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COur Corssts Are
Tue Tiilk of the Town.
OOnly ltoliubla
Makes Handled.
RTlio moat complete stock in
the city.
S Don't ruiu jour form wear
ing poor Corsets.
EWben wo Kuanmte Cor
net we stand by such guar
antee. TAII late iuiproreuieuts are
in onr Corsets.
SOnr Prices
Are Popular.
Almost every woman find'a light,
fleecy shawl a most dtsirable adjunct
to her summer wardrobe, especially on
cool evenings in the country moun
tains or at the sea shore. We have a
very attractive line at much less than
prevailiug prices.
White and Cream
Our stock in rich in btaOtifol, dainty
White and Cream Fans; most accepta
ble graduating gifts, at 50c. ,75c, $1.
$1.25, $ 1.50 and up to $5.
Not those that yon eat. but those
tbat you wear. Duck Vests wo a ovale
of to fit stylish ladle SilM from 81
to 3Sl Prices, $1 30 to double
tremteJ, with pesrl buttous.
Trimmed and Untrimmed
Hats and Bonnets
For Women and Children are shown
at all times nt most moderate prices.
Grt-at Uaal :.t Cincinnati In tlm Ico Age.
The country in the vicinity of Cincinnati
owes lis unsurpassed beauty totbeoperar
tions of nature during the glacial era. It
was the ice movements that gave il those
fine terraces along the valleys and graceful
contours of formation on the summits of
the hills ffcat were so attractive to the pio
neers. Here it was thai the great ice move
meet from the north ended. As h is been
remarked, "Those were the days of ilie
beautiful take rather than the beautiful
No single cause hasdoneraore to diversi
fy the surface of the country, to add to the
attractiveness of the scenery and to fur
Dish the key by which the condition of tho
Ice age can bo reprxluced to the mind's
eye than glacial dams. To them we owe
the present ffatOOf of nearly all the
waterfalls In North America, as well as
nearly all the .akes.
A glacial dam across the Ohiorhrr is
opposed to have existed at the site of Cm
cinnatl during the ice age, and tho evi
dence supporting the theory is so full ami
conclusive that its existence can almost be
assumed us an aUuiute certainty.
The evidences of the former existence of
this dam ami the lake caused thereby were
first dlsWWtd and the attention of the
scientific (TOrld attracted thereto in the
summer of 1Mb Professor O. Frederick
Wright, of Oberlin. Howe's Historical
Collections of Ohio.
Cow Hells.
The hell seen on a cow's neck looks like
very ordinary article, but in reality it Is
different from any other kind of hell in
nw, and ismado especially for the purpose.
There are several thousands old annually
in this country, and 'JO per cent., if not
tnoro of them, are made in Col il tin villi?,
where the industry has assumed quite im
portant proportions, shipments of cow liells
going to Mexico and Canada, and even
touch more distant points.
Thu demand from western ranches used
to be very large, aud It Is still heavy, (of
not only is there a bell carrier or two in
moat herds, hut there is almost always a
rellablo slow going old mare In n horse of
mule herd, her location being indicated at
an immense distunes by the ball, and the
presence of the younger animals around
her being assured.
The cow bell has covering of copper,
and used to be quite an expensive article,
but of late years Improvements in ma
chinery and reduced ooat of material have
brought the price down to about a fourth
of the old standard. There is little salt In
lnrgo towns now to what there used to he
before stock laws wero so rigidly enforced.
Interview in St. Douis Q lobe-Democrat.
ftalirig- Men hy IVIeuna of the ling.
Warden Davis, of the Jackson (Mich.)
prison, has a peculiar method of reading
the nature of the prisoners In his charge.
"A mean man hates u dog," said Warden
Davis, "you can put that down as morally
certain. 1 have stationed my old family
dog here good old soul, never had a mean
thought in his life, did you, old man at
the gate as the convicts (lied through, and
watched their faces as they saw him. The
men whom wo know to be wicked, black
souled criminals either look away from the
dog or glare at him with a look of wild fe
rocity, while tho better class of convicts
smile pleasantly at the old chap and fre
quently favor him with a pleasant word."
A Quarter Century Test.
For a quarter of a coutury Dr. King's
New Discovery has been tested, and the
millions who have received benefit from
its use testify to its wondorful curative
Eowers in all diseases of Throat,' 'best and
lUugs. A remedy that has stood the test
so long and that has given so universnl
satisfaction is no experiment. Each bottle
is positively guaranteed to give relief, or
. .. Ml . . J. 1 I ...... -.I
me money win oereiunuuu. n is n'mm u,
to be the most reliable for Coughs and
Colds. Trial bottles Free at Matthew Bro's.
Drug Store. Largo size 60c, and f LOO. '
Highest of all in Leavening Powci.
News of One Day Epitom zt t for Intelli
gent K ndan
tonxiai to the Abronfoh IWowm,
AROHBALD, May 17. Councilman E.
A. Jonvs is in Alloona, representing
Archbald lodge of Odd Fellows at the
state convention of that order.
Mr. and Mrs James Congblln, of
Railroad stltK't, have ug liu bi'n called
on to mourn the loss of a child, their
l-venr-old daughter, Mary, having died
this morning after u short llluess. Duly
last Friday their eldest child died, atid
this affliction coming so soon after tills
the stricken parents with sorrow.
There is mueh sympathy felt for thorn
E.lward McDonnell, of Cemetery
street, is building a line dwelling house
at the Wayne street corner. It adds a
grout deal to the tppearanoa of that
A congregational meeting will b
held in the Presbyterian church nt 8
o'clock ou Monday ovening. At a re
cent meeting of the same Congregation
the following persons wero elected
trustees: Stephen Cairns, of Newton,
for H years; A. Samson, I! years; 0
It. Eaton. 2 yoars; Professor It. N
Davis, SyetlSj and ltichard Clstkion,
1 year,
The forty hour's devotion in St
Thomas' church closed yesterday morn
Ing with n high miss. At th service?
Sunday evening ltv. Frank Mack,
formerly of this place, pfMOBed an
Me and impressive sermon on "Sotn
dal." The evils that follow the un
charitable nss of the tongue were
graphically descnled and adrlco was
given which, if followed, will be pro
ductive of good. A noteworthy feature
of th services was tho excellent si g
ing by Miss Attttta Drown, of St Pit
rick's choir, C Olyphunt; her rendition
of Cbernbinl'i "Ava Maria, 11 bavins
been admirable
Jums A. K arnev, A. J Cawley,
Captain P. J McAndrew and Miles J.
McAndrew attended the Toting Hen's
Inatitne entertainment at Peokville on
Tuesday eveniog.
Dr. and Mrs. Van Dnran and Maggie
Alzinaaud Charles Baton were at the
performance of '"The Piratea of Pjn
zmee" in Carboml.le on TussJ iy eve
ning. After making hit home on the rolling
deep f' r live years, Wultur Ibllke. ol
tho Baflt Bide, is again wilb u. Mr.
linrke hss seen service in th navy OH
the warships K-rarge and Benning
ton, and tells interesting stories of oil
travels, His mauy friends will be glad
to :;reet him.
On Tuesday evening Miss Marv
Kraft, the oharinlug daughter of Mr
and Mrs Peter Kraft, of Bonth Main
(treat, ww married to Qeorga P Lo-
rmz, of Dun tnore, formerly of this
place The cerouiony was performed
by Rev. J. 0 Kn lolph in the Lath
ern churci'. A reception whs held at
the home of the bride Which was at
tended by many frien It of the young
people, Tb"y will live in Dnnmore,
Every one vtiu wish mem success, ior
they deserve it
The mines In this vicinity am tusk
ing reuinrkaMy g ol time, The Del i
ware and Hudson mines are working
Hire- -quarter time, aud so far they
have made nearly (nil time at the Ray
Su'quhsnna OoantV Nw. Tcld la
Brl f rraraphs
prxciat to tit aerfealea lYJeaaa
IIaI.LsthaD, Pa.. My 17 -Il.inj .mill
Bead and wife emiod Bingham ton
Qertrnde Nloboli is vlaltlng fritndi
in Brooklvn
David Depew, of liiugn imton, n for
mer hotel proprietor iu Uruat Hon I,
wis In town today.
Mrs Terboaa hai the foundation laid
for a honse on Do lion street.
E H. Call, the hustling agent of
TBI Twin NK, visited this city yostei
dsv Kate Gannon, of 'lllngbamton. Wno
has been visiting her mother, iu tins
place, hss rettirnod home
Tom Maguire, wno. it will be remem
bs red, broke his kneo cap tome time
ago by jumping, is able to be cut
Mr an'. Mrs. Joseph Mrl.totl visited
New Milford frien Is yesterday.
Patey Bony, wiio has been the night
caller for four or five yeHts, has gone
to (irilnp on the Delaware, Licka
wsiina and Western.
John McAIOOO, of Chase avenue, who
i.as been ill 'or four weeks, has gone to
his work again on the iKduWare, lack
wanna and Westorn.
Crl letting n Y unir Lsiy.
"She BfonM he a pretty girl for but MM
thu g."
"What's lhatr asked Charley,
i ,,. d ,.H,.r fscii is always covered with
purple and red blotches.
Ofcariey Ob, that's easily iii db
liosed of. Used to h i thu sanm w,' iny
elf. but I eHiiifbt on to the trouble una
day, and got rid of it iu no time.
(jeorge What was It!
i barley Simply blool eruption. Took
a short Course of P. P. P. 1 tell yon, it' .
the boss nlood corrector. The governor
had rheumatism so bad that youtnuld
hear him ho'ler clear across the p oultry
every time ho moved. Be tried It, and
you know what an athletic old lent he is
l ow. If somebody would give Miss Delay
n pointer, she would thank them after
wind. All too drug stores sell it.
I s
forest citv flashes.
Ths Contesled Election Cats Ptrsonal
end Other Items.
filarial to the Hcranton fWcefte
FdwstCitv, Pa., Mny 17 -"Dub"
Martin, of Oarbpndale, was allowed the
freedom of this oily yesterday.
The picnic hi Id by the Foresters
yesterdny was well attended and provod
lo be a financial success.
Harry Skeels, of Carboudale, was
visiting friends in town ycntcrlay and
participated in the festivities of the
M. D. Evans spent a short time last
evening iu Carboudale on business.
About twenly-fivo persons took the
teacher's iximination today in the
school l.ous- given by Profees3r W. D.
(HI lett, superintendent of Sosquohaunn
county schools.
Miss Olia Lenning, one of theofil
cient teachers in our school, left this
afternoon for ber home in Sufquo
nanna. Her sister, Misi Martha Den
ning, who bos been visiting here, also
Depositions are being taken in tho
borough contested election cases today
at Attorney Wedeman's office by Com
mlsioner b. W. Brewiter,of Montrose.
Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Con Donovan representing the con
testant in tho tux collectorship, Attor
ney Wedeman the defense.
John Gardella, of Jermyn, visited
John Biggio today.
Our Correspondent Views the Situation
at Basn of Irvine Cliff.
social fetas Stoma fos IWeaae,
IIonksdm.k, Pa , Mav IT -MissSadln
E. Mill was married at noon today to
Andrew Bit rd Donamore,of Weiisboro,
Pa. The oeremony was performed ut
the home of her mother on Beat streel
by Krv V. H Barghtni Oitly rela
tives of tho bride wore present. Am m u
thosa from out of town were Mr and
Mrs John Bwittton and Mis Anna
I'randt, of
Mrs. W.
mond, and
l'ort Ji-rvis. Mr an I M is
left on the 1 'Jil tiruvity
K. Oreely and son ly
Mis. Joseph Gillespie, of
ure visitiii"
Hon. sdalu
Ei Bebardt, of Bawley, was a oaller
In town today.
The time of tho KlrmeM matinees
have been changed from I p. m to I BO
p. m.
MUs Francis limit. Miss Em Wells,
and Mits Heth Archbald, of Seranton,
are the guetts of Mist Ddsv HolmM,
Miss It 'liu. of Soranton, is the gu st
nt the Mutes Stanton.
William F I ! i irn i lias purchased the
property lately owned py ins mother,
It is nnderatood that some prominent
Scrantoolani wlio were present at the
Kirmets Wednetlav evunlug d"tirel to
engage Miss Slowart to place a Kir
meal in Bcranton during the coming
(all for tllu benefit of the Assuciatod
Cnarltles. They expressed tneir high
appreciation of the Klrmtei here
The people of Honeadale were very
much pleaaed with tlm appearance of
the Thirteenth regiment here and the
soldiers of the Thirteenth are lond in
their praise of the supper served thuiu
by the ladies of tho Meluolist Episco
pal church.
Eleven hundred people witneeeej the
KlrmeM Ust night. The bo nee ws
crowded, all standing room b-iug tak -n
up It was uncomfortably warm Tba
lane went elf with the same ex.'el
lenoe of the preceding livening, but the
audience, aithongh delighted, wr
cold in their applause. UjoI, loud
iiand clapping from an approving
iiudi -nc-i would st iinulatii the dancers.
Lt us have it. Patronizi tne various
booths. Cigais. cigarettes, Huylei's
cindiet, fancy articles, Viimtitu and
I ,pu"s war", p 'it 1 1 plants and cut
tl iwers cau be mpplle 1 you Onane
.ire bviug taken on a palm, clock,
mandolin, puuci bjivl, Japaneae enr
tains, etc.
Mis. W. F. Ilrigirs held aimisiiou
ticket that won the f, latl evening,
With every purchase yofl are given a
ticket that is one 0OAUOC on Miss
BroMoomba'i etching
After th Kirmaaa you are at lib)r;y
to dance on the stage
Tonight It Port Jorvla night, arp'
oUI tram will hi run lo House Isle. It
it reported on the streets tonight thai
orer two buiidred excursion tickets
have been sold.
All t ;e resvrve seats have ben taken,
Then is lively eonteal going no
oyr the two licycl-s oil r) A uuiu
bar of young ladii s ar coutettautt for
ibe one aud asveul b -s for t.'ie other.
Little Lecalt Coi.cemlng th fljlit la
ih Honr ( Uv.
Scint tottim sririan Trtbun.
CiUOHbAtg, i'a. May 17 Mrs
Philip Berrymtn and littie danghter,
uf Oueonta, N" Y. ar gu sts of the
former's parents, Mr an 1 Mrs QeOrge
I,"Wsly of High ttre t
J lines Monle, of Pittston, made a
brief call on friends in this pi ice this
evening He spent th" latter part of
thi vsi Ing with For. st City friends
Frat.ii P, Duneklee, of Pitlslor:, spent
last evening With bis i l, iu Csr
bondale. J. S Jadwin, the Ssletn nvem
druggist, died this to irning at fl o'clock
at hit home on Hlrkett street, after a
long lllneis. Mr Jadwin was lo. the
forty - first year of bit age, and is sur
vived by 'lit Wife and five d Bg itOn,
Buean, Angutta, Florence, Qlailyi and
Amber. His nurvlvlng brothefa are
ex-Coiigressin in (' C J id win, of
Booeedale; u. H Jadwin, a nrnmlnoat
arbAleeale draggtal in New York oltyi
ex IfayOT 1'. It. Jadwin, ol this city,
and C i .la 1 in, of Seranton, The
funor.-l fill beheld on S itur lay af lei .
noon nt 3 M o'clock at the rusidonoa on
Birkatt ttreat.
The widow ofjt' irr Simps in died fe
terdty afternoon at tho age of lilyeirt
Pnneral will be bald Priany after ooi
at I 80 o'clock, tervics lieingc.iii lu ll d
iu i he Metho list church Inb riUMit
will be ma le p M inlewood MB ttttf
The Ontario and Western compuiv
paid their employes iu this city today
Fern hall at Crystal .Ink" will be re
opeued in June to transient trad
Rati h, $i a day.
Th or alarm eoande I last ovening
shoot 11 o'clock caneed ty a blazi iu
the Filth ward, which proved to be a
fiirm owned by W. U. Lin .which was
totally destroyed.
Miss Jennie Moran and Joseph Hig
gins, both of this citv, were muted in
marriage in St. Hose's church yester
day nfteMioon by Kev. J ,1. Cnrran,
The bride was niten led by Mits (.iiinu,
Dennis Tooliu iirstided as best man.
Thn (Inn una baud uuteitaiuud a
large audience this evening hy an open
air concert which was rendered lrotn
tho balcony of Hotel Anthracite.
Mrs W. 11. McCartney and .laugh
ter, of Bprlnuflild, Mass., arc visiting
relativss in this city.
Mr. and Mis. A, J. Rdibeln. of
Hones lale, sp ml 1 let evening in this
city and witnessed the home talent
production of "The Pirates of Pen
zance" ut Hie Grand.
Tho teachers of the city and Carbon
dale and Fell townships will meet in
union institute in thu high school Sat
urday morning. A pleasing progr.imm
lias been nrranged for the ocuiaiou,
When Tinny was Blclc, wo (rave her Castorta,
When h!io was a Child, she cried for Castorle.
When she hecatue Mlns, she clung to Cnstoris,
When she had Children, she gavatheu Castorta,
The Story tt n Day's Dcigi Reined la
Crlp Itnmt.
fpecint lo the Scniaroa JYifmne.
Jeumv.n, P.i.,May 17 The ice cream
festival and cuke walk in Gllmore ball
last evening was well attended and
much eujoyed by tbote present.
There will be a New England snpper
in the parlors of the First Hiptist
church Tuesday evening uext from 0
to 8 o'clock. The bill of faro will in
clude com, bread, podding, gems,
pumpkin pie, mush aud milk. etc. The
charge for supper is only 10 centi,
Rev. Mr. Howell wili take clarge of
St, Jaiuy' parish on June 1, unless
Dishop Rulisou mikes different ur
The clerka of Carboudale have not
yet accepted the challenge of tho Jer
myn clerks to play bull on Meniori il
Day. It is tho general impression that
they do not wish to moot tho club from
this place,
The cantata for the benefit of tho
Congregational church takes plnce iu
Enterprise hall this evening. Don't
fail to be present. "A Dream of Fairy
Hand" deserves a crowded house.
Doors open at 7 Admission 25 cents.
Joseph BltohOtr, of Pittstou regis
tered at Hotel Avery today
The employes of the Edgertoti Coal
company will be pal I Saturday.
Jacob Hlller has the contract for
John Met 'al ley's residence ami John
Paaamore, nf Oarbondale, will ereut
one lor Tbomai Netherton.
David Hill aod Bertha Utt are at
tending the meetings of the Boodny
tehool workers of the ('ntlgregaliou.il
church In Providence.
Tho Improvements In the Jermyn
cemetery are very noticeable. Buparln
tendant Netherton is d dngi great deal
of work, and it is fast becoming one of
the no st beantifnl letting places for the
dead iu this vicinity.
John Mohan an i Frank MoOaSerty
are in Wilkes IUrr attending the
convention of the temperance societies.
Announcement is msd of a new
vi Itly paper called the Jermyn Cour
ier, which will nuke its nppearnnce in
the near future and be published every
Friday iu th" Nellson bplldiug Walt
r iV Palmcr,o( Prioeborg, are the edi
tors There Is plenty of room for another
paper iu Jermyn and we bono lo see
both tlm new an 1 tho old tiiako a suc
cess of the butlness.
John II. Qrlffltbs and Mike Roberts,
of the Drat word; Tnomai Hunter ami
John Solomon, , I the HeCOOd ward, and
il A, Wlllman, of the Third ward!
have announce l themselves ns candi
dates for delegate to the Republican
c. invention,
Bev Mr. Bntcllffe, of the Primitive
Methodist ahnrcb, tl moving into one
of (i, S. Kimball's homes on llioo
A large crowd collected on Main
street oear Winter ft Co, 'a store lust
evening to witness the free enow ad -vertieed.
As usual tho profit! went
into the pookeM of tht siiowm-u.
. .
Cucklon't Amlci Sslv.
The test aalva la the world for '"utt
Diateea. sires, Ulcer salt Bhenm, Vevaw
S res, 'letter, v hspis lleinls. Ijhllblains,
turns tint all hkin Erupunnt, and potl-
tiveiy curee Pile, ot do pay raqolnkC It
guarantees! to uive perfect sattsfaCtiOO
cr mouey refunded. Price ' cents per
box. i'or sale by SU'.luuwt lirue.
Th. M.. I'.m It Waatsd,
nrMerg Mspafei
Home day It t . be hop, il lha' the hon
eit majority will insist tbat money and
polities m kepi distinctly ecpnated.
When that Is done, the power of the pio
feasional polltidaa Bttd the ii llueiii'H of
tbe millionaire on legtalatloB will b' ma
term tj mid beneficially leiseacd,
lr. NorwiKid's Norway I'ine Svrnp was
need for yesrasa preecrlpiioa by a soc
cessfu! pliynlclnu. it is In all re-perts tbe
beet eogOl meiliciue made today, b lM by
nil dealers ou a guarantee of tatfaclt n.
Indutiv 1 .!' tlv Manlftsttd.
J"liiri; '.rjsifrfc
Patti was pi ,..ir. ol Bg when she msde
her del. at. The halane.. .,f her career has
tex'ti devoted to farewells,
A few drops of
Bo vi nine
taken in milk will sustain
a patient's strength while
dieting in severe cases of
typhoid fever, pneumoniai
diphtheria, and all fevers.
It contains the active
principles of beef concen
trated, and acts as a simple
and effective food, accept
able to any stomach.
It will sustain life for
weeks unaided, as it did
in the cases of General
Grant, the late Emperor
Frederick, and many other
distinguished persons.
Ask any physician.
,S'nf;f hy nil ilrux'jjisf.e.
rmt oovtimn co., mtw vork.
Scientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
The Ppeelallst on the Eys. HtefUKlbSS nnd
Nervousness relieve I. Latent and. Iniproved
Style (if Kyo Ulasi'M sad IpeOtaolsCat thu
I ov is' I'rlces. i .ii .1 Artillcial l.yoi lusi'i ted
for .
105 SPRUCE ST., op. Old Post Office.
innnntnUyouim, I
tD30 to OO d; fry I
edv. umlflr gturnn!r. biCsMwl by iwTtW ont 1 .
Pre, ft i ve proofs nnd IDn.)gr rvmk . illtiitintfd from I
llhfroni .cf,li,puro'i,fre by m.ll When MotSpHiif, I
and Kemnryrail, Out Macio Remedy villi
I pcrtltisaly t
I UIIK lir-BF IM I U-. CtVSiTO. 111.
v .
Mr. p. ii. Hush
Auaiuiiiiuk, penn.
A Wonderful Cure
Ulcer in the Stomach
Hood's Sarsaparllla Restores Flesh
Strength and Health.
"C. L lloodii Co., Lowell, Mass.:
" 1 feel It my duty to suffering humanity to
-ivua statement uf the wonderful cure Hood'i
Sarsaparllla hrougbt about fur me. Over two
years ago I became in, due to an nicer in mj
itomaeb. 1 had tut or seven different pbyal
sUUIs, whose ItaadUg was of the btgbtst, but
they ili.l not cure me. I was broken down 1l
Uealtb and Inst In weight from
145 to 118 Pounds.
I i on Id Ii ir.lly get around, ami niter sufferlnr
leverely for about a year, l commenced taklni
looii s Sarsaparllla. After the Bret bottle 1 1 e
i iu to feel like a new man. I pun based an-
HoodVr Cures
other bottle and bad not taken half of it when 1
Kraacuredof my trouble, I am now In health,
back to iny old weight again and atteiMlIni ri-B-'ilsrlyto
my work. 1 (Irmly believe Hood's issr-
sai.irllh s.n, 1 lev life." P.W. BfSM, Alinlo
mink, Pennsylvania, (let flood's.
Hood'fi Pills are band made, and perfect
in urutKirtieii ami appearance. He. ih t tui.
A We l-Known Pnysician,Who,
Anions Other Things, Is
Noted for His Frankness.
No one ever heard Ir. E. firewfr tii
the phrase "I think in his practice. Tbe
doctor la ona of tboee frank, fearless, hou-
t, poslilve men who never hesitate to
ay yes or n", ss tbe rsu may lequne.
"lean core yon" or "I cannot cure yon,"
la bla Invariable decision after i xamins
lion, stnl to thu fact ftct l attrihulsble
ins remarkable record wttbont faltnrea.
Bnl it wi til I bo -tratic imleeil if the dec
tor wire not a nioieiiinn usually success
ful pnctitioncr. Be has been sargeon-in-chief
ia more tlisu odo ot the larirent hos
pitals of this country, was lately Damon
strator of Phrslotocy and Bnrgeryal the
Medic. -Cblrnrgleal Coiiege in Philadel
phia, ba bean eteoted au ln-uorsry inem-is-rof
tho Mrtlico-('hiruri;ical Association,
is a graduate of the UalTerelty of Peon
sylraala, etc., an,i it still aeloseetadrat
A man with such a reror l COttld not fail
to be a tuff esafnl physician under tnv
circa nutanos, but when backed by
oantkraa, oonservatltm in eipressiuu, or,
lo u-e a in. re popu'ar phmi.o, the ,b-
nre-yon're-i Ight-tbeu-go-aheed" system,
it would r more than strauge it failure
overtook bun.
Yon Can cc.rtBlt Dr. Wrewer any .lay at
K"oius 5 sod A,
Temple Court Building
si i nPRVCE i r
from Ii a.m. till 9p.m. ( ontultationn frw
Those sufferinc from Nervous iM-esiwii
ire (. :nir 11 tee i n cure I r ktich there It
the cheering word "Yea," as failure it un
known in the doctor1! treatment.
Third National
Bank of Seranton
CAPITAL, - $200,000
SURPLUS, - $250,000
Tbtl timili niters n dtp, .alters rrrry
Itrlllly unriii 1 l tin Ir lialanrea, l.u.i-
ueee an,i rssuiiml Mllty,
MpeelaJ atMntloa given ta asaslases ae,
eouata lei, test in i, i on liaae geeelta
triLLI ' M I OSNI i U Prtltle
l.l.O II All l. Vlie-l're.lilsak
ILL! A M II I I I K. miller
mill i i tuts.
William n -ii, GsnrM ii. rnitin.
Mi,.. i Hi, ml Jawee Arenbaldb Mearj
lUlla, Jr. Mllll.,in T. - .,i, lulhar
Ms and
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
Art for the masses.
One Dime and
One Coupon.
S j 1 s
EverythingFOR Everybody
The Fair
400402 Lacka. Ave.
Sole Agents in
Our New Millinery
Dept. Now Open,
Wholesalers and
Largest Retailers of
Straw Mattings
from China and Japan.
Lowest Prices,
One entire room
devoted to
Oriental and Domestic
Rugs and Art Squares.
1 m
Was Not
Built in aDay
Bnl littk by littlo tho grand
est empire of the Old World
was reared.
DON'T do without because
you haven't the ready money
to liny the Kurniture, Carpets,
Draperies, Stoves, eto., your
needs and Inclinations de
mand, when our
stands rendy to assume the
indebtedness and accept your
small weekly and monthly
payments in liquidation.
Seranton for the
50 Cents
75 Cents
Leading House for
Oil Cloths, Linoleums,
Lace Curtains
and Upholstery Goods. ,
40O and 408
Lacka. Avenue.
Loiest Prices.
-S 4-
We make a specialty of
Window Shades,
Awnings and
I f you have not
seen !
ou heard
of our stock of
Baby Carriages,
Porch Chairs,
Lawn Settees and
Leads in Summer
s as
in Everything.

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