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MR. J. L. STELLE will
th business under the ticm
Stello & Seeley.
Popular, reliable ami within yonr reach
litre taken over 100 ttrst i lotlilurjH In
lit past tlfty year.
Ol'.ior makes at Plania. Four makes pf
Oifnn lu beautiful new designs. See our
tc.k before buying. We hare the goods.
Cur pritM Ma rlgbt. Kveiy lUiug iu the
ILusit hue.
IJ4 Wyomlno Ave.. Sfrantot), fx
Punch Cigars
G, B & Co ,
Imprints.,! on E.u'h ('liisr
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
H1 K I UOl t. Vll VI. K-
&PRCI vi lsv
Happenings of a Day All Will Interest Hyde
ito u.je
Joseph QoaVray ia VTilk Birr on
business yesterday.
Mrs. C. ' Oir.oria fiaiUag h;r pareati
at N'jk Albany, Pi.
Attorney H. C. R'ynoid. of Carbon
dftu. wa lata rity yesterday
F. H. HoUeohuk and A. L. Patterson,
of Caromdale. were at r,a Fowst H-ii
oha D. Miiai.?r. masazer ?f the Zastern
Pennsylvania circuit of taaalara ia. ;n
the cty yesterday shaking hands wita hi.,
many scr.nton friends.
Ex-Internal Revenue Collector Penman
wn pnesented with a handsome briir
wooI pipe yesterday by his late asso
ciates ia tbe oAa The presentation
speech waj x.ule by EJicaard B. Braadage.
The Pror.denpe Qa and Water Com
pacy has been hpcinz up We: Market
atrset from tne corner of Bri :fc avenne
to the Baptise church in seanh
of a ieakae tu tae 2 is main. The
people nsiig gas ia the vicinity state
that their premises are full of the
danner-as odor aad hava to leave
their doofl partly open to allow it to
escape. Tue bursting of the pipes h
the result of the rcent squeeze in tn
inines. Th consumers say tnat thv
hive to pay for "r.iping gas. The
workmen find it difficult to determine
the exact location ol tne laakaga.
Politics in the Fi rt ward is anminz
a more mteres-in pnase Mr Mitchell,
tne present efficient school coatroller,
ia makia? pr-iarr'ssivs eanraas, the
rtaoll of which, np to date, confrms
the zsner.l belief in his obaocau for re
election. The sizni of Km times plainly
indicate that hi success at the polls
is assured. Mr. Arch bald his opponent,
is not throwing nirase.r lata tue tihr.
as earnestly as the situation requires
There If not!. inz sensitional in the
political situation in trie Banoad ward.
Wade Fiao, the eandi lata for select
connciiman, and M. V Morris are
proeecntinz tne canvass with enerav
and are meeting with promises of sop
port and nco:irazm-nt all aloaz the
line. Should tne republican forces
come up in Z1 .;, lairt ean 6
no question a to who will bi selected
An xcitinz runaway took place on
North Main avenue yesterday, when
the hore owned oy Dofitot Ky took
i! . and throwinz the doctor vio
lently against tne street, started at a
fnrions pace alonz N rta Main avenne
toward Lm'c i Oap " Near the f'r .
byterian cborch. it broke loose from
the cntter after completely dernnllsh
in the latter. It was stopped near the
Msrvine shaft
Another runaway took place at the
corner of O ik street and (foftl Main
svenoe. It was occasioned by csra
lensiy corninz in contact with the street
car rails. No daXDafS was d',n
The foneral of Jonn Nanghton. of
Dickson, who was knied a fw days
by fallinz the shaft at S'.orrs' mines,
will take place this rnorninz Inter
merit at DMI0OM cerasUry.
Thomas, ma infant child of Mu-hael
Nary, of Mary street, diel yesterday.
The feeliez in the North F,nd is
strongly in faforol Qrowforooni n-
man. He is snre of receirlnz a larz"
rote in this section.
Dr. Henry Roberts has just returner
from Towana'a. Bradford county,
where lie had been for six weeks at
tending bis sick daughter. Mrs. Dr.
Ouiick, formerly of this city
Mr. Wetkina, of Ci.rhondale. has pur
chaied the business of Mr Armstrong
on Wiiyno atenue.
An entertainment and porerty party
will he given nt the North Main AVe
oe Methodist chnrch tomorrow even
ing. An elaborate and interesting pro.
gramme will bo rendered. 1 net rntn-n
tsl muHic, dlslognns nnd recitations
will prove pxeeodingly interesting.
The occasion is worthy of lihnral puolic
patronage as it will undoubtedly re
ceive. D. D. Jones tho North Main avenue
undertaker who has been seriously ill
with the grip for some time is able to
attend to bnsinese again.
The Trio dancing clsss will hold a
complimentary social at Co. H. Armory
tonight. Everybody wishing to have
an evening's eujovment will be admit
ted free.
William Wi".inrrs of East Market
street died Tuesday, aged 82 years. In
terment will be mad" this morning at
Waywart. The remains will be con
veyed to their last rusting place by thp
10:17 a. m. train. Services will beheld
in tbe bouse at 9 n. m.
Mr. and Mi s. James Williamson, ot
Bromley Avenue, Entertain Fritndti
Entertainment and Hop ol Court
Young Albion, Ancient Order ol
Foresters ot America Surprise
Party to Mr. and James Watkins.
The We.t tttds offlos ti Iht BoaAWton
Tuihunk Is located at I'JH smtli Main av.i
hat, whr absortptioM. adwrMsanMnti
and eomtiiuuioatloiK will rtoalvS proapt
Mr. sud Mrs. James WllllsuiioD o(
N.Ttli Bromlsy avenue eelsbraled the
tilteenth inntVarMT of tlielr Ifksrrlags
00 Monday Tllla nt their rMldsuta,
and were the reeipitnts of BaJMtf UM
lul and bMUtlfn! presents ThoiS
prest-nt were Mi and Mrs. AndttrSOP,
Sir and Mrs RlghttnaH, Mr sod Mr
Rittanhonee, Mr and Mrs. Jaoobt, Ifr
mil Mr Edwards, Mi and Urs, Robj
inson. Mr mil Mrs. WlltOO, J Nilsou,
B Smitta.Q K Bmltb, w KxAn
son. J, i'. EUobardson, K. M Browp,
K Bdwarda, Mlwti M rabdawoo, Q
Willtatna, L Jaooba, E RoblOtoo. A
Hardlue lfreshtueuts were seired
and game and Otbtl dlTtrltOM m
dvlgad ui until a late hour.
Entsrl.iiimiut an.l S vul
An entertatum.mt and hop. iveu b
Court Young atbibo, A O. V of A.
was held last araning la Mttn tun
An appieciitive SSdtenOS was present
Siles were rfttdafad 0 Williatn F.ram,
Hattta Bvaoa, Thomti Abran Wil
liam McDonnell an I Sidi K lwar l.
A fsstur-1 ws a banjo an I guitar duet
b Wtll Watkins and VMwar.l Carlil
Mr and Mrs. Richardson rendered an
ix.'sllent vocal du t. and Mt L0MII
Jenkins recited Mis Maul CaiSOO
l also raolttd A duet was given by
F.ddie sod Mi Eiitti Dsvi. After
the entertainment daBOatg was In
dulled in until a late hour.
A Surpnss Party
The h.ime .if Mr and Mrs. dames
Watkius. of North QaHUld aveune.
was tne mom of much msrrunent ou
Tuesday evening, the occasion being
i surprise party. The tva ling was
nloaasntlj spent iu daaoing and other
div-rsion. Kjireshtn-uits were SISO
serrsoT Isaac Price and Heury E 1
ward furnisae.l the music. Tho
pr-out were Gforz-1 Wriler, Wil
liam McFarlanJ, LTorg Biksr. Q
Oberduffsr. T. Anthony, Qaorgs Sam
ple. D Rese. J. Williams. 0 Keller,
H Wriglev. Mis.-s M A. Powell N
Powell. M. William .Hattis William.
R. Fritz K Stainer. L tJou. Kite
Powell. E Eilis. May Jones. Q Wll-
liam, Aldie Willutnt. M Kromsf.
Bruf News Itsms
The Brother Michael" quartette
nas been orzaniZ"d nuder the direction
of Christopher Robertson, of Rebecca
Waco council, No. 19, Dauzbters of
Pocahontas. A 0 R M . will give an
entertainment and social this evening
m Mears ball Cake and coffje will be
Rm iolph Jones, of Jackson street, is
Divid Jones a respected resident of
this side, died ou Tuesday after a long
illness at th home of his son. David A.
Jones, on Everett avenne. He wis
born in Wales and was well known on
this side. Tbe funeral will take place
tis afternoon.
ago from Stockton. U., where be has a
wife and four children. He engaged
board with bis mother oa Luzerne
street and remained at her house until
About noon he left home for a stroll
and hat not been seen or huurd from
since. No oatitu for his absence can
be assigned and his mother fears that
he hits been foully dealt with.
Agnes llennli.ii will present "Lit
ll. lle Marie" lit the A.mdemy of Mimic
this evening. It Is said In be brimful
0( k'onl Ihlni: livery other line Is a
laugh, and the dialogue is bright and
sparkling, while the ndluiaxa am tailing
sii.l iiiinsuslly str.uig. 1 here is not a
lull moment ftom the opening to C lis
oloaiug Hue
QKMOI rHATOBUt'l ukii'a.
OltO of the great dotnsdjf IHOOIIItl f
tin. muss. mi is the new in hi. al eoiuedy,
filea," In which Qsorg 'I'liutoher
and his company of OOUtdtMl will hi
tsemi at the AoftdtUUI toin rr OW even
lllg. The piers la said tO tie entirely
unlike mythlng of the klud put ou In
rsoeul years, bslag nude op, a it is, of
lite best Ingrsdlsntl of the lighter
forms ef niiius.nui'nt
t the Academy of Muslo on Satur
lav will be Rails Etntuetl in "Klllar
uer I he pluee has won pi ulsr s ti'oiu
press add public everywhere and with
out doubt Is an lush play of exeeu
tlonal merit. She has s snlondld sup
porting company, and "Killarimy" is
uiagiilllcently mounted with costumes
and scenery
gOt sMi i n iti IU1 L
Sol Smith Russell, w ho will be at llio
Academy Monday evening. IS a DSOtJ
llarly happy genlui For his popnlai
ity he can dep . ml wholly up u his In
diridnahty. which i a combination of
such nnuieroui felicities that one can
hsrdlr enumerate them. His humor Is
essentially of the best and moat per
suasive order, it OOmuandl With equal
facility our langhtat and our tsars; it
is entirely free from greatness- It is
spontaneous, natural, exquisite.
Tba Shkeiaiaii Actor l)rtd by a
Lrt: Audience at tbit Aoademv.
While the American stage is liter
ally overrun with persona engaged iu
tho dramatic profaasioo, there exists
today a woeful lack of appreciation of
tragedy on the part of the theater going
public. As an almost direct result of
this the stage boasts of but one recog
nized Shakespearean actor. Thomas W
Keene, who was seen at the Academy
last eveuiug iii Richard HI, with
whloh play tut name is inseparably at
tached That Mr Kone is a favorite in this
city and that Scr intoniaiis enjoy u
higher form of amnsem-tit than is af
forded by iliiiisy farce which are so
prevalent Were evi leaped by tho largo
and enthusiastic su lienoe th it greeted
tn Richard of actor Keene at the
It wa three years ago since Mr.
K"ne had pravioul) appeared in this
city and the welcome he received was
hearty and spontaneous. Mr- Keetlo
mede an admirable Duke of Gloucester
and had the able supp 'rt of a company
of excellent performers. Among the
most prominent of them wore Frank
Hennig, Edwin Arden, Mis Henrietta
VaJers and Mi. Adelai deFritz Allen.
Y. W. C 4. NOTES.
Uuppenlugs ol a Day Tbat Will
Many Tribuuo Readers.
S'.-r Work Baing- Dons Mors in Con
templation The news of tbe organizition of a
Junior society in connection with the
Young Women's Christian association
bat bn hailed with delight by the
misses of our city. The rooms will he
open to junlorseverr afternoon for 4 lo
6 o'clock and weekly socials an 1 relig
ious meetings will be held Plans for
the pleasure and improvement of the
msiuburs will be arranged by older
girls in committees.
The class committee are glad to an
nounce a new class whicn will psrsns
a course of Shakespearean revling un
der the instruction of Miss Catharine
Parker. Mils Parker has studied in
popular intellectnal circles in f'hila
deiphis.and has mat with great sneces
in other classes Term, 1 to members
for twelve lesions, fjl to non members
As only a limited number oui bare
received in the class, persons desiring
to enter should register at once.
For the rnneically inclined young
wornui classes in sight reading will
be formed Miss Albright, of West
Pittston, has been secured as teacher,
and she will meet ths classes Tuesday
afternoons at t o'clock and Tuesday
evenings at 7 o'clock Terms 1 for
twelve lessons for members, i tut
nori. members.
With tne assistancs of a large eorps
of ladies the MOTetary . making a
thorough canvas of the central portion
of tne city. Every honse, store snd
office will lie visited to obtain the name
ot every young woman living within a
half mile of th rooms The ladis of
the board solicit a courteous reception
to the ladies making the canvass
The services led by Miss Dunn, tho
state secretary, last Sunday was at
tended by a large number of youn
WOBMfl. An increasing Interest in these
meetings is very marked.
Some young W .ine ere taking ad
vantage' of the reduced rales for the
balance of the season In tne gvaina
alnm, but many mor would find the
$1 for membership and i for the gym
uasium lessons a wise investment
Theclasa c .mmilteefnntartsined In so
cial gathering tho members or the edu
cational classes nnd their teachers last
Attorney John M Harris Applies for a
Attorney John M Harris yesterday
applied to the court for a charter for
the Scrantou Engineers' Club. The
purposes for which It was drgsnlzed is
tne adrancement of ongineerlng in Its
aev ral branches and for the profes
ional advancement of Its member
The subscribers to tho srtioles of ln
(oriiorstiou are James Archbsld. ar
F. W. (Jerecke, II W Rowley, W. A.
Msv. R J. Foster, C. C. Conklln and
A. H Storrs.
The articles of incorporation were ar
tistically typewritten in- Samuel Pottit.
It Is Believed That Thomas Thorgas Has
Been Foully Dealt With.
Thomas Thomas, a miner, employed
at the Pine Brook shaft, has dis
appeared from his boarding pIsco and
his friends fear that he is the victim of
fonl piny.
Mr. Thomas came her a short time
Thirtie.h Pythian Period to be Com
memorate 1 Next Tusdav.
Scranton Lodge No. 203. Knight of
Pvthias will hold an entertainment at
the lodge rooms Tuesday night, Feb
30. commemorating the thirtieth
pythlan p-riod.
Addresses will be made by promi
nent members of the loilge and profes
sional and ainatuer talent has ben
secured to furnish good entertainment.
The funeral of John Riuiham oc
enrred at Hawley yesterday. The re
mains wer taken from here on th" D .50
train on th Erie and Wyoming Valley
Mr Foley, of FJmuurst, is visiting
hsr cousin, John K lia
The funeral of Mrs Msrt Ciilleu oc
enrred from her late home 00 Drinker
street yesterday The remains were fol
lowed to tho grave ty a large con
course of friends and relatives Inter
ment w.i made in Mount Carmel cam
etery. The ball bearers were T. J
Fadden, William Uribben Dennis
Langao. Edward Cullen. M, Culleu
and M Dowd
The infant child of Pater Swift was
buried yesterday
It is the fashion to down ring rul at
the present time Tammany of Now
York, lioody of Brooklyn and race
track rule In Jersey, succumbed to the
wrath of the people who srotj "a inssse
and censured them in true Aiuerimin
style. Why not call the "Ring Dsmo
crate" of DuuiuoreV They have been
raising the bet long enough Why not
Osaka them show their hand? A glance
at the two tickets now placed before
the public for their close and eouscleu
rlnus consideration will convince any
fairiuindnd person that bat one is the
paople's ticket It is liroadmluded in
every sense aad representative of the
rill ns of the borough, while the
OtbOf Is so partisan an 1 sealilalvely
avaricious that it needs not the service
of a crier to announce ibv fact.
Peter Murray, of Willow street, died
M.s... - llnssie Mahsr and Mam a ,im
gen, of Philadelphia, attended the fu
neral of Mrs ( 'ullon
Mr and Mrs .1 .1 Cadden, of Arch
bald, were visitors in town yesterday
Dnumoreans will bo pleased to know
that although the hard times exist here
to a certain degrea, th r do not seem to
effect the citizens aa it does iu many
other towns In the stale.
A collector of a large New York book
concern was In town ynslnrdny and
said that "he bear I less complaint from
subscribers on account of hard times in
tliis plsce than he did from any other
town h" visited,'' and his territory ex
tends all over the eastern part of I'enn
sylvania He also said that there was
only- ono other town that, could be
classed with this place, and Unit was
Nicholson. This little country plane
and Duumore seemed to be the onlv
station on his route where everyone
w.i not complaining of tho iieneral
depression. This apenks volumes for
the thrift of tho borough laboring men
W. II. DrnOAN, (Icnrral Agent People's
Mutual Live Mtock Insurance Company
I'iiii ADri.i'iliA, pa.
Dear Sir We are this day in receipt of
your company's check for $7.1 in settle
ment of death loss nndr policy No. 44,48,1,
for which please accept our thanks.
We oheorfully recommend this company
to nil who wish good Insurance on ilinlr
stock, and foel fully astistisil that the com
pany is operating on the most substantial
basis and Is entirely reliable
Truly yonr.
a k. Tbopt & Co.
Miili.n l Barratti ol Prospect Avenue,
Caught I. a Mass ol Mnltcil Spiegel
and Very Seriously Liurnud Rustic",
E asily al Hie Muse-. I uylor Hospital.
Intel esliiiK I'olitii al Pointers.
Michael Barrett, olodar mm at
tin. South WOrkl was aeriouiy burned
yesterday morning and removed to the
Moses Taylor hospital
I Ian . dt was employed removing the
cinder that remained iu the converter
utter the alnel had teem poured oil', and
he was wisrklng txiiieath the platform
tlutt la used by the workmen when put
ting n th charge of Iron, aciap and
apeigel. While thus engaged, lbs truck
Mating the ladle ol molten nplngel.
running on the piattonu above, leaped
the track and th laitln whh precipi
tated beneath Much of ;th.i cuiitnnle
tell on Barret) and he wiui frightfully
bnrnadi Hlaaon roahad to iuh assist
anon and had his hands horned in his
efforti Pathar Moiiuii waaaoromoned
to randar spirit oal aaalatanoa, and Dr
Mauley ulao aumliloue l Night Super
intend. -lit I, viel directed the 111 II i 1
man to ba removed ro the hospital,
although It was the iIshii of
himself and his sou that be h taken
home. At th" hospllal lata Inst vail
ing it was learned tnat BirrellwaH
resting easily ami tbat there seemed no
daagvr of death. W .rkiaen who have
been burned with Spiegel Hay that the
i nn. that result from it are more se
vere than Iroin any ..tlier source and
lunch longer tune is required in healing.
Drier PollUoal Pointer
Many Rannblioani in tie. Nineteenth
ward concede Mr llickey's election as
common councilman Iroui that ward,
while certain I i. iuocralH pfodlot that
hla majority Will reach BOO,
School Controller Not, was on the
Sonlh Side car last "Veiling. With
him oa the rear platform were several
city ollicials Mr. Notz went down in
his pocket for bis nickel while bis com
psuious made use of complementary
tickets. This set Mr. Notz thinking
and ha said "On the day of there
organisation of tho board 1 am going
to move that school directors bo given
the same privleges as councilmen. "
M. J. Hizliu who xvss going to see
Keene In Richard the ill. was near Mr
Nolz nnd he laid ' How do you know
you will be in tbe reorganization? ' to
which Mr Notz replied "lam not
making imy will."
It is a long tune since any man found
l ima If in th" positi m of Daniel P.
Battle,without an onponont.
Friends of A. T Conntll are work
ing hard to assure the re-election of that
gentleman as select councilman, while
Ttu inas McGratl, his oppouunt,is 111 ik
ing a canvas that has never been ex
eeu. led fur it. thoroughness,
Streot Commissioner Kirst predicts
that Mr Moore will be re-lleotad school
controller in the Eleventh ward, and
without any difficulty.
In the Twelfth ward tho same old
fight is in progress between Mr
Sweeney nnd Mr. Coyle, and both man
are sanguine of being successful. Mr.
Mnnley points to his excellent record
which can not bo duplicated by any
member of council, and he leaves the
result to the voters of his ward. Mr.
Sweeney is confident that bis ordi
nances for improving tho Mountain
road will be rushed through without
Miss F.mma Schim IT of Trenton, N
J., h is been the guest of Miss Katie
Emig, of Hickory street
They Will Oive a Oaod Entartaiumeu t
at Washburn 8'rsst Churoh.
The Christian Endeavor society of
the Washburn Street Presbyterian
church will give a social and etiter
tsiniaent at the church this eveuiug
for the benefit of the society. An ad
mission fee of 10 cents will be charged
The following progratuiuu will be
Olee, "The Itivnlot" Protheree
Olee Society.
Solo, "0, Loving Heart" Buck
,lra. Henry Kvans
Duet, "Where tlolla tbaOavarta"
David Btaranaaad D. 0, Rtcbarda
Recitation elected. Miss Margaret Uibt
Solo, "Ooma Where tin. Lindani Bloom, "
p, n. Warran, Buck
Quartette SeliK-.ted. Uolumblan tusrtelle
Nolo- Ssdected I. in... Joreph
Ulee, "Now by Day's Untiring Lamp."
Qiao Society
Booka I Books I Booka 1
During thucouiiiig week we shall it. r
to the subscribers of TBI TBEBUttl rare
Imrgaina In books.
Wh have u lurge line of bright and pop
ular volumes, eleguutly bound, that we
intend to give to the patrons of the paper
nt abuut one fourth of the usual price.
The following bat will give you an idea
f I lie in. I nr. uii. oils lllld the Ullllnlllll oil
purtunlties to sucuru valuable addition . to
your library.
K.-gtllui- 1 I.I..:, it
I'leloiial History of thellruul
Pilgrims' Progress (JUaatfad)
Earth) bua mid Sky
KarVeloni vfondari
Lite and Wofkaof Spurgeou
Pictorial History of the Blblu
M 11 hou in uf Wonders
ROD Bo6 tO Pole
Pictorial History of the (Jul-
Hiilnucn of Life
Lifnof Barnnn
Indian Roi rors
Ji ... -pini. . . .
hhupe'a Photographs .
Colutttbaa, the Navigator,..
Webster Dlotioaary In on
half b. i
'ricii. I'rlcu.
(,00 .ho
a. fi .nu
a 7.1 .76
tn .bs
i hi ,6m
a.7.i ,6
a. 75 Wi
a.7s .so
mxi .'.mi
a.ts i no
i.so ,(0
1.50 .bo
1,00 poo
aw i M
uo prasautatlon of two or tbaea
I CoQpons, Biilan rlhiira of TilK 'I Bill
(INK may pnrohaH any book Iu lh '
HbeVe Hal
4 1
Th Baa
Orovat' photon, ia.1 Bpruca s treat.
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
PRICES oo brand-new Suits and Over
coats in our windows will convince
you that we are about giving them away.
Martin & Delany
Coal Exchange, Wyoming Avenue.
Hugh Muinnari'a Sod Ion Dsatb Caused
bv Hoar: Trimble
Hugh QrjionaO, Who resided on Weal
Lackawanna avenue near Chestnut
straati was found dead ia bed about
H III) yesterday morning,
Mr Qalnnan was fg years of nge and
bad been ill for some time past He
retired Tuesday luight without eating
upper and when bis eister, Mra
llogaa, went to call him yesterday
morning she discovered tbat he was
Coroner Kelly impanelled n jarv con
siating of M f W wnbs, Patriok Walsh,
John HammellfMtobael O'Brlen.Jame
M cOortnaok and 0 l'. liauieis Thay
relarned a verdict to tlio elTeet tbat
Mr. i,,iiiinnsn bail dud from heart
Te.tlmohv Off.id 0 Hhow that 8h Wss
Ttatimony was board before Judge
Edwards yesterday in the divorce QaM
id William H. Nichols against Kllle M
Mr MiOholl ssks for s divorce ou th
ground of unfulthf illness The tati
mnny idduceil was to the effect trtnt
Mrs Niohuls had been ivn imiualo of a
house of Qttaaiioabbla oharaotat on
Hotiiuaon street this city, where her
conduct was 'criminal,
' . .
Dp to data Ooprad'anawhata.
FEBRUARY 15, 1894.
row oholoe i three beaatiful
pioturee, "Telephone Girl, !' "lb
livciinn Chfigtmai Pregonto''
unci "Maitli'iis Hwiiijjing." Send
bj until or IBQBMDget Ot brine;
dfjapopi like UiiKoi three differ
i nt dales, with 10 cent, tslatnps
in com. In
Cor. Penn Ave. and Spruce St.
line I. uleat IlliproVi in
Bci anion.
0. C LaUBACU, dentist, Una and
oinpiiny i.i, i. in,. w ., i... eve
its. Bight yeuih in
Ni, w Biayeia
A new bicycle worth 7 wln , aog tur
fit.'. Tin. machine la guaranteed and ia a
rarehergniUi Maabiaa may be aaaa at tie,
'I rlhiihe Illce.
2 'A
A New
COR One Week, commenc
' ing Monday, February
5, we will have a CHINA
when we will sell Cups and
Saucers for less than
Their value. Remember
this sale will be for one
week ONLY, as we posi
tively will not sell a cup at
the sale price after next
116 Wyoming Avenue.
S The GENUIN l Kea I
- Haven S
FtfiNQS s
ESTAB 1866.
York warernon.s, N.
HI Kiflh avenue.
5 8oldi alei - lo this seetii n
m , Ifnoe i SI Adams avenue S
The Great Marvel of Dental s, euoe
A recent digooverj and the tole
propertj of
Henwood & Wardell,
316 Lackawanna Ave.
mis hi nwooii a x tnui 1 1
Ariel havUg eleven toath eatraeted ai
onasittiui bj tbeaalalaaa atltad, i pr..
iiouaon II .i.lln-l .ell.le,l..M In uut,
prftleulari ,i. q won
I itit e.r ..j. ee
Scranton, Pa.
tin; rtiuit popular musical establishment in Northesttern Penn-
lylvariia Tlio hiflhttt ar.ni of Pianos an J Orwans. Tho
lowest jri'.;3 obtainable anyhf;ro ar. J tlio most
terms ovor offon.-d to ourrJiaserg are some of
leading inducomonts. Look at the list
8ohmer Piano,,
Ever ell Pianos,
ifose & Son's ' Pianos.
M nhl in Piano;,
Popular Pease Pianos.
Estey Organs,
Story & Clark Organs.
Chicago Gotta g 9 Organs
Palace Organs,
tiii all kiuda
f ijiisical M,;r'.tar.ili
Lt.y OL bsu'i
The Holidays are bars end tbi-i II lbs i'.t to ba) I'jt a Cbristmal
IJreaerit PHoaa are lower than any other ransic store in sraut'u Special
Attention -liemembar always arhen you start out to search for a Pi aao or Or
Kan that L'hnatoj.hi r ( ol urn bus jjoir.U w ith Ui n;'bt hau l to the i-nc! plao
you want to il1- Now here it is:
' Q 5rfljivQy J- c
.'Mhl'si MONVMEXT.
PR ING . . .
Styles of
Have arrived.
Best quality and
lowest prices.
220 Lacka. Avenue.
Special for This Com
ing Week.
Men a 1'ork Sole Lsee Shoes.
Goodyear Welt, tf-l j:radi,
to be
Men's fork Sole l.see Shoes,
baiul sewedweit.j. trinii'.t.'
Ladies' DongOla, kid Button
Patantad Tip, Qoodyoat
writ. (', million aen last all
4,S0 grade, to be
l.ailia Pin Ki Button,oork
soles, hand tnrn.Ootntnon
Sense last, onlv a few pair
of tin in. f (faile, to le. . .
Ladies' Dull Dongola Button,
double aolaa Coattnon Baaaa
only, ft grade sloaad out at
Misses Shaikh! ilost Hutton.
ipring heel, sizes 11 to f.1
trade will sell at
Hoys' School lioas, buttnn and
Ilea, sizes 11 to Sj $1 W will
sell at
0s.Jl AT
s; 1 $9.00
.1 A C K. E T, Foil
Skirt, Ballooa
ami tan. OoM to
make, fio. Sow
15 .93.
We will give you
tho ohoioe 40
.lu. kits, all this
Season's make.
Nt one in tho
lot that OOSt lussj
Hi. .n U tO 5-0.
.1 V'k KTS.
ami WRAPS. 16
will pay you to
soo tins offering
of Tailoi made
We need room for new Spring
Visit us,
Intdfi Shu sior.
w VoMlNQ i
W'tff f V' ;'; vy'
& Co.
Ijitiios' TiKt . Cioftk Mfko:
Klltl VSll'lWlH,
m'ki n S r
. ot ut i ui n
Scienlitic Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
The SpeCiaUet Oil tb Ky. lb.nlaolies and
Nervouaiiesa relieved. Latest Kiel Improved
Htyle ef Eye tilassea and 8le.:li le.s nt the
I.ewost Ptioaa. Host ArtiBctal Byaa inserted
tor IV
SOS SPRUCE ST., op. Post Office.
1 01 Iv ol thfAM Ol POaVt, r'-
S MaicJ nt rhfl 1 i tlMin.- '(m-.. ror-
b iifr IVnn hvimiiii1 Htnl BpfVM utra'ot.
S a ntltl is tlt hnlilrr to tkl tlio lri-
m lffffM ol tlio milium I loloit ofl'tirai
j lot dlttri baling populfAl booki
ntatong mii Madvras i uaiMl
- bj Mil' TatlbUB llililHaUl'tllOIlt, urO
g 118 follow !
5 10 CBMTI nnd Four Coapomt fr
1 tiny voluiii1 in tlio OolttamVaU
B rlts. Ovor HHi niios tomloct frMim
g i iil Four I'soniioni lor n 10
m voliimo let ni DiolMaM1 ontnilCo
aaa WortfH.
g CKNTP nnd Four Coupon for
a nny hook In list Kuuliy Son.
m Bft ORKTfl and Knur Coupon for
Any book In tlit Oxford Sot l't.

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