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Gazette of the United States.
In the eflay signed " An American,"
111 yeflerday's Gazette, 4th paragraph, com
mencing at the 9th line, for " It is as im
possible for those men, who dillike whole
some laws and good government, to be wife
administrators, as it is tor a man, who <Jif
believe in the fcripttjre») ta make a good sub
ordinate teacher oF Christianity. Every
Democrat diQikes, and it is, &c. read, "It
is i impolfible for t'hpfe men, who dislike
wholesome laws and good government, to
be wife adminHlrators, as it is for a mm
■who disbelieves in «the scriptures, to make a
good teacher of Christianity. Every Demo
crat dislikes subordination, and it is," See.
Mr Wayne,
IN a Message from Governor M'Kean,
read before the Senate of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania, on the 7th day of February
1800, it was intimated that, a " few thou
sand dollers timeonily expended" for the
benefit of the Northumberlind Academy,
might " be the means of saving Millions in
terrors and punilhments" efpscially if they,
the Government and People of Pennsylva
nia, were wife enough to avail themselves
of the " disinterested tervices, of the learned
and benevolent Pricftlyr, whom a kind pro
vidence has plact-d lriftitution."
After reading' and reflstting upon the above
Meflage, I aminduted to make the follow
ing cjucrics.
Have the disinterested lervices of the learn
ed and . Pneltly, heretofore beei
lound liftltili, i;v good order ii
t 'as difTuling rational and fci
> c.r on th- coutrsiry havt
; not wherever he has resided be
coj'je .rtllWs ana d'lpofed to inlurredlion i
• A-!-! have aiot his " difintertfted services*
-.been etiijilayed, in exerting luch a difpoliti
■on ? If'so, is there any jult reason toexped
that, his talents and Cervices, will not be
still employed, in the fame manner, and di
verted jo the fame objefls ? Are not the ad
vantages to be expeded from his Cervices,
in the place of his prcfent redden*', very
problematical ? At any rate would it not
he prudent to withhold the " few thaufand
dollars,led it (hould be employed as a re
ward fnr preaching sedition or as the means
of " dtciding on war or peace," a la insur
rection ?
I would not he understood to intend any
thing unfriendly to the Institution above
alluded to, or difrefpeclful of its Trustees,
but think that great caution is neceflary in
guarding again ft the hitroduftiun of sedi
tious teachers, however benevolent and dif
imerrlt«d, into public femiuuries. The
mifchiel's arising from infufiwg corrupt and
impious principles into the minds of youth,
are incalculable.
Natural History.
The Tench is a fifh of most despised
and detested propensities. There is
something in its phvfiognomy, and even
in the mike of its body, at which you
shall f.iy, Beware ! there lurks treachery
-and villainy ! It is remarked by natura
lists to be fond of floundering in muddy
and turbed waters, whither it resorts to
seek the company of the afiaflin Sword
Fifli, who, having thrust his ftilletto in
to some bewildered Whale, out sallies
the Tench to prey upon his ancient and
unhappy friend. It is a proverb now,
" At a table where there is a Tench, no
honest man eats.'' k
Maffacbufetts Election.
. In the Fourth Western Diftrift there
has been no choice of federal Represen
tative. Judge Lincoln only wanted
ten more vqfes to give him a majority
over all the other condidates.
Died, on the 27th ultimo, at Ports
mouth, in Virginia, in the 48th year
of her age, Mrs. SARAH WILSON,
formerly of this city.
2<rom the Ptntghkecpfie Journal, Nov. 4.
A Duel was fought at Rhinebeck
Plats on th'e 2yth ult. between Lieut
Jofcph C. Cooper, and David L. Per
kins, saddler, in couiequence of Mr.
Perkins having circulated a-report that
Lient. C. had dance dwitha sailor in the
village of Poughheepiie at the time of
the races, which report Lieut. C. Con
ceived to be so materially injurious to
his chara&er, and so far beneath his'
dignity, that lie could not-caniiftently
difpence with it } he therefore sent Mr.
P.. a challenge to meet him the next
mot'hing with sword and pistols, allur
ing him that if he did not. he \vould
horsewhip him, with a loaded pistol to
liisbreaft, the firft time that he should
chance to meet him. Mr. P. accepted I
the challenge and they met accordingly,
attended by seconds, on the Parfonace ' A H&AITH* ma<ri«| Woman, wUVa frefh
1 0 J. X Brcalt ol lyiili, would talio a child,(or a few
ground north of Mr. Hogadon s, where, moi.iht, tofuckU . /* rP ! y on the I'outh fide ol
with the firmefi: resolution and most un- Sout ' 1 > near Fciuth flreu, to
daunted bravery, they exchanged a £hot, novembcr 3
By which the unfortunate Lieut. C. in
ftanlaneoufly fell to the ground. A
was called to examine the
wound, who on searching the body,
found not the lead trace of a ball——but
he still languiilies, and the surgeon de
clares that there are no hopes of his re
covery ; but that a few hours will close
his eyes in eternal darkness. —Thus fell
ail unfortunate gentleman about 21
years of age in defence of his unblemilh
ed character. He was much beloved
and respected, and his death is univer
filly lamented^
From the Alexandria Mirror of the /\th
oj" November.
It isnot in my power this day,, to gra
tify my readers with a statement of the
votes, for electors of President and Vice-
President, taken yesterday at the County
Court House ; but have been informed
by several refpedtable gentlemen who
attended, that from appearances Mr.
Adams's friends must have a considerable
[The following, from a very agreeablt, though
oblcure Poet, will he allowed, by ladies of
fallibility, to have something of truth, and
more of nature j
Clari nda's lips I fondly prefs'd,
lV*ile rapture fill'd each vein ;
And as I touch'd, her downy bread,
Its tenant slept serene.
So folt a calm in such a part
Betrays a psace/'ol mind
Whilst my unetffy fluttering heart
Would scarcely be c nfin'd.
A f.uibom oak the thepherd fees,
Unmov'd, when ftarms dtfeend
But, ah, to every fpnrring bree*e
The myrtle btugh must btnd.
Prices of Public Stock,
Philabelphia, Novfmbb
Eighr percent, flock—loßo 108 1-4
Six f ci ct'nt. and ") ■
Navy ditto J BBI * a 88 3 4
Deferred 6 per cent 86 1-/.1 87
Three per cam. 54 (.4, j 4 i. t
S l-l fcr cent )
4 1-1 per cent y nooe it market
BANK U. States, 13701374 p. cent a<l.
Pcnnfylvania, 1310131 ditto (
N. America 1510151 ditto f 400
InfuranceCV Fcims'a uooin ditto J
—— North America 85 10
Turnpike - 150 a 160 dolls. 300
Schuylkill Bridge ... p» r to
Water Loan, 875 <JoUs. 100
Land Warrant* X( a 30 dolls. 100 acre»
St. Aug'tjiine Cburtb Lottery 'Ticlelt. 9 dollar*
On London at 60 days 71? o 75
On Amlterdam, do
[per Florin >
On Hamburgh do 360 37 cents \
[per Mark Bancs'^
Rates of Foreign Coins and Curren
rencies in tie United Slates—p'.r
act of Congres for payment of Du
Doht. Co.
F.nglilfc pound fteiling 4 * 44
Irilh do do 4 10 (
Du'ch Florin or OuiUer o 40 f
Hamburgh Mirk Banco o 23
vzr t lie fubferiber having frequently
heard complaints of the want of accuracy in
the price current of public stock, has conclud
ed tafurnifli the Gazette of the United States,
Occasionally (if called for) with what may ill
his opinion beconlidered the Market Prices
of Stock, and tUc Kites of Exchange.
Cbesnut street, No. 143.
AS there are no such coins in the United States
as Poau is. Shillings and Pince, The Brokers of
PLulaJclphia in future, intend to buy and fell all
kinds of Public Stock, at so much per cent, in Dol
lars and Cents, which arc the proper coins of the
United States, and not as heretofore, at so much
per povnd. And to prevent any inconvenience
which nuv ari.'e to thole who have bean habitu
ated torr)l<l mctboJ, th.- following'table is pub*
lifted, IKs*ui|{ the f«m
Cunt,which camfpond
per pound. They hope I
nut will be pleafiaqf t<
States jznJ give general I
P cent. Per £.
D. Ct>. S. D."
?1 5C equal to ID 6 o
.51 75 jo 6 6
5.1 03 10 7 1
J.? »5 JO 7 8
5.1 SO 10 8 4
5.1 75 io 9 o
54 co xo 9 6
54 JO lo i
54 ?o io io 8
54 75 io J'l 4
55 co u o o
Si 3 PER CENT 3.
86 00 17 i 4
86 15 17 3 o
86 50 17 36
86 75 17 4 1
87 00 17 4 8
87 15 17 5 4
87 50 1760
Nurse Child
n DolUn aoj Ceor*, per
Oi fhillrflgt ind peace,
* •• _f .»
the /impiicity of t'.ie new
3 the citizens ot the U.
I itisfaflion.
L E.
P. cent. Per £.
D.Cti. S D. : °
87 75 17 6 6
8X 00 1771
S8 15 17 7 8
88 50 17 8 4
88 75 17 9 o
89 00 17 9 6
89 15 17 10 1
89 50 17 10 8
89 75 17 11 4
90 00 l 8 0©
108 equal to 21 72
25 21 7 8
50 »i
75 »«
109 11
*5 il
53 »i 10 8
I 75 «I II 4
[ 110 7,1 o o
tegiflature of Pepiifelvania;
Wo ate informed, tint al the Members
of the Senate have arrived atLancaller, and
that there is a very general attendance of
tl.e Members of the Houle tf Repref-nta
tives ;—that John Wooes, Elqr. has
been eletted Speaker of the Senate, and
Isaac Weaves, Elqr. Sptaker of the
House of Representatives. The Houle of
Representatives have not yetchofeti
And, it is laid, Colonel Matlack will
officiate as Clerk of the Ssnate until the ad
Tuesday of December next. The Gdvlr.
nor will address the two Hbtlbt's this day.
Head-quarters, Leogane,
30 Frutiidor, 8 year.
Touffapt L'Ouverture, Major general of
the army of St. Domingo, to Alexander
Murray, esquire, commander of the station
at St. Domingo.
I have received, worthy commander, your
favour of the 28th of August ult. and am
unprefled with a grateful fen ft: of the marks
ot kindness and civility you have been plea
sed to shew me. It gives me pleasure to
be informed of your laudable ip.ftruftions
forpreferving a good underftandingbetween
the refpettive officers of this island and the
United States; it being the. means of ren
dering both countries happy.
I chei'ilhed the hope, that in the number
of prisoners taken by the Trumbull, cer
tain persons might have been sent to me,
from whom I might receive ißine uleful in
formation. yOiofe I allude to, I infmuated
to Dr. Stevens at the interview we had at
Port Republican, requeuing that this favour
might be solicited of the United States.
They are the lead rulpabie : the reft mud
abide by the Confcquences.
I wifli yon health and profppcity ; and
have the honour to be your humble fer
!R 7.
1 Jbare
Gazette Marine Lift,
Sloop Sally, Houlton, Port Republican 15
Sugar and coffee—P. Care
Brig Concordia, Wainright, St. Bartholomews
Susannah, Donahue, Amsterdam
A - iable AdeH, Pattern, Liveipo >1
Schr. ViAory, Story, Cape Francois
_ Hrig Beaver, Elliot, from hence, has ar
rived at the liavann^h.
Captain Shields of th: brig Lovely Lal a , left at
Arn Herman), (the 2id Sept. J the
Ship George, M'Col.um, ro fail for Phila
delphia the next day.
1 Harmony, William, of and for Phila
delphia, coppering.
Atlantic, liutchi.on, of Philadelphia just
Irigf John, , New York
Captaii. S f okc in latitude 91, 30. N.lmj,
itude 14, ©;, W. the Ihip Peter/burgh, of and
'or ten days out from Rotterdam,
The flo >p vValhinstcjii, U'eSon, ,'rom hence,
has arrived at the Havannah.
Arrived, sloop Sally, from
Pent Repwblican 'he 9th there
the brig Montice 10, Karris, of and f r Balti
more in t-n days, schooner General Gitene,
Jobnfun, of and for Uhode Island, in ten days,
schooner William Johnson, Pettingale, of Nor
folk, In ten days, schooner Phoenix,- Cox, of
Charleston, in fix days, schooner Trial, Tate,
of Salem, in eight days, Ichroncr Induflry,
Pritchett, of Charlefiou, iu eight days.
Oflobrr it, elfthe Mole, spoke the schooner
Trio, Dr-fctill, of and for I'alli nore, from
Gonaivts, wlio informed, that the schooner
Sally, Baker, of and for Wilmington, (Del.)
was at G inaives, to fail in fivt days after him
Siiip Uilpatch, Renders, Irom Bitavia h,s
been fpiken below hy a schooner arrive! at the
Tiie following veflels went to fca on Sunday
Ship* Tillmin, Harker, for North Cirolina
Good Friends, Earl, Havanna
Jefferffn, Dougherty, Cnnton
Four Friends, Hathaway, Anifterdam
Adriana, Fletcher, Loudon
Galen, Thurllon, Cowes
Firmer, Gibfon, Hamburg
Brigs Mary, Tarris, ft Croix
Hannah, Quandiille, Cape Francois
Scfars Mary, Woodward, I.a Guira
Ko|k:r, Medlin, Havinna.
A(Ti,'lance, Man, Cape Fraecois
Weymouth, Charnock, Jamaica
Success, Hock, Hali r ax, N. S.
Pilgrim, Remington, Jairaica
Jane, Williams, St. Thjmas
BOSTON, OtHobcr 19.
Arrive!, (hip Eliza, Choa:«, Liverpool, 53
Arrived, brig Evelina, J nes, 43 day from
Hamburgh. Left there th« brig Hetfey, Parker,
Marblehead j brig-Will:am, of Raltimcte { (hip
Eliza, Odell, for Ca'cut a; (hip Pennfylyania,
Knox, of Philadelphia, jull arrived ; Christiana,
Andrews, ef do. Sally, M'Call, of do. Spoke
Arrived, schooner Sally, StanwooJ, 3 days
:ot« Annapolis.
OSiobtr 31.
Arrived, brig William, Rowland, 15 days
from Cape Francois. Left there several foutlr
ern vefle.s The United States brig Scammel,
arrived at the Cape, with the loss of part of her
guns which were thrown overboard in a violent
gale of wind Piflirnger, Lieutenant John H.
Cox, < f tlae derai l.
9 0
9 6
10 »
Arrived, schooner John, Williams, 37 days
from Berbice, experienced many gales ps wind,
fame of which were only a few days previous to
reaching port. On the ijtli of September, in
lat. 10, 10, long 7, spoke the (loop Ind«ilry,
Nichols, 54 day» from Bolton for Berbice.'
Last evening anchored eft' the fort, schooner
Nancy, Atkins, in 38 day? from Malaga—Also
a brig from Alicant, v.a Salem.
Captain Goodwin, of the brig Ttkotichua,
from Saiou and GibralKfV failed in company
with the brig EliiJ, captain Malohet, for Pot
Mat on. The Teteraachul wit becalmed ess
Giliri'ter, whea four gun b?:t* ruQied up in her,
one of which engaged for two glafiei, and th ii
made off. Left at Gibraltar, the (hip Uncle
Toby, of New-York, from Port Mihoa for
Beiton, repairing damage received at sea—also
the brig Friendfliip, of Bevehy, ready to fail.—
Captain Nichols, in a lhip for Capede-Verds,
came through the gut with captain Goedwiri.—
Most of the Americans in the Mediterranean
are hoarded by Britilb cruizers, and treated
t L E A a E b.
Ship Regulus, Sargent Calcutta
Hope, Bird, Deinerara
Brig Atlantic, ClSrke, Kingston
Salem, RuiTell fc. Francois
Sch'r Sncceft, Cowdinj Demerara
Betsey, Reed Havanna !
Sloop Betsey, Wyman, Demarara I
NEW YQRK, November 7.
Ship Jean, Gardner, Greenock 49
Brig James, Furman, Malaga '45
Brig Hefagus, Williams, Barbadoes
Ceres, Codwife, St. Croii
Schr. Kitty, Harding, St. Augustine
Republican, Marlli, New Providetice
Nancy, Foster, Liverpool, N. S.
Sloop James, Harrington, do
Harriot, Strang, Antigila
Schooner Clara, from this port for Demara
ra, wis spoken with in longitude 73,
thiity-fix hours out, all well.
The £. (hip Jean, Captain Gardner, fai'ed
from Greenock the 16th of September. Left
at Greenock the Ihips Andromache arid Houl
brook. to fail soon for this port. The Favo
rite, for this port, failed the day before, and
the Mary, for Charleston, three days before
the Jean. On Sunday last, fpokea (hip twenty
nine days from Havanna for Salem. Pafiengers
in the Jean, Mrs. Duncan, and Matter Scott
BALTIMORE, November 6.
Schr.Triton, Drifcoll, Geftaives 33
Left there brig Ann, Hancocok, of Balti
more, sndfloop Sally, Captain Baker, of Phi
ladelphia, to fail in live days.
Spoke of Cape Nichola Mole, the sloop Sal
ly, Captain HouQon, three clays from Port Re
■publican, bound to Philadelphia.
Was boarded by the Uritifh (hip of war Plo
ver, and treated politely.
Philadelphia, 11 mo. 6, 180 .
ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of Peter
Reeve, deceased, are requested to make pay
ment; a-id all persons having demands against his
Estate, are delired to prtfent their accounts for
settlement to
eo6t SAMUEL COATF.S, ( Executors,
To be Sold by
At Lumberton,
On Second day, tbe i-jtb if this Instant,
At 10 o'clock, A. M.
The Real Estate of
Late of Lumberton, in th* county of Burlington,
Gate of New-Jersey, deceased viz
lit TN the Village of Lumberton, between 80
x and 99 acrerof land,, fltuate on tke main
fourh branch of Rancocus Creek, about 40 acres
of which may ba made good meadow, is part im
proved and within l«nk ; the remain er i, upland
divided into convenient lots, principally en:lofcd
witb good cedar fence. There are on the said
pretnilos, a large, commodious and plea Cant situ
ated two (lory Frame Dwelling-House, Dry-goods
Store under the fame roof, a Brick Kitchen adjoin
ing, with a good cellar under the whole, divided
into several apartments; a large and convenient
(tone Store-Honfe near the whart, divided into
fepcrate apartments for the reception of all kinds
of cou»try proJuce; Barn, Stables, and Waggon-
Houfe.—Alio, two other Dwelling Houses, one
of which is a go»d new two story House, and a
Blacksmith's Shop.
' The above property being bounded for a confi
derablc diftangc on the above creek, which is well
known for the excellency navigation, and
affords the bed of landings, where vessels mea
furiiiu between 30 and 40 tons burthen conllantly
pass to and from Philadelphia and other ports of
the United States, recommends it as a place prefe
rable to almost any other ill rhe state for carrying
on a very extensive trade. /
ad A Dwelling-House and Lot of Land in the
vi lage of Vinctnt-t#wn.
Immediate polleflion will be given, and a clear
title executed to the purchaser.—The terms will
be made known on the day of sale, by
JOB JONESfind > Exccntorr.
4, |B|9 lf>t)t.
The Dir*ect Federal Tax.
THEownsrs of unfcated Lands in the county
of Northumberland (ai it wan before Center
county was ftmck off) are called upon to pay the
taxos on laid lards, agreeable to affeffmcnts, whicU
are laoft generally in the names of the criginal
warrantees, and which names it if presumed mud
be known to the owner" or holders of said lards;
to the fuMcribcr living 111 Sunberry.
JOHN BUYERS, jun. Collector.
Sunbury, tft No*. 1800.
N. B: Li'ls of the warrantees' names will he
received by theSubfcriber at William S lliot's, No.
18, North Fourth ftrcet, until Saturday the Bth
irtft and with whom arrangements may be made
lor payment of said taxes.
Nov. 4. J - B.
For the wSfitor fcal'on, on Monday, O&ober
6th, Walnut, between Fourth and
MUS. GROOM BRIDGE refpeflfully ac
knowledges the liberal encouragement
(he has experienced, for more than yeurs
n Philadelphia, and, as the most expreflive pruof
of gratitude, will be a Continuance of ihe unre
mitting attention, already pa d to her pupils ;
flitters herfelf, it will be the belt recommenda
tion to future patronage.
The following branches (or any of them sep
arately) may be engaged for, as mo(t agreeable,
the EngUih, French, and Italian languages
grammatically ; writing, arithmetic, geogra
phy. use of the globes, history, music, vocal
a*id iiiltrumenial, drawing and danciiij.
Plain work, marking, crr.broi. ery and tam
bour io gold; silver or colours, fillagree, anifi
ciai flowers, fancy baikets, netting, hair, print
cloth, and nibfli* -,vor* of e t ery kind
Oft- 12- ' > wtl '
Law Book StoFi,
.to. 319,.
HI GH-S TR E £ T".
GEORGIi DAVIS hag just imported par Ac"
tive from London, an exceeding valiiabl&
aiFortment of BOOKS, whichj added to those re*
ceived by frtndry late Arrivals, and to others daily
cxpeAed from Dublin, will render hit colledhoii
tfee mod important of ady offered for Tale in this
In a lew d4ys he hopes to hav'ehis B >ok* open
ed and arranged, of which notice (hall be giverl
and his annual Catalogues tiiltribiited.
November 8
WHEREAS Duncan M'Fnnes did on the thiri
tierh day of April lali.niake an affigumenl
of his property lor the bfencfit of his creditors—
itlch creditors are requeftea t > present their ac
counts to the subscriber ; and all persons indebt
ed to the said Duncati M'lnnes, are to
pay the fime without delay, to
JOHN CLARK, No 55, S AtKug
north Water street } AJJl t *nee
Philadelphia, november 6
November i®.
Will be presented (sot tbc tecona time t!»i» feafou)
a celebrated Tragely, in'j a(3s,called
Or, the Spaniards in Peru.
Written by Kutzebue,
With new reentry, ireffes, and detoratioKt.
Piiarro, irir. Warren; Alonzo, mr. Cain.; Alm*>
gro, mr Prigmore ; Dav.lla, tar Francis ;
GouZolo.mr. Durang; Gomez, mißiif
fet; Vaivords, mr WooJ; lias Cafas,
mr. Wignell; Caftilian foldicr,
mr. Bernard ; iel fuldier,
mr Milbomne
Elvira, Mrs Merry.
Araliba, mr Wood ; Kolla, ms Cooper; Orozitn"
ho, mr. Bernard . G> ar.o, mr Hopkins ; Old
blind man, nir Morris; Boy, matter
Harris; High Pried, mr Darley ;
ad Pried, mr Bi'ly:
MiFs E. Wcflray.
To which will hr added,
Like Majler like Man.
[Chaia&eri at before ]
SO" On Wednesday, (never afted here)
k celebrated new Comedy, called THE VO
TARY OF WEALTH—by the author of
Abroad and at Home.
* # * On Friday, The Cattle Spmflre, with
a new riutfical tntertainment, Called ST.
DAVID'S DAY ; Or, The Honest WelQi
A Tragedy, never afted in Americaj
i? in preparation aild will bs ipeedily pro
Box, one Dollar. Pit, three quarteM of a Dol
lar, and Gallery, half a Dollar.
The Doom of the Theatre will open at I 4 p«£t
J, and tlit Curtain rife at 1-4 pad 6o'clock.
Gentlemen and Ladic« are requeued to fend their
servants to keep placo in the biwcs at a quarter past
five o'clock
20 Dollars Reward.
Deserted iaft evei in», Joseph PARKIN
SON, private i i the marine corps of thi
United States, he was lon in Iceland, it ab ft ij
yeare old, 5 feet 6 and a half inches high, cUrk
eyes, black hair, and fallow complexion. Also,
JEREMIAH CL.AHK-iON, born in England,
town of Stockport, is 39 year- of age, 5 feet f
inch** high, grey eyes, light brown hair, florid
complexion ud by trade a flatter ; from the ap
pearance of his face the mid eri't; t marks of at
tachment to drink may be traced, they have both
serve lift the Weflern Army, and now defertH in
full uniform. The above amou .t will be p ;id
with changes to apprehend tlicui ; or reuDai.au
foreitherby applying to
Captain Comntsnding.
Philadelphia, Marine Barracks, Nov. 8.
Gifford's Epistle to Peter Pindar,
, (Price 37 1.4 Cents)
AND (t
Dutton's Poem on the present state of
(Price 11U Cents)
Have jufl been received by
Ai DICKENs, opposite Chriil Church,
november 7. dt-f
" A Novel, a Poem, a Drama, which reprcftnts
Virtue in lively colours, models the reader on
the various chara&crs, who ail without liis per
cieving it; they become interesting, and the au
thor inculcates morality without seeming to
mention it.'' Li Mercie'r.
Jufl Publi/fjedt
(fuccelT.jrs to the late R. Campbell)—Ho. 30,
• Chefnut ftfeet,
The Beggar Girl,
And her BcnefaElrefs ;
Author of the Welsh Heirefi, Juveni'e I idifcre
tions, Agnes de Cnurci, and F.llei, Count.ls of
Cattle Howell.
In 3 Qolumes—tbi ef dollars.
tiovcmber 7 diw
Juffc come to hand,
and to be sold
No. 42, Market ftrect,
A Letter
General Hamilton,
Occafi ined by His Letter to
President Adams.
BY A ¥ £ D F. ft A L I ST.
November 9 ' 3'
«» V

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