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Punch Cigars
G., B. & Co.,
ImnrlntM "n Each Rlfinr
Carney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
- Ul A.
H. E3.
sr! 1 w.isi-.
R. Tv stuiirt. of Carboodale, wj la
Bcrantou yosun ,ly.
John K. Itallech and family Will result'
at tb Wyoming for itu um raw iiava.
v. i. Boon, of Wilkee-Barre, a a,i
Juititm uisurauoe loswei iu the i-iti featar
W L. Welta of CatnOTla, N V , i ttw
5 ntm of hit brotbw-io-Uw, Wtj Solicitor
emee H Torrey.
0, R. MiivillA MBWtl IttaaagM ol th
Delaware and Hmmm Canal ooeapaoy, t
Carbottdale, vm iu Bcraoton yeeterday.
D. B Atherton. rotnravd vwlwrdM Iron
N'fW York, wbrt h h.A.H Iveu tMUMOting
buniii m th. latOtm it the BOTMtOU
board of trade.
Mr Ivan (.rilNirt nJ Ms--:. JoMph ti
thuersou, of I'boater county, 9:urs of
Ur-oeml Maaagw ftronar aragiteeteof lit
uii Urn. Archer, ut their JerTersoa ave
nu tu-ai?.
D. P. Wedamso, of ForMl City; S. M.
Both end Boyd E. Wilkinem. of WiU
iuvwrt; Will Blttaabander, of Plymouth;
ad Wll'lam Everett, ot Willie-lUrre, ere
at tb Weetuiiuster.
John Sjheuer. jr. of the South SiJe
lodgjo, Hector Casapbell, of Hyde Park
lode, and S. W Kedera, of Autlim
eite lodj:v, will repreeti: their rwpaotivt
Crunchen at the OOBTOOtioO of the Order of
Toutu at Syracuse, " Y.
J. S. Swisher, district passenger ageat
for the Jersey Central read, c-'UCeiupUtea
moTia his family to Scrantou .VDril I.
Tb- miiiy frien.is of bu family here will
regret tteir departure, at thwy will be
greatly mieeed m cti.irch and the social
circle. Tankbasaook Ag-.
B. W. S rougman, of Hoaesda'e; A J.
Detueru, of Biu.;baoifou, W. J. L.swu, of
K:ait v . i r. isi M-v ?. '.' '..'is f
baawtoa; W. D. Ctooka and 0. at Schieu,
et WiUiaaaaport; Biehard smith, of Wiiitos
Barre. ad hofnaaoi C. A. Welu, of Syra
coae. a;' at :he Valley House.
Attorney H. 0, Murray yesterday filed
hi report at auditor m -.li-.' caw vf Betts Jc
Weslear egatnat at M. Ki-aruey.
Jade Arebbald yesrerdiy granted a
new trial in the case WHoaa Xjou
against W.hiam Oodd. administrator.
Toe report of v-ewers in the matter of a
rood becw-en OWpb.mC and Bialiely
teruOijlH was confirmed finally oy the
roort Mlirday.
A farther eiteasioa of time antii Mon
day, March iii. wa granted by the court
yster'lay in r.ne Aldermau C. M. DeLoag
atJochmist p::c- lia,
The LiCawaaaa Bar association has
filed April U as the da:" for it aaaoa
barnjuet. It will be held ;a the maiu cor
ridor of the court house.
Th'! hearing iu the preliminary lajanc
tiou obtained laat Taonday by John
Schwenlc against Caar.es F. runberg was
yesterday continued by tbe court until
Mariu 19,
Arbitrators C. B. Gardner. Walter E.
Bngxs and H. L Taylor have tt ed an
award of no cause of aettoa in the case of
Ehjaa M :rgan aga:us; Joan LuTering, ad
muisV'ator. Court yesterday appointed Matthew
Beani? constable of old r'ur?e t'.wnsbip in
in place of D. M. DaTis, rasantd. PhiiliD
Hoffman wax appoia:ed constable of the
third ward of Dunmore.
(.'cart made an crder yesterday allowing
the congregation of the church of St.
Rose of ...ma, of Carboniaie, to sell Its
pnatr.rai ri1nce to the Antnrasite Iand
and Impr .vement company.
John W. Benjamin of Court street is on
duty as janie.r of tne court house Ailing
the vacancy caused by the death of James
Stone, who for so many years acceptably
discharged the duties of the position. Mr.
Benjamin was formerly janitor at tne
er.nrt house.
In court yesterday coumel for defend -ints
made tne bi'tteet and bst bid for the
proparry in dispute in th equity case of
lr 0. rvepnen attains". Jatia O. Frsnlthn
and others. Tne commissioner appoiated
by tne court placed a value of i,5n) on tne
property Tne bsd of the defeudauts for
It was iAVt
John Lewis, through Att)rney John ft.
Jones, began proceedings yesterday to pro
cure a divorce from Annie lewis. They
ware murriel on Aunns', jo, 1 -!?.', and
lived together until Anzust 20 ) hn
Mrs. Lewis, it is alleged, deserted Der hus
band. It is oa that ground that the
divorce is asked.
jUn'ler this headine short letters nf interest
will lei pulilisr.e ! r,or. v.'otiip-n.ed. f .rpoh
hcatior.. by the writer's name TuaTRiat.'sa
will not he held resoonslole for opinions here
eiprosH.-.i .
License A fp i-iatlon Opposed.
Editor of the B jianton TaMStm;
Daaa Hir. We find la thi Hal of ap
licants for lic-r.sas in the Fifth wsrd of
this city, a notlot of an npplt'ation for
licenss for 1,708 Washburn s reef, which
we belit-ve to bi a new application, this
boose having DMB occnpiedaa a store ever
aince it has DMn built. Within fifty yards
of this is an old established hotel, and torty
yards further a restaurant of many years'
stendlng.botb of which are an eyesore to
many who have to travel by their doors
many ilmee during the w'ek, and
we wonld wlt.hont any other
argument submit tba matter
to the consideriition of tba authorities of
onr city, and also to the honorable judgos
whohavethe power of grantiiiK these li
censes, whether or not In their judgment
two saloons are not ample and sufflcletit
to supply the wants of WON who are in
the Immediate virlnltyof these houses, the
tattor b'ing surli a short distance away,
The neighborhood Ih not In the least, thiol
ly populated, one side of the street being
merely an open space for the entire tatfta
of the blocks la which the three houses
are situated. Surely these two can Btipply
all their wants.
Onr ignorance of the lulus governing
remonstrances has deprivd us of the op
portunity of preseuting such, but should
this have been ntt"lideu to no doubt a
large majority of the citir.ens iu that,
nsighborbood would have be. n glad of the
opportunity tOalgB a remonstrauco against
granting a license for t!ii house, and it is
to be hoped that this means of rommuul
cating our ideas will rea'di the eye of
those who are in authority and that they
will wigh the DMttar carefully and con
gciouttoUHly. We hope this may be the
means of convincing our honorablo judges
that there is no nred of any more saloons
on Washburn slruot, and that they will lie
determined to reduc i the numbrr of sa
loons in the city rather than to increase
them. Hi.: m.ki i. Davieh.
Scranton. Pa., March 12.
Happculus of a Day TtAt Will Interest Hyde
Park Rcidjn.
Given at Plymouth Cong;r0ftation.l
OhUPCh by Lovctt's Boston Stars.
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Ralnhart Ccli
brate Tlioir vVtdding Annivors.u y at
St. David's Hall-lnlorestiii", Talk
on Raphael -Dannie Reese Honored.
The West Side ciflb's of tile BORlirTON
Thihvmk la located at l.'s; s.nith Mam avs
lice, whafOaQbaoriptlOlta, advertueiuaiUt
and rommnoiMtioai will raoalva prompt
A lare and RpprtolhtT6 Midlenee
greeto i Lovatt'a Boaton stars at the
Daw Plymouth Coogragatlonal obnroh
last eveumg. Iha uewiv famlihad
adlfioa lookod vny oaantlful with its
White walls and ll thI due iratlont The
Brat nam bar or the prattrantino w i
piano aolo, "Polka Oaprloe," by Marion
Osgood, Wbkoh was well rei'sirsd. A
recital. "T'obe's Mounuieut," was t'luelv
girau by Mis Bertha Brfwer. Mia
Brewer i expreaaioo is ezoellent
The next number was a soprano
selo entitlad, "Sweetheart," ren-
Jared by Miss Viola Morrell, the
famous linger, in anon a manner that
be was ooutuellail to reaDoad to an eu
thusustie anoore Frank Q, Royuoldi
delighted the auilienoa with hnmorona
Imperaonationa. Mr. Reynold'! equal
li us tiuver been eseu on this aids. A
violin eolo waa given by Miss Osgood
She b untied this Inttmutent ill a won
derful uiiUitier, and won r-t applanie,
Mi Morrell and Mr Etaynoldi then
leiulere 1 a diut entitled "The Sm t . 'i
Leaaon," wbioh was ezoellent Miss
Brewer again recited, after whleh a 10
pranowaa rendered by Miss Morrell,
Mr Rsyuo! Is again came before the
audience with his always aiunsin.; uu
pereonalioue, Iu his oharaeter as
dude. Mr, Reynoldi acqnitted btnualf
nobly. A violin sol ' by Mus 0;ool
followed and Mr Btynoldt oloaed the
performance with an Impsraonatl :i of
a Mleol stfair at the .loues . WhlOD was
excellent. Tail affair retljets greit
credit npon Miss Qwlayi Joeeph,
teacher of claea N'a 15. nuder
whose auericts th atfsir was given
and the foil sriti - member. Walter
j Jones, DaTidOweua, Tel lie Evans. H.rt
Ek'nou, John Stepheus, E 1 he Hughss,
Sun Jones, Arthur Stover, Willie
ReynoMa, Davil A. Evans, Dannie
Thomaa and William Willlauu, Tne
proceeds of theaifiir will gj towards
paying for the window that the mem
bers of tae class aav pledged inem
selves to pty for
Mis Kt e Cawlsy Burisd
The fuasrai of Mise Ksti Cawley,
iausthter of Mr aud Mrs. Michael
Cawley, of Van Bureu avenue, took
place yeetarlay morni'igtrom '.he fatu
ity residence ut 9 i o'clock. A large
nnmber of the young la Iv's friend
gtthered at the home anl viewed the
remains for the lasr time. At Sr. Pat
ricia cliurcri Rsv. Father Wuelau celo
oratesi a sal-mn high mass of T' ti-m
There were many beantif :! rliwsrs,
among thein a pillow which bore the
Inscription, "Cousin." The pall bear
ers were. John TU;h, Michael
Calkin, Bernard Cnlkin, Michael
Tighe, John Flynn aud Bernard Mc
Dermott. Interment w is made at the
Hyde Part Citbolio cemetery.
A. Wediina Anr.ivarsary
St, David's hall, on North Main ave
nn, wnich has just been renovated,
preaanted a brilliant scene last evening.
The occt.ion was the seventh annivir
sarv of Mr. and Mrs. M II Reisbart,
of North Ky le Park avenue The even
ing was spent in an enjoyable manner.
Over 100 guests wre present.and danc
ing anl speeches were th principal
features Refreshments were served at
a late h)nr.
A Ta k on RaphsaL
Miss Leah Heath, daughter of
Eastrk millinery opeuiug at Mrs.
staff's, 1011 Wyoming avenue.
NCilweukee Bock Bear.
Pabst Milwaukee Hoi 1; Boer on draught
John I.ohmann's,
2 i'.i Lackawanna avenue.
W. M. Hsatn, of Scrantou street, gavs
an Interaating talk last evening on
"Raphael," the great Italian painter,
and also exhibited forty illustrations
of his works at t n horns of Dr H.
iibbe, on Booth Main avsuue. Thi at
ter.ilenr.e was finite large and the work
of the talented young lady was much
aporeciated by those present. A social
An Evsnin Party.
A vry pleasant snrpr:se party was
given laat evening in h nor of Dannie
Reeae at bis h im', 111 Honth minora
avetiu. A vry enjoyable evening
was spent O itnss and music wsrs
the principal features no 1 were kept
up for many hours. Refreshments
were served at mi might
Personals and Kiwi Notts.
Rev. William Fn;-r, of N-w York
state, is th gnnst of M. L. Blair on
South Mam nvenue.
The fr.neral of the ynar old daugh -tr
of Mr and Mrs. K I ward Smith, of
liellevno, will take place today at 'i T0
r'. "-trir; eamp, Patriotic Order of
True Amerioarit, will give an nter-temm-nt
this evsning in their hall.
S. M Reese, the hardware man, of
Sontb Main avenue, will remove to
the Harrison property on Jackson
str-nt in the near future,
Tba furi'Tftl of the i raarold son of
Mr. sn'l Mrs. Jarrms Wei", of 8 Wetland
street, occurred ysterday afl"rn .on
from the family raaldenoa, Tim r
.Ico w is conducted by Edward Btowail,
of North Lincoln nvtntlta lnt'rineril
was made in the Washburn street
Mis Jennie Is lieck'T, of N'w Yor!.
Is the gnost of 1 Kimiia ll-cker, of
South Main nventie.
William Phelps, of Mfl Fourte'inlh
street, has boon misse l from his bonis
since a week yesterday. Il is a d.irlt
oompltxlonafl maa, dark mMttobt,balf
and eyes, lib out live Net four inches In
hoight and .'t'J yesrs of age. Any iu
fortnatlon as to his WhWMbMta will
b" gladly received at the above ndilross.
' -t
Inttiment Made In llvdo Paik Catholic
c natel y.
The funeral of Michael McTaguo
took place ycetr ley moriiiiig from his
late retidenon Oil Penu avenue and was
very largely attended
At Ht. Panl'l (latluillo c'.nirgh R
auk-mii rfqniam mass was otUbratad
by Rev. Father Dunn, following which
Rev. P, J. McManus, paslor of the
church, delivered a thoughtful mid elo
iineut sermon, during which he dwell
on the beautiful death of the deceased
Interment was made In Hyde Park
McBkidk's new Turkish bnlh. Every
thing new. ..o Spruce street, opposite
Court House.
Barney Fergnaon aud "MeOartby'a
Mishaps" will lie at the Auadeuiy of
Music Thursday evening and no doubt
be greeted by a large iiudituco. ll lias
been h re many tinea, and eiioh time
bus proved a more meritorious perform
lime. Tbt playon are always talented
mid the Hpeciaiista aro always novel.
Thia aeaaon many nnnbari that
sure to prove exceptionally interesting
have been added, and the ensemble is
one of the stiongoat presenting fare
oonedy. Barney ETergnaon, funny in
personality and method, is still the
little Irishman WttO is nuvjr out of
(if Fnnh Mavo's impersonation of
"Davy Crookatt, which will be seen
at the Academy Friday i ic lit. the Da
tmu Free Praia says "Mr, Mayo u
the Ileal bark woo Isman a hero In
buckskin lie is commanding in !
lure, an Apollo in appenranoe, strong
a. Hercules and as lander as a woman,
a'faoatbM tar manly beauty is not
UrpaMtd, nu I no eye that can tl ish
Ilka the lightning, oi nailing in aoft-
liens can look deepest love into a
Woman's eyes All this, with R Voieo
sweetly nuitoal, or loud in clear, ring
lug tones that thrill, make him the
vert' dream of the drauiitisl who lim
ned the titauulully poelie oharaeter
which is to well ideal'.s.l in Mr,
Yesterday's March for the body of
Mlaa Hndget White waa fruitless. Mr.
Kennedy, In-r employer, ha I nau
learobing along the Laakawanna but
could tin l nothing to indiaata that she
destroyed betself Sunday evening she
parforned the usual household work
aud appeared to lie in as good spiriia.
She lias alwayi teeii of a ineUucholy
turn el nlnd and her de
spondency aroused no suspicious
iu the minds of the people aha
lived with Until the letter which she
left was found soon utter her disap
pearance The letter showed abstrac
tion and nental disorder. The ideas
were disconnected, Iu it she at
tempted to arrange her nli'iirs, giving
what in may she possessed to her fi its ti ds
and providing for her burial Lately
she has worried about a eist-r who was
out west Slie has been In the employ
of Mr Kennedy eevetal ye irs, but waa
previous to that iu the Dmville insaii"
asylum Miss White's character as a
faith rul domeatlo was exoellent, and
her relationship with the family of ber
enployar of tba plaaaantsat kiu J.
The Primitive Methodist Mission
room, on Washington avenue, was
opened on Sunday. Tho nantbarablp
waa 1 r'e and realize 1 the eiptotatiooa
of the promoter! A Sunday school claes
With forty members was orgaullsd.
The Suudiiy School convention of
Primitive Methodists, of Wyoming
district connection, will ui"t today at
the Sheridan Street ohoroll, Wllkes
Uarre. The llev. Mr. Savage, of tho
Esst Mark it street church, is president
of the Sunday scuool.
A brutil assault was CJtntnittrd in
I the vicinity of Lloyd street and I'rov
I ideuce road a shott time ago, i The
I parties ssstnlttd were two Palandtri
I who were cotnlnjr from Scranton. They
, were robbed of au 1S suit of clothes
and also savagely assaulted. The
matter was reported to Sergeant Spell
mau, who went to work to Hud out
; who th miscreauts w ro. Warrants
I have ben issue I for Joseph McD-r
i mott and Edward Brown, of Park
Place, w::o are suspected of the crime.
Mrs. M. J. Lavarn, of Weat Market
street, peacefully passed to her eternal
reward yestr lay et the homo of ber
liuihter, Mrs. La wren ( Moran, of
Wst Mirket street. D csssel w is an
oid and respected resident of this place,
having dwelt hero lor u long time. She
was one of the oldest resi lenoe of Prov -idunce.
She is survived by John, of
Philadelphia; M. J Lavern.of Bellevne,
and Mrs. L Moran, of West Market
street. Notice of interment later.
D Joues, of North Main aveuue,
leaves today for Philadelphia.
Moliie Brown, of Wells street, was
arrested at the instance of Mrs Mc
'luire, for breaking her doors and win
d iws Constable Cole took her to the
Providence lockup. Mollis is all of 75
years of age. She wis intoiicated
when arrested.
Anthony Bervosky was seriously iu
jured in Storrs mines on Saturday by a
fall of rock.
Hs wu Not Take a Needed fUat Un it
After Confranoe,
Contrary to arrnmncements made,
kev. w H Psaroe, l D , of tho Bin
Psrlt Methodist Episcopal church, will
not immediately take a vacation. At n
meeting recently held by th ofilcial
b'mrd of the church it was decided to
pr ffer Dr Pearoa a vaoation, owing
to the strain he lias boon snbjecti'd to
in the last two years
The pastor, whil anxious to enjoy a
ne"dod rest, has decided to continue
trial regular church work until after
the conference, which meets at the K'm
Park church, Anril II Until that
time Dr. Pearce's pr-snce It needed to
arrange for the antartalnUMIt of It'll!
visiting ministers mi l other Important
matters pertaining 10 tha conference.
Ill Ordarto enlnrtaln the rursl attend
n ' a) a sale on nor buiband'l farm, .Mis
A iiiok Vo.lnr baked Wl pies, loastrxltwo
calves and half an OI All wen eaten.
In the css of Mrs. Prederlok Robinson
againatber inothar-in-law, JndgaOlayton,
at Media) baa decided thai lbs removal of
a bnsband'l body from one grave tO an
other Without the Widow's COOSent Is not.
a orlmlaal offense.
a hog several days ag" bit Hanry Klaen-
trnger, of DoylaatOWO, on the hand. The
wound has become so serious that ninpu
talloii nftba arm may be BSOISSary Iu save
the victim's life.
Laborer w. M. Roberta, of Parksrford
saw three tone of rook situs down a bunk
r pun t he Psoaeylvanla railroad i ne ks an t
after lliree hours' work ihovled ll off,
just, at tbl PoltSVlllS eipr.snlsslii'd ronml
the curve. Robert's prompt w irk uu
doubtadly prevented a frightful orasbi
sav- -
Haa Been Hadiv Dlstatmbsrad,
Aeo'ifioieM ratd
Oongrsuman wiison, wh hai bsan ser
iously ill, will, II, is BOUOUn led, "soon be
bimsell again," Hh bill, wbioh has anus
the whole oonntry III, will hardly ba reo
ogniaad bv its author wli uit oomas out
of I he setielo. It will never bn "Itself
-St. .
Lehi.. VtlUv Jl.OIr nrt Company
Annonnce, oonnanelng March li, their
dining car on tha European plan will run
on tram I, leaving Beaton IO.S0 n. in., ar
riving nt WllkcH-llnrra l.'.'.l p m , mid Irnlu
'', leaving Wilkes llnri " I. .i5 p in., arriving
nl Baslin 7.40 p. m , instead of between
Jersey City and, Will;- llarre, lis hereto
Ami train 80 leaving Wtikei-Barra s OS
,a. in., uud train il'J leaving New York 4.10
n. m., win now currv Pullman Buffat Par
lor cars between Wilkes Bane and Now
York. 'J iis rates are very nominal, as h -twecu
How York and (.'atasuuiiua sent.s am
only 145 OSOIS) between Now York nml
MaUOh Ohunk. .ID cents, and between New
York and WHltes-Harre, 75 cents.
Uaiiponiufri ol a Day Thai Will Interest
Many Tribune Rttden
Patrick Roilly, a Brakcman at tho
South Works, Crushed to Death
A Laily Loses Her Pockotbook b.jt
Has It Restored -Tramps Growinp;
Puatilurous Appronchinij; M.ir
rlagt Personals and News Notes.
P trick Iteilly, aged 17 yeHrs, neon
of Bdward Retlly, of ih 1 1 Plttaton av-
enne, wns crushed under it ear yesler
day at twenty nillUtea In 1 o'clock, and
the life was Kiiieezd out of him
IToung Weiity was anployad as a braka
hi ii on one of the small engines at the
BoUth works of the Lackawanna Iron
and Steel company The engine was
pushing a Inp of cars loaded with
ksIiiis out to the oiudar dump si the
Lackawanna Rival uoar Central Park
gardens. He wns riding on the front
oar of the trip, an I m attempting to
gel "ll, his clothing oaugbt In a bolt,
and lie WaS ..... o I uiidtr the lirat ear
Qua wheel paaSOd over his body near
(lie hip When assistance readied him
lie wns daad, Tba casualty was pin el v
acatdantaL Announcement of the tuu
aral will be made tomorrow Coroner
Kelly Investigated toe aooident, but
decided that mi Inquest was i
Uotortuan sllutrbti'a Hant.ty.
Uotormaw Thorn s J Qallagber, of
the South Stdu line, was tut principal
iu an affair that occurred on bin Oar
Vesterd iy moriiiiig ou una of itsoui
w.ird trips Two young ladies got on
the ear on Lnckaiinnna UVanUS uinl
one of them in puliiur out lior hand-
ksrcbiaf unwittingly pulled out bar
pocket book and it dropped Oil the flour
of the car. She got OS without mus ing
her loss, and after the car rsaohod
the end of the line Mr Qallagbar
found It Opening it ba found that It
contained over S3 He suepicted who
the owner wns nod later in the day re
turned it to the young lady.
Wedding Cards Are Out
Very pretty wedding cards tre out
annonnolng in- marriage of Rosa, tho
daughter of Mr. and Mrs o L Hei-
risgal, to Henry Sontag, of South
Washington avenue. The ceremony
will take plaOS on April 18, at 4
p iu , nt the iamilv residence, llillo
Cedar avenue. In tho evening a eeep-
tloii will be held at SehimplFs ball ou
Cedar avenue. A hundred Invitations
have been sent out to the frietius of the
yonug couple
Ki lifhtacf tht K .ad drawing- Bolder.
Something inuet be douesoou to rout
the trumps stationed lu a shanjjr near
"Miller's field. 1'. is not unuiaal for
one of their number to anuoanoe him
self ut a kitchen dor and iu a very
peremptory manner ask for fool.
Women urn afral 1 to refuse them,
oven when they ask for money.
John Kilcullou, of South Washing
ten avenue, will return thia afternoon
from a business trip to New York.
Miss B. A. McTigne.of Cherry street,
lett yesterday for Rochester on a busi
ness trip in the interest of Haslaolier's
millinery Btore. She will be utseut
two we-ks-
Shorter Paragraphs.
Thomas J Moore, treasurer of the
Phil. Sheridan Monumeut association,
has the subscription books on hau l
and will distribute them in a few days
Amounts to suit the means of the donor
will be cheerfully taken, no mntter
how small the contribution may be.
A quarterly meeting of the official
board of the Cedar nvenna Methodist
B iscopal church will occur this even
ing in the lecture room of the church
six new communicants wtre ao
mitted 00 probation at Sunday night's
reception or the Cedar avenue Metho
dist Kj iscopal church
The young men of the Twentieth
wnrd have drgaii7.d nn athletic club,
and the lint meeting Will take place to
morrow night at Msttle's hall.
Johnny Weiss, 1.1 years old, of Palm
it reel, was slightly injured in the
Dodge mine yesterday afternoon by
being Niueer.ed between a car and the
mule he whs driving. Not long ago
his hand was mashed an I two of his
Qiiw'"iM bn I to be amputated.
Stie-t (' mitulssiici-r Kirat declarea
thai ii" line no flagstones stored in his
yard that ar th property of the cily.
He hue a few curb stones that he pin
chased for Ills own use uud they belong
to him and not to the city.
This Happ Chasoi Will 6oom Pass
The question is iremiently liked.
What doe,, it reiiuirn to constitute R
successfully educated man or woman'.'
h line one hasuiiswered this question by
Baying, An educated psi'son is one
who knows how and when to act."
lurauateurjoratori have often thought
to tickle llis fancy and play upnn the
redulity or their audloiHieii by pointing
to such men as Lincoln us glorious x -amplus
of the men who have suoonodeil
without an education, Tlis oratori
mistake college buildings for education.
Lincoln was an etiucated man lis got
his education nt i dilTerant sort of col
lege from that of Harvard, Yale, or the
University oT Michigan lie avalltd
himself of the moans within his reuch.
And this ii true of every man that
has nude a success. Tug TUIBONB baa
prAOl ically , endowed a uniVeislty. It
has brought within the reaoh of Be
readers a college as OOnpUtS us any in
the country, namely, that grout reser
voir of human knowledge in nil the
ages, psst and present. They have ae
cured In their Hiiliacrilmni 'he whole
sale price and theeasissl possible terms
of ntyinenl on this great masterpiece
or human genius the rvioyolopodla
Britannioa, Only in osnta a dsyi
With (his great work as your own u
thousand iitn to prosperity will stand
open before you wnich without It y u
will never discover. Send a Idress and
a volume will be sent for examination
to any part of the city Remenboi
that only nineteen days rem Mo in
which to secure the club rates and May
terns of payment, which is supplying
hundreds of ranillea with u library,
Tbay Loot a Dtoot but Obtain Little i t
Isiile Sunday night or early yestei
day morning burglar broke into tin
Delaware and II i Ison station at Avie
The persons having a knowledge ol
what was taken ire Very retioenl o
the subject They say that little of
value was taken and thut they have a
clue that will lead to the apprehension
of the marauders.
. s
Ilendlestoij & WoatWU iuid Ba'dantlnsya
Aim are the best. is. J. IV aisbil, atnl. Si
istiJiawaiiUH avenue.
Couit Y.t'ei lay llandsd D ,wn a Daoree
8evn,iiiK Mairlmpalal Hond.
I'red Pell was yesterday divorced
from his wife, Kate Pell, by a decree
handed down by the court.
Mr. Peii sued for a divorce) on the
grottod that hit wife w ta unfaithful to
him, The evidence mstalned the charge
mid the divorce was granted
Mr end Mr, Pell were married on
June 88, IH7K
gaol (Java Hist to Report That W. II.
Fcheoaover Was Uvlng
W. II. BchoonoVsr miumoned llis
wife and nemberS of hia fannlv to his
biUli" nt the Moses Taylor hospital
yesterday, winch g ive use to report
that h as dying.
'I he flu ials at the hospital inserted
that he ba I passed a very easy d ly and
had fair prospects of recovery,
II 'III "l 4- . SMtS
It ia not what Us proprlstors ssy, but
what Hood s Parsaparitla does, that tells
the story of lis meHt, Hood's Barsapars
nu cutoa,
Sole Agent,
205 Lackawanna Ave.
Cioinsr lliroiifrh our stock we made a careful selection of
To close out these odd lot we will sacrifice them,
Oar Bargain Counters Filled with Surprises.
Martin Sc Delany
Coal Exchange, Wyoming Avenue.
I'RING . . .
Styles of
Largest and Best Line in
the city.
Have arrived.
Best quality and
lowest prices.
220 Lacka. Avenue.
Easter Opening
Jackets AND
For the Spring and'
Summer of '94.
Stock Large and Attractive.
Prices the Lowest on Record.
116 Wyoming Avenue.
g The QKN1 INE Nt B
w, ITAIl Ri
8c Co.
Clonk Makers nn 1 Carriers,
'nilvj 1'ivi ci-: -sT .
5" Ni'v York MMnioniiL .
N Y ravonaa, B
E, C. RICtBH A CO., sj
SBtilt deelen In thii ie tten s"
i Ifflea in Menu avaune S
Scienlillc Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Bhimborg,
Thi Sprrlnllal on tin. l'.yo tloailaolira nml
KerTowaeH r altered. Leteel tad IniproTad
Ht Is- f Bye llliiss.. nml S.. ta.'li-M nt tho
tiowettPrloee Qatt ArUDoltl Byai laaeried
for 'i
S"b SPRUCE ST., op. Poel Olflce.
Wo are now in mr
new quarters,
( Wyoming
a Avenue.
Come and sco our
Window Display
Saturday, March
Florey & Holt
Special for This Com
ing Week.
Ladlet' Kid Button, poi tiled anil
riiileilpliiliia toan. patanl lpather
tii, aiioiiil prioe, $3 69; worth. 3 oO.
Ladlta' DonRola Kid Bntton,haod
aewed, spefial Tli-', $y, Hiirth 4
Misaca' Kid Button, plain toei,
iprtntt hael, soial price. $150:
worth 8 M
llnva' Si'lioiil S'loea, DOSgOta top,
ilaea t to 5ti iptolal prloa, s;
worth I8-00
Men's cu Patent Leather Lie,
pointed tota, apaatal price, $3.00;
worth . 100
Mon'a Calf Blaohor, hariil eoiverl
welt, Piooadilly laat, oparial priov
$1.80; worth 8 W
Little Boya' Bhoea, button end
laoa, iprtnR Itaal, made "jnat li',;e
papa'a "iltaa B to t". ipaolal price.
i 50; worth
Vottthi' Calf, button eml lloa,
iprtnR heele, Qoodrear walti ilte
11 toil, apei-ial prioe, ; worth. 9 BO
SCHIM'S Anadfl olios Slore.
i miiiim; a i.
AsT YEAR he had saved 1800,
Ht bonghl a liuse worth I18S0
-paid ifvUK) down, gave a mort
jrup' for $1, ,"."(). loilav he ostis
mates as follows:
I5ic: sarad
latereel nn moTlchgv
Taxi." M r,.p,
Krt saving on rrnt . .
SaTrsi w nalarr
J.'4-l 00
. :t N 11I SO
WD 5
... ... i-ViVl
TheQraal Marvel ol Dental Botenoe
recent discoverj and the nolo
property of
Tr anrilj , n mortfMirp f.'T,' .V
tartsBonoM "in four n,t
hoaee Will be free Irnm rfebl mm I -il
h.ii- n h.inr nl nn nun."
QRKKN RtnOB I. lhs pnia.ll.o Fnt
hueaae, I'lnn A ii. hnTe rssrssnlly fln-llis-,l
a bramllnl llla. whlrli lbj off. r,
on , ,,!, M mu.mi
I'all at ihclr olflc' lni,,,.n IVa.lilnelon
anst Allans, on Oil ve itreei
THE Ctl Pfi?ATtr
x a 3Sff o a
Art at I'l. '-'ii'. ll r al,ii rpiitar: ai-e
r,a'na ijb.
War,' rr mn : Opp?HClnniVM Wsvumffit,
20B Wn5hlnton A . Set o n :-n,Pn.
Henwood k Warddl
316 Lackawanna Ave.
what j. u. bba mons sa ys about
Ari.r havinu; eleean tertii vairaclail nt
oiio alttlng by Iho pnlnleim mMhufl, I pro
iionnoa It vntirelj aatltriwitorT In ttcr;
tmrtloular. J. O. Rr AMON
. :
RVIltfld Ut Ttl0 Trlhllirr Oftl I', fll'f-
nar IVnn nvrim ntiit Hpnies r
rntltUiithf holdtr to mi th pHw
gl ol tfc nrHHntHolid nflVrr
for at 1 - i i- I . I ir iruiikfl
non onr ii-Ufleri. Tl offprn tntsifo
b" lite Tribune n n i.. mi. ut arr
an lollou j
1.". ( T.NTS and Four Coupon Tvr
:iny voltimr Iti tht ClumliDt So
tit, Ofr 100 tltl(ifrC(irrirct rrcsm
0970 itnd Four Coupom fr i 10
Vol nml -ft 11 DlAhnnv' romplAtf
SO CKNTS anil Four Coupon for
Hiiy book In tliet Kugtry v: u-t
25 CEKTS and Four Coupon for
mi v book in thoOifonl NerliHa.

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