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(Pipe I
1 Valves 1
Fittings I
your old ihtrl Wo do it.
rOB Penn Avb.
NorrmanA Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
New Goods
In Lazes,
Embroideries and
us tun
415 Lacka. Avenue.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rugs, etc
'2 "7 Wyoming Ave.
Ernest Damon, the Scranton Tractiotn
.'ompany emnloye fipulien ot in yesterday '
Priblne. has never been identified with
the Franklin Avenue R-scue mission.
Th funeral services of tbe late Mrs. Jen
nie M. Heeley will beheld at th residence
of her son, 917 0:ivo Htreeit, at 18.18 p. m.,
Wednesday. Interment at Torty Fort.
The tax coramitteu of tbe select council
will meet this afternoon at the city clerk's
office. The session will be an important
one. as tbo p'jle tax. which tins parsed th
common council, will be acted npon.
Fred Coon, of the Tenth ward, heat
kicked, and otherwise abused Mrs Km;,
f Little England, lastaveinaK. and Officer
Jones arrested him. At the station house
the charire of vagrancy was also prefarrjd
against him
W. S. Millar, 'of tho Central Republican
clnb, stamps as a cross error the statmeiit
appearing in a Sunday paper that a Dun
rcrarir caucus of the select council used
tbe Central Republican rooms for meeting
pnrposes Saturday nl?ht.
Oenrge Miller, who was arrested Sun
day for the theft of a bicycle from Robert
White, of Green Ridge, which he pawned
fori, was yesterday committed to await
the action of the grand jury by Alderman
Wright in default of 1400 bail.
Miss Ilessie White, tbe domestic who left
note at W. D. Kennedy's 1717 Washing
ton avenue, saying her body would be
found in the river, has not , been located,
and tbe polio think possibly the Woraiin
had no intention of destroying hjrself.
At the regular monthly meeting of the
Central Republican club held last night at
the new rooms in the I'rice building, the
following officers were nominated to serve
during the coming year: E. P. Kingsbury,
president; Major Everett Warren, vies
president: W. S. Millar, secretary; W.
Saylefd Thoniaa, treasurer. The election
will be held the second Monday in April,
'.be next regular meeting. At last night's
meeting, which was enthusiastic aid
argely attended, a new sot of by-law i was
Will Be Qlven by J hn Boyle O'Reilly
Council, Young Ken's Institute.
On Thursday evening John lloyle
O'Reilly Conncil of the Young Men'
Institute will give an entertainment at
College ball. Tbe principal feature of
it will be a lecture by P. H. O'Donnall,
Georgetown University, on "Ireland's
Contribution to Civilization. The pro
gramme arranged for the occasion is:
Remarks Pres. M. A. McOinley
Instrumental music.
Dickson Mandolin and Guitar club
Solo, selected.... Miss Maggie Harrington
Bolo, "Roll Call" Pensutl
Richard Thomas.
Duet. "Harp of the Winds" Abt
Misses Manraret and Lizzie Reynolds.
Bolo, "I Am Waiting" Rruch
Howell Davles.
Address P. H. O'Douuell
Duet, "I Feel Thy Angel Spirit,"
Miss Kate Mongsn, William Watkins
Holo, "Promise Me," William Watklns
Duer "Two Sailors" Gwent
Howell Davies and Richard Thomas.
Solo, selected Tim Sullivan
President C. H. Von Slorch Anuounced His
Committees Tor the Year.
The Board Decides That It Shall Be
Erected In That Manner - It Will
Mean Decreased Insurance and
Greater Safety Communication
from the Board of Health Regard
i ii K No. 12 -Pay Roll tor February.
President QH You Storoh announced
his committees at last night's mtsting
of the board of control. Tbe position
of honor is given to F. L Wormser,
who was named oli'ilrmnn of th teach
er' committee. He tilled that position
before with great satisfaotio'i. The
list of committees is
Teachers -F. L Wormser, W S l.ing
ftatT, John Devunney, Georje Mitchell, J.
P. lfabon, K. S. Barker, R, J. O'Mailev.
Building Qeorga U. Carson, T. J. Jeu
mugs. W.J. Welsh, 1.8. Jacobs, W. G.
0' Valley.
Finance J B, Williams, w, s. Wat
nc.is.T. J. Jwnlngs,tV L, Wui inner, llermaa
Supplies o. s. Jacobs, J. P. Mahon, 0
B Mireitev, K. S, UarKcr, James O'Hoyle.
Insurance O, U. Shreifor, Ueore U.
Carson, Thomas Coai'.
Auditing U. J. O'ilalloy, Juuies A
Evans, Thomas Coar.
Text Book George Hitch til, W. s.
Watrorm, Charles Oonrad, W. G. 0 Mailer.
J. A. Evens
Roles- T. J. Jeutnuu's, J. H. Williams.
High School-W. J. Welsh.
Tbe high school co nmittee w isdi
reeled to elect Its own ohairm ri. Mr
Wormser made a ptea in fur r of tout
ing the new high school building m i Is
tlreproot. lis sid it would i:iiro is
the cost of t!ie building from 03 to 30
per cent., but that in his opinion the
.mount would be saved by th district
in decreased insurance. Mikiutue
buitdim; tics proof would ulsj InorsMa
its safety, he said.
Mr. Wormser followed his remarks
up with a motio.i directing that th
bailding be mad- fire proof. it was
unanimously adopted On motion of
Mr. Scareifer tbo building oomiuttto
was directed to put a small iron fencs
in front of Xo 3ti building to protect
tho grass.
A communication from the board of
health called attention to what was
termed "the abominable condition of
old No. 10 building," on Emtuet street
in the Eighttenth ward. It was placod
on file and tbe n, ; - a of tbe boar I
that Hereafter buo one session be held
daily iu that building was ordered
complied with. Tne list of delinquent
us collectors appoiated by City 'treaj
nrei R- G. Brooks was read and the
appointment of those whoss bond had
been spproved, confirmed. The col
lector! are tho same as tliose wbo were
appointed to collect deiiuq'-ient city
Solicitor Knapp notifi'd the board
that the title of fhom n .1 Morgan to
the property adjoining No. 03 school
had been perfected and that Ua wis
ready to maki over to the school dis
trict a atrip of land fifteen feet wide,
which it was thought advisable to pur
chase for the district.upon the payment
of $500. The solicitor was directed to
have the transfer made if it is found
that the taxjs hare besupdd oa ItM
An order was directed to issue to
Contractor C mrad Sshroedar for $1.
305, the second payment ou new No.
12. All public night sahools of the
city wiil closed Thursday night. A
number that bare completed the four
months havo already closid.
The psy roll for the month of Feb
rnan was read and ordered paid. Tba
amounts are as follows : Day school",
Isaclmra, 10,7Gl 77; substitute, 165.
50; total. $13,088.44; night so'iools,
teachers. $007, sin BtUatee, $J SO; jaai
tors, $100, total, $1.05190
. Beautful w lndown.
Onevof the most attractive displays of
ladies' nndcrwear, corsota and tea gowns
ever shown in this city can now be seen at
Goldsmith's Bazaar. The collection of
garments is wonderful and the symmetry
with which they aro arranged attracts
icorcs of ladies from morn until night.
Frksu made butter 02c.
eggs at Reinhart's market
Strictly fresh
Easter millinery opening at Mrs. Lang
tuff's lOtf Wyoming avenue.
ber of the board, and made it returna
ble Maroh 06.
It is alleged that tbe board refuiss to
pay for the lambs on account of a de
tect in the certificate with regard to
the matter received from the auditors
of the district, who are charged by law
with the investigation of all claim i
arising from the killing of sheep by
dogs. Mr. Chapman is t-prenntd by
Attorneys Hnlslau ler & Vosburg.
A Largs Audlenc Well Pleased With
That Clever Play.
William Hurry was graeted by a
large audience at the Academy last
night as he deserved to be.
His previous appearanot here had
awakened theatre-goers to the merits
of "The Hieing Oaueratiou" and they
tUMisd out in force.
William Harry has long fizured on
the stage as uu Irish oomedian, but it
remain for his "Martin MoShayne' in
"The Rising Generation" todevelop his
best talents Hy his rich brogueiuaint
mannerisms ant perfectly natural
bearing, he charmed a large nudionoa
last night, and the laughter sourojly
ceased while lis was on the stage.
Miss Viti! Mack-flerliu invested the
role of Miss McShayuo with an unctu
ous humor Hoarc.ely excelled by that of
Mr. Hairy. A gams of poker, which
is cleverly introduced into the ploy,
created no eud of lusrriuisut.
Notes of What the GUdi itora of the
Ovmnaeir.m Are Doing.
The trip to Wilka Barre of an all
aronnd team of six men to comp-te in
the Young Men's Christian association
games in that city has been abandoned.
The contests, which were announced
as open to all Young Men's Christian
association athletes of the state, bare
been restricted to only local men
Lonis Conrad lias presented a white
sweater as a prizs to the winner of tbe
potato race m Thursday night's ail
ii round cootant. The prizes are on ex
hibition in Stewart's window, Young
Men's Christian Association building.
Members will be admitted free to the
contest; non-members will be charged
10 cents admission.
The base ball team will begin prac
tice work this week. A number of val
uable additions to the team have been
made; Thomas Drooks, one of the old
time pilcheri, will probably be located
in tbe box this'season ; F. White and HI
l.ittenbender will also add strength to
the team.
Flash light photographs were taken
last night by Physical Instructor Wes
ton of many prominent athletes while
iu the act of polo vaulting, jumping,
If uat Have IJoensa to Bell Their Waree
From Pueh-Cartt.
Eight push-cart fruit venders, six
Italians and two Oreeks, were arrested
on lower Lackawunua avenue yester
day afternoon for selling their wares
without license. The Italians were
employed by Joseph Longo, 240 IUv
mond court, who paid their fine of $5
each. A friend of tne Greeks paid tho
same fine for them
The round-up was conduotol by Hit
geant Davies and Officers Jobler and
Jones. The raid is the echo of an or
dinance passed last January directing
the chief of police to abate the nuis
ance. Complaints have been made to
tho mayor by proprietors of fruit houses
that the venders were doing business
without license and interfering with
The passage of the arrested crowd
en i out" to the police station created a
great deal of interest and amusement.
To do business hereafter they will
pay a license of $10
E J. Chapman Want the Sohool Dis
trict to Pay for Them.
E J. Chapman, a South Ablngton
stock farmer and butcher, yesterday
applied to the court for a writ of man
damus to compel tho officers and mem
bers of the South Abingtnu sohool
board to give rsasou why they soould
not pay him $10 for four lambs owned
by him, which were ItilUd by dogs.
The court granted n writ of alternn
tivo mandamus directed agsiust Asa
Nichols, president; W. P. Lilly, Beers
tary; Wilding Swallow, treasurer, and
teilsB QrifSn and Giles Stanton, mem-
the Military,
Residents ol Arclibald, Dicksoa City and
Duamoro Anxious lo Begin Business.
The mm com iin - loned officers' school
last Thursday was well attended, The
interest taken and the general intelli
gence displays-1 snrp isse-l all firevious
schools. These auuools provs to bo of
great advant igo to non-commissioned
officers, and cannot help but rddound
to the general good of the entire rogi
meat. There is not today in the Nu
lional Guard Pennsylvania a regiment
that o in boast of a more intelligent
and better posted lioii-somiulsioned
corps thau the Thirteenth re.'iment
contains. The Thirteenth owes it.s
incosaa today more to its intelligent
uon -commissioned olfi;ers than to uuy
one other factor. The non-commissioned
officer is a veryi:uportant factor
in the general efficiency of a regiment
1c is a fact beyond ail dispute that any
and all regiments are successful or un
successful just as their non-commissioned
officers may be intelligent and
brUht or un-int . ; h and dull.
Adjutant Millar, accompanied by
S-rgeaut Majjr Conkllng, went to
Honesl't'.a list Fridav evening and
conducts 1 a nan -commissions 1 sch ol
at th quarters of Company E The
sains interest and Intelligence dis
played at the school Thursday evening
among tho non-coms of the Sorauton
companies, was manifested in Com
pany E.
The board of examiners for non
commissioned office's' warrants meets
at the Scranton City Guard armory
the second Moudsy In each month. All
nnn-jommissioned offiors not having
warrants ars required to appear bsfore
this board for examination. Tbe board
insets tonight,
Scranton', Pa., March 5, 1894. )
Special Order No. 1 :
I. In conner.uenco of reckless and wilful
abuse of privileges and property in tho
Scranton Ulty uuara Armory, no iii
games of basket ball for either practice or
in matches will bo allowed in the armory
except under the supervision of a commis
sioned o'.llcer, who Will report the gnoio
with the names of tho-e engaged and any
damage to the property in consequence of
such gam
II. A-semblv of members of the regi
ment or citizens in tho armory on Sunday
is hereby forbidden.
III. It is amatter of groat regret that an
order restricting the privileges heretofore
freely accorded tbo members of the regi
ment has b' come necessary, but the out
rageuos conduct of some pursons has com
pelled it.
Hy order of
W. 9. Millar, Adjutant.
s ft a
The non-commissioned officers who
persist ill remaining away from school
will soon have an opportnuity of tell
ing the board of examiners what tber
know about drill regulations and gnard
s s e
At least cne evening a month should
lie devoted to guard duty in the several
companies of the regiment. I he. com
ing encampment npon the historic
Uattlefi-ld of Gettysburg will be of
more than ordinary inter! to mem
bers of the Thirteenth. There ate very
few in the regimonttolay that were at
the famous bsttlr held with the regi
ment ten years ago Critic
Judge Arohbald flays They Cannot B
Sued as Individual.
Judge Arclibald handed down ni
opinion yesterday in the case of the
Pennsylvania state Agricultural so
ciety against Edmund U. .Termyn. Jo
seph .T. Jermyn. Dr. William Hag-
gerty mid John M. KNiumerer, tbe ad
visory committee of the Lackawanna
Conniy Agricultural society, who as
sisted ia the management of the State
fair held at the driving park iu Sep
tember, 1890.
Some time after the business con
nected with the fair had been settled
t he state society offhsrs sued the advl
sory committee of tho local society as
individuals to recover $1.7 Id. OS whlc i
they said they were entitled to as the
state society s share of the net proceeds
or the lair
Judge Arclibald decides that the
men cannot lie sun! as indivldnils as
they acted for the Lackawanna County
Agricultural society
Colonel F L. Hitchcook, conneel for
the state society, said yesterday that
an appial will M taken to tho suprom
Members Will E J y a Varied I..' of
Pleasures the O imlng Season.
A varied list of outing divisions is be
ing formulated for the season of '01 by
Physical Instructor Weston, of the
Young Mens Christian association.
There will ! Ins i ball, bioycle, ten
nls, athletic and tramping divisions.
The latter will be In uhnrgo of J. Wa
A camping party will be made up to
spend iiiem: two weeks on the moun
tains In charge of Professor Weston
The locality for the camp bai not yet
been selected.
He Leayes All of Uls Propurty to Hi,
Wife. Barbara Outhelna.
The will of Stephen Giithslnz, the
South Stde busi isss man who died last
week, was admitted to probate vaster
day and letters testamsntary granted
to his wife, Mrs. Birbira Guthelnz
She is by the terms of the will made
Mr, Gutbsinz sole log Gee.
That Is What They Tell the Court
When Called to Give Reasons Why
Licenses Should Be Granted to
Then -Who the New Applicants Are
in Dickson City an! Dunmore Bor
oughs as Hoard Krom.
License court begau yesterday mo' ii-
lng with Judges Archbald and El
wards on tbe bench and all day long
these patient jurists listened to the
more or lers logloal and convincing
reasons advanced by applicants for
new houses or old bouses tigainst
which obj ctious were filed.
Iu the First ward of Arohbald thero
are a number of new applicants and
all of them averred that their places
are essential lo tho welfare and Uanpi-
uess of their neighbors, A remon
strance wsh lilvd against granting a
lloenso to A It DUillap, who wants
lo conduct a restaurant in the First
ward of Hlakely, Muj r Everett W-ir
tea lean-sented the otijectors and At
torney Joseph O'Brien the petitioners.
A number or wituissea werj ex
unmet on both Hldea And a variety of
re. is ,iit given why the license should
be grunted as well as why It should be
Frank A. Borrow! asked for a license
for a hotel at Helmout mid Oak streets
n the Sixth ward of Carboudsle. I lie
court said that its attention had beu
called lo the fact that the plase was
only a lew uuors iniiii a pumiu suuuui,
and, further, that the petitioner had
sold liquor although lie was refused a
I cense last year bjtotai wnnsaiai
were examined to show reason why the
license should bs refuse 1. Among
those who testified was aa aunt of the
applicant's wife.
In the iirst ward ol DicHhou city tne
following are appliomta for new
houses: George Kolata, H-nry Whitall,
Joseph I'aliaky. George Hilwig, John
Hurke, p 11 Gallagher. John Lihotaky,
Frank Grab.iwslci, John Monaskie and
Patrick Long All ware represented
by attorneys who labored indoetriously
to show the court tho necessity ror
granting licenses to these new houses.
Remonstrances' were hied agaiimt
Kolata, Pollsky und Lahotsky, bnt
they were objected to on ths ground
that they wsro not sworn to.
The proprietors of the lieichard
brewery at Wilkss-liirre asked ror a
wholesale license i-i th Fir3t ward of
Dickson City. Tnev say they have
erected a storehouse and refrigerator at
that place and want the privilege of
Imposing of their product in this
Arguments were also heard in favor
of granting licenses to the following
new bouses in Dunmore: John Gib
bons. John Powell. John Sammon,
Patrick J. Donghertv, l)om"tiico Vac-
caro, Rinalo Lolli, Grady & Uolaud,
Michael Finnerty and M. L. Lingan.
Iu the oase of Mr Ltngan court de
cided to hear further argument this
once for signers. It asks councils to
pave the portions of Niuth, Robinson
and Jackson streets, which constitute
the road, from Lacbuwanua to Mtiu
avenue with Helgiau block pavement.
During the greater part of the year
i In ho streets are in a bad condition.
Several West Side businuis men have
agreed to subscribe money towards de
fraying the expense of pavement and
they will have u opportunity to do so.
It Will Be Olven at the Penn Avenue
Baptist Church,
The entertainment to be given by the
lonng People h Society of Christian
Endeavor of the Penn Avenue Baptist
church this evening will consist of ths
following programme:
Piano Duet Selected
Male Quartette,
"Tho World Is What Yon Make It'
Soprano Solo "The Daisy Song'
Declamation "iue insh riant
Drill Boy's Brigade
Recitation "Paul Revere's Ride"
Violin Solo selected
Soprano Solo Selected
Declamation.. ."Patrick Henry a Aaaresi
Piano Duet Selected
The admission fee will be 18 cents
and cake and coffee will be served free
The proceeds will be given to the nn
employed of, this city through the
church missionary
Many Clever Entertainers Perform at
That House.
The continuous performances drew
many persons to Music hall yesterday
and last night, where an excellent eu
tertalnment was given. The Primrose
quartette again appears this week, as
do McMahou and King, the buok and
wing dancers, who created such a fa
vorable impression Isst week
"The Great Ooda' executsa remark
able feats on the trapeze und James and
Ida Gtlday, sketch artists, add mate
rial strength to the entertainment.
There are besides these several other
txoellent performers on the bill,
Colored Boy Will Answer at Court for
Bteallag from B O Coarsen.
A week ago a bicycle belonging to a
son of E G. Coursen was taken from
the family residence yard. Offlosr
Roche located the wheel in Dix alley,
where It was iu the possession of a boy
uniued Harry Sohoonover.
Schoouovsr . bought it from Josua
Miller, a not overly-bright colored lad
of the same locality. Miller was ar
rested, aud rsmsudsd by Alderman
Wright for nppearance at court in de
fault or (J0O bail.
. e
Landledr and Fellow-Poardrr Mouru
th Loss of $1S0.
John Wrnbluwtmkl, aged 83 years,
about 5 ft. 0 In. In height, hoarded at
10211 Elm street with Mrs. Nazarzyker
until yesterday, when he left, tslting
with him $128 of the landlady's savings
utid $23 helonglug to a fellow-boarder.
Wroblewoaki left behind hlm a sev
en months' board bill, and carried
with him some articles of wearing ap
parel belonging to the other occupants
of the house.
Caused Incanveuleno ta Patrons of the
Street Railway.
For a time last evening fears wer
entertained hy many persona who had
businss iu the central city that they
would be compelled to walk to their
hoiio s i'ii is was caused by a story
that had been put iu cireulaliou early
In the evening to the effect that the
machinery iu the power bouts of the
Scranton Traction company was dam
aged so badly that it would he Impos
sible to operate the system, Such was
not the case, und althoiuh the usual
high standard of the company was not
maintained, no one had lo walk hems.
The trouble was in the Providence
road power house and was caused by a
short circuited generator burniuj; out
the brush holders. General Mauagur
Archer was promptly on tbe scene.
superintending repairs, and every
thing will be la working order this
Owing to tho accident It was found
necessary to reduce the number of cars
operating on ail the Unas last night.
Patrick Coleman Hit on tha Hsad with a
Patrick Coleman, of 400 Lu.ernu
slreot, a bar man at tho rolls In the
South works, was injured yeterday
Coleman attended tho hot ingot, hi it
went to tile blooming rolls. When it
returned after its first passage lie was
required to turn it with a bar. In
stead of putting his bar under tne in
got it caught in the live rollers underneath.
The bar, thus caught, hit him on tho
side of the head, stunning him, and he
fell on the hot plates, gettiug a lew
supurliciul burns
I ho injured man was taken to the
Moses Taylor hospital. At intervals
dnring the day Lo became unconscious,
but laet night he was resting easily.
The physicians nt tho hospital any that
ho will be entirely well in a few week.
Coleman is 24 years old and unmarried.
Judge Arohbald Oorilrms ths Report of
the Viewers. '
Jndge Archbald, by an opinion
handed down yesterday, overruled the
exceptions to the report of viewers
with regard to the paving of Fig street
and confirmed the report (In ally.
City Solicitor Torrey, in his excep
tions, held that the appointment of the
viewers had been irregular and that
tlivy had erred In not assessiug benefits
as well as damages
,,.- ,
Petition to Be Clrcuiatid for Paving of
Driveway to West Sid.
Common Councilman P. J. Noalis, of
the Fourteenth ward, has prepared a
petition which will be circulated at
Directors of Ecrantoo Club Will Meet
manager Archer Today.
Manager H. H. Archer, of the Scran
ton Traction company, returned from
Philadelphia yesterday and was waited
upon by directors of the Scranton Base
Hall association, wno were desirous of
ascertaining what tbe Traction com
pany was willing to do in the matter
of securiug and fitting up snitable
grounds for the Scranton club.
Mr. Archer was too busy to discuss
tbe matter at tbe time, but will meet
the bass ball men this morning at 10
o'clock and give them bis answer.
The club will open its season in this
city by an exhibition gams with
Wilkes-Barrc on April 21. On April
82 ii will play in Wilksa-Barre, April
23 in this city and April 24 at Syra
Jary Unabl to Agree and Adjourned
Until Tomorrow Night.
Tho jury empanneled by Coronsr
Kelley to investigate tbe recant disas
ter in tbe Kichmoa 1 mine mit
last night at the coroner's offha. After
three hours deliberation they wjt
unable to agree upon a verdict and ad
journed to meet tomorrow night.
Of tbe six jurymen five stood for a
verdict, the nature of which could not
be learned, while one .took an opposite
visw. However, it is understood that
the one insn wanted to censure either
Mine Inspector Roderick or the com
pany agsiust the wishes of the others,
Scranton' Business Interest.
The TRIBUSI will soon publish n care
fully compiled and classified lint of the
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing aud professional interests of Scranton
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
in book form, beautifully illustrated with
photogravure view of our public build
logs, business blocks, streets, etc., together
with portraits of leading citizens. No
similar work has ever given an equal rep
resentation of Scranton'a many indue
tries. It will be an invaluable exposition
of our business resources. Sent to
persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will attract
new comers and be nu unequalled
advertisement of the city. The circu
lation Is on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to those ooncsrned ns well us the city
atlsrge. Representatives of Thi Tribi ic
will call upon thohk wiiosk RaHBI
are desirku In this edition and explain
its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of their residences
in tni edition will please 1 ave notice at
the office.
W OPn Today
our new stock of Boys' Waists, "The
King'' and "Mother's friend."
New llioycl.
A new bicycle worth tTi will be Sold for
tHrV The machine is guaranteed and ia a
rare bargain. Machine may bo seen at the
'iribuno ofllce.
21 Ut "-ugar l, at Reinhart's market.
We move to 117 Lackawanna
aveuua we offer a ipeoia
price on nil of our Silver novelties,
35c. Each.
W. W. Berry, Jeweler
303 Gpruco St.
Best Sets of Teeth, $8i00
Including the painless extracting
tf teeth by an tutlruly new proles.
A Splendid Peiforraanus Qlven Last
Night by (lever Artists.
Wonderlaud, after a prosperous sea
son with its stock company, returned
lo a vaudeville performance last night
for the week. It Is thu constant desire
of tbe management to furnish such a
diversity of entertainment as will
please the public.
Th loll last night was a vory strong
one. Zoyarrd did some of ths most
sensational work on the revolving
adobe fcver seen In this city, und "The
Only Rubzort," gave nn interesting ex
hibition ol vocal powers.
Beside these thvro were Nettie
Bond, Harry W. Bloadsll, Jones and
Edwards, Alexander W Wilson, Uau.
C Manning, Miss Ida Bailly, aud
James aud Mac Haisly in tins specialties.
Faster Millinery Opsnlntr.
An exhibit of trim hat-, tasteful in de
sign. A dl-play or straw goods, Isoesjota,
Bowers, etc.. st Jlis. Laugstalf's, 108 Wyo
ming aveuue, Friday and haturday. March
!0ndl7. Call whether you intend buy
lug or not.
filuelo Box Excluaivaly.
Host made. Play any deeired number of
tunes (inutschi & Sonx., manufacturers,
1U80 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrial organs, only to and $10.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and Improved with new tunes.
PaSsT Milwaukee liock Beer on draught
and Rocksway oysters, fresh from the
shell, at John Lohmann'h,
'l'J Lackawanna aveuue.
Frjuh creamery butter at Riin-
barl a market, Lackawanna ave.
Anheussr Ilucch Bear.
Louts Lobiiiaii'a, ,o bpruce -k
"VVATCH this space for our open
ing days.
Spring Is Coming,
We are showing an ex
tensive line of beautiful
Spring Garments.
It will pay you to buy a
Fur Garment and Winter
Coat3 before they are
packed away at less than
half price at
jr. BOLZ
138 Wyoming Ave.
Tne only Practical Furrier in the city.
and still Buffer-
m nri ing from the
DLUJu (k'eP cut in
s In a few days we will 5
have the very latest
novelties in Kitchen g
I Utensils. The assort-
ment will be large; the
prices will be low.
I 5
f Henry Battin 4 Go. f
196 PENN" AVE.
u. J.
Seeds and
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
Dr. Hill Son
Set teeth. tUfh best set, 5S: for poid raps
and teeth wltbont vlates. called croxn Hnd
brides work, call for prices and refereaeee
TUNALUIA. tor eitractm,- MStll WltbOOl
pain. No ether. No gas.
128 Wyoming Ave.
All tho popular luake.i The
only Clove atnl Corset Store in
tbe rallty, We are now oprn
for I miners.
We have a larcra assort
ment of
Leave your order at
or 413 LACKA. AVE.
Our Lackawanna avenue
restaurant open until midnight.
Eureka Laundry Go.
Cor. I inden St. and Adams Ave.
Coca? Boca Bquari,
All kimls of Laundry work pnarnnteei
the iicsL.
p nn shoes
Better Than Most $4,00 Shoes You Buy
l o Seams or Tacks to Hurt ionr Feet.
All Btrlesead CMt!n In Oonsjcas or Laos.
The Beit Shoe oa Earth for the Money
Try ii Pair ind you ill VPMT no QthcT
tmmuiLin uipu.vv every boxi
Our $2 $o Shoes arc as good aa anyboda $3 00 Shoes.
S. C. Snyder, o.D.s.
iaa wyouinu ay i.
At 25c. and 50c Each.
Remarkable Vulnes. Look in Our Windows,
This week we open nn entirely nsw lino of
Indies' Spring Suits,
Coats, Capes and Jackets

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