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r b isw .
.V' fl'M rx A I i r n
(Vhilo Undo Ben was slowly progress
ing along th" frozen and slippery high
way, and when be had reached a point
about thne miles from Rest Haven, ho
suddenly encountered about a dozen
men, most of whom were mounted.
1 All but one were in citizens,' dress, and
be in first supposed them to lio farmers.
They rushed upon the old man with a
shout, and pistols, and knives were nour
ished before his faee as tbo gang cried
" Hang him up!"
''Slice off bis ears'."
"Build a luo and roast him if ho lies
to us!"
'To' do Lawd, gem'len, but what's
do luatbrV" asked the old man as soon
us be could get in a word.
" We want them two Yankees!" shout
ed three or four men in chorus,
"W-what Yankees? 1 nebber dun
seen a Yankee .-. nee dat big army went
by de house on bon'baek!"
"V lie. yp' old black faced devil!"
said the leader as be gel oS his horso
and seized Uncle lien by tho collar.
"Now. then, tell ni where tbey are hid
ing! Don't pretend to us tbjtt yo' have
not seen 'em, lor we know better! Out
with it now, or yo' won't live two min
utes!" "What yo' u in?" a ked the old
man. who was badly npsetorei the tad
deu attack.
"We mean jurd 1 1 1 i : We've lie, n fol
lowing two Yankee spies along the
mountain m arly all day, One uf them
was wounded about an hour. ago. They
were beadi l tbii way, and yo1 nut
have u,, t them and know win re they
now are. Did they sind yo' for a doe
tor':" "Nel l er. tah, nebber! 1 tola yo' de
bfi of, nebber lid meet up wid nobody
Knee 1 itarted from de bouse!"
"From what houae?"
"Oat house back dar which b'longi
to Miasm Percy. Mebbo yo' knowed de
Percys ol Winchester?"
"The Percys, eh? Aro you a Percy
" Yt s. tab, an de only one dat's left."
"And where were you going?"
"Down to Harrisonburg, fan, to git
news 'bout dat battle dey forA dar de
odd rday. I hain't seed a single pas
ton on de road, an if yo' was to kill me
1 dnn couldn't tell yo' a tiffin 'bout no
Yank j!"
They had looked npon it as just a
chance that Dncle B n bad i do unto i
the men they wi re afti i. and tie ir i.:
orons measures were Intended to fright
en the information out of him. While
h" was tr ml ling and afraid, his t nea
satisfle 1 the crowd that be was telling
the troth. It wouldn't do to let him
down too easily, however. Tho negroes
f the country were breaking over all
rubs and regulations and traveling
ah ut at night to confer with each other
and plan escapes to the Federal camps.
"Now. tin a," said the leadi r of the
band, "yo' have had a powerful close
call, and yo1 want to remember it! Nig
gers have no bosiness away from home
after dark. Yo' were probably going
to Hani-onburg to give yo'aelt up to
the Yankees, but wo'll spoil that little
game! This w ill do yo' a beapi f ' odi"
And thereupon, holding Uncle l!'-n
with bis left band by a htm grip on Ins
collar, he nsi d a rawbide over the old
man's buck and legs with his right and
administered the' Brat whipping of Ins
life. Whi : ills arm had grown weary,
he stopped and s.iiil :
"Now, yo' make a beeline for borne
and don't stop to Test on the way I It any
other ptowhng niggers ask yo' about
that battle at Harrisonburg. Jo' ? II
him yo' was In it and got licked I (
As the old man h aded for Real I
veil the gang of men rode in the' othi r
direction. He stepped out at a lively
pace until hidden by the darkness and
then stopped and tamed to shake Ins
fist and whisper:
"White man, I'zeonlya poreole nig
ger, but somebody has got to bleed fur
dial Nobody ebber put a whip on Uncle
Ben befo" sencebewaa a pickaninny, an
I'll kill yo' fur dat as shoro as I ebber
git do chance!"
He at first tin nght of resuming his
journey toward Harrisonburg, bnt a mo
ment's reft ctlon convinced him that if
he fell luto the hands of the Same party
again his life would be in peril. He re
alized bow much disappointed Marian
Would be, but he would return and re
port and perhaps make a new start. Ho
liiel Covered tWQmiltSof tbo backtrack
when at a turn in tho road a man step
ped out from the ro 'ks nt his b it and
ordered him to halt and added)
"Who are yo'?"
"Uncle Hen Percy."
"What, in that yo,' Uncle Ren?"
"Kur shore, hut I hain't dun met up
wid no Yankeo spies, j. . s as 1 told yo'
"Undo Ben, don't yo' an know me?"
asked the man aa he came nearer. "I've
talked with yo' many a time in Win
chester befo' tho war. I'm Stove Dray
ton." "To' de Lawd! Yes, I 'member yo'r
voice! I dunreokoned yo' was some mo'
of dat crowd what was gwino tor kill
"Hev yo' met up with anybody':"
"Do Lawd forgive me, but I hast
Back dur 'bout two miles a gang o'
white men stopped mo an war gwine to
ahutu mo dead an cut myfroatl Hey
laid I had sawn somo Yankee spies, an
bekaso I dun hadn't seen nobody 'tall
dey giv me demons' powerful lickiu on
" Yankee Hpies ?" queried Steve. "Ah,
I Understand! And aro yo' with the
Percy fnm'ly, Uncle Ben?"
"Fur shoro."
"Do they uns live nigh ycro?"
" 'Bont a mile away, sah."
"And whar war yo' goin when yo'
met up with that crowd?"
"I'd dun started fur Harrisonburg to
git news 'bout dat big battle. Dat
Uap'an Wylo he was long yen today an
told Miss Sunshino dut Mars Kenton
was killed obor darl"
v . . . w a
r . J I ot v a i A A 111 Till T
"He did?"
"Yes, sub, an den Miss Sunshine cum
out to inn wid her faee as white as snow
I an tears in her eyes an a big lump in
her treat, an when I seed how powerful
' she felt I dun said 1 would go an find
out dat Mars Kenton was all right."
"See yere, Uncle Bon. I'va got sun
I thin to tell yo'!"said Drayton at he
drew him out of tho road. "Mars Sen
j ton is up yere among tho rocks and
hresh I"
" Po' de Lawd!"
"That gang was after tho two of us,
though wo aro not Yankee spies. Mars
Kenton was badly wounded jest befo'
dark, and I had to cairy he an on my
back fur a couple of miles. Uncle Ben,
yo' most go to the house and git blanket-;
and bandages and SUnthin fur US
to eat. Yo' must also bring that gal
yere, but not tonight. Tomorrer will
iio far her, but we must hev the other
things tonight."
"For do lav of heabeOi but how yo'
do talk!" gasped tie' old man. "Dan
Man Kenton be wasn't killed at Har
risonburg?" "No."
"And he dun got shot tryin to git
ober vera today ?"
"Yea, Is Ike Baxter's wife at the
' hulls,'.-"
"Her am, an she dun jest hates Mars
Ki titoti."
" Then yo' mast lie keerful. Try and
see the gal alone. Tell her she must
send tin things tonight, but not tooome
bi I - It till tomom r. " now as fast as
yo' kin. I'll be waitin fur yo' right
yere on this -spot. Hold on a mlnit. Hev
yo' go! a gun at tho house?"
"Yes, a donble oar'l'd shotgun."
"Then bring it back with yo', and
powdi r and -hot and car-. If we hev a
font y. re, it will be at clue range, and
buckshot will be batter 'n bullets."
"Fo' de Lawd!" muttered the old
man as he set off at his bt -t puce. " Hat
Uap'an Wylo h i lie to Miss Sunshine,
lien Miss Sunslniiu wants me to go to
Hairisonburg. IVuI meet up wid some
gorillas an gitswitcla d till 1 smart like
p' pper, Deu 1 Start fur home an meet
dat Steve liraytuii an find out dat Mars
Kenton hain't dead but bnrtsd, an do
Lawd only knows wiiat's gwine to hap
pen tomom ; I"
The invalid mother had fallen into a
light sleep, and Marian sat thinking.
She and -Mrs. Baxter had taken turns ut
watching with the sick, and this was
beT night, while the other had gone to
. the hi Ip's quart en. Uncle Ilea need
ii"t h ive 1 a i auti -led .o ".! Mr-. Hal
ter, as he fi It that he thoroughly under
st',"'l her disposition. Be turned 08 the
road to approach the house fioni another
direction, and so softly did he draw
. near that the firct warning Man. in had
of hi- pr-r-uio- was a tap; ing on the
window pal,-. II- pressed his old flack
The fin' irntstg tfai las had of Ms jrrs-
mi iuu ,1 til rjolao an tlif ii ifoioL"
Caceagainat tbe glass thai she might
know who was there, and a moment
later cL stood ontsido the dour with a
ibaw thrown nver her bead.
"Too are back, dncle Ben wbat's
the matt' r .-" she ;t .ki d.
"Heaps do tnattab, Mlfs Sunshine,
Ii' ana, I dun met up Wid mo' dan fo'tj
buaheis o' trobblel I'at news fur yo'i"
"YoU yon met pome one who told
yon nboiit Mr. Kenton?"
"Kur shore! Dat Cap'an Wyle lie to
yo'l Wars Kenton he dun git away
arler dat battle, 'long wid Steve iiruy
ton." "Thank (Jod!" she whispered as shi
raisui ber clasped bands to the bright
st;i iu the winter sky.
"Hut dar's trubble, Miss Sunshine
beapi o' trubble! Dey was tryin to git
ober yen when some gorillas reckoned
dey w as Yankee Hpies an dun shotted
nfan Kenton. He hain't dead, but he's
bad hurt, an lie's lyln in the hresh an
rocks down ysre'boat a mile. 1 met
dat Steve Bra ton, an be dun tole uie
all 'bout it."
" l" ,il K :it,,n wounded badly hurt
and lying in the brush this Winter's
night I" moaned Marian as shu grasped
Uncle Ben by the arm.
"Hist dur!" ha cautioned. "We
mustn't woke up do missus or dat Bax
ter woman. Now, den, yo' bo brave.
Vo'h got to be! Steve Drayton ho dun
laid 1 wna to bring back hlunkets an
bandages an sunthin to eat. We mind
step around mighty softly an pick 'am
"And I will go back with you! God
grunt that his Ufa may be spared!"
"Hush, chile! Yo' can't go wid mo
tonight, but tomorrer. Dat's what Steve
Drayton dun said. When I git back
dar, I'll seo Mara Kenton wid my own
eyes, nn I'll tell him all 'bout yo, an
I'll stay right dar all night nn nuts
"Oh, Undo Den, but I feol that 1
must go to him"
"Hush! Yo' jes.s git nil dem lings
what I spoko of packed up fur mo as
quick aa yo' kin an let me go back! If
yo' want dem gorillas to finish Mars
Kenton, yo' ji st mako fuss bo dat
Mrs. Ikutcr will open dem tig ears o'
hern an lind out do news!"
to be coN'mcm
!'i .?,r
. ... -. .
1 A
A Treaty Nihilist Venetian Cloth CeatBoa
ivo With Hussar llrid li iuimlug.
Braiding has decidedly "come in" again
this season. Both the wide and narrow va
rleties of braid are u.-cd, the formerin plain
or waved bands, the latti r in eloscand com
plicated patterns. It is a particularly suit
able decoration fur close titling street gown.
o lightweight wool, aud to wouien who
like the tight, tailor made styles and vet
consider the usual rows of ornamental
stitching too plain and commonplace line
braiding commands itself a an ideal trim
ining, since il does not at all interfere with
the close, severe lines of such OOStUmSS anil
yet gives an effect of richness and elahora
tion. Braid also stands dafflOOSSS and hard
usage patiently, and is therefore a BUM! Sp
propria!? d curat ion for seaside and imuin
tain gowns iu tweeds and other fine quail-
lies of mixed goods that, although expen
Sivs as to first cost, repay the outlay by
wearing forever, comparatively FpruMug.
America may fairly pride herself on hci
cotton fabrics, and her silks are by some
judges considered almost equal to French
goods, but ihe doSS &0t yet turn out such
firm, c'.ose woven, thoroughgoing twetils
and cheviots aa Great Britain. Todobei
justice, there is far K-.-s demand for them
here than there, as this climate is so much
clearer and drier. She produces what the
general public demandii There is, how
ever, a certain satisfaction in the possession
of a (.-nod Kugllah serge or Scotch tweed
gown that ne other costume can impart
It looks equally wall in (air weather and
foul. It la unattested by ram, nisi or nod.
It wasbSS like eOliOO and wears like iron
1 anil will UWl ante thethlrd and fourth gen
station. It Is always to be depended upon,
makes an ideal traveling gown and us its
Own particular place in every well dressed
woman's wardrobe,
As an example of severe braiding, a
sketch is given of the coat liodicc of the
traveling costume o( a recent English bride
The material j nihilist Venetian cloth, ami
the hussar braiding is iu black.
Close braldmit designs are se.-n on silk
goisls traced in silk cord. The cord Is
sometime in varying shades ami is cnr.ch
ed with bends er - mving an ex
tremely rlnUinite elliet particularly suit
able lor wraps intended for ceremonious
occasions. Silk COTfled patterts are also
Used s a garniture on tine wool costumes.
Jcoic Cnou ut.
Uim Itanii j Wee ills SM4e.
IpSnklasj I I Mr S- mltw's omrtslilis,
Mrs. Tennat;t, Mr. Slauiey's mother in
law, said. "Hern v wisji a long tune ba
ton he won. I did not nirr my eonsent at
once. When he came to me and pleads I
for Dnlly's hand I seidl
"'No. ll-ury. IVilly mail that I have left
and 1 cannot, shall not, part with her The
liothcr-in law in England plna a lunely
part. She is not wrh-oane to her danghtr r's
loiifcehoM. In r rlatta most Is- few and
iuief. Yhev hive taki :i in;, . liar ihui.di
Urawar - I cannot pari with iik'
"Henry pleaded long and eloquently; el
; time he won Id alaaoal weep The tr
would fill hit rye and he would choke
w ith emotion.
"Oue Is bs SSidl 'I am all alone in the
world, have neither father ur mother,
brother :.'.r i star; I n perishing of lone
bness. i know nothing of, and ears less,
for the customs of th" oeuntrT, I waol
: your daughter to bs say wits Olvs bet to
I me, and do rou si the same tins bseaass
' my moth'-r, father, broUnr, sister and
" 'HsniTt1 'ays I, 'do you mean itf
"'I'l'i,' he answsrod Qnaily, and I saw
determtnat.o.'i ilHhm free, me -an.' e :?
I leforv which the ferocious berliarians of
I'jiji had i oaiie I. and order Sfhieh the
hostile hordes of Inhofpitabie Njamln had
mi-lied away hhr mihtM of tlii momliiu'.
" "She i- ; OUtl I riMl.aud then I added,
'and ao am I.' Now that," ootsUaued tbs
! proud mother In law, "is, in br.ef. the
' .sto'y of Ins wooing I i.m In. a- msep.irs
bly and IndlSSolubtl Doll;, bt, I shall
never leave him. I regard bin as one of
the noblest and n ; . men oa sarth,
and iutea 00 Otbef Btttbitioa tlmn to aid
luni with the benefit of nycontuel and
' tieriencc. Knowing this, heisetiirtiivparj
gon of afToi liou am! Meutle.K-As, and 1 an
certain tha' uo woman it h ist, no En
I glisb woman -aver bad a mors tractable or
more obedient sou. "Chicago News.
Divination in Mongolia.
Ho w.'l a native of eastern fibst, sad
was known ,. the Uib jyalee-ie. lie
passed his time In prayer, thus warding
ou all calanntie- from the country, tie'
'people and their flocks ami h.-rd- I . -chilly
was his wonderful foreknow hslu" f
use to all then who wen- abonl to start ou
journeys or 1. 1 undertake pel Huns sxpsdi-
lions, for h" COSM foretell ull that waa to
, befall thesi.
Taking lew ret snta, an i aeeoupanied
! by the uvti .Vine us who had oflcred nie
their iervices, I weal to the tivguu's tent,
and having given Mu a Inng blur siik
scarf, calleu a lata -the Indiapenaabls ao
oompanlmeal of any present or request
i together with the other presents, which
Comprised a errvcx and concave looking
glass, a razor and a piece of soap. I bsggsd
that he would dei:;n to disclose to in,' tlui
fate of my expedition should I beebls to
! cross the terrible Dn Oh'U ami eastx-ru
'1 ils t, or should I ho obliged to rctraeu my
steps and fnil in my attempt?
He t...".'.; up from beside him a little gold
I box in which wars dice, held It up to his
I forehead while he nattered n prayer,
J opened it, mid looked at the dire. Then lis
took u. laiuk, and turning over the leave
till he reached ono who " number cone
I sponded with thai turned up on the dies
I h conned It fori while, end then deli vend
himself ol tun reiuarKant" prophesy:
"You want to go through Ch'amdo?
Well, Is'tweeu this place aud the Din eh'u
yon will perhaps have trouble and fail in
with brigands, or perhaps you will not.
Aa to the Lire ch'u, it is a terrible stream
to cross, and you may cross It or you may
not. Dut as to traversing all eastern Tibet
and reaching Jyagar (luditil or isttOh'uai
X cannot tell; It is beyond my ken. Ho
careful, be carefnl." W. WoodVille llock
hill in Century.
Must of the jestt which have hoen cur
reiit in BOKlaod for cetituriea pre known
also thrniifthoiit Kurope. .StmlentK of folk
lore nsstirc us that to a far greater extent
than is Roncrally understood t bSJBS jcsla are
of Asiatic origin, many of them having
OOme from as far cast aa China and Jupan.
Some of i ! ien i are thousand of years old,
una who luado thuin first is a question that
can never bo answered.
.-. ....... mM IS O&LUm To tue
Giest L.guth Itemedy,
Gray s Speciflc Hediciae
IF YOU SUFFER from j;r-
M.-!:.WS rJTJ! Tits.
Wllty. Weakness of Body and Mind, Sperms
tun Dsn, ana linpoteie-y. anil ull diseases that
erlai.- from vcr-indiitEtfaco nd self -abase, ss
Ijosb of atemorr and Power, Dtmasss f Vis
ion, iToniature Old Kf and maiiy other dis
eases tliat lead 10 Insanity or Consnmptlon
sod nn early craeu. w rite lor a pamphlet.
Addr.-n. illUV MI-'DICINE CI).. Buffalo.
N. Y. Tho Hjiecltlc Medicine is sold by all
arUSjeMs at S per package, or six packages
for 5,or tent bymi.il I n receipt of money. and
Wltll every tfoo order WE GUARA'.'TEF
a euro er money ivu.;m ''1 '
Ut On aeismut ef counterfeits WS buv
adopted Be Yellow Wrapper, tbe only Kuau
tue. rold iu Scrauton bv Matthews Hrj
On 0.
Burdock Biood Bitters
1 a purely vegetable compound, possessing'
perfect lepulatiuR power ovar sUiheot
gaas of tbe aratan, and cuntroi'ing their1
secretions, It ulno puntl'js the blood tu
All blood humors aud diseases, from a com
mon pimple to the worst scrofulous sorev
aud this combiaeu with its nnrlvallsd re
BOlatlng, cleausiug and puntvm tnflu1
ence ou the sseretioni of the livor,klduys'
bowels and sktu, reuJ-r it unequalled ai s
euro for all diseases of the
from one to two bottles will curs bolls,
pirn las, blotches nettle rash, "crnf, tetter,
and all the simple forun of skin disease'.
1 roni two to four bottles will cur salt I
Ileum or eczema, slunglM, erysipelas, u!
vers, bseefces, runiiiiif sores, and all skla' ,
eruptions, It is uoliceable that sutlerert
limn skiu
Are nearly always aggravated by intolsr
ltchlug, but this quickly subsides on the
removal of the di.-a,'. by Ii 11.11. Pan.
ing ou to graver yet prevalent diseases,'
such as scrofulous Mv-lllugs, huuaors aud
We have nndoub'.ed proof that from three
to six bottles used islernally end bv out
wid spplloation dilated if theskin is
broker '.o the affected parts will effect
'Ore The eiest mls:cn at H 11 H u to
regulate the liver, kruueys, bowels aa!
I d, to correct ai Idrty and wroug actioa
nn e'luiiii, aim ui open me sluree
eays of tbesystem to carry off all clogged
and impure secretions, allowing nature
thus to aid recovery aad remove without
Bad Biood
Liver conplalnt, I i.iuosness. dyspepsia,
sick bsadsone, dropsy, ibuintiui, and
tv rjrsps Irs of disease arldng from dls
nrdertd liver, kldoeya stomach, biwela
sdl a ws gjrule every bottle of
. u. -mm a snv jwron De a;, tills
r.i.l s tr r.i.,(; tue Ant b ,?tle, we will re
fjr.d it-., money on application nersonaliy
r. We w.li all., b atad t ead
" ;s:s sad i. fetmalioa proving the
; ' ' I' l. lb i'. sbove named di
tsse, n api'luuil .n M
City Music Store,
tomxa AVn tauAMtvk
I" ' e ". HHi THEM
hHAMl II A It '.
hi 1 1.1. .t n , i I. it
Ik iff Mooft (4 flrat l ggJ
mipIC, ut;, i.iu
Rooms 1 and 1 Commonwealth Bill
M HAM l "V PA,
i.ane a: Hi,- UOOSIO mi l Kt'11
Lsffllo iV: Utui'l Powdof Co.'s
I-.ie. trie l ntteiie I ;.i (or e'l 1 1
ing blasts Hafetl uA and
RcpauooChcmkal Co. 's High Explosives
liUTKB BHOB CO., toe'n. t aplial, SlJllin.flOO.
BEST Oil. ao alloi'1 I N THE WOM.n.
"A itnUiir iiiyi( dollar tarntd." ,
This Ladle' Solid freoeh iimicoin KM nut
ton Hoot delivered fioo nnywh.-re tn lbs D.S.,on
l't el'l uf 'nsn. Ment-y (Irdr,
r romjii r,oin ror fi..vi.
nusls every way tho b,Mi
Id In nil retail stores for
Wo BtSkS this boot
rwlves, therefore wn guar
tin thojT.', ttylA and vrirt
a If unyeiio Is not rauafli'd
o will refund tho inoiirv
orsiMidsiiothcrpslr. Operii
ii hnim,
I, k KK.
iiil li:i 1
tit IO II.
logue FREE
Dexter Shoe KWSi&
A Handsome Complexion
In nno of tbe nrc.it est charms a woman can
possess PosaoNi'i Complexion l'ownua
gives It.
W. I
. s
Hsir ilSSJBpg.s--
contains four incomparable paintings by the world-famous
Medairy, which surpass all of his previous efforts for faithful
ness to nature and unparalleled beauty.
They comprise every phase of Nature's changes, as de
Undated in the four seasons, and will prove a revelation to
most persons, of her peculiar moods. Lowell has well said:
"Our seasons have no fixed returns;
ithout our will they come and go;
At noon our sudden summer burns,
Ere sunset all is snow. '
The Ottman Lithographing Company in reproducing these
paintings from the originals, has achieved a marked success,
and produced lour pictures that will easily hold first place in
either home or studio, not only for their artistic merit- but as
line examples of the work of this renowned artist.
Thi-; delightful picture h one of Medairy' a four water colors, "The Seasons," which
arc all found in portfolio No. 2 of this Series.
"Spring" is a bright-colored work of singular merit. The drooping apple trees,
burdened with their pink and white bloom, contrast effectively with the rich green back
ground of trees and the llag-fringed pool in front.
The light and shades are superlative, and the whole effect is wondrously pleasing
as a picture, or when critically considered as a study.
OF1 ...
Art Students'
Series of
I Scranton Tribune, Scranton, Pa., April 24, 1894.
I Send this coupon,
5 si S A
111 cash, and get tour 01 the marvelous
1 Multi.hrome Art Gems by far the
i ereatest offer of all. Mail orders 2c, extra.
with 10 cents
M - Si 4

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