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The opening of Preston Park lodge to
members will occur on Friday next.
No afternoon service w held in Yonncr
Men's Christian Association hull yester
day. On Thursday ovenlne an entertainment
Will b Riven nt the Penu Avenue Baptist
church by John Howard.
A pleasant muiicale will bo slvcn at tho
rectory of 8t Lnke'n chiy-ch next Thurs
day evening by the (iuilJ of St. Hilda
Ni-xt Sunday Secretary Maby, of tho
Youujr Men's C'hrietinn association, will
organize a Sunday alternoou liiblo stndv
The nnlilary of the Mo All mission will
hold a meeting this afternoon nt Hie resi
dence of Mrs. James Archbald, Ml Jeffer
son avenue.
M. J. Ryan, tho distinguished Philadel
phia orator will deliver an address at the
entertainment to be given under the aus
pices of the St. Vincent do Paul society at
the Academy of Music on Jui: 1 1.
The Babylonian chorus Will moot at the
Young Men's Christian Association hall
this afternoon at 2 o'clock and the Baby
lonian Drill company will meet at the
Thirteenth Kegiment armory at 4 o'clock.
The exchangos at the .Seranton clearing
hotipo during the were: Monday. $160..
WI5.72; Tucsdny, 1187,160 48; Wednesday
125, 709.7:2; Thursday, 880, AM 86; Friday
J87,U7H.OO: Saturday, 978.764.Ui total"
The production of the comic opera ''Die
tor of Alcantara" at College hall by tho
members of tho Eichberg Opera company
lias been postponed from June 12 and 13 to
Juno 19 ud 90 on account of illness of one
of tbo members to whom was assigned one
of tho important roles.
A very enjoyable pnrty was tenderod
Miss Laura Scott In honor of h-r thir
teenth birthday at her home on Franklin
avenue last Friday night, She received
icany beautiful presents. Among those
v.-ho attended were: Mr. ami Mrs. George
Ziuk and Aire. W. H. Scboonover, Misses
Matie Cornln, Edith Murphy, lionnie
Smith, Nora Muiphy, Niels Nealon, Rota
Williams, Mortrudu Taylor, Amy Lindner,
Mary Scott, Carolina Scott; .Masters Frank
Hollinhend, Harry Mnrpby. lVrt Cornin,
Frank Koch, Fred Lindner, Rudolph
liloser, John Uloser, Harry Taylor, Jenny
Scott. Refreshments were served at u late
Opn All Night
at Lohman'e Spruce street.
Addruist Dellvarrd at Railroad Y.
C. A. Hall.
A jubilee service was condnoted in
Railroad Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation hall at o'clock yesterday
afternoon. There was special Ringing
by the choir ami the male quartette
fang a selection in fine style. Snort
addresses were made by Andrew Wei -enflae,
Socrotary Peareull and Frank
The ovent ws in celebration of the
fiftieth anniversary of tho birth of the
first Christian association, and Mr.
Weltenflue, in hi remarks, dwelt npon
the work of the past, while Secretary
Poarsall spoke of the present and Mr.
Glover of tho future. Tho addresses
wore timely and of interest.
M. J. Swtzye, Joseph L. Mann and
Joseph Hornbaker also made remarks,
Mr. Swuzye particularly speaking of
the past hiftory of the Seranton Rail
road Young Men's Christian association
of S Tanton.
MatciiMchs Shaw Piano?, Kvery cus
tomer recommends them. Stello & Sec ley,
184 Wyoming avenue.
no m aairaa are
if I
Hears & Hagen
k MCiUltf
PEN us m
I; Ho Apparent Cbacge In Sabbath
The Saloon Door, Iho Soda Fountain
and Cigar Trade Just as Activo a3
Evor-Mr. Phelps' Water Barrel a
Boon to the Thirsty What the
Druggists Say -Intention of Pastors
to Hire DetocUvos.
As far ns the Sunday closing move
ment Is oonosrned partlealarly in its
relation to druggists, the words "us
usual" Seoul almost sufficient in reply
id any who may nave wondered how
the day was observed yesterday. The
saloon side-loor swung as freU"tit!v
us in the past, the fizz and sizz of the
soda fountain was as Inoeisnnl an 1 In
dependent as it was b'l'ors Mr. Donv
iippeared on tho scene and neither the
iroina nor briskness of tin cigar trade
s "imd to Ug,
n leaiuri' oi me days doings was a
t :rge ice-water tank surrounded by u
tmrsty crowd at Phelps' dru' atore,
corner of Wyoming nveime and Spruoe
street, It was only n larg.i ooek neatly
painted and set upon a large box with
a half-dozen cups, yot it cut qntta a
flgbre In yesterdays discussions ofnon
teenier bniloeia.
Why tblt ireo ico water reservoir
ilionla bear any relationship to the
closing of worl lly bimiiies.t, does not
appear, unlets it is Druggist Phelps'
answer to Mr. Douy'l argument that
the money spent to supply free drink
Ing fountaiiH would ohviato th6 nuum
siiy for telling sad.i water. Anyhow,
notwithstanding bit ico water" tank.
Mr. Phelpt did a rushing business nil
day ; so ilid Druggist llyun, ut the coi
nr of .sp'snc" street and Penn ivenne;
McG.irrah & Thomas, t UOOLicU
wniiiia avenue, and tho various other
druggists and cigar dealers who have
figured in the litigation of the past few
Iu conversing with Mr. Poelpi and
Mr. Ryan yesterday, neither iu
t mated to a TbIBDNI reporter
any intention of relinquishing Sun
day tri.fiic. The former expressed
ids disapprobation of Mr. Dony's
iii"tl:ois and nl?o laid that the
one-mau movement, as ho termed it,
was responsible for the dmggiltl' an
tagonism. His trade generally, he
ihought, would graoafttily acquiesce to
any inundates or outcome of Municipal
or civil authority.
During the inft week the pagtor's
union and Mr. Dony have remained
very much in the background; tint is,
t::cre were no new proceeding! insti
tuted nor did it appear on tho surface
that any operation! of u particular na
ture were in progress,
It has been intimated that tho Sun
day closing prosecutors have been hold
ing back fur a new move. The Tub
use it credibly informed that the addi
tion of buelnsss men to ths executive
Committee of the Pastor's union was
lor the purposo of securing funds for
poshing the work. The amount was
s t at $2, 000 or more, and tlio purpose
for which this large sum was to be
usfd was for other than liti -gatiou.
It was to defray the expenses
an I pay the services of professional de
tsrtlvcg, Prom this plan it is inferred that the
dstectivet were at work yesterday and
thtir engagement is the weapon up ths
lleove of the Pastors' union executive
committee. It cannot be announced
positively that prolessional men were
at work yesterday, nor that they con
lined their operations to tho drug trade,
hnt the fact remains that detoctives
wore to be employed.
A Numb r of fcranton Yiung Min Sua
tain Sev iro I- jaiiaa.
Yesterday afternoon a number of
voung men fr'.m this city went to
Pncobnri: and In Twiss' hotel engaged
in a t:giit with several residents of
It proved a bloody nflr iv, bottlot and
clubs l-.eing used with great freedom
ind vigor. Cnt heads and bmited
limbs toon predomiuatod, Mrs. Twill
and an employe of the hotel named
Wuolkers being badly wounded while
trying to s"p irate the combatants.
Finally the Seranton contingent left
the hotel and started in the direction
of Oiyphant i ursued by their oppon
ent!, L'iflt evening a half dozn of the
Seranton parly were taken back to this
city. Thoy were ali peverly injure 1.
It Will Be Held Aup ist 14 at Mountain
A well attended meeting of thonieui'
hers of tbe Cathedral parish assembled
lust evening in College chnpel. The
gathering was cnlled by the announce
ment nt the different masses yesterday
ly Iter. Father O'Reilly.
John E Roche was chosen chairman
of the meeting. Martin J. Flynn, suc
retary, and If. E. Leonard, treasurer.
After an introduction of tho enl ject
by Father O'Reilly, a voto was taken
us to whether a picnic or excursion
should be held, It was decided to con
duct an excursion.
The date w,ts fixed for Monday,
August 13, tod tho place Mountain
Park. Afterward it was attempted by
om of those present to havo a picnic
at Laurel Iiiil park, but tho MOtlmint
was in favor of the first action taken.
An executive committee of liftoon
was appointed, consisting at follows;
J, J. O'Boyle, Vine street; T. J Mooro,
li. E. Leonard, A J. Howlev, John E.
Roche, Martin P. Fivnn, j. J. Mc
Nalley. James J. O'Malley, W. J,
Grady, John McLean, Billevatj Jl J.
Kelly and E. P. 11 Hp till I, Pine Brook;
John P. Qalnan, C. C Donovan, p, M,
Messitt uiid John P. Uibsou. Soutli
J. W. McLean, ,7. J. Magbnm, W,
J. Bnrke, John Klloullin nnd j, J,
Ifowloy, were eppointeil to comprise
tho pnfohating committee, D j
viiuijiurii. u. a. in i icuni i, j,tnes j Uou
uor, R J. Beemkbj Patrick A. lisr
rett, Thomas P. Dull'y and John Fiiz
siinmous were announced us tho com
mitleo on printing.
The executive committeo vill miot
Wednesday night. Tho next regular
ineoting will be hidd in College clmp il
Sunday evening, June 24.
Hand Cane Airtilnat Telephone Company
Not Finished Saturday.
The nclion iu lieippass of Dr. D. T5.
Hand against the Central Telephone
and Supply ciinpmy was on trial be
foio Judge Arcbbald again Saturday
morning. At noon court adjourned
nmil this morning, when the trial will
be resumed.
Much expert testimony will be of
fered on the part of the defendant om-
piuiv. Among those who will be pnt
on iho stand is T. D. Lockwook, of
lioton, general oloetrlcian of tho
Am neu L!oii Telephone company
Mr. Lock WOOu is also the author of
tovcral workl on electricity and is one
i the rccofuizeii lantboritirs en that
i.a mssootte, oni:ai of Noimandy and
Oiivitii to Ba OIvjd.
The second week of summer opera by
the M.'icliay Konney aggregation at the
trrotblngbain will witness tho prodoo
Hon of "JLii MiiecoUa," "Chimoa of
-Normandy" and "Olivette."
The artistic work of tho company
during last week was a revelation in
showing what a goo I opora could bo
presented for mob a low price of ad
mission. If favorable weather charac
terizes the present week, there will no
doubt be a continuation of the Urge
houses of tho initial performano 's.
"La Uaieotte'1 will bo given Monday
and Tuesday night a. "Chimes of Nor
mandy" on Weifneiday and Thunday,
end "Olivette" on Friday and Satur
day. The low prices of lut week, 10,
'-'5, 35 and OO cents, will prevail, Mat
inee unnonuoemeutl will appear later.
the Guard
The following ordtrt were issued by
Colonel Ripple the jmt week:
1'Hinn Bbioadk, n. . p.,
BORARTOM, 1'iu. Juuo4. 1894. )
Special ciders No. S:
L Corporal Peter Bobllng and Laytpn
BhoemaKer having absented themselves
from the oon-conmliiloned ofBcen'
schonj,aiid having failed to Dresent them
selves lor examination as provided in regi
mental order No. fl, current series, ure
hernby reduced to the rank.
II. The commending officer of company
O will tee tbls order carried into effect at
or before the second company drill suc
ceeding the date of t)iin order.
By order of
Colonel Ezra h. Rtpplb.
v. s. Millar, Adjutant.
Titian BntOADB, N. Q. p. v
BOBAHTOH, Pa., June i, 1S94. ( )
Regimental Ordera, No, 17:
1. In obedience to inecial order No. I.
dated headnaarters Third Brigade, Na
tional Guard "f Pennsylvania, Lebanon,
Pa., Junu 1, 1SJI. there will be an election
held In Company L', Thirteenth RaffimenL
itiounl Qnard of Ponnsvlvania. on 'i'u. i-
day evening, June 19, IW4, at 8 o'clock lor
captain, to till tho vacancy causeJ by the
expiratiou uf term of tervloe of Oaptaln
Jamet Moir; and to till such otlier vacan
cies that may occur bv sucu elections.
II. Mej or C. O. Mattes is hereby detailed
to U61d laid election, and will make prompt
returns 'hereof direct to Third BrigaJe
liy order of
CoiiOHIL E. H. Riri-LR,
w. s. Millab, Adjotaut,
BoaaHTOir, Pa.. June 4, ism. j
Regimental order, No. 18;
I. Seigcant John W. Hutthea, Co. D. is
hereby appointed regimental sergeant
major, vice Sergeant Major Claud C.
Couklin promoted to batallion adjutant.
lie will be retpeeted and obeyed accord
ingly. Be will be dropped from the rolls
of Company D, and taken upon tho rolls of
tho regimental Doncommlialoned slalY.
Hy order of
COL. K.itA H. Riii'LE.
w. s. Millar, Ajntant.
Captain Aiuey. Compmy G. has iat
received a warrant from tno adjutant
general for for eervic. l rend ired by
bis company In taking down tho can
vas at laat encaiupmfiit. The amount
will be divi led between tue uieiabns
of the cocipuny.
Coionul Hippie, of tho Thirteenth. has
bejn detailed to hold an election iu the
Ninth rogiinut for colonel to (ill the
vacancy canted by the resignation of
Colonel Keck. The election will bi
ludd at the Ninth regiment armory
Friday evening, June 22.
Ti e man Who punctured tho armory
coal scuttle lull of holes has OOOfeilsd
his deed (to Roe.so Watkins), and has
been forgiven, ns it was iu tho interest
of military science.
Sergeant John Hughes, Company D,
has accepted tho appointment of ser
geant major of the regiment There
can be no doubt but what ho will fid
the position with honor and credit
Bricklayers and Contractors to Hold a
ronfrenc5 In Mr. Eohroeder! Offbe,
A committee of eight of the striking
bricklayers mot n number of the con
tractors Saturday ut tho builders ex
change, where a conference was held
to arrange a settlement of the difficul
ties existing between the builders and
bricklayers, wblah will admit the Int
bedy resuming work.
There was a disposition on tho'purt
of tho men to bold i nt for a slight in
create over the old 88 cents per hour
ratio, but tbl contractors intimated
that they would ftaivl firm in adhering
to tho old scale. No definite agree
ment was made nnd tho meeting ter
minated to llietnbll today in Conrad
Schroeder's ofiice in tho Commonwealth
It wos reported yesterday that st a
Inter conference of the bricklayers it
was decided to Inform tho bnildors that
the men would resume work at the old
Messrs. Kchroeder, Colligan, Svkes
and Schmidt comprise tho builders'
committee which will meot the men
Elaborate Arrangement for the Claming-
Ointorio at thi Frothinghnm,
Tre most elaborate preinrations nr
being made for the production of But
(erfield'l groat dram ilin oratorio at tho
Prothlnsoam on the eveniogi of Jooi
28 and 20, The entire cust will number
over 600 singers and actors The work
is In five acts nnd ear.h one of tho moat
Intense interest.
Tnoro will i a chorus of Jews, nom
bsriug over 1W0 voices. Tho Babylon
bin chorus will DQinber nearly 20).
Tun young ladies of Btllhaiiar'l court
will give the fineetfanoy drill evr wit
nened In this city. This department
of the work is under the direction of
Profeiior Frank S'igel, and the num
ber in tliu drill will be over 150.
The stage manager Is Joint T. Wat
kins, who is being ably assisted by
John M. Harris and Dan Young, of the
Mackay-Kinoy Optra ooiapany, which
It now playing In th.'s city. Tallle
Morgan is the director. It is Bafe to
predict that the production of this
work will bl tbe greatest musical and
spectacular tffuir ever lesn in this city.
T ) tho Fir Dp artment.
Thooricors and mombers of the Scran,
ton Fire Department are requested to
mee!. at Franklin Engine bouse on Tuee
day at 1.80 p. m. to attend the funeral of
the lnt William Davit Of said company.
Ueui.uk R. BXTTDAK, Acting Chief,
Creamery butter 20 ceuts, print 22 cents.
Reiuhai t's market.
Dr. Gibbon,
of New York city, will bo in his Seranton
office, 441 Wyoming avenue, every Mon
day from 8 iu the morning until 0 in the
William Kelly Explains Wlio and What They
Rest Thoir Faith Upon Old and New
Teitamint and Book of Mormon.
Polygamy is Objected to, but Thoy
Believe in Direct Revelation Havj
Gene Back to Purity and Belief ol
Early Church
Two miiilonarlaa of the Reorganised
Church oi Jems Chrltt of Latter Dav
S lints, William Kelly, of Kirtland,
O., nnd II. II. Robiuion, of Iudepon l
ence, Mo., ire in tbe city, and j-.-sti-r-day
morning and evening conducted
ineettuga in C operative bull on the
Welt Side. J.'i.iteen persons, four of
whom were children, attended the
morning service,
Mr. Kelly was tbe ipiakar. He is
lomewhai palriarobial In appearance,
but might be counted more than an
ordinarily goo,', speaker w.n it not
tltat tbe beauty of in inv of bli lentenci s
is marred by the i'acf. thut ho fails
to appreciate tha v line of ngreemtnt
between the anhjcot aud the verb. He
took for hit test theie words fruiu tha
book of St. Matthew: "Hilt what think
Yet A certain man bad two ions; and
be cnnie to ;h; first an I laid; '8on, go
work to lay in my vineyard.1 II. an-
twered ami sai l: i win not; but aft
erward he repented and went. And he
o tine to the Hond and laid Itkewin.
and he answered and said: 'I go, sir;'
ind went not Wbother of them twain
did tbe will of lili father? Then iv
unto In iu the Brit. Jesus said unto
them; 'Verily I say unto you, that tbe
public ma and til bsrlotj go into tbe
ingdom of (!i befors you.' "
Mr. Kelly spoke for ever .u hour an I
evidently could have kept right on all
day, as he never seamed to lack for a
word. Ho sai l he proposed to speak
ot thoi things which relate to our
present and eternal welfare. The ef
fect of tho teaching of Christ upon
iioso in His day, ho averred, was very
much tbe same as tbat prodnosd by
(her men divinely inspired. There
was no wonderful power display d thai
ompelled men to accept what Christ
sai l na truth. His words wore directed
to the intelligence of men ami thoy
were left to CbOOII for tbemtelvel be
tween the right and the wrong.
In specking of John the Baptist, Mr.
Kelly 'said that many accepted the
message of the great forerunner. Yet
nave very little soconnt of what
John did. However, most people e-
teemed him a prophet and the common
people heard him gladly. There is an
integrity in the common people, sai l
the speaker, that is not alwari found
in those whose stations are highor in
life. In commenting upon tbe two
sons referred to In tho test Mr. Kelly
gave it ks his opinion that the first son
had no busiiit.es to speak to his father
as ho did, but tho fact that he after
ward repented and did the work, fur
nishes a good idea of tho nature of re-
pentance, which is simply tho chang
ing id' one's inin J.
Tho speaker did not particularly as
sail other churches, although, their
points of disagreement were cou-
loinucii, and wneu he told his hearers
to bewaro of the leaven of the Phari-
es, inference may have been that by
Pharisees was meant those whoso re
ligious code will allow no sanction of
the doctrines uf the Latter Diy Saints.
Tho points connoctod with tho practice
and belief ot the saints that are most
objectionable to the mass of Carislians
were nut dwelt upon.
After tho close of his discourse Mr.
Kelly explained to Thi Tribdnb re
porter that himself and colleague w.Te
in tiie city to seo if they could not
bring tog thor tho members of tho
church here of whom tiler was at ono
limn qui to a number. He gave the re
porter to understand that the Latter
I ) ly Saints are in no way connected
with tho Silt Like Mormons, who uro
improperly culled L itter Day Saints,
The real saints, that is those who are
represented by Mr. Kelly, rest their
faith on the oi l and the new testament
and the bunk of Mormon.
They believe in tho laving on of hands
and all the other practices of the apos
tles, claim to be endowed with the gift
of tongues at their gatherings, n jt-ct
polygamy, but profesi to bellve in
direct revelation from O id na In th
days of old. In fact tney claim to
have gone back to the belief, purity
and practices of the church as ihey ex
isted in the timo of the apostles.
Delightful Ereadling Spit Donatod
the City of Seranton.
Another delightful breathing spot
for Sorantonlant, called Woodlawu
park, will be opened today.
Woodlnwu park, which has been ac
cepted by tbe city and an annual ap
propriation made to keep it in repair,
is one of tbe most attractive spots im
aginable and extendi from the Boule
vard to Washington avenue, n short
distance north of North park. It is n
natural park, containing beautiful
shade trees, a miniature lake nnd a pic
turesque ravine. An immense fountain
la to be erected in tho center of the
park and thi gravelled walks, beside
which rustic seals will bo placud, are
no il ly completed.
The beautiful park is a gift to the
city by HaASOn Carpenter, (isorge W.
Sidney, II. and Marian VV. Finn, ami
(ieorge It. Clark, and is situated iu the
o Titer of n tr:u!t of land owned by
line, handsome col-
(including collctre
colors), from
aif 7t vjf a
Mexican Sea Grass,
Reduced Prices on
Pillow Hammocks.
429 Lacka. Ay;
thote gentlemen, Which they have di
vided into choice building lots which
they are about to place upon the mar
ket as sites for residences.
The geii'Tous demurs of the park
have nlready spent several thousand
dollars in beautifying the spat. Orasj
plots have been made, shrubbery and
treas planted and flower bods will also
be placed in the park Some of tbe
trees iu the park sre seventy-five feet
high an l thu tiuni;s are also sis foct 111
ciicnmforence. Other trees of smaller
dimensions preieut a shield against tho
rays of tho sun, and taken altogether,
the spot whs amply endowed by nature
and has all the r qalremontl necessary
to a park,
The cily lots in tho viciuily of the
park are among tiio finest in Seranton,
tho laud sloping gently toward tbe
Lackawanna nv-r, thus affording ex
eellent opportunities fur sewerage; and
the finest view in the city can tie ob
tained from iho plot
Wood Lawn park seems deitinod to
become tbe most popular resort in
North Seranton.
Children's Tay Aiipreprlat.'Iy Ob'nv
In Jinnv of iIt. Ohurehea.
I i he ;..ri ii End office of tbe Bobaxtom
TKtnUNaialueattuat tiie Lewis Drug btore,
wlier,. Mibai.-riptiuiis advorthene n'y anil coin
nunicationi will rooelve prompt attention.
Children's Sunday was observed with
great success at various Providsuoa
church ei.
At the Puritan Oongngttlonal church
the docoratious were most artistically
carried out and stiuwa great taste upon
tbe ladies iu charge. In tbe aftirnoon
responsive service! were U -1.1. in which
Rev. 1). A. Evans and the lined ly
icbool superintendent El ward Lewis,
took part. Solos wore rendered with
great tiisto by Murv Edwards,
Elgar Woharda and Eba Henry,
and an interesting nddreii was given
by tho pastor. In (he evening the an
(hems, "The Joyful" and ,:L!tt Up
Your Heads" were rendered by tbe
choir ami refl'dcd great credit upon
the comiuctor, Qrifflth 11 D, ivies. Mlsa
Annie Resit presided at the organ with
her ocouitomad iklll, The service
ware conducted by Edward L.'Wi. The
reat of the t rograiume. which was ex-
oellently reudsrel, wn as follow:;:
Solos Mltses Mary Edwards, Emma
Humphrey, Untie Elwardt, Miggle
Uavis. lire. J, T. L v.i. 1, II. A
Jones. The quartette of a. u. Davioi
and party deserves special' mention, us
also dues the trio bv l'rufuaor I'rothc-
roo and party.
At tbe Providence IVcabytrsrian
onurcn tno aeoorations ware exquisite I
a id showed excellent taste in their a; - '
rangemeat, under the supervision of
upeniuendent II. H. M.Koau. JlL-.s
Hum jacasou pretiaoa at the organ
and Protestor J. J Duvies. mnsloul
bachelor, conducted. Tiie chief mui.
cal features were the anthems, "Praise
the L.rd," by tho choir, which, us
well as the anthem and quartette,
''In Humble Faith and Holv
Live," wis exceedingly well
rendered. Special mention should
bo made uf the u'livtette. "The
Kaehaul Morn," composed by the con
ductor and sung by Miss s Livurna
MitcLcll, Catherine Gabriel. T. J.
Davies and i H. Warren. The onur
tetto. "When I Can Make Mv Title
Clear," was also ably rendered by the
same party. The other chief numben
Were iho solo, "O, Can the Eternal,"
by William Evans, nnd "The Promised
Land," by Miss Mitch-11. The idf-r-mga
lor tho day were 'T0, for Bandav
school work in the we.it and southern
At the Welsh Baptist church the
services last evening were carried out
almost exclusively to the little ones.
It is no exaggeration to itato that
their work was perfect. Very careful
and anxious work miiHt have been un
dertaken to bring out the hignly cred
itable results. ltcitationi were given
given by Maggie P. Jones, Kora Rob
erts, Lulu Sims, Lizzie Williams. Mag
gie turning, Bertha alms, El Jones
A. Morgan. In the musical nortioi.
the solo ry a very litllo nlri.
Lizzie Edmunds, "See Thoy Am
Coming," was by a special re
quest repeated; th.9 congregation stood
to testify their appreciation. Th -
following were excellently Sing by the
oniiar-ns ciunr: "o Worship the
Kin ir," "Blessed Creator," "Oor Diy
of Plowert," "Room for the Flower."
"Take Uj Gentle Saviour," "Lift Up
Your Eyes Yo People," ''JesUI Kuu
Most Wonderful." An Interestiog in
terlude wat a colloquy between the
pastor and various members as to tbe
origin, biitory and ol j ict of the Child
rens' Sunday. ThoRv. W. F. Daviei
ctinilucted the services, and Miss Mag
gie J. Jones was the accompanist.
licnlo of Si. Leo'o Battalion.
Tbe annual pionla of Bt. eo'a battilio
of tho West bide was he! 1 at Laurel lull
nark on Batm day afternoon nnd evening,
It was attecded by several tbouwod pc -hoiip.
During the afternoon th battalio i.
under command of Captain McN'amara
lnvu iiu cAuiuiiiHii m in.
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M, Hboener. nirodSl vearaand li tlavs:
ssrvleet at tbe be
day; friends of tb
i - ii at 2
i family
i clock, Tiioi
iro invited.
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to Date. . . .
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Designs in Wed
ding Gifts and all
the Latest Novel
ties. W. W. BERRY Jeweler
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paired and improved with new tuues.
r ;
A ordered by Board of Hoalth.
"A lilt of ev, rytliin( under the sun,
From a tlsh liook tu a Qatllng xun."
On Stin'uv. ,"u o 11, o wll havo an
expirleiiei Oreetvemai frcni KMrTork
wliu a 1 1 exb b t ai d at t It co tbrs ed
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