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Of the-Pittsburgh Glass iVnrbs,
HAVING procured a fufficisnt number of
tlit rrfoft ayprbvcd Eurripeas GlaisMafiu
fu&urerj, an ', having (in hand a large stock of
the belt Materials, ..in which their workmen are
now employed, have the pleasure of alluring
the public, that window glats of a superior qua
lity and of any size, from l>y 9, to 18 by 24
inches, carefully packed in boxes containing
too feet ea h, may be had at the (hortefi notice.
Glass of larger sizes for other purposes, may
also he had, such as for pictures, coach glides,
clock faces, Sc. Bottles of ali kinds and of any
quantity may also be had, together with pocket
llaflcs, pick'mgjarj, apothecary's (hop furniture,
or other hallow ware—the whole at lcaft 2$ P er
cerit. lower than articles of the fame quality
hroiight frcim any of the sea ports of the United
States. A liberal allowance will be made en
sale of large quantities. Orders from merchants
and others will »e pumflually attended to on ap
plication to JAMES O'HARA or ISAAC
CRAIG, or at the Store of MeflVs. PRATMER
andSMILIE) in Manket-Street, Pittlburgh.
March i, tuthtf.
THE Proprietors of the Philadelphia and Lan
tafur line at Stages DISPATCH, tsturn their
grateful dunks to their friends and the public in
general, for the pafl favors tkey have received, and
inform them that in addition to the regular Line,
thay are provided wich Carriages,fober and careful
drivers, to go through between the City and
Borough is two days. Those who prefer this mode
of travelling can he accommodated at the Stage
Office, sign of United States Eagle, Market street,
Slougb, Dawning, Dun-woody W Co.
Nov. 3Q„ f *t—§
THE public are hereby informed, that the Bal
timore Coachee wilt in future flare frem this In
dian Queen, No. ij, south Forth flreet, every day
except Sunday, at 7 o'clock, and will arrive at
Peck's Tavern, Baltimore, the next day at 8 o'clock
and the Stages to New York, will dart every day
at 8 and II o'clock.
N. B—A book is kept open at Mr. Ely Chan
dler's Franklin Head, where feats may alfa be ta
ken in the above line ot llagcs,
An Invoice of
Playing Cards.
SUPERFINE Columbian, Harry the Vlllth
aud Merry-Andrew Playing Cards, fer fait cheep
for calh—Apply at thii Office.
feptrmber 13.
Prevention better than Cure.
For the prevention and cure of Bilious and
MjligndnX Fevers, is recommended,
Anti-bilious Pills,
WHICH have been attended with a degree
®f success highly grateful to the inven
tor's feelings in several parts of the Weft-In
dies,an<l the f )iithern parts of the United State -
particularly ") Baltimore, Petersburg, Rich,
mO»d, Norfolk, Edenton, Wilmington,Charlcf
ton, Shvanpah. &c. The testimony of a num
ber of persons in each of the above placet can be
adduced, who have reason to believe that a
tirselv ufa of th'i salutary remedy, has, under
Providence, prel'erved their lives when in the
raoft alarming circumstances.
of this conclusive nature fprak more in
favour of a medicine, than columns of pompous
eulogy, founded on mere aflerti-n, could do.
It is tint indeed presumptuously proposed as
an infallible cure, but the inventor has every
possible reason, which can result from extesfive
experience for believing that a dose «f these pills,
taken once every two weeks during the preva
lence of out annual bilious fevers, will prove an
infallible preventative ; and further, that in the
earlier ftagts of those diseases, their use wiH
Very generally succeed in restoring health and
frequently in cases eftecmed desperate and bey
sud the power of common remedies
The operation of these pills is perfeilly mild
and maybe used with fafety by psrfonsin ever
situation andofevtry^age.
They are excellently adapted to carry pff fu
pcrfluousbike andprevent its morbid fccretions;
to restore and amend the appetite ; to produce
• free perfpiratibn and thereby prevent colds
which ire iftten of fatal conitquence. A dafe
Merer fails to remove a cold if taken on its firft
appearance. They are celebrated lor removing
habitual coftivenefs r fickncfs of the fteraach and
severe head-ache, and ought to be taken by all
perilous on a change of climate.
They have been found remaikably efficacious
an preventing and curing moll reorders attend
ant on long voyages, and should be procured
and carefully preserved forufe by every seaman.
Dn. HAHN's
'Genuine Eye-water.
A c»rt»in and fafe remedy for all difeifot of thj
tyes, whether tha cS»£t of natural weaknef«, or of
accident, speedily removing inflammations, de
fia - ions of rheum, dullness, itching, and films in
the eyes,never failing to cure thoft maUdies which
frequently fucce«d the fniall pox, measles and fe
vers, and wo«deriuUy (lengthening a weak fight
Hundreds have experienced its excalient virtues
when ntarly deprived of fight.
Tooth-acbe Drops.
Th* ml) remedy y«t difc®T»rwi wMahgitcaim
medfiU mm lalli/ig relief la the noft trwfi in
The Anodyne Elixir.
For the cure of every kind ef head-ache, and •!
pains in the face and neck.
Infallible Ague and Fever Drops.
Thh medici.-e has never failed, in many thou
sand cases not one in a hundred has had occasion to
take more than one bottle, and numbers not hall
a bottle. The money will be retwned if the cu»e
is not performed.
No. 17) South Sec#nd Street,
And no where else, in Philadelphia.
Where alfb may be had, Dr. Hamilton's Worm
Daft*oying Lozenges, his Sovereign Elixir tor
coughs, &c. Restorative Drops, Etfencc and Ei
traift of Muitard, Sovereign Ointment lor the Itch,
Dr. Hahn's infallible OeVman Cam Plaifter, In
dian Vegetable Specific for the Venereal com
plaint, Gowland's and Persian Lotisn, Restorative
Tooth Powder, Damaflc Lip Silve, Church'
Cough Drop", Anderf»«'» Pill#, &c. &c
This D.iy is PubliJJjcJ,
At Wm. Young's Book-store,
Original and correal Lift
United States Navy,
A Lift of the Ships in Cormiijfiion, and their
refpe&ive force.
A Liil of the Officers and their Rank, as
well those belonging to the Navy as the
Marine Corps-
To tuhicb is added,
A Digest of the principal Laws relative to
the Nnvy, &c. See.
Price 3.5 cents each, and at »o dollars
per 100.
nov"iberi6 eo6t
Philadelphia Academy.
0- Mr. Francis Gallct,
AN experienced and approved Inftruflor, has
undertaken to teach the FRENCH LAN
GUAGE in this Seminary, to such of the Young
Gentleman as may choose to place themf«lves un
der his care
gy Parents and Guardians are rcq»efted to
make immediate application, that all the fcholan
may begin at once.
Samuel Magaw 7 Directors of
Jan es Abercrombie J the Academy.
O&olier 41. nawtf.
English Grammar,
Has this Day been publiftied, by Asbuk)
Dick ins, opposite Olirift-Cliurch,
[Price One Dollar.]
Oitober 7.
That large and commodious
At the cornet of Arch and Ninth streets.
To be Let,
THE hohfe, stable, coach-house and lots, lately
by Major Butler, Gtaate a» above
For tcrais apply to J. B. Wallace, No. »8, north
Fifth ftr««t.
nftnbrr II law tf
A LI, persons indebted to the F.ftate of Thomas
Herman l.euffcr, merchant, JtCv-aleJ, arc
requofted to make immediatepsynient; and thofc
who have any demands against faij estate, are re
queued to produce their accounts, properly attsft
eJ, forfettlemect.to
No. 34, north Fifth street.
tiovemhar it ja*4*
OLD Long Primer,
Small fir a on Pica lWy,
Englilb, Chafes, Composing Sticks, ind agrea
variety of articles neceflary to carry on the Prin
iug Business. They will be fold cheap t»r cash
Apply to the Printer.
The Works
or THE
Hon. James Wilson, Esq. L. L. .D
Ljlc one of the Associate Justices of tbe
Supreme Court of tbe United States and
Professor at Law in tbe College and
Academy of Philadelphia.
From the original manufc t, in the polTeffion of
Bird Wilson, Esq.
These work* (hall be elegantly printed in two
volumes oSavo, and fubfcrib«ri at
five dollars.
They (hall be put to preft as soon as the fubferip
tions will juftify ihe expence of publication.
Subscriptions will be received by
The puWifher, opposite Christ-Church, Phila
delphia ; and bj the principal bookfeHers through
out the United Statss.
A of the werk may be seen at
the place of fubl'cription.
feptem'-er 13 §
BE it remembered that on the 14th day of Oc
tober, in th: twenty fifth year of the Inde
pendence of the United States of America, Charles
W. (Joldfborough of the said DiftriA, hath depo
sited in th'l9 office, the title of a book, the right
whereof he clai«u, as author, in the words fol
lowing, to wit.
An original and correct lift of the
United States Navy,
Containing a 'id of ihips in commiCßon, and their
refpeftive force.
A li 1 of officers,and their r>nk, as well thofc be«
longing to the Navy, as the Marine Corps.
And a Digejl
Of the principal Laws relating te the N»*y,
&c &c. &c.
By Charles IV, Goldsborougb.
In conformity to the ail of Coagrefs of the
United States, intituled " An ail for the encour
agement of learning, by feturing the copies of
maps, charts and bo 'ks, to the authors and pro
prietors of fitch copies, during the times therein
Cl:rk of the Diftridl of Marynd.
Hovcmbcr is la*vsi4w
To Printers.
WANTED—m E**Un x t,
A FOUNT of Long Pnrafr, wtirhing 6
it 700 lb,, or upwirtU, tad a f*uaX of
Brtvitr, weighing 400 Ifcf. or upward*.
• Seftrmbir 2,
»■ »
cow ii i-f tout.
At the Stone-House, No. 4'. south Second
street, Philadelphia,
on a
Arts, Sciences,
Miscellaneous Literature ;
On a Pian entirelyNe-w,
liy which
The different Sciences and Arts
Are disfefted into the Form of D'tinft
rHF. Hiflory, Theory, and Prat Slice of each,
according to the latcfl Difeovrrics and im
provements; and full explanations given of the
various detached parts of whether relating
to nataral and artificial objeils or to matters
cleCallical, civil, military commercial, <cc. In
cluding !< lucidations of the mod important topics
relative to religion, morals, manners an 4 the ceco
nomy of life: together with a deforiftion ot all
the countries, cities, principal mountains, seas, ri
vers throusrhous the world; a gcn-ral Hillory,
ancient and modern, of the different empires, king
doms and Rates ; and an account of the lives of
th- mo£t eminent persons in every nation, from the
carhetl ages down to the prcfenc times, Compiled
Irom the writings of the befl authors, in several
languages; the mod approved dictionaries, as
well ot general sciences as of particular branches ;
the tranfailions, journals and memoirs, of learned
f> citties. both at home and abrcad ; the MS.
Ledlurcs of eminent profeffors on different fcien
ces; and a variety of original materials, furniftied
by an utenfive carrefpondence
The PuMilhcr having been solicited to furnifh
sets of shis valuable and important work by one
volume at a time, which, by dividing the pay
ments, might make the acquiGtion of the work
more convenient to 1 urchifers, proposes to dispose
of the few remaining copies on the following
The Work being already completed in Eigh
teen large Quarto Volmes in boards, Ele
gantly printed on Supei fine paper, illudra
ted u ith five htr.idered and forty-two Cop
I. A Volume in boards will be delivered to
each Subscriber every three montlie till the
whole be delivered.
11. The price to the Subscriber will be Seven
Dollars and a Hilf for every Volume in
in boards, payable on delivery, which will
amount t*> One Hundred and Thirty-five
Dollats for tie Eighteen Volumes, being the
present price for complete Sets of the work.
111. Each I'ußfcriber (hall pay the price of one
Volume in advance, tliat is, when the firll
Volume is delivered the price of the firft
and eighteenth Volume 10 be paid, and the
other Volumes to be paid on delivery.
Any Subscriber who may choose to have the
whole in a fhprter time than the above mention
ed periods, may haxe aoy number »f Volumes
that may be agreeable at the fame time at the
above prices.
To prevent any nvfundcrftanding it is pro
per to express that no Volume will be delivered
to any perfan without the monry, and as the
Sets on hand are but few in number,it will be
requfit that such asjchoofe tobecorne Subscribers
should apply as early as pefiib'.e to prevent dif
0- The Subscriptions will be received by
Thomas Dobfon, as above ;
Dec. 6. iaw6w
Powers of Genius,
To which are attached
General Criticisms en Author
By the Rev. John Blair Linn,
Minister of the First Prelbyterean Church, in the
City of Philadelphia.
This work will he put to prefi as soon as pofTiMe'
It will (orm a duodecimo volume ; will be printed
with elegance, on paper el the bed quality, and
will be delivered to fubferikers at the price of »ne
dollar, in boards. The woikwill be printed un
der the care, and at the cxpeuceof the author.
Subscriptions are received by Afbury Dick.
Thof. persons into whofehands fu,bfcriptior.
papers are deliv«red, are refpe&fully requested to
return them to the author, or to Mr. Oickins,
Bo kleller, at the expiration of three weeks from
this date.
Philadelphia, Dec. 6
The Porcupine.
I TAKE this method ofinforming the People of
the United States, (hat on tbe firft day of No
vember next, I propose to r.-fume the publication
of Porcupine's Gazette, under the title of THE
P9RCUFINE ; and to notify (in cafe any gentle
man in America should want it) that the price of
each Number will be sixpence ftrrling, and that
the calh must l»e received by me before the paper
can be supplied As to the mode of conveyance,
so frequent arc the opportunities from London to
New York, that files may be forwarded to the lat.
ter place once a fortnight upon an average—from
New-York they can be speedily conveyed to ev
ery part of the Union. When files can be, with
out Jelay, sent t.i oTUEa places diredl, it may be
done ; when rfiey cannot, th;y will all be fcnt te
New-York, unless otherwise ordered.
Porcupine s Works >
Which have been lometime in the Press, wil
be competed in February next, when the copies
fubferi -ed for in America will be forwarded to
the Subfcribcrs.
Any of my literary friends in America, who
may be disposed to renew their correspondence
with me; will please *o direct to me at my print
ing office, No. 3, Southampton street , Strand, or
at my Bookleller's (hop, No. 18, Pall Mall.
London, September 6, 1800.
Modern Europe.
rHE Second Volume of MODERN EUROPE
is now delivering to and may b
had of
W. Y. %ch,
o. 17, Souih Siuad Street
Oilober «j.
IVaJhingten, September ijl, 1800.
Public Notice is hereby Given,
In pursuance of an a 8 of Congress, puffed on
the 23d day of April, one tboufand eight
hundred, entitled "An a 8 te ejlublifh a
General Stamp-Office,"
THAT a General Stamp Office is now
eftabltfhed at the feat of government, in trie
city of Washington, from whence there will
ifiue, from and after the date hereof, (upon
the application of the Sttpervifora of the
Revenue, under whose management the
colleiliou of the (lamp duties i 3 placed) any
quantities of paper, parchment aad vellum,
marked or (lamped, and duly counter-damp
ed, with the following raljes of duty which
are dcmandablc by law :
For every flcia or piece of vellum or parchment,or
sheet or piece of paper, upoo which (hall be
written or printed any or either of the instru
ments or writings following, to wit,
A Dolls. C. M.
NY certificate of naturalization 5
Any licence to pradlice, or certificate
cWF the admiflion, enrollment or re
gistry of any coiinfellor, Solicitor
Advocate attorney, or proflor, in
any court of the United States la
Provided, that a certificate in any
one of the courts tof he United States, I
for any one of the said officei, (hall
so far a3 relates to the payment of the
duly aforefaid, be a fufftcient admif
(ion hi all the courts of the United
Stated, for each and every of the said
Any grant or letters patent,under the
seal or authority ef the United
States (except for lands gristed
for military services) 4
Any exemplification or certified copy
of any such grant or letters patent
(except for lands granted for mili
tary services) 4
Any charter-party, bottomry or re
fpondentia bond I
Any receipt or dilcharge for or on ac
count of any legacy left by any
will or other teftimentary inftru
rocnt, or for any (hare or part of
a personal eflate, divided by force
of any statute of diftri'iutions other
than to tile wife, children or grand
children of thc.perfon diseased, the
amount whereof (hall be above the
value rf fifty dollars, and (hall not
exceed the value of one hundred
dollars >5
When the amount thereof ftiall ex
ceed the value of one hundred dol
lars, and (hall not exceed five hun
dred dollars 50
And for every farther sum of five
hundred dollars, tke additional
Aim of 1
Atsy policy of infaranee or inflru
ment in nature thereof, when the
sum for wh»:h infurante is made
{hall not exceed five hundred dol
lars ts
When the sum inbirerf (ball exceed
five hundred dollars 1
Any exemplification of what nature
soever, that (haU pass the seal of
1 any court, other than such as it
rniy be the duty of the clerk *f
such court to furnifb for the use of
the United Stitee, or some parti
cular flats 50
Any bond, bill Tingle or penal, inland
bill of exchange, promissory
note or other note (other than any
recognizance, bill, band or other
obligation or contrail, made to or
with the United States, or any
slate, or for (heir use refpe*slively ;
a lid any bonds required in any cafe
bv the laws of the United States,
or of any state, upon legal process,
or in anv judicial proceeding, or
for the faithful performance of any
truftor duty)
If above twenty dollars and not
exceeding one hundred dollars 10 1
If above one hundred and not ex
ceeding five hundred dollars 35
If above five hundred and not ex
ceeding one thoufind dollars jo
And if above one thcufand dollars 75
Provided, that if any bonds or
notes (hall he payable at or within
sixty days, such bonds or notes Ihill
be fubjcfl to only two-fifth parts of
the duty aforefaid, viz.
If above twenty and not exceeding
one hundred dollar* 4
If above one hundred dollars and not
exceeding five hundred dollars 10
If above , five hundred dollars and
not exceeding one thousand dolls. ao
If above one thousand dollars 30
Any foreign bill of exchange, draft
or order for the payment of money
an any foreign country ao
The said duty being charge
able upon each and every bill of ex
change, without refpefl to thje num
ber contained in each set.
Any note or bill of lading or writing
or receipt in nature thereof, for
goJtls or merchandize to be ov
ported ;
If from one diftriift to another dif
ttitSl of the United States, not being
in the fame (late 4
If from the United States to any fo
reign port or place 10
The fawd duty being chargeable
upon »ach and every hill of lading
without rafpeifl to the number con
tained to each set.
Any notes iflued by the banks now
efhblilhed or that may be hereafter
established within the United
States, ether than the notes of
such of the said banks as (hall a
gree to an annual composition of
one per centum on the annual di
vidends made by such banks, t«
their ftcfckh' lders refpetfiively, ac
cording to the following scale :
On all notes not exceeding fifty dol
lars, for each dollar 6
Qn all notes above fifty dolbrs and
t not exceeding one hundred dollars 53
On all note? above one hundred dol
lars andnotexceeding five hundred
dollars *
On all notes above five huadred dol
Any protift r- other >£t
Any letter nf. torney, tacpt for
an invalid pm;. . or to oliiain nr
Crll warrinu for tand granted by
the United Stat** *« bounty for
inihtary ferviees performed in the
late war
Any inventory or catalogae of any fur
niture, gratis or iffoits, made in any
cafe required by law (except in cases .
of gcods and chattels diflraine-d fcr
re:.# «r taxes, and goods taken in vir
tue of aii y legal proiefs by any officer 5c
Any certificate* rf a (hare in any infu
ranci company, of a lhar,; in the bank
of the United States, or of any state
or other bank ;
If above twenty dollars and not exceed-
ing one hundred dollars
If,above one hundred dollars
If under twenty dollars, at the rate of
ten cents for one hundred dollars.
I hat tiie power of tihe supervisors of the
Revenue to mart or ft Jmp any vellum,
parchment or paper chargeable wvdi duty,
will cease and determine from and after fix
months from the date hereof, to wit, on the
taft day of February 1801.
That, if any persons fliall, after the last
day of Febrnary ißcr,liave in their custody
or pofleffion, any vellum, parchme.nt or pa
per, marked or ftajmped by the fuporvifors of
the Revenue, upon which any matter or
thing, charged with duty, fliall not have
been written or printed, they may at any
time within tbc space of sixty days qftcr
the said last day of February 1801, bring
or fend such vellum, parchment and paper,
into forne office of infpeftion, and in lieu
thereof, receive a like quantity or value of
vellum, parchment and paper, duly (lamped
in pursuance of the aft herein before recited.
And in cafe any person (hall negleft or re
fufe, within the time aforefaid, to bring or
cause to be brought unto some officer of in-
IpeQion, any fech vellum, parchoient or pa
per, it is hereby declared, that the fame will
1 hereafter be ot no other effeft or ufc, thin
if it had sever been marked or stamped, and
that all matters and things, which may af
ter that time be written or printed upon any
vellul, parchment or paper, authorized to be
exchanged in minder atoiefaid, will be of no
other effeft, than if they had been written
or printed oh paper, parchment ®r vellum,
not marked or stamped.
And for tiie (convenience of those persons
•who may be inclined to have their own vel
lum, parchment and paper (lamped or mark
ed, it is hereby peclared, that when any per
lon shall deposit any vellum, parchment or
paper at the office of a Cupervifor, accompa
nied with a lift, fpccifving the number and
denomination of the stamps or marks, which
are desired to be thereto affixed, the fame
will be transmitted to the General Stpam-
Ofifice, and there properly marked or (lamped,
and forthwith sent back to the fame super
visor, \yho will thereupon colled* the duties
and deliver the paper, parchment or vellum,
to the order ef the person from , whom the
ft me was received.
Given under my Haijd, and the Seal'
(L. S.) of the Treasury, at Wafliing
ton, the day and year above men
Secretary of the Treasury.
feptember 29.
For Sale, or to Let,
Jn Cbcsnut Street,
Near the corner of Eleventh street, at present in
th« tenure of Mr. A. M'Call—Poffelßon may bs
haj the first of November neit, or sooner if re
quired—i-Apply to
Edward Shoemaker.
September 3 5
The following Real Estate ; the property oE
Anthony Francis Haldimand, Esquire,
of London,
582 andnn half
&cres Patented Land
SITUATE on Vintyard Preek, in (he townfliip
and county of Huntingdon, is the ftatc of
Pecnfylvani 1, on a public road about 5 miles from
the town of Huntingdon, which is situated oa a
boatable river—there are 011 the premites a water
Grift Mill and Saw Mill—ftveral Log dwelling
Houses—one of which is occupied a3 a Tavern
with a Dilliliery fuppliedby a powerlul spring o,
excellent water—a coufi icrable quantity of Timo
thy Meadow fit for the scythe, and several acres
of arable Land already cleared—-Thistra<S will
admit of being divided into three farms, with a
d»e proportion of meadow and arable kind in each.
At present in tenure of Adam Hall,'Efq. John
Hicks, and others.
187 and an half acres on Trough Creek, in
Union town(hip,a flonrilhing fetilenunt, firft rate
land, with a small improvement.
173 and 3 quarters acres adjoining the above
and the fame quality-"-as those lift mentioned
trails are adjoining surveys they would make one
valuable farm.
In Bedford county,
374 acres situate on Dunnings Creek, firft raise
land, on a public road to Bedford.
364 and 3 quarters acres adjoining trie above,
and of (he fame quality.
388 acres called the Springs, fame quality as
198 and 3 quarters acres on half way run, a
good improvement and now in tenure of Jacob
Tarms of sale, as follows, viz—One fourth part
of the consideration money mult be paid in hand,
and the refiduc divided into four or five annual in
ftalments,as may suit the purchasers—to be feu»-
red by mortgage.
Apply to John CadwalUdcr, Efq.Counfellor at
Law. is the town of Huntingdon, or to the fub
fcribersin the city of Philadelphia.
Willings fc? Francis.
Oftober 14
At *he Office of the Gazette the Unit«d
DM. C.

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