe and adj' inif.g build
ings, containg two pariours, a Urge dining
ro. 111, and a Hall, twelvi feet wide, by forty
lung, a large kitchen, wash hoiife withapu/np
of excellent watrr in it, fix handsome chambers,
two flore-rooms, four garret chambers plaiftered
and a gram room over the adj ining building,
a doub't Ipring hoafe, with a fmi>ke houfa over
the fame, withinliity yards of the kitchen —The
spring, in the dried season never known to low
er in the leift, and from which the meadow is
watered ; a garden containing about or.e acre,
itocked with the moil deiiciotis fruits, such as
peaches, plumbs, cherries, pears, ralberries, &c.
ieveral asparagus be.ls ia great perfedion. Alio,
a young bearing appletree orchard, containing
ieveral hundred trees, the fruit feletted from dif ■
frent parts of the United States, a large conveni
ent barn with a threshing floor, with consmodi
ous llabling for horses and cows, carriage and
houses, grain room, Stc. Alio,fundry out build
ings, conlifting of a Urge frame poultry-house
and corncrib, &c- Alfu, a tenant's house, gar
den and ltable,irid a pump of excellent water
belonging to the fame.
The situation of Potts Grove is remarkably
healthy, regularly wi.h Butcher's meat
;nd poultry in abundance, to he p'irchafedat a
low rate, ansi the Schuylkill ass rds a plentiful
fwpply of excellent fifh Two grift mills in the
rear of the town. Perhaps few country towns
in Pennfylvanii, are more rapidly improving,
or have more loeal advantages than Potts
Grove . The leveral places of public worship,
the filulirity of the air, gentsel society, and
cheapneft of living, are among the lew advan
tages it poflcflis.
Any perl'on widung to view the premises,
will pi cafe to apply to Mr. Win. POTTS,
in Pottlgrove, »ntl for, terms to the fubferi
ber, iu Philadelphia.
Sept, 19 aawtf.
of the United States, & Daily
By C. P.- Wayne, No. 65, South Front-street.
At a County Court of Common
t® wit.:
•' Essay 0* Political Society.''
Clerk 0/ the DiJtriß of Penmfylvania.
August 4tD, ißco.
To be Sold
2000 Dollars Reward,
Arid ail charges and expene s paid
FOR apprthtnding bringing to
the city <*f New-\ orK, Nathaniel Ol
coTt, late of the fafd cv y Br ker, vrha is
charged on oath with feloniouflyyfraudu
lently and by falfe pretences, taking from
the Bank of New-York, large sums of mo
-ney- It is fuppqfed that he has a large
sum of Bank notes now in his pofl'effiwn,
which any person apprehending him is par
ticularly desired to secure, with all his pa
Natha» if l Olcott, is about live feet
ten inches high, has dark hazel eyes, and
dark hair, which he generally wears turned
up behind, has rather a down look—is stout
built and straight—rather red about the
nostrils, in cinfequencs of taking fnuff—
he is from 25 to 30 years old—had 011 a
dark great coat and a light coat underneath.
Auy information given to the Cashier of
the Bank rela.ive to the said Nathaniel Ol
cott, will be thankfully received and reward
Cafhr. B. n. Y.
jC7*Th'e Printers throughout the Uniied
States ar requelted to reprint the above-
New-York, Oft. 9. tf.
1 bis Day Published,
By J- Or.-.ikod, No. 41, CheCaiit Street,
(Pries is Ccnti)
Death of General Wafhimton.
In Imitation of the manner of OOian.
By llev. John B. Linn, A.M.
Minister of the Firi'c Presbyterian Congregation
£5" Mr. Chiudron's Ofatian will be publilhed
on Monday morning.
March 15. dj
Prevention better than Cure.
For the prevention and cure of Bilio-s and
Malignant Fevers, is recommended.
Anti-bilious Pills,
WHICH have been attended with a degree
of fucccfs highly grateful to the inven
tor's feelings, in fevcral parts of the Weft-In
dies,and the southern parts of the United States
particularly in Baltimore, Petersburg, Rich,
mond, Norfolk, Edenton, Wilmingt< n.Charles
ton, Savannah. &c. The teflimony of a num
ber of perl'ons in each of the above place , can be
adduced, who have reaCon to believe that a
timely ufi of th s.falutary remedy, has, under
Providence, prelcrved their lives when in the
moll alarming circnmflan«es.
Fails of this conclusive nature fprak more in
favour of a medicine, than columns of pompous
eulogy, founded on mere affertirn, coul I do.
It is not indeed presumptuously proposed as
an infallible cure, but the inventor has every
poffib!e reason, which can refnlt from cxteafive
experience for believing that a dole u(thefe pills,
taken once every two weeks during the preva
lence of our annual bilious fevers, will prove an
infallible preventative ; and further, that in the
earlier stages of tliofe diseases, their use will
very generally succeed in restoring health and
frequently in cases eftecmed desperate and bey
ond power of common remedies
The operation of these pills is perl'eilly mild
and may be used with fatety by persons iu every
situation and of every age.
They are excellently adapted to carry off fu
pei fluous bile and prevent it a morbid fecretioos ;
to restore and amend the appetite ; to produce
a free perfpiraticn and thereby prevent colds
which are often of fatal con'equence. A dole
never fails to remove a cold if taken on its firft
appearance. They are celebrated for removing
habitual coftivenefs, fickr.efs the fterfcich and
severe head-ache, and ought to be ttken by all
perfnm on a change of climate.
They have been found remarkably efficacious
in preventing and curing most disorders attend
ant on long voyages, and Ihould be procured
and carefully preserved for use by every seaman.
Genuine Eve-water.
A certain and fafe remedy for all diieafos of the
eyes, whether the cffVit of natural weahnef*, or of
accident, fpecdily removing inflammation*. de
fluxions of rheum, dullncfs, itching, and films in
the eyes, never failing to cure thofc maladies which
frequently succeed thefmallpox. measles and fe
vers, and wosder ully llrengthening a weak light.
Hundreds have experienced its excellent virtues
when nearly deprived of fight;
Tooth-ache Drops.
The only remedy yet discovered which gives im
mediate and lading relief in the most severe in
The Anodyne Elixir.
For the cure of every hied of head-aclae, and of
pains in the face and neck.
Infallible Ague and Fever Drops.
This medicine has never failed, in many thou
sand cases not ore in a hundred has had occasion to
take more than one bottle, and numbers not hall
a bottle. The money will be returned if the cure
is not performed.
No. 17, South Second Street,
And no where else, in Philadelphia.
Where also may be Dr. Hamilton's Worm
Daftsoying Lozenges, his Sovereign Elixir for
coughs, &c. Reliorative Drops, EUer.cc and Ex
tra# ps Mustard, Ointment for the !rch,
Dr. liahn's infallible German Corn Plaifler, In
dian Vegetable Specific for the Venereal com'
plaint, Gowland's and Pertian Lotion,
Tooth Powder, j)amaik Lip Salve, Church s
Cough Drops, nderfor.'s Pills.. &c.
April 19 i. >» tf
Marftial's Sales.
' y C fP
• • tylvdnia T)istrict, J' *.
PUR»UAN P, tr t hcdire<slioris of the Honorable TTA
Benjamin Stoddard, Secretary oi th- Navy, ' Ai. i:
win be expofeq to public sale, at the merchants', ~
coffee houfe,in the city of Philadelphia, on Mon
day the 19th <jjy of October instant, at 7 o'clock
in the evening.
The two French schooners ca'.let
New lying at Brown's wharf,
™ s " == ~* Together with all and fmgular thei
tackle, apparel and appurtenances.
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
Marshall's Office, }
Philadelphia, Odo. 10, 1800) mwf tS
For Sale,
V s-r. Tammany,
rv TM n at Say's Wharf, aboye
Marltei Street, burthen 70 t>na, I'uppofcd t® be
a remarkable faft lailing vefTelj aiid may be fit
ted for sea in a few days. Inventory t» be seen
and terms of fale&nown by applying to the fub
No. 4, Souii Wa'er Street.
35 Ilhds Mufcovad Sugar.
Wliite and brown Hava-: nah ditto in boxes.
East India do. in bags.
Weft-India and Country Hum.
100 Hhds. Molaflea.
Holland Gin
French and SpaiiiJh Brandy.
Pepper, Coffee, &c.
ftm-uft 9. fatu&th.tf.
This morning on the WifTahtckoH Road—a
Red MorjocQo
CONTAINING lundry papers and letters,
of bo consequence whatever to any one but
the owner. Whnever may have found the
fame, and will return it to the Printer of this
paper, ,(hall he hanilfomely rewarded.
N.B.—The 1 wners' name is mentioned on
some lettes direiled to him.
Otloher 8. d.
>- >
Mary Beck,
RESPECTFULLY informs her Friends and the
Public, that ftie intends opening hor Seleft
SCHOOL on the firft »f O&ober, in Fifth n«ar
Walnut Street, opposite the State House Yafd,
where (he will as usual, teach the tranches of po
lite and nfeful literature, including Geography,
Aflronomy, Writing, Arithmetic, and every ac
complifhmeut necelLry to form a complete liberal
education. '
Ycunjr Ladies may he accommodated with
Boar.i, &c. in the Houic, which is very airy and
:. -k. G. Beck's Drawing and Painting School
will commence at the fame time.
fjpttmbcr 40 tu th& fa im
Dancing Academy.
MR. QOE3NBT, wi h.rofpecl inform* hi* pu
pil* and'hc public in general, that he intends
opening his Academv. on Monday th ; 6th cf Oc
tober , at hit new alf mbly room, No, 64, fcuth
Fourth Itrcet.
Mr. Quefnetis thankful ts the Ladies and Gen
tlemen, lor th? liberal encouragement he has ex
perienced every season —he was defirou* for some
time to meet wit!« a g.-ntieman of whom the cha
raiter and talent*, could, united together defeiye
the cor&dence of the public •. deprived of fueh ad
vantage, Mr Q_hai always thought proper to
divide :ind fix the number of fuf sis; but th»s seas
on the school can be improved one third more
havi g to introduce Mr; Auriol, a* an afliftant to
him, and a pdrlon of ability. The fcholan (hall
be attended three times* week as ufual—
the morning ; young Gentlemen in the afternoon ;
and grov.u Gentlemen in the evening.
N. 3 The lirll prailifiug hall in private for the
feholnrs, will he 1 few days after the opening ol the
school - and thsfirft ball will! eon l'hurfd-y, the
l6thOilober next.
Mr. AURIOL lately arrived frem Paris, re
fpe<flfully informs the public in general, th3t hav
ingfome time to difpof* of, h« will attend thofa
Ladies and Gentlemen, \vh© vvifh to be taught
private at rheir own houses.
His lodgings are at No. 31, fowth Third Ureet,
where directions can be leit with his lady if he i,s
a blent.
OAoberi. th*ftf
Jufh Received,
And will be Sold Very Low, if applied for
immediately, by the Package only'
5 Bales Broad-Cloths, sflbrted, Q
I Bale Plains and Forest cloths, i "
I Do. fine Coatings, alfoi tad, . ]o xj
»o Do Kendall Cottons, -u §
ao Hoirßicads Seine Twine, ! £
4 Calks London Pexvter, J
No. 48, S.u h Front '>cet.'
September jo. djt ?< eodrw.
WHO fro;ri frindple » a Federal/?a d itelpofed
to undertake th«, ard'.iou. tafco! td.;ing o!
a paper and cimbarirg the eftemies f America,
may '"-ear of an eligible fituaiion m the interior of
Maryland. SCO fulu'criberj can be tinted on be
fore he commer.ce?, — A sLrt.'yt Aiy.ej will be
[■reared But it Unfit tc. .•:{&. d that well
principled perfqns though not pa.tives, are to be
*,* Particulars may be !carnr>l on application
to the Editor cf thisG z.'tte.
Oitubi f 3.
', 5 ? >;
.' ; .f r«iW
ddling Business.
ZING ei.it. red into parfiifrff.jp> «n«
cn tl>at map jillcibiittifid {land at the cfif
rr<! Third Streets, nefpo&fufly
j atronage, end particukrly invite
ouahi'e of tiie favour* of the forruf
md of Hii .es * Jnncs, and'
& Kir.fey, to vvhofe buG::ifs they have
offer for sale a large and general affort
•lrgam Saddlei asd Bridles, a.ll kind#
10. Plated and 15rafs mounted Hf-mefe,
•>'». v Pieces, Cart and Waggon Gears,
unks o! al! kinds, particularly hard lea
•tfiantt *us.
r.er of Ch.
illicit public
ment o)
&t. T;
th<T Port
Thry alio matiufafiure all kinds nf Silver
celknt Workmen in that branch.
They flatter thcthfelves from their united ex
perience and the arrangements they have mirie,
to be ab'e so fell any of tht above articles on as
A liberal allowance will be inaJe to thole who
>i rcliafe by the quantity
'" ' ' JONES fc? KINSEY.
. Sept. 71
North Second S:reet, o'-'
With illustration®,and Additions
Desultory Reflexions
In the United States.of America, fmce the
commencement of the y;ar 179?.
SO™ R. T. RawJLE, confiderii-g tlintin
this country there is a free press, is determi
ned his Book-Store (liall also be free to pub
lications of eveiy denomination, whether po-,
litical or religious. The works of Wings
or Tories ; Republicans, or Monarclufts ;
Ariflocrats or Democrats ; Federalilts or
Anti-Federafirtj/ ; Ghrifiinns, Jews, Hea
thens or Turfcl, are equally free for lale j
and, whatever fnay be his private opinions,
is resolved, as a Bookseller, and in the true
spirit of his profeffion, " To be open to all
pirties, and influenced by none.
N. B. He has for sale, all thelateft po
litical publications, and every article in the
Stationary Line.
O&ober r. jiwjw.
Of the Pittsburgh Glass Works,
HAVING p.rcured a fuffici«nt uumber of
themoft approved Enmpcaa Glals Manu
fudlurers, and having on hand » large fiock of
the heft Materials, sn which their workmen are
now employed, have the pleasure of alluring
the public, ihat window glass of a fapei ior qua
lity and of any ftze, from 7 by 9, to x 8 by 24
inchrs, carefully packed in boxes containing
100 feet ea. h, may be had at the fhoricrt notice. .
Gbf9 of larger lizes for other purposes, may
aHo be had, f'.ch 3s for pi "ores, coach glades,
clock faces, ?*c. Bottles of ail kinds and of any
quantity may aifo be had, together with pocket
flafks,pickhngjars, apothecary's (hop furniture,
or other helluw ware —the wildest least zj per
cent, lower than articles of the fame quality
brought from any of the sea ports of the United
States. A liberal allowance will be made en
sale of large quantities. Orders from merchants
ir.d others will toe pundlually attended to on ap
plication ,to JAMES O'HASA <*r ISAAC
CRAIG, or at the Store of MeflVr, PKATHER
and SMILIE, in Maiket-Street,
March 4,
HP HE owners ot unimproved U-nds in Wayne
county, are hereby notified, t>iat Taxes ,rc
become payable thereon for the yfurs artd
IcOO. Th-'.fe who have not alrc.vty ;.aid their
taxes, .re hereby v-quired to ci'k\.<ir-.cr. the fan e
to JOHN BRINK, Inquire, Trcafi•: - ..f 1. id
County at M-ilford, within three month.-, irom
this date ,T>therwi. r e yrsa •iir'gi to {ale, ac-cordintj
to the ail of Affc.fr,bly in fucr c*fc p-ov ;»!».'<, will
e had by the CotnniilTioijers for the lVid coanty.
At a Stenton, 1
Jabn Cars;m, > Copijmffioners
Johannes Van Ettcn, J
E. I\ LI. OGG, Ct In . 1
July 0. I.c-o
&11 Persons,
lateof the Northern Liberties, dcceafed.are
reqnelled to make immediate paymtrt, and
those having any demands agairilt the lame, to
bring in their accounts to
BENJAMIN THAW, Ad mniftrjtor.
o<slo er .1. 'njw i
An Invoice of
Playing Cards.
SUPERFINE Columbian, Harry the Vll'th
and Merry-Andrew Playing Cards, far sale ch ep
for cafli—Apply at this Office,
september 13.
Neatly executed at the Office of the
Gazette of the United States.
Cards—Blanks of all khids,
&c. Bcc.
Wil! be printed at the
Shortest Notice.
™ s "" * 3 ' ' i<r>

r.l *i
SW?" 1

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