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Gazette of the United States.
War-Office Burnt.
The following Note was received this morning
by Colonel Patton, from Chskles Bu*
R ALL, Elq Post-Matter at
Baltimore, Nov. p.
" The Wir-Ojjice at Washington Ci
ty, was destroyed by Fire last evening,
and all the Papers belonging to it, ex
cept the Accountant's."
We have seen a letter dated Wash
ington, Nov. 8, 12 o'Clock at night,
confirming the above.—lt states, " That
two small engines and about fifty buck
ets -of various kinds, with a bad supply
of water was all the means they were
poilefled of to quench it—That the
Accountant saved the greatest part of his
papers, but all the reft were burnt—
One house, and the only one adjoining
'it was burnt; it was owfted by Jonathan
Jackson, who died about fix hours pre
vious to the fire—his body was let out
of the window—his children and furni
turr were saved."—The writer fays, "the
fire exhibited a dreadful scene, as it ra
ged without controul; all their efforts
being ineffectual.
The Afiembly of Albany have chose
Samuel Ofgood their Speaker, and Ge
neral Armstrong, Senator of the United
States. The following is the result of
the votes for Ele&ors of President and
Vice President, in joint meeting.
Ab. Ten Brook, Anthony Lt'lpenard,
Aaron I .arte, Dr. Ifiac Leriyard,
Corn. Van Vechten, P. Van Cortland, jnn.
Amos Hall, Gilbert LivingOon,
J-imes Cochran, Peter Van Nefii,
Joseph Kirkland, Thomas Jenkins,'
Jonathan Hnfbrook, Jer. Van Rar.ffe.Uer,
Peter Silvefler, Robert Ellis,
John De Witt, J.icob Ecker,
John M. Smith, John Woodworth,
John Othrflt, Juries Burt,
Richard Morris, Will a<n Floyd.
Senate— 24 Senate—lß
Assembly— 39 AfTembly—64.
Majority in joint billot for Demo- ?
cratic ticket, 5
Maffachufctts Eleflion.
Noventfer 4.
Yesterday the Elections for the Se
venth Congress took* place in the feve
ra] Diftridls throughout the Common
wealth of MafTachufetts. The Candi
dates are already well known.
Firjl Middle DiJlriEi.
Qnincy. Uftis. Scat.
Boston 1959 1819 o
Dorchester 69 156 o
Roxbury 63 196 1
Newton 77 35 o
Brooklyn 26 45 o
Dedham 39 153 o
E. Sudbury 27 60 o
Wefton . 97 18 o
2 35 7
The returns from several towns com
poflng the Firll Diftridt, have not yet
been received.
The following is a statement of the
votes, from the several towns composing
the Third Middle Diftridt; in which,
we rejoice to inform our readers, the
cause of Federalism has again triumphed.
Read. Crowritvfhild. Scat-
Salem 567 470 1
Marblehead > 66 377 o
Beverly 325 26 o
Manchester 83 o o
Dan vers 257 139 o
Middleton 29 25 o
Lynn 308 1.22 o
■Lynnfie'ld 54 ? o
Reading 172 13Q o
.Stoneham 1 54 o
•Medford 83 7 o
Maiden 22 x 95 o
Tewkfbury 8 82 o
Wilmington 7 81 o
Woburn 19 81 o
Burlington 35 6 o
Bedford 26 18 o
Billerica 151 23 o
Chelfca 29 14 o
The Register of the 23d ult. fahl,
that the " long pull" at the last elec- j
tien was a " wrong puM " This reflec- ' The brig Susannah, Captain Oo^efhall.
. , c , from this port hound to N'-w-Providence.
t,on upon the judgment of the Lleftors w;IJ FriJ , y c , eilil , tT , in Collfc .
of this rcfpeftable Didrift has been no- c f having twenty kegs of powder 011
bly repelled by the " Strong Pull'' of board.
yesterday. ' Salem Gaz, j [N. Y. paper.
The. following are, die votes of Ips
wich, in the Fourth Middle DiftridV (a
town always correft) viz.
M. Cutler, LL. v D.
Doctor 'Kittredje
Mr. Wayne,
11' -tppears to me thi leaditt feature of
thi? Governor's Speech, is contained in the
iollowiiig fcntcnce:
" On the fidelity and vigilance of
its several members, the Union de
pends for its energy and duration ; and,
it is obvious, that a negket, or omif
hon, of tlie important duties, assigned
to the individual States, must, even
tually, prove as destructive to our Fe
deral Compact, as an oppolition the molt
aftive, or a fecellion the molt daring :
l'or, a free and enlightened People will
not long continue to maintain or to re
fpedt an inflitution, in which (from
whatever cause) they have ceased to be
This is evidently holding out a threat, as
much as to fi>y, if my advice is not pursued,
and Adams and Pinckney are ele&ed, the
people will recede from the Federal Compift ;
and I should think them juftiSable in fn do
ing. Admitting this to be a fair expolitiotv
it is certainly very unbecoming language in
a Chief Msgiftrate.
On the 18th of September the priva
teer Earl of Dublin, which had just be
fore captured the ship Howard, foun
dered in a gale of v/ind, and every per
son On board perilhed. The mate and
several seamen of the Howard were
among the unfortunate fufferers—fome
persons belonging to the privateer were
on board the prize. The Sir yVilliam
Parker, another privatec, belonging to
Halifax, on her firft cruize, is supposed
to have been also loft in the fame storm;
and a third has been taken by a Danish
brig in the Weft Indies and carried in
to St. Thomas, where the crew v/Cre
put in irons. The Captain was killed
in the engagement.
The Honourable General afiembly of
Rhode-Ifiand finiflied their feiTion on
Saturday the ift inft. and adjourned to
meet at East-Greenwich on the third
Monday of February next.
Governor Greene, Mr. Champlin,
Colonel Manton, and Mr. Davis, of
Hopkinton, will be fungprted by the
Federalists in Rhode-lfljad, as Electors
of President and Vice President.
An arrival atßofton furniflies London
date's to the last dnv of September—the
following summary is given by the Edi
tors of the Massachusetts Mercury :
Mass. Mer,
The British Channel Kleet has been
obliged by storms to return to port. —
The Britiih have evacuated the Isle de
Dieu, on the French coast.—Prussia and
Russia have entered into an alliance for
eight years. —The aflaffination of French
officers continues in the Cisalpine Re
public.—Several Englifti veflels having
arrived atLubecfrom Riga, it is luppofed
the embargo on Britifli {hips did not con
tinue long in Ruffia.—lßo perfoiis have
been drowned by the finking of a vcflel
in the canal of Oftend, among them
were 4 children of SantonuX, command
ant of artillery.—The cef.trean operation
was performed on the body of a drown
ed woman, which was found the follow
ing day—and a living infant extracted
which is still likely to exift.—Advives
have been received from Sir S. Smith,
from off Alexandria, July 6. He still
corresponds with Gen. Menou (then liv
ing) refpedting the evacuation of Egypt
—and hadjuft sent particular dispatches
to Cairo—the answer to which was r.nx
ioujl'y expend. But the Grand Vizier
is ready to advance with men
if the miffionisfruitlefs. The Cormorant
sloop of war is loft off Egypt, and the
crew detained by the French.
Extract of a letter from Amsterdam, dated ad
" The fuppliet we have had of Tobacco this
summer have been very fcarce —flock on hand
irnall —demand brisk.
Virginia s to 64 Aivre# per lb
Maryland 8J to 9 <1»
Varinas 17 a 18 do
Europe is Ihort of fug»rs, demand in gene
ra! bi ifc e*cty where
Havanna white 30 a 14 gro'af« per lb
Browa 15 al9 e!o do
Sea Island cotton 90 do do
Georgia do 60 a 65 do do
Others d«i 85 do do
1 555
j . n rv T~ ' PRTRSTLET. j
' ■■■ l.liE.c « be lift doubt »f the Unitari- j
ah ' I)em xsratic principles impoli
tic*, or liij aytr.tvaji.it aSedlion for the
Freticfi ff'jjtibH; : it wis his avowal ot these
to dilfimihate thein. in England, that occafi
ur.rd t!, s riot> :t BiiT.i.ngham—that caui'ed
him fly, like a furious mal-content, across
"the Atlantic. Bnt it is not general!) known,
that his of.inioni, rrfpeAitijj the rnateri tlifm
ot the fjiM, CarrefpoMd with the impious
dogmas of the tune atfteiftical school. Of
(his, hcwev'-r, the reader can have but little
doubt, alter he Ims perilled the fubfequeiit
"xtraci from Priestley's intrrduction to -Hart
ley's* Treatise'on Man. " I rather think,"
lays clitf arch-hypicvte,' «* that the whole
man is of some uniform composition, and
that the-property 'Of pcTcrftiipij. w» wcH as
the other powers,' v hich are termed mental,
th« rrCult of i'uth an orgs rue a I ft in dure j
as tljat of tlic hrni). that
lie wbo.'i man becomes extinct at death f
i Let tne now alk the pndi<i reader, what
dim- renrii is there between this opinion rif
Prielllry, and the bUfphetiious infeription at
the entrance of the French Grave-Yards,
Death is an kteknai. sleep ? If the
tvbole man becomes extinct at death, death
js certainly a {late of eternal llrep j and the
lentitnent is as impious and execrable in
Pripftley, as it is in Mii:ib~au or Condorcet.
When this and fo.ie o:lier circurnftances
are put together ; ftich as his French citi
zcufliip, his afT,>cia;ion with the Jacobins,
and I,is attacks on onr government; who
can duibt th..t th(& relHcfs old man is a
French eavilTary—eiv ployed by the repui lie,
to dilliminate her attrocious principles, and
to promote her interrft» in {his country,
in order to prepare the tvay for its total lub
jugnion ?
From a conviftion that the Christian re
ligion inculcates peace and subordination
tmcng n en, its abolition, and the proscrip
tion of its rinnifters, became favorite objefts
of ilie PreJfCh icbeij, a leading inealure
ot the r volution. " B inilh th:a fupcrftition
liom France," f;ijd the impious I)upont ;
that is, cr-.dicate from their minds a belief
in the Cbriftian religion, and the imtnnrta
lity et the loul ; and the nation will be ca
pable of any thing. Spsead the poison of
Priestly, and Paine, lay his co-ad]uturs
through the United States of America, and
they will foan brctfme the fubferviem allies
ot the Great Republic. Dnpont was not
miftdken, with refpeft to his countrymen ;
nor will they be deceived in America, if they
carry their point. We can boall of citizens,
both native and in who have disco
vered a docility, thnt will qualify them for
teats, that may rival the reign of terror.
-We have Marati and Robefpieres, in peto,
that will go any length? in blood and rapine.
Some ot them h'ive a* little property, and as
little humanity, as the Poitfartlcs and Sep
tembers of Paris.
This infiduoix projtft, will appear flUl
more probable, if we advert to the indefati
gable pains that art wlc'ing-, at this inftai.t,
to ravft- jri-»Urt:r pupil "F the fame detefUble
school to the feat of First M.igii'liate— to
accoinplilh which, all the hell of Jacobiuifm
teems to be set in motion'. Mifreprrl'enta
tions and falfehoods,' of the mod pernicious
tendency, are circulated with an indultry
that was never Mtowii before ; federal prin-
arc attacked by ruffians in their own
hnufes ; the myrmidons of (edition are mut
tering and training in every qir.i t. r ; the
slaves ire incited to plunder and maflTacre
by French emifUries ; the militia of Penn
fylvatiia (the bright focus of Jacobinism) in
ordered to put on the blqody cockade ; and
the peaceable minister? of the gofpcl are ca
lumniated, inful'erf, ant! menaced, for the
discharge of their chrfilian duties.
if tittle and many other fafts, squally fla
giant a»d alarming, do not rouse the boalt
ful champions of tlieconftiiution and govrm
ment from their lethargy, their injenlibility
is a judgnient trom God—it is a portentous
lign that the reign of federalifm Itnd liberty
is nearly over—that the nation is deftincd,
by just Providence, to expiate hrr irimes,
and to fee her proud, independence expir£,
on an altar of hrr own railing. lam not
fond of prophecies to recent
events, but the fultgwijig denunciation from
Hafea,- a prophet, who lived in the reign of
Jeroboam the sic.md, is so applicable to the
exiftjftg Rate of affairs, that I inuft give it
a place. " The calf-of Samaria* (hall be
broken in pieces ; for they have (own the
wind, and they (hall reap the whir.lwindf :
it hath no Italk : the bud lit ill yield no meal:
if so be it yield, the Grangers (hall swallow
it up. Tlky (hall sorrow fur the burden of
the Kingl of Princes : they (hall return to
Egypt, ta the house of bondage."
* A metonymy for tht ten tribes of Israel,
that revolted i'rom th'e houl'e of David, and set
up 1 calf at Bethel.
f A ftionp Eastern Metaphor, to express
'retributive juitiee. >'
J France whit It hath conquered Kings and
Princes, and prond'y affetfts to give law to all
nations. —But, fays the dreaming fcderalift, the
fuccitfs of the last embjlfy hfs disarmed uS of all
our fears from this quarter# we have made a
firm peace -with trance. So much the worse,
thou drivtller: theie is more be appre
hended from a peace with France, at this eriti
cal conjuncture, lhau ftom a .Date of hottilities ;
a peace will furn ih the uiiift definitive arms,
to'thofe very men who are plowing the down
fall of the federal,/Conftittirii n and Govern
ment, and therfe hordes of diplomatic spies
and emifiaries, tha l wiil foHow the infidtous
treaty, will facilitate the work.
N O T I C F..
Philadelphia, 11 mo. 6, 1800.
ALL Persons indebted to the Estate V>f Peter
Reeve,deceafed, are reqnefted to make pay
mrnt; a.»<i all persons having demands again!! his
EtVate are defcred ta present their accounts for
settlement to
eo6t SAMUEL COATES, i Execntcrs.
Gazette Marine Lift,
I ' ', ARRIVEDj days
Zirig Bnftol, Brown, Havantia 28
i aine, Tabot, Mew Oi leans zc
Sloop Wafliington, Wefton, Havanna 17
Sugars—J. Gourjon
Brig Fri«rid(hip, Bliefield. ' • Bremen
Hunter, Gorham, Nova Scotia
Sloop Independence, Briggs, Savannanh
Arrived, brig Fame, Talbnt, From New
Orleans (ailed from thence the 13th ult. and
the Balife the iBth,in co. with the •
§h p Terrific, Brown, of this port for Charleston
Ship Sophia, Arnald, of and for Philadelphia
■ SjjLaii. Ph T nmi-i, r.rM l( l»n
for New York '
Sloop Dependence, Churnfides, of and for Phi
Left at New Orleans, the
81' ip A<?W, Drifcol, of Baltimore
Pfggy, Brazier, , of New York
Fame, of do.
Cleopatra, Waterman, of
Brig Sally, Andris, of
> Burk, of
Scbr. Miflifiippi, Biitts, of Baltimore
Sslly, , of Wilmington
In the river Mifliffippi pafll-d thelhip Liberty,
Miller, frrm hence, and a febooner from New
York, hft from New Providence which hid
bt'n carried in.
Captain Buik,waslafl from Providence, had
been i'ent in also.
PhipHjrvy, Boyd, eftbuport, bai arrived
at Mal»f»a, from Barcelona.
Prig Morning Star, —, and fchoonrr
Fanny, Winflow, from hesce, hive arrived at
Drig Dispatch, Rose, from Hull, it below—
(long passage.)
Brig Sally, Hampton, brig ClarilTa, Ni
cholt, and schooner Aulanta, of tais port,
were at C'jrracoa the aoth ultimo—three Bri
ti(h frigates lay there-
Brig S (arinah, Culhing, from hence, ha»
arrived at Port Repriblicam.
SALEM, November 4
Yesterday arrived at Marblehead, fchoon»r
Betsey, Captain Barker, thirty-fix da>» from
Hamburg- Left there the brig William, Cap
tain Hurlt, of Baltimore, to fail la fix days
BOSTON, Odtober3i.
Arrived, schooner Daflier, Christopher, Ha
lifax five days.
There were only three privateers fitted out
at Halifax. The Liverpool privateers we un
derhand are hauled up for the fcafon.
On Saturday arrived, brig Nancy, Willi
ams, Ali;ant via Salem ; , Lewi*, Halifax,
four days.
Ob Sunday arrived, ship Houlbrook, Sayer,
Greenock, twenty-fix days—has completed
hervoyrge in three months !
On Monday arrive 1, schooner Nancy. At
kins, Malaga. September »S, latitude 35, 30,
longitude ti, spoke (hip Mechanic, forty-four
days from Baltimore for Le -horn. October 9,
latitude 37, 10, longitude 34, 30, spoke brig
Huntrefn from Malaga tor New York. Oilo
ber 15, latitude 3.8, longitude 51, 30, spoke
ship London Packet, fron Baltimore for Lon
don „
At quarantine, (hip Favorite, Hilary, Mala
ga, failed Oilobcr 1, ant is twenty jays
fram the mout'i of theSreights. Left ship Re
serve, N»w York ; brig Morning Star ; schoo
ner fanny, Philadelphia, all at quarantine ;
and (hip Harry, of Philadelphia, from Barce
lona, jufl arrived.
NEW YORK, November io.
Brig Hnntrefs, IJoyt, Malaga 47
Brig I, uifa, Scr, Havan«a ao
Sloop Rarhel, Reynolds, Caps Francois 17
Sbip Suffolk, liu.ifd, 'Liverpool 50
Was boarded on ih» paflige by leveral Bri
tilh frigates, and trea'tMt politely. The' (hip
Swift wa« to fail for this port in f.iur days after
the Suffolk.
Extradl from the L°g Bock of the brig Lanifa,
Star* from H»»itin*h, »rn»ed btri <—
" Wednesday, November 5, at 8 P- M. in
latitude 40, 17, l ngitude 73, 45, in fifteen fa
thom water, was boarded by an officer from a
brig mounting fourteen guns, fhewtng no co
lours, and after a ftri<s\ examination ot the ves
sels papers and breaking open the hatche», and
a detentinu of fourteen hours, permitted to pro.
ceed. The officer would not inform Captain S.
name of the brig, or where she was fron,
but he supposes (he was called the N:>nefucji,
commmded by a Captain Cenk, formerly of
this p- rt, and thatfhe wasfroio New Providence.
He prfTed one of Captain Stv"' men, and corf
prll-ri hitu to give an order on his owner in N.
York, for the mans wages. He also offered
300 dollars to >ne of the people to inform
airalnlt the Louisa.
Prices of Public Stock,
Philadelphia, Novf.mbe
High- p«rcect. (lock—loß a 108 1-4
Sis pet cent, and ") „„ Ba
Na/; ditto 88 1-4 a 88 j 4
Deferred 6 per cent 86 1-40 87
Three percent. 54 I 4 a 54 1-1
5 I-» per cent. >
4 1-1 per cent J none at market
BANK U. States, r 37a! ??£ P MM ad.
Pennfylvauia, i s lai 31 ditto (
■ N. America 15111151 ditto f * eo
Insurance C» Fains'a 1 10.11 11 ditto J
North America 85 10
Turnpike - 150 a 460 dolls- 300
Schuylkill 3ridi;e • - • par -*5
Water Loan, 87$ dolls. 100
Land Warrants it a3O dolls. 10.1 acres
St.AuguJiine Cburcb Lotfery'Tichtt dollars
On Londoa at £0 days 714 « 75^
On Amsterdam, do 30 a4O cent- )
t*r Florin >
On Hambsrgh do 36 a3 7 cer.ts \
[per Mark B,i:>ca ■
Rates of Foreign Coins 'and Curren
rencies in tbe Unit.d States—per
act of Congres for payment of Du
Dolls. Cls.
Englilh pound ftcilii:g 4 44 ")
Irilh do do 4 10 i
Dutch Florin or Guilder o 40 (
Hamburgh Mark banco o 33 I-3J
Loft this morning,,
ABOUT ttn o'clock, in Walnut street, cr in
Fourth near Walnut street, Oven Bank Notes,
amounting togrtVrr, to One Hundred and Forty
Dollar*. Any pcrfon that may have found the
fame is requefled to drliv-.r them to the owner, at
No. 117, i .u'h Front street, and lhall be rewarded
for his trouble if requited.
November 10. diw.
For Sale,
ifj&L T|HE brigantine
ihe is huiit of the best feafooed *>hite
.kgt-— —.iak anu was failed an tha fcocks—
wnl carry j'iout lsoeSh;rrels of slur, and may he
sent to sea at a fmsll For terms apply to
No. 11 J, South Front St eet.
Novem v er 10 <>•
Par amount
of a flare
Wanted, to charter for Madeira,
A good Veflel,
lrco " r 1,100 b»rrels
Saw Manufactory.
No. 10, south Eifth ftrett,
Manufactures mill, crofi cut anj
saws, equal in quality, appearance a:, i sap«fap« '
to any ever imported; which I.* f(ll6 übolefale
at the following prices—6 Ictt tniii fa*s 511 dol
lar each ; crcfs-ciu d > 5 3 ecu's jtr lcot; pitt do.
60 cents per foot.
Wood-Cutters c * fieel Caws, and every other
tind, made to any particular dire<Slk>n.
oSober 10
Robert Smith & Cd;
No. 58,
; Sovrit Front-Street, ,
Have JuJl Received,
Per the Adlivt, Captain M-Doiigali, from
A London*
A few bales of white acd trown
Russia Sheetings;
Also, a genertfl assortment of
Suitable for the'feafon.
November 11 diet
Never acled here .
November 13,
Will be presented, a celebrated New COMEDY,
called—The •
Votary of Wealth.
Written by the author of Afcroad and at Home,
and performed at Covent Garden Theatre
witft un l -ounjed appiaHfe.
Old Viforly rvr Francis; Leonprd Viforly, mr
Wood j Or-ioj ly, r.ir Cooper ; Shar«ifet, ix,c
Bernard ; Oakwnrth, mr.Warren; Cleva.
(and, mr.Wignel); Harry Melville,
mr. Cain ; Mailer Hotel, mr
Pr:>mor; ; Nablj, mr BLif
le*; u i apfon, mr Du
a'lg; Waiter,mr
Lsily Jemima Vifi.rly mrs Salmon ; Caroline,
nr.ifi Wellray ; mrs Cleveland, tr.rs Shaw ;
Jul a Clivdind.mifsE Weftray ; Gan
gica, mrs Francis.
To ivbicb will be added,
No: ailed tfaii season, a Comic Opera,
1 he Poor Soldier.
* # * Oil Friday, The CU(ttr Spsflre, with
a new musical tntertainmerit, called ST.
DAVID'S DAY ; Or, The Honest Welfli
*\* A Tragedy, never afteJ in America,
l» in preparation and will be speedily pro
Box, one DoHaf. Pit, three quarters of a Dol
lar, and Oalkry, half a Dollar.
The Doors of the Tl eatre will opAn at 1-4 past
5, and the Curtain rii'est 1-4 pafl 6 o'clock.
Gentlemen and I.adies arerequefted to fend their
servants to keep places in the hosts at a quarter past
five o'i lick
" A Novel, a Poem, a Drama, which reprefipts
Virtue in lively colours, mo lds the reader on
the various chara&trs, who afl Wi.hrut hisper
cieviiijr it; they become intereQins, and the au
thor inculcites morality without fe miiig to
mention it." Lk Mircier.
Ju/l Publijhed,
(Sueceflors to the lite R. Campbell)—No. %o t
Chtfnut ftrcct, *
The Beggar Girl,
And her BenefaElrefs ;
Author of the We'fh Heiref.. Juvenile fodifcro*
tions, ignes de Cnurci, and Ellen, of
Cattle Hjwell.
In 3 voltrmcs—three dollars.
In the Ihip Difpatcn, Jacob B»: ner iru'er, from
Coffee, Sugar and
Of the firft quality,
William Sanfom,
Raines C. Fijher,
Jofcph S. Lewij.
ncvcmber 10
apply to
No. 115, Souih Front Street,
november 10 $
' I
# v

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