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Foreign Intelligence,
BOSTON, OAcb-r 30.
[ Xbe Evelina, apt. Jones,arrival here ,cs
yterday from Kamf'ur.r. Through the po
liteness of agentlekian ivbo__came passen-
ger, we were furnished witib papers of
that city, to the \ \tb of Sept. from which
* tile have obtained the annexed tra.-isla
■tions :
HAMBURGH, Sept. i«.
This day arrived feveril dispatches from
.Vienna, with iit-tellisfeiice, that the recent
pr®pofalsf<>'r peace, madel>y the French to the
Germart Rrri>pre, were not accepted, and tint
boftilities would immediately reconnnence.
VIENNA, S«|»t. ,6.
The coiTtinuatice of war is certain ; the
proposals of the French, for peace, being as
extravagant, as humiliating to our Court.
The Emperor will bimfdf depart fur the
army this d.iy and likewise the Arch-Duke
Charles, from I'rty to join the army of
which hi will be inverted wiith the com
mand of tlje troops, and who is adored by
Gen will take the command of
the army in Italy, in lieu of Melas. En-
gUnd has undertaken tn aflift in the nmfl
forciLle manner in the war.
Every exertion is tftid- to reinforce our
armies in Italy and Germany, and in cafe of
neceflity, the Hungarians are to. rife in
letters frrm Canltaiuinople of Aug. 10,
state, th it the fucceflor of Klpber,
Imd alio been affjifinated ; he wag hot be
loved by the troops , be"injy opposed to the
evacuation of Egypt.
The conclulion of a Peace is very dubiour,
on account of the prejaofals made by the
French to the Imperial Court, which we
think cannnot be accepted, viz.
ift. The Emprror is to .keep whit was
granted him by the peace »f C.isipo Formio ;
Mantua, however to be dismantled.
2d. Saltzburgh, and Pol
fau Hlould be giyen*jp to the Emperor,
3d. The Emperor Ihouid not interfere in
the aflairt of Sardinia, Rome and Naples.
4th. The eountrirs from the right bank
of the Dtnulie, and the left of the Iller, op
to tlie f ore* of the Dahube, to make part
of'the Helvetic republic, in future.
sth. Germany to adopt a new and intire
Conrtituiion. .
6th. The Ecclesiastical States to be re
"Tlirfe progolals were rejefted \Sy tlrt?
Haul' of Auilrit ; and hopes of peace have
VKRONA. Ati|r«f> 27*
The Atillrians work with the greatefl afli
duity in fortifying Mantua. The garrison
is to be fuppiied with provisions for fevtnl
year*, and every means employed to render
it uticonqueifcile. The fame is to be done
with the citadcl'of Ferrara.
BERNE, Sept. 2.
By virtue of an order froin the Direftory,
one man, from fiery too native citizens,
is to beJevied, completely equipped, at their
cxpence 5 and really for the field at the
end of Oclaber.
The diy before yetterday, Adm. Dexoi),
a fleet of good merchantmen, departed
tr ni hence, tie I'al.uted Cronenburg with
17 ni" ls ' ' s fa'd he is to proceed on an
other exped'tion, in tonjunftion with a fleet,
which had been seen in the^Tiund.
To be Sold
"t«HAT Ha'ndfcme and healthy QOWNTRY
* SKAT, calledLauksi. Lnnde, the late
residence of .Thomas Kutter, Esq. situate in
Potts Grove, Montgomery County, thirty-lix
rnilas from Philadelphia, containg about te>6
acres, twenty of which ale prime woodland,
fifteen cxrellent watered ineacow, the reCdue
divided in arable l< ts. Oil the premWes are a
large haiidfome BrickUoufr and adj<iinii g build
ing?, containp two -parlours, a large dining
roi'in, and a Mall, twelve feet wide, by forty
long, a large kuchen, %afhhoi.fr vvithapu/np
of excellent water in it, fix handsome chambers,
two ttore-rooms, four garret chambers plaiflered
and a grain room over the adj- ining buddir.g,
a double tyring house, *ith a imoke"'ouf« over
the fame, within 15ft v yards of the kitchen—The
spring, in the driest l'eafon never known to low
er in the least, andirom which the meadow is
watered i a garden containing about or.e acne,
ftockcd with the moll delicious fruits, such a;
peaches, plumb., cherries, pears, rafberries, &c.
fevcral ifpjragu.- bedsin great perfection. Alio,
a young bearing appletree orchard, containing
fevera! hundred trees, the truit felefled from
lretvt parts of the Uniitd States, a large conveni-"
ent barn with a threftiing ffoor, with commodi
ous (tabling for horses and cows, carriage and
hiouCes, grain room, &c. Alfotfundry oiy build
ings, coniifting of a large frame poultry-houfc
and corncrib, &c- Also, a [enant's house, gar
den and stable, arKl a ptimp of excellent water
belonging to the fame.
The situation #f Potts Grove is remarkably
'healthy, regularly supplied with Butehtr's meat
and poultry in abundance, to he purclwfed at a
low rate, and the Schuylkill affords a plentiful
fiapply of excellent fifh. Two grift mills in the
rear of the tow n. Perhaps few country towns
in Pennsylvania, arc more rapidly improving ,
or have more loeal advantages than Potts
Grove. The fever.il places <SF public wftilhip,
the friubrity of the .v'r, fociety, and
cheapness of living, are among the few advan
tages it polFefles.
Any person williiiig.ti view the premises,
•will please to apply to Mr. Wm. POTTS,
in Pottfgrove, and for terms to the fubferi
ber, in Phil (delphia.
Sept. 19 2avvtf.
MarAial's Sales.
i < _
PBimsri.rAVi/tDj 7Ktor. J
BY virtue of a writ tome direiled ffotfi th'
Honorable KichaVd Peters, Esq. Judge o r
the Diftrifl Court of the United States
for the Pennfylvariia Diflrifl, will be txpofc''.
fo.pnbl c (ale at the Merchants CoT-e Houfein
the City of Philadelphia on SA.TURO.iY tho
Fifteenth day os-November iultant, at 7 o'clock
in the evenitifj
gfel D I 'A N. A, \
1.1 the United States ichooner
Charles Stewart, El'q Com/Offl'V.f) tne
fame having been lately aondeimied by tlie fahl
Court as forfeited, Ac.
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
Mirfluls Otlice,' )
Pr.vN&rLvAMA District, S
Notice is hereby given. That in
purfHinCe of a writ to me from tt<e
Honorable Uichard Peters, Efq<". Judge of the
D'ftric£l Court of the United Stat»s in and <«r
the diflridl of Pennsylvania, will be expofc,dtf\-
public file at 'No. 7, Dock street. in tke city oi'.
Philadelphia, on SiTURD.VY, the
Day of Nov.-tnber iriftau, at 10 o'clock in<he
The Cargo
°f the arm»c] French veflcl fliAna, prize to tbe
United Stales fehooner Experiment, Clurlei
S-fwart, Efqr. conlilting of the
following artr'es:
25 Hogsheads ' :•
28 1 ierces £ SUGAR.
55 Barrels ) •' f
15 Bales of COTTON, ;|
3 Ilogflieads
9 Tierces
26 Barrels
12 Bags
4. Barrel
1 Trunk
Tbi icbolc is cv.t : t'.ed to drawback.
bljrftjl't ' Offic, "J *
Njvemt.c^.-h, 1800.3
Ptsu^rtVAH'a District, \
BY viwje of a writ to me diretSled, from the
Honourable Richard Peters, Etqr
ot the Diflric} Court of the United State* in and
for the Pennfylvatiia DiHiifl, wil! b- exposed
to Public Sale, at tfie Merchant's Coffee Hn-if.*,
in the City f Philadelphia, on MONDAY',
the Tcr.th Day of November oext» at 7 o'clwck
jit-Hie-evening, r
C~fc\ 7 f c.rmtd French Lugger,catted
ZpV&Sj Frizij to the United States aimed
f1 o itr Kxperiirent, John Miaw, Etqr; cm
mjn icr—tjie fane having I>ee:i lately condemn
ed laid Cou't as forfeited, Set-.
Oi\ober3i. • mw&f.
purfui'ire of a Writ tn me <li. e<£lcd I'roirvi
the Honourable Ritbard Peteri, Efqr. Judge of
the Dillri.sl Court of the Urflted Stir*« in ai.d
for the Pennsylvania Diftriff, will be exp 'fird to
Pub! c Sale at No! jj ~ ChfiV.nt fhcei. in the
City of Philadelphia, on MONDAY, die Kth
Dry > f KovcmoJr at 10 o'clock, in it;
forem-on, <
The Cargo
of tli« armctl Frehch lugger C?na(!ilmipran,
prize to tte United Stitev armed fthnnm-r I'm
t.rrnriie, J J'.n Shaw, Elqr. c.'miuan.ier—con- |
Hitln? of
60 Barrels 1
64 hogsheads V SUGAR.
12 Tierces j
3 Barrels ) CO FFEE.
2 Bags 3
7. i" vjiUe entitled to Drawback.
' Officii
October. 3 i. j
To ?be let,
That large and eommodioai bn( (lory
Brick Dwelling- House,
N». j45 P Hl^kHrcet.
IT'S 6fnatl«n i* peculiarly pteafaat inl,f.r*t»hy«
Vitf tt hat ifrrj em»eoicnce .rnqnitte fprehe
if commodat'im nf a (aOiity ; » pani|i in tk«'yarii,
; U Hnft, iutU m 4 C^rri n t Hnft, SCt.Ac. Pof
(i fTmn mty be had on rite cf licit niocith, or
T sooner. with the eonfeat of the pftftnt tea ail t.
'(On very low !erma epfping winter aad
sprig) a large and convenient '•
Brick House and Kitchen,
Cotch kmrfr, Stable and Lot oS
fitnared io the Nt,r hern Libtrtiet, a little to-alie
wefl ward of ¥ if' h and northward ol Callow hill
Onru, iW' 1 wiihia tea rttiutftet walk from the
center of the ci-y.
Afply to 1 'v..
Attwifyat I.aw—No. t£, fvtath 41)1 dteot
mwfsw •'
Nurse Child
AHEAI.THY 'niartitd Woman, with a frefh
Bre>i!l o Milk,WuuW tak? a child.for a few
BMlhi, to - uric 1 . \}fly on the south fide of
iiou<h, near Fourth fttret, to
, a«Tc(n ,^r".i
At the Offi»* oi the Gazette cf the
Ibe Brigii"t'<ne
d:)W ia y* n K at Wsi '"' s wharf,
Burthen ,64 tons,
Or aW>ut 150? barrels, 5 year? eld, builf of the
best (tafoueJ while oak, andfaltedon the fleck).
Inventory to Ik; feeil at the aufiion room, rr at
'he flcrc of Wharton and Lewis, No. 115, fr<uth
front Jheet.
Terms—approved £ndoi-fed nOteß at 60
and 90days.'
November I dtT
Safe of thefebooner St. \Tammany
Will DE Sold, at the Merchant's Coffee-
Honfev m FKIOAY EVENING, the
7th instant, at 7 o'clock.
LYING .it Say', Wharf, above'
Street. —Terms of pay.
JTitnt will be npdeVnnwn at the time of sale.
Sri AI'JUL YO RKE, auctioneer.
Navemher 4 dts
For Sale,
Freight or Charter,
To tie Weft-Indies or elsewhere,
The la t failing
ijfchr CH OHER
Jrafe Rover,
n ninety tons or Oven hundred
fikty b<x-rcis.
,?hir lo r:fair, an 4 wi'l be ready to re
cii/e.'a tArgpl on ibort notic®.
Ap;.ly to '
yofcpb Anthony & Co.
Or to the Captain on bovd, at Chefnut (Ircet
DivrrnVr 3 §
1 • • ij. -*i
100 barrels of BEEF
fuitr.ble for East-India Voyages.
100 do. of Store do.
50 boxes, containing e/.ch dozen
best London MUSTARD.
Samuel Rhoads,
No. 1, Penn street.
4 311 wtf.
Gideon H. Wells
Has Just Received,
By the late —a Urg»* general
r;)cr,t of
Hardware, Cutlery Sadlery,
VVhifch he offers for file, f r caCh or il»e
' < usual cred-t
MMwitreii* i; S. :
: Russia Sheeting,
DROGHEOA LINENS, fine 44 Tr.th Lin
en y, Clouting Diapor. Cotton Velvets,
Thii klct.s ani ran y Ccrd», Printed Li len and
Cott'n Handkerchief, Silk Man 'krrchiefs, Sat
tinli, Pclonps Modes an I Perlians, Callimvi
enrv WiMb -res and 1 and eotj-fe
Bernini T:j»rt. Uibhons, l->rrrt», Scotch ;:z
-nabwrpt, ThrenJa No. 7 to 64,|c<}loured I bread*
No. Sto 16. Pi -j, .1 1-a, 4, 4 .'-a mi SW.
t>ndon Ptweraflorted in cases', T n, apd !«,
received by re lati arrivals a genera! afljft-
Jfcent of Woo .'ens.
'* 10 mo. 8. *[ d.m.
'{'.SlrfGlNG & GUITJR.
STILL Continue* teaching Ladies* the above in
f)rumei»t% &c. Those who may wiflvfor his
iuftraeUon, their favor* will be duly attended to,
,pji.tfpac*ticn made to htm, No 96, North Sixth
when they may depend on being inflru«sled
with care aud attention, and pu.i&ually waited of),
B. R. Taylor, having a ct Music,
both vocal and xnftr'«mcnf»l (particularly To# the
Piano IWte) Songs, Opera's, Oratorio?, an-' Sa
cred Music. Any Lady or Gentleman may have
Mtafic coped out on proper 'trm*. He ha* f'everai
6f'Waoi&Ts Oratorios, &c* and all his Oratorio
-Nonoj \ many ot Dr. Armk\ l)r. Arnold's, I\-
beKs,- Or. Bovces's. Bach's, 'Cfaitientirii's.
D3t%ta, Goifri sin's Kayc'n\, Nicolai's, Plcyd's,
Suhoben's works, &c. &c. A very fweet-tnned,
f»owd -ha;ad Piano-Forte to be fold, and a Guitar,
with othtr Pi-ifco-Fcrte's. Any person wanting a
GRAND PIANO FORTE, may-b# accommodated
with a excellent inftnunent of that kind t
wor'h their pnrchale' Song*,-4cc. ccmpofed by
R.Tiylor, to he hid of him, and at Chalk's Mu
ficai Repository, No. 75, North-Third Street, viz.
President'* March, for tw« performers on one Pi- :
ano Forte ; the favourite ifong of Summer, De ■
Tout Mow Cceur; En ycrtte, Rustic Feflivity,
Lad, Nobody, Jockey and Jenny,
/ myntor, &c. $c n
R. T begs the Ladies atd Gentleman who call
upon hi*», (or feml) that their address be left in
writing, (VouUi he rot he. at home, which will
ruttyb oblige, and they will be waned os.
Oiloher 13/ th'&fa.aw.
Neatly executed at the Office of the
Gazette of the United States.
Cuds—Blanks of all kinds,
See. Sec.
Wil! be printed at th«
Shortest Notice.'
august 23.
Public Auction.
0J TiKfday evening, at 7 o'clock the Mrr
'.Wants' Coffee-hpVe, (if not previously soW at
private sale)
AK 1> ¥O H SAL! B V
' £ RJ.Nb iZIiR LARGE,
9.8 white
Gazette <jf the United States.
To Readers and Correspondents.
"An American'' is a scnii'ole and
perspicuSus writer, we wil l to-morrow,
give currency to his Opinions'.
" Civis" shall appear-
Literary articles wait for their turn.
The arrangements of- a paper, are like
the etiquette of a Barbers' (hop. " First
come, lirfl: #u'v'd, Sir.?
Cj" THE Federaiifts of the City of
Philadelphia, are requelted to meet at
Dunwoody's Tavern, this evening, at fix
o'clock on business of importance.
Nov. 5, 1800.
From the multitude of hints arid
threats and allusions thrown out in the
Aurora refpeftirtg our ft ate senate, it is
easily seen that the Jacobins are ex
tremely rellltfs on the fubjedt of appoint
ing ele&ors of President. Their doc
trine is not less laughable than absurd ;
for they think the majority of the-fenate
ought to yield their opinions and princi
ples to the minority, because, both
houses taken collectively, there would be
a great majority of Jefferfonians- —This
logic won't do—the senate, as a diftinft
and independent branch of the govern
ment, has a right and it is their duty to
insist at every hazard, upon an equal
lhare and authority in the making of laws,
and they would be guilty of treachery to
their conltituents, fliould they fuffer
themfclves to bi cajoled out of their pro
portion of the power, which
would reiult from their consenting to a
joint vote fbr the choice of ele&ors. It
is to be hoped that a mutual spirit of ac
commodation may take'place on the fub
jcfl, and that a liberal and rational al
lowance will be made for what is now
looked upon as the minority in this state.
But if an .headstrong, insolent and over
bearing policy should discover itfelf on
this occaGon, on the part of* the Demo
crats ; I hojfc and trust .in God, that
there will yet be found in the senate of
our state a bulwark against such a law
less invafiqn 6f their constitutional rights
and privileges. They will not be de
serted for doing their duty.
This is the all -important day, for the
mating of the Aflembly, The fenatc
is understood to have a majority of two
, pn the Federal fide—-But the Jacobins
1 pretend that on the great question of
. chufing eleftors ; two or three of the
fenajors will desert their colors. The
names of Meilrs. M'Clellan, Johnson
, and Potts are particularized in the Au
rora, as fit candidates for political apof
; tacy ; thele gentlemen are no doubt
much indebted to the Aurora-man for
the opinion he entertains of their honor
and integrity, and there can be no doubt
but their condudt will confirm the goad
opinion of every friend to confiftency—
except Billy Duane. ♦
I' • ' . '
The Legislature of this state, in pur
suance of the Governor's proclamation,
was to convene at Lancaster this day.
It is mentioned in a Boston paper,
that Judge Lincoln is elected member of
Congrois for If he fourth we ft em dift
Gen. Sumpter is re-elefted a member
■of Congress for the state of South Ca
rolina, by a large majority.
1 Captain James Bafron, is appointed"
to command the United States lliip
• 1 -
Congress, by their aft pafied and ap
proved the firft day of March, 1792,
| did enact, that Electors shall be appoint-
I ed in each state, for the election of a
President and Vice-President of the li
nked States of America, within 34 days
preceding the firft Wednesday in De
cember, 1792, and within 34 days pre*
ceding the ift Wednesday in December,
in every fourth year of fu<j.ceedingthe last
election: And, that the said Electors
(hall meet, and give their vcrtes, on the
said firft Wednesday in December, at
such place in each state as shall be direct
ed by the Legislature thereof.
Jacobinic Logic.—President Ajirris
and Gen. Hamilton have fallen out.—
Ergo—-the electors must vote in favor
of the frieniSs of Mr. JefFcrfon !—Excel
lent Logicians.—'" Reader, didjl thou ever
catr'a a gull ?" (Col. Cent.)
James Jones, Esq. r.nd Benjamii
Talliafaro, Efq: are elefted Reprefenta
tivcs to Congress from the state of
The President of the United States*
arrived at Washington on Friday even
ing last, by the way of Lancaster and
A number oFgentlemen at Cincinnati}
North W.eftern Territory, have formal
themselves into an aflociation under the
appellation of " The Commercial Com
pany," for the purpose of encouraging
fliip building, and have appointed a
committee of five to receive subscriptions
for carrying their objeft into execution.
The hon. the Council of Appoint
ment of Albany, met in that city the
28th of September.—Members of the
His Excellency John Jay, President.
Hon. Samuel Haight, of Weftchefterj
Robert Sands, of Dutchefs, James Gor
don, of Saratoga, and Thomas R. Gold,
of Onieda.
Extract of a letter from 'New Haven j
Connecticut, dated October 31, 1800.
The Electors for Prciident and Vice-
Preiident have been chosen this day by
our Legislature—'l hey are as follows :
His Excellency Gov. Trumbull,
Hon. John Treadwell, Lt. Governor,
Jeflee Root, 1
Jonathan Sturaes, j T . . ,
S. M. Mitchell, tM^ofthe
Jonathan Ingerfoll, j u P enorcoult
Tapping Reeve, J
Matthew Grifw'old, Esq.
Jonathan O. Mofcly, Esq.
j The above gentlemen are all decided
federal, and it is expettcd will vote for
1 Adams and Pinckney.
• j From a Lanccijltr Paper.
Counterfeit Dollars. ,
t j The public are -"cautioned against re
,f ceivitig Counterfeit Dollars, k great num.
. ber being in circulation in the borough
s 1 and vicinity of Lancaster. We are told
! that upwards of twenty were offered at
; the Treasury in the course of last week,
j The few of these counterfeits that we
| have seen, are intended to imitate the
' emiCion of 1798. They are merely pi a*
3 ; ted copper, roughly executed, 2nd the
s ! Din DEI nearly touches the forehead on.
f: the dexter fide. *
e In his paper of the 28th of October,
i : the.Editor of the Aurora has ft cited him
! felf to have been profecutcd, forpublifh
• i ing the letter written by Mr. Adams to
h Tench Coxe.
This is believed to be a direst and
positive untruth. If the Editor would
t refcuc himfetf from the imputation, of
j attempting in this, as in other instances
to deceive the people, by afiertions
known to himfelf to be untrue, he -will
publi/Jj an extrati from the indiftment, and
. mention the court in -which it -was filed,
, [Wast. Fed.
Letters from Petersburg inserted ia
, the Hamburgh papers, mention g very
: fihgular report, which they coniider,
• however, as authentic. By a late ukate
of the Emperor Paul, it is ordeded that
an abridgment should be publifiied of
the French Campaigns all over Europe,
but more particularly of those in Italy
for the last ten years. His Imperial Ma
jesty further observes, that this work
fliould be studied as an elementary one
for military education ; and that no per
foß can be admitted to the rank of a sub
altern, who has not learnt it by heart.
Baltimore, Nov. 3.
The electors of the Mayor and of the
Members of the second branch of the
City Council, met this day agreeable to
the charter of incorporation, and unani
moufiy re-eledtcd sam Calhoun, Esq.
Mayor, for the enluing two years ■, and
elected Henry Stouffer, Nicholas Ro
gers, John Mcrrvma'n, William M'Crec- ..
ry, Robert Gilmor, William Copeland
Goldsmith, Edward Johnson and Jacob .
Smith, Efqrs. Members of the feccnd
branch of the City Council.

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