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The bituminous coul operators of
Central Pennsylvania luive re afflrmeil
their previous deterruinatiou to not
grant the uJvance asked for by the
striking miuera. Unless the latter ro
turu to work, it ia understood that
their places will 1 fille I with new
men, who, 1f necessary, will be put to
work under police protection. Presi
dent Janney, of tlid Hnntindon and
liro.td Top railroad, in speaking about
the situation Saturday, said that I he
lust few days showed evidence of re
sumption, sspeolally i'i the West Vir
ginia coal fields. While during the
height of the strike, his road, he said,
had been carrying only from 300 to 800
tons of co il daily. it carried on Weil
lusday 1,850 tons, and on Thursday
1,000 tons. Mr. Janney is firmly of the
opinion that when resumption takes
place it will be with a rush and that
the railroads will m !; up all of their
lost coal tonnage before the year is
While since tho promulgation of the
new Juno circular new orders for an
thracite have not been abundant, sufli
cient old ones are on the companies'
books to keep production moviug for
several weeks to come. Moreover the
western car demand is good and ttie
line and local trade is satisfactory.
The market promises to be easy, there
fore, for some time. The operators are
getting thoir mines in good condition
ugain, and by tomorrow practically
every colliery will be in shape unless
more rain should com.
So many iron and ntel plants havd
been compelled to close for want of
fuel or want of raw material, Bays the
Philadelphia Inquirer, that trad is al
most at a standstill. Manufacture
lira not uble to iill order and consuiu
r, knowing this, have withdrawn
from the market. Of conrss there is
some little business doing, lut it is for
email lots only and lor early delivery
and at higher prices than consumers
are willing to pay in tho future From
these temporary and artificial condi
tions th?rj can be no Moape until the
coal strike is ended and business all
over the country returns to its normal
state. Meanwhile the few produc iri
of iro"n who ars in a position to fill
urgent demands can name practically
tnelr own prices. But this does not
make a market and only confirms co n
sumers in their determination to hold
aloof until the future is clearer. It is
uoticeablo, however, that opinion is
turning in favor of the position that
higher prices for iron products will
rule this fall. Ore is distinctly firmer
intone; coal and coke will be no
cheaper nor will freight rates be any
When the now cruiser. Minneapolis,
which made her gr jut record last week
while usiug anthracite, makes her nest
speed tests, with her bunkers filled
with bituminous, an exoellent xeries o
comparisons can be druwu between
the two fuels. It appears: to bo the be
lief of tbe ship's bnilders) and engineers
that she will a id two knots to her speed
per hour by r.sa of soft coal. Kven
should this prediction be realized,
which is doubtful, it will still remain
a great feather in anthracite's cap
that the fastest time yet steamed by a
war ci tuner shonid have boon recorded
to the credit of hard coal. If the items
of increased comfort and cleanliness be
taken into account, the superiority of
anthracite will not uj opjn to itujs
tiou. The statement of shipments o! an
thracite co.U (approximated), for the
week ended June 2, 1891, compared
wdth the corresponding perioi last
year, is as follows:
MM. 1803.
Regions. Tons. Tons.
yoiuiuif bs:,m 37i',.N71 Inc 105,ii2ii
Lehisb HT,02il 117,777 Dec 751
bciiuyikill 2M,lifi 2JU.472 luc 23,ti;i
Total t&l.KW 825,120 Dee 12,G10
Total for yoar
to date 14.801.7M, 17.378.191 Dec 2.936,401)
The American vice consul at D.irno
rara la of tbe opinion that the coal from
the United States has a chance in Brit
isli Uuiana. He writes that there have
boon recently shipped a number of car
goes of coal from tho port of Baltimore,
the use of which bas been exceedingly
satisfactory. Indeed so much so that
thsre seefua to he a movement toward
the introduction of American coal.
The Sproston Book and Foundry com
pany, the largest consumer of coal in
the colony, furnished tbe American
consul with a statement in referonceto
the relative merits of English and
American eoals. This snys: ''In Au
gust of last year we imported a cargo
of anthrn.cite coal from America at a
cost of $,r 10 (cost nnd insurance, (8.05;
freight. $3.00.) Welsh conl at that
time was selling at f8 oil, and freight!
were about $.2.C 1. For steamer pur
poses wo prefer tlie Welsh, even at the
enhanced price, but wo are bound to
admit that tho American is a cleaner,
harder and better storing coal and well
adapted for estate purposes. It is very
similar to what is known in Finland
as West Hartley steam coal, and we
should imagine, taking one year with
another, could be landed here at con
siderable less price than the E'iglish
production. " The consul adds, by way
of information, that there am about
eighty sugar estates and several facto
ries that are using coal importod from
England, which, it is thought, might
with a little effort b) diverted thore
from to the ndvautage of the producers
of the United States.
A trolley scandal of some maenituds
has teen discovered in Washington, if
we may believe the newspipers of
that city. It is said that five senators
have boen Hctiug in sncli a manner
with reforenoo to ponding stroet car
legislation us to give color to tho sm
picios that when they have sufficiently
depreciated the stock of certain roads,
they will buy these lines in and ro-seli
to the Philadelphia syndicate which is
well known in Scranton, nud whico has
long tried to e,e a strong foothold In
Washington. This anonymous "expose"
would have little weight ordinarily;
tut coming In such close proximity to'
the sugar trust scandal, it has appar
ently an ngly look And the worst
thing of all is that Senator Chaudler,
of New Hampshire, practically con
fiims it. "I have no hesitation in say
ing," he is quoted us having remarked
to a reporter for the Washington
News, "that I believe there is a move
ment on band to depress tbe stock of tho
street railroad companies in Washing
ton in tbe Interest of people who would
acquire them. I have heard enough to
make me believe this."
Minor Industrial Notes:
The Carlisle Manufacturing company
has received a contract for tho building of
ninoty-flvo new freight cars and will re
same work on or about July 1.
The meeting of the Trunk Line associa
tion, which was to have been held in New
York last Thursday, to consider granting
an increased percentage of New York pas
senger business td the Lehigh Valley, has
been postponed until some timo this week.
It is attain aunouueed that tho Weathorly
nincliiue shops are being removed. Several
men havo been suspended, it is said iu
defl.nl tsly,
The Sheridan. Lebanon county, iron
company, is erecting a concentrator to ex
tract tho iron by inaguotism from tho
Cornwall ore.
Tho increased output nf hard coal has
Compelled the Lehigh Valley railroad to
borrow all tho cms possible, the Pennsyl
vania railroad furnished n Urge number.
The shipments west are very heavy. Lvery
wheel on tho entire systoai is turning.
The LoUfSrllte and Nashville havo noti
fied shippers in Memphis thnt they will in
a few days pnt into offeot a sweeping re
duction in freight rates from nil Ohio river
points and .Memphis to tho Southwest tor
iltory. It is rumored that tho Lehigh end
Wilkes-Ham-Coal Cpnipnoy will npperato
the upper lifts of the No, 4 inim-a this
week. It is also hinted that the coal will
be pulled by loktes to the Tcetckow col
liery for preparation in order to allow the
steam generated nt No, 4 to go to the
many pumps in operation.
. :
The Bethlehem Iron company is serious
ly affected by the coal itnKes. Only one
small department in the ordnsrios works
is in operation. The works have been
closed two weeks f of want of bituminous
coal, and nearly 8,000 men have been
thrown out of employment. The company
has detet mined to start its paddle mill
today with nnthracitn coal.
RIAL Minn is the characteristic of
Hood's Barsaparllla, and it is manifested
every day In the remarkable cures that
niedlotno accomplishes, Hood's fc'ufsspa
riila is tho kind. Try it.
Hood's Pills are tho lest family cathar
tic and liver medicine. Harmless, reliable,
Etecks and Ponds.
NW YORK, Juno 9. The we,!; closed
with extreme dullness at the Stock ex
change, the sales for tho two hours nf
business foonng up only 67,800 shares.
Sugar alone figured for 80(000 shares, tho
Stock baTing been pressed for sale from
the opening to tho close, tin re-u!t being
decline ia the price of 9f( per cent, to
lOS, The latter was tbeclotiog quotation,
Chicago Qaa advanced 1 per cent, in tbe
early dealings nnd this movement had n
strengthening effect on other stecks for a
time, (las subseqnently receded ?'. The
bank statement had little or no effect, and
the tame is also true of the operations for
foriegn account, which was exceedingly
small. Tho market closed irregular.
The following complete table snowtns the
day's fluctuations in active stocks is supplied
nut revised daily by La Uar & Fuller, stock
brokers, i-i Wyoming' avenuei
Open- Hl.'h- Low Cos
Ing, est. est. Iijr.
Am. Cot. Oil
Am fcuznr. W K'l lit! Ml
A. T. A H. P !J4 1H 7?B 7fc
Can. So.
Cen. N.J
Chin & N. V H"i li UM IflSU 1HSM
0., B. & Q "'"4 Wi '- i w
chic (ias Ties 77TJ TSR 77M
C, C.C St. L
( ol., Hock.VaL & T
d. & a
!)., L. w
D. A 0, V SSM H 'iVw; CMS
Eric U U Hii life
(i. B. Co S8H :U WW W
Lake Shore 183 188 132 183
L. AM I&M Uii 'M 4.1K
Manhattan IIAh 118 U6ij 118
Mas. Pae 28fj SMS SsU, H)M
Nat, Lea.i )W ;l ,r'B 3H
N. Y. N. B
N, Y. Central ''"H W4 WW
W, Y..O.AW ISK (Ml ItN i"5--
N. Y . ft W USM Iftij loM i:.7j
U. 8. C. Co e.4tj Ulfi 24Vj 24t
North Pac
North Pac. pf 17 17, 17 17!(,
(Imaha ,
I'ae. llnll
Reading 17 17S& lOM wii
ito.'k Wand 8DM n!"-4 ftstj
i:.T UN nnii li-"u lit
Bt Paul (il!4 lil'i 88M 0UM
Texas & Pac Bn m 8H
Union Paelfle I6M 15m 1"'i IBM
Wabash of IBM UH I6 Itji
Western union Mtj tea r4's hw
W.A L. K lllii UM lit ills
W. & L. li. pC
ChicaffO Grain and Provhilona.
SenANTow, June 'J. The following nuota
ticmsiir.' supplied an l OorreotSd dully hy La
Bar A Fuller, stock broker,i'.'i Wyonuna ayi -
WIIHAT. Jnlv. Kept. Dec
npouinu GBU dim 1:414
Eughest w,;is BlM tiui
Lowest, BBtfia m',i &m
Closing GSM (il KJh
Opentna , iiva 4it
Highest 4i'4 4iHi
Invent 40i(, 4iHjj ....
Cjoslng tufci MM
Opening rwii nil
Hinhest, 88 ;
Lowest 3S 88M ....
Ciosinu- 8BM
opeung 1P.I2 )'Ji7
Highest llwi 1U7
Lowest nun ism
C'Lisinir USB SOU
Openteg )7 fho
IliKliest i."7 8Bfl ....
Lowest 887 Ii7") ....
i. losing C j 175
BHOBT lillis.
Opening 817 ' Bit
Highest uli BIS ....
Lowest I!I7 6U
Closing UI7 (M ....
New York Produce Market.
Kiw Yobx, Juno 0,FMm-Qaier,
about sternly.
Wheat Dull, lower, closing firm; No.
2 red, store and elevator, tile. ; ailoat,
f.ic.;f. o. b., OlXsOtyf'e.i ungraded red,
B6n0lc.i No. 1 northern 69s60mc, 1 options
weru active, closed stoady nt Jiaj,e. be
low yesterday) June, tile; Jnly, OtWa;
August, (Wc.; Bsptember, flfHs,; De-
ceinher, fiijc.
COKIt'-ihoderately active, weaker; No.
8. 4-ji4.rc. elevator: 45s4S)fa BBoatl
ungraded niixod UjiMH, f'ptions closed
weak ut Jv'le. under yesterday; Jnue,4).;
August, 4.'ijc. : Beptembar Mka
Oats Duli, lower: options dull; JfnJc. ;
lower; June, 46Ma 1 July, too.: Bsptember,
!Ho. Bpot priees, No. 2, 47i;c. ; No. a
white, 4sM4S)f; No. 2 Chicago, tSMo,; No.
B ilVic: No. 2 II white, 47c. ; mixed west
ern, i7)fa4014c; w hite do. and whito state,
Tuboid Bnr DnIL
Clt Mkats Quiet,
MrBOLts Nominal,
i.Aiti) Qnlet, weaker, wetorn steam,
M.9S; City, OC.; option sales, none; re
lined, quiet) continent, BT.U Houth Amer
ica, 17780: compound tkaoo,
romt Doll, Brnj,
BuTTsn Moderate demand, firm,: state
dairy, 12al7e,; do. rreninery, ISalXe.:
Pennsylvania, do. I6al8r.i western dairy,
IhaMc; do. creamery, MnlSc; do., fac
tory, 10al8Wc.i elglns, I80.1 Imitation
creumerj-, llMaloc
CiiEKKK-Qiiiei, steady; state large, Tll
vytc i fancy, SaOMc.: do., small, tKaOMO.1
part, skims, 8lj'ne.; full skims, 2a!le.
Eons Firm, fair demand ; state and
Pennsylvania, I4)falnc.; western fiesh
13al4c. ; do. per cn-e, i,Wat9,95i
Philadelphia Tnllow Market.
Philadf.u'Iiia, Juno 9. -Tallow was
dull and unchanged, Prices were: Primo
city in hogsheads, 4e.; prime country,
in barrels, );',e.; do, dark lu barrels.
4c; cakes 5c.i grense, 4c.
fx Holland, htiob., C. J. Doesbury, pub
lishes the News, and in its columns strone
ly recommends Ur. Thomas' Kelectrin Oil
for coughs, colds, sore throat, catarrh and
A Quarter Century Tost
For a quarter of n century Dr. King's
New Discovery 1ms boon tested, nnd tho
millions who havo received benefit from
its use testify to its wonderful curative
powers In ali diseases of Throat, Chest and
Lungs. A remedy that has stood the test
so long and that bus given SO "universal
satisfaction is no experiment. Kach bottle
Is positively guaranteed to give relief, or
the money will tie refunded. It ia admitted
to lie the most reliable Tor Coughs and
OoMa, Trial bottles 1'ree at Matthew Bro'e.
Drug Store. Lurgo size 50c, and 1.00.
Or don't you notice the difference in our prices,
and the prices usually charged even by the
ctores that claim to sell very low. Why the
simple fact is we are away below any store in
this valley. Yes, we repeat we are away be
low any concern in this valley or in the state
in prices on first class goods so far as we can
learn. We do not handle a large 'line of fancy
goods, but we do have a big stock and full as
sortment of strictly FIRST CLASS staple
goods. Nor do we use any one or two articles
as bait to draw trade. Our plan is to cut the
price 011 everything just as much as we possi
bly can so that you will very seldom find a
single article in our store that we are not sell
ing for less than it can be bought anywhere
else and furthermore while we are always do
ing our best to get at and keep the prices down
we never for a moment loose sight of quality.
No article can come into our store unless it is
at least standard quality but is much oftsner
EXTRA than otherwise.
We have a large trade and we often think
when we put the selling price on an article and
know what the same good3 are invariably sold
at that it is strange why we do not sell all the
goods in our line that i3 sold in the city and
have to conclude that it certainly is not on ac
count of quality or price, but must be for some
other reason. While we did net intend to
quote any prices in this article we will men
tion a few just to prove what we say and see
if you don't wonder also if what we say is cor
rect why we do not sell all or nearly all o? the
good3 sold. Of course each dealer has friends
who trade with him for friendships sake know
ing all the time that they are loosing money
by so doing. Now while we appreciate friend
ship yet we want every person who buy3 goods
of us to be fully satisfied that they get good
value for their money or we would actually
prefar to miss the trade. But here are some
prices a3 proof of our statements, we avoid
tho large articles simply to show that we do
not confine our low prices to some of the lead
ing articles:
Canned Tomatoes, extra quality, usually sold at
12ic, we are selling for 8c.
Bartlett's Shoe Blackingjarga box, regular price,
10c; we give 3 boxes for 10c,
Vienna Bread, large loaf, never sold less than
1Q&; you cm buy it from us 2 loaves for 15c,
Fancy Table Butter, that sells for 20 to 25c, we
offer at 17c
Tea that brings 75c a pound and in some stores
$1, we only ask 4oc
And Tea that sells for 40c you can buy from us
at 1 9c,
Gloss Starch, pound packages, worth 8c, we will
sell at 4,
Corn Starch, also is usually sold at 8, ve sell it at
And a 3-pound can of G oss Starch that you
would have to pay 25 for anywhere else, you
can buy of us at 14c
Abie's Fie Preparation, always sold for 10c or 3
for 25, we offer you at 5c
Cigars that could not bo bought elsewhere for
less than $1,25 a box, we sell at 60c,
And aside from offering goods much lower
than any other establishment in the state we
behove wo have one of tne most complete
stocks of groceries in the state. Whenever
anything new in our line comes on the market
and has merit ve add it to our stock. We
wholesale a great many goods and at figures
lower than exclusive wholesale houses. Our
cigar and tobacco stock is complete. Our tea
and coffee contains as tine a line of both as can
be brought together. Our confectionary stock
includes the fine grades in abundance a3 well
as the more staple varieties of confection. We
serve as fine Soda Water at 3c a glass a3 can
be had in the city at any price. In our butcher
shop ve handle as much and as fine a grade of
beef and ether meats as any in Scranton and
from 2 to 4 cents a pound lower than any shop
in tho city. On Tuesdays', Thuusdays' and
Saturdays' we have a full assortment of green
vegetables 25 per cent below market rate3.
Finally we think we are sefe in saying that
we give more and better goods for the money
that any concern in Pennsylvania. Here are
some of tho reasons we have for wondering
why we do not sell all or nearly all of the
groceries sold in Scranton. Come and see if
you can fine us misrepresenting facts in any
of the above assertions. We would like to
have your trade or part of it and will make it
worth your while to buy of U3.
F. P. PRICE, Agent'.
a i mm
WEAK MEN your attention '
, is C'.l.l.i;o TO lilt.
Great Eosilsfa Remedy,
Gray's Specific Medicine
iwhtu:,. un, tin wwkv.,nm. voU9 Lia
bility, WettkueiM of Body an, I Mind, Sperma
torrhea, mill lmiiotoncy, mid all dlnoiaoi that
ariaa from overindohieiiee and tell -abate, ns
Loss of Memory nud Power, Liiuitiess ot Vis
ion, Prematura Old Age a.;d many other dis
eases that lead to Insanity or Consumption
and an early uravo, OTltefor a pamphlet.
Address QBjLx MKDH IXE CO., Buffalo,
N. Y. Tho Specific. Mi uicinu is sold by all
di iiMists at $ p ;r package, or six packages
lor 16, Or wilt by nail en receipt of money. and
with ev. ry I&TOO order W GUARANTEE
ii i-n i or HT'-i-y rr fund 1 i i mi
I "(Mi account of counterfeits wu havo
adopted the Yellow Wrapper, thu only genu
ine. Sold In Scranton bv Matthews Liros.
JULY 4tb
Application for privileges
should bo made to H. B."
CHASE, 312 Lackawanna
S. A KING, of Bingham
ton, has boon engaged to
take charge of the Score
We have placed on sale
our line of Ginghams for the
coming spring and' summer.
Finer Goods, ?,Icre Tasteful
Colorings and Lower Price3
than ever before, a e what
will recommend them to our
rLL! L ( I
i ciuu5 asauii o u
Mantifactnrers of the Celobrated
100,000 Bbls. Per Annum,
(looms 1 and 2 Commonwealth Bld'g
Undo at the MOOSIO nud KUH1I
LalTlln & Itnnd Powder Co. 'a
Electrlo llnttorios, Puroi for axplol
ing blastn, fufety Fusu aad
RcpaunoChcmictl Co.'sHifh Explosives
Orvstor tho tiat qnnlity f.ir domestic nscsnfl
rf nil nli-.ua. delivered lu any imrt uf tUu citj
lit 1. IIVIMlt
Orders left at my offlrn.
fti-sr rom, firit floor, Thir l National Bsnk,
or ent liy nail or telephona to tho mlns, will
reooivo iiromjit Sttatttion,
r-iiecisl enuti actu will uo mado for tho sal.
Slid delivery or Buckwheat Coal.
Scran tor
Driving Pari
PHVSICMNai A.N i bllllliE.UN.'i
1)11. 0. EDOAB DEAN bos removed to lilt i
. ,, oP'uoo street, Scranton, l'a, (Just op
POSHS coun-houso Square.;
1)'- J -0NNELL, Offico 21)1 Washington
r ' turner Spruce street, orur
, 3 6toreL Residence, Tt Vino St,
?honril Iu.ajtol2o. m. and to on j
8.JU to ,.JU j,. iu. Sunday, 8 to J p 1.1.
1)K. VY. K ALLEN, Office" co.-f Look
. wanna and Washlmrton uvea. ; ovor Leon
ard shoo store; oflico hours, 10 to 12 a. m. und
i,pm-; evu''' t residence, SU,V.
oslllllRton ;,vn
I ) K. C 1, FUE Y. Practice limiuHl to Dl
m t'a,H.',1? ,.f, tuu kl'e. Ear, Nose and Throat;
oflico, Ui Wyoming uve. Residence, &lt Vina
I )KV.,M- ?ATBS' WashiiiRtoii Avonna,
i Oflico hours, to U a.m., .M to a and I
to a p.m. ResidoneeaiD Madipou svtnuo
IOIIN I, WKNXZ, il. !., on.,-,., u,nJ
U ommonweallh bulldinir: residence TU
r a ST .J. "uuis. iu 10 1, . CO s, t w
b; Smidays 2.SO to 4. ovenlntrs at residonoa, A
specialty mado of (lionises ut the eye, ear, nose
and throat and gynecology.
I M. O. ItANth H Uw and Collection of.
Y, ' V, a " yJruco st., opposlto Forest
Houso. Bnranton, Pa,; collections a specialty
throughout renniylvoniai rellablo corrospoud-
uijr louuljt
i r:.-,si;:'s at n,-, .V,' tt" ' r
, .iLounoyn aim on use,-
.) lors at Law, Comuionwealth IralldluA
uehiDutoa av w. h. jtesvp,
HoriAcE 12. Hank
VV. H. Jessup, Jn
, icysiiud Couiis. loruut Law, Kenublican
lniJAjlnyton nYn- Hcranion, Pa,
, , ; 'nwUora at Law; offices uud Library
buildiug. borunton, Pa.
Ro8wKMi n. rATTsnsoa
" 1 1.1,1 AM A. V IIXOX.
f1 torneys and Counsel lora. Commonwealth
bmldlnir Rooms Ig, 80 and 21.
VV U!)YLE. Attorney nt-Law.Noa.l and
Ll.-"' Uulr bulldinit, Washington avenue.
IA bnlldlng, UU Washington avenue,
nRANK T. OKttLL, Attorney ut Uw. Room
1 ft, Coal Kxcllailinv Krrinl.m ln
MILTON W. LOWKY, i Att'ys, 2if WaahiBB-
)' VON HTOKCH, f ton iv!. C II ' "S
IAMES W OAKFnitl), Attorney at Law."
' moms M, 64 uud Ii5. Commcinweolth b'l'R.
S5 Ap.Utli,.W- EDlAK, Attorney "oTLai"
11 (.!'.;. .117 Spruce st . Scranton. Pa.
I A. WATKEs, Attorney at Law, 123
-. Lackawanna qne.. bcranton. Pa.
j) P. SMITH, Counsellor at Law. OfflcoT
.m.- . . ;ij oinmonwoalth hnildliiu.
( U. P1TCHISB, Attoruoy ut Law, Oom
V . mon wealth bnllalnv, Scranton. )'a.
. COMLHYS, :t21 Sprnee st
H. KRPl.fim.n i ,
,". , , - v,ui iiry-i.oans unnn
l'ated onj-oajeBtate secnrlty.lOs Spruce.
P KILLA.M, Atlornev iit-liw.
14) Wy
inn. iik avenue, neraiiton.
SI ;; DLIMis A N'D M'oKtuAuks
aonSSSSR aI"i ocknowledored bv J. W.
BkOWMNit. Attorney and Notary Public. 29
i.'oiiimonwealth iluil.liu -
J ton, 1 a., prepares Imya and sirls forcollew
or bualuosa: thorout;hly trains vouna children
Uttalogue at rouuebt.
Krv. Thomas M. can
Waltkii H. Bijki.l.
i'l and School, 12 Adams avenue. Puplli
reeoiyed at all times. Next term will ouea
P C. LACBACH, buriieon Dentist, Nft ili
yonun - uve.
R M. ,i RA-I l'N , . ,;., V, ,,",.'"
rpHE REPUBLIC oaWags and Loan Aaao
X elation will loan vuu umney ou euMer terma
and pay you bettor on investment than any
Pfwrf r5"odf,tl0?' Ca" "n s- M. CALLLN
l'Klt. Dime Han k biilldiiu-
CJ. R. CLABK & CO., Soedsmon. Florists
' nnd Nurserymen; ttore UU Waablagtoa
avenue: i;reen bonaa,UN Norih Mum aveunai
store, telephone 7&.'.
UKAND UNION TEA CO.. .lones Uroo.
TOS. Kt'ETTEL, Bui Lackawanna avennt
V HerantOB, l'a.. manuf'r of Wire Screens.
1 ave. Rootra heated with steam: all mod
mi improvements. (J. M. T human. Prop
rpHF. ELK CAFE, 125 and 127 Franklin ave--L
nuo. Rutes reasonable.
P. tlKOLSS, Proprietor.
J . , W- -,sUIiNCK, Manager,
bixtoonth street, one block east of Broadway,
at Union Square, New York.
American plan, $: a per day and upward.
GROYNE HOUSE. European plan: good
rooins. open day anil ulghL Bar suu
plied nitu the Lest.
P. H. COYNE, Proprietor.
CCHANTON HOUSE, near D., L. & W. pas
J leaser depot Conducted on tho European
!"''. Vktiui Know. Proprietor.
( , KAMI CEliTKAL. 'ill.- I.iirf'im and Uh:
VX emuppel hotel in Allontowu. Pa.; ratej
J2 and J2.O0 per day.
VICTOR D. BAnNrn. Proprietor.
AVIS a HOUPT, Architects. Rooms 21
2 and 90 Commonwealth h'ld'g, Scranton.
1 L. WALTER, Architect Library bubJ
I J, bur. Wrvominir avenue, Scranton.
L. BROWN. Ar.h B. Architect Price
bnlldlng.m Vashincton Ave'., Scranton.
balls, picnics, portim, receptton wi
(ilnirs and sonearl work furntshixL For term,
udiiroas it t, Bauer, conductor, 117 Wyoming
ave., over Hulbert's musi store.
j ni;T, i.N 1). S AUPS'-'WHOLEHALK
11 lumbar, Pttoa bulldina Scranton, Pa,
rappllas, envelopes, papor bags, twine.
Warehouse, 120 Washington ave., Scrauton.
PUOTB'8 LIVERY. l.VI'i Cnpouso avenue!
I First class carrlatres. D. L. 1- OOTE, Agt
Funeral Director and KmbalmiT.
1 salo dealers in Woodwore, Cordage and
t)ii Cloth, 720 W. Lackawanna aveuuo.
tpZBA FINN I bONfl, btslldiwa and contrao-
Ci tors. Yards: Corner Olive st and Adaim
ave. ; corner Ash st. and Penn ave., Scranton
IS THE BIST. Get pfleos ami
tee ths furnaco and be run
vlnofld. A full linn of HEAT
ERS, Appello and Gauss Door
Locomotives and Stationary Engines, Boilers,
Antbractto coal usod fcxolusively, lnaurinc
cleaullneiw and comfort.
Truinn leave Scranton lor Plttston, WilkSSs
Bsrro, etc , at 8.i, i.ii, 11. a, m., 12.50 2 00.
l 'do' "15 'M Suild,'5'8 m U1-
For Ailantio City, S.tO a. m.
For New York, Newark and Elizabeth, S.M
(express) a. m., 12.50 (oxpross with BuHol
parlor car), l'.30 (oxpret) p. m. Siuiday, 2. IS
p. m.
Fob iiaiich Ciicnk. Allxitxowx, BarBr,,
nEM, Ka.stoh and I'liii.ADKi.i-niA, H.aj a m..
U6O.&80. (exoept Philadelphia) p. ia,
buiiday, 2.15 p. m.
l or Lono Iliuitcn, Ocean Gnovi:, etc.. at
Vila, in., 12.80 p. m.
For UeadniK, Lebanon and narrlsbnri;, via
Allenttnni, B.20 a. m., 12.50, 5.00, p.m. Buudav.
Ua p. m.
For l'ottsville, S.VOa. m.. 12 JOp. m.
Ratarning, leavo New York, fo.it of Lib"vty
r!?VKf?2P. rlvr'1'' nt 1U0 O-xpriss) a. Bt,,
I. ill, 4..IH (eipniss with Buffet parlor cur,
p. in. Sunday, i.m K. m.
Leaye Philadelphia, Keadlniz Terminal 0.71
s. BB., 2.00 und p. m. Bunday, 0,27 a. rr,.
ThroBKh tlckots to all points at lowest ratoJ
may bo had on application in advance to the
ticket ai;eut at tho station.
J. ii. olhat'ken. Ucn iJ"8' Aemt
rie-i nr.t.
DmLawabe and uud
son railroad.
Oommendng May 2u, is:i2,
trailM will run as follows:
Trains leavo Bridge Streot
Ktition. Scrmiton, for Pitts
ton V. iv. .... a on
9 U.07, II 37. 10.42 a. 'm.. "12.10,
1,25. 2.:K 4.10. 5.15, 6.15, U.1S
and 11,86 p, in,
For New York andPhila-
doll hia. 8 1X1 il m. 12.10 1J1V
2W. fir, and 11.30 p. in.
For Uonesdale(frou) Delawaro, Lackawanna
nud western depot), 7 00, aJd, 10.10 a.m.. 12.00
ui.. 2. 17. 5.10 p. m.
For Carbondale and Intermediate st.-itlons,
5.40, 7 00. MO, 10. II) iu m.. 12.00 iil,2.17, 3.23,5. HI,
6.20 and B 35 p. in ; from Bridge btreet Depot,
2.KI a. m., 2. Kami II p. m.
Fsst exjires to Albany. Saratoga, tho Adi
rondack Mountains Boston nud New England
points. 5.4U il in., arriv n,' at Albany 12.4.5.
SarntoKU 2.20 p. 111, and leaving Scrauton a' J
p. m., arriving ut Albany at S.tO p. nt, Hara
tcna. 12.55 a. m ., and Boston, 7.00 a. m
Too only direct route between the coal fleldl
and Boston. "Tho Leudine Tourists' Rout
of America'' to the Adirondack Mountain re
sorts, Lukes Oeorge and Champluiu, Montreal,
Timo tables showing local ond through train
scrvico between stations on all divisions Dela
waro and Hudson system, may bo obtained ut
all Delaware and Hudsou ticket offices.
Second Vi-e President. Oen. Pasi. Airt
Train leaves Bcranton for Philadelphia aui
New York via. O. k II. R R. at S a.m.. 12.10,
UR and 11.85 p. m viaD .L. & W. R. K , 6 00,
D.tH.11.20 u. ni..and LSD p. nv
Leave Scranton for Pittston and Wilk-js-Barre
vis D.. L & W. R. R., 6.00, 8C8, 11 i)
u. m , 1.30. arm. 6.07, s. 11 p. m.
Leave Scranton for Whito Haven, Hazloton,
Pottsvlllo and all points on the Bonvor
Meadow and Pottsville branches, via E. ic W.
V , 6 Ills. in. , v.s I). A: IL R. R. at s u rn.. 12.10,
US, i It p.m , vio I)., L. & W. B. R., 6.00, s.oj,
11.20 a.m.. 13U. 8.59 p.m.
Leave Bcranton for Bethlehem, Easton,
Reading, llarnsburg and all intermediate
points via D. & H. R. R., d a m .12.10. 2.31, 11.3J
p.m., via D., L. & W. R. R..6.00,b.D8, 11.20 a. m,
1.30 p.m.
Leavo Scranton for Tui-.khainock. Towan 1 1,
Elmira. Itliuc 1. Oeneva and all intenuodl it
points via D. & II. K.B..V.07 a m.. 12 10 and 11.11
p m.. vis D. L. & W. R It. 80S a.in.,t.:i p -n.
Loav Scranton for Koehaatsr, Buffalo, Ni
agara Falls, Detroit, Chicago and all points
west viaD. is U. R. B.. !.07 a.ra.,lS.10,ll.lMlJS
p. ra, via D. L. & W. II. R. and Pittston
Junction, 8 OS a.m., 1-30, 53 p. m., via E. & W.
H it. e.41p.m.
For Kltn ra and thj west via Ralamwst vU
I), it 11. It li HUJ a.m., 1210,6.15 p. m . via D,
L. & W. R.H.. .8 08 a.m.. 1.811 and H'l? p. m.
Pullman parlor and sleeping or L. V. chair
curs on all tra.ns between L. & B, Juncrion or
Wilkes-Barre and New York. Pliilad lp :1a,
Buffalo nnd Suspeu-iou Bridge
ROLLIN II. WILBUR. t)on. Supt East Dlv.
('HAS. S. L'-E. Dun. P.asi. Ag't, Pnila.Pi.
A W NONNEMACHEB.Ass't Ojn.Pasa. Ag't,
South Bethlehem, Pa.
Trains leave Scranl n as follows: Express
for New York and nli pointa East. 1.10. 2.5JC
5. IF, 8.03 nud 0 5;i a. m. ; 12 55 and 3.50 p, m.
Express for Boston, Trenton. Philadelphia
and tho South, 5.1 8.0U and 9.5 '1 a. m.; 12.51
and 3.5.1 p. m.
Washington and way stations, 3.55 p. ra.
Tobyhanna aocommodatlon, tt.io p. m.
Expr ss for Bini;httmton, Oawego, Elmira,
Corning, Bath. Dansvillo, Mount ilorri3 and
Buffalo, 12.10, 215n. m. and 121 p. m., makim
close connecttona at Bu.lalo to all points in tlie
West, Northwest and Southwest.
Bath accommodation, 0 a. m.
Binghamtun atid way stations, 12.37 p. m.
NicuoLon accominodatiou, a: p. tn. and
6 10 p, m.
Blnghamtnn and Elmira Expross. 0 05 p, m.
Express for Cortland, Syracuno. Oswego,
L'tica and Richfield Springs, 2.15 a. in. and 1.2
p. m.
Ithaca. 215 and B.ith 0a. m. and 121 p. m
For Northumberland.PittJton, WilkesBarrek
Plymouth, Illoomsburg and Danville, making
rlose connections at Northumberland for
WillinmsporL llarnsburg, Baltimoro, Wash
lugton uud the South.
Northumberland una intermediate stition
6.00. li 55 a. m. and 1.30 and 6.07 p. m.
Nauticoae aim intermediate stations, S.JS
and 11.20 a. 111 Plymouth nud lntormediata
stations, 3.50 und 8 5: 0. m. .
Pullman parlor and sleeping coaches on all
For detaUod Information, pockot tim itabl s
etc , apply to M. L. Smith, city ticket o tlU
32s Lackawanna avenue, or depot ticket otUt-J.
In Bflfect Jnnuary 8th, ISDL
Mortli noniMl.
Itouth Round,
909 207 203
3 B 3 3 S r 8tat'n3
X f H ? r Z .Train llnllv
I", S o i at
W- a, s d
r MlAtTlTe Leave
7 2.-.N. Y. Frankllri s:
7 in West 42nd street
7oot Wsenawken
i- m Arrive i.eave a
8 -jn
1 i5Uaiieock Ju:.oilo;i Sin
2 08
1 ra
I 2 11
I 2 24
12 rt
1.1 ;j
12 25
12 13
Preston Park
Pleaaant Ut
troraet city
White Brldgo
Park Place
6 in ..
r, h'i ..
r,:;j ..
6 45.
6 55 ..
7 51
2 81
2 41
2 50
2 54
2 03
3 09
a m
fS.18 ..
7 Wp
ti OB
7 10a M
6 51
53-Jll 411
7 24 9 16 3 31
7 27 0 IS 18 3J
i S-J ni 5,1 (J 4a
7 81 9 50 i 45
7 4;' ;0 ( 8 51
7 43 10 05' S M
T 48 111 H)l 8 ft
i 08 ill 151 4 OS
7 54 1017 4,7
7 08 10 20 4 10
fOUle 24 414
8010971 417
SO.YI118O 4 90
1 lu llf I
.VIII 10
tt 13IK
6 II
S 20:11 331
6 80
014111 aq
n 1
5 II (1125
6 ('ill 21
6 0'
1 5
II 1
6 21
II 15
f6 111
II 13
II 10
6 15
fO 13 f I 52'
1 10
4 50 11 K
p a
p mIa a Leave
AH trains run dully except Sunday,
f. BlgiiltloS that tralna atop on signal for pas.
s sogers,
Additional trains leave Carbnndnlo for scran
ton 1.10 and 6.15 p. i . arrlvlug at sciuutou 1.0S
and 7.00.
Leave Scran ton for carb"ndnle 6.50 and S.80
arriving ni ciirbindnle M ' .30 and 8,18 p. in.
rcciire rates via Ontario a Western before
Sun.-lia.dng tickets and save money. Bay aud
llhgt Knprcss to tho West.
J.C Aurtersoa, Gen. Pass AgU
V, VUtcrdlt Dir. Pass, Agt. sci anton, ra.
Train-, leavo Scranton for Now York and in
termediate points on tho Erio railroad at
a. 111. and H.21 p m. Also for Honesdsle.
Hawlay and local points at 1) 35, 9.46 a.m , am).
3 24 p.m.
All tho above aro through trains to anA
from Honesdale.
An additional train leavos Poranton for
Lake Ariel at 5.25 p.m. and arrives at Scranl
ton from the Lake at 8 40 a m aud 7.85 p.m.
Trains leavo for Wilkos Barro at 6.40 a. nv
and 3.41 p. 111.
General Offiue, SCRANTON.
1 ia ai
.... .... 738
.... .... 790
.... .... 800
V . . . r u

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