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817 THE 1EI
Mr. Allison Will Make Gnu More Ett'ort at
The Measure Which Covers the
Various Schemes tor Disbursing
Public Funds The Bland Seignior
age Bill to Be Again Debated Upon
Hoke Smith s Orders Transferr
ing the Indian Warehouse Eulogies
to Be Delivered on Friday Next.
Washington, d c, Much 11.
OLDEN silence, will give place to
silver ipMeh In the euaie from
n iti reasseuibliujj M uoou minor -iiJ
row until its protubl adj-juru-Uieut
for the week on Thursday uext
Under agreement th Bland sei.nior
age bill in the form in which it named
the honse. with all us alleged crudities
unchanged, will come up immediately
after the mornin.' hour tomorrow,
probably about 1'.' 80 p in . and will
hold it place as the unfinished busi
ness until Wednesday at p m., when
the rote is to bo taken on Mr. Allison'
tuotiou to noontide! the vote bv wuich
the bill was read the third time and
put upon its - 4
That motion failing; the motion to
commit will be voted upon, and that
failinc debate is to be continued under
the five niiuute rule until Thursday at
8 o'clock, when the vote is to be taken
on the tiDal passage of t.i bill. Should
Mr. Allisons' notion prevail, the final
vote will be taken at the same tim,
bnt the bill would in ta a 'autiun be
open to amendment.
No senator has given uotice of an in
tention to speak ou tats bill, but silver
coinage is a subject upon wnieh some
senators at least are never dumb.
It is altogetner unlikely that the
finance committee will be able to re
port the taritt bill to the senate this
week, as the members of that commit
tee are all more or less interested in
the seigniorage bill, and will beans
ions to be in the senate during the de
bate. The sundry civil appropriation bill,
which was called up by Chairman
dryers jnst before the house adjourned
Saturday, will engross the attention of
the house probably all the week. This
is the bill which covers all the great
appropriations of the government, not
included in the t.v general depart
mental appropriation bills and matters
pertaining to Indians and rivers and
It is the omninm gathernom of all
the odds and ends and is the only bill
into which a ::ew appropriation can
afely be injected without running the
rink of being thrown out on a point of
order. The sundry civi! bill for the
present session as reported by the com
mittee on approtirutioiu, carries in
round figures f 32, 300,000, the amount
recommended to ha appropriated by
the estimates was f3-i.38l.O00, the
amount appropriated lor like purposes
for the current year wm 31,710,090.
Among its new or important provis
ions are these, that the secretary of the
treasury may contract for the whole or
any portion of public bnilrtings at
Kansas City, Otutha, St. Paul and
Sioux City, la. .that the pay of cadets
in the revenue service snail be f500 a
year and one ration a day; that the
secretary of war shall employ a veteran
who fought iu the battle of Chatta
nooga as the representative of the
army of the Tennessee to assist in pre
paring the historical tablets of that
army for the national military park ;
that the board of managers of tho Sol
diers' home shall report annually to
the secretary of war; that the soldiers
homes shall be visited annually by an
officer of the inspector general's de
partment, Before the week closes the commit
te on Indian affairs expects to report
tho appropriation hill balloted to it 00'
der the rules. Secretary Hoke Smith
has issued an order transferring the
Indian warehouse from New York to
Chicago, and the north westorn mem
bers of the house are desirous of iiav
ing the warehouse divided between
Chicago and Omaha, the former to be
the puchasing station and the latter
the distributing station.
Friday next has been sst apart for
sulogies npon the late representative
W. H Enochs, from the Eighth Ohio
ClrcumatanoM Attending- His Departure
Suvsest a Sulcldt Thtory.
Okanoe, N. J., March 11. George O.
Mowbray, a dentist, died in the Orango
Memorial hospital today under peculiar
cirenmstanses. Saturday nfternoon be
was found in his offiee In an uncon
scious condition, He was taken to the
hospital and died there without recov
ering consciousness. The doctors at
the hospital diagnosed the case as apo
plexy. Many, however, believe the
doctor Doisoned himself, as he was
known to be very despondent.
Mowbray oarne to Orange from Mead
ville. Ph., about eight months ago. He
had no diploma, but applied to the New
Jersey State Dental association for a
license. He failed to pass the exami
nation. Because of bis poverty he was
unable to get gold and tools necessary
to make the necessary mechanical dem
ttratioa. Mowbray left a widow and daughter
in Mead ville.
Suffering from MelanoholU, Jacob Smith
Shoot Himself.
Lancaster, Pa., March 11 Jaoob
Smith, who had been totally blind for
soveral years, shot himself in the head
today while suffering from an attack
of melancholia, and cannot recover.
He was formerly employed In the
gas works at Coatesville, bis duties
there oausing him the loss of his light.
A wife and fire children survive him,
dm I Tal mage Withdraws his A GSM 2 t : 1
- DBc,rMl.T.oN ?lOf I WC.n
'"WOODS jjl)
Vigorous Debates Over the Matter at
Berlin Unlawful Conscription
of an American Citizen..
Berlin, March 11. The debate on
the Russian treaty yesterday disap
pointed the crowded hous. It was be
gun with vigor, but loat, interest rap
idly after Chancellor Von Caprivi and
Freiherr Mtrschal Von Bieborstein
made their short, business like replies
to the attacks of the opposition.
Tho agrarians, in fi tal desperation,
threw off all pretense of argument and
invoked support to their cause in the
nam of loyalty to emperor anu em
pire, but their appeals were treated
with qnit contempt by the house.
During the whole of the debate the
titled Prussian land owners had hardly
a word to say concerning the harmful
influences of the trusty on the grain
growing districts.
That Germany should accept a com
mercial agreem-ntto avert war with
Russia, th-y said, was to degrade the
empire in tho eyes of hur.ipe and to
weaken its influence among the powers.
Several agrarian speakers pleaded the
cause of the Jew baiters, saying that
th treaty would afford the Jewish
usurers further power to prey upon tue
peasant proprietors.
The vote disclos.-d the demoraliza
tion of the parties. s was expected,
the conservative, na onal, liberal and
clerical leaders did not hold their men
together and many voted independ
ently, while others declined to vote at
all. Count Herbert Bismarck answered
"No" when his name was called. The
majority for the treaty is expected to
be still larger at the third reading.
The United States embassy here has
intervened successfully to resouo Sieg
fried Apt, an Ararrican citizsn, from
the clutches of O-rman militarism.
Apt emigrated from Grminv to the
United States when he wa 11 years
old, He was naturaliz-d and eight
years later returned to Berlin.
We had hardly sat foot in the city
before he was summoned to a recruit
ing depot, from winch he was taken to
the barracks and drilled He protest
ed repeatedly against the right of mili
tary authorities to impress him into
the service, but forsomi Urns his pro
tests wars not heeded BveiitU illv lie
was allowed to draw tip a statement
and send it to the Unilil StlUi em
bassy. Abassador Run yon at once
lodged a 'leuiand at the foreign ofidS
for his immediate release. The next
morning Ap: was a free man in citizens
He Occupies th Cliuroli and Mr. 9harn
boh Holds th. I'.u I'.nsir- .
York. March II - Rev J Shambach,
appointed to the ptsiorato of Uitble
hem church, this city, by the recent
Dubs conference which mat at E ist
Proapect.attnmptxd to enter the church
Ibis morning to preach, when the trus
tees would not allow it, the ohnroh b--Ins
in possession of the Estherltes.
Their pistor, Riv. J. M. Schlagen
hauf. officiated in the church, while
Mr. Shambach held services in the par
sonnge. Nothing further will be done,
it is said, until the snprame court de
cides the great evangelical iiiostion
Worklna-msn RtqunaLd to Shun Wead
HolUd by Non Union L;gl;.
Mii.i.vii.i.k, N. J March 11. At the
annual meoiiug of the trade federation,
composed of all the labor unions of
this city, last nlgut, a resolution was
passed to disconntenauco the sale of
non union made cigars.
Delegates from all the labor unions
wore instructed to have it similar reso
lution passed by their unions. As
many of the dealers in this city have
stocks of non-nnion made cigirs oil
hand, they are considerably worked up
over tho action of the trade federation.
Interesting Services Held in the Vari
ous Churches at Easton Yester
daySermon by Bishop
Gravis of the Revolutionists of 1848
Decorated wlih Wreaths.
Vienna, March 11 The anniversary
of the March revolution of 1844, was
celebrated her today.
More than twenty thousand work
ingmen went to the burial places of
the revolutionists who were shot and
placed wreaths on their graves.
Easton. Pa., March It. Tho confer
ence love feast was held at Able opera
home at 9 o'clock this morning, follow
ed at 10.30 bv a sermon by the Rev.
Bishop E O, Andrews, D. D , L. L D.,
and the ordination of deacons This
afternoon at the same placo there was
a sermon by Dr D. S Keen, D. D., of
Ohio, followed by the ordination of
elders 'l lm afternoon in Ortygia ball
Phillipsburg, a popular service was
held under the auapioes of the Phila
delphia Sibbuth association.
Addresses were mado by Rev. H. A
i Butz, D. D president of Drew Theo
logical seminary ; Judge W. N. Ash
I man, of the orphans court, PuiladM
I phia, and Rev. L. A, Fernley, D. D ,
i corresponding secretary of the associa
tion. Ex-Judge Shultz, of Phillips
burg, presided.
This evening in Brainerd Union
Presbyterian church n popular service
was conducted under the auspices of
the Philadelphia association. Ad
dresses were delivered by Dr. Butz
and Dr. Read, president of Dickinson
college, and Rev. D-. W. C. Csttell.
ex president of Lafayette college. The
meeting was presided over by ex-At-tornov
General W. S KirkDatrick. of
! Easton.
This evening in Seoond Street church
R--v S. A Keen, D. D, presided at on
evangelistic service. Tonight by invi
tation of Lafayette Post, 217, Grand
Army of the Kepobllo, of hasten, the
Rev. S. W. Sayers, department chap
lain, preached In Able opera house.
The building was crowded with vet
erans from ail the towns in the Lehigh
valley, special trains being run to ac
commodate them.
CI.- DolonK'a Expiation of th Singular
Ac'lona of an Off Sprina'
READING, Pa, March 11 -John De
long, aged 1H, who was arrested to
Lancaster on a cliargo of forgery, is
a son of Contractor H H. belong, of
this city.
The latter says: "My son 1ms besn
keeping improper oompany and I hav i
paid a number of oneokl drawn by
mm The boy left home two weeks
ago and is not responsible for hia ac
tions. He ia ooder the influence of
others and they snail not escape the
Miners at Inllnevllle HiviDictdad to
Go to Work at O.iot
Sai.inkvii.lk, O., Msrob 11 The
miners of this pi SOS at a mooting held
yesterday decided to starL work at the
reduction on Monday morning, having
been notified to do so by the state
This eft'-cts 400 men.
White-law Held is in California, soekini;
to restore Ids health.
For (1,500, ii(K) a syndicate has bought
the Coourese mine near 1'rescott, Ariz.
Kplpbanv Baptist church, of New Y rk,
has called ReV, Dr. (1. C. Loriuior, of Tro
tnont Temple, Boston.
On tho eve of hanging st Hulhrie, O. T.,
for killing his Indian rival iu love, John
bossett whs respite I xixiy davs.
BecAUeo her former lovrr was courting
another girl, Carrie l.uhr, aged 18, of
Brooklyn, swallowed caroolic acid and
Senator Aldrich, of Rhode bland, wants
lo resign, and the next legislature, if Re
publican, may elect two senators.
Officers are seeking President William
Held, of tho OrigOO Having bank, of
Portland, on charge of wrecking tho in
stution. John Wilson, of San Francisco, state
Commissioner of Insurance, has fled to
Mexico, leaving his llnnuces badly mixed.
By order of the court of common plea.-..
Agues S. Lyon need not submit to physical
examination in her damage suit against
the Manhattan railway compauy, of New
liaymond V. Marino. 27 years old, for
&vo months a banker at Newark, N. J.,
ban been sentenced at New York to six
years and eight mouths in prison for forg
ing a certified check for trioo.
Their Presence Has a Good Ef
fect Upon Belligerents
of Nicaragua.
Savannah, (ia., March 11. The re
port of I be landing of the British ut
lilutiiuld', iu the Mosquito reserva
tion, was confirmed today by the
arrival of the steamer Elliot,
Captain A. Brown at this port. The
Elliot, whicli is a British steamer,
left Bluelields Sunday morning,
March 4 She arrived there on Feb. 27,
just uu day too lute to witness the ar
rival of the Nicurafcusna at BinsBeldt
Captain Brown eaya the Nicaragnans
entered Bluefields on Feb 'ir or He
did uot kuuw their exact num-rical
strength, but says that, there was an
armed force of 400 to 500 of them at
Bltiefields when he arrived. There was
no fighting
Tho Mosquito's were terrified by the
presence of so largo an armod force
and they appealed to the captain of the
British warship Tomss for protection.
Thursday, March I, the Tomas, Cap
tain Brown says, without any author
ity from the British government, as
there bad not ben time to get any
such authority, sout between eighty
and one hundred men They were
armed with carbines ami cutlasses und
carried with them two guttling guns
and throe field pieces. There was no
fight of any kind between March 1.
the day the men lsn led, aud March 4.
tho day the Elliot sailed.
The Mosquitus were somewhat
frightetied when the Nicuraguans first
entered, but after the landing of the
British tro p, lie says all excitement
subsided, and the pople Homed will
ing to rest easy and let things go on as
they wore until the trouble between the
Indian! and the Nic iraguaus is settled.
The Nicaraguans, of course, objected
to the landing of the British troops,
and charged the oHiaers in charge of
the British with an opto violation of
the Clayton-liuhver treaty.
The Elliot pnssed the wreck of tho
old l ulled States corvette Kearsarge
On Roucadoa Ref last Tuesday morn
ing She went within about live miles
of the Kearsarge, affording an oppor
tunity for a good view of the bull. The
captain of tho Elliot says there is
nothing loft of her but the hull. The
decks have been swept clean. The
smokestack, masts and everything
above board are gone. The hull, he
says, is in a very d ingeroui pines, but,
so far as he could see, it showed no
signs at preiout of going to pieces.
. .
An Indiana Robber Kiild with a Bundls
of Plunder in Hie Armi.
Frankfort, Lnd., March it, -John
Rodgers was shot and instantly killed
by a member of a party of vigilante
last night. Friday night Farmer War
ren Thompson's, house was robbed, and
fifteen of the vigilante were detailed to
watch Rodgers.
They surrounded his home last night
Slid awaited developments About 11
o'clock Kodunr appeared with th
stolen gooda. He was called upon to
surrender but drew a revolver and ut
tempted to shoot. Before he could AO
complied his purpose, however, a rill
ball struck him in the breast and ho
fell dead.
At Stockton, Col., James H. Walker, a
noted scout.
DAVld King, a noted New York club
man, uged 50
Cardinal Fianreaco Slool Psracclani. at
Rone, aged 04.
Professor I'.mil Hsur, horticulturist, at
Ann Harbor, Mich., suddenly.
Ueorge Cooper Connor, emincut Masonic
author, at Chattanooga, Tenn.
1'rothonotary D, H. U. Schoendi died at
the hotel Honn at Reading early yesterday
morning or typnoiu luioiunnnla, uitor a
hrlef illnesi. boeeasud was 4.1 years of
John Shelton Davidson, for twelve yours
grand master mason of Ueorgia, one of
the most prominent meu iu the statu, died
suddenly At Augusta, Qa,, of heart failure.
At Hohdaysburg Benjamin L. Hewitt,
prominent member of the state inmsi.it me.
He was speaker of the house during the
session of lBSI-HS. He graduated from
Princeton college in 18R4, and was admit
led to the bar two years later. He servod
in tho army during the late wares pay
The Steamer Briscoe Encounters Ter
rific Weather -The Crew With
out Fuel or Food.
St. JtdiNS, N F., March 11 At
noon to-lay a life-boat was described
milking for the Cape Race Signal sta
tion, which proved to tie one belong
ing to tho steamer Briscoe, oontainlug
First Mate Macltoy aud four men in an
a-xhausted condition They reported
the Briscoe Wing about sixty miles
S. S. W, of Cipe Race. They left her
at mid-day Friday, but after pulling
fonr hours it was discoverod that the
OOmpBM had gone wrouu-. After four
hours hard work the Briscoe was again
sigh ted,
The boat was again launched Situr
day morning and from 11 o'clock on
that day until their arrival at the sig
nal station today the five men had not
a morsel of food to eat. First Mate
Mackey makes this statement concern
ing the Briscoe's voyage:
"We left Hamburg on Dec. 8, but
were forced to put back to Queenttown
for repairs. Wo left there Jan. 31 and
encountered terrific weather. The
bridge was gone and the deck houses,
etc., destroyed. Nothing was left
standing but the two lower m ists aud
fun ne I
Our supply of coal ran out nineteen
days after we left Lj leenstown. Then
wu began to use up iho furniture and
other woodwork lor luol. The steamer
Ulunda, which Bailed from Halifax
February 27 for London, took the
Briseoe in tow on Friday, March 3, but
left her at b o'clock, the following
morning, after towing us 130 miles.
"A new danger now confronts us
The supply of fold ran out and the
crew were nearly reduced to starva
tion. There were no provisions on
board save a littlo bread, a small
Quantity of Hour and some peas.
The tug lugraham left her to search
for the Briscoe as soon as tiie ab.ive
news wn recieved. The coait steamer
Virginia Lake also sailed from Tropes
ley last night and will endeavor to find
the difahled steamer.
The Briscoe carries a cargo of
manure salt, She would have arrived
at Now York on Fob. 17. She was
considered otio of the stauuciiest
Height steamers nfl let,
He Ia Charired with Hnvlns Appropriated
Five Thousand
Rkamnu, Pa., March 11. - John F.
Mower, ol Philadelphia, lormerly one
of the officer! of the Reverting Fund
Assurance association, whose main of
fice wns located iu Reading, has brought
suit iu equity against Rev. Henry V.
Uohn, of Mohnsville, this county.
The latter la charged with appropri
ating to his own nee 6,(H)0 which
IbOUld have been divided among the
former officers of the association, who
only received if 1 80 liev. Mohn, who
was the president id' tho company, de
nies thu charges.
I.u;M Ureen Pali nleuniof u Map'n Svrup
Tlilcknea It Discovered.
OANIATIO, N. Y , March 11 -Oil was
struck ut a depth ol 898 feet laal night
by tho Canlsteu Oil anil Oas compauy,
two tnii. s south of this village toward
Ureen wo i 1
The oil ia a very light green, clear as
water and of the ooneislency of mo
lassoa 1 1 burnt freely iu a lamp with
out smoke, aud appears to have mot e
Illuminating power than refined
Kosaulh'e Condition.
Ti kin, March II Loutl Kossuth is los
ing strength. Hie physicians say Hint lie
lias uraemia, dyspepsia, bronchitis and
Sonator y-iay predicts that congress will
sit till Augunt.
Thoceutrnct for rescuin,' the KearSSXgS
has l awarded to the Boston Towboat
company, of Boston.
Tho v'lco president, has left the city for a
trip to North Carolina with Mrs. Steven
son, who is uot Iu good health.
It Is said that Senator White's resigna
tion Wits hastened by P esideut Cleveland
quietly suggesting the impropriety of a
suprume court judge taking "loo much
sugar on inn
The National Republican Leadu1) to Convene
ou June 25.
The Ratio ol Representation will Be
Six Delegatus at Largo from Each
State, and Four from Each Con
gressional District The Gathering
to Be One of the Largest of the
Kind on Record A Monster Dem
onstration on Fourth of July Ex
pected. CBICAOO, March 11.
TIIE annual convention of the
National R-publie.au league will
be held in Denver June '25 and
continue several days. The day
vvms oh in god from May to allow of a
monster demonstration on the Fourth
of July. The call which will be iBsued
tomorrow, says that tue ratio of
representation will be fix dele
gates at large from each state
and territory, four from each congres
sional district and one from ea"h col
lege R publican club in ttie United
States. This gives eaotl state practi -cally
ten delegates ut large iu addition
to four from each congressional die
The business of the convention will
include the reports of the officers of the
league, the election of othe rs for the
ensuing year, the designation or refer
ence of the time and place of meeting
of the next national league convention,
a general discussion for the good of
the party and the league, the adoption
of u platform and plan of campaign for
the November election, and th consid
eration of any other queetions which
the convention may deem prot.sr.
The total representation will exceed
2.000 delegates. A largo part of the
call is devoted to an AITAignmant of
the bemocratic party, which is said to
have made the public weary of "this
tariff-tinkering, boud-Usuing, debt-increasing,
treasury-depleting, business
paralyzing, wage-reduoing, queen-restoring
and uu American administra
Tne call, which is issued bv Presi
dent William W. Tracev, of Illinois,
and Secretary A B. Humphrey, slates
also tnat it becomes the mission and
duty of the grand old parly to meet a
national emergency with the highest
It is charged that Democratic con
trol and sectional rule and tho policies
and influences that dominate the tiariv
have refiilted iu starvation for lab it
and ruin for capital.
A Mulatto Woman Hanging at a Tree
Craetes Excitement.
Memphis, renn.,Maroh 11. A special
from Little Rock. Ark., says: The
negro population of Little Rock are all
excitement over a discovery made by
several of their number tuduy. This
afternoou, whtle a party of colored peo
ple were walking down a public road
between this city and Msrche, tnty dis
covered the form of a mulatto . woman
hanging to a tree.
From surrounding appearances the
woman had evidently been lybched.
mmediateld under her neck was pinned
a card upon which was written the
words, "Whoever disturbs this body
will mtettthe same fate,"
The authorities here will commence
a thorough investig ition tomorrow,
i - -
Robert H. Peck Killed by Robbira Who
WWhed lo Secure $60
Hartford, Conn., March u Rob
ert H. Peck, aged ''7, of this city, was
shot and instantly killed in West Hart
ford late Saturday night for the sum of
fid, which he had iu his pockets.
The assassius, who escaped, were
two young meu not over M years of
age, who-e Identity has not yet been
Impreaaivs Saivica Held bv Typographi
cal Union No 6.
NEW York, March 11. Memorial
services iu llouor of ttie late Ueorge Y.
Uoildi wore held In the Fifth avenue
theater this afternoon.
The services, whin wore got up by
members of Typographical Union No.
li, were of a very Impressive character.
- - HI
Still No Signs of th Entomb d Hen Are
Ft und at Oavlord.
WiLKES-BaRRE, Pa, March It.
There are no signs up to 11 o'clock to
night of finding the entombed men at
the Uaylord mines
For the past twenty-four hours little
headway has been made by the resci.
The damage bv tire to the Menmer Paris
will not exceed 11(1,000.
Germany will build a new ironclad tur
ret ship of the Preussen type, carrying Iti
Incriminating letters from priests have
been found in the hotiso ol Annroulst
Tournadre, ol Paris.
Sir Francis 0. LiSSCelles, British minister
at Teheran, hss been appotuted ambassa'
dor to Petersburg,
The alleged discovery In the river Seine
of the murdered body of ESdward Webster,
the Aliasing American school boy, proves
a canard.
A receiver has been appointed for the
estate of Lieutenant Bambrouob, for tho
alleged murder of which Alfred Mounsoii
was recently trio I St Edinburgh,
We call attention to our lai
spiino stock, comprising
Brussels, Irish
Point and Not
tingham Laces,
Plain and Dotted Swiss
and Tambour Goods
Irish Point Lace
j yds long at $3.98 and 8.95 a pair.
I he Greatest Drive
Ever Shown.
The quantity is limited ami
cannot be duplicated.
510 and 512 Lackawanna Ave.
inn pa '
Wahiuisotos. March 11. fore
rant or Monday) nr tMtsrn
f Vunsifi'uam. Alir. slinlillu
1 coohr, aorfAtMK isnulf, For
HMiiira fVnnayf wtnfoi fair, . , f m-i.u.
Maltese Cross
And Oak tanned Leather Belting,
H. A. Kingsbury
513 Spmre St., Smnton, Pa.
Lewis, Reilly & Davies
Reliable Footwear.
Feet of every description fitted at
Lewis, Reilly & Davie3.
Will dose every evening nt fl.o. P.M.
except Saturday.
We Examine Ejes
Free of charge. If a doctor m
needed you are promptly tol l
so. We also guarantee a per
fect lit.
AT COST for one week only.

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