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Numbfr 1517.1
The price of this (Jaittte 11 Eight
Dollars per annum to Subscribers residing
in the city of Philadelphia. All others pay
tne Dollar additional, fir enclosing and <Si
reeling ; and unless»sorne person in this rity
mill become answerable for the subscription,
it must be paid Six Months in Advance.
«,« No Subscription will be received for
1 shorter term than six months-
December 1 1799.
Fr»m Oflobcr 11 —to ORjber 18,
T Hefsay
For Sale,
the new pilot built
at Say'. Wharf, above
Market Street, burthen 70 t m», fuppof.d t# be
a remarkable faft failing veflcl, and may befit
ted for feain a few days. Inventory to be seen
and terms of sale known by applying to the fub
No. 4. Soiltb Wa'er Street
35 Hhds Mnfco»a<i < Sugar.
White and brown Hava->nah dit o in boxes.
F.aft India do. in bags.
We!l-Tndia and Conntry Uum
ic.o HV,d*. Mo'.ilTcs.
Holland Cia
French and Spiniih Brandy.
Pepper, Coffee, &c.
Anguft 9.
For Liverpool,
The American Philadelphia, cellar avd live-
oak l uilt
MeSS3St£iti Daniel C. TtHinghafi, nctjfer,
Intended to fail early in to return
an early fpringlhip to Phllad: lpf'ia—will be reidy
to take in fhuttly at Perott< wharf—For freight
* or pa(Tage,apply to tKe eaptaii on >v»rd, »r to
Jeremiah Warder.
Those gentlemen who have goods on bo»H the
Amiable, arc requested to fend their permits o*
board *t Gerard's whar . above y.arket Greet,
where the (hip is ready to discharge.
Has fo r Sa'e t
Livrpool high stored fine
$f the firft quality ; Lotidon refined fait *etre ;
London white lead, dry and ground in oil ; red
lead; London tin plates in hexes; Roman tea em
itter* in cases; Irifli linens aflorted, 4 and 6 lb.
cannon, Woolwich proof, and 3 and 9 lb foot.
Oaober 15 3 aw 3 w
John Cliiton, jun.
HAVINC declined his former h'ifiiefs, of
fers for fait ill his flock, confilting of the
following articles, viz.
Sixteen Anvils,
Eighteen pair of Bellow's, five Vices, with al!
the other Tools necelEry for conducing the
Smith's Business.
About 5 tons of Spikes,
of different sizes, 30001b. Sheath:»g and Draw
ing Nails, a large jffurtment of fckle Honks
and Thimblet, Swivle Hooks, Scrapers. Hin
ges in<d Nails, with erery other defo ip'ion of
ready made Iron work, suitable for flocking a
Ship SL,ith'«, or (hip Chandler's Store.
All of which he will fell on very rcafjnable
terma for ca(h or ipproved noie«.
* Apply at No. 80, Swar.fon street, South
Ofloherlt. jHwtm.
German Redemptioners.
NINETEEN remains •■l'thofe, »h# came in the
(hip Anua from Hamburgh, and are willing
to serve for riieir pillage
Apply to
Jacob Sperry Co.
Who have on Hand,
of lare importation*, and which arc of-
fered on rcafttpahle term*, and thenfual credit,
33 cases Eftopillas,
Forming a compleat assortment o! IJni, R:yc
Mouehcs,»l in and coloured flripos. '
33 ctfes cafieeijloes
5 cases boccadiHon
a cifes quadruple fi'eflas
I caf* fuuerfine dowlas
» cafr-.s coutilft and i cafe lift a <fo*
l cases fuperfir,«f Elbcrteld checks
5 cafe# hed parchet
I cafe Flanders bed tieV®,B 4
10 cafe» coffee mills, Nos. o">, to No. 6, as»
1 cases Scythes
5 cJies of double flint cut Decanters quart and
I enfe pill tucihKrs, and 1 <;afe of Traveling
cafes. *
I cafe ul qui lis, I cafe of cemmon felling wax
and 4GO Demijohns.
September zj.
Gazette of the United States, & D
HAS received by the latfft arrivals from Lon
don, a fc-ell chosen iffortraent of the sol-
CALICOES and Chintzca, (a great variety)
Furniture do. do.
Corded Dimities for garment# and furniture
Durante Joans and Calimanco««
ft>mbazetts anj
Printed Linen and Cotton Handkerchiefs and
Lawn bordered d».
Jaconet and 3o k Muslin handkerchiefs
Shawls, Cotton and Chintz, a great vaiiety
Do. Camel's Hair
Hosiery, "Worded and Cotton «f all fizis
Do. China White and Black Silk-
Table Cloths, from j 4, to loby 16-4 with and
without Napkins
Thread, Gauze, Lawns and Cimbricks
Jaconet and Lapett Muslin», colourrd and p'ain
White and Black Lace, Lace Veils, Cloaks and
H. M.
6 i
7 S
8 5
9 a
9 5'
10 38
XI 21
~>_|lSlt SSTS
6 j8 J »»
6 t »9 S »'
A 40 S 10
. 6 4»~—J 18
• 6 4T S II
6 44—'-J 16
o 4S S U
Black Mode, Peelongs and Satins
White and printed Marle'll'a for vests
SMjanfdown, striped and plaid.
Cotton Checks (five) j-8, 44, Ji-8, «n<l 6-4
Black and colour»d Barcelona handkerchiefs
India Bandanna do »f superior quality
Whfte, Red and Yellow F.anneW
Guernfcy Worfled Frocks
A Uw dcz.-o belt elastic Suspenders.
f He has Also
Just Received, a well assorted Invoice of
India Muslins,
Berbhoom Gurrahs Patna Baftai
Alahabad F.merties Do. Gutrahs
Company Guzzjpora janna Mjmoodies.
Culfas. By the Hale or Piece.
Oflober 18. diw3awtf.
Has received by the late arrivals from
don, Liverpool, Hull and GUfgow, a
fjtneral alTortment of
fa tu&th.tf.
Snitable for the season—among which are
SUPERFINE and second cloths,
Do. plain anil ribb r d Caffimers
From the Alio Farmer, captain Gibfori, from Ham
burg, a large aflortmcnt of Lin«Bs and other
Gi»d«, among which »r« an invoice of 5 J bait*
of teat French Britannias, 6 and 7 4, which arc
offered fc.r Tale on reasonable terms for approved
paper, or in bartsr for Well-India produce.
Britannia*, real French, Boccadillos
6 and 7*a Bielefeld Linen#
Rritsnr-ias PeleSas Siamoife i,ace».
PlattiHias Royale> Tapes ol fsvtral kinds
Eflopillan of all dcfcrip- D canters
tions Qjirt and pint tumblers
(Trias a la Morlaix Travelling Cases
Checks No. 2 & Stripet Glals Ueads, violins and
609 Bpx"s of Bohemia
White Window Glass,
Of tfce firft quality, 7by9, Bby 9by H,
to by ia and upw*r<U.
Of late Importation :
Eftopillas, Bcccalillos, QuidrapltSelifias, Dow
l.is, C'Hitils, I.i?adoe9, hlberfeldt fine Checks,
Usd parchet, Flinders Bed Ticks, l'apes < f all
itfcriptions, Cofee Mills, Scythes, Decanters,
Oil Tumblers, Travelling Cases, Seijing Wax,
Qui'.ls and Demijohns,— Aptily to
C <sl .ber 6 ' «Uot w&fa.i.n.
d6t. 23wim.
Thomas Orr,
No. 52,
South Front Strebt,
lowing articles:
Thomas Wotherspoon, v
No. 56, (
Sourn Fnour Strbrt^
Do. tafliionable Swanfdowns
Coatings and Backing Bai2>:s
Flannels and Plain*
Plaid and pbb'd Galimancoes
Durants and Joans Spinrings
Black Ruflels and Bombazetts
Plain and Oriped Wildbores
Cloak Cambletts
Velvets, Thickfetts and Fancy Cords
Chcck'd and (Iriped GingWams
White ahd brown Platillas
Checks and Bed-ticks
Purple and Chintz Shawls
Printed Pocket Handkerchiefs
Black and col'd Barcelnna do.
White and col'd Satins, Peelongs and
Twilled black Sattin Florentines
W:de rich stripe eo.
Quefn's Grey Lutcflrings
S.titchingThreads and Scarf Twist
D mities and Marfellois Qniltings
Black and white Thread Laces and
Rich wide patent Law Veils
An iff-rtment of Ribbows
Carpets and Carpeting
Tapes, quality and llioe Bindings
Shirt ai.d Moulds
Plain Buttons
Plain Cotton Stockings
Fancy and Cotton
Table-clsths and cotton Counterpanes
Thread, Leaders, Fcrretts and Galloons
Britilh Mufltns of every dt icription
Ounce Thread in boxes
Coloured do. in dn.
Suitable for the. Weft-India Market,
A few boxes »f
Madrafs Handkerchie s, a few do. F-incy
Muiliiis, a few do. Ginghams, entitled
to drawback.
Oftober 16 d2->t
By C. P. Wayne, No. 65, South Front-flreet.
Robert Smith & Co.
No. 58, South Front Street,
By the lute arrivali from L ' 'on, Liverpool,
Hall and Glasgow,
A general assortment of
Suitable for the season—among which are
StIPERFINE and second cloths
Foroft cloths and plains
A variety of plain, ribb'd and embofled cafli.
mere* of ev ry colour
A variety of fafhionable fw&nfdown
Kendal cottons
Backing and Colchester baize of every color
7 4to »1 4 role blankets
2 1 -2 and 3 do
White serge? suitable for fadlers
Ribbed and plain calimancoes
ttattinets and (balloons
Durants joans and bombaz»ens
Bombazetts, llriped and plain,
Velverets, thickfetta and fancy cords
.Check'd and striped ginghams
7-8, 4-4, 11-8 ctton checks
Bed ticks, Scotch (hirting
Brown linens and cotton bagging
P'ain and tambor'd jaconet and book muslins'
and handkerchiefs
Coloured tambor'd ditto
Olive, lead and blue muflias
CambricKs and lawns
Lawn, and printed linen handkerchiefs
Black and colored Barcelona ditto
•Bbdk love ditc»
WorlUd, yarn and cotton hosiery
White and coloured threads
Taper quality and (hoe bidding
An assortment of ribbons
Sewing silk and twist
Ivory and horn combs
Shirt wires and moulds
Plain and fancy buttons
Knives and forks, penknives, fci&ri, needles,
pins. Bcc.
They have also on hand,
an assortment of
Cohured and black Lutestrings, Renchawi and
Sattiiu— Garrahs, CofTas, San as, liaftas, Guzecnas;
eßoier 15
Landing from the ship Americq, Walte.
Sims, Commander, from Canton,
Souchong, ift Sc. ind quality,
Caper foucliong,
Young hyfoni
Hyson, Ift & id quality.
Impwiil, J
Yellow Jc white nankeen*
LutcArings, black & color'd ( In Boxes
Sinlhiwi do. £ aflorted,
Sattim do. J
L'Jteftriugs, maz. blue fc dirk green j n
C lo*es.
Perfun wfT-tas, dark green )
Tbey bavc also on band fur sale, received bv
the late arrivals from Europe, ife.
ilcultini for
h« Wcft-ln.
lit market ft
fatiiled to
14 Tro»k» printed Caticow,
j do. do. 'J
j Bllfllcilt lviM ( KntilW to
*® C*f« Englrfb Chiat «r*re, Cdrawbtck,
Striped and chocked ginghams |
White l|j*»red & color'd Mul- |
linetts 'f
White corded dimities
Color'd silk, Itriped Nankeens |
in tea letts
I Cjflts mineral black,
i do. u-liite,
6 do. colcotlier,
3 Caflcs purple brown,
35 do. nails aiTirted,
9 do. 'London porter in bottles
Bnglilh failcinvaS, No. I, i flc 3,
Rufiia duck,
a 7 Boxes white Hannna sugar,
Ij Pipes old Madeira wine,
Empty wine bottles,
ao Guru, 6 ppunders,
M do. 9 do.
18 do. 9 do. with rarriaees, Ice,
ißo,ccolbs. Ceriboti coffee, ift
(Entitled to
jo,oco!bs. black pepper Cdrawback
10 Logs ebor.y J
May ij.
Of the Pittsburgh Glass Works,
HAVING procured J fufiici»nt number of
(he mod approved European Glass Manu
fudlurers, and having on hand a large flock of
(he best Materials, nn which their workmen are
now employed, have the pleasure of alluring
the public, that window glais of a fupeiior qua
lity and of any size, from 7 by 9, to 18 by 14
Niches, carefully packed in boxes containing
100 feet ea h, may be had at the (hortefl notice.
Glass of larger sizes for other purposes, may
alii) be hat!, fitch as for pictures, coach gladci,
clock faces, Ac. Bottles of all kinds and of any
quantity may also be had, together with pocket
fia<ks,pi(klingjars, apothecary's shop furniture,
or other hellow ware—the whole at lead 2$ per
cent, lower than articles of the fame quality
brought from any ef the lea ports of the United
States. A lfl»eral allowance will be m«de er.
large quantities. Orders fr.-.tn merchants
and others will tta; punflually attended to on ap
plication to JAMES O'HARA *>r ISAAC
CRAIG, or at the Store of McflVs, I'RATHER
and SMII.IE, in Ma.ket Street, P ttfburgh.
March (, tu'.htf.
At Wain's wharf,
The Cargo of the brig Enterprise,
Surinam Molafles,
Of an ex.elleat quality, in hogOieads, tierces arid
And about 40 quarter casks
Wharton Lewis^
No. 115.f1.uth Front street.
o&©ber 9 tu th fa tf
Saddling Business.
HAVfNG entered into partnership, and ta
ken that long eftabliftied stand at the cor
ner of Chefnut ind Third Streets, refpei3fully
solicit public patronage, and particularly invite
a continuance of the favour# of the former
friends apd customers of Haines it Jones, and
Sharplefs 3c Kinfsy, to whose business they have
They offer for sale a large and general alTjrt
merit of elegant Saddle* and Bridles, all kwids
common do. Plated and Brass mounted Hsrnefs,
Saddle-bags, Valieces, Cart and Waggon Gears,
&c. Trunks of all kinds, particularly hard lea
ther Portmanteaus.
They also manufa&ure all kinds of Silver
mounted and Plaia Whips, having several ex
cellent Workmen in that branch.
They flatter themselves from their united ex
perience and the arrangements they have mule,
to be able to fell any ofjthe above articles on as
go-d terms as any ethers in the United States.
A liberal allowance will be made to thife who
purchase by the quantity
Philad. Sept. 17 Sa.ta.th.^w-
Saw Manufa&ory.
No. 10, south Fifth street,
Manufactures mill, crcf* cut and pitt
saws, equal in quality, aj p*araneeand fljape
imported; which fells wholesale
at the following pfices—6 feet mill saws 5 T -l dol
lars each ; crofvcut do 50 cents per foot; pitt do.
60 cents per foot.
Wood-Cutters cast steel saws, and every other
kind, made to any particular dirc<slion.
odober ro mwf im
At a County Court of Common
HelJ at Union Trwn, for the county of Fayette,
the second Monday of September, in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight
l.uudred, before the Honorable Alexan
der Addifon, Esquire, Pre&dunt, and
his affociato Judges of the fame court,
ON the petition of John Bartlett, an Insolvent
Debtor, praying the benefit of the a<fl of Oe
neral Assembly lor the relief of Insolvent Debtors,
the Court appoints the second Monday of Decem
ber next to hear the petitioner and his creditors,
and orders that notice thereof be published three
fucccfTiv.' weeks in the United States G-aette in
Philadelphia, in some daily paper ia Baltimore —
in a Lexington paper, Kentucky, and in the Fay
ette Gazetra, the lall publication in each, to be at
lead four weeks before the day of hearing.
By the Court,
OSober to. djw.
To be Sold
THAT Handsome and healthy COUNTRY
BRAT, called Laum-l Lodge, the late
residence of Thomas Rutter, Esq. fruate in
Potts Grove, M >ntgomery County, thirty-lix
milas from Philadelphia, cont.-i g about ie 6
acres, twenty »f which in prime woo Hand,
fifteen excellent watered meadow, the reOdue
divided in araUle Irts. On the premile9 are a
large handfnnießrickHoufe and adjoining butld
ings, contains two parlours, a large dining
roero, and a Hall, twelv* feet wide, by forty
long, a large lti chen, wafhhoi.fe with a pump
of excellent water in it, fix handsome chambers,
two flort-room«, four garret chambers plaiftered
and a gram room over the adjoining budding,
a double spring lioufe, with a fmokehoufa over
the fame, wilhinfifty yards of the kitchen —The
spring, in the driest season never known to low
'er in the least, and from which the meadow is
waterfd ; a garden containing about one acre,
(tocked with the mod delicious fruits, luch a 9
1 peaches, plumbs, cherries, jears, raftierries, &c.
several asparagus beds in great perfedlion. Also,
a young bearing appletree orchard, containing
several hu-.dred trees, the fruit feledled from dif
frent parts of the United States, a Urge conveni
ent barn with a threshing floor, with commodi
ous (tabling for horses and cows, carriage and
houses, grain room, &c. Alfo,lundry out build
ings, consisting of a large frame paultry-houfe
and corncrib, &c. Also, a tenant's house, gar
den and fiable.and a pump of excellent water
belonging to the fame.
The situation ef Potts Grove is remarkably
healthy, regularly supplied with E'utchcr's meat
ind poultry in abundance, to te purclufed at a
low rate, and the Schuylkill ass irds a plentiful
supply of excellent fifh , Two grift mills in the
rear of the town. Perhaps few country towns
in rennfylvania, are rr,or;,rapidly improving,
or have more 1o«jI advantages than Pott?
Grove. The several places of public ot bip,
the Ikluhrity of tWe air, genteel focitty. and
che3pnefs of living, are among the few advan
tages it poffefies.
Any perfoti wishing to view the premises,
will picnic to apply to Mr. Win. POT TS,
in Puttfgrove, and for tertr.s to tive fubferi
ber, in Philadelphia.
Sept. 1.9 2awtf.
m&w tf
"TTTHO from principle is a Fcdcraltfl and defpofej
V V to undertake the arduous talk of editing of
a paper and combating the enemies of America,
may hear of an eligible ft uaitan in the interior of
Maryland. scb fubi'crfbera can be counted on be
fore he commences,—-A Native American will fce
prefcred ; —Bli k \t istiot to be understood that woU
principled persons though not natives, are to fee
*'„* Particular j may be learned on application
to the Editor of this Gazette.
C#obrr 3.
""THE owners of unimproved land* in Wayne
county, are k.-reby notified, that Taxes are
become payable thereon for the years 1799 and
1800. Those who have not already paid their v
taxes, .re hereby r-quired to discharge the fame
to JOHN BRINK, Esquire, Trcafurer tf said
Countjr at Mil for-!, within three month* from
this dace .otherwise proceedings to file, ac-cordinjr
to the ail of Aflembly in t'uch cafe.provided, will
e had by the Cotnmifiioners for the fad county,
/(so Stcmon, ~l
"John Carljn, i Cominiflioners
'Johannes Van Etien, }
E. KEl.logg, Clk;
July 9,1800
August 4tb, ißco.
commanding Officers of corps, de
«- tachinenti, polls, girril'.mj. and recruiting
parties, belongii g t-i the military eftablilhinent
of the United States, are to report to, and
receive orders from Brigadier-General Wil
kinlnn, in the City of Waffiinjjtc.n, and all
officers on furlough are to report themselves to
the fime officer with all poflible dispatch.
Secretary of War.
■J/" All Printers wi'his the United States
who have publithed invitations for contrails of
the 13th of March last are requcfted to insert
the above in their refpeflive pipers, once i
week for fw>9 months.
Prevention better thin Cure.
For tbe prevention and cure of Bilioxs and
Malignant Fevers, is recommended,
Anti-bilious Pilhi
WHICH have been attended with a degree
ef fucceft highly grateful to the inven
tor's feelings, in several parts of the Weft In
dies,and the f.tuthern parts of the United State:-
particularly in Baltimore, Pcterffiurg, Rich,
inond, Norfolk, Edcnton, Wilmmgt''.n,Charlcf
to«;. Savannah &c. Theteftitnony of a inr?..
ber of ptrfons in earn of the aboVe places can be
adduced, who have reafoti to believe that a
timely ufc of th'sfalu'ary remedy, has, under
Providence, preserved their lives when in the
mofl alarming circvmftances.
Fails ofthb concluftve nature speak more in
favour of a medicine, than columns of pompous
eulogy, founded on mere aflcrti ■», could do.
It is not indeed presumptuously proposed as
an infallible cure, but the inventor has every
poflible reason, which can refute from exteufive
experience forbelievingthat a dofeof these pills,
taken once every two weeks during the preva
lence of our annual bilious fevers, will prove an
infallible preventative ; and further, that ir. the
earlier stages of those diseases, their use wiH
very generally succeed in restoring health and
frequently in cafes-eftecmed desperate awd bey
ond the power of common remedies.
The operation of these pills is perfeflly mild
and may te used with fafety by perfoniin every
situation and of every age.
They are excellently adjpted to carry off fu '
perfluoys bile and prevent it* morbid fecretious j
to rellore and amend the appetite ; to produce
a free perspiration and thereby prevent colds
which arc often of fatal consequence. A dose
never fails to remove a cold if taken on its ftrft
appearance. They are celebrated fnr removing
habitual coftivenefs, sickness of the Avraach and
severe head-ache, and ought to be taken by all
perf'ins on a change of climate.
They have been found remarkably efficacious
in preventing and curing most disorders attend
ant on long voyages, and ihould be procured
and carefully prefirved for use by every seaman.
Genuine Eye-water.
A certain and fafe remedy for all dffeafworthc
eyes, whether the cff«S of natural weaknef», or of
accident, f;e«iily removing inflammations, de
flaxions of rheum. duV.nefs, itching, and films in
the eyes, never failing to cure those maladies which
frequently succeed the small pox, mealies and fe
vers, and wonder ully (lrengthening a weak fieht.
Hundreds have experienced its excellent virtues
when nearly deprived of fight.
'Tooth-ache Drops.
The only remedy yet discovered which jives im
mediate and lading relief in the mod fevore in
The Anodyne Elixir.
For the cure of every kind ofhead-ache, md of
pains in the f»ce and neck.
Infallible Ague and Fever Drops.
This medicine has never failed, in many thou
sand cases not one in a hundred ha; had occasion to
take mora than one bottle, and mi tubers not bait
i bottle. The money will be Returned if the ctre
is not-performed.
No. 17, South Sec«nd Street,
And no whtre else, in Philadelphia.
Where alio may be i.ad, L>r H jniiir<iii'« W,,rm
I>«fti;oying Lozenges, his Sovereign lilocir for
coughs, &c. Restorative Urecs, ElTcncc and Ex
traA of Mustard, Sovereign Ointment for the Itch,
Dr. Hahn's infallible German Orn PUiftcr, In
dian Vegetable Specillc fur the Venereal com
plaint, Gowland's and ferfian , Reiterative
Topth Powder, Daniafic I.ip Salve, Church's
Coiigh Drops, Anderfon'sFills, &c. &<".
jipri) 19 m tf
fVolume XVIIS.
d 90t

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