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Spring and Early
Summer Goods
Fi I Our Different Departments
Quick Sales and
Ready Purchasers
Mnrk tin yir larssi of our bmiMM.
It. inoft' ii theqnry, How is it po-sililt-
to di ll lit) qnaillitiea v buy?
Toe answer is, Tis vry mat at
tlio Valnes we iTD 'it the prices we
We bats made early purchases in the
market of til 1 t lie Latest Nowelticr.
ndvtaplc Goods included in eaob
di'iwi tuiDt of 1 if v Groods. We
nave Hi" ohplce productions of our
American taanafaoiurera ami tint
novelties oT our foreign council
lors, TImh season is do different from any
other, at lenit in t hit one respect
that the price always direct tli
extent of I he purchases end your
money will go fart hct with US and
buy better goods than ever
offered in this place.
0 Are const antly ip
: i: in.; We keep
j fully abreaat o(
ihe times, display
Now Ideas
in Ladies'
lnl every taeJiinn
and design as fnst
as they are placed
upon i!:e market,
ur only a few dare
French p-itln
ilbi-ad of us o.ilv
the leiiK'h of tune
it take f...- the mvl
cross Hi water Few
American Nouses can
keep step with the pace
wry are retting! We
kei p them scrambling
t I tolloW inr lead.
W' Shaw
0:ii3 Brest
Vi u's
Coup cd vtilh
How the beautiful display charms
i e i li"s Pretty Flowers, l!rn;lit
Ribbons, Gay Feathers, Dainty
Ornaments tbaae all couiiine to
imike tbia the loveliest Millinery
idsplsy th it ev r (jraced any store.
London Novel lee, Paris Creations
and tbe ilarliest Domeatic Art.
New things,
ulir Things,
Thinua that
witb u.
Btvlish things Pop
Exclusive things
can be only found
Ea. vtst
rf Livo Nff rrrcp'Iel bv no
etertatnlng Writer.
Ftvrtnl f. t'n Scroalea rvOaas
Oltpiiant. Pa . April ::i J .1.
Williamson, ol Wilk s-Bsrre, was a
caller lii town today,
Dr D. w. Jones, ol Baltimore, Md.,
is in town on a visit.
The funeral of Bartholaoww Lslly
tiis held v.sterdsv morninc from bis
lute re'ilpiic- on Lackawanna streei
nd was very largely attended, A
solemn hitth mass of requiem wis
celebrated in St. Patrick's chuic'.i by
Kev J M Bn ulter. The pall tiareis
w-re: Patrick Lvelie. qf Bcrantoni
Ptrb k Orsdv, of Avoea; Anthom
Corcoran, ofOlypbant; Michael Lally,
of Arcubold; ' John O'Mallcy, of
Olyptiint, nnl Michael G innou. of
Miss Jnnie Feru-o:i wis a vi -it-.r
st Bcranton today.
v J. Bonan and family, ofSeraaton,
nttended tiie fnui.rsl of tne late
l'.artlxy Lally tn lav
Mrs. Kritik irehar ', of Carbondale,
Is visitlnir her mother, Mr Jennie
Vovle on Lackawanna street.
K s. Jones, president of tne Yonng
Men's Christian Union, entertained
the ladies a ml if entlemcn who assisted
the yonng men ''At their Home' social.
this even'li'
Mlrs Oertie Voylc, of Laokawaana
Street, was caller in Scrauton today
ilippnd from Canada I'rpsbvlemn. tin
sersagnatnre of c niackett Itobin'on.
iirop'ri I as cured of oft reeonlog tnl
ous headaches by burdock illoil Bitters,
C'ntiroh Dgrticatlon Personal and Otli-r
K of Interact
Fperial ti the fceaafM rrilaiae.
DOBTRA, Fa., April 88 Tne new
Polls ll Catholic church Was dedicated
Sunday aftcraooo, The ceremony was
perform efl by the v Father Finnen,
of Pittston, and other neighboring
priests. In Spite of the bad weather a
Inrue nntnber of societies responded
and made one of the laigest parades
that has b?en seen here.
The Baptist church will hold a fair
and festival Tin s lay and Wednesda)
evenings of this week
Harry Hunt and Stmuel (; irr. of
Plttatob, spent Bnnday with friends
Mrs. Viola Felts, of West Pittston, is
Visiting t'le fmnilv of her OUOlv, J. P.
Richards, or Main street,
Dr. John Btslop is having a new of
fice prepared for him neer thy post
office. OtfM ton Cboup. Use Dr. Thomas' Be
lac trie Oil according to directions, It is
the best remedy for nil sudden attacks of
colds, pain and luMsuimatiou ami injartns.
FOVU of tlion- Ol TONS, ,r.--
muttrd ut Xhri Tribune Uflloti, t or-
iHr PdHIII itvt'mif hikI RpiUO0 rttrt'i-t. M
autitlm ilta holder to all the pr!v 5
1 1 t. or tin' mi parftlleleil nftvt Z,
lor lllHtrttltttlnC )n (Hilar booki mm
aiii'.nt: nr rendem. i he OeTeN niiMle m
by ii Tribune ntAnegotuunt arc
iih followm SI
10 CKNTb ami Four Coupotll fof JJ
ntty volume tn the ColuuibuH !J
rib Ovi-r lot) tltlee fee eleel froni S
gO 07f Tal and Fnr Ciponi lor gj
any HooM in ilf Itutfbjr Beriei. SZ
gftOKNTSunil Pour Conponi fr
nn.v book in -i"' llxloffll HerlM
, e , Vn
Dilllnrs liavii 1-ttOSlured the Earth to a
D.p h ot COO Feat
. i'f i in( to the Smiuloa 7W6aa
MONTltOait, P., April 28. On April
i drilling was begun about a half mile
irotn the qui t village of Brcoklyu,
vrhiffli is ab.ut four miles distant from
Hopbottoui, a small Station on the
Delaware, Liekawantia and Western
railroad and In Susquehanna connty,
A more romantic a pot could hardly
he Imagined fur the Hading of petro
leniu, as the linal foothills of the Blue
ridge are certainly nut lacking in
beauty and the first few harbingers of
spring combined With tlio fast ilepirt
iutf remnants of winter uiila the scene
a glorious one.
The operations nro conducted by the
New Vork and Pennsylvnnia Oil and
(las company, of wbion Mr, Nash, Mr.
Tiffany and others in tbe supposed oil
region are stockholders, in addition to
others from New York city
There have been so many ludicrous
anil false r ports i s ,tO the situation
Hint Tin-: Tribunk correspondent dster
mined to ascertain, it possible, the ex
act condition or affairs.
If one desires to nsk any number
mid quantity of questions wltbonl
gaining a single pariiola of Informs
lion, let him no to a man drilling an
oil well, especially when tne man does
not know wbetber he Is koi m to strike
spike oil, petroleum, or perchance
plain water, llo will then appreciate
now uncomfortable it is to luterview
mi oil man and will find the exception
to the old saying, "as smooth as oil "
Tne drill broke Saturday, April 14
hut tbe men had it welded by the fol"
lowing Tuesday, so, under ordinary
circumstances, ihey sboull have by
(his I line penetrate I to a depth of
nearly 800 fa t.
Whether there is nil Watting the fl ihI
explosion of a dynamite cartridge be
fore it spurts out far above th derrick
glistening with Very color of the r lin-
bow, ut that the present sayings of
some ol the sages will come to pis
and that oil will be a word hard to
use in tbe immediate vicinity of Brook
lyn, is matter n' 10; j vture. ll is cer
tain that there i- seme ualise for
Ibis operating, and time alone will tell
whether Brooklyn, with its good old
fashioned bouses and stores, will sink
nark Into its qniet and peaceful slum
tn n or fore u.iea 1 as a prosperous oil
A Bo 1 of m ing n i s is also reported,
and tne Tribune, correspondent saw
several simples of this mineral so
! Ill nit lo fna hi 1 nssd extensively ia
t:- matinfactur" of sil
U i- deposited 10 to 18 locoes under
the SOrfaC , and nnlCM contaminated
by foreign eobstencee sbonli prove a
splendid source of revenue for the
fortunate in ou whose laud it is
Bimples have been pronounced bv
ohl misis to contain 40 p-r cent, ol
roanganeee, but ae yet it has not been
luliy analysed; so wbethr foreign
iubttan.ee will imp if Its value eenjiot
l e etuled at the prsnt time.
Ent'-rta i l i(r Oorrep)nJBi's Dslly
Ret-in of Tassl .ir Fv-ots.
.Vjm .iii in I'll- v. rafes rtaa.
AborbaLD, April 38 In' Bret day's
wo.-k on the extension of the railway
of the Carbondale Traction company
m i finished witbont my icr-at da mag
hi log been dona It was anticipated
mil some of tbe property holders on
toe hill WOtlld obj c to the track be
Ing laid near their premise s un stated
that tbey would m ik tronble if
the tracks were puuv.l on '.ha nu'it sid-
f the road, uthers didn't want it
on the left an 1 -till others objeoted to
it' i general nrincipiee It wis als
said th it the Delaware and lia ison
eomptoy would not permit the street
railway to belaid across tbeir gravity
tracks at the top of the hill. Put H is
now iiid-tstooi tuBt arraugem nts
have ben rem lied w.irlur tn- threa
ened Irouble wi.i ! aveit-i Hits
mor ling l out Silly, man Ha ler ch ire
f John E Flynn and Thomas C.tT ev,
tieo.in w ,rk on t.,- ext'ti.oo.i an I at
this writing tne road ne h-nn jirep tt e i
Tor ties lietween Wagner's hotel and
Ibe (ii v ri store The s mpoy will
prolatbly sxnerienee the ar-i -s: iidi
ciilty in laying the track from Wa
oar's tn thxir pres-nt termlno. for be
tween tbeee points tbe plank roil Is
bardiy wi le enough to admit of a
w igon drive and a str tot railw ty I he
b npany a ill be fortnn ite if tbef c v r
thin territory In n m iuur sitt-ta-t ry
lotheooonnl and the property h ildere,
M-"sr. J lOob W tgner an l li- D
Ltnderman wi-reio Sorantoo lodtv,
L-o, th 8year-oid eon of Michael
Wrohloski, w.io lives o i the mo l it no
about two miles n irthenst ol bore,
wanderol away fr na bom nnSnar
day morning and spent th remalndei
of the day an ! nla it In tbe w-.k1i if
was found yeiP-rtay morning aboil
two miles from borne.
M J K-aroey was In Bcranton to
P. J. Collin, of Wtlk-s Birre, spent
Sunday at bis r inu r hums b 'r-
Thomas Law Was mn mg the visitors
to Scrantou fins ilt-ruo mi.
Mr' II IC'irn v, Junes P. an I
Mary K-.raey, Micba I L illy and I'
J and Tereaa I.iilv attended the fa
neral of It irtl y L 11 v at O yphatit t
Cooocilman Ln and street. Com
missioner D if.' went io Bcranton to
day to havs Connly Surveyor Ddculni
come to Arcnti ti i an I lou it' tne strs c
lm s it 1 : i that p it of the plank r ad
On which the l'r ICtlofl BOIlip til V Is n ow
tvorkini;. 1 he con o:il 'h i i 'i' it o
vlsable to have the bo s located lor ibe
purpose oi ev i ling trouble,
Yesterday's Kre Prss c intained an
appreciative iiotlc of onr esteem d
townsman, James A. Presley who wa
mentioned as a candidate for the
leji-lature froai th- Fmrth district.
Four Bta Suc?ss,
Bavins tbeneedrd merit to more ttia
make good h th" advertising claimed for
tbetn, Ibe ollnwing ronr remedies have
reached a pbenoinenal sale. Dr. Kmu's
t riew inscovery lor i ooeainpiion, i Minus
unit ouls, each bottle yua snieedBI
trie Hitters, tbe great remedy for Liv
' totnacli and Kidneys, ll'.u klen's Arnica
Salve, the loai . the world, and l'i
Kuilj's tfeW Life Pills, which are a perfect
pin. aii tnese remeotes are gnaraatvea t
do just what is rlaii.M'd l"i' them anil toe
denier whoso nniiie .s nttflclM il hi rewilh
w ill be j,'lud to tell yon more of them Bold
byaattbews iims . ai u' store.
n.ii.... H . fPi N"NC3.
The Ifipl City Fissured Upon a R.ipail
en's Not b irk. i
tfeertai fe iim ffcraafea TWbaas
HONkBDALB, April 88 Today's
Tribune noted the humingof Woolen
& lihikney's paper 1 ox factory. Tn
liroprietors being enterprising llonos-
dallnns, have already located temp.ir..
rily in a new building! the unused
lower cutting shop of Clark A; Cj. Tn
factory will soon be inonerati m ag nil
The total insurance on the bnildur
liUmed was as follow! Agency nf n '
B.ttman, g3,i()n; H. 7, itussell'. ,."! 500
U W Lane, JLoOO; F. C. FumbaiU
li'I OOP.
Tne town , council having decidoi
that Mam slieet, north of Hiuh street
was too wide lo be properly graded and
taken cure of, several property holders
i ni uiiiruiuu o-iuiui niuo I s.Uuitg uu;
their curbs, Tiiis nuitou will iu ikn ibe
street fifty feet, wide and the six feet
taken oil Will be thrown into the curh
iiiK. Wblcn will now ho spacious and
green If all property ''owners. i tlmir
curbing out lo the Itue the b-auty of
the street will be greatly enhaiio d.hut
if uny rei'use to do so, wu will have a
most jagged and broken street mid it
would have bO'Oi better to have left the
curbing unchange I.
Mr, and Mrs Sidney Hen Wood, of
Bornnton, are Visiting Mrs. Hen wood's
parents here.
Jaiu-s Fiutierty return-d home Sat
urday A dance will lie held at the Amity
Social club's rooms tomorrow evening.
Both parlies In the uollectorshlp elec
tion couteat, having new evi lence to
oiler, the case lias SBaill tieou opened.
FOBtSt CI i V FL.15HE5.
Nwi of the Hour K-c id d foi Iatl
liaaut R-siteiH
StMcttU in th firraafos Vlaeaa
FdtlkST t liv, Pa., April George
Subs, a resldwul of thesetllement near
th" old Delaware mid Hudson mill, and
who received en Injury II short time
ago by being kicked by u horse, was
Conveyed to the Carbutidalo hospital
tor treatment Saturday.
Frot. W, G Trim, principal Forest
City's graded school, was a Pulsion
visitor Saturday
Kev J. ii Evatts, of Plymouth, oc
cupied the pttlllit of the Methodist
Itnrcb Ut evening iie iclnug it very
loippiit and forcible sermon, The
lav. William Jennings also tt do I tbe
pu.pit of tn1 Presliyt-ri.iu churcii Very
ici'eitatily last evening.
tiornev Wedemiu is legally en
gaii-.l in Aiontr m" lor a lew u ivs
Al.-s Mattle HnatllgUS is VlSttlUg
iri.uds iii Bcranton fur a fw davs.
Mr aud Mrs bslwanl Pentecost, ol
Prouipton, visited it tbs bona of Mr.
Pentecost's parents yesterd y
Mired Waters, nf Jerinyn. wit the
g:i. st or bis brother, James Waters,
vei su iday,
Tne En worth leagne of the Methodist
Episcopal church will hold its weekly
literary sioii lotnomw (Tneadey)
.Mr ..ud Mrs W II. Hi.ru'ina and
laughter I'.lns. will spend the we.-k
as t ties gtiesis of Bcranton f i tends
Mhs Celia l.inuiiig, one of Force!
Citv's l e it scho il teachsrs is ill at her
borne in Bosqnebauna, II r plane in
the school room is Hlled by her enter,
Mm- M u Ilia I. inning
A number of our prominent young
men in this place have received luvi-
attons to a s cul dattC to be gtv-n at
the Moiiut-iii Ho ne hall in Surru.'ca,
Wodnecday evening. A i r 1 1 .'"i
Die motor which will u nsed m
lljl.tlng III' Prslivteri'in chtircn with
ileotrlctty arrive. today, and is being
dace 1 into position under tbs direction
o! K D. Caryl, of liorauton,
Usv. P It hesoneily, who preached
in the I re..livieritn c'lU'eh last J-un-
lav. has received a call to bee ins the
pa-tor of tt Is oburcll and the chapel at
hi iu peon,
Dr. D. Dwver. of Carbon Isle, was
(r loi .illy euated in f orest Lily
toil" v.
Tbe employes ol the Erie along tbe
Jill" will receive their in.) illiiy a. -
lo .v.iuce toiu irrow
J! r.MYN J0tT:NC5.
t rtfli! Llttlt L Salt Ii in an Enltrpiis
t .g nerreep " dnt.
,'h, i,i. , :Jn t'creafee fn'uaf
JkBiir.v, P., April 88 John Jay,
who h been sp tiding Hie winter with
relatives bet', bee returned to his home
in Fiv went Mono!
All talk perl lining to sswers has
been silenced since Ibe council decided
that they would not rmt a franchise
ton romp my. lot tvi.tild do Ibe work
Th L idles' Ail Society entertain-m-nt
last evening Wal w 11 attend-I
oi l besrtilv enj .y-. bV lhne pr-s-nt
Tns little folks did Well iii their differ
elit p irts
rooiahl t in- teams tiotn Rnabbroos
lodu". BSO .hi in, .sined by friends, go
to Com-i to confer the degrees A
large itteudanee is rxpected from tbe
diif rent iofes iii Wavoe county tose
tbe work done nv the cr.ic lenin ol
Ltckawen 1 1 e m .t
Mr .m l M-s W B Trim, of W.si
pittetn spvni Bnnday with ibe famll)
of Wuii uu lenklna,
K-v. V Oendall delive;t.l an ad
dress Uefor- the society of s.m ol Bt,
George, in r Test City, leet evening
At I E no I ' i v nlng SCI vn e in l
Metho llei Epls (opal church s reoort
ihe iiniuicis wh enbmitteu
amounts of the principal Bpet
lecliona lor the were natollows
I boo" iniiiiii. f 109 88; foreign mis
st ns, 171 ; b iievoiettt onlleotlonf,
(513 To-, t'geiber with (be mis
cellaneous amutints, innde the total
amount fo I rl I tor ;b- past confer
enc I year. 3,9v0
Night Callei Boil' , ol th Ontario
ii Western r t ro,o .rew (lie iJ.M pnz
ai the Bl Ai i sli ns f ur B I nr lm
bight, An enieriaiuiuent wll begiVeO
in H iterprlae li ill We lm ad ty m ':t .,i
which lime tne witch Cottlesl will b
drei led
Krk Brothers being the lowcat bi l
d-rs wore awarded the contract foi
pit.iinir rbe Walef Into the cent' t rv
rounds One thousand two bnndnd
feet oi iiift- will be I it i
Jjtbu Parrell, J II Wheeler an. I W
A Badger are srriu.glog to put u,
iron fenci - ahloli wrlil greatly imp ov
ibeappier.Pi (tieu propertliC,
i 'i 11 oieer CI y R-
I C Q "rn-sl.
.'i nsafea '' .oaaa
Dsi D.iioB'. ii
Cold-. I t
B erfel fa ' '
Carbo.sdai.1, I
Mrs E M. i in k,
I , A . 8d - dr aud
f Wm i., ( m air-el ,
sp-oi in- Babbsth Iu Byt u use, N Y
A meeting oi tne Uarbpndsls 'fennl
club W is held thi evening tor tile pur
pose of arranging idms mil eleoting
diic rs for ih y-ar.
At a recent meeting held bv tin
workers of Endeavor chapel it w a de
uld -.1 to organise1 rresbvterlafe eburoh
sod also to eitend a oall top. li fCeii
nedv, of Princeton seminary. Mr Ken
ne iv will graduate and resolve his oler
leal ordeitt ti nt month.
Mtss Annie Whalen, of Santh Ct
DRatt, is vllitlug trtends in tins city.
Tbe Lotos Literary Aisocia lo.i bun -ipi-t
which was to iiav.- occurred to -uiorrow
(Tuesday) eveniiw, (tea beei
post pou il until I he early part of M ty.
The remains uf tb l.tteMra Patrick
K II y, who died on I'll lay ulght, wer..
tnkvu this m .ruing loSorani.il) and In
lenvd In the L.'alhoiic CemHery ll!
Hyde Park
Tomorrow (Tuesday ) ibe is ia con
pany will pay tnelt employ, a Intbla
Dr. M. J 8'ijelda, of J,-rmyu, was
among Ihe visitors in this city t..ls of
terooon Mrs. Martha Dfley, wife of Alv.ih
Daley, died Suuday afternoon shortly
hefore 4 o'clock at her home ou North
t'huruii street The deceased Will a
little over 43 years of age mid is
survived by tier husband and two
daughters, Frances, and lteua. The
funeral will be hald ou Wednesday
afternoon ut 8 o'clock. Services will
he held at tho houisuud coudueted by
iude In Maplewood oeiitelerVi
After th- io d .ys' d oration of the
" ion. -np kvheu-you-get ready" systsm,
the meronants again ndopied the 8
o'clock clotting movement
Frans 1) Kulohlus, of tbe Adams
Exureva company's ofBoo, has been
Iransf-rred to th Scrantou offlje. Mr.
Hutching will take up his resldeuos iu
Berapton thin week.
County Auditor B F Srpir, of
Bcranton, spout Buudiy in tins city.
P.C.Wilcox died at an early hour
Sun lay morulng at iii s boarding ltons
at Bimpsou at inn age of about Oi
An important feature of tomorrow
(Tuesdnt) evening's programme to b
rendered at the Bpwortb L-agne enter
tainment, is u recently orgsnlx I qmr-
tvttC known us tbe Orpheus qiiartatte,
an i is coutposed of tbef ollowtiig yonng
lady vocalists; Miss M iv 11. ri. Lill
ian Jones, Mrs Hiinnab Looiardanij
Mies 1 la 8 lyder.
halls r i au in: MS.
InterastltiK Note 1 oucernlne?
Ii v . ne'l tie Pes pi .
Ape-fcJ o tt v SSnsafoa IVAeas.
BALbBTKAD, Pa., April 33 --LlXXle
Moriucle, of Snsquebanna. iient Sun
day with frienls iu town.
John A. Mean, of ScrHuton, is in
The teachers meeting will be held 'it
tbe home of G W Cnpwell on Friday
Kev. M irsland, of BU-qUahanna, ex
I 'miiu'"! pulpits With the Iti.v. L. W.
I 'liiir. ii on Sunday.
Reuoider Wright, of Montrose, was
iu town today,
Mrs. Waiter Smith mid daughter
V.rna were In Bingham ton on Satnr
W M, Parks, of N'..w York city.
-p ii t Bundny with I). Y I!-m.;ein.
Mary Sootten has returned home
from visiting frieudi in Wuk--lirre
Mis S'-'lie Caden. au''"il 85, died a!
her home on D'VtlW aVC'lUe, ou Sund IV
afternoon at 8,8Jo'clook. Tne funeral
will in. hel t at tbe Xsptist ohurob, of
wbioh she was a member, on Wednes
day morning at 10 30 o'clock The de
reae was highly respect. J an I lov i i
by all
Of lb i
Ui.' It l od.vl In
Fat ..tr raph s
to tUr S raafea TrUmn.
Pa . April 88 S..yer.il
T Y i . ill,
prUoilels Were plni-1 111 l le station
bouse loulgbt for druokenuees
John PhTnney is building a i.ouso on
Taylor street,
Tbe waya an I in ins committee of
the I i lit r i r v i.av prepared a short I
1 ro gramme for 1'niirs 1 iv night's m-et-mg
Wednesday nigbl Professor Hover
win present an entertainment on r. r
son's phoni graph at thi Welsh Bantist
church. In the afternoon il will la
Klvn to f .ll Iron
Robert Llewellyn proposes goinir to
Wales this sumtn r
The biggest bargain yet those
m:c,nibc..'ot Mullicbromes.
Ud to DATE
Something New for
Seeds and
n and
C lever,
Choice timothy and
Lawn Grass SeeJs
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
ture.t at 'he W
ipwaUopea Mills, bu
. and at WU-
Bern unty l
ubuatoni Dvlaa are
General Agettt for the Wyottittf DlitrlcL
n8 Wycm.ng Avj . Scrantou Pj.
ihud Katlonal Bank liiuMin.
THUS rORD, I'll 1st "i. Tn.
.1' UN I'.!;- nil ii SON: Plymouth. Pa.
E W. MLM.I.IOA Wilkcs-Uarro. Pa.
Agents tor the ItopetlUO Cnumloa! Com
pntiy's Ilih Bxuloslvi-e
tin ri 1 1 OU AN V M Mlti.lv.
Uev. (J i ir, 1, 1 . o.-.o
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I I K sea ,;' , I
His Ene
Dyspepsia Causes
r.iinr. and Diatross Aftor Eating Fo
llevod t.y Hood ;; Garsopirilla.
"('. I. Hoed t Co., LOWCll, Mass.:
"i must praise Rood's SsnaparUla for the
poo.) it lias done me. I was troubled with dys
pepsia. i h.ai severe pain Iu nt) liesrt, nod the
swellingol my stomach umt tUstrosi nftereat
ii i caused nts much suffcrbis. I tried ilUtorciil
remedies without Rettuig relief. Finally I de
eldi .1 to (dve ii. mil's Harssparllta a trial, helm
Orst sua iu town hi take it. After taku.g
Itvel ettlrs, I felt perfs tly SrsUand lave enjoyed
good health cut since. Many ot tbs towns
people have asked n:c about the sun re cl
lloott's Birsaparlltn, and I lime cheerful) ree
ninmoiided It leethis indeed eratefnl tor the good
ii has 'i are nte, Friends and relntlvsshavs also
taken Hood's Rsnapiirllla . !:! good results."
Mii i ami a. Btuinx, Btnttestown, Pa.
Hood 'a Plflo ears liver IBs, eonstipatlcn,
bUlousni i. Jaundice, sick headache, Indigestion,
Dr. B. Grower
Ihr- PnlladelpTili Specitiltst,
An.i ii, Naeelated ttagol Rnelfch an! ter
nea nirsenaiiaesa bus nermaaeetbT leesled
Temple Court Building
w I.. . ..... u.v he amiMAad DaLLV
n.lo.1 l).ULV AND
Tbe tvv-t .r i, g, ,, i ,t ,,t tf,, ITBlvemtv
M Peaeafivaalt rornMrlf Saps oestra tor oil
ll ) ..l. si .1 mrw.Ti at tli Jli-llro Cttir
reloal CoUtfa, of Llla,ii. hln H bi SJU
s eorarf i ember ol the Msdleo-Chlrar
ji. al A., mil. n. snl uaa pbvWclaa and
ii reaoa la rbM ..f ths moat noted Am-ra-au
in. I Urrsaee beenttala rom tn.-hir lad iread
t 'tie:,.,.- t i..,.tr. .,,r, ,,f Pi,, ji-.hta .-it
Ni-w i 1 1
His many T-srs of h-enltal exi-erleoae eo
iblee tka) efisiaesjl phrsteuts I sargeoe ss
nirrertly oi .jtio-n nt treat ail l. l rtn I i
i i -,sn w.th tbe umsI flattarhif eeeeeea
et. I Ii- l.i b etaudin. in Ibe statewUI u-A
ti v bins in accept stiv leeerabte caw
i ii- i si i n iii. ni. i.i rum i
vt i -. in veil a si i n it rid
llyoneevo ease aivee up -y rear pays!
e'en rsh iboe tbe d'- tor and I eiatninej
lie cere th-- -v . o -t , i.of NervoneDi itv
Nr.-liiLi iW Sorist aisirh I'llaa. Krtns s
Vi akne-i A.T-i li ns of lh- Kir. Kv. N
sod Tlirost Ati. mv iMsrtnw- Tejeote, fan
eer a-.d Lh t.las of ri ry d-scri.t' n Cm
seltatloa kt KnUeb itn iiermsn I'.ee whu-s
shall be eooetdered sacred aaJ etratttr n.i'a
d. i ttal.
i in. s I'M hIA.S. Is I r. M- Usui.
Sumlai . t) .i hi. lit a p tn.
Third National
Lank of Scranton.
Rlnlesaeal Peb IB, 1104. called tn hr
lite ..III . II oil. r ol ! h. I ll I t'enc t
I. I ' til i.t I
I llll-
. ' : i . ii -
. Stl.tia 140 on
RO, ' 00
01 :t.:.:s 7 I
I i d Sleli Bawds
IHkel II t-
Haabli It......
i r. ii. asas -oi i . N I'-onis
line It in If, p . i. i. mii. i .
I ui IrtlMt Hanks
14,014 111
ni l :&
7,00 i
. VI M 4ln 7 1
1 li till) B4
tin-,' ..:.n no
1 1 tun n tin
Stilt. ill-
I ...livl.le.t I mills
f it. tl.lln
a'.'oo ooo on
Hi I Ml nil
tS. 000,00
:iai M
i.sos.cao 4
as, iaa.se
a, SOtl ISO BO
IIH I ill ml- t i pnM
ii ptaalle.1
in. ie Baaks
U II I I AM 4 Ml'. I.I nl
l.hl I! llll 4, li..- i i. . I. lent
WILLIAM II I I i Iv t ashler
miii i runs
uiiaas -oi
i . ii iiiiii.t
1 f i til Iff :i Bss I JaBllBM 1 i.lili.lil llsmv
ii. i i jr. v iiu .in 1 Mm ii,. Lather
K. 1 1. i
Thin beHh 0't in rtep teller! even
its lilty stun eett ii by Ibetv Mleeeee intai
eeee nmi reepsiitlblltliri
ttprriHl itti. tii4.it vlven le bssleeM
Ctilitils) Iliti'lt! j uLI till lilll tls ptiaili.
The GENUINE New Raven
"Mattiushek" Pianos
New York Worcrooms No. 80
Fifth Avpiiue
E. C. KICK Kit & CO,
s .le dealers lo this section,
nmci: -ui Adams av , Telephone BTd'g
Bavtnessenrsd the BHOBIKG POBOBot
wuii. m Blame B s .n tor s peimaneel bnsi
nses Stand, 1 eimil conduct buentlfla ami
1 ntholoylral Shoe nj; for the I lerestton. He
lief .mil cut e of Lamenvsa end other Unpedi-
nietitH in the it. oven 'i t- i t i!or-' s itu ktentsl
or due to impel led she-Ins, I shsll live the
work my persoiuii ettonti a and euarautee do
extra eoarae. except feriiupiovenient fsans
uet, etc., will oe tiaated afternoons, a free
olinic nmi tirofettionid advice slvsn every
Monday from to - P. II.
v,:-:;'.-., :. 'U-.-lfm!lsi;:!f(i5?i!IM'll!i.!'iiieJiJM?lllHH .S3it..tl'.ltt;iHI'J
EvsrthingFOR Everybody
400402 Lacka. Ave.
Always the Cheapest95
Dry Goods, Ladies' and
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Notions, Fancy Goods,
Infants' Wear, Cloaks,
Curtains, Boys Clothing,
Hoots and Shoes, etc.
Commencing Monday, April 16,
we will place on sale Special Bar
gains in Every Department
k New Goods
HUH! 2''.r,'tfi!!fii!iii9iiaB!iiimiiii:miiiu!? ?iiiiiiiitiiiti(iiiiiiitin
$1.40 EACH.
Tk9 ereatost bargain in the ravirket. A few cf the
' Brass (Onyx Top) Tables left at $6.00.
406 and 403 Lackawanna Ave.
Just lo Give tiie
A DETAILED price list of our im
meii!;e stock ot 1 urnittire. Car
pets, Diby Carriages, Refriger
ators, Mattings, Stows. Crockery.
iV-., would crowd everything out of
this paper.
And we have too much respect for
editorials to do anvihin'' like that;
lesides, of what
told in a single line.
The Lowest Prices in N. E.
Cash or Credit
With every purchase of $50 orover
we present an American Onyx Fin
ished Cathedral Strike Clock.
With $75 or over, a 100-piece Din
ner set
Editors a Chance
use when all can be

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