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f Pipe
I Valves
Qmeril luuget B, E Itwt litenlawad
at Leiigtli uu Mt i.i'
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
. - f 1
5C8 t'enn A4.
Very Choice Line of
1)1 Ml n
Sateens ni
415 Laeka. Avenue.
Wall Papers,
Wtodow Shades,
Mat tines, Rues, etc.
1 2 7 w yomlng a v .
Thara win on a beana m toe sjmi
habeas corona cim m 2 o'clock tbi after -aoca
before Judge lianster
ic.. Ly 4 j'iiMtij iiWuffl a at
tacbment execution arfsiast 1. noma i nd
Fnie JIcGowtn to recfsr , debt ol
M n
Tain 47am( ta-ir trig w a of
biisk.se bail oetwenn fltrstou aad Scrao
ton fft "r if so i Chruttea aeeocia
Koq. A.lm.Miuq fr
To Ijidwe' A.d . .- , so i.m far .
hnrcn will a supper tunigns frjm 1
to S ccloca. af:r w&ich tne Upworth
League wii, ji?-: (re n Mr tain meat.
Mm arnv. . win meeti La Ben
uar-Vat tha Aodm Jf M laic chre
tog. Toe play h.sa b-. -:- . . . -. , i.,- ,..
bvfoi's ant . fait wen tu.,su to theater
JiStt in tbt city
Ad er.teruinu.nr.r, ,-..! poerc 1041
will be fio fey me "DMrtefe Skull if lab
id lb ProT'.denon Mstbodl'. Episcopal
char :h tomorrow 7nin(f under tbe direc
tion of Mrs. William Bngnr Admission
will r.9 U cents.
The Mttfel Attned Epamia AVadW Mil
be printed with pleasure if the writer will
ige hie real Same or asjtoafcatfen. Tax
TJi' i 1iir to re en.pbaaue tbe fact
toat it print ao communications, what
er, oyer a pseudonym.
A sper.ai train win iea? the .-ie Fork.
Ontario and A'eate.r. d. pot Friday, at 10
M, for P-.yetelle; rstiraeog, will leam
rttMlM lI.3o.prri All wt.o ei.j ,y the
pUaatir of katii or leering will do
w-dl to avail theiael74 of tow opportun
ity. Tieket, 1 for ro.r.d tr,t,
At Wonderlatid tvi7, Una on .w ar.d
atorday Minar jh7i atock 'ornpatriy
will praaent Dicker.a wen known ator of
Oliver Twlat" In diair.errzed form I i$
Work beir.( don r.y the W onderland corn
panv U of auf h 4 high atnr.dird that laVga
AUdiencM are nftfhtly well pleaaad
"Africa,'' Which will be preeented at the
Arartero? of iluHic toriorrow ovening ,j
3eori Tbafner and tin excellent (Mi
pany, li not. ae many perionn auppoa, a
inlaatrel entertain men t ao'h aa Mr.
TbAf bar t.a . been ao loon identified with,
but ao extraraganza, aparklinK with
bright aayluga and new and ;,,,..! t ,uf
Tha Oipoy la a firat claaa on
en ' a
Matlooal Company la Aa.ia'1 to Make
Good Ita Valo.
Tln caie uf i'hilllpa. & Qq airaitint
tba National Ripreai couipafiy w.te
triad before Arbitrator A J ,
Walter brigg and F W Helta yua
On May laat Fhillipi He Co nliitil
a box of gooda rnlu-d ut t; to John
Datterton, of I. .it.n. by tho National
Expreea company. Tbat ui(iit tliv ita
tion at Laflia wai burirJarizad and the
good coontcned to fiattarton atolan.
Pbilllpa & Cot then broaybt ion to
recorar tb price of the gooda from the
Eipreai company At tho bearing
yeaterday Attorney (iaorge Fack ap
paared for cha pUintitl and Attorney
J. W. Carpenter for tbe defenaa.
' e in
Uualo Boxaa Szoluaivaly.
Hut ii mil. Plav any detlred uumbar of
tone. Qautachi & Son., maoufactnrera,
1(l80'beatnut atreet, Philadelphia. Won
derful orrheatrial organa, only $i and f IU.
Srxeclalty: Old mnalc buxe carefully re
paired and improved with new tuuoj.
Beadleaton ft Woara'a and Ballantlne'a
Alee are tbe beet. K. J. WaUH, ag,.ut,
Lackawanaa avenue.
M. -
So.MiTttiN'i elegaot! The pbotoei at
Oroyea', 4a5 Spruce atreet.
II lilt' I .1 Im. o,.,.' i Iptil .ili..- II Will
Show I lial 1 1 if Coiiip.in,' . liberal
Policy la Not Anpr4iittd Qartaln
Pnvilfjifs Will bu Alii Jj'.ulod Hum
d t.'i Untlghthj Polaii.
t'i'w uifen in thll city bava ihOWO
lb liWral poltej that ha AOtQktfd
QtQarkl Mklkga)f n-hor, ol tlm BotAB'
tvMi rraOtlOQ v'.'intiaiiy. aitjo In ad
vent ItBODIkl us. TwA notion 01 In
ootttpanj fMtMdtvy In kgtMlni to M
10,000 toward Hie eOMtmoUoi ol the
ptopowd kikdnot) li put knotbtji ptool
Olhai ixkuipltk tm in offai of $.'.ood
tothkoltytor the wldanlDg ol Niattoa
atreet. and lit willmgiiem lo ooutrib
Btk a portion of tho azpaute that would
W iBOttNOd in ruiuoviiitt llitt pUrs tit
Carbon itreat that inpporl thebndg
ONtatBI o tho I'liit Brottk aloift
NotwtlUklkndlnl lhaaaj and othki v
btbiUoM ol $oo i w in ikara an pfrtwi
iu the eompnnity kfho ik that the
company i :!':'r no aquJVAlkOt for tha
trMOhtkM that havo two granted t v
the city It is aUo QMkd (hat tho
itooktkhald bj ptrkoM itftoj outdlda
the oily and the foVMQAk datlved are
likowlw aspaudad abroad, In npbf t.
tlo tlrt Objection tb faot li oiled that
wlnu the twopla'aootupati) waaondeav
oriug to iftVat a aale local capltalialt
would act veuture hi reply to the
MOOkd ObJaotloM Mr Archar uiakea
tha ltktaUenta thkt are oraJited to huu
mk tkcstu om nit; nu raZi
It w Ol course not uoceaiary to state
tbat Mr Ardicr ta luteiested, In a
uteajure, lu thu oidiuat.ee ikw pand
iu tvfore eontnoa oonnsll, and It we
to aacettaiu h'. opthlOM ou the aub
jecc that a Txttl St rapottar rllltad
uitu at hit oft.-. yeaterday. Atked tut
opinion of the Ordihknoa, he raplied
"I do uo: kuow vhathar OOBlolll are
sincere iu tbat matter or not. I have
u;u s'.vstu to understand by aoine ir
sou that the iatrodnottok ot thoordtn
UaM was iuteuied to put at least one
ot tbe uivtubcrj ia an embrriing po
ittioo, aud there is record ol a similar
occurrence $jm time ago, (or the
saute purpose.
"If tha ordinance ia introduced iu
good uith I bave no hesitation iu net
iug that it is ataaifaatly unfair at this
time, and I have lesa hesitation iu lay
tag tbat iu ctse the or iinauae bicomea
operative aud tbe company is obliged
to pay tba tax, 1 as tbe representative
(la, company will ce obliged to de
prive tbe people of some of the advant
jjs they bave beeu enjoying dnriug
tbe past year Do not understand tbat
L make this as a threat. It is not iu
tec lad as inch, I consider lucb a tax
as tbat contemplated, an warranted,
and if it is impose! tue public gener
ally, will not censure me for seeing
tbac the tax. if it bj pail shall not
come direct frutu the company. Toi
s a mere matter of business.
"To make my meaning mora clear.'
continued Mr. Archer, "let me say
i'bie company ia paying far more than
an equivalent to the revenue tbat
would ax derived from taxing the
pole jl conrsa it is nut paid to the
city direct, bu' tbat class of people
wbo stand noal in uead of it, tne work
ing men and women of tbe community,
are .wmng tbe benefits. Tne benefits
I refer to are tbe radaead fares, wnere
by tba poorest can aff ,rd transporta
tion wnan necessary. '
kmms ukpwa is Moot
As proof of the statement male above
Mr Archer, after a carefal perusal of
tbe paasangar receipts accauata for tha
sail "Lioriag las: year 907 180
v .rii-g people hare bean carried at
i cents each, a saving directly to
'rse people of 4. Wi.-iG There have
laM Cen transported Pi, 940 icbooi
cnii'lran and taaebeTs at is; cent aacn
or a saving to tbat claaa of f3.VjS,oU
Dnric tba same period tha number of
free transfers tbat had been md by
tbe peopl-i was 1, '.' 47 1, abowinir a
saving to lha people of f,t.8Ti W Tbii
makes a grand total of $M,M,10, and
notwithstanding thll very llber.il pol
icy i am plea-td to state that there has
been a small increase in the gross re
ceipta of tha company.
"When Team to Hcranton and be
can conversant with ita method I in
formed tbe officials of onr company
that the citizens generally aeems 1 dll
poaad to allow fait treatment to tha
railway compiny i also further in
formed them tha, it would be poiitif,
to abow liberal apirit in their treat
mentin retarn. I was advised to use
my own ligemant in tne pramlsea
and I have not lost an opportunity of
showing to the people that weappra
ciated their friandaliip and were aolici
ton for therr wants.
"It may ie argned that if this liberal
ir, afa of traatTient Were abrogated the
company woold be the losr There is
no likelihood of snob, a contingency,
for more than two thirls of the people
would have to atop rtdlog entirely be
fore there won) 1 bj any appreciable
loaa "
Speaking of ex peridltnrea. Mr Archer
said "Hi nee ita acquisition of the
property In this city tne compiny has
expended IMO.OOO. Of this amount
mora than pWO.000 or tl.WO a day has
basrfl expended In this city, tha bilance
fo( electrinil machinery and
inenta louring that time the com
pany "dally average of men employed
wA 2t and the system at this tlm
givtn employment to more than '!'JH
IHK fAfiM A KK LNSIiiniLi,
"lint, Mr Archer," iusrled the re
porter, do you not agree that the
number of polea eracted in the city la
in atly Iu of what la riqulred
and that they mar more or leas the
city's beauty? '
"1 do There egg le uo denial of
that fact, but the rmdy daaa not lie
In taxing the point. While I do not
with to lie . : i . . :J , bnlrig untluua
to dictate the policy to lie pursued, I
would anggaat that the propar remedy
for exiatiog conditlooa la in the paa
ange of an ordinntioe cotiipelliog nil
the pole lutereats In tbe city to
nseaaiiigle or double line of poles
where wires are now run, and IttOO n
courie would decraaae the number of
POitg in many placai more than M per
oent. For instance, one block on
I, ackawannu avenue ha twenty aevon
poles, when at the moat five on auber
aide would sufilce. On many valuable
cornen there are groups of from thrne
to five polea, when n aingle one would
fully accomodate all the interest repre
aented," As the repirter rote to take his de
parture Mr. Archer aaid: "1 want it
distinctly understood that 1 am making
no plen nor do 1 want any auoh con
struction to be placed on what 1 have
said, I do not hesitate to say that 1
consider auy tax an imposition, in view
of what tho company has done ainoe
taking charge of the lines in this city
In addition theta still remain to bs
built about twelve mile of track, must
of which, it is expeuted, will be con
structed during the coming season."
in . -
Ona Hundred leti ut tituuiiaui Authors
ou View Saturduy.
A Hbaral iupplj ol Part B ol ih'
World's Pair portfolio was received
yesterday. All oWUfl will bu tilled at
once. All uuiubtirs of the "Trip
around the World" from 1 to ;u are in
rendinuaa fur the purchaser Tha pot
turn tllUltraUya Of MM Hawaiian la
laudi and affording an loilda vigw into
th manuara and outtotai ol the laud
of ex Quean I. Ill, will be ready iu u
few da) a Tho diMiiaud for Hie hand
some proof etchings continue mi
abated SpooilueiiH may be neon at an)
llltli', Hint nil In. pill Ins will NOklVI
prompt attotitloii
V have dnoldod lo lual.K Halunlay
a rare bargain day for Tuim HI ragd
era. It will ba dtVOtkd tspeolally to
Ihe ghlbltlag aud aaln ol auoh lliivly
lUuatratad roluraai a "Atnarloa uius
Irnted," the Viitiim Ait (lalleiina,
etc, Whlla as a iprulal feature, 100
ipleudtd latl of tan. laid authors, lu
magaltloant binding!, will h utuiiy
karraggad around tha builuaaaoAoa so
a to facilitate InipaotlOO and pur
ohuae Ml the itttUdard HrlM will
also be tot aal on tho uoiial teruis,
and adding olio tli I ii to another, it
Will ba g veritable feuet day for book
They Atteot an EnlranCk Into the
Stjro ol Joaopli A. Mf.ii-, on
South Main Atomic.
The itore of Joseph A Meare, the
OOUth Maui aveuuo grooer, was on
tered by burglais at au early hour yes
1 ter. lay morning
This is the second time within a law
I mouths that the place has boon forol
bly entered
lueaday Olght the invaders made
usj of the tiro escape ou the rear of the
buUdiug to allect an entr.im'o.
They ascended the iron ladder of the
! escape uutil they reached u rear wiu-
d IW, A pane of glail was removed, ,
i tbe oatoh was imtasteiied and the win -I
dow raised
rha otfi.-e was'etitered nuil the drawer
Of tha d-sk brokeu into and $; iu cash I
, taken. The money drawer at the cash I
Ideak, which il situated iu tho middle I
; of the itore. was also burglurusd aud
17 in small change takn therefrom. I
Much of the goods ou tbe counters
were lausacked. but nothing of value
tl missed
Tue exit was made through the cellar 1
as the door whtah was bolted from tha
, inside waa fuuud open. The discovery
. was not made until the clerks entered
1 tbe store for duty at 3 o clock yesterday
mooning. No clue as to who the pcr
, petratora are has been obtained, A
' party of young men were arrested, but
j they provad to be tha wrong persons.
.- .
AN CfljOYABLf. EN I" E X I Al N M E N T.
It Wat Given by tha LtdieV Am liary at
i the R B V M. O. A Bioms.
The Ladies' Auxiliary gave a very
enjoyable entertainment at the rooms
of the ft R. Y M. C. A. ou Licka
wanna avenue last evening The fol
lowine programme was reudered
Piauo Duet,
Mis,-s TliDUipscu and iurnsnv
Tenor Solo Arthur Van UorJer
Baritone Solo Archie Hazlett
Recitation .. Clint P. Drum
Violin J-oio Miss 'Jerievieve A Hazlett
i Vocal D'let,
I Arthur Van Qordar, Miss Bertha May cock
Mela Qiiartette, ' Silently Stealing Away,"
Messra Van Oorder, liruni. Yost, Hazlett
i Sjprano Solo Mlts Kine Brown
Flute Solo B. W Neubauer
! Piano Si-do Mm EiBe Thompson
' ornetSolo Will Stanton
Recitation CP. Dram
Piano Do at . Minn riazlett and Bone
Mandolin and Autoharp Duet
Meeaii Xenbauer and Hazlett
Quart lit ''Peter Peter, Puoikia Eater,
Misses Brown and Maycick, Messrs. Van
Oorder and Vost.
Mandolin B)l0 . Kicbard .Neubauer
AnVharpSolo . Archie Hazlett
Instrumental, Selected.
troeal Duet Misa Brnwnand Miycoclf
antral to Solo with Plata Obligate.
Mis- Bertha Maycock
Flute Solo R. W Neuhauer
Thitr M if il Binah'. Aaanuiatlon a
Proiparoua Org-anlzitlon
Over 100 members of the Volunteer
ftritnen Mntual Henefit aiaoolatlsg
met nt Hanb'a hall last nvening. The
aaavdation is composed of man who
are or have been volunteer firemen of
tiiis ity, and waa organized Jan I,
I ii2
'Die objfki of the association is the
mutual beiipfl'. of tha volunteer fir
men of the city Whan a mmhr in
good standing dies, hie family or neai
aat relative ra-eivn 100, The meet
logs are held ou the aacnnd Wednei.
day of nicb month Au enhance fee
of (I Is charged, ntcl an asseaainnnl of
JO cents la levied at the death of a
miBlbar The membersbip gOW mim
hers 2-13, and new names are added at
each meeting
'I he native wurkets are sanguine of
making nearly every person who la ell
giiiie a natubar, a oonuiUtag is ar
tinging for an attraction at. Die Acad
amy of Music in the neat future, with
pi uepecTa of aiu caaa
'I lie nlli 'era for the enauing year ate
,1 (! Kime, president, Joseph Mtewnrt,
vice president , K. W. .wlemaii, seem
tary, A H Si in i a 1 1 llnaiiolal aeoretary ,
P. ,. Hlckev, treasurer The mat
meeting will be held on Kab. 39
korattton'a Buslntki Intereats
'I hi 'I Rtau.ar, will soon publish a care
fully compiled and claaalHed Hat uf the
leading Wholeealu, banking, tnainifaclur
hilt and profeeelniial intereata uf Bcrantnn
and vli.lnlty. 'I he edition Will tat hound
In book form, beautifully Illustrated with
photogravure vlewa of uur publlo build
ings, business blucke, atreets, etc tugethn
with portraits uf Inailkig iltizent. No
aiinilur woi k baa evi given an equal to
presentation of Scrautoli a idhiiv Indiia
tries. It will la' an invaluable cxpotltlon
of our buslneaa reaourcea. HattiL tu
pertoiia outside the city, cupiu uf
this liatidautnn work will altiact
newcomer and be an m. nun I
advcrtlsetnimt uf thn city. Tkt ilri'U
laUofl I on n plan Hint OAOnot fad of good
reeulta to those enncerund at Well aa tin bit
atlarse. Heprwieutotives of Tin Tatkoaa
Will 'ill Upon TnOHR Ull ": SJAMCa
arn hxhiiikh in this edition and explain
Ita nature more fully.
Those deiorlng vlewa of their resldenco" '
In this edition will plcaae lanve notice at
the office.
McBkipk h new Turkish bulb. Every
thing new. AMI Kprucu street, opposite
'ourt House.
Anhauaer buach.Beer.
I i Lohinau's, 1MO buruceat.
t h males only. Conrad's hfeta,
The r.,-,i-, Cuuipdlii CommUtiu it i
Lifjelj Attended Meeiiii,,
Eaoh w.ii d Qomrnltlaa lo Band i i lal
ut vVatohark io tha i aai utiva Oom
mittaa Damocratli Politician M.ik
nil!, Li ioiiuiiiiu U.'i lac.itiini'. t)on-
carnlng Approai ha i lo lha Brldkjaa,
Oltlaani at tha Meatlng,
Tim bridga ggnpilgu ootnuititaa nal
last evening ut tbk hoard of trade
FOOIM lnnnl.i i W. V Muy 000U
pled the oha.lr. Naaily nveiy seat In
the largo tooiu wai mvupio I, and from
start to Botlh the iiiuntlug was ODf ol
antnuitaiio mil auggrad wuii for
propounoad (uajority in favor of the
bridga appropriation! and a oouu
qiieniiai greater Borauton
It was taantlonad i ti nt. Dautooratlo
polltlolan had been making impromptu
declaration lu atroet cars, hotels and
other publlo plaOa that llclltloiis op
lions on approachas had tisnii obtaiuud
ami whan iho taa payer wera called
upon to tattla thn bridga Mill they
would Qnd lha lull much largai than
the appropriations oallad fur Tim
nioiaiary rafutatlon of this penile
in 'ins aaaartton ism tba oily olark'i
i nii n where ih options arc on Rla,
On tha nlopn of the bank oil the
Bwetlnnd aetata the opllgg was obtain
ed lor$l, 788,88 hut paafibly there may
ba iaiight aooroaobiuaal to the extent
of a few hundred d illara With this
exoeption, the polltiolaa'a itatimaut
urn ba atampad a false in every par
tlculnr Thll vva at'stuled by Mr. Itoach
and Mr I.. titer of thn opttou OOmmlt
ten at last night's meeting 1.-th gen
tlaman vouched for the trutbfuluaii of
the figures as laauad In tho coininittea'e
OlrOUlar, but douhtimz ones can aatiafy
ihems.ilvos ou uppllc.itioii ut the city
olark'i offloa
At the previous Hunting a sugge'
liou was tuado that watchers ha ap
pointed for each voting district. It
was decided last night tu have each
ward 0 lunuitlee land a list of watch
ers who will bs on duty to tha execu
live committee. This body will obtain
watcher's certificates for them. This
move is necessary for on i particular
lean hi The ballots as piintel hava
tho "for or against bridges" printed
at the foot of the Uepubltcau ticket
and the park portion at the bottom of
tha Democratic tlokat Now the natural
inference would be that by marking a
crokl iu the Republican circle the vote
would be recorded iu favor of the
bridges. Such is not ths case. Tha
crnis "X" must b marked in its proper
place in the "bridge' portion of the
ballot This question ha lietn placed
in the hands of the executive commit
tee, who will try and have tne ballots
arranged iu a more comprehensive
ma uoer.
Mauy ol the ward comtnitUai have
designated u man for each block in the
wards. These men have been booming
the bridges and report gratifying sue
At the last bri lii election the Sixth
ward voted against thl improvement as
follows First district, 11 for, 78
again.si, Second distriet. for, 04
against. M. 11 Uriffia, Democrat, was
present at last night's meeting and
said the majority would bo reversed
this time
Another meeting will ba held Satur
day evening.
Altogether, the meeting and aenti
menta expressed were most pronounced
evidences that Soranton will have her
bridge Not a voice , : .. t a doubt
that tha appropriations would be de
feated. Among those present were the fol
lowing. Secretary D. U Atlierten, S.
8, Spruks, Simon Kice, Thomas J,
Moore. Dr. John Boruett, William
Hlutue, J, is Archer, Adonic. BuenzA,
Thomas Brooks, QsjotgO Frable, M J.
Donohue, Q, J Dubigg, Victor Liuer,
I E. Roaoh I M Shotten, William
Anderson, Victor Arnold, (Jbarles W
Weatpfhal. C H. Pond. J H Farr. P,
Rush, .1 J. Unar, 0 K Daniali, E. B,
Robathan, Josepk Keller, Joiipb Mc
N'ally. Miles QlbloBI
Traction Gampinv 08"ra 10 0JJ as Ita
Portion nf the Coat.
tfayor Conuall was in a happy mood
yesterday afttrnoon and he did not at
tempt to disguise his feeling
'I ne ' mse it it all was a communion
Hon that he had received during the
afternoon, through QeOCral Manager
Archer, from Mr i lark id 1'hiladel
phli. who (a vice president of tha 00m
jiany Mr An her repraaentt iu Ihia cily
The letter w ia na follows
W L OoOOell, Mayor of the l ily of
Berautoo, l'a
In Mi Sic Mr Atobet has fbt -warded
me your letter id the sth (net t him. and
in reply I beg t amend the prop wltimi uf
the Bcraoton Traetloe apnipaoy m fol
hiwa Thai thia totnpaay ag real topky
toward Hi" ost "f the i nlm I mi I ackn
raoni lyensa tQ,O0t this offai ooadi
ti 'ual upon the baleneti nf th' mniiej
being provided fur the cimileH.in of the
wink,. Truatirui thai t Ins proportion vlll
be satllfactory t ) yell. Iletnain,
aoura Truly,
. ' M I'LAIlk,
H o rraelnaai
Mayor Connell is now confident thai
the viaduct ia atsurred It Is utidei
stood that (latiet al Manager Hallatead
of the Delaware, Lackawanna and
Weateni Railroad company It favor
nlil" p. the project and that he will use
hi ftitlutiien with the officials of the
company in New York to get au
amount equally at large at the very
veireroui donation made by the Scran
Ion Ti action company.
Do Nut Funllahly Walt Until Hit Cloalna
PrOB the ii .in1 e. "of uamaa added
daily to the long hat of aubacribera to
(he Kncvcl(ip"i1fe flrltanntea. It la fair
to conclude that tnere are many yet to
come Why healtata longer to rail and
give your order The reduced price at
which it la offered, tnfalliar with the
liberal termi of payment, preclude t h
poatlbllity of anyone pleading poverty
a an excuse for not furulaliiug iilmielf
or bii family with this dnotunparable
educational work You can afforded a
1 ii ti 1 of Knowledge which is nbsn
lutely unavailable from any nthtr
source twenty fire large volumes,
over 'I'i.WO page mid about lU.OUH II
Inatratioiii a history of eaoh and
every country, anolent or modern ; a
hlatory of eacb stale in the .union. tD
KiHhrr with thn latest niap nf that
country or state ; tbe life of every groat
man or woman who has lived since his
tory began ; all the arts and srlenci
explained and illustrated; the hiatorv,
nature and habits, with Illustrations,
of every creature in tha animal crea
tion, from bumble boe to a buffalo, lo
gather with the description of every
plant and llower iu the vogetable king
dom. The president of Yale college has
aald tbat it would rsqoir 8,001) vol
umei from the world'a publication! to
procure all this Information. With the
propel use of the alphabetical contentn
and marginal rofareucie and index it
becomes the most convenient of Knoy
clopedla. Not merely the lalient
point! are given, but n full treatment
of tbe tubjscf, rendering it u
complete library in the home
with tew book! You must
have seen it friend's books, us
hundreds Bgya bseu provided with
them, and they can be aeon any tim
et 1117 Hpruoe atreet. Od receipt ot
fl oO the entire set will b delivered
the balance tu ealy monthly payments
The oiler must loon be withdrawn
Hut a nhort time leinalii lu which to
nvatl yourself of the price ami easy
tuiuituf payment, which uiinnt tho
securing of the wotlt
- - - -
Ooatrerlei wtueayor BByi that Oatllva
III I.I lie In... .
city Oontrellet P, J w i im., .. i bm
atlekoad the two tteetiBgi of the joint
ealimalag oommittea ami bai hu a
OlOia ohsii ver of the dellb ration of
that body.
To n TniuuNi. rp6rtaj Mr Wii
inayer laid yeaterdny "There i no
use in talking, the appropriations
atktd for by soma of the various de
partments must be unsparingly pruned
I his is absolutely necessary if any new
lurprOVOItteotl are contemplated The
total estimate of lamhtlei for the yeai
In ijrJ.ll OI10 While the aggisgstn of the
appropriation! naked for is 84,000,
William kdwaids, ot Mhiladf Iptna, to
bitablitti a Uaage Tin Plate Plant
iti Hie North End.
llenja'miu Davis, of Philadelphia,
huperitiin.li.nl of the Kdwarde tin
plate wurki, vltited this city u few
tiny a suo and Was accompanied by Wil
liam F. Iwards, proprietor uf the plant.
Both gentlemen were, while here,
the guests of Reese (i Hrooki Their
object iu vi. .nog Scran ton was in look
ing up a suitable location for a tin
plate plant. Mr. rMwarils Intend to
establish an industry injhis city tbat
will give employment tu about 1,000
He left for New York yesterday, but
will return in three mouths tu com
pleta final arrangements
The plant will be locate! somewhere
in the North Kud.
Mr. Edwards ii a sou of tbe largest
tin plate manufacturer iu England.
His remarks about the Wilson tariff
bill are interesting He said that as a
Brittibhvr he would favor the bill, but
if be were au American he would op
pose it with all his might
i t r
Will Bs Organized b Stat Secretary
Hurlburt at tb V M C Ai
After tbe prayer meeting in tbe var
ions church lust evening a number of
young men gathered to bear State 80 -retarv
Hnrlbnrt talk ou "How to Meet
"It is astonishing," he sail, "how
mauy men there are who are actually
hungering for some otu to apeak to
them about Jesus Christ Men who
ere carryiug burdetied hearts aud grop
ing in the darkusss nfiti light and
Many illustrations wars given of the
surprises wuich coins to thosnewbo, af
tet great hesitation, have gone to ui'U
aud asked them to become CbrlltiaOl
Such personal seork i not a hard thing
to do, but an exceedingly fascinating
and interesting thing to tbe man Who
etitera upon it.
Tbifevebing tha last conference of
tb SMion will meet at T 30 o'clock.
whn Mr. Hnrlbnrt will give a talk on
"Tbe Relation of the Holy Spirit to the
Christian, and the Necessity for His
Prssince in All Work," after which the
question of organization will be die
cnsild and tbe orgemtition effected.
Stati Bircstary Hurlburt will go from
here to the district convention of the
Young Mens Christian association,
wbicb meets at Totvanda. Feb. IS
Aigumauta for and Agalnat Chartering
It Haaid at Harrltburg.
Argument was bsaid before the see
retary of the oommouwenlth at Harris
burg Tuesday with regard to ths char
tering of the t Hvpliant Sews rage coin
Attorney John II Colling appeared
f. t the gentlemen w ho are anXtOOl to
have the company cha item. 1 and At
torney Itemuej Amertnan appeared fol
thotl WOO oppose tbe proposed com
pany. The secret! v ol the commonwealth
decided to bold the matter umlsr ad
v iseinent for a few days
, -
OoatffatM John Wllllann Will Bitot a
.!' e en It
i ObTrlOtOt John W ii Ua rented
n portion of th" lot own! by John
liafler at Walnngln avsnue and Lin
den atreet for a t-rm of tea years at an
annual rental nf 500.
Mr William will erad a two-iioiy
brick building which will be titled up
for atniea and ofll Tea
any efTorta bat! been made to pm
chaae the property from Mr R ifler al
high a prlci as I0 U.K) having hin of
fcrad for II He pirlUteflfiy refuses
to aell
Hooka by Ravnata
Any pei ton erdarlng ten or mori book
at one time may hate them sent by vi
press prepaid
1 1 n i you aeen thetn' QfOVei pliotoes,
ill Spruce street
Hi a new hat now, the styles ere tet
Had, Hourad hna them:
Best Sets ol Teeth, $X.oo
Including the palnleea extracting
of teeth by an eiitlralj uuw pro
IBjai tS. Ot Snyder, n. i ). S.
inn m YOalfNU AVtt
The new offer
made to Tribune
readers on page 7
It is the best
one yet made ,
Tbe.y AtieDjpy to UitDaga ttju FrofldeQcc
Line b! tbe Electric. hoa,
I hen Names Are John Uogliert
and f humus Gallagher and They Re
sult nt Providence Mayor Council
UiucIl I hem Over for Their Appear -aiico
at Court traction Company
Determined lo Hrotect Ita Helroiii
John liougherty and Thomas alta
gber, both aged 21 and residing in
ProvldOBOe, wr remsnueil by Msvor
I 'onuell yesterday to await the action
of the grand jury fur disorderly con
duct, flghling and using obscene iBBg
Okge in an eltotrlfl car of the Pro vi
dence im-
foraom time nat tbg raipeftabl
patrons of the Providence line have
com plained Ol tbl conduct ol a gang of
tough indivldusla who, particularly in
the night time, wonl'l smoke, swear
light and use vile Unmiage In tha car
and then jump off before they could b
If the two present cases are dealt
with as they deserve by tb grand jury,
a rare objsct lesion will be glvio for
other knight or the prominent under.
Oallaghei along with a crowd of b
pals began cursing and acting in a
boisterous man iter iu a csr tbat had
tartad OB the ontwird trip Tuelday
bight, baveral ladies and gentleman
iu constquspc were foreed to abandua
tbe oar at bpraee street With tb
assistant ,r aererel arew Gellagber
and hie party of toogba were ejected
at Mulberry itreet where they loon
boarded tbe csr following and rode to
Providence. liar boughei ty and itv
eral "friends" got ou. and with tbu
additlou to the Gallagher forces tbe
whole crowd began their carouiali.
tMi'UAX. tKE OWgkl.Eli'i.
Tha Oondnatot and motormin wtte
powerless to atop tbelii aud tbe melee
got to u point where tha conductor wio
being roBghly handled ly the whole
crowd At this time two inward
bound car were piasing withAsiiit
ant Superintendent Powell aboard on
of them.
Mr. Powell assisted by tbe tbiet
erewi extracted tbe conductor from bii
poaition and then beyan tu pot to'
crowd off the oar. A "bit a Lea-,
wherever you aee one" eort of a fight
ensued iu which tbe railroad men got
tbe worst of it Mr. Powell then order
ed the car reversed toward Proridence
This move earned a stampede of
the toughs, all bnt Gallagher getting
away. Dougherty wai caught severe
blocks away by Officer Haag
No one was severely injured, though
Mr Howell beats the marks of enndry
kicks and biows
Tbe company propose to puih tt.
caae to the fullest extent of th law anc
place the two a: rested in a poeitlob
wbere their pals will take warning aci
allow the lailroad people to decently
transport their mote respectable col
Some interest ii added. to the case la
view ot the fact that Dougherty was
but a mouth ago brought belo'n the
mayor on a charge of being drank en l
disorderly. Evidence thru showed him 1
up as a tough character. He could
neither read no.- writ, bnt under prom
isof a better career and to learn
to read and write, th mayor die
charged him with tbe warning that il
he did not check his coarse he might
soon stand before the county judge.
The mayor'i prophesy cam irui and
Dougherty bnnj hi bead In ebame
when Mayor CotBJtl remindel him
last eight of th advice of a month age
BmhMt Award
Meoai al J three dipkmaa bate brL g.tL
tbe .. York Coedeoted Milk wtx
pany for tbe superiority of its il-ai! I
F.Ble Brand rondfnaed Mi Border.
Fxtra. t of toffee and Vciweetfned Ccr
densed Milk, exhibited at tbe Worid f
Columbian Exposition t.e
Coxrao the first to shew Spring bats
j J LNG I'loned out ou Boo t
and riboi.-s, we will thin wti-ic
otf;rwhat CBOCKSBT Wg bftrg
nu hujjd ah folio Wl:
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I Toilet Sets, worth to 75,101 . 1.90
l oilet Sit, worth t 75. for .95
.'upa and Sauce:, m; worth Toe
,ut 30
Praakfs.t Plate worth ?c , for .03
JJowlt, worth life , loi .05
Jiliwl, worth 10c. for .04
llow;, wliil 6c tot '
PUtWrt, worth ; for )
PlstUrt, worth y; t fcr M
'lb.? ptiOgg rll (.Jo; OUt 1ilJg
ibtotk very quick, fyotj wwitJSLT
jol it, )ou tittd bgttt! coixie ewa,
Scranton Cash Store,
F. P PRICE, Agt.
.Dr. Hilled Son
I Albany
11 teeth, gijfl. best aft, St), fol nM okja
nc teeth waned plttta caUieo crow:, anl
I SPf work aaO for jiricat auc eererlOe
ToNaLOIA. lor iKtractiLi; Itl- vniKct
paiL. N ether No gi
We have a large assort
ment of
j Leave your order at
227 Washington ave.,
or 4)3 LACK A. AVE.
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TINNING, rag un"
i his is ixpKtM i so i
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Dr. Jaeger's Underwear (slightly imperfect) at 15

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