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" If'pat is, Democracy —This queflion
has found jts way iifto tfie TraitOks Ga
zettb, Edited h Tench Coxk Sc Co. ct'
all othefs the dil'ciples of that DcArine
(l)ould carefully avoid urging a reply to
this query. Democracy is a ColufTus, fin
ding over our unhappy country and with
Hfllilh malignity marking out the vf&ims
of its vengeance. View it in P-nnfylvania
and you find in its mad career.expelling from
Office of 1 rust and Profit virtuous men,
who have been long and faithful servant? to
their Country j—and for what ? Fordo
ing toexercife the rights of freemen ib op.
pifing the ele&ion of a Tyrant. By
whom are they fopprceded.? by Traitors and
Tbitves^!! —What , s Democracy! a n im
pious fiend, letting at defiance the laws ol
God and man ind trampling down, with
lacriligipus jdy, theb.irrier of religion ; 'tis a
moniker, which has initiated its disciples in
the humane art,of teaching an unoffending
wife and family "bow to (Varve"fuchis aflight
. iketch of Democracy, drawn.by a feeble hand
were the pen of a mafler to pourtray it in
all 'twere blacker than Hell.
For (itG.«ELTTP. of the United Statei
Against a new and dangerous animal now at
THIS country is now infefted by an ani-
in which are muvuloully combined un>
•der the form and figure of a man, the cow
ardice ol a llieep, the ferocity of a. wolf, the
low cunning of a fox, the treachery of a cat.
the poifou of a viper, and the subtleness of a
monkey. It i* C'ttninly-jrue. though ft range
that this wonderful ptodndfinn of rfecroman
ey and witchcraft walks upon two let's, car
ries the " erectus vidtus." has becn taught to
read and write, and performed, in addition
to the uUul funftions of a man, every mif
chiiv us, wicked and dell'uclive art. By
Home he is fuppoled to be the genuine work.
■ Jimtiif)ip ot the Devil, wlio, mortified At the
■ creation of man by the Almighty l«nd, has
thus endeavoured to immitate and mock the
work. He has luccetdcd toleral.lv well in
Sketching the form of liuman kird, but when
Sir c:ime to animate the mas*, he was under
the iteceffity of breathing bis"ei\»H spirit into
■it, inflend ol the divne inl'piration. This
d-tdferi creature has for year.!, been rfiamiiV
about dciiroying e«er'y l'l.cial and honorable
principle ; inviong c»nlid«-,-ce by the mod
forced and flittering attentions and betray
ii'g it without rem jrfe. He is utterly in
cap,lb!" cither of ll adv aid honourable
triendlhip or enmity, bung diivfked entirely
by a Iliu'.Hintr, feilM. .-xp-diency, bv u r!e.
praved and low bred policy and iy his predo.
minaiit love of 1.1 {chief—He flatters or be
trays without any regard to the obj-ift 01
the tins which hold him to it. He is »i
ihaiiow wit, but in eveihltmg talker, fore
-ing eveiy man he meets into nnpleafrnt anc
reluctant conversations, which he afterward;
ni miims into such lhapes and sentiments Si
.be fl j'uit Uis inrrtells and malice. There i<
less fal-ty in his cooiianv than under th
fan,'',s of a t ee r — Ih ■ p ce ol a rr.an ai.e
hi# family may be brwketi up by a Gngle won
perverted ami diftoited io the mind "f thi
friend. i. is r pec': el. thiit. ill *he gooc.
people »f |fcU country, --vi 11 carefully avoic
this new raoi I;- r, and if by Chance thev fa 1
in his way. let them pni a leal upon their lips
ITid be as f artul of op-' :;. 0 then >•-. uths a
if a deniily poilnn were floating in the air ant
would be inhaled at a breath. This apima
is row at or rear Lxnfekfter, vomiting fort!
vohiines , f p. I foil aod f'ooiOi-c in long anc
tedious pubficatidiis-i-He raves a great dea
'about bis dear cou)ttry % his love fur her, ant
the ilicrifice he made and is making so
her; hut all ibis ihitf is unintelligible a* i
is quite unce; t-iin to what country he belongs
he has been fcen in the i'ervice of so ma til
and laitiiUil to none. 11avin.j: dtflroyed hi
friends one by one, he feemsnow to be *de
vouring himself, and it is hope.) that in :
(hort time we fliall be rid of him—Bui unti
* " Ipfe fuunv tor edens, hominum vcftim'a
Ex'tra£l of 3 letter from St* Kittt, S'ptrm
her 2, 1800.
A flag of tiuce. which I sent with 50
French prifowers, in or-!er to leflen. the num
ber heir, and relieve any Americans at Cui -
ricoa, ha", returned without any and I have
t,he pjeafure in faying 1 one were there, and
th.it by the vigilance of our cmifers no vef
£.-•< had Ifeen carried in far many weeks.
Two Americans who have Ur:-u detained
in ci<ife cmifinement St Fort.de la Liberte,
and treated in a must cruel roanjier, Hill fe
tr.ait) there. I Ivtvq made frequent r'pjilica
tiom for their tcteal'e hut without fucct-fs
those unfortunate risen are detained f or brave
ly ret»kjnp their vclTql from tfo' crrw of a
French l'rivateer, and in she adt killing two
of the-fellows. A few ua) s afterwards they
were taken JCfaip, since which they have been
in0(1 rij'oroully dealt with.
As it i« the d' tt rmination of the agents
neither to release tliem, nor to miti/ate their
treatment; I have with the advice and di
rrflion of Capt. Shaw, detained a captain
of a letter of marque, and a general of tlir
diibandc! troops, who were on their
to France, until the arrival of Commodore
Troxton. The President, on the 23d, si-nt
iu a valuable ve-i aj»:ured Biitilh letter of
inarque ; awd t!je F.nterpriie yelh-rday morn
ing, two Amer cans wi<h valuable
a-nd wus left in cliace of a third, fupj.o(: dto
be a privateer of ?S guns, which had captu
red them. I r.xuneutly exp-it t!«r ple.jfure
of feeing her coming in.
THl 7 . fubfcr:(.'crs to the City Danc
ing- AtTemblv are informed, that the £ 111 Af
f-ir.lily will be held at the City Tavern on
IJiilffJay Evening next.
November 3.
The following prologue, wrlWert by a
i>le citizen of Wa(hhigton, was Ipoken at the
openi. the Theatre in tlrat city, with pe
caiiar pathos, by Mr Wigneil.
THANK Heaven ! ten tedious anxious years
ire pad.
And here we've lit together met at Jail—-
1 iie Grecian States, ambitious to deflroy,
Took ihe lame tune to level cloud-capt Troy :
Thiir Hero, by fuhverting, fought his prail'e,
Our patriot's n birr glory was to • aife
Let nations tout to Greece and Rome,
Columbia's bright examples are ac home :
Whate'er is great or good we find in one,
All virtues j. ined 10 form a Washington.
Heaven partial seemed occsfions to dispense,
Plejfef! to unfold his great
Exulting thought 1 Why tlixt appear diflrefs'd ?
But ab ! you feel the molt who knew him heft
MoufU not, but tfeartkliil Chat his life was spared
So long ; enjoy the bleflings he prepared—
As planetary systems roll on .high
Ilu'l'd hy th' Almiehry's law of harmony ;
Th. fe States io cealilefs unity (hall roll,
Swayed by the plans of hn mfpired foul.
" To-night we II make you weep by minic
play !
" For tears are tributes wtrich delight must pay.
" Expand your tuckers, ya sigh fuelling fur,
" Unfurl your lans, your handkcrchiefspreparc:
" Catch the foft moments, ye emamoureij beaux,
" Arrest the tear drop, treir.bli g as it flows :
ft S'*eet f«Hfibility the foul endears,
" And beauty iheds a luflre rr»oft in tears.
This grand hotel, for epi. ures
Nov. makes provision only for tne mind ;
For you, each tw icourlts nipe we cater,
Anl for our wants the prompter pall, not waiter.
A bad exchange, you'll fay, solids for air ;
Who's he that whispers " it is cuy faie."
Sir, you're a poet, and delight for f >i»th,
Rather to deal in fiflion than in truth.
Those ruddy checks evince the air is fine,
And thof« fat fides lhew on the belt you dine.
" Well faith—we've formed a tolerable llage,
" There's room for comic glee or tragic rage. I
" Hut there [pointing to pitt and box#s J the
city populates f« qiick,
" I fear you've ftow'd y iurfelves'awfiy too thick.
'* Ladies, you smile as if the- crowding pleaf'd
" Sure yo«r fine frames must tremble to be
Tho' i>ow our corps rather too thin appear,
This central spot must draw f»rth volunteers ;
If power's their wish, to inonatchies we'll raile
If fame, 'twere ample sure for you to praise
If death and glcry, here they may be slain,
And what ii better, " rife again."
Their country's service to a generous mind.
That firlt incentive, true they cannot find ;
And yet we aft no defp.cible part,
Who pll3Jfn life and meliorate the heart.
The fioOds of late which drown'd you many a
Have caut'dtous a much severer l»f» ;
O'jr groves, our temples gone beyond repair,
Theftorn. hath swept our canvas almost bare .
For this deficiency we'll soon atone,
Would you coultl build as f.ift with brick and
At firJt behold us with mdulgent eye,
And soon with zcai weM every want fu,*piy—
Thus toA *h? tfty all things will ac quire,
That fancy can luggeit, or heart desire ;
The bayonet, the Iword, the cannon's roir,
Drive arts and f.ience to this peaceful shore
If various tongurt from building could disable.
Your houses would of course be like
Babel ;
Dutch, lrilh, Germans, French, all hither sue
To enjoy the happy 4 fruits of harmony.
With your permilfion—• ("iic.ll ringsj lurk ! I'm
cafl'd away,
That b»ll cuts Ihort the best I had to fay ;
Ascept ihe will, I pray you for the deed, }
For this on all occasions we must plead, >
By your indulgence ooly we succeed, j
* Alluding to casualties occasioned ky over
flowing of the creeks, and damage fujiained by
N. B. The liaet with th* coinnlas before
them were omitted in the delivery.
Convißs EJfhiped.
About 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, a
daring attempt wa> nude by the convitlt in
the State Prison of New-York, to (fFett an
eltape ; their plan was eonc<iv.-d with inge
nuity, «nd conduOed with a promptitude
and boldness that furprizrd the Caution, and
rendered iliefleftual tlie rdilVuKe its the
keepers. It originated with the flioemuktrs
1 in the louth wing-, who firll hiving seized
the assistant keeper, and Noah Gardner,
who had charge of them, biokr the bars
acrols the fhimiley ; and after ascending a
certain height, knocked the bricks through,
and thus made an owning into one of the
front rooms on the second floor—this room
beijig appropriated we underlland, to one or
two of the keepers as a bulging chamber, was
unguarded, and opened apaflape to tlie wltole
building. The firll thing'they did was to
cut tilt; bell rope, to prevent any aUrui be
ins' given : having tskeivthis necelTary pi<e
cantion, they defceuced the llaih, and rnlh
ed suddenly in a body on th~ keepers, dilkr
n«-d then), and seized their keys ; thus
poflcfiVd of certain tne*us of.efeape, thcynex
provided jheinlelves with the means of de
fence, by fecuri.ig the arms they could come
at. Meantime ciptain I'ray, the keeper of
the prison, apprized of the trcumllance
ran in ana attempted .to l'*ize some of the
villains, but was Kimfelf inflantly flruck
down, ft..bt>ed twice, and 1 feverrly bruised.
They lrft him and proceeded to the front
gates seized the keeper of it, and wrested
from him tlie key—they opened the gate de
liberately, 1.i11i.-d into tlie road, and had the
imptujeuce eventowrazyf as thry proceeded to
the shore. Having foimd a boat ready for
their pur)iof.-, they roTvcd to the opposite
iide of the north river, and landed a little
shove the Houboken feny houf'-. It ap
pears on they took with them
8 loaded iiuifketlj and that they are 15 in
in number—their names are as follows :
James Runnel*, James Stanford,
fohn Sullivan, Charls Mofier,
William Bedf.rJ, John H. Bcy,
Jaives Cril'pin, John Smith,
Richard Shapley, Alpheu; Vii ccnt,
David Reed, William Murdock,
J -hn Bradley* l.ewis Taylor.
Jo.fan Page,
By .tcdjrignts fr»m tli| Jevfeys finee they
Nnded, Mtpe country,?* >pl^attempted to'
apprehend tj*m, but them armed,
wtc obliged to desist. prisoners f.iid
they intended £o keep in a !so&y —they were
lien to .propped towards Bert^eji,
Two-os the. keepers of nit prffoji were
difpa'tched to Jei l'ey in .order to alarm the
people there ; they gained the Jei;fry (liore
in about 5 m.imites jtHet'-ihe pi'ifooerd lan
ded ; Sheriff Morris, whfyjjour civil *>ij?cers,
went ovei to the Jerseys With the fame in
tention, nnd landed in. about half an hour
after the prifrvne rs: The clerk of the pri
fin was difpatclv d to give*he :;lum* New
ark and Lhziibeth
rniroedhts exertions witt he |t!ic fneans of
apprehending them, as the ilitep'tion of the
prifoiiers keeping in a body Will fouu disco
ver their route. •
The wounds received by'capt. Pray Ijy a
knife are flight ; his fliou'.der is considerably
bruited by blo.ws with an iron bap*
iry ft is worthy of remark, that Dr.
Reyrto!fU<?«4 1 bornas Coop'r, lucre in New-
Yi"-k at ti>c time the- above transaction took
place, and for a few days previous.
Gazette Marine Lift,
SnowP'.llv, I-ib'rte, Gihralter
Bng Hiram, Wh.:land> Port Republican
B (fry. Whitens, Oporto
Sloop Ind-pen l'nce, Dufcield, Savannah
Thr l>i"iu Kuth nid Selby, captured
- n her pafi'ajje from Havaimafi", by he St. Ai
bans, of lixtv-fcir guns, lias been liberated at
Halifax, cargo condemned.
The Britifii packet La Jy Arabella, last from
New'i ork arrived at Halifax the j:ft ultimo,
and failed the next day for Falmftuth.
The Pennsylvania, Kunx, Christiana, An
drews, s> 1 the Sally, M'Cail, have arrived a'
Hamburgh frun this port.
Schoof.er Polly, of rt<>:t<sn. /Captain Tfcoma
Love, from Savar.uh for Philadelphia, wa
fpolte Octnber S, then in latitude 35, 13, long
itude 7j, 5.
Letter Bapi at the C V.c Houie
Ship Ptp-nfj-ivaiiia Yii-k, ior [Umhurj,
Amiable-, Tillinghafl, ffr Liverpool
Gc rpe, Uict', (or LonJon
Thomii Wiii'on, Gwinn, /or Amfier iain
r iV V f •I< a, November 4.
Ship Chw&nJn, Guthuf,
Lihcr v, Sp.aeue,
Aftraa, Stanton,f
Schr Union, M'Donald,
Sloop Blue UirH,
Bii* Dean, Barnufii, Jamaic
Schr. Thomasarnl Deborah, Baip> Yar,n utl
F.yiiij; Pi ft, Leilh, Nerit
Sloop *t (jrorpe, Forreffer, ! Tobago
' live!. liriy Knterpmp, Willis, 23 divs
fr"m 'it. <!e Cuba. Sailrt] in co. wth
fch-iorur Sukcf, Bto;.e, r>f PtVtUnd, NH tor
Ph ladelphia Spoke three days jigo f hipner
Eliza, Fiircf.il(J, feventcqj days out from ila
vannah far hew Y«tk.
Lett there the following vrjels :
Schr. Nar.cies, CU» k, IMo3e Ifldh4 12 dayi
Ea«le, Anrierlon, RaltirSere 10 do
C .i»incrce, WJiittm-ri, •N. Y. 7do
Travellar, Chamberlaiii, i lialt. 4 do
On the* 15th of OitoUsr, fp-.kt al. hooner
froip.G"naivc<l far Baltimore, o two day«.
Ship Lt'oertyj from Surrinani •» below.
BOSTON, Ojflober tj.
ARRIVED, ~ day.
Shij»Francis, Clark, St. Rct:r(burg 53
Ship Gen. Wafhington,Roberta, Rotterdam 41
Schr. Nancy, VViiliama, Fayal 31
Ship Criterion, Cnace, ,
Brig Hannah, Helms, AjtartuiicQ
Capiais Helms left at St. Pie-re. Oflober 4, the
following vclTclt:
Brig Pallas, Town & StQne, of';Kennehunk
Schr. Joseph, Croweil of Shelburn
Aiming, Crowell, of' do
Deborah, Biktrr, of Yarmouth
Sail, Cann, of Nova Scot ia
Polly, Haberfin, of St. Johns
Oft ber 19, arrived, ship El!za{ Choate, Li
verpool, 53 days.
Same, dayv brig Evelina, ties, Hamburg,
43, day? Left there brig Wiljiam, Hafti
moie ; Hetty,' Parker, Marhlche.d ;
Odeli, for Calcutta; (hip Volwi.rs, Uowerj,
failed finrteen days before i b:i> Sukey, Sar.ds,
forNewYirk, fade! (ixda ; s before.
Arrived, fchonner Sally, ir m Annapolis;
and Defiance, from Boothbiy, in j days.
Arrived at quarantine,
ami, frsm Alicant 48 d.T,ys ; brig WIU am,
Rowland, from Cape Francois, days, «nd
fchooaer Jthiv, Wi'iiaros, Herb ce, 38 days.
Captain Williams, from A|ic»nt, paftd at
the rrioutit of the Straits, a biack (hip, with
wade cloths, and white bottom and head an
fw<r»d American fi/nals.
The Halen, C»rpe»«er, has arrived it
Savannah from London
Th? Felicity, <jf Portland, from Live-paol
for Baltimore, is aft.ore ill Chefapcad river, be
ing drovefr. m her anchor» in the late ga'e-
Foreign Clearances.
Franklin, Oxn'ard, St. Stbaftians
Sully, Webber, L' vei pool
Hope, Bird, Demarara
Brig, Bufield, Girdler, Niples
B'ig Rnthy, Curtis, Surrmtnt
Brig Melen, Haradan, Cape Good Hope
Schr. Eliza, Atkins, Liverpool, N. S,
B'tfey, Reed, Havannjh
* Margery, H pkins, Liverpool, N. S.
Frovidence, Graves, Tobago
Coa ling Crqfl.
George, Chire Baltimore
G/ouster, Oftoker 28,18 o
"Mr Russel, —Ycfterday arrived fchr.
Chirks, Jeremiah, Foster, 48 days from St.
Sebastians. In Ut 41 N. long 58, N. spoke
brig Miry, of Boftnn, from Marthals Vineyard,
bound to St Sebattians, all well. Your, &c. .
" H. P. for the concerned."
i vj u joare
E!gh> per cent, flock—toß a 108 i-4 11
Si* per cent, and ") „„
Navy ditto J , ||
Deferred 6 p»r cent 861-4 !i
Three percent. £4 1-4
5 r-i per cent. 85
4 r-2 per cent. none at marfcet
RANK U. States 3*037 p. cent advan."")
Penitfylvania, j ditto /
— ; —— N. America 51 ditto f 440
Insurance Cn Fenns'a too*!. ditto. J
—— JJorth America t%a 15 prr cent.")
- , below par—nominal i
Turnpike <r t 250 a 160 dolls. 300
Sctiuy.lltill Bridge , ■ . . p ar Jc
Water Loan, . dolls. 100
Lan<l Warrants i* dolls. 100 acres notn.
St, Aitgujlitic Church Lottery Yickelt p dollart
On.London at 60 days 71 1 a 75 > -
On Amfterdim, do 39 40 cents'^
[per Florin >
On Hamburgh do 36 a 37 cents \
t [per Mark Bancs
Rates of Foreign Coins and Curren
rencies in the United States—per
act of Cctogres for payment of Du
■ Dolls. Cts.
Englilb pound fteriing 4 44 -v
Iri(b do do 4 10 / I
Du'ch Florin or OuiUer o 40 ( I
Hamburgh M*rk ganco. ... .0 J3l-3.) I
|rt7* Ihe subscriber having frequently
heard complaints of the want of accuracy in
tie price current ps public stock ", has conclud
ed lofiifnifli the Qazette oft he United States,
pccafionally (if called for) with what may in
his opinion beconfidered the Market Prices
ot Stock, and the Rdtes of Exchange.
Philadelphia, 3d November, 1800.
AS thfre are nn such coins in the United States
as PouiHs, Shillings and Pence, The Broken ,f
Philadelphia in future, intend to buy and fell all
kinds of Public Stock, at so much per cent, in Dol
lars and Cents, which are the proper coini of the
United Statea, and not as heretofore, at so much
per pound. Anfl to prevent any inconvenience
which may arise to those who have bean habiiu
ated tn the old method, the fullowiug table is pttbr
lifted, (boding th< f*m in Dollars and Cents, per
C<>nt, which correspond with (hillings and pence,
per pound. They hope the simplicity of the mtte
method, will be pleasing to the citizens of the U.
States, and give general fatisfa.siion.
Pant. Per £.
D. Cts. s. D. "
50 equalU 10 60
5» 75 10 6 6
S3 00 io 7 1
53 15 10 7 8
S3 5° lo 8 4
53 75 10 9 o
54 00 10 9 6
54 «5 10 to a
54 50 10 10 8
54 75' 10 n 4
55 00 11 o o
Jiavinna ic>
86 00 jj a 4
46 is 17 jo
86 50 1756
86 75 17 4 !
87.00 17 4.8
*5 17 5 4
8 ? 50 17 6 o
Subscription Balls.
m. FranCis
BB'iS leave to acquaint his scholars, and those
gentlemen, who may wifli to honor his £»b-
Kription 3all with their presence, that fuffcrip
£;on tick&ts, are ready for delivery.
Days of tuition, at thi: Academy, Harmony-
Ccutt, Mondays and Fridays (at 3 o'clock in the
art .rnoon, for young ladi« only)—Tuef-iaj 1 and
Saturdays, (4 o'clock, for young gentlemen)—and
at 6 o'clock on tSe I'ncfday and Saturday for those
if a more advanced age
Fcr particulars apply to Mr. F No. 70, north
Eighth firect.
£? 1 h- firft B 11, wiliich was to havs been on
the 6th November, ispollponed 'till further notice
o<a«>ber 30 dtfiN
November j,
Or, The Daughter.
To which mill 6e added,
The celebrated Musical Romance, called
Cymon and Sylvia•
Or, the Power oj Enchantment.
With an
And a Dance of Furies.
Be.*, one Dollar. Pit, three quarters of a Dol
lar, and Gallery, half a Dollar.
The Dt»r» of the Thetitre wilt open 4? 1 4 pad
J, and tbe Cur\ain rife at 1-4 pafl 6o'clock.
Gentlemen and La.lies are requested to fend their
fcrvants to keep places in the baxes at a quarter pall
five oVlock
»CJ* On Friday, The Mcuntaineeri, With
Lock and Key.
* ♦ A new Musical EnHrtainaieiit is inprepar
THE firft crrnAitutional meeting of th:
Club for th- season will he beld at their
room. Hardy's Hotel, on Twefday, Novem
ber the fourth, at 6 o'clock in the evening.
The tnembrrs ;irr requeued to be pun&ual
in their attendance, a; an cleclion of offi
cers wjjl be held.
Member/' Tickets ere left at the bar.
Noveiub. r 4. 21*
T> ' v* • ». -s
Prices of Public Stock,
Philadelphia, NOV: 3,
.Par amount
of ii Jhdre
Cbesnut streetj No, 143.
f Ftr £.
D. Cts. S D.
87 75 17 6 6
88 j*,o • 17 7 2
88 ij 17 7 8
*8 jo 17 8 4
88 75 1790
89 00 17 y 6
89 1J 1; 10 1
89 56 17 10 8
89 ?5 17 11 4
90 00 18 o 0
108 equal to 21 J 1
»5 ar 7 8
53 21 84
75 al 9 o
109 11 96
»J u i«i
' •!«. II t« I
75 11 11 4
110 i» o o
licivßES :
Oa the Theory and Practice of -
Will be commence, on Saturday, the Bth of n£
▼caiher, by
November sth, 1800.
PftlL/iBEi.PHiAy November 5, 1800.
■£s* LE ITERS, for the Britifli Patket Print*
1• ' „ 0r ralr,,outh . (England,) willbe rac.ivad
at tfcis office, until Friday, the 7th inttant, at 1*
o'clock, noon.
N. B. The inland postage to New-York must
" 4tH November 1800.
T"HE Pilots of the River Delaware arc
deli red to uke Motive after the 14th
mft. all yeffelsj from foreign ports are permit
ted to proceed to the city without coining
i? 0 . 3 , 1 t ' lc Lazaretto, to be examined by the
Rendent- PhvTician. , •
WILLIAM ALLEN, Ifealtb'-Otfctr.
Nov - 4 dzvv
The Dire El Federal Tax.
T< HE owners of unftaied Land., in the com,lf
■ ot Norfhumberl?tH (at it was before Center
county wasilmck off) are called upon to pay the
taxes on laid lapds, agreeable to alfcfiments, whicV
are most generally in the namci oi the ..riginaj
warranties, and which names it is pr-fumed most
be known to tlie owners or holders ot laid lards -
to the fubferiber living in Punberry
JOHN BUYiiRS, Jun. Colleflor. ,
Sunhury, tft. Nov. 1800.
N. B; Lifts, of the w-arsntees' names will be
received by the Subscriber at William '• lliot's, No,
18, North F.~urth firtct, until Saturday the Bih
inft. and with whom arrangemsots may be made
for payment of said taxes.
Nov. 4. -!t<j[ t B
At Ragle's Repulican Book-Stora,
opposite Chnft-clmjxh,
Hamilton's Letters,
Relating to the Conduct of
Packer 27. fat
And for fate by THOMAS DOBSON}
No. 4i, South Second Street.
Prict Half a Dollar.
A Letter
Alexander Hamilton,
Cjnceminx the public cord-. ft If character of
Prjldtnt of the United States.
O&ober 27.
Hamilton's Letters,
TO «
THE Public rrity now be fupp'.ied with this
publication, at the rcduce.l price of 25 Cents,
by applying at the bookOoresof j.Ormrod ChefniK
(Ireet, and H & P. Rice, Secaud-ftrect No. Is,
between JJaiket and Che fane.
Oilober 30, dtf.
Port Office,
Philadelphia-. N*D. 1, 1800.
Mails for the Pofl Offices on the Main
A Luie, between Philadelphia an<l New York,
will in fu:ure be dosed ercry day, (Sunday ficejjt
ed) at 8 o'clock, A. M. aod the Mails ior Post
Offices branci ing from them wlll.be clofad oo the
usual days, at 8 o'clock in tUe morniiig.
The Mail for N.'W York, an-! the Pod Office*
eadward ot it, will continue ta be closed at the-v
tlpal hour, 11 o'clock, noi ij, d»w
English Grammar,
Hs« this Day been publilhed, by Asbubt
Dickins, opposite Clirift-Cliurcb,
[Price One DJlar.]
Gftober 7.
Broker's Office.
RESPECTFUL I. Y inform* his friends and th*.
public, that he has again Commenced the
blends of a
Stock iff Exchange Broker,
at his office, No. 59, north F. u'lh ftrect—Where
he buys and f;lls t'le Stock of the United States,
Bank Uock, Insurance and F.aft India stock, Bills
of Exchange, Negotiates notes, Bill* and Bonds,
procures money on interest, and on dtpoflf, and
tranfafls every branch of bufinW's as a broker
His experience and ins rtnation in the buGnef* will '
insure to his employers accuracy, dispatch and
Philadelphia, OAober 17,1800.
August 4(6, ißco.
THE commanding Officers, of corps, de
tachments, polls, garnConi, and recruiting
parties, belonging to the military diabliihmeut
of United States, are to report to, an.l
receive orders from Brigadier General Wil
kmfoo, in the City of Waffiiugt-n, and all
officers on furlough are to report themlelves to
the fame officer with ail poffinle dispatch.
Secretary of War.
gjT All Printers within the-United State!
who have publifiied inviutions for contrail* of
the 13th of March Ult are>eqnefleJ to insert
the above in their revive papers, once a
week for tws inontfu. [#
>• t?

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