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All Things Musical
134 Wyoming Ave.
alt. raica
See the Shaw Piano from
the World's Fair in our
And always have
Good Bread.
Manufactured ap for sale to
the tuade 11v
The Weston Mill Co
Punch Cigars
G.. B. & Co ,
Imprinted nn Each Clear
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
UUTo 6.JU fH.
Dow tha Etkimoa Catch Fl.li Without
Unit Ikiaagh HolM In th Ire.
Whenever there is a level Add of ice In
Closed by line of hummocks the, fish are
lire to he plenty. Such a field as th;s,
abonr, half a mile kii(, practically affonl a
living to most of the people in the village
during the season of 1&S3, because that
year tho ice wa very unfavorable for Mul
ing and food was very nm in the village.
Tho fishing is carried on mostly by the
Womi-ii and children, though one or two
old men generally go out, and one or two
of the younger men, when they cannot go
Beating ami food is wanted at the house,
Will j j 1 1 1 the liiiiing party
Each (Uherman is provided with a long
handlod ice pick, which he frequently
leave sticking in the snow near the fishing
ground, a long line made of strips of
whalebone, reeled lengthwise on a slender
wooilen shuul'i al-out eighteen inches long,
and provided with a nopper sinker and two
pear shaped "jigs" of walrii:. ivory, armed
with four Iwrbless li'ioks of copper, and
scoop or dipper nuule of reindeer antlers
with a wooden hnnille about two feet long.
Hardly an latino, and especially no Ks
kimo boy. stir, out of the house in winter
Without one of these scoops in his hand.
To every party of two or three there will
also lie a good hired bag of seal.skin, gener
ally made of a pjeot of an old Barak cover,
for bringing horn the Rah. Arriving at
the fishing grounds each proceeds to pick
a hole through the ice, which is about four
feet thick, clearing out the chips with the
coop. The "Jigs" are then let dimn
through the hole and enough line unreeled
to keep them just clear of the bottom,
where the llsh are plnying iilxmt.
The reel is held in the riglfl hand ami
serves as a short rod, while the scoop is
held in the left hund ami used to keep the
holo clear of the scum of new ice, which, of
course, Is constantly forming. The line Is
kept inconstant motion, jerked Bpquleklf
a short distance and then allowed to drop
back, so Hint tho little fish that are nosing
11.' nut the white "jigs," lifter the manner
of codfish, are booked about the jaw or in
the belly.
As soon as the fisherman feels a fish on
his hook ho cut cue up a bight of the line
with his scoop and another below this w ith
his reel, and thus reels up the UMOU these
two sticks hi loose coils until the llsh is
brought to tho surface, when a skillful toss
throws him off the barbless hook on the
ice, where he gives one connluaive flap mid
Instantly freezes solid. Tho elastic whale
bone line Is thrown oh" tho sticks without
tangling and paid out through the hole
again for another trial. If lish are not
found plenty nt the first hole the fisherman
shifts his ground until be "strikes a
They are somotiiiies so plenty that they
may becnuglitus faatafl they can liohaulcd
tip. One woman will bring in upward of a
bushel of little fish thoy are generally
nbout five or six inches long from a single
day's fishing. The fishing lasts until the
middle of May, when tho ice begins to
soften. A good many nro also caught along
tho shore, in November in about a foot of
water, when there are no tide cracks in tho
ice. Cor. Forest and Stream.
Where Hull Is Interim- Id Animals.
There seems to be no doubt that man,
compared with other animals, is very
poorly equipped for locomotion. The horse
walks on its toe nails, likewise the moun
tain goat and all other beasts that are
evift. You Can yourself discern thef.u
pciiority of this method for grace and
rupidity by observing the ballet dancer,
who, by the artificial cultivation of certain
muscles, Is enabled to prance upon her
toes and without touching her heels to the
Kround. Washington Star
A Foe to Dyspepsia
4- , s.
William Reese ami Daniel Hi lion Not Guilty
of Highway Robbery.
But They Were Recommended to the
Extreme Mercy ofthe Court Judgo
Savage Takes a Caso from the
Hands of the Jury David Tinsley
Pleads Guilty and Is Sentenced.
Other Matters Before the Judges.
The highway robbery case of John
Flock sgitiust Dauil Mauon und Wil
liam Rese was gien to the jury yes
terday morning at 11 o'clock. District
Attorney Kelly, on behalf of the com
monwealth, spoke to the jury in a
milliner that it stemed the conviction
of Malum and liees was inevitablo It
ri quired all the logic of that eloquent
pleader, Attorney John U. Jones, to
counterbalance the arguments of th
prosecution. Jndge Sittser delivered a
clean cut ehargo to the jury and the
case, which seemed blue for tho de
fendants, was njed
When the jury sent in word that a
verdict was agreed upon court room
No. 1 became as silent us the tomb.
The defendants, to whom the conc'.u
sion of the jury meant liberty or a long
term in the penitentiary, shifted nerr
ously in their chairs and gazad witli a
sardonic expression on their counte
nances into -p 106.
WhD Clerk Daniels read th I verdict
they rtsrted exultantly an 1 wore barely
able to control their exutieration.
The next cas Imfore Judge Sittsr
grew cut of a drunken brawl at the
"Uidge" in Archbuid. Michael Dully
and Thomas Loftus, shortly before
Christians, weut on evening t. ti n
pool room of John K tb, intending to
pass tho evening away at a gam' of
pool. They were drunk and tho pro
prietor refused to let them play. L-uv
ing ltoth's hotel they weut to tne iloOB
of a man named Wnlton. On going
home that night Dulfy swor he was
assaulted by throe of Roth's friends,
Fflix retains, Enoch Zihor aud John
Ilerliinsky. The jury fonnd the de
fendants not guilty and divided the
Jo K'-deris and Alsiu Xekavilrh
wire or. trial the remain ler of th af
ternoon in conrt room No, 1 for pound
ing the upper story of Antony Mlktil
ski, thrir boarding lost. They lived
On Breaker 'treet, and Lteutnunt
S oilman testifl-d that he went to the
house on the night of the row and
fonnd the prosecutor in an rZtrtUMljf
tumhlo-dowu condition
lhe case in lour! roon No '.' of John
Early against Edward PaddML John
Uoylao. Patrick W..lsh. Micha-I Walsh.
Anthony Doucy, Patrick Hearr an i
William Orier weut to the jury at
The yoong tneu were ably doftn It I
by Attorney Joseph 0 lirie", I ut their
own testimony was OOlAtoUng an",
worthless Tho jury fonn l tt em guilty
of both con'nU in the indictment
ssnlt and battery tad lOtlld 'tis mis
chieff an 1 reeommended tbvin to the
i-x'r, m rxteroy nf the court.
tteorge Blbflotd, of this ittv. who
wa trel nt a former term of court for
embezz'i-meut. found guilty and nt
HMjuently granted a new trial, w m put
on tri ll again yoster lay Tho sn.t as
brought hv R. L, Stonr, of rXaBflaeOtT,
a sti-ek-johliar in ninl-t, horses an 1
cattle He shipped stock to llignti -I I
in this ntv the total value nf whicii
ws fn t:;
Huhti -i Li sold the stock and in 'quir
nig hu secoaatfl ailed to tolffll for ,n
item of t CC5. it is allegfl i
Jude S ivage instructed tho jury to
return a verdict of not guilty In so
Ofdopiag he explsiood that the anil
ougbt to lie brought In a olvil oonrt,
Tho i.ext order of bu.iness before
Judge Savage was the naturalizing of a
dozen citizms.
I Lev wire all of Welsh extraction
and tb-court, in signing tbo papers,
reiaarksd that tho Welsh make vrv
useful ci:iz-na mil arestl lom taltod to
tho bar to answer tot infraction of the
Tho case against QfOtgi P rokopO
vitch, indicted on three counts for 00'
lawfully refilling rsgiitared bottles,
was, on motion of John It. Jones, at
lOfttOJF for the def-ndaut, contino ed
until next term through the nnav dds
ble absence of a Very important witus
in th" cai'-.
Dafid Tinsliiy. aiothof bottlof,
chargid with tho sums offoOOM )y P,
F. Leonard, II. 8. Ilrink, and A M
Moral , plead guilty
Judge Sayago in parsing sentoae
warned Tinsley to buy his littles in
the future, anil said lis would intlnl
what might he consldvrsd a v rv light
sentence, which was a lino a f", and
the cosls in escn of Ihe three cssee.
The caso of Haley BtOOt.alsn ob irg I
with appropriating beer bottle', la
which A W Schrador w is prooiootor,
wss put on trial few minutes oafon
Site fOUng Man Gets Into the Strert.
The three young women were walking
abreast perhaps sauntering would bo the
la tter word-and as the street was rather
crowded aud the sidewalk not extraordi
narily wide, the young man who came up
Is'hind them found some difficulty in pass
ing. lie tried the outside, but pe ple uiov
ing In tin opposite direction kept driving
him back behind the trio Then he tried
to pass on tho building Me. hut the trio
swerved a lit tie and there wasn't room.
The young man sauntered along behind
the three young women listening to "what
mamma said to me" and "what George
thought, of it all," and then lie grew des
perate and tried again lo pasa, but was
again driven back by the hurrying men and
Just us ho (ell behind Ihe trio again one
of the young women glanced back und then
whispered lo the others
"They'll give me a chance to pass now,''
e thought.
Hut they didn't They simply moved a
little faster and lowered their voices, and
the next iiistaut hud reached a corner po
liceman. "Mr. Officer," exclaimed one nf them,
"will yon make this fellow stop follow ing
list lie's been most annoying."
"Why!" began the young man in sur
prise, but the officer stopped him.
"Herel Hero!" he said, "get a move on
you, you Jacksnipe!" Then, rulsing his
hat, "It's all right, bridles. I'm onto him. "
"But, my dear air" expostulated the
young man
"Quit that, now," Interrupted the police
man, "or I'll bat you over tho bead and run
you in Mashers can't live on this beat.
Leddies, your servant."
Ho lifted his bat again as they passed on,
gave his club a jaunty whirl, and said:
"Goonl gooul Don't block the street.
I'm In no humor for triflln."
As a crowd was gathering the young man
went on, and ho takes chances with teams
in the street now when he overtakes a
party of women occupying most of rJ
sidewalk. He says it' safer.- i
County Surveyor A. B Dunning, who
with City Engineer Phillips has been
at work on tbe street lines in the Nine
teenth ward, has finished hi work and
the lines are now ready to be followed
when the property owusn are at leis
ure to mike the change. Tbe twists
and turn in the different streets bad
been a stumbling block to any legisla
tion toward improvement. A large
number of the properl v owners who are
desirou-i of gradiug, fligging and curb
ing will be accommodated with the
privilege of beginning operation.
LonglDis Websr Barlod.
The funeral of Longinis Weber, of
Irving avenue, was bold yesterduy
morning from St. Mary's church on
River street. Rev. George J, Stopper
celebrated mssi and proaehed a very
beautiful aarntoa The pall bearers,
selecle I from tho B idonsor society, to
which he belonged, were: Edward
D.imal, tieorga Hiedmuller, Vincent
Winkler and Thaddoui Haook. The
flower bearers ware: Paul Schneider
und William Fisher. Interment was
made in tbe Unman Catholic come
Shcrlor Paragraph.
The now Itobinaon building is Hear
ing tho o mpletlon of t lie first story
it ml already gives promise of balug u
splendid tractors.
The William Connell Hosn company
will hold a picnic nt Central Park to
morrow. To-night tho m "lub rs of the
company will parade the prloci pal
streets of the Twentieth ward to ad
vert'.se the picnic. First class dance
music has been engage, I and an active
commit ten hits charge of tho manage
ment of the picnic.
The condition of Mrs. It F. Moore,
of Slociim street, who recently Under
went a severe operation, is rapidly im
proving. The pupils of No. 3 school have or
gtolled a bate ball club and uro ready
to arrange games with other clubs.
Tue laoond nine of the iligli school is
the first thev would like to meet
Hev. Q I. Jaakovita, pastor ofthe
Hungarian Catbollo church of Oroen
Ridge, visited It -v John L mghrau, of
Minooka, vest rtay.
James PofT ster. of Pear street, is
convalescing rapidly, and will be out
in a week read for work
Rev, Karl Kissliug, ex. pastor of the
Evangelical Lutheran church, is con
sidvrieg a call from a church in central
New York
Bnbpce isi are being served on tho
voters of the Twelfth ward to answer
at the heanng in the contested election
Matthias Hugino, whose dwelling and
beer bottling establishment obnotoed
was burned down a few wosks ago, it
g tttng ready to rebuild on tbe same
foundation wails.
Mr. William Fink, of R-mington
avnue, is slightly Inditpoeed,
Miss Sara i McN uiiira, of South
WaablngtOO nviiu, and a p'rty of
young lad lit, have tout cut invitations
to their friends to attend a social
which will he given m Excelsior hall,
Wi ln-' lay, My SS
Tbe p Ople living near the dividing
lino of th Nineteetb an ! TwMtlotb
war It. and ulto a Lira?" number who
have oceaetofl to travel aeroai tbe
1'ittston avenue bridge, and on pri
sttoet, are about to circulate a petition
winch will be presented to Select
Oonoeilnifl Oonnell atkinghim tolo
tro iuco a rti.lOtiou in council j-r v i ' -ing
for an eh ctric light a', the PltUtOD
avnu-s bridge.
I '.lnmbu Cooacil, Yonng Men' in
ttitntf, will hold a so. l.il tonig it at
Dr. Manlr hall.
One Attntettve 1 1 alaee el m Htm ttvdla BOa
ItBtWf i,iih n.
Althoii.h tin' Uouble klrt ha not ret
prwaUed over the mgi, variety, skirt on
tbo whole nn trimmed rather than plain,
at laaat lnP' In An n a. i'arish nmst.ti.l
cling In many I MM I I tbO ptrfaotly plain
klrt, und it i oot .-.iva.. (tare very
milt h eitbel Tbfl lla"' is. In fact, .iid to
be reducing it. If, a Imlicsl It muet If
' iw ,m aMsT .'iiaft . . a
kin i only .'1 ' , yards In irciimfi'renco am
aOOeptod as quite in I be nnale Four yapls
have ls ii the narrow of limit for itoino
time tast
It is stated that ha in loth fiuings ure to
be dispensed wiih, and if Btiffonlng l; ln
si.t' .1 iiism It shall l' In the form of a
haircloth petticoat stltehisl lilt" the prop
er shnS'. IVltieoat,-. trimmed with ruilles
having oordad honu are ui ' i n oomaaended
as holding out thedn as skirl satisfactorily.
All thin aUlBlnCT silks have the skirt ei
ther dou'iie, drapod or rooro or k)M trlxn
mod, Plounoaa, botbolroubwandatrabjbaj
an' unployod, with laoo, ruchiiurs. rlb
boPa, fMtOon and all manner of pretty
d ,'icM that slum- to aih.iiita'- In llght
w, Ighi good i. Tho fullnuMof the skirt Is
unaiipsl i. earl., all III tho back, the fnmt
being rather closer fitting than during tho
winter. Bodjoni an rory mnch trimtnad
In every iinaglnable v.ay. They an' mode
Isith with and Without high collars, whilo
loovoi aroanythlnga oopi plain, although
sloOVM tight from shoulder to wrist have
been Mlemnly predicted by the authorities
in such matters. At. pn-scnt tin y spnad
us fur out 1s t ween the shoulder and elbow
01 tho quality Of tho gOOdi Will permit.
Tho sloovc may Is1 in Bigot Mylo, or tho
upper part may consist of one, tw oorthrc j
culTs or ruilles while the town-part is tight.
There Is even n revival of the slei vc puffed
throughout its length, cither BMUBd tho
arm or lengthwise of it. This is a pretty
fashion fOrgOWMOf muslin, indiusllkor
other thin goods.
. A sketch is given of a summer costumt
of figured India silk. The skirt is trim
med with clreulnr flounces arranged In
cascades, tho top of curb being finished
with a ribbon bow to match tho color of
the gissJs. The round bodice is laid In
plaits at tho waist and ban a square yoke
and standing collar of lace. Tho tight silk
leaves have lace cuffs at the wrists and n
silk puff above the elbow Which Is decorat
ed with birws und bunds of ribbon. A rib
bon bow with two long ends Is fastened at
tho right side of the corsugc, und a ribbon
bow adorns tho left side of tho waist .
"' 1 :! I
, i
V K n -i SA .
Mrs. Simon Bixby Has a Number of Young
Toughs Arrested.
Interesting Lecture Delivered by Wil
liam Davies in the First Welsh Con
gregational Church Disgraceful
Scenes That Are Enacted on Swet
land Street Near Garfield Avenue.
Personal and Minor News Notes.
The West Side olnce of the Scranton
lUBUMfe Is located at 1010 Jackson street,
where subscriptions, adveriisetnouts and
communications will receive prompt at
tention. Mrs. Simon Dixhy, who resides in the
rear of Price street, ll pp ire I at the
West Side station nous at tin early
honr yesWrday morning, and com
plained that a gang of toughs had us
ssinl'led in frniit of her home an 1 wr
drinking from a K--.' of bear, Lieuten
ant Williams and Ifflc r Sloat went to
the scene and arrested thvm Tbe
young men reside in tint vicinity and
wsru having a celebration on a pay
day nt the Briggs mine. When Mrs.
Bixby requested them to mov on th-y
threw stones at the do r and threatened
to clean out the family Tbay w.-re re
moved to the West Bldf ttatiou bouse.
Ppoka en the Frot cV
A fair siz d audience greeted Will
inn Davies. of Fiibgoard.W ilea, who is
visiting relatives on this si lu, in tbe
First Welsh Coogregational church
last evening Mr DaV 01 IrotVMd on
tlio French, jiving an xodllnut ae lOnl
of their doingi la the Walab territory
Ho is a line siamlcer and tho leotON
vok'd groat interest and attention
from his audi1 or
Told 1 1 a V w Linst.
Mis B O. Morgan, of North Main
too no, is ill.
Mr. Banry Cbarlaa, of Btrondibnrg,
is tho gut of friend here.
PbilTip Jonai, of WilkMBerro, was
viitiug friends bate feeterd iv
Tho mrtnteraof tbe Plviuouth Coi
gragational church will tun an excur
sion on June 27
Jennie an l Carri'' Abbot, of Carbon
dale, are visiting frt-nls 00 tblialds
Miss J I Philips, of I'utuniu i.reet,
u reooveriog fr m an nines.
John Stovot, of Doylestowo, Buck's
county, it vi'iting his son, ', A. S. ,v,-r,
ol Lafaystte strerl.
A (ioTty consisting of William
Tnomtou, Benjamin Braoeand Wn-
I liam Reese, left for HaDCOCk, N Y., oa
j u fishing trip yatt. rdsv n 'ruing.
William F. Mark-sick an 1 John F
I Janu s, of tbe BftMotb ward, Beaond
I llstrict, srO OaodidStM for delegate to
; His Reptlblioaa cotiaiy eouvention.
Rev, W 8. Jon, pastor of tho First
Welsh Baptlat ch.irth, Beajamio
Mug:., ti. in- u; ! in ten int ( tbo
I Delaware, Laekawanna and vt'eateyo
coinpaiiv. aud i, ti 1 Ii on is I -av to-
day fr Mlaertvllle to itteoad the too
, vntlnu of toe Northeastern Bapliat
ttti'Ci ition
Ti e Sloan Mine Accidental fund will
, run an excursion tn Farview on June 7.
R. v an I Mis. M U Mill, of Boatn
Main uvor.no, have re :urns J from
. Wilkes llarr-
I' .-d l-'vans, of PlrntOOtfe, Wat b-i
( 'larl risrhand llo'iert Linrd.
r si i n t s of so .oylk'll cunly. are lb
gii-s's of friends on In s si le
Owen I) Juhn, has i"jon badness
as ald-riusii in hi new oSbj on North
Main iv-nu.
l er Bel A reit' t ibll an I fli i root .
lueladlag berM, waax aad barMtala
go l ooadilloo. Is,c J. Bvaat, Btl
Hyde l ark avenoe.
Imgracefal ncetie sr being onset" 1
01 SwvUand irMtof late nr OsrAdJ
iveime, Tbfl PBrpetralon are young
mm who get under the leflaeaofl of lu
lose, nl anl i.djotirn to that place to
s. itie ih it (narrel". U,i Tn lav iTan
lag a figbt ovenred wbtcb w. putirt
p :e . In by many young men Anothrr
llgat look place. .ii Wetluee av oTeni'ii.
Tne scenes are tnott diflgrncpf ut an I it
natb of the ooinbetanU can be heard
in all the nslubboring lionaofc
ficraitt't.'a gastaMf lateisjatfl
TBK Tin in ' Will BOOB t'"t'l-h a raro
(uily compiled and ila .tl- I list nf ihe
leaning wnolMala banking, mviufartur
iBgana proftMloaal InterMta of aeraatoa
al d vicllilly. ihe tillt ,-l will be tk-UIld
iB ih k form, baaatKany illustrate t (th
h lugraviire view, of oar public boUfe
: gs. Ie;-n.es I I , ka. tr, eta. ,-lc . together
with portiait of leading eitusn. No
similar woik has -v. r glvm an equal rep.
rflMBtatl ti -if Beraaloa'i many brdna
ul. it mil is. an lavalaabie txpMiUoe
of our busiueoi riouurce. tvnt u
pers n outside th city, copies of
tin hands., in,, work will nttrart
new comers and b an nr.rqualli-d
ailvertloment of tho rity. The i.rcu
latloa Is "ii a plan that rami -t fall of food
resells to tb' iso Boa ears ad as well as the city
atlarge Kepre-entativea nf Tils Tuisras
will call up ei raOBI Wlloaa BAItBB
are hksikxo in this rdl'.lou and explain
it nature more fully.
TbOBflj OMlriBC ViaWB Of their rsflksMOM
in tabadtUoa Brill please have i. ii,-.- at
fl office.
Bibi Teaebere1 inaimte.
ilie Bible tMOhara1 Institute, under the
nro of Rev. Dr Uohinami, m held i very
Friday evening in Ih- lecture pmin of the
Heoond Prwbyterlai eharcbal MO o'clock.
lie tul'jert l the next Sundai a lea-nn,
"il.e hinlhiK d of Mnees " ir. Hobliiaun
I will be happy to show several phoiocraph
I wl leli li.i lairelitta,,,! in 1-',...., rn... ,k.
- , - f, .,"11, hun
rliaraohs of the BlBBteBBth dynasty, whose
i reniaiiis are in the Heimlich
BIBsaam at OarlOt and who are now gener
ally acknowledged to isi tbe Pharaoaa ol
the al 'snle peri il. All perMilia intertod
111 the study of the lesson are welcome.
Em Pa k Church leitnrialnman'.
After tbe King UaBgbtfln supper at
the Klin Park rlinrch last Miiht the schol
ars nf the primary school gave a navel and
pleasing totertalnroeot in th lecture
room "f the chinch Tho room wa
Crowded by tb happiest aud moat com
fortable company of people Whethe- the
y. ung men and tweet mnideus wore
raarobing, singing, or ttandingat statues
the enthusiasm nin high, aud after every
l umber the npplauso was most cordial.
Miss Norton acquitted herself with great
credit. The flnterulameat was imdor the
IBperrllion of Mrs. Swan.
. .
Mothsrst MothtrstI Hothtrflll
Mrs. Wintlow's Soothing Syrup has b en
used lor over fifty ymrs by millions Of
mothers for their children while teething,
with pi rfeel surcess. It sooihes the child",
softeus the gums, allays all pain; cure's
wind colic, and is the l est remedy for di
arrhea. Sold bydiugglsts in every part
Of the World. Be sure and ask f, r "Mrs.
Wintlow's Soothing Syrup," and take no
no other kind. Tweutj -live cents a bot
Now has haschnrjiii of the KRYHTOXK HO
TEL foraiorly cslloil tbe Cross Key, corner
Brumloy ave. and Kwttlar.d. A full lino of
Mqnors, lioer, Alo and Fino Cigars will In,
kept In etock. Mr, l'hllllps will ho hltMeut 0
Hresit his many lrlcnds who will fsvor him
with a e 11.
Manvllle Breaker Soya Oat the Shoit
Slnd of a Strike.
The breaker boys who stopped work
at the Miinville breaker of the I) -la-ware
and Hudson aud Delaware, Lack
awanna aud Western companies Wed
nesday returned to work yesterday.
A oog of one of the maiu rollers
broke und a shut down of a half hour
was necessitated for repairs. The re
port was spread that tbe boys wonld
b docked for the lost time. As they
are paid by tho day, they proposed not
to submit to lost time through, no fault
of their' nud resolved to strike.
Although nearly a day's time was
lost, they returned to work after learn
ing that the report of the dockage was
Have You
Seen the Latest
Neapolitan Ware? It
is the Most Artistic
ever mails.
If you want a good car
riage you should see
Dinner, Tea
Best Assortment.
116 Wyoming Avenue.
"One Coat Mdkes
Them Look Like New'
" las v.ry i' i taiaa tn the a . k i rot
t an-h'iu up ami Bolshlns Kurnitur', Harden
url otvi I nir, nh- Car. !,-. ut,.. , tr.
w "i s , aliestl mala at I Vara tab ami
trai..fo.iii '.a, "a nil" I, aitiful uu.Utiai, ut
Cherry, Mjhoiny,
Oak, Roncwrorl, alnut,
V-rmilllcn and Ebony
Put up 10 Plr.t and Half Iv.nl Cuts.
Be Ban te get Otaseb! Bitraawittaatba
il-. nU
To Obtain Satisfactory Results
with Ready-Mixed Paints
Thl Paint has Nn.ii id fleaBBMl BSfl fur r r
Bttiim vnar nd wi, n- i lu a 'ii I :t as b iiij
rrooomlral. ouavoaioat and itarablr aod
The saii.fai-tmu eaereseed by oor '..:-t-i
arti aeeeaals tor iai laareaaei tra.lo in thu
Uixals asrb a4'ui-D.
Matthews Bros.
32 J Lackawanna Ave.
Print Butter
25c. a lb.
42? Lackawanna Ave.
Victor, Craadroa, Bell pee, LotbIL Diamond
unii Otaar whsele,
And all kinds GARDEN'
SEEDS in bulk and in pack
ages. Pierce's Market
. tJU.WsMtasalllK.-i
Hindoo Handkerchief Puzzle
Now on sale for 25C. or giyen
away with purchase of every suit.
Handsome line of Spring Overcoats
and tbe Nobby "Bell" Cutaway Snits
Sffartin 6c Delany
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
Wyoming Avenue.
AtoOS L-ickawanna Ave.
Millinery Department !
200 Ladies' Trimmed lints, in all the regular shales,
worth $5, for $2.98.
lodoz. Sprays of Flowers, assorted colors, worth 50c, i
for 3 5c. 5
45 doz. Sprays of 1 lowers, assorted colors, worth $1, -
for 39c. 5
20 doz. extra long, full regular made ilermsdorf Dye
Ladies' Hose, worth -;oc., for 25c. "i
36 do.'. Ladies' Mitts, worth 39c, for 25c. I
Il8 pair Lace Curtains, worth $2.75. for $1.75.
110 pair Lace Curtains, worth 3.00, for 2.00.
96 pair Lace Curtains, worth 4, 75, for 2.75. i
18 pair Irish Point, worth 10.00, for 5.00.
18 pair Irish Point, worth 15.00, for 8 50.
10 pair Brussels, worth 35.00. for 15.00. i
Mnwiieiiitifini )'ii!iiM'iiiiiMiii!iiiiiitiiinjiiiti2ti:;i,::i;it!itiJiiiiiumff
Straws a Fine
It's a Great Shock
To tbe folks who ara laimirw thy nniWaoll
all ether lo And that wtthoa tha laael tuta
or btatr we are aivtai eaatoeasn taebea1
lit of nn !i iiportunltios as ti-i-.
Btrlelh Hlah Orada Ufhtretghl
Whssl, 1 an 1 pattera, I. r at In rah
im'i 1 ,it, ru, ai.Mi Wheel, for Bjfd
IBMpattersv eiim Wheel, iai HBeasVt
Thio pnra niaku tha huainrss at our BBMfa,
Bicycle Riders,
Take Notice!
CAPS Invented,
by a rider
Something New
Has the Agency
for them
Are it rrornt tha M i IVipnlar and Piefljned br
readmit Artl.ts
Warsroonii : Opposite Columbus Monument,
208 Washington Av. Scranton, Pa.
Worsted Suit
for Men,
in colors black
and blue, for
Only $9.90
5. -z?
Clothiers. HullersAFurnishera
For Women
Sell, Soil, Sell, is the order
of tho day.
Imported Clay Jackets. Cuf,
Style mill Work Hip host of
the tailor's arl. A reduction
of 50 Per Cent. See tins od'er
t&g of Ili'li-class Jackets
Your size is here.
iii cioth, None Silk, Covet
Cloth and Lace. Ji'.v styles
and prices that will please you,
Printed Duck and Serves,
Stnped and Spot Patterns.
ou ought to bare one. Tho
prioe, $3.50 to $7.50.
G. W. Owens & Co.
Cloak ami Suits Makers,
Court House Square.

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