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We will sell our entire stock .of
New and Stylish TRIMMED
PRICES. Come aud see them at
WE have special facilities for
308 Perm Ave. A. R. WURMAN.
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
We are showing
new designs in printed
415 Lacka. Avenue.
We Will Offer for a Few Days
Fin Moquette Rugs at $2 00.
These Rugs Have Never Been
Sold for less Than (3.00.
127 Wyoming Ave.
Mrs. Benjamin Hon tee left yesterday for
The Y. M. C A. baseball team plays at
Carbondsle to-day.
John 8. JaJwin, of Carhondale, a
brother of U P. Jadwln of tin. city,
died yesterday morning.
Members of the Pres flab wiil receive
tbeir tickets lot the cTeW V .rk trip at lh
clnb rooms this evening.
John J. Golden arrived home from Sara
toga, Y., yesterday, wh-re be had been
rusticating at tho ipriugs for some time.
Deputy Sheriff George Oriswold sold ont
the atock of W. H, Ilelnhart, of lxwer
Lackawanna avenue yesterday. The sum
realized was &70.
Tber will be a meeting of the promoters
of tbe League of the Hiv red II. art this
evening 111 rollege chapel immediately
after May devotions.
Tbe funeral of A. J. Mahon, of Third
street, will take place this morning at
o'clock. A solemn high mass of requiem
will be celebrated at St. Peter's cathe lral.
Horace Lower, mppoied to rw a resldnnt
of Scranton, is dead In .New Fork, Wil
liam Ferguson, 240 William street, New
York, would like t hear from his rela
tives. Yesterday the teacbors and janitors of
tho punllc schools were being paid at the
city treasurer's office. The paying will b
eoutinuod today. Tbe pay will amount to
There is a brisk demand for seats for
"A Daughter of Dixie," Daniel 1.. Hart's
filar, which will lie given at the Krothiug
iam Monday and Tuesday nights, as
benefit for t- I'rjai club.
Mrs. Hannah Woods, convicted At the
present term of qnnrter sessions court oi
stealing a watch and aentenced to a line
end five days in jail, was reloased yester
day, ber term having expired.
Tbe King's Daughters, of Scranton. and
all others interested In Miss Boa (Mini's
work in Jerusalem ere invited to a anion
meeting in Grace Hofurinod l.',piicuiil
church Saturday nf teraoon nt S.N 0 clock.
The funeral of Mrs. M. J. O'Molley, of
Wyoming avenue, will take place at B
O'clock Saturday morning, with a anlnmn
blgb mass of requiem nt St. Patrick's ca
thedral. Interment In Luumore Catholic
Yesterday's issuo of the The Tihmjnk
stated Incorrectly that llev. A. H. Hates
officiated at the funeral of tbe lato M. 0.
Drinker at Grace Koformed Episcopal
church. The services woro conducted by
Rev. George L. Alrlck.
The Central Prohibition leaguo of Scran
ton are to have tbeir national chairman,
Samuel Dickie, at the Frotuingham on
Friday night, May 25. Ho will lecture 011
"Obstacles to Reform." Mr. Dlcklo is said
to be very eloquent and entertaining. Ad
mission will be freo.
Marriage licenses were yesterday granted
to Oscar U Brittan, of Mill City, and Car
le E. Rosalie, of Bchnltzvllln; William
K oh lor and Sophia Weingart, of Scranton:
Herman Rluker, of Scranton, and May
Hackreim, of Moscow; John ilaran and
Annie E. Hoban, of Scranton.
Says tbe Potts ville Despatch: "J. N.
Conyngham, of WilkeB-Barre, W. W. Pat
terson, of Scranton, and Walter Pattorson,
ot New York are a trio of gentlemen who
are interested in the development of Pntts
Vllle's coal fields who camo to town yester
day. They are stopping at the Hall."
Open All Night
at Lohman's Spruce street.
For fine shoes and latest patterns try
the Commonwealth Shoe Store, Washing
ton avenue.
Thar Havo Oona Down
That Is prices at Guernsey Brother
die turn
Williams k mkm
Large Amount of Business Transacted by the
Select Council.
Referred to a Commixtoo for Consi
derationMayor Officially Informed
Council of the Annulling of Certain
Franchises of the Scranton Traction
Company To Sottlc John Daccy's
Twenty -Year-Old Claim.
The select council last night during
busy Reunion lasting nearly two mid a
half lionrs Hcroinplistied a grtntr
nmonnt of business than utual. rresl
dent Chittenden occupied the ohlir.
The nhneutei's were llembere Kily,
alcCeDD, Ifellowe.Keilow and demons.
The pavement ootntnUtee reported
favorably on the ordinance providing
fur the paving of Pine street from
Washington lo Clay avenue and the
necessary carbing attached to th work.
The resolution Wal adopted and tho or
dinance ordered printed.
The recommendation of tho sewers
mi 1 .in. iis oommittee to award tli"
Oakford court sewer to Muldooii &
Bowie at $1 27 per lineal foot was
The recommendation of th streets
and bridges committee Tor the award
ing of the contract for th grading of
Delaware street was adopted. The
n solution contained a provision that
the contract was null and v. -id unless
property owners Waive damage claim"
The contract is awarded to Hi Moon &
mayor'! action indorsed,
Tin-letter from the mayor informing
council ot Ids action in annulling cer
tain franchises of the SsrantOU Trac
tion compauy was received, ami the
position of tho mayor In the matter was
indorsed upon motion of Mr. Bandar-
The names of Oeorgo W Jones, of
the Eleventh war. I, and P, U Welsh,
of the Sixteenth ward, were presented
by the mayor u nominees for regular
patrolmen, Mr. Laner objected to rat
ifying tho appointment! ou the ground
that the m-n ware unknown to many
members, On motion of Mr. Bander-
eon, tl,e appointments were continue I.
The opinion ol Mr. Torfey adflsiog
the city to settle the claim of John
Dacey for salary ns special policeman
tw. nty years ago was received and the
solicitor directe 1 to settle, th claim for
fjno. the amount mentioned.
The city solicitor's opinion bearing
on the rights of electric poles, in tho
locating of poles. showe 1 that the com
panies had ,oly the right to lumiUia
a nnnitier necessary to prop.rly con
duct business. The recommendation
that an ordinance he passed curtailing
the privileges of the electric companies
was referred to its tirop r c mmittee.
finch claim i:kfi:hhed.
The claim of Finch & Co.. agsinst
Frank S uffer to h amunnt of W0
for supplies furnished on a Thirteenth
ward sewer for which Mr Sr.ilT. r has
fulled to pay, was referred to ihe city
solicitor fur u'.jastment
-action of the common conacil ir.
tt" resolution directing the city solici
tor to appeal the Uibson etntt grad
ing cufe, in which the rights of two
boards of viewers is questioned, was
concurred In, except that the matter
of the appeal should be left at the Jit-
i cretlon of the city solicitor
A resolution 01 KM cominin 0 mncil
was concurred in extendi jg the time
of the Scranton traction company s
franchise for the extending of its lines
011 West Lack wanna avenue to North
Main avenue. Mr. L iner's amendment
was aitO passed to tho ff c; that the
mayor and city aolicitor be directed lo
secure a contract from the Traction
company Maiding them to the prori
lion's of the original contract.
The action of th common council
m concurred In lu awarding ths tOO-
tract or (nraithiaf a oiemicil engine
fnr Dm Plm'iiX company 10 Maries 1.
ilidloway MMi a coiilraot for furnishing
,. .t...m lir hi. dine for the Nptnus
by the Atner.canY'r Engiue company
of .--iieca rails, M. 1.
mtllxlK tintUNAVi K KAU'EHfU.l
Tiie bridg bund nrlinanc-i was for
the first tiuiJ received from t , com
uion conucll and was referred lo Us
uror,er committoe.
'I be report of the viewer on tbe
Branding of Luztiih street showed
mat W liiie the original dmuiKii claim
uj. ; 1 i)ijo,u. board only found 'lam
aif-s lo the amount of 11.846, una -half
of winch is lo be pai l by bun-tited
property owners und the balance iy
cltv. Tiie report wis received and
filed and under u further ofdtf of M1-1
peas was passed.
A number or resolutions w.-r re
ceived r.nd referred to committees aa
follows; Providing for a literal sewer
mi p'-nn avenue, between Del aware
.mil Green Hiilge strets; directing the
city Hollcitor to present the options for
the bridge right 01 way 00 BWOtiana
street: provi ling for a Sixth ward
The Roaring brook bridge ordlnnncs
iu 1 first a lul second reading, i he
ordinance providing for the "1 toot flag
ging of Follows' street from Main ave-
Btts lo 1 wetity sacond street passed
lust and s : rod reading.
An nrilinanco passed first an 1 second
reading jiroviding for the extension of
Hois nveiitie to Its full width from tho
Von Storch tract to East Market street
and providing that property owners re
le.so the city from damages.
Tbe ordinance providing for tbe liy
ing of no-font l! - - sidewalk on the
south side of West Lackawanna
avenue, passed first und second rend
The ordinance providing for the con
ctrnclion of a culvert over Lsggett's
e.-Helc on North Main avenue, patted
tnii l and final ren ling,
An ordinance providing for the oon
atructiou of 11 culvert on H'nfTord
MeadOW ltroolc at Prospect avenue,
passed third an I final reading
'llio ordinatico providing for the
PUtslon iivouue culvert, pasted third
and final rea ling.
The ordlnanc.i providing for thn v
eating of the abandoned Pltlston turn
pike road between Gibbons mil Hin
ders street, pass -1 third aud final read
Those of Ihomaa Mulltn, of Soranton,
and Aiianst Ollsndlck, of Archbali
III Rpglt-ter of Wills Koehler's office
vouterdnv thu will of Thomas Mullen.
late of the city of Scranton, WHS pro-
luteu. uvvivre iratainvDHirj were
L'l-iiiitnd to Thomas J. Mullon.
The will of August Ollendick, late of
Ami, Iml. I was also mobatod. and let
ters testamentary granted to Jacob
Wagner aud August Dnsenorock
For floe shoes and latest patterns try
the Common wealth oboe Store, Washing
ton avenue.
Will Be Seen Here with the Baruum &
Ballsy Shew.
Chlko, ihe giant gorilla In the Bar
nutn & Bailey show, which copies to
Scranton next Thursday, is a high
liver. He feeds on the finest tropical
fruits, milk, rice, fresh egge aud port
wine, and he demands frequent
meals and makes his demands known
n an imperious maimer which shows
that be expects to be obeyed. When
hungry or thirsty, Chiko taps ou the
glass of his ca ;e with his big forefing
er, nnd as soon ns the keeper opens the
door ho claps wiiu bis big bands twice
for souiethiug to eat, nnd onco for 11
drink To see him eat 11 raw
egg is a comical sight. Taking
it in his two gMat hands, be-
side which n veteran base ball
player's look like an infant's, he bronks
tho shell at one end, carefully picks
nway enough to get at the contents,
iud then Hin-ks it ont. As sonu as the
shell is empty ho holds it out to be tilled
with wino to Wain down the, morsel.
Tho other Uy in llarrishurg a mis-
chi iVOni young Malay in tbe ethnolog
ical congress got hold somewhere of a
hiiia dummy egg, such us is used tin
ier Hitting hens and smuggled it into
the tout He manured to make the
ntlro heterogeneous collcctiou of po-
ple understand that ho was about to
per PCI rata a bnge joke, and when the
keeper's buck was turned he handed it
to Chiko. The big gorilla took it and
tried to crack tho end against th,. tmrs
of his cage, and persls'eutly picked at
it with his lingers for ihe tpaooof live
minutes. Ills luatillity to multo an
opening seemed to puzzle him and after
another intffeOtUtl attempt be took it
it into bis teeth. 1 he experience was
anything out pleasant, for ho Imut-
Httely dropped it, bopptd to the back
slJ of the cage and nursed his law
with both handl Then ho got ill id; it
bad. apparently begun to dawn upon
him that lie had ben tricked ('tier
ing a shrill cry he jumped npon the bit
of china nitu alt fours nnd Htttinpied
to crush it. The round thing to ik a
lurch lldtwite and in the melee tripped
him and ho oaine down on his hauuehee.
The assembly of curious types out
side were in a roar, and their hilarity
attracted Cbiko't attention He rs
giudsd them intently for a few in on
ills ami llieu loall appearances r--
sunn d bis attack on the egg The Bit
ohievous Malay imd got into the front
row to secure a full view of Ids suc
cessful practical joke, nnd Chiko got
bit eye on him. Suddenly raising him
self to his full height he began lo chat
ter rapidly and angrily, and hurled the
egg full at the convuUed Malay The
attack was unexpected, and the young
fellow got a blow In the r lis that don
bled him up. Then he was mud and
was in tho act of throwing back at the
animal when the ntteudunt returned
and put a stop to the riot.
Since this Incident the Singhalese,
Asmuris, Australians and all the rtrt
of the 800 ethnological spuciiueus have
had a very wholesome respect for
Chiko. While this trouble was taking
place, next door to her Johanna slept,
carefully rolled up in hsr blanket.
Stiugzls Ovsr Paptrs from Lt Eighth
Ward Court
ExAldtrmaa 0 M DeLoug and ids
old assistant, Attorney W. J. TrMtf,
have arrived at the parting of the
lie .Mr DeLoug was al.Wman of
the Eighth ward. .Mr. Treoey was his
confidential assistant, and they were
als.i 1 iw p irtners.
hen the aid -rmau became Involved
in trouble Mr. Traoy openet an office
of bis own. .Mr lLoug claims that
Mr. Traoy look with him csrtsin
nooks an 1 private pspors w'llcn tu
.-( ill riu i'i 1 iy nr .. pi .. -r: v
He made a demand for their re
turn and as it was not" c mn i-1
wilii hs obtained a eearcii war
rant from Al lerman l-V zimm ns
which was yesterday plated in tho
bands of an officer. Mr, Traoey admits
ted btvtog the tnpers and gave a b in 1
in the sum of BOO for to produce them
in court when wanted to answer the
charge of larceny which follows the
search warrant.
Mr. Tracer turned over two law books
to the ex-alderman which he said he
borrowed from Attorney J Billot i'.o,
to whom Mr. O Long, tin ssi !, hud
loan, d them. Mr. 1 rscey asserts that
'.he papers for Wfeleh the search war
rant was issued are his personal prop
erty und be proposes to retain litem
lot ilciir.NK reporter last night Mr.
Ii L log laid th it he bad been most un
justly treato-I during tho past yeur.
and that the dilll-nlties he became in
volved in dtiiing t .at time were due to
the misconduct of persons in whom ho
reposed the utmost confidence. lie
said that arrests will be in ids in the
near future and facts givin to the pub
lie which will prove that what be says
is true.
- -B0AR0
important Usstlug Will IU Held Mon
day Nik-ht.
Probably what will prove to bo ono
of the most impirtatit meetings of the
board of trade Bince winter will occur
Monday night.
Tho msnnfactnrers' committee has
for a month been considering as many
as seven negotiations and propositions
for tbe locating hsre of industrials
Important action in in my cases will
be taken.
A better method of cleaning the
streets and the location nf Ilia pro
posed bridge across the Lsckawanna
have been considered by tho streets
nnd highways committee aud the dis
cussion attending the report will be
participated lu by unuy prominent
pi.-ipe 1 men.
For souio time the board has tndttV
1. red to have the railroad companies
side track sleepiug cars at the various
depots so that travelers can retire early
In the night and not bo compelled to
wait for the arrlv il of eatly morning
trains General Manager Balltttad.
of the Delawaro, Lickawauna und
Wostorn, and other otliclals have been
approached by the transp irtatlo i com
mittoe, who will report 00 tbe matter.
Reduced railroid fares wld also bedis
cussed. Several applications for membership
will be tided upon and Interesting
c 1 111 in u 11 lc.it i o 1 s will be r -a I
Muslo Bezss Exclusively.
Best made. Play liny desired number of
tunes. Guutscbl ii Sous., manufactuiers,
ItiSO Chestnut street, Philadelphia Won
derful orrhestriul orgaut, only 15 and f 10.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired aud improved with uew luuos. N
The Bast
Man's IS Russia calf shoe lu tho cltv is
found at the Factory Shoo Store, "411
Lack'u nvo.
Ir you have a mortgage, a lot, a house
or a business property to tell I shall be
pleased to confer with you.
F. K Wood, Wood's College,
For fine shoes and latest patterns try
the 1 ' e oi wealth Shoe Store, Washing
ton avenue.
If it is a house or a lot you want to turn
into money, call at office ot
Wood's Coli.koc.
Wants City to Exact Toll from Farmers
Coming to City.
Traction Company Giv.in Permission
to Connect Lackawanna Avenue
Hill Track with Other Lines Cap
tain Moir Wants tho Firo Depart
ment Building Erected Contract
Awarded to Muldoon and Bowie.
James Orier, the comhatntivo yonng
man who represents the Third ward of
this oify in tho common conncll is
nothing if not original
Ho astonished hit colleagues beyond
measure last night by one of his out
bursts of oririnnlity.
A communication from Mvor Cn
nell bad bm-n reed for tho benefit of
council which was accompanied by an
opinion from ex Judge .lessup which
stated that th city was responsible
for the repair of that portion of the
Providence turnpike in tho Providence
portion of the city, that b.'iug tho
agreement on the part of the city when
tho toll gnt -a within tho city were re
moved The mayor suld that tho company
threatened to have the road repaired
at once and charge the expense to the
city unless tho latter luuVed in the
matter. To nvoid trouble his honor
directed Street Commissioner lurst to
repair the thoroughfare so far as lay lu
his power.
hk ciMEii's pnopoamox.
Mr Orier did not think th at was ex
actly right and he repeatedly laid the
city ought to go slow in IIih matter
It w. a explained for ins benefit that it
was possible that the loll g ttes might
bu rtplteed 011 th road if the city be
came obstinate.
"Well then," said Mr. drier, "I say
that if the city has to repair that road
it ought to put up gales and obtrgt Ihe
farmers toll, but leave th sin thnelly
go free. That's n proposition I'd be in
favor of for it's the farmers that get
the benefit of tho rotd."
Then Mr. lirier dropped into his
seat, apparently well satisfied, while
Morgan sweetmv groaned and Tom
Howe looked at Arja Williams 111 a be.
wildered way. Mr. Swonoy wis iho
first to recover and he nppel M
drier's idea with merciless steel. Xi
further aOtiOfl was taken on it for Ibt
position of the mayo! was iuiiuj.lutely
endorse ! by the body.
A resolution wns pttttd granting the
traction company permission to cou
nsel thtir rails nt Ninth street and
Muin avenue with the lino laid on
Lackawanna avenu ) hill within tweuty
days. The proposition was opposed by
Mr McLean and Mr drier.
Other resolutions passed were
Awarding contract for peviug, flagging
and curbing in front of Kxcelsior ll se
house to Muldoou St Iliwie for 17il,
askiug plans for t-ldewslks 011 Mousey
IVtnM between Delaware itrest and
Sunset aVtone) directing mayor,
city engineer and city treasurer
to nsuotlste for the Mttle
ment of damages which may be caused
by city iiuprov. mcnls arid if they fail
in a settlement then visw-rs are t be
appointed by tho court. A resolution
for the removal of the Niagara Hats
compauy to Pr -vidoncs road and Court
tree! was referred to the tire depart
ment commutes.
('putu Moir stirred up the pu'ii
I uibliug committee for not proceeding
to have the tire department tiuildiugl.i
the rear of the city hall erected.
Mr. Howe presented an orlinance for
laying tl Ig walks 00 Itontty avstitio
from Delaware to M intty avtnae
Mr. Sweeney called up Iho OrdiOaBM
that repeals an old ordinance regulat
ing the police department that bears
date of I860 The ordinance passed
tWO reading.
Mr. Schadt calisd np the ordinance
forop-nlng Fairview court 10 Robin
Son street It pissed two readings
Mr. Howe prettnted a dog tax pti-
tiou and i: was granted, lie also pres
ented a petition lor a tiro alarm box in
his ward This was recttre.l and
pines d ou file Mr Howe also pres
ented u po'.illon asking for grade ou
Ptnn avenue It ws referred to a
. Mr. Moir resented t naolntlon di
recting the atreet comuiisstour to as
certain the til., mage done to Alungt n
turnpike by reason ot placing water
Her Condition Ubnwn by th April
Vila Slatlsilos
The vittl itiUttiot o( Boranton for ti e
monlh of April reve.il lll'i deaths, nine
of which were MOldlRttL Tht rule is
grttttr than tht moritilty of tht fire)
two months of the er, lot exactly
the n. line us the Karoo Itaiisiiot,
Pntnmoola, twenty ssveu uas.'s. was
tho most usual cause of death ( It bar
causes were Infantile OOOVnltiont,
twelve, bronobiliti nint: coninmpttoo,
eight, heart disease, six , meningitis,
The greatest number of de.itiis 00
cured Hiumig infants under 0:1s year of
nge and I lie least plillf. or between 111"
ages of ID and M
For the four years preceoding,
the nverago April death rate has been
only 121) showing the past fo.ir
months mortal i ly to have increased
tnirt. eu and o ie-h.ill i' i-s
During the month 100 cases of co 1
tagiOUl diseases existed us follows:
lleatlet, ISO) diphtheria, 18; scarlet
fever, B typhoid,
Apprara as a Preettttt cf Kotsl It iptr
Palrlck Hnllslly of Dickson City,
who recently was iirrrsted on compiainl
of his wife and placed under bonds by
Al l. riu in Post to keep tho pence,
figures again in court. Tuts time he
is 1 pnars us proic-ntor against John
Pressman, of I'rlcolmrg, who ht al
leges sells liquor on Sunday.
Pressman gave ball before Jnstlco of
the Pence L 'gun, of Prtcehurg, to ap
pear before Alderman Post yesterday,
when the cme was postpone! to M iy Hi).
Candid tt for County Treasurer.
W. K, Heck, of Moscow, antu.uuces him
self as a candidate before tho Hopubllcnn
convention for the uuuiiuntion for comity
treasurer, and respectfully solicits the
support of bis friends,
Btanoa-raphora Furnished.
Wo are prepared to furnish business mon
with first-class stenographers by the day
cr hour. Exnrrt bool-keotiliig a snoclaltv.
Scranton Commercial Association, Lim
ited, il'Ja bpruco street. '
Citrb for Cnoi'P. Use Dr, Thomoi,'
KclecliicUil accurdlog to illrectiote. It ii
tbe best remedy for nil suddeu attache of
colds, pain aud iufiamiuatlou,aud Injuries.
Thay Ware Qlvau at ths Academy of
Music Tattsrday.
"The Rose of Killarney" was given
'is a matinee by the Minnie Lester
company nt the Academy yesterday
afternoon, and lust night "The Silver
Lodge" was seen. Both ware given in
u most satisfactory way.
This nfternoon 11 splendid matinee of
"Tho Hand of Fute" will be givan. and
touight "Bencou Lights" will be tho
Manager Mitchell announced that
the ongngemout of Miss L -st-r and her
excellent company would be extended
one more week. Later Mr. Mitchell
wna soen by a TBIOUXI representative,
und said:
"Yes, Miss Lester hue decided to
play another week in Scranton before
going to Atlantic City for tho summer
season. We shall overcome tiiis streak
of hot weather by putting in elootr.c
fob! to cool the audi lor. 1 1 1 1 1 next
week. Although the theater goers of
Scranton are not iu the habit of bav
in.' mulinvosso often, still I think (hat
our popular ladies' matineoM will bt
largely attended tho lulance of tlna
week and next. On Saturday afternoon
Miss Lester will present for the ladies
and children "FtUObOO tho Cfioket,"
probably ono of tha most popular
matinee bills of Miss L 'Ster's tXttntiVI
repertoire. Next week Miss Lester
will present Home pew plays, among
which may bt mentioned, "A Barrel
of Honey," Ragged Jack," 'Eory
0'Moore, "Tho Devil' Mine," otc. At
the matinees on Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday und Saturday Miss Lester will
produce what alio culls "ri quest bills."
Sno will receive, by mill only, opto
Monday, May 21, r, quests for the
Wednesday maliuoe play and ao ou
throughout the engagement. Tbett
riijiissl bills are popular fads In other
oilltl and will no doubt be successful
here. The prloj will rem lin the sain?,
that Is, ID ceule to ail put U of the bouse.
Numerous the are partltl are organ
izing for the coming week's engage-in-lit,
whith will probably be a most
IQCOeetfol one, as Mi" Lester has made
an excellent reputiU m bore, by her
really clever work.
Polandtr Itun Down by a D , L. & W.
Punhsr Eotilns.
John Jnlvt, a Poltnder, was struck
and almott instantly killed by a uiher
nslne going north 011 th-i truck "f the
Delaware, Lttkawanna and Western
ruilroal near ths Hsrdly Able mines
yesterday inoriiing ut 7 o'clock Julvo
was on bis way to work at the lime
Hu was an employu of the Providence
1 lotl company
Spectators of the accident state that
J ill vo made a deperate effort to snVe
his life After being struck ht caught
tbe engine and held on with the ten
acity of despair for upwards of lull
ysrds when ma grtip Wdakensd. The
train then passed over his legs aud
An Imi rovithtd stretcher wss pro
vided nnd Ins remaius conveyed to tho
switch shanty.
Tbe deceased Is c imperatively un
known anl hud been working but a
few days.
An ErJ .ysbln Supppsr.
1st night the Ladles' Social union of
the IVnu Avenue lt.ip'.ist church gave au
other of tho lUppefl Which have given
thtir organization quite a local reputati n
foi goo 1 cookery a. wo, I a lmou deada.
The supper wat conducted ander the m
pervihiou of tht pteeldtnt of too tteoola
Hun, Mis L.-vi N'. : ihr.1,1, who was us
1st, d by Mrs. J K Si. lie, Mrs. A L. Col
lins, 11 r. V rar.k llallste.il nLd MrK. War
ran O. Partridge. Tbe faaty article table
eras 111 thtrtt of Mrs Thomas Moore, as
sisted bv .Miss Anna M D wiling. Those
bo managed .be tables were .4 re li. J.
Ibotin-. Mrs D A Cupwell, Mrs. P. E.
White, Mis. Rd Wlltlame, Mrs, W, h.
Pierce, Mis. 11. M. r-ir.vtur, Mr- Chart.
Hen-wood, Mra w. D, 1 ariaimaa, Mrs
JaaM lb rlon, Mrs. Harry inith. Mrs
Klora RidgWty, Mrs. Z Taylor, Mrs. An
drew namiai and Mm. linimt Welchel.
BOROUGH ofhci ms a: tVeVat,
Mandamus Procisdluga H twssn XeWa
Clsik and AtidiUir of OlypliacU
Attorney Jonu R. Jones, acllng for
John Palmer, town cleric of Ibt bor
ough of 1 11) po tDt, jirese ,te.l a gtUtloO
to court (ter lay tekt'ig the bcrongh
auditor', Bnjemin lUILdeorga White
and 8 K Roebltr, to ihow oatut why
( mindainui ibontd not e issued.
Oompeiiiog them to turn oy r ull pa
pers, books, .li ciimsnts nti I possessions
belonging lo OlyplMAl borough now
held by them, to P.ilmer. who olaieM
that he Is the proper and lawful per
son to bo le possesion of theru.
Court grunted t..- :ule and the p.i
peis were served on the Ulihmt
auditors V eettr J ty nfleruoju by Dep.
uty Sheriff QrllWWd,
- I.
A th at la TtlTtfft
Tho biennial athletle tournament of
the Turner societies of iho Philadelphia
.li-trict will be held in tin. city tin lr the
OMaagtOM .t of the S.-riiu'ou i'uru Vernn
Aug. SU and ill at Central Park ard..:i.
Ho chiles from I'h'.hi.lelphia, wtthtmtpi rr,
Keadlug, ilkes-liarre. Trenton and Can
den, N. J , win partlolpaee In the sventa,
'Ihe local Turners are iirraugiug for au
exrur-Uoii to Purview.
A p clalty
At our Htnre this Week is our Men's tl H
t'J.OO, i.Ml and t,C0 shoee. All styles.
I'ncloiy Shoo Store, III iiSth't ITS
Peadtaaton WoirB'a and Ballantlna's
Alee are the best. K. J. Walsu, agtOl at
Lackawanun avannai
A10 tht WOrkg d' 11 M litH.lb.ir
row. it slioiilil bo oik-d ouoc
It is 11 much finer piece of
i&oolutuiiiu inn! Bhoold lie
cleaned und oiled every yetr.
to keep it in good order.
Have it done by
W. W. Berry
TP10 Jeweler
Who hits hud twenty-five
yeuiB' experience. You will
And bin) at
A1"7 Lacka
Avenue. Best Sets of Teeth, $g. 0o
Including the painless extracting
it teeth by an tntireiy uew pro
S. C. Snyder, D.D.S.
Notlaa to Talcphone Eubsoribsrs.
Tho Central Penn'a Telephone and Sup
ply company kindly requests ita subscrib
ers and customers to prohibit persons not
furnished with its stnndard badge from
entering upou their premises nnder pre
tence of beiug Telephone employes.
Takes a new lease of life tho minute
S you bring it into our store. To cou
J Vinoe yon of thn truth of our ntuteinunt
s we 11 ttuiu a few prices.
5 Tea or Coffee Pots '''cloV.l1,- 55c.up
I ''Marion Harland" Cofee Fots B5c .up
A touoh and there's thn full
S bletei another tonob,goael C'loan,
simple, safe. 7Ac. up. Many
sizes and kinds.
0 . up Don't hnild n lartre
eoul tire this warm wvathur; It
1111. he,, tlio uh houe uncou-
Wo ha. i) noinethiug entirely now -
BP8ARH ookim; Bapge the
very latest traodor, HI id to bhuw yuu
tho pi lata Come In and sec, It Is nut
to buy always.
120 PI..VN AYKNVK. m
128 Wyoming Ave.
We are now displaying
11 line line of
The month of May always brings
these to the fore. It is the month in
which the GRAND ARMY in all
parts of the Union sees to its uniform
and fits itself, to properly decorate
the graves of fallen comrades.
Full Grand Army Suits
from $3.50 UP- single and double
breasted, each coat and vest being
made with eyelets and furnished with
two sets of buttons.
Every purchaser of 81 worth or over receive a chance on
the Jkautiful PARLOB SUIT.
137 AND 139
Complete Outfitters.
S. L. O
We Don't Want
The Drum
Your Ear
Straw : Hats
None Cheaper
Styles Correct
This Week
A $150 Leghorn Hat for
79 cents.
Flowers, worth 50c. a Sprjy,
For 15 cents
Our Trimmed Hats marked down
to half price.
Cloak Oept.
A find Clay Worsted Coat,
linedwith Moire Silk, worth
$14, for $6.
A Black Moire Silk Cape for
$9, worth $20.
Your choice of 100 Capes
and Coats, in all shades,
for $2.98, worth from $7
to $15.
Also, a Tailor-made Suit for
$4.98, worth $7.
138 Wyoming Ave.
j aay
But we want to impress
upon you the fact that we
are offering better values in
footwear than any othei
Shoe House in Scranton.
Call and we will prove it to
you. The benefit will not be
one-sided. We'll get a new
customer, that's true, but
you'll save money by trading
with us.
Cof- StJ'eA'
None Better
Prices Right

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