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By this Day's Mails
SALEM, December 20.
The Riches of the Sea.
The schooner Two Sifters, David Fornis,
J'in'r, master, lately arrived at Beverly from
the Grand Bank, witfy a fare of 500 quin
tals of fi(h. This vefTrl has performed three
filling voyages this season, in the (hoi ; space
of Gx months and an half, and landed, at
lead, 1700 quintals—a very rare instance of
industry and fiiccefs.
It is in contemplation to make st turnpike
road from this town to Boston, in such a
direftion as to leflen the distance to twelve
An Irifli gentleman, wlto resided in this
town last war, on conGdering the fifheriifs
and other maritime advantage of this (late,
used to fay, that Maflachufetts was the
hack-bone of the Union.
NEW-YORK, December 29.
Communicated for the Publication in the
Daily Advertiser,
Sailed from Port Royal, Jamaica, on the
4th of September 1800, on board the Ship
Charles Baring, Capt. John Avis, for Lon
don.—Ship foundered with 15 feet water in
her hold, 24th of O&ober, rBoO in Ut.
42, 39, shout 33, Weft. Picked up
by the brig Harriot, of New-York, for
Briilol, 20th Odiober.
Saved »nd landed at Kinfale.
Thon«a» .Bennett, Efq.~ passenger.
Capt. Fuz>imons,6ath regt.
Mr<. Fitzfimons,
Capt. John Avis,
Jtmes G'ltty,
George Derbifti,
John Jones
Joseph Rose,
Richard Jackson,
Araham Day,
John Davis,
Benjamin Seggar,
Timothy King,
George Fox,
Hants Denguifh
Wnii Roberts,
Domingo Privateer,
James Blake,
James Ruler,
Landed at Bri/l&l.
Madam Baovais, {wflenger
M i's Hauvais, do.
Miss B.invais, do.
Madam Le Grande, do.
David Arkman, (Wward
La Sarin Servant to Gen. Le Grande
Thomas Halloway, seaman
Ad:>lphus Holloway, do.
Geneial Le Grand died aßt'n of Odtobcr.
Mr. Murray,
. General Bauvnis,
Dr. Dcla Fond,
General Bauv»is's
General Le Grand'l
Mr. tloHoway,
John o>vrn, seaman
Abraham Ffloot, do.
' Michael Oats, do.
. Emarfael, ' do.
James Swan, do*
James Rstkef, do.
James do.
John Hall, do.
Caned Howfon, do.
And invalid soldiers, 4th battalion, 6th
Capt. S* fYom Bermuda informs, that prs
tiom to his faring, a brig arrived there from
London, with part of the 47th Regiment to
compleat thsgariifons.
In the Mary Ann, from 9ermud», came
paflengrrspart of the crew of the fthr Friend
lhip, Taylor, which was taken on the Ift
December in lat 29, 40, the British (loop of
war Lilly, on her passage from Philadelphia
to Port Republican, then m 8 »lays out.
The fchr was sent into N. Providence.
They inform that a fchr from Baltimore to
Port Republican, hwl arrived there, prize to
Jo the above said sloop of war.
R'lo will be tie next President is uncer
When the Constitution was formed it was
forefren that a majority of ele&on appoint
ed might fail to give their votes to any one
perfoH, and that the House of Reprefenta
tires, voting-by slates, might'fail to give
a majority of votei to either ol the persons
out of whom they .are bound toelett, whe
ther between two. having an equal number
and a majority tff the eleflors; or between
the five highest on the lift, neither having
a majority of the eleflors appointed.
" The necessity of having a President al
ways in being waj obvious. Therefore the
Cooftitution enatted, that " the Congress
mny by law provide for the cafe of remotal,
death, resignation or inability both of the
President and Vice President, declaring what
officer- (hall then aft as President, and such
officer ■ fliaH adl accordingly, until" the dlf
•bility be re.moved or a PrciiJent flmll be
«le&e3." Inpurfuance of this provision
a law wai pasTed on the firfl of March,
179*. by which " the President of the
Senate, pro tempore anil in cafe there be ne
President of'tlie Senate, tlvu the Speaker of
t c House of Ueprefentatives, for the time
being, shall aft as Prilideiu of the United
States, until the difatnlity be removed, or a '
President lliail be elefted."
The Prefidenc and Vice-President beittg
elefted for the tens of four years, com
mencing on the 4th ot' March : they
continue in office no longer than until the
lad morrnnt ef the 3d of March in the
fourth year after the commencement of the
PreGdency, when they are removed from
office by virtu? of,the Conttimtion.
In providing a fucceflbr in the cafe of
removal from office, it is probable the Gon
ftitution contemplated few cases likely to
happen, but the conftitiitionnL removals of
the PreGdent and Vtce-Prefident, which re
rtiovaU were certain to occur at the fame
time every fourth year, and whether the
v»cancies so occuring would be filled up by
an eleftton could not be otherwise than un
But the Cqnftitution autbrfrifes Gongrefs
to provide bylaw for a faccelVor in all cases
of removal of President and Vice-President,
and consequently in the cafe when the Presi
dent and Vice-Prelident shall be removed
according to the conditutional tenure of
their refpeftive offices.
interpretation of the text in the
Conllitution that has been quoted, is to be
maintained not only for the reasons which
have been £iven, but beCause if the words
be at all doubtful, that confiruftioo (hall be
given which is indtfpenfibly necelTary to pre
serve the exigence of the government. To
suppose a cafe when there is no person au
thorised to perform the funftions of the Pre
sident constituted as the Federal Govern
ment is, is to fuppole a cafe when the go
vernment is fufpendetl in its operations thr4>'-
out the Executive department, from the
highell to the lowest officer who Isolds? his
office diiring the pleasure of the President
for the time being.
The Senate is always in existence and will
be competent to aft when there is neither a
PreGdent and Vice-Piefident. On the 4th
of March at the luftant when the Vice-Pre
sident i* removed frain . ffice 1 -v virtue of the
Gonftitucion, the Senate is competent to hold
its feflion and eleft a PreGdent, pro tempore.
Therefore it Arnold not agree to in adjourn
ment until a President pro tempore (hall be
act mace,
gunner's mate
If Mr. Jefferfon and Mr. .Barr (hall each
have * majority of the <rlectors appointed r.r.d
an equal number of votes, the House of Re
prfcfentative* may to give either of
thern a majority of votes io which event the
Pre fiaency will devolve oij fuel) perton as on
the 4th of March next, fhail be chosen Presi
dent of Senate pro teni*»ore, who will con
tinue to until a presidential ele£lir>n'can
be held and, a President (hall be
A Spanish schooner, having one twelve poan
dtr and tu enty-eight men, taken off Cuba by
his majtfty's (hip Thunderer, arrived on tuesday
evening—tllu a dpkmih brig and schooner from
the Main
The schooner Lively, captain Young,
laden with rum and sugar, was calt away
on Sunday, during the violent gsle, at »\lo«
rant Bay, and ouly a few puncheons of rum
saved. i
Black fervint
Chief mate
On the properties between this town and
Spanish-town, very considerable damage has
been done to the canr, corn, and plantains,
which have been niaftly laid down, and «
great number of trees torn up hy the roots.
Two Spanish brigs, one from Campeachy
to Trinidad, priae to the brig Argonaut the
other from the fame place to Truxillio, prize
to his majafty's ship Juno, and the American
brig Sukey, from Salem to La Guira, with
dry goods, prize to the fame, arrived ycfter*
Loft a 7
Saved 29
The fhlp Jane, with the loss of her main
and mizen masts, aud his raajefty's ftnp Jj
no, with the loss of her fore a.ud main-top
masts, went into Port-Royal ycftcrday after
Total 56
His majesty's ships Decade and Lark, ar
rived at Port Royal on Saturday, from a
cruize. Trie Decade with the loss of her
main-top-mast ; and the Lark altnoft totally
The Decade in carrying away her roain
malt, loft three fesmeii from the top , off
Morant Bay (he fell in with • foreign schoo
ner boui d for this port, with 60,000 dollars
on board, which she toek on board for fake
of security j the foreign vessel arrived the
fame day. .
L 1 1 1 ,1 1 ....
In the Sbp Willam Penn, Volans, master,
from Calcutta, and for Sale by
83 Bales of India (Aods, consisting of
PA FN A Baftis Jannalj Mamoody
Do. Gurrahs Dimities
Blue Gillia haadker- Emertiei
chiefs Do. Baftas
Bandanoet Sannas
Clvna Culter? Oude Coflas
Gu7ipore Coflas Mugga Sannas
Allahabad do. Jallapore do.
Mugga do Chittabully Baftas
Dec 19 diw.
167 Bane'r dS } Of firft quality Sugar.
6000 Weight Logwood,
Coffee in Hogflieads and Bags,
75bis day I and ifig at Pine Street Wharfs &
No. t, Penn Street.
December 29. dtf
Weft-India News.
KINGSTON, (Jmti.) Nt>». 8.
November 8.
November 10.
Gazette of the United Statfes:
MARRIED]— In New-York, on Satur
day eveuirtg, by the Rev. Do&or Moore-
JOHN RODMAN, Efqr. to M.fs HAR
MET FENNO, daughter of the late Mr.
John Fenno, afxbjs, city.
Messrs. Potts, Pofllethwaite and
Mc'Clfilan, of the Senate of Petinfylvaiiia,
arc Cenl'ured, by the Editor of the Auro;*,
in langn.tge the *ioit.indecent—all good men
agree, that a " Villains ceiifure is the high
ell praise."
Mr. Davis, oi)e of the wtie democrats in
the Legillature of the United states, his pre
dated, that <-re three months elapse, the
" sun of federalism will set forever." What
kind of itght is to be then diifufed or whe
ther we are to be left in midnight gloom,
this political astronomer has not informed
us j—we, however, naturally luppofe, that
one of two things tirufl be the efledt of the
fun set, we (hall either he in total darkness,
or what light we do receive wiji be emitted
by the feeble rays of ftie MOON of DE mu
ck act.
A letter was received In New-York on
Saturday mentioning nomination of Al
bert Gallatin as Secretin)- of the Treasury,
in the room of Mr. Wolcot, Who has fig -
nified his intention of relignirig.
By the recent politic decree of the French
CiufuU, Emigrants aie, it 11 dated
permitted to ieturii to {heir country. All
persons are to be erased, extent persons com
ing under the following delcriptian—l I liofe
who have borne arprs ngairifl Franc*. 2.
Those who, fuicetlie departure of the French
Princes, have continued to form part of ite
civil and military elliblifhnient ct Prill- i
teS. 3. Th.'fc who h<»'- *cceptrd fr.Qiu the I
Frifnch Princes, or fiom the p.iwers at w*r j
with France, the oificrs of Muu/lers, Am- |
bafTrfdors, Negotiator!, and 4. Thole |
who have been maintained o - tlte lift in
consequence of the Report of the Comrt»if- 1
fion eftiblilhed 011 the 7th Hivole, 27th of
Dec. lalt.
Ma. Waywc, .
You are iticorreft in the biogra
phical (brtch y "»u of Mr. Weft, in your
last pr.per. He isynot Sir Benjamin, hiving
constantly re. use« tli-h jivir ofbejne: kight
ei lie was not hinrn in Phil ui- phia ; but
in Cberter County*-nor of ohlcuie parents,
his father, was a farmer, and by
no means oMeurein his time—and from the
known prooc! fenfc,tyritdenee and found dif-
Crcllion of M-rv Wrdj 1 prefurne the reft of
your ftaternnit to be equally inaccurate.
A CHtsist covNtr Man.
AT the nvnaal niffeiihg of the German in
corporated society, held in tlx - German
Lutheran School-'Holite in this city on
the 26s.tr inft. The following Gentlemen
were chosen officers, for the ensuing
Return of Votes in Burlington County, for
Representatives to Congress.
Townships, Federal Ticket. Jacobin.
Nor'thamton, 495 73
Evelliam, 360 . ; , 78 -
Chester, 114 ; 52
Burlington, 380 •„* 116
Hanover, 186 w 34
Springfield, ! SJ ' 4* :
Eggli;>rbour( ill li
Mansfield, 109 109
Chefterfield, 239 66
Nottingham, 219 94
WHEREAS the Evil» and jwtnieious
Practice of firing guns on the eve of the old
year, has been long adopted by many of the
indiscreet and thoughtless part qjf the Com
munity to the great annoyance of
the citizens—and whereas the legifl.iture of
this Commonwealth has deemefl it expedient
to pass a law forbidding ufider a fcvere pen
alty the firing of guns in the «ity 'of Phila
delphia or on or'tiearany public high way,
I do in consequence thereof forewarn all
perl Otis in the city afbrefak} traufgreffi;.g
herein, and Ido hereby require and enjoirt
all the city Constables and Watchmen to be
vig lant in searching out., apprehending, and
taking before proper authority, all persons
so, off-noting, in order that they fnsy be
pnniflied to the utmofl rigour of the law,
arid all good citieens are solicited to aid
in carrying the Ciid law into Effeft.
Mayors Cjffice, Dee. 2<) i iS j«>
Peter Kraft.
Vict-President .
George A. Baker.
Michael Kitts.
John Greiner. „
Secretaries, .
John A. Lewis, and
Andrew Geyer, jun'r. ■
Overseers. 1
Jarob Etienbor .
Andrew Leinati,
Coniad rx
Abraham Stein..
Adiim Prime?, ajid .
Peter Graven (lei n^.
Jacob ThomefTon.
a 6*B
ITT" Thf Southern Mail had not arnvrd.
wlif-n th'njjipei to press.
Gazette Marine Lift.
Ship James, Nefbitt
Ship Pallas, Brown
The outward bound fleet (confiding of
upwards of lixty fail,) which has been a{
Reedy Island for some days pad, failed
from thence and went to sea yesterday at 5
A. M.
Brig Abigail, Lord, from Madeira is
Also an inward bound brig nap* un
Ship Minerva, Hemlerfon, of and for. this
port, from St. Sehaftians, went on shore "n
liudley's Beach, (thirty miles north ofC. May)
and it is feared will be loft—part of tbe cargo
ii e*pe£ted to be favrd..
Brig Franklin, Kenney, font inc» New Pro
vidence on bei" vafT.ige from hence, to N. Or
leans, hasbeeii liberated aft?r paying cofls and
having a quantity of Castile soap detained.
NEW YORK, December a 9.
ARKI days
Ship Fair American, B >ltou, London 39
Brig Rofetter, Hillman, Cape Francois ij
Eugenia, Broom, Bristol
Flora, Gillender, Charleft n 9
Sehr. Mary Ann, Slocum, Btrmjida 11
Sloop Sillers, Rudyard, Baltimore 6
Sliip Elira, Roblnfon, Cuba
Fsrerprize, Wilcox, Cape Francois
David, Englilh, St. Croix
Bnp Fair Manhattan, Syme, Martinique
I'he Blip Fair American, Bolton, arrived on
Saturday, in thirty-nine days from London.
The fbips Union an>i City, were to fail from
thence in a few days for this p rt.
On the fame day, (hip Eugenia, Brown, 39
da\« fr.-m Bristol. Off the Weflern Jles was
boaHed by a French frigjte, and treated po
litely ; the Ciptain ot the frigUe alked perrnlf
fwn of Captain 15 to fend his boat on board 1
was afterwards boarded by a British Trigate,
and treated p"lite-
Th< (loop Sifters, ltudyard, arrived in fix
days from Ha!timore. Spoke (hip Edward,
Baird, fifty-three days fioio Madeira, for Phi
ladelphia, all well.
Froa of O A '.lki ji
Gravefend »rrivrd,Venus,Difhcllßaltimpri
Offthe Wight, arrived, Heitor, Benharo,
llymouth arrived, Marr, Ham, Portland,
Liverpool arriv.d, Venelw, Carter, Bali
more; Indultry, Swain, i.Vw York; Poily,
Dri. .iraoud, MalTicliufetts ; Liberty, WooJ
liai>:. New Y i k.
Dorer arrived, Wcli iß.iia, Chifho!m,Chrlcf
Clyde arrrivfd, Aurora, Seabury, Charles
ton | ■■, M'Kinlay, Virginia.
Cork arrived, Triumph, Wlfvel, Baltimore ;
John, Warren, Clurlefton.
Hamburgh ai rived, ——, Walldon, New
York S , ''-'etfeher, Baltimore.
Madura arrived, David atid George, Abel,
New York j Dauphin, Gardner, do. Char
lotte Murdock, Walke-, do.
Brcm* n arrived, Sipc Sjftere, Baltimore 5 At
flfiric, C ark, do. S-hwan, Vanner, N. York
The Margaret, , from Liverpool to
Virginia is totally loft in Sligo Bay.
November 7,
Gravefend, arrived, Bel'ona, Ward, Ma'aga
Hector, Pinkh:m, Virginia ; Union, Hall, N.
Y ik; American, Venn, Baltimore; Triton,
JJerrv f Virginia; Fortuna, , do.
Weymouth, arrived, Hole, Bunker, N. Y,
Cowti arnvecj, Charlette, Walker, Virgi
nia ; Ocean, Rarrifon, New London ; Char*
'utie, Walteri, Virginia, was boarded on the
i;ih u timo, in Jatittide 40* longitude ic, by a
French privateer of twelve guns, who plunder
ed ihe cabin, 4cc. and the crew of their clothes.
D.>v«r arrived, Tri'on, Berry, Virginia
Deal arrived, Union, Hall, New York, in
forty-nine days.
Off Chichcfter arrived, Nancies, Atkinfon,
New York* after lieing on. lhore, and much
damaged, boU:id to Hamburgh.
The Fatflor, Kemp, from New York to Ten*
erifle, has been taken by tbe Surprize privateer
ofGuarnliey, since retaken by three Ihipa of
, SALEM, December io.
Arrived the ftb'r Catherine, Capt.
27 days from the Havanria. Left there Jffip
Cincmnatua; Ci.pt. Endicott, of this pott.
Deaeraber B.lpoke the fliip Superb, Capt.
Storer, of Bolton,'bound to Norfolk, 40 days
,outhad then cut away her mizen
and v,f ;S {>iuck with lit;inning and two men
killed.upon the forrtApl'ail yard, viz George
Calh and M'Ewen, of Marbl liejd ; M't tlieni
hearing W. S. W. from the fi.pe 130 miles,
with a fair wind". CaptObtrar fuppliud bim
with two barrels of water, and fuppol'es that
he arrived the next day.
December 21'
Arrived the l'chr. Cynthia, Captain
Ramfdell, from St. Kitts and St. Thomas's
Left the l itter place November 2d, in com
pany with about 30 fail of Amertc.m vessels.
under convoy of the United States frigate
John Adams. Lat 23, spoke the ship
Sally, Capt, Oliver, from Batavia, bound to
Bank of Pennsylvania.
. December 3c, 1800.
NOTICE is hereby given, to the Stock
holders of the Bank of PemnfyTania, that an
of Nineteen Dirr&ors, ttffcrve foE one
year, wi.l be hel l at the Bank, on Monday the
second of February next, at 10 o'clock
Extradf from the Seventh Se<slion of the ASI of
---" Arti le ad. Wot more than fourteen nf»h,e
Dire#or» el"i£led by the Stockholders, and ac
tually in Office, exc ulive of the Prcfident, shall
be eligible ier the next fucc' eling year; but the
Director, who lhall be Prefidcnt at the time or
an eleilion may always be re eleiled "
December 30. jtawtijthJ— dtadF
—ww THAU AN.
nit iricAfaert of the
•re tfi itttod I fpxtii Mettingrf
tbtir u,fu»t place thU evening *t 4-«'ctocfc'
By onirr thr PrdGdrnt;.'" *
. W4I,IJAM GAfeDfcftß; Sec'.f.
f>.X«mHfr |o|Jv . ' . ' ~*Y,
On Friday morning,
,Jt i j o'clock,
On Walnut street ivharf,
S4 Hhds.
Prime Mufcovada SUGARS*
Samuel fork, Auct'r.
For London,
Samuel Volans, master.
w For Freight or Paflage, aypljr
In the ftip Philadelphia, from, Leghari), mi
Castilf SOAP
Lucca oil in jars
Ditto in bottles
Anchovies, cape s and olives
F-flcnce of lavender, lemon and bergime'
Cream of tartar '
Maccaroni and.vsrmicellt
Silk manti:is and fitting
Si!k hufe
1 Siik umbrellas
Single and double post paper
Fools cap do
Marble Cabs of tz inthes and 16 inches
square, and block; of marble
Also, in the sb'p Roebuck from London,
A quantity of Chalk.
decembfr ia*jw
1 Just Received,
By the (hip Swanwick. captain Kitkbridf,
from London,
Corner of Front and Market Streets,
Clock arid Watch rhakfcrs Tools^
Tiles Materials} See. &c
Am ng tvbicb are the following t
CHAMBER and other clocks, moon and
aiched clock dials, 8 diy and 30 hour
cast, brass and flit pinions, clock belli, cat-gut,
lnrfce »nd frtla.l witch, time piece and magni
fying glafles, clock and watch round and
square n:>ltd,o I llones, blue stone andpumm cC
Sti ne, Camel's ;.a;r arid oihj-r bullies, capped
and jeweled gold and other warranted watches,
gold, gilt, ftcel ,nd pebble leals, as well as a
great variety of other articles in this line.
N. B. An Apprentice wanted.
deccmber 30 tuthla tf
Patent Water Proof.
T'HF, SUBSCRIBER having procured of
1 A. Mr. John J. Hawkins the Patentee, ah
exclusive right t«r the city of Philadelphia, t<J
render leather, dec. water proof, is now ready
1 to receive Boots and Shoes, to be ma ie imper
vious to wet, by the Patent compofiti .n, which
causes them to refilt all damp, will make thtm
moredurable, and always piefefve a glossy fiirface
when the dirt is washed off, ihe price for Bocts,
75 cents, for Ladies aj:d Gentlc-mens Shoes, 50
• ce, U, and for small c hildren! Shoes, 25 ceutS
per pair, it they have beea«wi>nj they mbft be
ier.t clean, a generous allowauce will be- made
t,> Xanuta<flurers.
At Mr* Hawkin's,
No. 1 j South Fifth Street.
N. B. An apprentice Watted.
December 30. < . . jf
Marshal's Sales,
THE Sjales of the property of Robert
Morns and John Nichollbn, rcfpeftively ad
vertised by the Marshal of the Pennsylvania
dillridl, will be continued by adjournment
, on Wedu fday evening next, at 7 o'clock
precisely, when part of the late the
property of John Nicholfon, deceaied, luu
ate it) Luzerne county, near the town of
Willkfbarre, are intended tobefol;!.
Mxrfhal's office 2Qth D-c. d2t.
December 31,
Will be prcfented, (for the first tijpe this
C A L L E' D
OR,* ■ "
(With appropriate fcenerjr, machinery, dres
ses and decorations.)
To which will be added, a COMIC OPERA*
(jn two a£ts) called
The Spanifti Barber;
The public are reipeflfully acquaint
ed there will be a performance on Thursday,
(New Ybarj DaT,) when will be afted;
Cfor t'b' first time irt America) a new Co
with BLUE BEARD ; or, F; male Cim
* % * On Fridays will be revived the His
torical Traced*, of RICHARD THE
THIRD) —with Entertainments.
< • . v.*'

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