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Certificates Loft.
THE U"3«rSten*i<(ficri eerrifica'i's of (lock o'
t'ut Bank of the Unite 1 Ha«», viz
No. 978,dntci lit January, >79\, for five
iUatcs in the naa»eof 3ourdieu, Chollett
am! Bourdisu
Vo 17366,dace'1 id of January, 1798, for
five (hares, in the ua ne "ft:.# Right hon.
lord John Townfhend.
Notice is hereby given,
Tint application i< to be made it the
fail Sank by the fdbfcn'ie-, for a r.~;ie*ral of the
fame, of wi ich ill petfons concerned are requifted
to t.iV.e no'.ice.
PhilaJe'.pJiia, iO mo. 18, 1800
Tfce M'.rtirg ccrtiScrtcf ef eight p-r c'.nt (Wlc
in the r.aine of Wi; iam Befl, jr. (landing to his
ere lit on the tn»uk» of the United Sr.atcn Loan
Office of Pennsylvania, vis
No <8?„ a Orrificafe dated joth January, 1800.
for one thoufmd dollars.
No 505, a Certificate d'ted 30th January,
for one thoofand rtollrs
Notice 14 hereby »ivcn, that 2?pliciti in i» in
tended t" be w»<te for a renewal of thefainc—of
which all peri'ons concerned art requtfted to take
Philadelphia, 10 mo 18 .1800. 3Uw6w
IN At fhrr JUrr, in the yMr
1794, Men ajxund *ht Fienck pa
)Kf io)jgt !T4H here* Co Amfltf itn,th# foilo* l
tag »f Hock ei the Ink •' th« U»iic4
Hum, Minding «• th« u«f <A Smjiwi Chip*
//os. 43S tr 43& if ♦ St*Bt neb i
Ijß 3 A
IIIS. TII6. 1117. > do.
'* m Ud Bisk b? (k* fvkfcii*
k« t tor* renew*) t>l tk* fiw»e, of wftidk *U ptrfeoi
■IIUUIII <1 tx d«4reJ la rtkc iMttica.
oA. *7.
Law Books
Imported bj fndry bit ininli fratt L»4ion
t»i Dt&lit,
I» nrwr .-vmnned »»<J r-»djr for hie,
No. 319, Marlti-firtity
WIMN C«L«1-*C wc * °* •PP'»*
HR take* »hi« of rc t* rn '*S kl * fi# "
c«rc Mkk ivl'dduoM tm «fc« o*>t>«Tue» ot
the Bat. io4 tiiiir Pa Vtti in Dotted
for ditpstvunge *«' d»
nbliftinj » ■%>•« e»c't«»6*«lj so* «k* & ! * r^ W
lotiu. i|h |Wmi|u nUk «f;' titwchti f
to th< pr4coiH,l'wM biding fucli to *fph W. |
trilU »rc ftnlpwl •»' »i-»m wf the tool 'kw'i"'-
thmt crifowg h>a »rrr»t>on "> rbe ImfofMK* o*
.feoki. noli in that Lire, h« h» it ia bi» power tu
keep cmllaatly *y hir». a g.m«rj| ami mort valu
able fepp'r *' M ' 6(41 s 4< uon '< * a4
(ror» bit r< arty fale*>co Ji(|Nf« ol ib.m, o« Utm
•fo'oudentr M to fh* of geotle
mto importog their owa libraries
Any eo«im«ji4a lie may be fat«irrt<l with, from
% |ofk T tr> uiy aumb.r, frail tbankla'.ly
md pfcmptly ke t»
English Grammar,
Has th»i Diy pubV.iWrd, by Asaum
Dick/us, opposite CtnHl-Churcb,
[Price One Dollar."]
O&oher 7.
French School,
GOUIN DUFIEF, prof. (Tor of the Frefich
UtwaJiT, will o P e« jn : u day, the gth ot De
cember. «t Mt». Beck's Academy, in F.fth 'lrect
cmpoCtc the Srat, House gard-o, a morning !chou)
or youiß eleven till one »'clock (every
other day ) .
P?rcnts or guardians arc <Jcfir<M to make y
application, that the fchohr. may M*e the mutual
»rlv .iiUg" of ! egi'ininj at once.
N. G. Dun I , to' the honor to inform th em
that he ; 5 th: »u het of a courfc of praAicil lec
ture. ami conference! on the mod elTentia: parts of |
Prench h v nieam of which, the- tear- |
ecr i« soon initived in (he 01 >4 approved pracliec
of this pcltte jrid fciftsi"nah-c V.i n guige.
An tnalyl'i ot his pa» of tu't'on, anil of hi*
■work Uavit.g Been jtiven -it length in the public
, 3 «er», they are rcf.rred to the Gazette of the
United Stat.» and the Aurora for September last.
pot » er m« and other p rtlcnlars apply at No J,
f U'.h filth (Ire t, or at Mrs. Beck't on the days
and hour, of tuition afor.faid.
December ». eod6t "
The Porcupine.
I TAKE thin method of informing the People of
the United Stales, »liat on the firft day of No
vem' «r next. I V r °r ofe to " fume the publication
of porcupine'* Gazcite, under the title of THE
PO'ICUHNE ; anri to notify (in cafe any gent.'a
man in America flwraW want it) thai the price ot
each Numb<rwiU be Oxpence fierling, and that
the cash he received by me before tbe paper
tanhe luuplied -As to themodeof conveyance,
f . (rMoent arc the opportunities from London to |
New-York, that files may be forwarded to the lit. ]
tcr oUce once a fortnight upon an average-from
New-York they can be speedily conveyed to ev
ery part ol the Union. When files can be, with
... J, lav sent OT»t« places direfl, it nuy be
1,., . when they cannot, they will all be sent t«
>UW-Wk> unless otherwise ordered.
gy Pctcupinc's Wirks,
"Which hive been sometime in the l'r.l"#, wi!
hecompk'fd in February next, when th.«.pies
", )f{t ihed lor in America will be forwarded to
the Subfcifrers. ..... • .
A iv of my literary friends in America, who
' V dUpofed to renew their ccrrefponiience
with me; will pjeale-o dire-Si to me at my print
j «,■ No ?, Southampton street, Strand, or
: . fto P . No. ,8. Pall Mall;
manden, B«r tcn ' bcr fe ' lßco '
w&fr im
Of tbf Pittsburgh Glcjs JVnrks,
TTAVJNG piocored a fuflicUnt nnmher ot
the limit improved European OiS!s Mann- 1
fafhirerj, an<l having on hand a large flock of
the heft Materials, »n which their workmen art
now einpioyeu, h«ve th: plealure of aflurinj:
the public, that window glafsof l superior qua
lit J' and of any lize, from 7 by 9, to 18 bf
inches, carefslljj packed in bo".«< containing
too feet ea h,may be had at the fhorte.l notice. .
Glass of larger sizes for other purpoles, may |
atfo be ha such 39 for pictures, coach glafies,
clock faces, Ore. Bottles of all kinds and of any
quantity may alio be had, together with pocktt
(iaik»,pii khnejars, apothecary's '.hop furniture,
or other hwllow yvare—the whole at Inall 15 pei
cent, l.iwer than articles of the fame quality
brought from any of the set ports of the United
States. A liberal allowailte wiil he ma If pfi
sale of large quantities. Order* frrm merchants
ir.fl others will Ke pon£lualiy attended to on ap
plication to or ISAAC
CRAIG, or at the Store of Meffirs PRATHER
and SMI LIE, in Maiket-Streot, Pttfourgh.
March "tthtf.
T*HR ProjiritK-rs of the Philadelphia ar.d l.an-
A cilh-r line #1 Stages DISPATCH, rururn thci*
jjrs-.'ful rh*nV« 10 their friendt and the public in
general, for '.lie faft favors tiny ha we received, ami
inform tiert that in addition to the regular l.ioe.
th«y ar* provi led with Carriage*,fober and careful
'l>iveM, to gj thrOßfrh between the City
'Jornxg* in two ihyj. I'hof* who prefer thi» uuwir
of trayaUir.g can l e acconinn«*Ued at the Stage
Office, sign of 'Jnued Si-ttej Eeg'e, Market ftieet,
Sijiigb, Downing, Dunwoojy 15" Co.
Nov JO. * 2t—f
THK public are hcriV/ i»r«r:n . t: : ne U»'-
timofc Coaihee wu •» future ' »r l-»»n tK In
diau Quern, No iJ, fcuti. l r <rth Itivrt. eve -y 1 y
except iunjay, a' "'c nek, a>.4 «•'" -r.itf •••
Peck's Twtu, Baltimore, the nnt day >t 8 o'»("ck
»•«.! th~ itagta ti) New Yark, vill fUrt every diy
at t an<l u o'clock.
N. » —A book it kf.pt open at Mr. K y Chan
dlrr'» Frankli'. Head, where feats may alio be ta
ken in the above line ol' flaxen.
o&obcr > _§_
All Invoice of
Playing Cards.
SUPEKF!*4Ii Columbian, Harry the Vllltl
and Merry-Anttrew Vlayinjs Cards, f«r sale cbee]
for calh—Apply at this Offic;.
(eptcmher IJ.
Preveation better than Cure.
For the / mention <jnd cure of Bdh-u, and
Muiigiunt Fevers, is n-CJtr.mcndcd,
Anti-bilious Pills,
WHICH hive been at'toded with a debtee
of fuccefn highly vjntcful to thv- inven
tor's feelings, in several parti of 'hi' Wtft-In
dics,an '■ ( h" fiutlu-rn pari -of the United State.-
particularly in Baltimore, tVterfburg, Kiel.,
mond, fioffolk, , Vjlmington,Charle»-
tun, Savannah. Sec. she teflimony ut a num
ber of perfens in each of theabove plare«cin be
adduced, who have reason to believe thu a
timely of* of tli » salutary remedy. haa, ur« 'er
Ptovidcnrc, prelerved their livei when in the
moll alarming cirewmftances.
Faof thi- coßciufive nature fprak more in
favour ot a medicine, than columns of pompius
j eulogy, founded on mere affirrtu-n, could do
It ia « t indeed prtfumpttMufly proposed a*
in infallible cure, but the inventor has every
poffib'.e realon, ca«i refolr from cutewfive
experience fiT Grieving tint a dofr of these pdU,
taken onctevery two weeks during th. preva
lence of out annual Siliotn fevers, will prove 311
innUibip preventative ; and further, that in the
earlier liases of tiiofe liU'eafef, their life viH
very generally fttcceed in reltormg htalth and
frequently in cafra esteemed defperaie asd bey
oud the pf"*er of common remedies.
The operation of these pilU i> perft "ly mild
ind maybe ufetf with tafetv by perf'aiio ever
and of every age.
They are excellently adapted to carry off fu
perfluous bile and prevent its morbid secretions;
to restore and amend the appetite ; to produce
a free perfpiratior. and thereby prevent cold*
which a'e often of fatal eon'equeuce. A dole
never taiU to remove a cold d taken on its. firft
appeiranre. Tnev are celebrated f-r removing
habitual c'llliveneft, sickness of the stomach ami
severe head-ache, and ought to be taken by all
perfoiis on a change of climate.
They have been found rematki'ily efficacious
an preventing and curing mill -Ufordcri attend-
I ant on long voyages, a>.d fh'.uld be procured
| and carefully preferred fir use by every feamat..
Genuine Eye-WJter.
A certain utd We (or ill direct* of tk»
/e», trheifar th* cS-& of uUutil wcmkacf>, or pi
.. cedent, (i<e*dily rrmoTlog wAieMniliOßi,
flviiont of rhenm, duUritfs iichu»j. ilmi l»
tW tf 11, utnr (tiling to «as« b»Ww »h>ck
frequently focccod th* fm»U ji*n. ne»H« »n<Jfe
vert, kito ftrtpgthening i w«»V nfbt
Han4r*4* have <Y|<«ric»cei< |t« *irtac»
•k« bmtli of Iglxi
Tooth-ache Drops.
The only remedy yet discovered whichgivss im
mediate ani lilting relief ill the moii fcvere in
The Anodyne Elixir,
For the cure of every kind of head-ache, a.id of
pains in the fact and neck.
Infallible Ague and Fever Drops.
This mcdici-c has never failed, in many thou
fond cases not one in a hundred has had occarton to
rake more than one bottle, and numbers not hall
.1 bottle. The money will be returned if the cute
is not p.rformed.
No. 17, Soutl* Second Street,
And no where else, in Philadelphia-
Where also may beh»d. Dr. Hamilton's Worm
D.ftroying l.ozerg.', his Sovereign Elixir for
coughs, &c. V.eltoritive Drops, Essence and Ex
trail of Muflard, Sovereign Ointment for the Itch,
Dr. Hahn's infallible German Corn Piaifter, In
di»n Vegetable Specific for the Venereal com
plaint, Gowland's and Persian Toti.n, Rtflorauvc
Tooth Powder, Damalk lip fcilve, Church"
Cough Drops, Andwfoa's PiUs, lit
april 19 * at '
Waiilt a place its
A Wet Nurse,
% YOITG w,,n !'; ft r«r cfitW
—»nl hi! » trrfh tw«A "f M»l*« ApfiSy
in Souih Street, <>« n ™ s, ** b
PrcfnSfr t.t
A Ltptrfbe. itt.'frVtc* to the FlUte M ThoMt:
t\ llcrrt-iv JrufTjr, w>«th«u ftciici. irr
rrqu»!t*d to n.«kc «fomtdi»t«p»Tmeot | ••id thafr
wh® hate «Sy itaitinA ijimt fii l •" *<■
quelled to proiuec their »ccoent», proptrif
cO, for frill =-jcot. to „
SUSAx'+NA.'f I.F.UFPEK, Admin'jt.
Nik, )4, north Fifth ftirrt
ars Reward.
tictftmWr ii
20 Dol
T) AK sway from the frigate Condeila'ion.'
IV captain Muruv, at March* Hiok, 1 mu
latto mm, named William Williams, bu l .
better kttewn by the natie of JOHNSTON.—
He was lifer to the marines on hoard said ship,
a! 00l 21 years of age, 5 feet, 7 or 8 inc.iea
high, a litt e pock marktd, full uccd and free,
open countenance, flout male, his hair tied in
a fh rt q icue—Had on when he went a*ay, an
olive ro >.r'J jacket, and pantaloon*, the colour
of-whirh is iu»t recoil* (fled. Having been ac»
csltomed <0 the sea, it is probable he haseutcr
e , ami faded, on boari lome merchant Ihip.—
T-tn Pol ail will lie given, f r c«rtain inforina-
I tion, what vrfTil he has failed on hoard of, or
the above rewa'd and expences, for
fecurii g him. in any part Of the United States,
an J g' ing immediate information tic eof, to
Richard Cvhshh, Esquire, of I'altimorr,
Ja *es Siton, Efqr. of New York, or the
I'ubfi.rib. r» in i'hila.ie phia,
Thomas £3* Peter Alackie,
No. 119, south Fron ftrcet
cod tot.
Decem'ie* !}
20 Dollars Reward.
SON. privjte i. the ra-rine lorri of the
Dnitrd States,' he wns l.orn in I e1..n1, is about 17
ye ire "Id. s feet 6 aaJ a half inch" high, darl
eyes black liai-, and fallow complexion. Alio,
jroiEMHH CI»AKKipN, born in England,
town of Stockpurr, u 39 years of age, J feet 7
inch«i high, ijrcy ey>'», lig',t bro.vn hair, florid
complexion and i>y trade » Hatter ; from rbe ap.
peararct cf his i;«:e the moil evident mark* of a
tachment to <iri. kr,ay be traced, they have botf
fcrvelir. the Armyt and now 'bferted in
fulluni'oim The aVove amoft it will be paid
with t apprehend tlicir. : or r«n Dollar
for either by a ■ 11> ino; te
Captain Commanding.
Philadelphia, Marine Barracks, Nov. 8.
Q 0 A K D I S G & DA Y-SC HOO L,
Fur tliewlmw i*«£>n, on OAohn
6'.li, Wali)«» hrtw*e« fourth »»>d
MRS. GKOOMBRIDGE refpeAfully ic
k..o-Sedge* *be liberal encouragement
the ni?r*p:risiK«l, for more than f e*rn yesr,
in Phihdel hja. »n<l| *» the m "ft exjweflivc pr.iof
of gratitude, vrfll be a continuance of the unre
mitting attention, already pa <1 to her pupils ;
flitters hevfejt, it will be the best rccommeuua
lion to future patronage.
T'-e following branches (or any of them fcp
arately) y.zy be en 'aged for, a* mot agreeable,
i). £ngi!b French, and ltalkn Unguapesi
grunnutically j writing, ar ithme'ic, gcogia
y>hy» ufr M* the ploKeS.iuftorv, tomi'., voc-i
ami •nUrum-ntal, drawing and dancing.
t*',! n v. ork» criibroiv.rry irid ' am
hour in jold.ftWrr or colours, fillagree, »rtih
cia' fl >*ers, fancy balkrts, netting, hair, print
I aloth, an t ni'iflin mork of every kind,
I «>"» i.i. _ d»w iwtv
Gifford's Epistle to Peter Pindar,
(Price 37 »-» CtutfJ
AKD or
Duttou's Poem on the prcfent state of
(Price tit a Ctrti)
H'.vr ju i' «tn rcccirv;'. by p
A. Dl 'KSNIs, opp flte Chrifl Church. g
r.iVfmber 7 ),
1< USS b L.L' * 'I
Modern Europe.
■ -iccon i Volume of MODERN EUP.OPE
1 i* now delivering to may b
had us
W. Y. Birch, ,
o. 17, iioa-i Street t
O&obcr »5- __
BE it rem«ml>cred that on the 44th day oF Oc- c
tober, iu th« twenty fifth year of the Inde- |
pendente of the United States of America, Charles
W. Goldfl»orou>;h of the fiid DirtriS hath depo
sited in this i'tfice, the title of a book, the right
whcr«of be cblms, as author, ia the words t»l
---" : IoWIBg, tO Wit. .
%n original and corrcA lift of toe
United States Navy,
Containing a lift ol {hips in coaiaiilTion, and their j
tefpedive force,
r ali of officers. ard tb<ir ranV, as well shofe be
long <ag to the Navy, ai the Marine Corps.
And a Digeji
Of the riine pat Laws relating t. the Navy,
j iHcc. 3cc. &c
a lij Charles IV. G >lds/>oroujrb.
It la conformity to the afl * Congreft of the
e United States, intituled »An ad for the enccur-
of learning, by fecunng the eopic oi
maps, charts and bo Its, to the authors and pro
pricterl of fach copies, during the times therein
mentioned. _ . „
Clerk of the Diftriil «f Matynd.
•oveniber 11 la«i:i4 w
n , —— ————
To Printers. '
WANTED—in Extkangt,
APOUNT of Long Primer, weighing 6
cr 700 lb w upwar U, and a I'aunt of
Buvier, weighing 400 •<" i»pwir4».
Srpt«mtar a.
Wnfj'ingUn, September \JI, 1800.
Public Notice is hereby Given,
In pursuance of an ad of Congreps, pnffed on
the lyl dny of April, ont tboufcnJ eight
hundred, en ::led " An a 8 t» eJIMi/tj a
General Stamp-Office,"
eod ;,t
THAT a General Stamp-Office !« now
eftabliflied at the feat of government, in tne
city of Washington, from whence there will
issue, from and after the date hereof, (upon
the application of the Supervisors of the
Revenue, *nder whose management the
colleftioo of the (lamp duties is placed) ?ny
quantities of paper, parclvroe.nt a»d vellum,
marked or (lamped, and duly couyter-llamp
ed, with the following rates of duty which
arc demandable by law :
For every ski* or piece of vellum or parchment,or
Ibeet or piece of paper, upon which ihail be
written or printed any or either of ihe iullru-
meats or writings following, to wit,
ADM,. C M.
NY certificate of naturalization s
Any licence to nraflice,or certificate
of the adiaiffioli, irtrollment or re«
giHry of any counlell.ir, Solicitot
Advocate attorney, 01 pro&or, in
any court of the United States t#
Provided, that 1 certificate in any
one of the C(tirts tof he United Maiesi
for any one of the said offices, ihall
so far as relates to the payment of the
duty aforefiH, be a futTfcient adtnil'-
fion in all the courts of the United
States, for each and every of the said
Any grsnt or letters patent,under the
teal or authority at" the United
States (except for lands granted
for military fervicw) 4
Any exemplification or certified ropy
of any such grant or letters patent
(except for lands granted tor mili
tary I'er vices) %
Any charter-party, bottomry or re
fpsHidentia bovJ i
A»y receipt ordifcharg» for or on ac
count of any legacy left by my
will or o'.her teftrmentary instru
ment, or for any (bare or part of
a personal tflate, divided by force
of any statute of diflriVutions other
than to the wife, or grand
children of the perl'on difeafird, the
amo int whereof {hall be above the
value > f fifty dollars, and (hail not
exceed the value of one hundred
d .liars a $
When the amount thereof fiiail rx
cerd the value of one htm Ired dol
lars! ;nd (hall not exceed fivi bun
i dred d ,lla-s jo
And for every further sum us five
hundred dollars, the additional
firm of I
A*y policf of inlWance or inflru-
Kifnt in nature tbere >l', when the
sum for v»'nich infuramc i» made
fh«!l not exceed five hundred col
lars *5
When the sum injured Ihill exceed
five hundred dollars I
Any exemplification of what nature
soever, that ft) ill pass the fe»! «f
any oourt, o her than fuck as it
may be the duty of the cler* »if
such court to fornifh for the use of
the United State*, or some parti
culir slate 50
Any bond, btil fing'.e or penal, inhnd
bill of exchinge, promifTory
note or other nrte (nthei than any
recognizance, bill, bsnd or other
obligation or contrail, made to or
with the United States, or any
date, or for their use refptnSlively ;
and any bonds required in any caf«
b*> the laws of the United Statss,
or of any state, up n legol process,
or in anv judicial proceeding, «r
for he f:ithf:il performance of any
trust or duty )
If above twenty dollars and not
exceeding one kuodrjd dollars 10
If above one hundred and not ex
reeding five hundred dollars
If above fiv« hundred and not ex
ceeding one thoufrtid dol'.ars 50
1 Arid if above one thousand dollars n
Provided, that if any bonds or
notes (hall be payable at or within
sixty days, fueh bonds or notes (hill
be fubjefl to only two-fi r th pacts of
the duty aforefaid, viz.
If above twenty and not feceeding
one hondred dollars 4
If *bove one hundred dollars and not
exceeding five hundred dollars 10
If ab&ve live hundred dollars and
not exceediug one thousand doils »o
If above one thousand dollars 30
Any foreign bill of exchange, draft
< r order for the payment of money
in any foreign eouutry
The said d*ty being charge,
able upon each and every bill of ex
change, without refpeil to the num
ber contained in each let-
Any note or bid of lading or writing
or receipt in natu: ■ thereof, for
go ids or merchandize to be ex
ported ;
If from one diftridl to another dil-
Wiil of the United SUtos.oot being
in the fame state *
If froin the United States to any fo
reign port or place 10
The said duty beine chargeable
upon »arh and every bill of lading
without r.fpeft to the number con
tained to each let.
Any notes jffued by the banks now
rftsblilhed or that may be hereafter
eftabliOied within the United
States, other than the nntes of
fnch of the said hank' as (hall a
gree to an annual competition of
one per centum or< the annual di
vidends made by such banks, ta
their ftockh. ldeis refpe&ivelv, ac
cording to the following scale :
On all notes not exceeding fifty dol
lars, for each dollar
On all notes fifty dolhrs and
n.it exceeding one hundred dollars 50
On all notes above one hundred dol
lars and notexceeding five hundred
On all notes above five hundred dol
Drilt. C. M.
Any prot«li or c'tar r.otariai a& aj
Any letter of attorney, exevpt lor
an invalid jjtiilioti, or to oh ain or
fell warrant! far land granted by
the United Statts as bounty for
military fer»iee» performed in the
late u-jr »j
Any inventory or catalogue of any fur
nituri.g«»is or effefls, made in.any
cafe required Vy law (except in cases
of g»»ds ai.d chatu Is oiflraioed for
rent »r taxes,and gocd»taken in vir
tue of any legal by any officer jo
Any certificates cl" a (hire in any inlu
ranee company, of a fhar- in the hank
of the United States, or of any flat*
or other bank ;
If »bove twenty dollars aiid not exceed
ing one hundred dollars 10
If above one hiujdfed dollars ij
If under twemy dollars, at the rate of
ten cente for one hundred dollars.
That the power of the fupervifcrs of thfi
Revenue to nmk or lUmp any telluin,' *
parchment or paper chargeable \v«h
will ce*fe and determine from and after fix
months from the date hereof, to wit, un the
last day of February ,180^.
That, if any persons (hall, after the last
day of b'ebriwry i«c>i, h.ive in their cuflody
or pots (lion, any vellum, parchment o-r pa
per, marked or (Wiped by the fupe-ri ifois of
the Revenue, upon which any matter or
thing, charged with duty, (hall nit liave
been written or printed, they may at any
time within the space of sixty days after
tbe said lost day of February iBot, bring
or ft id futh vellum, parchment and paper,
unto 1. me effiee of infpeflion, and in lieu
theieof, receive a like quantity or value of
vellum, parchment And paper, duly (lamped
in pursuance of the Ait herein before recited.
And in cafe any person (hall neglect or re-'
' L 'fe, within the time ( aforefaid, to bring or
caule to be brought unto feme officer of in-
IpefUon, any (urh Velium,' or pa
per, it is hereby declared, that the fame will
thereafter be «f no other effedt or use, that!
if it had never bce« marked or (lamped, and
that all matters and things, which may af
ter that time he written or printed upon any
vellul, paichment or paper, snthoiized to be
exchanged 111 miiuter aforefaid, will be of no
r, ther than if they had been written
or printed on paper, parchmertt or vellum,
not marktd or (lamped.
And for the convenience of those prrfons
who maybe inclined to (lave their owr. yeU
linn, parchment and paper (lamped or mark
ed, it is hereby that when any per
lou flirt 11 deposit any vellum, parchment or
paps rat the office f a fupervif >r, accompa
nied with a lid, (purifying the number and
, denomination of the sumps >r marks, which
i an* uciirrd to be thereto afifixtd, the fame
«vi!l he trunfmitted to the General Stpam.
Offic ■, ?nd therr properly marked or damped,
and forthwith fe. t hack to the fame super
visor, who will thereupon colled the duties
ar.d deliver the paper, parchment or vclltim f
to the order ■ t w person from whom the
Utile wis i vi-ivftl.
Given u '!< r mv Hacd, apd the Seal
(L.S.) ' i the I re aft! ry, at Welling
ton the d y and rear ab <ve raen
Secieti.rj . : t!ie 'iVal'ury.
frptrmbrr 2g.
For Sale, or to Let,
In Cbtstiut Street,
Near the corner of Eleventh street, at prefect in
th« tenure cf Mr. A. M'Cill—Puifeflion may be
had the first of Xovem'jer next, or ftoricr if re
quired—Ajyly to
Edward Shoemaker.
The following Real Efhte ; the property of
Anthony Francis Hvildimand, Efijuire,
cf London,
582 and an half
&cres Patented Land
SITUATE on Vintyard Breek, in the township
and county of Huntingdon., in the ltare of
Penufylvanil, on a public roaJ ib< ut J miles fr< m
the town of Huntingdon, whivh is fuuated on a
boatahle river—there are on the pre miles a wattr
Grift Mill and Saw Mill—feterzl Log dwelling
Houses—one of which is occurUii as i Tavern
with a Difliilcry ftipplied ly a powirtul ring o,
excellent water— a coufiicrable quantity of Timo
thy Meadow fit for the fcythc, and several acre*
of arakie Land already ckured—l histra& will
admit oJ being divided into three farms, with 3
d«e proportion of meadow and arable land in each.
At prcfent in tenure of Adam Hall, Esq. John
Hicks, and others.
:87 and aH half rcres on Trough Creek, in
Union township, a flourifhing fettlemtnt, firft rate
land, with a fmal) improvement.
173 and 3 quarters acres adjoining the above
and the fame quality —as those lad mentioned
trails are adjoining surveys they would make on*
valuable farm.
In Bedford county,
374 acres situate on Dunning* Creak, firft rate
land, on a public road to Bedford.
364 and 3 quarters acres adjoining the above,
and of (he fame quality.
3SB acres called the Springs, fame quality »
198 and 3 quarters acres on half way run, a
good improvement and now in tenure of Jacob
Terms of file, as follows viz—One fourth part
of the confidention money mull be paid in hand,
and the refidae divided into four or five annual in
flalments, as may suit the purchasers—to be feo«-
red by mortgage.
Apply to Joihn CaJwallidcr, Esq. Counfcllor at
La-A k in tie of HuTitingHon, or to the fub
-I'cribcrkin the city ol Philadelphia.
Willings fc? Francis.
O&ober 14 lawSwr
i. /•' t

At Ae Office as the Gazette of the Un'r**
t w'
' V

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