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.Gazette of the United States.
TUfcSS-AY hvp(,ls rweV Of CFMBER 9,
Pbiladll^hia, Dec. yth, 1800.
M*. Wayne, „
In.your paper of last evening is an ex
tract from the Boston Mercury, signed
W. Athearn, fhting that the brig Polly,
T. Rnndali, commander, was bought .at
Porto Rico, by a Frenchman called
Cartang->— property but covered
as American by Capt.' T. Randall. .
It is impossible for me to fay what
motive W. Athearn had in fabricating
and communicating so gross a falfehood,
and, it is equally irapoflible to calculate
the hijury it may be to the owners of
said brig Polly, 'and also to Gapt. Ran
dall, consequently I have already taken
m easures to have W. Athearn' arretted
as soon as he may be found in this coun
Having said this much, it may be ne
cefiary to inform you, that the brig Pol
ly, T. matter, belongs jointly
to John ■ Cafanave, ofNew-York, and
myfelf—that' the entire of said brig was
originally purchased with my money,
part gf the proceeds of the cargo of my
brig Ruhy, And for my owp account, by
Francis Mechtler, supercargo of said brig
Ruby —who afterwards fold to Capt. T.
Randall for account of J. Cafanave, the"
one half said brig Polly—conceiving it
to my interest, to interest Mr. Cafanave
in order to prevail upon his friend Capt.
Randall to take command fit her
I trust, Sir, that you and all other
Printers who have given publicity to W.
Athearn's communication, as extracted
from the Boston Mercury, will not hesi
tate to makfc this letter as public.
I afli> Sir, Yours, &c.
Looking oyer the of Thursday moi fl
it)?, I discovered an addrtft to " Friends and
Jellixuj citizens'' figncd by ene li'feph Blotm
f.eld ; and countt'fwncd 'iy " John Morgan :
this apjjejra to b» one of thofs precious ejijeirs
prepared for the gijl of pun Jacobin; and
is mui h in the stile i>t the Slab 7aiun proceed
ings f—but as it is signed hy Bloomfi'ld and
Mtrgan ; we are at a loft to fay who thef are
—unless beinft afhireed "ftheir names—Bloom
field and Sayre h*te ch lifted thertt: it is «*•'
Jain tbey no longer trie tfce plirafe—RepubH
A Gentleman from Dover, informs,
that the Electors of the State of Dela
ware have given
John Adams 3 votes—and
Charles C. Pinckney 3
The Electors of New York have una
nimously voted for Jefferfon and Burr.
The Electors of Connecticut have vo
ted unaninynifly for Adams and Pinck
It is worthy of remar't, that every ad
dress tjfcthe people of this State, and
every defence made of M'Kean's con
duft, since his elevation to the Executive
chair, has been signed, and written, by
the creatures immediately dependant on
his honor's pleasure.
The frigate Boston's prize, Le Ber
-ceau, is libelled in the Diltridl Court of
Captain Goodrich, arrived at New
York, informs, that he passed the fliip
China on Thursday last: the was then
wt anchor, but when the thick weather
•came on, she put off again—lt is expect
ed, however, that she will go to New-
York the fir ft favorable wind. He also
informs that a few days since, he saw 8
square rigged vefiels on the coast, beat
ing to.
A Minister once obferved'in a circle of
Courtiers that nothing could be more
ridiculous, than the manner in which the
Coilncil of State assemble in some of the
Negro nations. " In the Council
chamber, said he, are' placed twelve large
Jars, half full of-water. Twelve coun
sellors of State enter naked, and {talk
ing along with great gravity, each leaps
into his jar, and immerses himfelf up to
his chin, and in this pretty attitude
they deliberate on the national affairs.
You do n©t smile, continued the nnini
fterto a noble lord who fat next.Kim.
"Smile! No," answered his lordship,
" I fee something more ridiculous than |
that every day"—" Pray what is it ?"
returned the minister—" A country,"'
replied the nobleman, " where the
council is filled with nothing but jars." j
For President ar.d Vice Prt
United,. States.
& ziates.
- , " T '
• i
m r ; - !
j -§ *,■■£ 5 -
■< c: 4
New-Hampfljire, I
Haltoiufetts, ~|
Gjrneclkut, 9 9
New-York, 11 12
New-JcYiVy-, 7 7 00 00
Pe-n 11 i'y Ivan <a, 7 7.8 8
Delaware, 3 3
Man-land, 5 5 5 5
3i I 3' I 25 | 25 |
The " Address* to .the federal republicans
of New-JerfeyV' made by the committee ap
pointed to 'rei'ommerd to liable candidates
to reprrfent thai state 111 the ensuing Con
gress, deserves the attentive pent fa I of all,
who feel an intrrell in the tranquility of their
country and the Itability of their govern
ment. This attention is due not only from
the people of but from t(iofe of
ev»ry (late, in the Union, as well on account
of the perfunal refpedability of the members
t the committee* .is on account of the cor
\c& anil judicious feji.tirornts. contained in
the addivfa i;('eli'« They are thc,'fentiments
of wife men, sudrffled thof- who have
judgment to difcrn, wlm the people ought
to do, and lion-fly to perform their dut-.
Tlie adtlrefs commences with an able
though summary fUtement »>f the progrels
and present (tate of the JacoUtmc tacti.ui of
diforgtnizers in tliis country, and proceeds
to ferret them out ffoni their " refuges of lieo"
and to expose them, in their native detor
mitys by demonstrating tliat their leaders
have, from the beginning, been in puifuit
of power and plunder as their ultimittj and
«xcli>(i\<e obj.-fts.
It then goes on, in a perspicuous man
ner, to exhibit some of the nioft prominent
cdvantages which have lefulted from the
operation of the Federal Government, and
fatisfafWily fliews that it has been eminent
ly efficacious in producing all the national
benefit* which could be expedled from the
moil free, and equin le Government.
The aJdrefs concludes by earncftly cal
ling upon all ibofc of the people of New.
Jerfv-y.-wtio are Rtpuolicanj Lndevd, tollipw
therofelves men, and to tnanifeft their at
tachment to the conditutioiial litteriy of
• their country, hj appointing such men to
represent ttaro til the enfuity Congrs-fs as,
from their sr krtowledged talents, and inte
grity, may be relird on to pufue tbat
fyfltm of ineafurei, has hitherto ftc
teeded in k«»eptiig under that daiiii,;- and
blo'-dy-miiMjod faiitiou which has attempted,
with a murdcroLS grasp, to ftrangle'our
infant conUitutiou in its rndle, and to
unfetter a lawless, me reliefs in b of ruffuns
to riot on the fpods of our honellly acquired
p» Hellions.
The style of the address is terse and cl-t(Ti-
Cal, w II calculated to make a
impiTllon upon the plain good sense' of
honcfl men- To speak its hifheft prail'c,
it is, in all things, totally unliko the irufe
lefs ravings of tlirfc swaggering, threatning,
cowardly gangs of foreign printers, all £\;-
oncers, and oftlevs, who infell this city, de
nouncing oar Senate, deciding upon the ta
lents of our inolr diflinguifhed lawyers and
speaking civil of thofc things which they
understand not."
It will,not be thought inapposite, on this
ocesfion, to call the attention of our coun
trymen to the manly and vigorous fuppurt.
w'aich the PKOPLE of New-Jerky ha»e
this year given to our free and prol'peToua
government, in opposition t» that lately
bullying, but now despairing herd who were
hugging themfeWes in the hope that the next
year would commence with the fubvertion of
all law civil anddivine, and the introdudYion
of that cruelrft of all despotisms, the despo
tism of an unprincipled mob,
• Pub lifted in yefMrday'j gazette.
The Editor of the Aurora this morning,
exultingly boafls that the election of Mr.
Galliard, as speaker of the hotife of Uepre
fentatives of South'Clarolina is proof positive
that there is ;.n Anti-Federal majority.
We are willing to admit Mr. Gallinrd was
elefted but this is no proof of the honie be
ing Anti-Federal. Mr, Galliard isefteem
ed by all his compatriots, and was voted lor
by both (hitiei. In fad he U not a Demo
crat. We again repeat, and the public may
rtly on it, that the legislature is fed
eral. We could, give high authority for
our afTertion, but at present we think it fu
Philip Thomas, Esq. is chosen a mem
ber of the Senate of Maryland, in the
room of Nicholas Hammond, re
Printing In the Nations! Library at
Paris, I'ome parts of the Bible have been
found trsnllaied into German, and printed
at Bamberg by Albert Pltiftrr, in 1462.
The cha: adlers are moveable, like thofenow
made use of ; their form is a Urge Gothic,
suCh as was then ufcd to wiit.e mifTnls; the
date Ec place of the printing, as well
aj the name of the printer, »re at the end
of th - b»ok, printed in tho fame
as the re It of the work ; th'- Gertfian expres
sion joined to those dates, leaves no doubt,
| ilnt k's not to tl'e c irn;>c ; '.r>n o: ■ 'i bon'ti | fa/DAT, Dfcfm&er j.
■ bist the - printing 3isiuttl.lr.li vl>e due | The i) u!r n t'oh. -d irtetf i,it» Vf.ojru.i'i'?
1462 is to be applied. " j pf'thc whole ow tJ»>- -hill for «reding <■,' Ma u
i ll!, iVrfefcvery of this 'bbok is Important ; folevm to George Wasbir.gtcv.'
in the liiftorv of pnntiri*>n t-he fclltSw.ng ( The fidl feci ion. being fpad, »tjic|i deter
accouiit ;_j'hxs; li (t'l)cw?!; (gaflihjj over 011 c f nt.nf, tiir form stud de mentions of th« Mau
or two small works) p.rin'bd in moveable fdleuiiv
characters, with a certain >*ite of the year, Mr. Allfton mm-sd nn amendment. sub
• 5 the Pfaiter of -1457, reprinted iu 1459. . diluting n Monument, in the place of a
From that epoch tot lie year <') 462 in which M.iufoleum, to he,treated in the Capital,
the Bible printed' at Metitz \vf John Full spirited .debate entiled ; in which the
and P. Schoeff t «e » know of ; amendment \vSs fupp'cirtcd •"by 'MeflYs. Mi
>o Vork'bearing..-the 'hltcof the printing. ; ft ou : Nigh-Jus, Nott# and Macon ; and
—Yet the Xm $ certainly not -nnpafedby Meflrj. H. Lee, Oris, and G, ,f
---the si' (t printed,, -jiisiyetit aflert, | wold.
that from the edition of a J Tlie cortimitte- r-.fc without Cooling to
Bible'in mi tTaf * clft r.i rife rs ye ;C begun; ; „ ny deof..*, reported progret-i and £jkcd
characters wjjjch arc ,no«". Thou- employed in j euye t0 gj a ,„ a , , - . , -
tfie /kfentz edition. JtjfGdestbeje are douiiU j
refpecliug the places ifi >»hich printing was
firli » exercited. fiftntz, Haarlem, and
Srraiburgh have " 'theic partizans.
Those of AlcMi' jfve v«t-y exclusive ;
they pretend, that all the year 1462,
printing was confined to that city ;
that it v»a= not till the troubles which fol
lowed the capture of it iu 1462, that the
workmen of Fust and Schokhfrr were]
dispersed and carried their art to different I
places. But the fai% that printing was not j
tarried from- Menu till after the capture of
it by Adolphus de Naufl'au, on the 27th of
October 1462, is now-centradifted by the I
edition of a book prlhfrd at Bamberg, a!
town far oft"from Ihortly after the ;
111 of May, 1642. Times
* .;
' "f
*\ J
From a Correspondent: . j
By captain Wtfte'rn, of the brig Gicvf,
winch arrived oil Sunday fiom Havana,
information was obtained, that, on Tuesday
lafti>he todk a young' wpinan and her infant,
about eight months nld, from pfT a wreck
of a vefTcl from Kingston to" Norfolk,
■.'i'fiis unforttinjttf had 16ft her huf-
Innd abaut lix days before. The.circtini
ftance is extremely melancholy, viewing a
widow and her helpless infant, throwrr on
our (hore, friendlefs perhaps, and unproteft
od. She laved nothing, but herfelf and
. b.ibc. The writer of this knows not the
person ; but whoever (he -is, he participates
from fynip,.thy in her' diftr»fj. He is indu
ced to mention the above iiiformtiion, from
an a flu ranee, that there are breasts in Charles
ton so ful'y*ccfiipied with the divine attri
bute, Charity—that, some inquiry will br
made concerning her._ She was oil her pat
fa;*e to Norfolk, vrith Ker hulband, to feitlt
there ; flulhed with hifpes, nearly reduced-ro
ceil iintyi of planting herfelf and partner on
a fpjt where they, might enjftv many happy
days, and rhir tHeir tender ffspring ; but,
gracious god ! in a, feifr days, what a scene !'
Herhufband (lieevery inll. expefting
Cv> be (wallowed upljy bijrfling wave*,iwhtch
were ov?rwhf.lmng hir. Almighty P>o
vidence marie capt. W. the instrument of his
mercy rxtt.'iidairt ; to\vard» her ; (he is favtd,
■but' to what ? Let "it not be fiid, you, whose
cups. ove(fli>\v _uijh. C/nJy bit (lings ; let it
not he said that y»u want the will 1 if com
forting this diftrrPTed Ceniale, so far as her
miseries nlay enable her m receive comtjort.
'Seek the unhappy w nderer ; out of your
.ihuiidlnce (pare a Utile' f it may be Kbuiv
dince to her ; piytedt the Mother , chc rifh
the orphan. Pity J)et iifßitlion ; let the
fur the It ends of thtsV<th knoto that you, vir
tuous irhabitanM of South-Carolina, hold
every person in distress your iatier or your
brother ; let theui tet.
" That to the h,iufelefscf.i!d of Wint,
" Your dCRirU ire open ftil! ;
" And tho' vrtlr portion is but feint,
«' You give it with gO'»d wilt."
Soutb-Cartlina. 3 A A J 6l>. 1800
f.V- •
JVKDifSS'IJAr, December 3.
Mr. Gregg moved that the petition of
Oliver Pollock, pre fen ted the Other d iv, and
a report.heretot'oie made by the comijittee
of chircs, together with the documents ac
companying t.>e fame, might be referred loa
committee of the wholr hotife.
Mr. Macon opposed this reference, and
fuperctdrd the motj';n by one to reter it
to the committen ins, which car
ried. p
Adjourned. ,
Thvmdat, December 4.
A letter was received from the conireiffi
oners of' this city, enelolihg a colored plan
of the city.
Mr. Macon, from the "committee of claims
made a report on tlie petition of Darby
M'Nemara, ">lWrt being barred by tire sta
tute, it ought itbt to be^rinted.''
The lik? report .was made relpedling the
petition of MvcUat'l Miihlenberg.
The house mifiur red in the reports.
A memorial was prefehted to the house in
behalf of Smith and Thomas
Carpenter, Who fetted the inconveniencie*
rcfulting'to iliem fjt thf • profecutioiv of their
engagements, ?-> report t'lie debates and pro
ceedings' of C.>ngrtrls, without the house
should grant them permission to ft.n d within
the bar of the house.
The referred to a commit
tee of five to consider and report
thereon. i. ■ ■
Mr. Speaker fitpiified the desire of Mr.
Lisle, chaplain <ii' the hotffr, to open the
chamber of thf representatives for public
worfliip on Ktindayu-leave was thereupon
gnated. TK? gafjarie? are appropriated for
the-andienpfa, ani,the floor for the members
of the two floufc: and their friends.
I Dim, or} Saturday mamms;, Mr.
i J.amks Hkmdkbson, of the firm of Knox
!' k Hei)tierfon, merchants qf this city.
Seldom is society: beiet«cd qf. a member
more truly eltimaWe than was Mr. Hen
derfor.. A peculiar irtoffenfi v (fiefs of cha
' rafter, equanimity oi njind and affable
| manners, gained him the efteerj of all who
I knew him ; and a ftrift integrity & lndoftri
ous attention in his mercantile purluits,
' ranked him among the firfl of t(i»t ufeful
class of citizens—Flu virtues were of
the retired kind.—ln private life, in th
bofom of his family ami friends, they fhonr
molt fair ; and the sweet remembrance of
them will often claim a tributary tear to his
memory. Irue Ame
Gazette Marine Lift.
Arrived Days
Brig Lucretia, Cangdon Newbedford
Oil and Plaifter Paris—to captain.
Schr. Fre»dom, Rebinl'on Kavalina
via Wilmington
Sugars—R. Ralfton.
Sloop Bttfey, Lnke,
Plaifter Paris to captain.
Ship Acftive, jlf-Dougal tofidoii
Thoi ias Crfilkeley, Atkins Lifboa
3 oop 'icerb, Wilkins, Havaijna
" Brit'ith Brig A'tatanta, frow Kingflon,
Jamaica-, to tttif port, ran alhore near New
Pi ovidence> in a gale of wind., principal
part of the cargo saved and arrived at New
Britifb brig Atlantic, from Kingston, (Jim )
to this port, ran alhore near New Providence,
hi a gale of wind. The pr'ncipai part of the
carpo ftved. an<t ariive ] at New Provtdenc?
A letter from New York. receive! hy (his
days r. ail, f<«yS " the lhip China, with a pilot
on board, ft od out to lea a in on JTufiay
laftj owjng to contrary windi."
NP«.' YOKK, D-'ember 8
'* - ' ' ARRIVED, diy.
Sh!p Qbina, Jofiah, Batavia
Brig General Lindemun, Goodrich, Cur-
Schr. linnet, Seeh",
Eagle, Kuthiord, St Bartholomews 14
Ship Maryland, Webb, London
Chceclman, Guthrie, Amftcrdam
Felicity,. —, CapedeVerds
Schr. Olive, Arnold, tit Thomas
Captain Van Antwerp, late cf the schooner
Uony, airived her* on i'rida,- from HaMax.
informs *hat hs vefle'i and carg «> ».oi dam
ned, befidesthe following r*c«rt condi uncti
The brg Ch-arlcs and Henry, Fipchm no'
Ch>rlsflon t Veflel condemned and cargo ch r
Rr-isj Eliza ind Miry, Ried, ol New York,
cait;o condemned and vefltl cleared
A Danilh'brig rrom Havanna bound to Bal
-1 tiir.ore not ried.
Brig Aflrea, of New York ar Shelburne—
not l itd.
A brg in thirty,feven day 9 from Liverpool,
bound to liofton, ha<i pvit jitto Halifax in dif
The brig Earl Moiri, his arrived at Hal fax
in forty-eight hours from Button.
The fh'p Governor Sumner, Leach, has ar
rived at B«lio:i fronsfTarraeom a id Leghorn ;
thf Thomas Buffet, froip Le.linr^.
For the third time here. *
* ♦
New-Theatre. % for to o lad >es.
Dcctsv'cr 10, COLUMBIA 3E,
Will lie prcfenteJi a celebrated new Comedy, h;gO AK BI N"<J DAX-S CHO O L
-S nil., called j ri-con; mencfd
t-k/a Plono-Vl [-For the wi- tfr teal'mi, on Moivhy, C/c'obet
X Walnut-, between Sujurth nd
Written by Thomas Morton, Efq autnor of Co- j Fiith-llreets.
lumh««, the VJ ay to ge Maxru.!, Cure for the Ty/fRS, GROOMBKIDGE refpe&fully ac-
Heart Ache, Secrets V* orth Knowing, JVJ. ko pledges she liberal encouragement
v Children in the \Vood», «c..See. and fX p cr ienced, for more than seven years
now-perform...* at the Covent . Philadelphia, and, is the moil expressive proof
Garden lheatre, with G f pratitude, will be a continence of ti, ■ u rc f -
Tr ,. , mvc a ' . tPiltrag attention/al'eady pa*d to hff pupils ;
IV.tb new scenery and decorations. i fl rttr f. her f-l t , lt wi u he the belt recommenda-
Sir Philip B'andford, mr Cooper; M-WOfWn,. fat , ;re vat rori C e.
mrWigoell; Sir Ahet HaoJy, mr. Wtrrn; T , e bran,iK<(or sir of them rep-
Bob |Hany mr Wood; Kerry, mr. C«n; } d 0 ). 2S L.t agreeaST,
Farmer Aftfieid, mr. Bernarc; Ev.-rween. Mr . e i b aIH J Un ?Uac e»
M.t.-is ; Geriln, mr Pri^mo-e; Pof!il.:'>r>, a»e . _ . , • •
Hopkina, Vf.ung Handy'.Servant, mr Duran f ; • gwn.mafcal.y , u-r^np.
Peter, Mr Baily* I ?*t» f' c! « h . K ;S h,f1, . ,r ' n i VOwI
Mil's Plan If rd.miss E. Wcrtray; Lady Handy, and mftruKnental, drawing ahd daneirp.
Mrs Shaw ; Susan AMeM,' mis. We»eay 5 1 p, *"l work, roarkwy, «tobf*» .ery andtum-
Dame AlhfieM, mrs Franc!*. j bnur » gold; fi.ver or colour., amfi-
Country Laffes—i»if« Arnfid, taifa Solo&Ofti, 'Vial fid « ers, fancy bfclkttt, «etTWTg, nair, print
mrs Doxflor, mrs Stuart, <Scc l&t q*'" ' nu>flin sork pfcyeYy kinci.v
In act 11, ,
A Country Dance,
By the'chara&ers.
To which will be tirifi, a f.iv rite Farce : in
two afls, cabled
The Prisoner at Large ;
Or, the Humours of Killarney.
Neatly executed at the Gjjice of the
Gazette of the United Statees
Philadelphia Dancing AfiTmbly,
VFhe fecnnS gill v.n'bp J.I : UI ThurP'fty
Evening nttctvjrt Mr. 's Hotel.
The Cttture Balls will be o*-- *■ :'-v-ia» v
J evening during f *V
■■■'■■ 9 ■- -
Wanted to charters
A Vessel;
" . of Ijo or alo tain burtldV. ■
wpjljr to . • . • • -r
, Jdrntt, Qitfom, if Engliflt.
.11 mt. qrti. . .. . . - f
j he Cargo
Copt Sfockln.from Baiavia,
Coffee sugar & pepper
Of.the bejl quality.
William Wain.
4 ,
fjecember 9. 6t
Lorain 5c Son,,
No. 5;
K)R,r/i Third-Sweet,
Chintzes & Calicoes,
Jriflj .Jfr*ens, sewing silk and best rich fear 1 twi?ti
■'cotch rhrlfcads, tvith u tariety r of other feai'onabie
Drjr Gee vis..
A.' d * larp? fitpply of
Carpets and Carpeting,
Of the iateii
To be sold or bartered,
for L>ry Goods, a bandfome -hree-ltory
With piiizi ar.ft kitchen adjoining, situate In
Vin« urar Fourth flreet, built in modern flile,
with excellent materials, and well calculated to
accommodate a targe family.
dcturn'-tr io dat—'fa tf
Bank of North America.
Notice is hereby givfn m the
Stockh«'ders of the of North Amer
ica. that on the fccon l Monday, the uth day
ot January next, an Ele&iijn of twelve Direc
tors f.r lhs cnlVwg year, will be heU at the
Bai k at ic ot the clock in the afternoon.
H BKINKEK, jsnr. Ca(hi<rr.
D'--fmbcr q. j»«r w&dtt-xj.
The Partnership
WAS DeWv»fl th; 3d inftfr.t, by mutual
content, and jan;t» CrfiFo.i is duly au
thor.zc,l ic ; iul th c ncrrn< nr fud firm.
r»cot jo
Halifax 5
BK it remenbercfl lhat on the 14th, day of Oc- ,
t«ber, in the twenty fifth year of the Inde
pendence of the United State* ol America, Charles
W. Uoldiborough of tb* Pud Di(lri<ft hath depo«
(ited in this offic*, the title of ■* book, the right
whereof he claim, as author,, ia the words fol
low iug to wit.
original 1 J ,;orrcfi lift of the
United States Navy,
Contairiinga lift *;t {)! ratio comitiifiion, and their
Ali tot office 1 g and their rank, as well thofc be
longing to the Navy, as Marine Corp*.
And a Digejt
Of she priacipa Law* eating t* th x Kavy,
&c &c. &c'
By Charles W. G Idsbo+ounb.
In cooC rmi: ,' to the ail of Congrtfs of the
United ••tarr*. in. ■ uisd •• An for the en<, ur-
it of learning, hy fefunr>£ the Colics of
maps, charts and bo ks, to th." auhora anu jiro
prietors ol luch Copies, daring the times therein
Clerk of the Diflrift of Maryrd.
iiO»*«iher :l - Umki4J
/I.'.'iwt 4t-f, I oCO.
"T'HE cotnmandi- <r Offi'\-rs de
i tacbmeijt potts firril 'i. . and rrcruitiftg
parties, be'.ongi gt ■ :ht rsi'u Uiy "ftaMifl.raent
of the Lhitc'l Mate ,a' t 1 vepott to, and
ftceire orders frorn BriffJtii Wil
kinlon > in the City of Vt ->h>ti£' mi, and all
ofivets on fi'iriough are t • r p. :t tliemfelvej to
the fame officer <\.chai : P.: ie 'ifpatdi.
Secretary of War.

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