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N'«v Pubn/b'mg by dc Prmtcr,
No. 149, Cn-fnut-Strett, and No. 3, I^';"'
ielirrring td and to be hid at the dilft.eat
Eook-States in Cirv,
The Firt Number of H
Bcrrirnan & Co's
Containing the Old »nd Nnr
TdUmrn-i and tke Apocrypha, with marpnal J*®"**"" A
ere**. A „ lode* ;or an aceooac •' the raoft re «»* °
ji.lTagr. is the old .nd new Teftiment, poin.in* to the place,
'herein thev happened, and to the frf.ee. of -
in thev are reeoHed.-A Table of Time.-T.bU.
tare mofam, weight, and coin. : with an
sag the m«hod of calculating iu « '£ l \ T
vtheru ntOagiff Trertfcs on ihu futjeß. A Table of Of.rr J
tr.A Conditions of men. in
I. The fiaeof this Edition *>» be * LARGE F ° Ll ?'
printed «n a be.artful new type, and good paper, made pir- hl
ticulvlyfor it. It wiH'b- oublifhed m Sarfetl, " o '' o "' t
. oMdKiwof which will be delivered wrek»ylaMH«'b- *
ata quarter of a dollar. Those fubferiben who prefer fa
receiving .he work co-fcU, will be attended to by ol
.he fame on any of the (übfcription paper, in rbe Bookstore.
i«lh»c ; 'w. . ... ui_— .
t. There will be an advance in the price, on fcbfcr.oing d
after chefctft of Aujrufl next. .. .
3 In the courfeof the Work will be given an elegant
From' an Engraving of the celebrated artitt, 01
Chorion, ... . '*
BtKftiMAM&Cou jjratcfaUyacknowledijc theth
rncou/agcnifnt they havcmei with; aiui have reaion to »e
tfacjhc rxeeuiiH* of cHition will answer every expcc-
Ution, and cut fraifi.
May «6 __ _
Turnpike Company. b
May t4< I7jf
TH -*T agreeably to a bye law of the Stockholder., «l>-
6;fip«ion. wilt be opened at the Com pan y".of6c» in nn-
Jadelphia, oa the 20.h day of luue next, for fifiV additional
jhare.o'f capitalftock inthe Philadelphia and Lancafler Turn
pike^oadCompany. The to ; be demanded for each
ftnrr will he Three-Hundred Dollars, and a him rqu.l to le-
jntere't ypon called for from-the o-
M&inal Stock nnltler., to be calculated frctethe tfafbi the fct
ma inuaimeore DecameieVeraMy out. jOnc rroj.tired Urfllar > . ,
thereof to bepaid at the lippe of Subfcribthg. and there- ;
maiader in Three Equal Payment., at go, 6c, and go davt. |
Wo Person to be (uofcribc marc{BaJT ooe li®e
'«j.the£r|liUy.. i ; - T". »>>s ,i. :~7!7~-
By order of the Board,
W.vt. GOVETT, Secretary.
THE STOCKHOLDERS ot the Phlla»h.*aia add
LancalTZK TumriKi Road Co*rA*Y, are requefled
to meet at the Company'. Office, on Monday morning nine
o'clock, the aoth JuK next.
By order of the Board; '*
f.funiß. Wn. lSOVrrr: Srtrcrarv.
FOK SALfc, 1 -
Aa elegant 3 story Brick Meflaage
And LOT of 4JRCXI?ND t
(La»e the proper^*>f~Georg* 0»dB«ck«r, deceased ) 1
riTH piazza- and kitcbia, cow-hdufe, and ftabhng i
W tor 34 horses, agood jfump ia the yard, &c. Situ- 'A
ate on the Weft fide of Front, near CilloW-Hill street—at H
prtfent occupied by Mr. John Kincatd.
N. B. The Lot i« 2» 1-i Feet front on the Wett fide of
Front Street, is depth on the North fide, ljj4ect, and on
the South fide, ij6. GEPPGE KEMBLE ? Rr'rj
May 31 *» wlm
FO R S AL £.
A FOUIJT of BREVIER, half worn ; abontionrhun
/\ dred weight. Enquke-at thfOffice of the Gazette f'
of the"United State., ~Ho. *19 § _ «
A very Valuable Eft ate,
/■HALLED T W 11' T£N H A Aj, situate In the
towrifhip'oF Upfrtr Derby, and county of Delaware,
J. ~2 rtilw from PhiiadelpKa, and haff a mile from"the
hew Wefternroad: contaiamg 130 acres ol excellent land,
4j of wtuch are good watered meadow, 90 of prime wood- -1
Uad, and the reft arable of the fir A: quality. Thtre are J
«c the premifcs.a good-two (lory brick house, with 4 rooms j
on a floor, and cellar, under the whole, with a pUjnp-well j
of excellent Water in front j * Urge frime h«Wftable*,
and other convenient building* ; a fmokr-houfe and stone v
spring-house; two good apple Orchards, and one of pepch
ep. The fields are >11 It elover, except those immediately '
under tillage,- and are so laid out as to have the advantage
ef water ui each of them, which rendeys ityeculiarly eon
vtnieat for grazing. *!
The situation is pltiafant andhealthy, and from the high '
cultivation bf the land, the good neighbourhood, and the »
Ticinity to the city, kis very ftutabk for "£ genrieraan's j
country Ce*u - . . w . ~t L t :•
The foregoing is pai;t e{ the rfUte of Jacob Hat wan,,
4eceafeJ, aod oßere4 for-Wc itt . |
•• • -■ --Mordecai I.ewrsji-. :
OA., 9. eo.) Survjying Effifcutor.
Land for sale.
ANY gentleman desirous of pofchififfg Land, in tbe |
. vicinity of the city of Washington, may now he I
accommodated with a fit nation combining advantage as to t
health, foil, and profpeA, not equalled perhaps in Ame- t
rion. t
Tiie hiblcribet has for sale from 100 to 380 acres of land. 1
it lie. within 1 1-4 mile qf city of Walhincton, -1 i-» 1
fcort the Prefideut'J Square, (from which it Sears "tbout
N. by E.) and 3 1-4- tulle, from the Capitol. It bears ,
■eirly W. frrfm the wefterntnoft spring of tke head waters ,
•f the l'iber, distant therafrom about I-Sof a mile. The j
situation it Teonrkably healthy, and every part of the
ksd is well watered—has great abundartce df the choicest ]
fruit : about So acres are in wood, and there arc about jO
icfes of'Mrtdotv-grotind, great part thertbf can he wit- ,
tred.and the wMrtletaid down toTimothy-grafs at a small
expepfe There,are ftvnralbeautifuleminences on it: one
cf the heights commanding a molfbeautlfol oud eaenfive
prof^eft—To the fonth, you have a full view of the city
oT walhington, {Re ttswn of Alexandria,"aird the- river
Potowmac, as far ;»th« eye can reatk. To the north, a
full view of the Sugar-Loat Mountain, distant aboot 3,5
miles, withtiie furrouffdl ig country.—To thoWoft, a ve
ry crfe«fi»= view of the lands in Virginia : the whole
Ifarming.a grand rural Amphitheatre. Any.parson inclin
ed to porchafc, will find 00 viewing the fttuatmn, that the,
Landscape u far superior to &e (ketch given of -it in this
adveaitonect-.r For ptice, Ac-ajpty to the fubferiber,
living on the preinifes,-or to George Walker, Esq. now
in Philadeljdiia. - - -JOHN IHO 5 aOUSHER. :
Diftriitof Columbia, May -6, 1796.
May fx. •oawjw
Multard Chocqlate
CONTINUE to he roamifathured is the best man
ner, and for sale, as til'iial—Alfo ftielled or pearl
Barley, Coffee, P«pper> 4cc, .Pliilidelphia Porter, Beer,
Ale, Cydet'j Englifti Ported, Taunton and Bath Aid
in bottle., &c. Jcc.—at No. 98, South Front-street,
oppbl.te thtf hy
rWUJelphia, May 7, 1796. uw^w
Treasury Department
Revenut-OSa, March xoth, '7V 6 ' v
PROPOSALS w'M be received * tbe^f tonKr
4 CtmmiJJiomer of tl* '~,u M inir ie
Third and Chefnot-ftreets, Philadelphia ; for buildi g H
I. A Lrcht-Houfe upon A
11. A Beacon House upoo Shell CafHe trtand g
Description. of each, and all other panicubr.. may w
seen on application at the offices of any of the Supe- C
daiuof or crftheS. o o{
nue, or of the" CoiUaorsof the „
State. ; as affo at this office. % V *
TNFORMATION i. hereby given, that th« fate John
I Paul Jone. was a proprietor of nve star» (*"^ a r
ittg to about 5867 icreSy in a tract oiktui purchff A -tp?
-the Ohio Company, la the territory nC tjae JKfySSuS* f ,
of America; north-weft: of the river Ohid ; andlthaf hh
heir., or legal r»prefert<»irve, on a(%l.catio-t tO the flirec
tus of said company, at Marietta in the territory afore
faid, will receive a deed of the said five lhares, or rights
of land. . .
The application tyvf be made pcrfonatly or by an agent,
but propeT documents mnft be produced to prove tf.e
claimant or claimants the Jegal heir* or rcpreientatrve oi
the said Jones . ,
K/». Artt unot known in what country the pertor.
or'perfoßS interested reside, it will be an ad of bcruryojence
in every Printer in America«nd Europe, who fball inlert
this advertifemeit in hi. paper. 1
In behalf of the diredori of the Ohio Company, J
•rufus Putnam. a
Marietta, May 10,1796. |awow a
Imported, I
In the fhjp Birfttingharn Packet, from Calcutta, afld 0
for sale hy the Package, %y si
Samuel & MieTS f ifher,
Tandah CoiTeas, Batna, and other Baftas,
Bahar Hankerchiefs, Persian Taftaties, £
Htimhunts, rUwer'd and spotted t
Emertk-s, ' B«i-.danoe«.
With a variety ps ot'hnr gootfa from that placVaada gen
iriUafibitmettof European SPRING GOODS, asjifttal
iT '
I "Lone and fbortTipcs, mboxe.of 5 ?
_ (hiccitt Ware, ;KVtut», aborted,
Gi»b WVf, in Crates and Calks,
Sheathiograper, by tlie Bale, j
Spermaceti (SndleS, and j
A general affbrtmerit of frijb Linens, \
Received per ship Glasgow, from Dublin, by the packagc.
May I*. Jlweojw
N 0 . 136.
Dijirift of Pennsylvania, to <wit.
BE U remembered t thai on the fi xteenlb day of May, im tie
tvueKf.rtb year of the independence tf the United State* of
■ , Samuel Harrifn Smith, cf the said Dtfiriß t ' h 'eith do
pofited in this office the title of a book, the right thereof be claims r
as proprietor, in the -words ftllouuing : to nit :
" Hifiory of ths lofurreflion in tlx four iVefern counties
" of Pennsylvania, in the year M.BCCXCIV y isitih a re
u cital of the circ*mflauces specially conmßed therewith, and
"u an hi/forical review of the previous situation of the country,
" By William Find!ey> Member of the House of Jfepre/enta
u fives vf the United States" i
in cotifomiayto the afrof the Congress of the United States, entit
led " An AB for the encouragement of learning, by fuur 'mg the
copies cf Maps, Charts and Boob, to the Authors and 'Proprie
tors of such topics, during the times therein mentioned
•'CUrhgf* the' DijlriM of Pennsylvania. 1
June IO 10VAW
Noi-M4 South Second Street, ;
HAB for these two years palt introduced a new fpccies
BARK, -which after repeated trials by the principal
Phyticians of this city, is now preferred in all cases of ■<
importance thafrequire it,-to the best R«d and Pale
feark. It i» a powerful Afiringent Bitter, fits well on 1
the stomach, is certain in its effecls, and requires only
half the usual quantity for a-dofe.
Many of the citizens of Philadelphia are now ac- |
quainted with its virtues, -the knowledge of which
ought to be extended over the Uaion. H« has a large
: fnpplyof the Yellow Bark, and a general aflbrtment of
» Drugs, Colours, Gla/s, Dye Stuss,
Salt Petre, Jalap, and Camphor,
By the Qusntity.
i *♦• *iaw7t
U-rbanna Mill Seats ,
SITUATE in Cecil county, Maryland, on th£~bads£sof
the rivor Sufqcehanna, about one mile above tide wa
> ter, and commanding the water of thsit important river,
- the channel conducing the trade of which comes so near
the Mill Seats as to make it convenient to speak the boats;
• and Mills may be so situated as to receive them along their
I walk, and by water 4ifts take in their cargoes.
t Thore is a power fnflicient for ma*y and any kind of
s ufeful Water Works, and so itvuch may be justly said in
s comneendatioß of this Scite as would be inconvenient to
e insert in a newspaper publication.
e Those vho may delire to be concerned, willprobablv
t find tlemOrlves well pleased on viewing the Qfuation.
0 Leases foraay t«rra of years may be obtained on appli
> cation to the fubferiber, living «rthe preriiifes
\ '?• iaw 3 m
1 General Poji Office, Philadelphia,
a March 16, 1706.
5 "VX7"HekLAS foadry Lettets, transmitted in the Mails
e- * * "f. A s V n,ted States ' 19 * tti f'om Norfolk, in the
le Itete of Virginia, were opened, and Bank Notes of feve
n_ ral denominatwu fraodulently uken from them at York
ke L" tb !^ e afOT u rfa^ in the moß « ha of Novem-
Ver and Decqnber last : and whertas 1 part of faifT notes
„ and lome cam have been recovered ar.d are now' in
, w . ,n order
foch Bank Notesas feall be identffied may be reflored to
the owners thereof, and that the remaihiapnotesandcafh
be equitably distributed among those who are en»kled to
nod, and oa the route aforementioned, to exhibit their 1
in- clilms without deby, frpported by fttch reasonable proofs
arl aTu to them. Such tKites as
cr, J^ aU be 'dentified will be received by application to th-
Ue e °, e " l °° °, r befofc the'bit d»y of July
etl T ca(h and notes will then be
claimants in proportion to their refpec
trve lolTes, tri be afcerttined bVthe necelfary proofs, which
o„or before that day lhall be produced tothe GeSS
■Oflice. (MWtj.gr) J oi . HABERSttAM.
Or* 11 fitct, from 3* lb t» Grape. »• the 1
Poo, »d otljer caftsag. exited at the 1
T Jhorttil notice,
a brad to I id oatU,
Anchors, froin 17 Cwt.t© jcolb. J
Barlroa, *
* A Quantity oC James River Tobacco, {
Carolina Pork. t
Herrings in torrels, J
16 Kiln-dried cor* meal in HHd*.and Bbls.
B.ye floar &c. tobefoldby ,
Levi Hollingfivortb Iff a n.
'foci 4 - ■ — ——
r Will be landed,
L " T'O-MGRROW MORNING, at Smith street
•' 1 wharf, the Carßu of Brjg Pegsy, capt. KOby,
V from Anattoßay, Jamaica, 1
> ioo Hhds. Sugar,
£ 76 Hhds. Coffee,
300 Bags Gingec.
Jf May 30 eoiw
" For Sale,
rt fa Valuable Grift and Saw Mill,
IN New Jersey, near the Forks of Little Egg-Harbour.
The Grift Mill is Gxty by fort) feet, two water wheel*,
and calculated for four ran of* Stone*, with fcrern, fans
and boultinp-c'.oths, &c. ThcSaw-MWfcartW*i
"" capable ofcuttingfiveto i roo of Boards pa
year. A valuable pie« »f Cedar .Swamp. withU a mile
and a half of the Mil!, and within three g-.iertert of a nnle
id of a Landing The Lumber, &c. maybe taken by water
frefn the mill taiL
Several Valuably lra£tsof I-»and,
In Pennsylvania, for all of which payment wilf be receiv
ed in the notes of Mcfifrs Morris and Nicholion, or in
Ctfli. , „ .
For fsrthtr information apply to the Pneter.
Mayt 7.
To be s»id at fr&ffc sale*
' On the iStft day ai Juoe ne«,wrfeethtyfsvern, 10 Phi
FOUR. X.ot« of Ground in the town of
county of Burlington, and State of Nevr-Jerl.y, ad
joining the fiver Delaware, late the Eftafe 01 William
Richards, deceased, with all ths b»4Hiilgs and improve
ments, bounded by ground of John Mitchell, Lan;bert'
Cadwalader and others ; a clear infiifpatable title will be
given. The terms will be made known at the time ansl:
i placeof sale. April 28. m&th.
Now landing,
At the lower fide of Market flreet wharf, the Car
go of the Schooner Dispatch, from Demarara,
, be Crffting of
,j Cayenne and Demarara Cotton,
fc* Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Rocou, and
Cloves—also, 600 fides Soal Leather.
i« For Sale by
<mt t mo- 10. || iw~] No. 5 feuth Water-ftrett.
Z- Notice to Claimants
:4e the committee
ic- Appointed by the Merchants of this City, who are f*f
fereri by Britijlreaptares,
' I 'HAT every Claimant who has not already exhibited
J. well authenticated proofs of his property, furmfli,
— without delay, proof that the property claimed is bona
fide American, of its soft or valve at the place of expor
tation, and at the place to which it was destined, (where
'that can be done) and the freight payable or cuftom*rj,
at the time of exportation, for Tike foods and voyages.
its When the claim is for veflel,to fpecify (he tonnage, age,
IV where built, and the ackiat cost or value.
)a l Th«fe documents ought to be proved by oath, or affirtn
0f ation, of the pvty claiming, made and certified by a m*-
jj e giUrate or notary public, and corroborated by such other
testimony, -as the nature of the cal'e will admit.
Suck of them as are handed to the Committee, trill be
forwarded to the Coir mifficmers appointed on the part of
lc . the United States, to adjaft the Claims of American
, Citizens. •
of tha Committee.
Philadelphia, ifl June, 1796. d 4*
The Political Censor;
— For MAT,
Is this day publilhed at BENJAMIN DAVIES's
Booji Store, No. 68, High Street.
May eoqw
tar' For Saie,
Xi '< j A Few Calks of Pirft Quality
11 indigo.
lof 'Etiquire at No. 71, South Water street.
M»y « ' tbt & f tf
Samuel Richardet,
informs the Gentlemen
pli- V Merchants, that he has tilis day opened the CITY
city of Philadelphia.
1 The Sobfcription Room will be furnifhed with all the
daily papers publilhed in Philadelphia, New-York, Bos
ton, Baltimore, together with thofeof the principal com
mercial cities of Europe—Tkey will be regularly filed
i noue permitted to be taken away on any account.
■a," 8 Tea, Coffee, Soupes, Jellies, Ice Creams, and a variety
tne of Frtnch Liquors; together with the ufoal refreOuaents,
:ve- will at all times be procured at the bar.
ork, Gentlemen ihay depend on being accommodated with
em- the choKeft of Winej, Spirituous Liquors, and the most
ous LKjuors frontondon and other brewerii;
fj~" Larder will be Applied with the pnme aud earlUft
that produdions of tho Season.
Lfk L JZ gC Parti «- or Cn e;le Gentlemen, may be
cam accommodated with Breakfafts. Dinners, or Suppers, at
T , t C ° B r n ' en t * th cold Collation is
wl» regularly kept for convemency, the Bill of Fare to be had
* pc- at tna dw.
W ■ »i, Th . e L ° d e in ? Rooms will be completely furniftied, and
atteUU ° n P" l4 -4 every otner
tSr R,C^ AItDIT happy to receive, and
nkl f \ e COl f maR ' 1 ' <>f his Frieji'di, and the Public at
£« h rg rVr at L Wlt , . gratltude 'heir favours, he pl*d K e S
poc Ijimfelf that nothing on his part fcallbe wanting to D r-- :
Post fe^no P red° nige
d - Philfcdelpliia, AprU rj. §
The corner of }>\ rliet a«4 Third-ltretti,
MOST rrfpeafoliy informs hit fri-nds and
that be ha' received, per the loft arrivals, a com!
plete and general affortmeor >»f aim of 1
Every Article In his Line;
Immediately from th- manutanres of London, Bit.
rtiicgham, and S>?fse;J, all of whScH are of the
faibion, and will be fold, wholesale and retail, bn the .ow.
A term*, and A? Notes of Ms. Robert Morris, aod Mr
Jol-ciN'kheUbn received in puyment at their currrat value
K. B. The upper part of the Ho jfe in which cow '
fives Kj be let, fu-nijed or UEfiimifctd.
Wafhmgton Canal Lottery?
TYrHWEAS the $U£e of.Maryland has
> *!» -.u, to rwfe 'ner.cy-fk 1
two hundred, aOd fifty dollars, for the puttie «fcatti«W
i C»n»t thr.wgfc th- City Walhington; from tie l-s 3.
toaucto theEaftern Brafrh Harbour.
The following itiha SCHEME of Kb. I.
Viz I Prize •* 20A30 dolors, ict,oco
I rtirro io.ooo ioooo A
rlaftdraA-a> _ ' £
Ticket*, each f y 3Sfi<x>
. 6 dmo I,<xx> 6,000
to ditto 4CO 4,030
2O Jijto too 2poo
15 d ' Vo 5° a,7«0
J7i° $**4 11 6 ?> o„«
Wbe raised for the Gaul, 16,154:
jßjo Pr.z*i, ■ lySfiJO
11650 oot two to a prize.
r?.;oo Tickers, at Ten Dollars, - IJtjxxs
gT The Corotaiffiohers have taken the Securitiis re
quired by the aioreiaii act for the puuftual paymcut of
the prize*.
The drawing of this Lottery will conumence, without
delay, as soon as the Tickets are Cold, of which timily
Botice will be given.
Such prizes as are not deuiaded ffi fix months after the
drawing is hniihcu, (hall be Cuafidcfed as f o f.
the tea-fu of the Canal', and appropriated accordingly
(Signedj NpTLfey YOUNG,
City oT W31(1 ingt on ,~rrtr r». j
City t>t Walhington.
lottery, No. rr.
FOR tME lU?RCrpUfY OF Ttii
federal City.
A munificent ) ao,ooo dollars, it.)
dweliifig-houfe, |c;9i .*ecoo, ire J SPtOoo
I ditto 15,000 & ca(l» 25,000 40,000
1 ditto Tjiooo & cifh 15,000 30,000
1 ditto 10,000 & calk 10,000 10,008
1 ditto j,oob & cash 5,000 io,occ
1 ditto j,,000 -St caih t,ooa 10,000
I cash prize of 10,033
i do. s,o»9,each,ye f - 10,000
10 do. 1,060 - - 10,000
zo do. sob - - 10,000
00 do. 100 • - 10,000
l.w» do. jo 10,000
400 do. IJ - 18,000
1,000 do. la - to,ooo
15,000 do. IJ - IJBrfXX)
16,7j9 Prizes.
3S»aSt Blanks.
50,000 Tickets, at Eight Dollars, 40,0000
N. B. ' To favour those who m-y take a quantity of
. Tlckci, the prize of dollars wiU be the l* si draws
tijlrt, and the 30,000 the last but onc :
' Aral approveifnotcs, securing payment in either mosey
i «r priies, in ten days atter drawing, will be received for
ecy number BOt less than to tickets.
This Lottery will afford an elegant specimen of die pri
vate buildings to be qxQtd. in the Citjr of WaJhmpou—
. Two beautiful deGgss arc already felled for the entire
fronts 6ti twt> of the public squares; from these prawings
it is p'ropofed to eredt two centre aad four corner bnildingi,
| as soon as poffibte after this lottery is fold, aod to convey
j them, -when complete, to the fortunate adventorsrs, in
the manner defcrihed in the fchune for the Hotel Lottery.
A Rett dedu&ion of fivaper cent, will be made t» defray
the necessary cipenfes of printing, &c. and the furpla*
triU he made a part of the fund intended for the Nat#n»l
Oniverfity, to be eredled within the city of Wa!hmj[K>o.
The Drawiag will commeiice as soon is the tickets are
fold off.—The money prizes will be payable in thirty days
after it is fiiiifhcti; and any pr zes Jbr which fortunate
' numbers ai e hot f roducod wrthin twelve months after the
, drawing is closed, are to he conlidered a< given towards
the fund for the UtiiverCty ; it being determined to fettle
tlie whole bufmefs in a year from the ending as the draw
ing, and to take up the bonds give* as fecsrity.
The real securities given for the payment of the Prizes,
! are held by the Prefidem and two Diredlors of the
of Columbia, and are valued at snore than half the a
mount ot the lottery.
The twenty four gentlemen who by appointment ot
the late Commiflioners aflifted m the management of the
Hotel Lottery are requested to undertake
a second time on behalf of the public ; a fufficxent nufr
ber of these having kindly accepted, it is hoped that the
friends to a National University a«d the other federal ob»
jecfts may continue to favor the design.
By accounts reeeived from the different parts of the
j Continent as well as from Europe, where the
r have been fern for sale, the public are assured that thi
™ drawing will speedily comments, and that the carc and
caution unavoidably neceiury to insure a fife of
e the tickets, has rendered the loop fufpeofion indifpeitfaMe
,§, Tickets may be had at the Bank of Columbial; of
i James Weft St Co. Baltimore; of Peter Gilman, Boston ;
of John Hopkins, Richmond ; and of Richard Wtils,
y Cooper's Fetry.
HATING been encouraged by feverilof ftrs trieni.B,
1 to Undertake the Buiinefe of an Insurance Br.ok) r »
to which he served ail Apprenticeship, has this
e opened an Office at his Dwelling,
c No. 29, Nertli IV-atcr- Street 1
Where he wiil be glad to execute Orders in that Linr,
and hopes by his At:ention and Pun&ualityi (0 ? IVC
j tall Satisfaction to all those who may be pleased t(
r favour him with their BvUineTs.
May j6. djothjn.
J ■ ■ -i ;'■
(- —Nq. 119 —
[Price Eight Dollars per Ajwuit.,"

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