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Ail th- News of a Dny Told in Crltp
Sitinl t6 the scranton Ti iltnnc.
Olypiiant, Ph., April If! -Mr?.
Wiliia in Kennedy nnd daughter Btleo,
of Green FII(1cp, spent Sunday with
friend in town,
El. Enaiun, of Binshnmton, spent
reaittdaj wiib biaparmti oa the Weft
F B. Ferfrnson, of Lucks wnnnn
trait, spent Sunday with friends at
A rib bald,
T. V. I'owderly, of Cnrhondalo, cir
cnlated anion 8 Iriendl in town today.
Joseph O'Brien, of Scvanton, was a
Oaitef in town yesterday.
John O'Malley, of Carbondale, was ii
visitor in town on Sunday.
Mrs Eli Iiniraksr, of Hyde Park, is
visiting her mother on LacKawanri.i
Edward K-Oley, of Dniimore, passed
Sunday with frieuds in town.
Thomas B. Jones and family, of
Green Kitlee. :ient yesterday in town
Mrs. M, Sweeny and daughter. Alio."
nnd Maine, alao Mr. and Mi . Villintu
Blnke, of Arclibald. spnnt Sunday with
J. w. Sweeny, on Lackawanna street.
Janus Knrk, of Carbondiile, whs In
town ynfterday.
C. r. O'Mnlley and Frank Beamish,
of Scranton, were callers in town yes
terday. William Harper, of the West Side, is
risitinif in New York.
Misses Anna Brown, Maggie and
Mary Carbine; visited in Scranton on
Ban DbAIXAOI causes much sickness,
and bad blood and improper notion of the
liver and kidneys is bad drainage to the
human system, which ISurdock Blood
Bitters remedy.
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lit CENTS end Knur Coupons for 5
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a Djv Compiled
Cnrrsp ndnt.
Sbeetol to the. scranton IWaniia
Abcubald, April lu Tomorrow tba
Beranton Traotton company will burin
work on tln extension to Us Hue in this
borough. Three gangs of men will be
set to work at once and the work will
be hurried to completion. Mr. Caffrey
will nave oharga of one gaiii; and John
BS, Fiynii, who w.n Injured In sireni
car c dllelOD at Jermyn about a year
ao, will have charge of the other. It
it the intention to have the road in
oomplatt operation before Juno i.
Mr, O'Ronrke who wai Appointed
postmaster early in the present
month, received l is commission yes
tarda and will at onee assume bis
duties. It ie a consolation to know
that the eic dlent service which wil
given by Mr. Ooigrove will be con
tinued by his sncoetsor who is admir
ably qualified to conduct the offlue in a
bui-inest-lik" manner.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Soiumera, of
Hill sfreitt, are mourning the loss of
their 7 year-old boy who died this
morning. The little fellow was bright
and cheerful, and was the joy of the
household lu which bo moved. The
funeral arrangements have not yet
been completed.
A B-montbe-old child of Mv. an l
Mrs John Sheridan, of Monroe street,
died today after a brief illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cawley.ol Main
street, are visiting friends in Carbon
dale. At the meeting of the Presbyterian
congregation, held on Friday evening,
Q A. Battenbery and C A. Sameon
were appointed a committee to go be-
j fore the Presbytery with the formal
i call for a naftor.
Mr Thomas ,Morril is visiting friends
i in Plttaton,
The nnditiiig committee of the ooun
i oil met on Saturday evening ami ap
proved ot the bills presented at the
; last regular meeting of the couneil.
W, H lHakie, manager of Jones,
Simpson & Co. ' store, and H. C Lin
derm.an, manager of the Rivereide
store, leave for New York tomorrow to
make spring purciiases.
At a meeting of the Knights of Fa
ther Mathew, held yesterday, Jmes
F and Milei J. MeAudr-w were elect
ed delegates to trie diocesan Totul Ab
stinence convention at Wilkes Barre
next month.
BxWAMOf KiiM'PS Be sure you get
the genuine Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. It
cures Co Ida, Croup, Asthma, Deefnen
aud Rheumatism. "
More Evid-ncs Introduced in the Os
born Voight Case.
SOfffoJ to the Scranton Trihnne.
Hcnesdalg, Pa,, April 10 The con
tested eleetiou case was called up again
at 10 o clock this morning.
William Porl retailed, produced tax
receipt dated August, 1801. but swore
positively it was paid in 1392, which
wnt corroborated by Tax Collector
13 .i ley. HOI was printed on receipt.
Patrick Coghan was away from
Honetdale part of 1803 clerking at
Rondont during canal navigati re
turned to Honesdale immediately af
terward; wss ti-mnorary occupation;
home with sister at Honesdale. Chnrlts
A. MaCarty and C. J. Browu oallad to
prove going to R audout was only tem
porarv nrr .ngeinent.
W. A Wood gave evidence to show
that absence of W. F. Weston in iSOU
was only temporary.
William Flannigan, of Carbondsle,
voted a February election. Has resided
here lince March, 1303 Produced
receipt for tax signed oy Mark Dug
gan, of Carboodale, paid in 1802 On
cross examination was considerably
mixed up.
Evidence closed except an to that
contained in th ballot box.
NamOJ conceded to be illegal by
counsel. Supposed to be for contest
ant: W, W. Ham, Joseph E. (iriftis,
Jacoh Theobald, jr .Charles L) Mahone,
Carl Sehneller, Lorenzo O Qrambe,
William J. Schiesslr, Frank Hentog
Snpp"sed to be against contestant
T. Friink Hain, Charles Leary, Freil
Bcbieaaler, George B irnei, E. F. Tor
re, 3r
Namet inbmittel to court by con
lestiint to decide legality John A
Brown, Kalann E. Bignlow, William
F. Weaton, Rod Iph W. Goester.
Nameainbmltted to court by re
spondentWilliam Pople, Ferdinand
Krnll. James J. Bracey, William Flan-
iitsan, Patrick Crognan,
Now that the testimony of witneases
la all in, it looks very much as though
the respondent, Daniel C Oiborn,
would win the case and be collector by
a very small margin.
Court adjourned election case to 10
o'clock Thursday morning when argn
inent of counsel will be heard.
The matter of opening up Upper
East street will come np in court to
morrow morning at 9 0 clock, and de
cision will undoubtedly be given
M. I, liliiir, Alderman, Stfa ward, Scran
ton, Pa., staled Nov. '., '83: Be had used
Dr. Thorhaa'ficlectiio Oil for sprains, boras.
cuts, bruises
every time
nnd rheumatism. Cured
Notes of Nswa Waftud from a
J. C
yperittl In the Srrnnton IWoWM,
JlRHTN, Ph., April 10 The
Dodge house so long an eye tore to the
r-sideDts of upper Third street, will be
sold by Sheriff Kabey on Monday, July
Tho following is the programme' for
the entertainment ta (Hlinore hall to
morrow evening in aid of the Citizens'
band :
Overture I!and
Song lolm lloggartli
Hecitntion Will DuvieB
Hong Nellie llosjgarth
Medley Hand
Song ...lolm Naizhy
Song Miss Del) row
Suetch (comic) Archio Martin, John
lloggurth and John Naizhy.
Laughing Chorus Hand
Concert will begin at 8 o'clock. R
freshmonts provided by the ladies will
lie served in lunch buaknts which can
be bought at the close of the entertain
ment. Another false alarm at 4 50 yester
day aftvrnoou called out the lira com
pany. They, after searching vainly
ruin one end of the borough to the
iih-r. returned ditgusted.
Last night being the opening night
of tho St. Aloysim fair, a large crowd
was in attendance. The booths were
nicely decorated, although many
articles promisid have not yet been
received. The door prize for tho brat
night is an oil painting presented by
Charles Mehim. Father Lynott made
iin address which Waa to the point.
Editor Thomas BoUlldy is nubliabing
an origiual story in The Press The
tirat chapter appeared Saturday. It
deals with place! aud people in this
immediate neighborhood,
An eccentric individual known na
"Antonio," was in town yesterday
talking about and Moiling bis pamphlet
on "Key to Business Prosperity."
Mrs. D. Lowell is In Hyde Park,
called there by the death of her son.
The funeral took plnoa yesterday.
Opening S o vice in a New Cliuroll Olher
No:en of Internet.
6pcctoJ fotae Seraafea IWoaae,
Fobbst City, Pa., April, hi Servloai
were conduetod In the now Preabyte
rian chinch yesterday for the first
lime, Large congregations greeted P.
B Kennedy, a graduate of Princeton,
at both the morning and evening ser
vice. Both services were excellent,
In the evening the church presented a
beautiful appearance, being light -d
with a number ot incandescent electric
George M, D, Clement, of Wexford,
Michigan, is visiting at W. 11. Hlg-
Mrs. W. G. (Hies, of Carbondale,
was visiting in this place today.
Mis Loutae Klefer, of Scranton, was
tke guest of her friend, Miss Alioe
( I regory Saturday.
Mr, and Mrs. Newton and son, of
Buffalo, N V , were guests of Mr. and
Mrs B rt C, ippen, the latter part of
last week
Mitt Paarl Weatgate, of Dntondale,
vltlteil at her homo in this borough
Pride of the Forest lodge, No. 418,
Knights of Pythias, in this place will
be represented at the Grand lodge's
Session In Carbondale tomorrow even
ing by Messrs. Thomas Watt, Richard
W. Jones, Lewis Bsvan, Richard
Llewllyn, Nathaniel Davies, Ezra
Thomas and Henry Vizzard.
George Alexander, of Wilkes Barre,
spent yesterday pleasantly with friends
in this place.
Mrt. James ,T. Walker was a visitor
in Carbondale today.
Rev David Bvani, of Kingston,
preached two interesting sermons in
the Welsh Congreg ition churc a yot
terday. V1 l"" evening u large con
gregation greeted him in tho Methodist
Episcopal church.
W. H. Leek has replaced the old
side walk in front of his place of bnsi
ness by a good, substantial one. Others
should follow liis example aud thus the
value of their property will be in
Tomorrow evening at the Methodist
Ep'scopal church the Epworth league
will hold its weekly session. At thi
session a debate will be given. The
following question will be debated,
"Resolved, that Napoleon Bonaparte
as a character was one to be admired.
Tho affirnintive side will be repre
sented by George Maxey and B?njamin
F. Matey, the negative side by W. A.
Prise, L H May and M D Evans.
Bjrt Howard, one of Forest City'a
popular young men, visited at his
home in South Gibson yesterday. Bert
did not go alone, always preferring tho
company of a fair one.
Mi Flo Allen is visiting friends in
Carbondale for a few days.
Brief Itnins of Interest Complied at the
Maple City,
Srreiol to the ScrantAn Trihnne.
Honesdale, l'a., April Hi A new
lot of innltichromes inst received at
Tin; TitihUN'E agency opposite city
A largp plate glass window in Reip's
shoe store cracked across entire face
Sunday afternoon, probably due to
eat and tight fit. It is understood
that insurance bad been taken out on
plate glass Saturday.
Miss innle Rose entertained a num
ber of young people Siturday evening
H. Scott Salmon giresa euchre partv
at his home this evening fot gentlemen.
Following is the programme as it
will be given at the Stored coucort.St.
.lohn's oburcb, Tuesday evening'
Tantum Ergo Lambillottn
ht. .Inhn a cnoir.
Baritone Solo. Ecce 1'anis Millard
William Kelhihan.
Duet, "O Salutai ia I lustra Wilgand
Mi'ss Madge ilavinon and Minnie lieilly
Trio, "Ave Marin." B, Owen
,Vii Ella Doheitv, Mrs. Hubert
Kelly and liowaid Davis.
Soprano Solo, "8a Vi ,g Host" Holden
All .Maine Kelly.
(loria in Eccelals Gounod
St. John's Choir.
Tenor Solo, "In Native Worth Handel
Howell DaTIS.
Duet, "Rook Of Ages" Dechtel
Mi- Annie Eallehan and Thomas Fin-nertv.
Soprano Solo, "Ernani" Verdi
Mia. Mia I) ilierty.
tlorin In Eccelals Millard's (I
S .lohn's Choir.
Mis. L. B, Bicbtmeyer, Organist.
Tickets for Sacred concsrt for sale at
Happurlnes f a Springtime TJay Re
ce:ded la Crltp raraernphs.
jnfcin.' In lea nVftMlfOft Trihnne.
CAitiiNii.M.r.,l'ii., April 10 On Wed
nesday evening the Ladies' Aid society
of the Baptist church will aerve their
monthly supper in the chapel. Tea
will be serv d f mm 5 to 10 o'clock ; slso
during the evening singing and recita
tions will be rnnder'd.
Howard E. Foster, of Canaan street,
will leave on Wednesday morning for
Warren, Pa., wbero ho will bo the
guest of relatives.
Mis Flora Allen, of Forest City, is
the guest of Miss Lottie Giles, ot Lin
coln avenue.
The funeral of Juanita Maxwell, who
died Saturday evening, occurred this
afternoon at !! o'clock. Interment was
made in St. Rose cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nor, of No. 4.
are mourning the death of their little
daughter. Annie, which occurred Sun
day. Funeral occurs toiuorow Tues
day, Interment in St. Rose Mtnetry,
It has been decided that the next
years' meetings of the Wyoming con
ference will be held in Cnrbnndale.
Dining the Sunday evenings' sermon
in the Metuodlat church, which was
being delivered by Rev. Dr. G. M. Col
ville, of Binghamton.tliH electric lights
went nnt.
A large congregation gathered in
tho Baptist tabernacle on S ibbath even
ing tn listen to the , repealing of tho
Easter mntic by the talented choir,
under the direction of ehorlstor U. R,
Mrs. P. G. Smith, of Laurel itreet, is
a Scranton visitor today.
Louis Bunnell, of Scranton, called on
Carbondale friends tbia alternoon.
The celebration of the tenth R&ntvar
sary of the organisation of Loyal
Knights of America will occur tomor
row (Tuesday) evening in the W. W
Watt building.
Among the social events of tomor
row ( Tuesday) evening will be the ball
of the Columbus band in Keystone
A dim aiftertaioment under the
auspices of the L idies auxiliary or tUe
ling Men's OuslStiaO association was
neld tnis evening in Aesosialion nail.
Mrs. Skinner, of Port Jervis, ie the
guest of bur brother, Fred timer, of
Church street.
A. W. Oorbln snout Sunday in H.iin-
bridge, N, Y. Ht the gueat of his par
I.iUht Littlo L.'Oula in an the Lind ot
Iiuddnifr Arbutue.
Svecmt to the tsofOMtoH IWftaaa
Moosic, l'a,. Atiril 10 Robertson &
Law are sinking a new slopu to Hn b
foot vin of coal.
William Jjunings returned home
after a brief vinit at Camden. N. J.
Mrs. Lewis Fritt -rer, an old and re
spected citizen, died at ber home on
Main street Sunday evening, after a
short illness of pneumonia.
nabliath morning liev, Wilcox, ol
Lehman, occupied the pulpit at tht
Bru le church, Rev, Cromptou preached
in the evening.
lh memliers of the Woman 8 iJhris-
tiau Temperanoa union wisu to return
Itevt. luce and Linderinmli a vote ot
tliauKs for th a excellent sermon,
preached at their reipieat.
lhe ljdi(it' Aid society in connec
tion with the Draketowu Methodist
Episcopal chinch will give a tea Wed
nesday evening.
Miss tiary ( oolbailgh and John
Buroslde will be married April SS,
The MUnet Mabel and Lulls Hutch-
lugs and Mits Manon Greene, of Main
slieet, apeut Sunday in Jermyn.
Misses Matti Hinds, Grace Eltell
aud Alice Price spent Sunday with Miss
Jaiinie Alexander, ot Scranton.
Miss Maud Edsell, of Forty Fort,
spent Sunday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. M. H Edsell, of Miuooka
Elmer Jackson and Miss Malinda
Cole, of Duumore, spent Sunday at the
home of Miss Maggie Parfrey, of Rail
road street.
Rev Mr and Mrs. L. A. Lindemuth
left .Monday for Tunkbannock to attend
Die prtsbytery being held at that
Mist Dnrkie Greene, of Main street,
spent Sunday with the Mistea Mary
and Edith Van Busltlrk, of Taylor.
Mrs. Horace French, of Main street,
is dangerously ill with the miltnpB,
A Breezy Batch of Live Items from a
Rmtllng Reporter.
Siirriul 'o the Scranton Trihnne.
Hallstbad, Pa., April 10. Some
boys from this place camo near being
seriously dealt with by Crampj a few
days ago. Ibey called the tramps
Ooxey'a army when the Utter gave
chase. By the good use of their legs
the boys escaped. There are some
things that even n tramp cannot stand.
Mrs. E. E. Tuttle was in Scranton
on Saturday.
Married on Saturday evening at 8
o'clock by Rev. Father Dunn, Edward
Boyle, of New Milford, to Margaret
Coddington, of this place.
The teacher's meeting will be held
at the residence of Rufus Smith on
Pine street on Friday evening
Hiram T. Law, of Lawsvillo, eon of
one of the pioneers of this county, died
at hit late residence in that place on
Saturday evening of erytipelat. The
funeral was held at bia late residence
this altornoon at 2 o'clock.
Jennie Dean, of New Milford, ia in
Mrs. John Tyler waa in Scranton on
Arthur Wiley, of Binghamton, spent
Sunday with bis mother in this plaee.
The Women's Christian Temperance
union will meet at the home of Millard
Decker on Thursday afternoon at 3
Miss J. Lassley spent Sunday in
L. G. Simmons is in Montrose on
The cottage meeting will be held at
the residence of Charles Rooney on
Daylon avenue on Friday evening.
Rev. L. W. Church ia attending the
presbytery at Tunkliannock this week.
Specimen Cases.
S. H. Clifford, New Cassel, Wis., was
troubled with neuralgia aud rheumatism,
his stomach was disordered, his liver was
affected to an alarming degree, appetite
fell away, and he was terribly reduced in
Ilcsh and strength. Three buttles of Elec
tric Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, 111., had
a running tore ou his log of eight years'
Standing, Used three bottles of Electric
bitters aud seven boxes of Buck leu's
A mica Salve and' his leg is sound and
Well. John Speaker, Catawba, O., had
ttve largo fever sores ou his leg, doctors
said be was incurable. Ono bottle Electric
Bitters nnd one box Bucklen'a Arnica
Salve cured him entirely. Sold by Mat
thews Bros.
Tho GI'AUINE New Haven
Mathushek" Pianos
Now York Wardrooms No, 80
Fifth Avenue.
E, C, KICK ER & CO.,
Sole dealers in this section.
OFFICK-ia Adams Ave , Telephone BTd'g
We have the hand
somest line of Parlor
and Drawing Room
ever shown in this
state and we would
like you to see it.
Hill &
Washington Ave.
Jaincx J.Welnh
C'rolglitoii, l'a.
After Typhoid
and Malaria
Hood's Sareaparilla Purified anr
Built Up tho System.
"0, I. lliiinl Pi CO,, Lowell, Mass.:
"(li ntlenieii Two years uo I was taker
with a very severe illness, beginning with ery
sipelas, and then had lyiihniil and malaria fever
after I got up anil out of bed I thought 1 wai
Cured, but was mistaken. In a short time a
humor broke out n my face, at Prat oauiiog the
skin to in rough and (toby and gradually devoi
uplng into Sores, Which spread until
My Head Was Covered
a-I tli them, No one can imagine how 1 suffered
with the great itching and burning. Prescrip
tions had no effect, A friend advised lae to take
Hood's BatSaparllla, so 1 concluded to try a hot
tie, and I soon found a great change in my con
illtlon. Tin- lores began to disappear and I was
loon entirely cured. My general health has Im
proved and 1 feel like B new man altogether. I
slecn well at in,: hi ami have no traceofthat Itch
ing anil burning sensation." JAMBS J. Welsh,
i icigiiuin, reiuisyivaiiia.
Hood's Pills eure all Liver Ills. lllliousncsT
Jaundice, Indigestion, BlOk Headache. BO,
Dr. ED. Grewer
The Philadelphia Specialist,
And brn mandated tad of Encllsh and Ger
man I'lijBicittiie.are now permanently located
Temple Court Building
Where llwy may bo consulted DAILY AND
The Doctor tn n graoV.ate ot the Tnlvoraity
Of lennitylvania, formerly demonstrator ot
physiology and euraerj at tho Medico-CJdr-nrgical
Coll..Be, of Philadelphia. He Is alao
an honorary u-cmber of the Medico-C'hirur-gical
Aesociatlon, and waa physician aud
mrgcon in chiuf of ths moet noted American
nil tn rman hospitals, comes highly Indorsed
by tne loading- professors of Philadelphia and
New ork.
His many years of hosoltal experlenoe
Woe thla eminent physician and surgeon to
correctly diagnose and treat all deformitiea
and dispsses with tho most flattering success,
and his hluh standing in tho statu will not
allay hbn to accept any Incurnble case
II yon have noon civei up oy your physl
rian call upon the doctor and bo examined.
Ho cures the worst casesof Nervous Debility,
Scrofula. Old Boros. ( atarrh. Piles, Female
Weakness, Affections of the Ear, Eye, Nose
and Throat, Asthma, Deafness. Tumors, Can
cel s and Criiailee of every description. Con
sultation in English hud German Ere which
th.-i II ho con eiderud sacred and Btrlctly coufl
dential. (Initio Hoani DAJl. to 9 P.M. Dally.
Sunday, il K.m. tn 2 p in.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Statement Feb '48, 1S04. called for by
the Comptroller f tlm Currency.
loans i,sin,.t4nnn
Overdrafts 1147.37
United States llomls 80,000.00
Other llmiils 8i:t,S78. 7.1
Itanhlng Bonae :i in
rreniiunis mi l. S. llnnils..., 043 7ft
Hue friun U. S li c usuror 7,600.00
Hue Iruiu Hunks si... - :
Cash i 1 1 . i I o . i
1,1 A It 1 1. 1TI ICS.
Capital s.'ooooo oo
Sorplni i240.oon oo
UliillTlded I'ronts ftd 1811 oe
Clrriilnllon 7'2.000.00
Hlvlilends Cnpalil 884 M
Depoalta,' l,RC4,(ifio 4
Duo to Hanks 00,860.50
'409,080. I0
WII.MAM CONNKt.f, rrcsldent
tilio. li. i ati.in, Vice-Pretl den i
WILLIAU II. I li K, Cashier.
William Connell, Georse n. Catiin.
Alfred Hand. ,lnnies Arclibald, Henry
I' no. Jr., Willi. in T. Smith, Lutlior
This bnnk offers to daneSltOtS every
fitrltlly watratttedl by thrlr biilniices, busi
ness and respiuislbillty.
hi.clitl attrntliin given tn business ao-
couuts. Intereat paluon Umedepoatas,
9e I
9i :
rBaiiiBageisiiiasBxeieiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaCjiiieaigBSBciiiisBi iiiiiiiiieiG9i8isBiyip
I i " r-- 1 5
EverythingFOR Everybody
The Fair
400402 Lacka. Ave.
"Always the Cheapest"
Dry Goods, Ladies' and
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Notions, Fancy Goods,
Infants' Wear, Cloaks,
Curtains, Hoys' Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, etc.
Commencing Monday, April 16,
we will place on sale Special Bar
gains in Every Department.
All New Goods
That we aro headquarters for everything In
the line of tVATCMTt. If you hnve any Idea
of purehaslnir any kind or a Watch, lady's or
gent's. Hold or Silver, you will make a tfrlev
ous mistake it you do not giro us a rail and
get our prices, arnica yoU will find far below
all otnors, oeporiallv In all the litli (trades of
KIkIii, Waltham and Hampden movements
If you have ny doubts and are at nil posted
on prices (rl us a call aud wo will have no
troublo in convincing you. We still havoa large
stock to dlspo-o of, and will offer you won
derlul Inducements In Jewelry, Silverware,
Clocks and all othor goods which wo have In
C. W. Freeman
Penn Ave. and Spruce St.
$1.40 EACH.
The greatest bargain in the market. A few of the
Brass (Onyx Top) Tables left at $6.00.
406 and 408 Lackawanna Ave.
Just to Give ik Editors a Chance
ADE TAILED price list of our im
mense stock of Kurniture, Car
pets, Baby Carriages, Refriger
ators, Mattings, Stoves, Crockery,
&C, would crowd every thinq; out of
this paper.
And we have too much respect for
editorials to do anything like that;
besides, of what use when all can be
told in a single line.
The Lowest Prices in N. E.
Cash or Credit
With every purchase of $50 or over
we present an American Onyx Fin
ished Cathedral Strike Clock.
With $75 or over, a 100-piece Din-
ner set

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